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Guess That Accent for 311 tickets: FOF: Headlines


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Stewart year old knows the rats. When H 93 point three. Is there a Haas mills. Towel boy oh boy there's 311 right through this. And be a good concert 311 and the all spring. August 08. I wonder that bad records where he got along the only got three men's only determine. Who's a third man and a gym class heroes. Well I'll get their light. America that we had no down vandal I would be there are only got to give a psyche throwback players you brought him brand your armor and terror and those funds on hand that's our random. I'm fed up at an autograph that he got from the band O town what year was that. Horses not seven is right down your wall moral want to frozen but do impaired settles back in need tag each guy in the isn't this is after the maker in the band soon. I don't think they'll last the most horrific event. It's still around agree or disagree together is Ashley Parker Angel like you go to death. Nominee when do a reunion. This is an actor Mel wants. The victory over this phone that's fun all right it is it's time to do some women who is ready I am let's go a little room and just well. And gist I don't think so I don't wind out. Adds. It is I guess that accent. It's real simple game. Couple of us get paired up would you that he wants. And we tried to. Wells and uses improvisation for sure them but we try to give our impressions of certain. Languages and accents. Yes. Today it was decided it was decided yesterday. In a very intense meetings that. The people playing today's. Guess that I sent game will be. Free to me. If freaking pay. This man first I just a moment I am not a good at this game I know why neither are my wants me to place because it's funny just can't do it. But whatever I'm here to entertain that's all right this weaken their. I mean I know that the easily adult entertainer. I don't mean to kind of work I was more mature and them are let's leader contestants who Austin there's a lot of who want to win. That set us. The analysts away. I listen let's what is quickly sell low two I EG and that appeared win that page is. A lot of agent Mickey. And news. I don't get get get to go to the copilot seat that was working. He won 2 alpha tango good morning. Yeah there we go up and Hickory we get to share wait a week we don't do our our best. So doesn't talk. I think I do say is I don't I'm awful at best but you know ward together will figured. Now let's try Nicki again as Nicky they are now they just talked to reverse her. And then Mickey Perry memorial there aren't it's an area that's another one rule out action and criticized him then and now they'll be. Just tired really and it's like they know our guys and stuck at. So all 3110 spring Charlotte show. So since. Page and I are playing family and nine have come out with the accent. Yes correct yeah okay. As I do I don't know and I'd I'd I'd really. Healing in wrestling they call it a work when everybody knows what's going on day to shoot. And it's all at right now it's cheap cost you to sit impromptu that's my idea that it's funny here you're not prepared that's right I was part of the gremlins a lot of people don't realize its second Cynthia let them. All right. I guess. We'll let Paige pick who she wants. Let. People pick whose lives she wants back and it's why are you talking. Iran can't be there for granderson as would page now OK perfect game and there are comments. I just do less can write and what are you a DJ am here. I don't think Sanborn who care and are well less and Ryan Babel. Why not remains your browser met OK are you look at these first. Bull horrific triple what do you think. Pool. Cowboy the Erie heron and a transcript of the tournament chicken scratch the yeah actually that I can read them. God bless and now this is the pressure this is the pressure right ladies first. Ladies are yours do you carry your time on that where February demeanor and turn our key time for Q all right guys tell daily there. Yes Larry I do well you know what Maggie when you say can you come out Coke cola. Solar okay but your eyeball let's not have a try to chip Georgia peach Coca-Cola arms there or saw him to enter the. I hadn't and had yet Cody went. Up oh I try to Jabber a ball in the fort pack last night there and glass bottles I can point. I cannot now I want to go Google sounds really delicious all right. So why the waiting game is played is page has to do five accents and the Coke dealer you're trying to figure out which accent she's doing your guessing all all along you can pass and come back to it this is of course time and best of five. Makes cents. All right. We will begin around pages first word as we played just sat accept. They may Mac. Old Austrian. Alienate. Our. So to file ends in your pockets. Do you. My name. You are still window and hanging out with your toy don't. Passed to. He's going to talk about. That's cheap manner but don't have sorry. That I did at over I'm an employer has some. All right then he's thinking your voice is they go to talker Melanie has meant condone cheating sorry did I