Thursday, July 12th

Who will take this year's crown? It's time for the TRG Dragoff.

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My guys doing chest. And I'm 93 points read it was like any. It's a big day. Time for the rise guys second annual dragged imagine it is suppose to come through also don't. Rating on our guest judge you'll be arriving at the moment he may be here already waiting on him to come up. On right now the girls are all getting ready. By that I mean Matt is preparing. Crab boy well. As I was gonna get ready America. Editor Jeff as I saw him in the ladies' room getting dressed when I was down there. And German business. All all alone message you get to sneak people are normal now and ordered keep yours and engaged. And and. To supplement just always gets the girl that. Jeff currently it is time to Iannetta here. Lamar OK when you must have a system already thrown together. As essence over you do lose him slip in and out of. Yeah. I'm looking for all the girls are bigger sector. I don't have to target Wear your hat tennis and I think. It animals are no I had to have balls on the bracelets ball lower limit. Governor most. Syndicate that legal analyst community on how to act that thank you thing ever ever you enjoyed very much. We have to do dragged pageant is par threes are a bit behind schedule I guess I don't remember last year. Well. Talking to do champion Jimmie late get more and less time pages you arrive yes I'm OK we'll page is gonna run and get Timmy. Hair Dresser to stars. Because page is her and a large legislature is doing an interview you'll see -- boy he's a wedding granddaughter while we're address. I mean think about. But I don't know you might have some competition this year it seems like last year was come more regular as looks and I stood. But I think it's wolf. Our government are competing. You're all wait all it is time. I questioned it it wasn't it was easy it just wasn't that it was hard either you're in the competition arms and. Man I was going through trying to get stuff and when I got to what I ended up going with a Mike this is every woman. Our growth with both sides of the Fenway than ever went to the Beecher and you were southern. Anywhere in the late eighties to mid ninety's the field arm like you have an advantage especially over Matt because you did this last year Denard. I'm noticing is sort of get a read on him because he's Sorkin birth the past few days like he was gonna go you know by the store's yeah who's gonna you know. Don't decked out so I don't know yet what if he comes in here looking like you know he's rue Paul worthy. Because. He can make a beautiful woman with a beer. You have. A camera less councilman make a visit had his balding bill right. Dressed up like him don't scared matters captain Spaulding Arabia beetlejuice. It deal Jews yeah after about beetlejuice who did so did the Jews I don't know man amber and kind of powered by the Jeff too there. Lama left a motel you as far as make a dose. During you don't log normal. I think we pegged of this certain person with you yet or make or break. My authority in a lot of the rules so with the mirror and women care. None of that stuff you know lines now okay that's good now. Nothing like this. So on you know sick kind of kept it simple stupid. Mark in my deacon and don't let it be construed with no effort because there was. Well what are you need to start getting ready your pages heels clicking and it needs to Emmys won the other they'll be in your minute. And now we can start did you ready where have you need to because what's gonna happen is we're going to bring all the girls ahead wanted to time. And where we bring your girls and Margaret we're gonna first meets. Watch you know I'm not sure everybody's names are yet I mindedness and anybody's name this year. Yeah people you're more interior surgery you have another name right now. Just come detain hey America. I'm okay I'm in here and every large it would toward our belts. Apart while Wayne Simien. I. It is right and mortgage. And then honest perfect. Along and his wonderful Demi Moore a mural leopard print it out. Camera models from the especially in Rupp all Gregory. Here you get it right you're. Arms yes muscular arms or drag queen right now if they were really good. In don't mess with Timmy ten. For her or they don't agree on camera camera literally sit there. A little ground level award. Pretty send. Your late page. You always work especially when. Cheney. You. Hope he might be our first thicker environment Dante. The American environment that tapes or did I ask. I have to remain lady's life in my posture he keeps it means the secret there's absolutely they're. And it's good to have you back less and instant view this battle a couple of years or install okay. There. I don't know what it was an income somebody's airplane game reduce its servers go long or time. And people ask about you often so we're glad you came back. There or graduate back in the fall over Greg you back here for this to bring major opinion to help us judge this contest scores. It's really gonna enjoy New Yorkers urged our judges are myself. You Tim and Paige. On law and we have three contestants are we don't pick a different one and only a quarter. I mean the right to keep the crown for another year. We