Friday, September 14th

FOF: Sleeping naked, ladies listen up, it's your healthiest option

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The rats got this morning to continue. 3.3 and Beltran. They margin drugs here and grow. The decision has been out everybody out on the East Coast to stay safe. Stay dry. And most importantly. Rock and roll. Belongs to host a strike there why not come looter we're going to on their regular rear waves. Move your they do. The oh boy if an. Dream yeah. Yeah yeah my rejoins today's says so hurricanes play list. That's right holes ago when men at that we get this land party did hurricane by Breaking Benjamin so. Don't be looking ahead bent down and there could be some more hurricanes now wait it out. Today's Friday one week from today birthday bash 2008. So excited about it got smacked shine down. Asking Alexandria. Us. Rise guy's beer. At birthday bash at the bonds of core wellness arena. Don't be surprised BC Sully took in some pills or Wednesday it's always that they're gonna have it in there in their rooms and their dressing areas and and we're gonna have to. Pregame. Prior to the rocking and rolling or you got sued. You've got to gear right in the mood let's try that try. And that is a week from today get your tickets at 933 the planet rocks dot com 933 the planet rock star come a week from today Tom our Friday Tom I'd FL after Friday. On the day. It was. Also remember the F the last line is not always I mean it is for whatever you want it to be bad it's not just for road rage is not just when you get mad at year. Banner pass and you don't want to say they're facing used when call and let off some steam. It can be when you get Madison police say on the radio and he can get through. Or maybe you know just hung up on. Should sit as an example. There's no restrictions because whatever you want anything you wanna talk about and then of course the language is encouraged because oh. Yeah that's that's when people truly letting go is when they let the words fly so. Here's this week's installment of the FOS. Lying it is F all Friday 864. 2414318. Here is called number one. Our. World. Oh. I. What does matter of rebuttal today I was downtown salt people driving golf course through the it'll cut through the spring spark of life. And so the driver I'm on the road. Yeah Dora nearer Cleveland Park just in the way Evans won by these data only in. You can only drive them either so far away from your vehicle which like the trailer when we brought him on or from your actual home. It's water that's going to be the new mode pit if you did you know need that has soared 22 together do you want to do little or at all corps now set of core. As they go bouncing speak. Via. Simon brand I used to remember I used to have a big old. Golf cart you know they'll not be tires I'd love that thing guitars is live in a neighborhood had big heels and on the big boy in adjusting goat hills. Is your particular council the only DeLia that I ever taken out of the subdivision I drove it up highway nine what time. Two. Or are wings center is turned him back but it was at night. And yeah you know you can sleep through the woods and they're gonna offer at that point. You know him a shot. The L I'll ask line 8642414318. Here is called number two. Wherever. And our Carol. What you earn and use all our our. I'm there when Larry Bird and money to burn. Out there or. I don't and I. I am I. And are geared up. It at your car. Now he's not talking specifically about our burning of Nikes I think he's talking about people that are removed were doing that in the the protest of the night he had. We were doing it simply because that boy lost pay pigskin pins. Yeah I would not have done it it was horrible timing. It would have five corals tying the got a good point if I do live look back at it and now. Horse I think we would have done that before. And it was really all I heated up phone line about this stuff. I mean. It don't matter Earl familiarize if you burn it's your one person. You're one small cog in the wheel. They're yours disagrees with eight not that I support this obviously has somewhere in mine he's right now but. You know if you see some by let's say that they were like 200 dollar Jordan's and you saw some might do it and you rely on the fence about that specifically might morning to protest Nike or whatever. I think sometimes things like that kind of get the look the the lord the cons actually turning in people's you know. That guy did it mean. Whether or not so influenced by the Internet we don't any realizes. Like. I mean it's like it's in its an extension of us. Man I think as far as per disk or you have to be either enough key people that matter that can actually change or use going to be a mass of people. Are you have Allen plays an ownership back via one of the eight if I was. It is a dieters. I would of them reached out everybody on line that was actually burning their Nikes and like symptom not a Nino expense impairments and prepare issues. Odd that finally to burn those two. They would support me over the I would have been forever people don't get it right when you you're trying to we'll little wee burn monarch is why orders approaches do you doing that camera it. It camera 8642414318. Someone said that that's the reason why I'm all congested has led and Helen Nike's last last week by buying burning nineties. 