just image. I ain't. I go to. Al wailing and Mary did hadn't missed a category 27 let me get this let big. And yet. This. Kid. Reagan and play some hockey day and so they don't. Assailant and fit for a possible for a OK here are sort everything let's get it is about sorry. Can't say you're saying not I'm just a contestant. They're saying that because the accent was Mexicana and she did in her raise your voice in dissent I'm going to Taco Bell and you you pull that one out. Important that his guess that excess Oca. An agreement club 1988. To give you think there isn't on there or did it Bailey Kara. May I armor like here. OK one that I know we did not use today it'd be like. I manuals and the journal says chicken had any guess as I. Our society it's our. I was not clear I'm sorry. All right wasn't the time we'll also decided so let me. Yeah connected to my partner and that is he went to Allison tango and Henry. Mean there's certain. I'm hearing due to. Didn't. Oh yeah are very loud and Illinois here we go time will begin on my first clue. And that is. This. I think demand is hard and try to pass on the first went. And I am I'm on certain areas of Gerrard should in my never gone bobsled Montenegrin. All what do you do argued about we had nothing to do with your election. Here our Russian. That. This guy dregs of big all the it's a high vice admiral and dried and a BMW. Serb German Luger blow you up right. Oh yeah. Yeah I'll I bet are we sit here on eight and some static. And was sick and he did listening to small problem. Down here near LY. Irish English Scottish open would doubt here at least sty. Reits diet and New Zealand Australia yeah. Okay man vs the is the god bless this is hard it's hard job. I'll ask him what gave him picnic and it's. I don't know anything man I can't think of any thing. Good lord just say this irregular wars of the economy no technical detail that America was going to be a tie and suit. Where in the chill dudes. So yeah yeah. I don't think Jim wow let's look Muslims do. I did so did the only thing a good job guys I wish was rowdy Roddy Piper I love and I always do Canadian after outraged that the both men and you know in my ability Elliott. I gave it away as a doctor bell on me now to Scottish uh oh god bless. OK so. I had Scottish Jamaican Russian German Australia yeah. OK let's review we know that it's tied for and for him because I did the gentleman thing at the end plus I had no clue what set. Since is tied. Lou who was pages on first. As long as small stood up and I've said that. Yeah I'm. Yeah I thought of that but I thought it would go under the hole you know just vehemently belied pay governor Parnell flying through via a minute and six seconds well. Compared to love this man is partners. One minutes want to lose. Very careful from now boy could sorry your throughout the anger. We want to know do want this guy I had say sorry tune into a good thing. I congratulations. In his best accent we'll tell you what you've just won. Well congratulations. You want to call today. I don't know wanted to know if I'd you're shape and also do you benzene is really on Wednesday August 8 yeah. It was bad somebody tell me I have no idea. The United Nations this OSS. Congratulations to everybody and sorry enough to tango I am also Baghdad. Age and flying 93 criteria the planet dry. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 730. Whereabouts. Followed honestly quite forty minutes away yourself from mid air wall. 28 team yes sir we have a cavalcade of the day years it will be doing. And will be on FaceBook lives he can watch if you can't watch it live we'll have it on. YouTube at some point. I imagine there hopefully or hopefully your own mornings afternoons from terms are. Is now time for the there are they did there all what I must say it's now time for their well. It's way too many different bits and show today yeah they're all brave men Manhattan and we can't just phone scams out there's a whole lot to get to that in. That's when did you start moving toward this gloomy Monday still. I'm excited this is now presumably the godfather of phone scams. My heart all of the Windows Phone scams going to be good. Demanded the movie Schindler's List of phones and left it alone not ms. Martin Scorsese's film is a phone's camera can't wait there's Oscar talk aren't I don't. An Oscar buzz here or any. Thank you. Finally general formula does just don't hear him because that's the close games going TV award. Yeah indicted Jefferson award this phone scam Jefferson off the definite. VS OS lion is a community out reach we set at three years to. Not be so angry take you get the angry anger out to be done whether to move on would you lie so with the FOS line is to tell. People in your life whether you know their name or not to have false. Tell me why why don't why come all this stuff. The number to call 864. 