have. Arafat we have time to kill that's where they. We got to run in early whose we didn't do news everybody can go put on their server their outfits. It doesn't take quite as long as we imagined it would put these outfits. So. If everybody's ready. I'm eager to break him go check on the other girls and now they're progressing. And hopefully by the time we get back we can meet our first competitor. OK give us about 56 minutes will be right back right guys weren't your continued work or kick off officially in style. Be rise guys second annual dragged Padgett coming up in minutes. By the way you'll be able to watch the entire thing live FaceBook dot com slash rise guys that'll be going live your two or three minutes arts are tuned and check it out. Next. I'm flying to rest next morning you know now is recalling during. Back rise guys morning insurer in. They wouldn't work right now and that's why FaceBook dot com slash rise guys. Here for a second. PRG brag Padgett. Aren't otherwise known as. I'm joined by of course page and there. Legendary T want herders who stars gates in the news here in this whole dragged regalia. There are 10 AM sun. And today everybody. Well we're about to get stars have blocked for now in his movements slow. It takes me a minute to do all of us. Are trying to fix. And fix for sure all. I'm a runner slap out of time it's hat keeps on coffee house you can't Wear a hat would have strong. Gloves. Here's to our attorney here in our poll full dragged and a went via the way in a twenty dollar bills to the united topic everything. Meet the in the park allies that. Ask. An expert. At a time. We're gonna start I believe with someone you know as Jeff Lewis meal but today or Biden. We'll get her in here to introduce herself paging Gordon Pollard two. Dollars. A door. At his what are targets and combination. We have three gals to me coming up short order. Kings island today well. Now we are just means they went bragging rights about Hillary that Jerry would mean this. Right here. Strategy. Hurt me. Org. Are just trying to kill time he got rid. Of us pardon me she's coming in. I'm not angry trying to walk in heels come on in here. Our Hersh you Brower Hershey is learning your little alcohol. And all. Here's Aaron. Is you know there's group in the oval where power is she. Listens to. Are our largest ever emirate of origination ourselves and they have. I'm thinking it dodger you stance two well bush. There's a press on nail on the floor today are important about that. Big muscle arm from arm up broke stiletto heels on to rout out junk in the trunk and you are wrong jumping that sharp talking about blue dart about. You returned they list aren't named his crotch list fractions crunch list okay crush Lesnar you know it's it's nice marriage front. Reaching Gemini I'm telling you what this is true honor. To be able to be in prison that he and and the game is himself gay to me alone with purple herself but when you and he's he's admiring mustache. That thicker than the snares. I don't. She was fixed our hour here hello kitty pocketbook. The Yankees language he's narration in your outfit and a well with the inspiration in the outfit is bottles involves. It is that you're working out Hantuchova of everybody yeah thank you first shark don't thank you very much it's an thanks to the road warriors Princeton peace Hulk and Julian Garrett sit user wrestle woman are much from what I don't know thanks Russell. Hale all feel that my tail off from heat this week. A little bit of them. Jaaber sergeant named crush Lesnar port city are you represent a small camera present in the great city of molten okay and in South Carolina. Now but so are competing in drag urges him like Bruce what are some of your hobbies and interest injury and do things you enjoyed your I enjoy doing. Watts if you can't. Massive joke in the truck here. I'll watch iron right here a little my leg presses. A logo were canal each and love two in Jamaica. A long time and practice and I'll be on sweetie. Jamaica deserters is that somebody ranked though it's not on my copy so it's just my own personal Mike and hand it can be honestly give me it is a a true honor to be in the presence of yourself queen the queen brown brick frank Q you've watched them. It serves me I'm your mentor in the driver I'll be honest with the and you are my mentor in this year you came out here last year. And and you dominate you dominated it's competition sort of be manifested just in Hayes says dude Greg Norton clown without Emeka. Well. Some might take that as a compliment his coworker back in his let's they had three different ones so yeah I'll take that discount. In my famous person dear admired who do you think you're trying to look like. Well I don't think I am truly trying to look like anybody I think it can just be crotch lists are good answers and trying to be crop actually as we weren't. I am wearing I think it's. Apple were and Appleton and I think that's what it striker. I'm apartment not OK it's harder cult Tammy front. Throughout and so in my shoes and proteins. She blew her she'd move. And I'm and one another and then he asked if I do have a lot feet yeah probably exceed the weight limit for stilettos girl on the it's it just broke strip Buddha I'm happy that my league's strength with the blue to string