James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert of Metallica - 11/4/16

Friday, November 4th

Group Q&A with the guys from Metallica. Everything from the band's legacy to the sound of "Hardwired...to Self Destruct" is discussed.


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Hey guys diesel for tonight's show what my favorite bands of all time is releasing their heads of the studio album on November 18. Much to our. The album was called hard wired to his self destructive I cannot be. He's more excited. We hear about bringing you exclusive content he can't get anywhere else and these are questions were asked James Kirk. Lars and Robert from Metallica leading up to release of their new album hard wired to self destruct. This question is for all for a view. You've done a lot of covers over the years you've done garage days re visited. Did garage and he did the Ronnie rising projects so many bands selling songs you've covered. What's a band or song that Metallica hasn't covered yet but you would really like to at some point James. Well gosh. Hello fellows who covers. Been in our make up from day one. We're playing diamond head songs blitzkrieg. Savagely savage and lots of new wave of British metal band's songs that we recover. Here in this case people had no clue that they work our songs. But there were songs that we love. And they helped develop our style. I was asked the question what what band or song Metallica hasn't covered them would like to give him like you have foe that's abandoned. You know the car wise for and I really really love and so they give us an excellent nose Kurt you know. A city huge you folks and that I see all that stuff it's sacred so I don't know if I would really enjoy covering your phone. That's way I don't really pushed forward too much. There's still something that happens when you cover so. Towards the whole. Vampire access to Robert you're the newest to the banned what's a song that you would like to cover in Metallica. One song that I think would be great for Metallica air cover. I would have to be funky there's a song by TI is the Brothers there is good. Every other Metallica fans are gonna think I'm crazy. There's a song called climbing up the ladder. Got a great risk and a great coach and I think that James Sheffield voice with her report just think there is a if thrash metal version of this song ready to be created in May at some point in life by Metallica. Let's do it. 1983 was a long time ago when you release kill ball. And the evolution of the band's sound from working with Johnny C up to Rick Rubin has taken fans through a long and great journey. If you could work for anyone of your past producers again who would it be and why. James. Metallica has had the honor and privilege of working with lots. Of great producers and engineers. And we've all. Learned from each one of only and are really grateful for everything that's contributed and helped us with on our journey. They put their stance on every single one of those records. And I love the fact. That they're there. It's just my thought you know when. Something gets revitalized. And they try to do something again that's the kind of messes with the original a little much and it takes away. From the purity of it so I would love to work with them but I don't know assists. You know if it makes much sense. Kirk who would you like to go back and work where I really enjoyed working with Bob rock as far abroad is. Hardware. And you know he understands that our players. In the stands or is approached from the songs and music in general. And you know I'm really really enjoyed getting guitars sound would. Yet he said that great for the living is also really really great to work live and probably. For me you know. Stresses can do is not working works for some people would this work for me I have a the tendency sometimes to either clam up or feel blocked when it stressed out and creative ideas. Flows so. But you know Craig. Has a really really good kind of and the like light attitude toward recording you know he's really. Really joking and you know. His whole approach is not very stressful at all which I really enjoy it's like if we increase results were team with great settlement here. So you know I would say it's it's that's a tie you know are brought great that are meant those two guys are really enjoyed working. About you want. Just moments Zurich film awesome job in the last ten years and look forward to. Hopefully working with the release of the ten years for us. It's been swimming. Between Paul Brock. Between we've proven all of them have been incredibly. Awesome game. See your score of Metallica and Abel played at the hole. And where credit when you get it to Olbermann thankful. To all of them but right now where Truman's commander and I don't want to time it's nice to see in the consumed. And you can't talk about Metallica without talking about the incredible artist pos Ted who's got a lot of hard work from Metallica albums T shirts posters all kinds of things. Talk about how the band hooked up with -- head and what he's meant to the Metallica image we'll sit shored up our. Believe in the mid eighties there was a magazine called flash her magazine. And he was very. Over a high profile on the escaped. Scene at that time they hit field and Hamlin. Especially hit you were having spears clips and I'm not so much. What he was a big presence in that state slash punk slash independent world in the mid eighties and he did the earth. I guess what's called the damage can scroll. Which showed up I guess on the score four or some T shirts. Of Metallica sold some of 1986 and he's been here. First significant presence in history ever since. We'd like to thank those guys so much for doing this for answering those questions Metallica's new CD hard wired to self destruct in stores. Delivery pay. Briefly free of the planet.