2414318. At some voice mail he won't get anybody answering no when you hear their voice mail. Are we get a voicemail leave act and what players' favorites on Friday. Six cuts today and that's the last line Gloria 8642414318. Here is cut more. And try to get the Wal-Mart. And in part to protect. And and I key bit delicate nature. Quote I don't like it. I don't. The bank to bank about it. It's a plane again I don't think they are out spent like. Epic about. I could do it. And I am correct and I are perhaps about part of my kind of let it. Yeah. It was funny as I remember one time my momma come on mayor. We're at Kmart and I'd done something wrong. It may she got man Tammy and she went over and done I swat how hall and spank me wood in the store now and may read being in this. All womanly virtue. Ball the fly swat because she used it usually don't have saying she felt bad about spanking her child within just couldn't get back on the wreck. She bought it she's against it it was all right so maybe that's why Clemson was the implants. Plus one now is just that may not but look grill broil grill Loma but Jerry it was like he is there. Know when that Jeremy Olson went there wrestling younger. Brother but there was maybe midday whom mob bail him out boy there couldn't. 86424143188642414318. Staff the last line. Yeah. That and a lot of well and apparently I didn't. He. Also my bit and you wanna get me and I knew about it. You. Was remanded them order usually turns her roses arm. Was that the Wal-Mart yet learn it now lives I can't tell us fellows an older woman or young boy there are. As one total mourned him yeah isolated amounts that I can't. If figure out usually for SE turn signal I assume you're from north from where he thinks southerners don't use terms and tomorrow while ago. I've seen it I don't know I mean I don't you know that. He is looking madam how they look like the redneck. This sort of thing everybody says when they moved down here through ignores is that nobody is certain signals and then six months later they were doing entered into and they don't have emerged. Catch his own compared people who North American iron. They try to ensure educate us about that zipper emergent are we don't get we get mad about it we just don't let anybody and then grasshopper urge you may stop and look. I urge. Hey if a class and I'm not trying to expect that at. A 64241431. They were a third of the way thrill it is to ask the last line. What out of my. And not. And could be huge. And you can end option dead can it. Where they gave me an. App out of it and you'll. Ambition shall take you all are bad and I'm sure you've made unit. But he met my yelling has sent you a group. Tomorrow but can he take best. It didn't involve it in the back in the way predator and when it. And whatever it helped make him digging in and tell our kids that's a unit and what. When I had at. Norton back countered that there shortly noted if they keep it going now. Did you day Italian jewel mine Koppel. Proud. NY Roslyn and it got somebody that we're getting that one just the first since sort of or. What about my hair. Out. Mid iron and good enough and there's a ransom Charlotte the mountain into parents aren't there. Yeah I hear you say the plan. Well it inspired. No doubt about me. Because I train constantly and talk at all. Tell my grandfather taught Chris lynch more yeah I don't railroad this all this blue. Let the ball and assassin now and I think. The SOS like 864241431. Made you call it. It's a voicemail 24/7. Youths leave the anger without us. Here is cut. Swore. Got beat up on that 600 and not everybody won't you might believe narrow 1990 did all the right should be at eight. Not a chapter ten wow I had a sick child and due to not a lot. And he did not just. Our ads. I had in me. Second and a quarter patent. And a bit more low IQ can I thought well. I am back at your rent out back all right everybody. I. What do now a given now Lan glue good secure and you know ideas. It would be so. And we've talked poorly about this senate pound life I mean we we've you know. Often wondered how people get their condition but still want to still watch. We don't poorly it. Some of it deserves today thanks are in the big this big bully other than the people on the show they speak poorly of of being 600 pounds yeah her story and they they hate. And fat boy wanted to do this surely high changed his mind the words keep it that way these six are browns know. Yes you weigh in on on Monday and Europe. The spikes you know I was excited. Is gonna say. 864241431. They've just got to fire on it. Must to bring in the heat 864241431. And eight is SOS line. And then you much about it. All they left about an hour can land somewhere aren't you got a lot of that. Yeah you don't. Now and I look dumb and hundred can't ask. You how obedient and flat out dumb mother. The red. Black. And all the harsh on the Bache. I wrote it off all the years that I worked for it are a bunch. And not let me. Duma has been the main. Line and left a lot of good back nine and eight bit. I am. Mad and that mark where it. Hey man I love her fellow. Cut to mind there are. Yes I did this every year in office he's okay your does. The way she says that your word man is the perfect way into our girls southern girl who sent it. I can say it in the without saying get me she says semi these stupid mother truckers yeah. Eleven is the best I love Trent pierce him tractor equipment. Don't wanna make her man I'm revolves tractor. Or a