8642414318. Here is called number three they have the last line. Our our. Our end. Of our. Armed or go to our city. RO. Our goal. Well or the rare early. Always aren't you. All are the they're saying you're a week. Oh. Oh. Yeah. Why it's. Now look at this song was awful but but Lucy. At what we say get off the dead dog I don't treat and I keep all the bridge stupid all around Lockheed. This guy called about accounting and when times she's used pretty it would expand. Beat a lot of time on the F aware of but the song. Is about the best of it. He's out forms of I was like yeah he's in the four South Carolina Israel is a problem. I mean wheels going to enforcement get a drink or move back appear. By now especially 8642414318. This is call number four of this week's FOF line. Here. Our. Aren't. Luke. And our character. Horrible voice. You and I mean our connection I should and enforcement that technology is not that events when you call this thing you've really got to pull the format and now. The senate Bluetooth Eaton did do those just throw Moya please don't ever call here with a oh what was his voice some about a fountain he works with a guy whose sons a moron he's supposed to be an engineer he says if his wife gave on sun may be Smart not this. Equipment some of his work. Boy. Given any more pissed off. All I wait I think is there's some talent officer Forrest has been kind of weak to go build your. 8642414318. Here is called number five. I. You yeah. You. Are here are. Are or. Are you. There. Are. Oh. Well SEI net nagging get behind right all you know they always talk about. And the world needs ditch diggers and witness heard from 10. You talk about how hot you are no it and I am I am one of them one of the ones and I get in my car and I'm Meyer does come on fast enough and then. Because I've lace and legend in my seat that when I get out of the car my back is drinks you know. He's taught does your bras. Yeah me. You know you want and and pieces angriest did you vigor in the world that god wouldn't it be that's got he wouldn't I mean. Is he really had ditch digger that's a job that physically wears you down to a machine to do that now. I'm sure that big ditches Hampshire picked a woman across the way Brohm would I have have a I think it is some. Baca. That was caught number five that means here's hole number six of this week's FOF line. You won't are. Your are. You. Use the eagle. You heard you. And probably 80. Or. Over all. Or or call now and are you or you aren't. Yet. There. Work harder now I'm. Probably not even. Got a I'm a little and on the the outcry. And Carl. January year. Real and are. The core. A large who has. Now let's say I don't know does that Jackson James. And I have no idea worker brother he swerved it's on until the end it just useless nail that I wrote that down for. I actual and I never thought of I'd congress I can make out with a yeah is on Bluetooth. He was I don't know if there's an X-Files he's of course referring to you're big announcement the Jeff that you are going to be adding Eaton and and and though and in December as well this problem that's right when he sevenths right. So ligament. No what will you take an FM LA. Who within the is makes them votes on what are you between about trying to keep it figured out. What one shot when he I am just not think it's got something to do it I said he gonna take one. What do you think it it just. FML when he laughed and he's LA is biased in oh. There's an acronym. Now I really confused and it's via. Toll what do you think it it means time off in maternity leave. Yeah I am wearing maternity. Fame we maternity leave of absence. I must ask. You five dollars and Luka as close and that was close you got first word right. Family. You fame maternity leave. That campaign of it. Association associate the opposite is working with. I think that real basic for. To form oil. 431. Made this it's next to the last Sosa and he should be here here is CFO fly. It'll go on out to you Matt you status piece of trash. Talk to you and you Boris on meridia or you piece of trash. I get tired of seeing you out what you and black sunglasses at all what you're lazy and to eat. Dubbed the tomorrow little piece of church. Should Cassini mad