threat here is is able to book it is able to keep the heels all they don't keep the deal. One final question or you crunch people we bring in contestant number to us. Very important question is very important course timeless and very very very serious error question in the yeah. My he has. It was great. It was great it feels mates and so his own strengths and things could better answer than you realize thanks in Iraq because you know I'll say you can. Can't believe they want contour them Emeka by saying. Eric what we're ready for contestant number two I believe Craig if you do the artist. I don't need to stay in here are used here you move on a side Terry Norris asked you questions your your questions for. It may take. Any effect. They're here and then maybe would you be the first or the shorter periods in the army we truly GB. Thank you girl to tell you what because they have come in I have no problem nudity me personally. I like to go around nude and how. Let's because this. I think I would show that the press's. I think a wounded even though have to work out just a little bit more to give them back up to the east things right now but I have to welcome back OK I have no problem show with a joke. In the trunk yeah. Well thank you cards you were to move on now and it is not the contestant number two group. Lord looks like problem. Is she going golf and arm held on since he's come teach peace and so. It yourself I. Don't pull the ultimate ageless roadway no smoking in studio UK like that out. I Alabama locker anyway they lack that stowed in here legend mark museums science. Loses an anti animal angle and letters Harry guess where visitors to amp amp amp M in the place okay great very apparent it's a pleasure having a lot of your regular silver shiny hat it's all spilled on it. No yeah you'll Arctic cat will I got this campus and sit through Tom share bullet holes more free deals now aren't aren't those real. We don't want spiky hair or instead of that dog tags and a brass legs and I am by economic. Tenure as well yeah. L spot you know. That all money aren't. He said Ivan is that where your from their brand new represented I've this Lawrence of Ramallah lot slower. Through backwoods Pickens County aren't there apparel strippers I can assure the trailer park. I changed it all day impeached. Honestly. No lulls Albemarle I don't care Neftali run on an all day Williams and in shot nominated an outcome here is it says Barkley can. Yes try to get down there Annan responded in hangover be inherent in the smokes why don't tell us what your enter besides competing in drag drag his orders are your hobbies and interests outsiders. Now menu all likes to exit these doors and spare time. The hostile or days were lousy day on VH yes the F do you see this also hit those targets out of Virginia slim maybe a misty. Well on the mall cigarettes put our Rory and while I don't bomb missile Kazaa ran. A ran out of the brownstone including cigarettes Bakr Al whatever it is I have more what did you put in order. Laws and you'll wanna bombed but I responded yeah idealistic for court. Yeah. Thanks a couple actually looks. Demo debates I told Joseph look debates out like immigrants. Some heard it crash exit alarm authored a pack cigarette saying only on the mumble like he's fallen down since starting her parents. And Democrats alike Michael prescription access cigarette pacts are always my cameraman shaft if visibly funerals off fallen element to get my vegetables. Ozzie affected anyway this bug you look at they'll ever. Yeah your mentor and drag worlds are right you look at. The evidently nobody famous from TV's you know. Well look there's a famous point from Pickens County remains a big loss during the day. Well we got a secret underworld drag heads into a scene in Pickens County do you mind not know about into. Takes place between old VFW will hold a liberty Iowa and he was big felony and a lot of curly hair is beautiful and he dragged to the name of those aliens. So he's my inspiration body is really is. Okay now why are you you're wearing today since they quit making grated door will. I'm usually geoghan loses is a short hours it lets it usually there are. Legal mile played opposes. My god it's the her record care and our brands are in charge you're wearing apparent I'll load the you know the Brandon Lee's. Be sure smiling down amid this story near Disney world's going to be wizard melt you walk into. That's release came for a museum caterpillar McKenna oh yeah totally you have to hold what campus housing gift for listened to a time surely oral. And this shirt is resolved Iraq's hammers and I now for these drug dollar you call the still this injury. And due later. I scored some of our version it struck a lot of burning and I MIM I got to move down there was a floating Dohmann salute your questions for you what to be at the jugular tomorrow morning. I did how was always ended the Eagles and I Russell Walsh salon and serves like I was so ill and her last question we're. You know than a minute or what he's it has llamas under influence. You know a better sleep you know I'll left my secrets. Or CBS bottle down the bees have anybody's got a full when I'm out looking. Four pole and you hydrated. Beggars can't be usual soup together. Aren't very happy go I know we're crotch and we're