bunch truckers. It's on foreign. I is the last 100 hurdles since millions have what is latest at all every service or are you nervous. Scared. Stand. And the beer occasionally but you know some people or. It's a paternity I guess if you talk about some monies beard or missiles some monies beard evidently you missile everybody that's ever had a beard ever at a church. Is this guy who police. Super fan of your rear Matt. Oh I should be girl who's not a 642414318. It is the FL last July and here we go win this week's. Cream of the crop. Don't. Let the crowd made it easy model of how what about it stroke and am beard look at got a beard I'm. I cannot go beer Matt. Manning broke bit awestruck beer or. Not do it in the week and we're. You know just ask Colin are by which you know. By the way you limp wristed. I'll somebody have a stroke and appeared Astro remote village and that's right of their mother. Just because you can't. Ban don't be jealous don't and I hated being yelled the man did. Wow. I agree today and passion and that vice Manuel approached him poke us cleared Brothers and our. You know I ally can that is soldiers going overseas together and coming back but it's just. There dialogue. It's some kind of fraternity that we had like when I see a guy with a beard him. I don't like say hello or what's going to be not a struggle comes nation that is just kind of riding motorcycles and frozen lines and is look at imminent threat to. Does she had this kind of not like you know drew a high near turgeon editor for what I do or sewer and you know you know that I have a double chin and and that's why go there. Yeah. There's the C kicker kind of stroke and language with men that there's different strokes for what you're duke it it's. Oh yeah I can come. Up but he. Each yet to be careful you know but you don't want give denied that's. And older you know Mediterranean moments earlier to have her you know and again there has happened maybe four. Yeah yeah just people hormone imbalance is here for that matter and apparently your man is calls must say that she's Aaron. It can make a read that can be Gizmodo you know movement that. I don't shame if that's kicker I Orleans well we demand may he'll give the reverse Judge Judy you shave it right off here I thought. We're all ask them so long I learn yeah. That was fun you know I was I'm probably up within ally now and I normally am burned down and you know. Tires flattened and everything. Believe my life that ours were injured starters are there wonders armored Poland dissolve into stretchers out there on the right you allow your signal yes fourteen hours left its sweet taste yeah it is a pilot online teaches our equipment that. Did. Oh my god 8642414318. Best death OS landfill and have for next week hot money would be some headlines next. Download a free planning. And listen to the rest guys and your mobile. This saviors of upstate morning radio and imagine now engage in central. Jags I'm 93 point three number. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're big Gulu. And I can't story for you. A video. Game collector who finds drugs an old Nintendo cartridge. His name is Julien turner from Noonan Georgia. He's the head and video game collector earning not too old school Nintendo games at a flea market earlier this month gulf. And roller games gulf gulf. Golf ball both. Those gold cartridge right golf. Laws. Zelda was senate than their words. Well golf and Nintendo is. Is it was Nintendo is standard golf game roller games was based on our roller derby TV TV show called. I recent roller games. That aired. And 1989 and 1990. Anyways when Juliet and he got home he noticed that the game is heavier than usual. So we waited its path and in fact it was 50% heavier. Anyway is he and screw the games and many open it up with a screwdriver he found some mild packages and there. They had four little shiny bags of drugs and side. What under ranks we don't know he called the police and and they haven't gotten back hasn't been published so I don't know exactly. What I was and that's foil. But arm they came to the games to investigate. And it's entirely possible that these games are part of an old smuggling operation. And their blue to be thirty years old says JoAnne was poking around. And you learn that there is another copy of a golf. That was out there I can you say golf. All know you can't use a gold golf gulf goal. Is going to. He would go and there's all words there's everything you're you're all Lauren polo all of this wolf and I. GAAP is it more harm I do is say hold her in for a long cargo hold hold her hall horror anyways whether. Is stuffed in this video game and what he was researching where as 5000 dollars in bills and that happened in 1985. So he was in the first person I got these Nintendo games that were stuff for drugs or money. And their tournament new games imagine there was a pawn shop operation ranked like some from the ninety's probably when they would have been an and that upon jobs you can put drugs in a member public. I was thinking more it's some person hi Jeanette Maier and then you know mom or girlfriend or wife or some I used film out there say. If if you're flailing