man. Arms shake on it. Thank god you got other people in that studio to carry your path to Asia chair ranch so tired of hearing your own army three point very. Look. College. That's what people care you national all the way here there you that piece of trash. When I really wonder you want it is. Nader really what I Agha a Greenland most of the things he said there. And that. It's got to be a work Friday was laughed and the first part of and I became going on this this fat part like he's. These I don't know my idea OB hardly was a nice sail I had set all that stuff like the only reason did a lazy I think is a things as I said it that's why don't I don't like the way Myers looking pictures. Just wonder what it really is. I mean this guy has called for metals pretty mild this time there's a trash. Act. Fast pace. Says a lovely off in pretty strong. Experts. Are new iMac theory or any roars past trends stage in my way though it's perhaps. Now one of those on your had a pass with maybe year. Bumped into somehow the discount you know wrong to open a break at. He's just tired here certainly on the Romania. Please don't say well if he's tired he's saying yes and if I highly suggest he not go to. Grocery stores and convenience stores here Ed about Ned October when cans bearing man beautiful face of beer will end they're welcoming you to. Friend. He's president and there was some bad at all dogs sold I was in your money just diseases Wheeler answer is gonna show opens or talk until this try. It's a sleazy little ms. tejada Acosta out of six Pacquiao who last nuts and advance. As sick you being in the store. 8614414318. CFO at slime here we go the final call this week's FO. I arm dollar. About other. Her. Our our. Our. Our our. I. It. He. I'm out an olive. Yeah they're all. Out. It. Yeah. I. RER. Ratner. Now. While so why and so somebody called and complained about his vehicle I guess to the company any hints of trouble. The average you know you've got to take those with a great assault or exam as most people call all the time. What do you like though that the Bob Sears say how's my driving and then there's a code there to call it have you ever. That the only time I've ever done that is when nice expected suspected drunk driving but it wasn't even company vehicle and his call storage pay. No because is this how the process to call these people win. It's not like an easy code you got to remember it's like you know Q workers some proposal long did it go out and never done before but I can see where it's like. You know somebody just gets mad at you in traffic you know you accidentally cut him off for whatever it is that's how they try to get you back and make you lose your job. I hope they don't prove proposal nor chorus here oak guys who drive near that guy and we'll start calling news. Mansion drive like a piece try and advance and I get tired senior drive and Oliver's streets after I had and I believe he's yeah I'm lazy I know once you drive like crap he had to or run fat ass but our entire senior bigger. Trash Florida Mullen all to shelter okay so it's yeah. Or if it's the basic or 10414318. That is ten FO as well I thought that we still have birthday bash tickets coming up a week from today is the show have tickets coming up this morning right here on the rise scheme that he. Yeah it that way 93 point there is a planet. The rise guys morning show good morning it is 838. Birthday bash one week from today are big birthday party. Celebrating 22 years or rock in the upstate. And we've been here for fifteen of them 22 right here. So will be in and birthday bash along we've got smacked shine down and asking Alexandria. And our new beer rise guys. End soon. Grocery shelves. And convenience stores. And beer caves for trust. He had to get out there and try. And then tickets for birthday bash available right now on 933 the planet rocks dot com in war have more than just to give away here in about 2530. Minutes yourself. We we we we got it's an interaction yet enable once specific one about. Sleeping naked there was something in headlines about sleeping. Naked. Fat boy did contends that he sleeps toll naked. Page and I kinda similar IT shirts and underwear. Page T shirts and Haney spy you don't want Aaron and the house naked if there's a fire that's the problem enemy and would sure. But I. I mean if you did run out of the house naked I don't think you'd be right EO we see they they would disarm and give them my jacket to Wear. Here is to be blankets and cover yourself with via heat where this big jacket. I would mean. They act so. A lesson is that raped RI ACC HT. You know like Margaret Catalina evict. Richt OK anyway. This is regards he talked about sleeping naked this is a direct CMP from an article I read about the same. This is toward women of course. Tied badge