gonna meet contestant number of very good and he should stay away from me. What would you know where. Now I have as you know. Yellow wire. He's old you know told. Oh that's Charlotte closet that's fruit well and most toys yeah absolutely incredible stories are great with and that's. Okay contestant number three. Oh wow can he keep somebody had no. Oh. Even taken costing him support him or call when she needs cynical acceptance into play. And spend them organize had. Attorneys announcer now. Speculates. Well here it. Our contract. Morning dressed in Britain want to question her and named lacy. Karen worked tirelessly to slice you know what what city are you represented. Well. This morning. And now I I don't know I'm had been the roughest time I had signed up for this crap. Day before yesterday to come indeed low drag Padgett and I went to a broad. A common costly orgy last not a common cause or which ones are more. I'll let go on a journey but we aren't parents are. Yeah I like going to I didn't have my I'll allow have Maalox consumed the truth. Partner regular drivers. Oh. Don't let beat you guys didn't have a ID I did not have my day that somebody there had my favorite. Concoction you know the one captain Morgan's in budget closely to what's called. Everybody is called captain Morgan's and but endlessly. Outlandish Ed saying boy that any award it'll make me rip their crotch at a repair its banks in these mile last plan they. And as it sounds like fun today so yeah this is herbicides. Get sloppy Joseph we're strangers and compete and drag America's workers and your other hobbies. I don't drink. Good although whom I'm getting the world emerge right now. Bruce it's been asked her through her greatest brands around and lonely god. I know let me tell you about our last night I went in this comic costs played orgy of saying in. I went live it was root root wore her whatever group gar and the work through our door asked but I guess ninety but it's public crap. At a slightly dry here's our during the escrow so I went was the root guard and the war and I don't know what happened to them I ended up with professor acts for pressure apparently is solvent headlines on the dash is banned real ass guys named David he's been around and try. No they got it costs playing well this wasn't real Dresser missing one in my armed shields were great pressure exerted fresh surge will mask I have to give a solid him his Vietnam veteran. And you think about you and I will share ego don't cost quite maintain a whole liking music restaurants and he was. He's still I can't look let's follow. Can bonds ball. Confronts bona worst ball because I apologize I'm we'll get sick. Money she can sing invisible jet surely if you don't watch out however I thought it was hateful dialogue must do well a lot of it bother what is marked. It. Okay. I boards are smoke. Thank you broke your Thursday and Debra monster that you remember you're well that's knowingly luckily I'm did and is oil well or yes Ferrari you know I Wonder Woman don't have a car. When McCain you're. I realm aren't there that are everywhere in big. Designer somewhere in is this a desire. And may. I'm mission flip flop hell I got a decent told the paper on Obama this and and and these gifts and Ballard our thought. Odds and apparently I have too much stock the kids that they would go all the way up months I'd capable. But I'm wearing. Wonder wont. So I wanna latest for release third issue is very I'm I'm Walton the catwalk for my Halloween express this fall. There aero. One more question for you. It. You know why I never complain one in my life poker than ever ever. So much racing thank you settlements and of course but for the most news business ties Porsche from Higgins. And I don't know which are I don't know what's costing me it's like are you supposed to meet Phat morning fly. The golf we're back. He's worn shorts escorts I suppose nobody can be easily gotten infected pointed to what brought it to the art probably aren't. And then this and a bit here are you. Could be large since and as the undertaker. But I know it's really weren't exactly do that when you talk act the more we're each. The rate generally get back regularly talk trash and see who is the superior drag queen flat chested actually got a bowl alarm on down the hall. Don't let all who do you know against cigarette smoke will be back. Rats yeah. It's the three point line you must rise to this morning she 3.3 the. Back have we won't rise guys morning show second annual rise guys dragged patches. Underway right now we're joined by three lovely lovely. Oddly quaint. Yeah and and Chrysler's. And that that's that's the name that he will win this crotch last year geez. That's what order what order lacing. Honesty relatives. All of Indiana blank piece and I want you. And all lands for a brawl lands on my own uranium brawl stroman. My name of the new. Resorts all around some as old queens we were. What she lawyer of the year year Georgia by the way that things had ample blocked an amateur golf all the ordered them annually given divisional on the stove Evans him obviously glass and layers of sand bass you what did you vote in congress. And he doesn't damnation around her clothes and Vijay were heard over a twelve mile. My Gosling. And got up and Barack's all book