through any games you should hide them inside a mag drugs from girlfriend. Maybe that's what happened remember the lady the other day with a coconut person the wind blew it in there may be when he was. Blowing out his Nintendo games are the drugs blue in there that what place. Could that happen. But unlikely. There's a story that was released this week where they DA found two million dollars worth of meth inside Disney figures. And this physicists really notice some vintage Toy Story out so this and JJ Holmes. And a sound you know prove. Ticker. ER on these little figures had math and science this would say Toys 'R' Us. They have put drugs in all the toys to a new one on business are all drugs. Yes I mean if they're in these little tiny legitimate and figurines are solved somewhere and then as a shipment that it's. Brought entered track. That's how they're gaining an end to Atlanta and then selling it through the southeast. Harsh. I guess maybe shipping and through the airport. And it's nothing new as far as putting in and something else like a video game or some kind of toy now everything's digital so we're losing hiding places. You can't. I mean you can't put drugs is the digital Bob Bob ball brought pardon. I'm sure there and say Donald work all or the server looser ball. All he is no deal on the end certainly not during aren't very promising ladies short shorter now than it was when I was a kid deserves kid. There are very round and are. It also like. My jealousy and Donna da Don. I'm not there. But Maris got involved yes but I don't. Know because drummer Donald Trump ultra Dell. Also says Donald and follow his name is Donald's fifth said the Disney figurines were sent from Mexican terror location in Gwinnett County. Am gonna talk about. Ari then this time about the big holiday that we're celebrating Friday the thirteen hit them didn't make enough. Let's. You know what what is it dated this year fried thirteen paint crap. Nor is national road she's day in siblings face to all all the attention is that what is he used to is like always a day but now every day is today and you gotta run and other picture my sister I was survey Thursday or criminal picture. Everything is so schedule now that this Ellis frank thirties the deal happen again. Yeah well it usually happens twice a year out from as far as. Seems like it'll happen like three years than forty years you're like five years and see those five years between six years between eleven years is the big gap. Now three per month that's Friday the thirteenth that's what it is there. So if you are super. You believe in superstitions. And this is the day that you're going to be completely apparently. Yeah I am. And I'm very well I always say that I am Superman I'm somewhat stitches yeah. Well I can say that if I crack. This is one from European an early American folk tales which said that empty spaces in cracks on the ground are actually connections from birth to the spirit world. And using them linked caught messing with them a conscious conscience and then Mike had nothing do with breaking your mother's back we're scared of volcanoes and if so that's. Does it his step on a crack can break your mother's back and it knowing and following two more to act as it that easy. Does not work normally these places him walk up and down the streets of women jumping up and down and cracker came across it because more and move. Yeah I think he cracks is that all of the Brooklyn asphalt. A point. And heart to do paradise island and my grandma grandpa for. What do you know an umbrella. And doors turn and cost about locking your house and I'm. So nobody has ever serve on the theory that one is that it began with ancient egyptians used to browse to protect themselves from the sun and using them indoors was considered an insult to the sun god. Let's say the time that when as you know marry my mama. Win. Back in the eighties she went on a mission trip to Sao Paolo Brazil. There and she realize that in that country if you sat down at a dinner table and put your purse on the ground beside your right foot in May your prostitute. I wanna ask them. Dudes are coming out of my area. And our shop I'll get her on her when they tell us what she lost on that story in wow she's she's on a mission trips Melissa that's usually funny story is. An endless tour hide data that I don't know I don't feel that my mom is the issue is Brazilian anyway well. Well though and things she really pulled through more importantly. No labels she knows she she came out and then was saying some of the stuff they. How am apple so friendly hair hit comfort is the right place also got a. I celebrate here at. There's steak houses aren't as good over the years they are here. The Brazilian steakhouse as far as you're not a good mayors are here are really are unique because the rhinos Nauman comer that's a rhinoceros is maybe a. So if you're afraid of walking under a latter. Back in mid evil times letters were associated with the gallows where people or hangs up person you are under a little guy is facing. Their own death by hanging in the feature hang he's awfully Browner the whole. Night so I am just. About a black cat crossing your