hugging undies can be a warm moist breeding ground for bacteria that causes infections. So. Letting your vagina air out overnight by sleeping nude actually keeps you healthy and claim. Also aside for making you toss and turn on night begins to warm belonged also disrupt your release of melatonin. And growth hormones. The two main anti aging hormones. Also. Sleeping nude. Makes for easy access because obviously all eyes sweet skin to skin contact helps the feel good chemicals in your body. Like the odd seed Towson. Which is known as the Connell hormone and all of these things combined you find yourself more often in the mood for sex in sex will be more satisfying. Does more orgasms basically so. My doctor a long way of my odd guy and yeah. He says yes women especially. Should. Sleep. Naked. It's. And determine. Bad jug and undies. You better that's from an article by the way in cosmopolitan. Content well let him buried there and that related. Senator there's an exact science behind it and I'm not surprised who knew there was a thing called the Connell hormone. I just don't mind you do it from a comfort ability standpoint. Sleeping naked one mostly from was sure I'll what you guys do shirts from whatever. Part of mine is. And I. It's weird to me man I can't be too hard to call an am I'm like goldilocks he'd just right I. I love my hands and feet stay cold so I as sleeping socks which is another earlier. Hum in any way that you know whatever underwear and then nice soft. And vintage kind of tee feeling that soft thing. It gives. I don't get people who sleep in legitimate pajamas and when I say that I'm talking about pants and a long sleeved button up shirt is what we're talking about here. Remember those pajama sets. I remember one time years ago my family have in the mountains around it was in the week of Christmas but it was around everybody brought Leo but Summers where. And I slept in flannel pajamas. And I woke up the next morning and here's at war against again in page rich. I was drips and I had notified pissed myself or fox quite an all night long really. Give to sniff test instilled in and retail world. I can't sleep and pants I cannot sleep and long sleeves but I cannot sleep naked. CS still wake of sway in the way but I know it was so cold mayor than a map to have some covers. And still gonna wake up sweating and I got a metal bed frame to dislike ice cold sliding on of that. Is asleep almost comic Chara tied to a. No and you got to broke keep you there. Now I mean even in the wintertime is sleep naked and you don't get called. At the monologue for anything and then you know and I'm noticing naked and the summer no problem and in the wintertime. Sometimes something different parts. Cowboy when you sleep naked. The do you and your wife ever touch. Like she ever like sling a lag or re making body. So she does she's only bug fault. And morals to. There's tax firm. I don't want to get my blankets and sheets all up in my you know. Known in the blankets and sheets open owed it to outbid text Brooke I was yell at him you know come but I also noted. How someone don't wanna get my girl all over me in the middle of the night. Sometimes when she sweats so maybe even though I love her and had sex with her and all the stuff I hate the feeling refer riding up on me at night and her sweat. There is I mean she's in big girl. I mean any names she is satisfied that and why he might be girl gets little overnight sweat Sonia pain that I was I. It says something this gonna wait you look. I mean for me want out as soon as LA now Monica. Doesn't take months or go to sleep on America I don't remember any of the stuff in between. So there must be fuel fuel their light sleepers Asia casket personal questions were to Wesley negative. Okay. Yes there's a mainframe Toronto is sexual activity sometimes there Odom had this. It's available via but you know it's available. Avail and rest there. On something that's what 80774. Double 09310774. And a below 93 I bet she just bet you more women do it and then. I must say naked I might start worn shorts. I did okay. Well being like totally do not even gross is not grosses are bodies that like you don't need any fab we don't need any kind of something at some kind of basket being of something down there to like. To keep you're. So I expect he. Yeah especially during the day not so much and nine but this more so Avaya a Sox members like a body issues you get negative taken net. Not unlike during the day like just. Oh sure are you can Wear boxers anymore not Israel now I hit you right but it's. Even sleeping they can now that you think of he knows for me is the starter reorder bodies. And likened imaging. What he means market kind of feel self conscious about your bigger guys laying there naked. God only knows what it looks like as you