ultimately no better ankle as a monitor our attic lingered on for every home buyers every home island third idolize him minus phone that was at that thing and orgy and sent last. Let him respond now. I. Ask a question that that the entire route but this is repeal in the name Shane it's directed to crotch Lesnar. Mr. born. Unless you bear with me I'll promise it's geared compared with the left now now. Charlayne global thank you Cheney you Hansen get cute now to are sure Austin crotch is way way. That the last time we saw it. It was where I don't jump. And I don't think so yeah. That was my natural and aren't the only image here that went ahead. Right now all part of my job okay yeah I highly. You'll eternal war worker and so I morons. Did to our. I did well. It sure. Feels. So called planet smaller. Little. At least. The first first class for shaved head yeah. Yeah yeah sub zombies on the smoke a cigarette and look like Lima I don't follow. Other kids who voted of those not a mom well plus look at by lethal blow lol yeah. Ham. Well yeah it is. Always a lawsuit in Ramallah pocket then you ladies have any parting shots is. Mean imagine what more break we come back we're gonna have winners in this competition. About everything. We're runs earlier right now he probably could go ahead and borrowed during the winter born signing. Police say he had JF on the continent seeing much content you know that's crotch teeing outcries. And so this. A. Funnel where it belongs solely to her vote. He goes a little eggs that are out there. More now rule the dharma. There. League ready. To literal threat to our top. I have a share is people's foot holes and our controller on the all ghetto and we'll finish near the oval. Are you agent agent. Here's eulogy to think I'm sure I'll used to bring the defensive coordinator for the Sonics. Granted in round rock. Or RO. Plus some walls around it reduces alas not. That's been reached an agent and there are Gregg had basically had an advantage or gold saw him Merck and breach. I'll have little blanket I'm surprised you got to get them are you anti us and I marketing go through the mountains store if you can. I was yeah. Mr. returns in and twist if August land around them must have been really in front of the due to add to reach. That aren't so what do what else that is a fund rather flip flop and my kids day care to. It's true OK well here's what we candidate. We can take a little short break and we can get back on track we can do the voting in them we come back from. We can have winner decided we can anoint the queen we can crowned some. We don't have actual crowd urging where my hand balls on fuel. Our and I do yeah. I know money here got to do a lot of none know where our society we also nearly cigarettes none of us had a lot of. I don't say nobody went pocket. Well I'll watch her girls later today and what you can do all of us but if anyone distances through your listeners are cigarettes I think a lot of its leader of us American flags there you'll Parnell and he blew Modi over there he's well a march. In color red letter. Delivered. Byrd are slated hander allowed an hour just talk of stops in China or nothing deal on some muscle here the blue. That meets its last night and I've got a great at getting daughters and I ultimately. That. He should these collection dates well we have seen the holes in his. Lot of unusual are all her pictures water. House were closely closely in Houston leads as the wind burned to the Hauser have until his locker room. Are you mad the fact that he's wearing your Merck and this is where I. Our toes on the roof level and a visit anywhere on the annual word is fumbles no great generals and analysts. I had soft key of that ever since. Ever since we got that message it. That is the blue way. Add it to her I have a question for our judge to more than one. I am about Wei and I tend iron on Sar us into this asthma I'll I'll try alleged nine there doesn't admit. Our audience and does the yeah I've had had an hour and a runner ramble added sailing alone. Animal athletes all the little more from the Chinese food books now and and it was in the trunk of the car and down in the can't at all. Us you talk about a movie Hosley in this little. Room and Julio you'll see ogre legitimate artist somebody barely ever know where I. I'm. The carpet Sunday color and that's all it and it does play you a little more Hugo Boss lot of their you know the only all right ladies I think we need to take a break we need but we need to see who is Columbia's superior drag queens actually is laws and want to injured just Texans and he's taking -- Decker. Shifted. Martyrs as your real balanced Cameron. What's her. All of your Robin back I became the sixth grade point you lucky that they've ever imagined in order to be acquired part of a greater gentlemen believe somehow or that I haven't. Most market moved. I know our football. The case them. Tumble fly under our noses and this is given me. Rumors it is super. Yeah currently. Aren't so we'll be right back to crown a champion. Give us a less than five minutes you'll have a winner someone did senator second annual rise guys drag graduate and I wanna power play these big. Go ahead keep dedicated what Sharon is a life or. That red and yellow Delhi every day every morning. Three point we're.