past. They're our trailer found. And it's stems to the medieval ages and black cats got a bad rap in the meaning medieval ages when they were associated with witchcraft. And demons everything was and now. And then we're scared of their Sharon's. Like they were made a really dumb and lose the Middle Ages the dark ages through there yeah. The ancients knew a lot. A lot about a lot of stuff all over the world from the minds to the egyptians and in that the continent of Asia mean all these religious things so much from. When when you go to Europe and the middle aged we're Freddie cash and daughter but it was a wish. Yeah we're. Paul burns met says sudden crisis management that. Yeah labeled dying. What happened early or an embryonic. Would tell us there is old wives' tales that you think college that did find out that. When it's sunny and raining it is a double league is watching. Parents this is that they're like they were pregnant some science news and ancient times but didn't Europe 500 years ago they are scared or shadows. He saw assess those and those he'd be afraid to and who did and breaking American Broken Arrow. Mrs. wherein the superstition came from ancient Romans believed that Marist. Called a piece of your soul and a separate men's says that our Bonnie renews itself every seven years and maiming us. I have to wait seven years before your bad luck is erased from breaking them and Mears were incredibly. Life. Mysterious and like dish held bag men liked. They put a lot of thought in Nevada like what you were seeing was. Her slight like you said reflection you're sold out. And that that's how people go there and set premieres and meditating taught themselves this stuff is like you were talking to your soul because a lot of people. My my therapist was saying this I won't what is the difference between a person downing assault they might what is the difference. Yeah I can't say how tricky to get into the they're the context of that even burner. Imagine just imagine real quick you've taken pictures as a brand new thing okay. Tell me you would meet her heart I we have Trevor everywhere round would imagine that concern I am now CL a the reason. I say I don't know it's because well I like I had though server went my nephews and I was due Encino southeast into in the dog stuff and I'll let Andrew. No granted they've been doing that bid for a while bait I don't I don't see a lettuce scare fright when they look in the camera and see themselves. Introduced suit is that children aren't people they trust who are very comfortable whether I'm talking about when they admitted if you're a grown man and they have the big leg. Western Ruben brownie can't lash Japanese up under the hood of the thing you got to stand still for like 35 minutes to did you today. We don't think it was Steve are slower thing down I would get this thing nine minutes and thirty minutes they wanted to hit out. Your eminence front it's never been done before but nobody smiled got bored as I sat there. And lastly on holiday Friday the thirteenth new yes for sure how I got started went down one theory is that it has biblical origins yes it does just tied to the number have guests at the last supper and jesus'. Crucifixion on Good Friday yeah. But also laid in bed that's today went all the there's the guys were burned through. Mean they were burned at stake the the crusader crusaders but the I'll tell me starlet. And I timers how these guys that were burned the they did the crusaders a guy that. They were pretending to help the people as they're going through their their horse the temple here they they were all burned on the Friday the thirteenth okay. They were deduced pretending to did you know. These security even all the while they're stealing everything. Give Vernon down my in the library at Alexandria and they were largely responsible for our people in Europe five murders there were afraid of cats and shatters and stuff thanks and Fred predator to bridge got started because some counselors were having sex on the should have been watching those kids around the ancient drown and then his mama pedal board he's too vengeance thirty years later he kind of had a perfect. Our tree story and Danny Cabrera he would talk to now. Now they got her off at the end of the first movie tower I never saw first it's a given away. Documents azalea eight gissin a third fill out there are he never played Gasquet for nothing now because I mean this state really fast. Great athlete he's very fast and the worst thing ever put him on ice. No mayor Sheila ice ever. Well eight chase don't actually sell out the damn ball Lou whales senator whatever earlier this girl that nitrogen stuff in the Jason X I was so. I did see that in the end cruises this all the older I mean I thought I think I missed a few but done. Some of the later ones were does matter Carol good idea for you even probable that. Alomar you know in Manhattan jays and acts as a worst ones are cement their noses in your own Jason and I said you look forward to be very watched millionaire well as December pasteurized you're awesome for wellness arena booed when I'm painting insurance guys had nine. Yeah. But don't sale out.