can see yourself. That you just you know lay in the legged beast well. Hang all over everywhere she. In the grown up a pretty. You write it starts on the ground and us let me see the toes in the bottom of the feet and then all that there's that voice Turkey. That's worse nightmare and it's issues like a potato all did fine get a mayor that I must again when he two century is at its lower but there's no way a mirror on the ceiling that scarcely been on the council. Yeah Jonas say here basin expressions fighting during the nasty. Here's the ball tech 72341. Carolina paper that Comtex lined the winner Wear pajamas is a very cold in the summer I only sleep where in my underwear for the exact same reason as a lot of people. I know it sounds hot but it's normal. Women will self lubricate even if we're not excited and I know it's gross but look that's just the way it is and my boyfriend didn't like it guess what he's don't today. Who. Lend and where shall go girl don't know Linda get rid of it is like. It I know would espouse to Dawson and is supposed to say chrysanthemum and yes yeah but it says why are all on on how that she spelled it. I asked her to spill tar. Think he's. Did you teller she was wrong when she's I didn't. Chris to have them. Yes it's well that form. At all that since the RA in. Particular is really an. JR YS. Eight and and CHA. And you end. It has she's builder of their homes during non us all right rob and I am a reversal. You lost Bloomberg via its OK there I just. I'm just a botanist on reason and that. So why do you sleep naked. I'd like to but I can't because it bothered. What bothers. Well he even big guy and he gets real sweaty and hot and I. See where that I am a leader that I overheat and that he probably really get our hot and I get into bad ideas sleep. But it I'd sleep naked eye cannot touch him because he will wake up just tripping split it at that and are full blast right at all. Do you do that thing where you like slang a leg ever Yemen needs is one and a Yancy that I aren't. They normally do. That. We caller leg time is awesome and I'm naked in it he it cannot app could. I'm trying to scissor and embed. All right. Cry Saddam you have a good morning and does send our best to your husband and everyone is cynical okay. I've said look you next Friday at the wrecked. Yeah yeah oh yeah and I have a good morning. Yeah that's I. I I DC the point I am a hot sleeper to the point where I have to have the ceiling fan on you know only they sheets I can't use it comforter really. We can't sleep together and that's Ameren. What does stop either. Need feathers and Liz and. And covers aren't so I'm gonna be patient Aiken and tar and feather her next dry years now more prize guys right after this. Wreck written word and 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show many things going through. Right guys read premier. You have three. Power automated power outage reporting system to ensure that your outage is reported accurately and quickly to this service continue hole. Please follow the instructions carefully if you're calling to reported total loss of panels. Press one. Anke. I. I'll high command I. Site I'm glad Alex. I'm glad you bring them and I got a big problem and they went out commander do you. Don't you touch will start from our index jumped on these and helped spark the Belmont man among boys they're trying to play with a so it. Thank irony dale menu that's in Somalia are gonna down on. August. 4 to first and addresses 25 northeastern. He's about as shocked himself against what they didn't attempt dissident now against. Oh yeah to get everybody men's doubles bland. Don't touch so when you gotta since the body would you let. Fourth quarter to root towards. North Dade it's like the way to be isn't as well so they know how to protect my name's Tony Tony built. It's. Apparent lie and after the mother. And it's like fireworks. I didn't know man I'm tot mom boy I can keep the most. Lucrative but aren't I understand it. Yeah. It's not. That's a lot. Are you there body movement missed. Gardeners are opposed. Downloads it. Just toast or regret this drifts just wanted to two or three streets all employees leaving home. Out of I don't respect a return personal outlook okay thanks so much. The Sox you can do. Things. What can happen yeah look I got an emergency. I got a down line pummeled when he thought north beach street months old bread and tea thanks snake I need somebody to come to your best you know. Wait a little. Bodies some idea here immediately puts it. Airline. Is such and it also helped us. Durable. Sparked nevermind his demand to off. Yeah and it hard to argue self aren't just just argue self. Small. Ball. Yeah yeah. It's one colonel Larry yes. Guys in the morning to go so many 3.3 don't plan to remove the greatest.