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Blankin With Jeff Lewis Neal for Primus tickets: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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The rise guys morning. Beltran and. They have. Don't flamboyant sit down. He got you saving just those millstone. There we have this award horror. Apple's symbol Martin Luther simple mud and snow. Promise I'll tell you that they're coming to Charlotte. And hold on I have this information. They're commended the measure of credit union aimed at theater in Charlotte horror and we need a couple people to play. Lincoln legit. All right yeah blatantly jets. Lincoln. We jazz I'm excited. It's real simple game we played a little bit nervous early on in the show just to kind of make everybody aware they were going to be playing and then kind of warm Jeff up a little bit. Disagree and I. Still trying to figure or VR stands for a virtual reality guy who's a third time's a charm Nasser right third time's a charm. I'd be a real simple name will come up with that famous phrases or quotes. And then leave the word out and you have to see if Jeff can fill in the blank yet to say yes he'll be able to or no he won't be able to him. And this is where will have to trust Jeff and ask him to remove himself from the room here's. To send Jeff Fuller. Isolation chamber page we use them guardian. If I'm not us he must sadly not stressed. After Rosenfeld I asked her Rosenfeld. Just this faces on the darn Rosenfeld. Says he was listening any her rows and fail him Nelson felt agent so bad formula and she little. Chew him on the budget chief Brad what NGOs Breyer and I'm. She's an enabler are less clear contestants and find out who's playing it. We'll go first to Greenville on talk that she won super grubby monkey can morning. Good morning I guarantee you sir. Oh I'm well and a lot of live a little love I love so you know. Yes same. Let's go to church secure combative contestants had taken on as I'm from Duncan if you want a Ryan O Ryan good morning. I Easter. Break your hate us and answer is that Chad. Yeah spirit up next we're. I mean to live knowledge and eat our. I could listen Jimmie would you do best of five a best of seven year term in the senate are investors sent our. Plagued him frat boy when you write down it safe to say yes he'll get it or no he won't get shore. So the example is. You know give you an example of ballots are read about roses are red ballots are. Blue okay so you have to say if Jeff would know the word don't you don't say the word yet safe Kiffin violence here we get the first one. Let's get down. It's a blank tax. Will just know the answer on that one let's get down to blank. Tax on the first to arrived and we'll just know it. Oh no don't say no and is a burger memorably. I'm feeling the same thing you know I don't think so. And Eric Snow amount. Number two. That tail is wagging the blank. The tail wagging the blank. A the first two marquee. You share got a chance and O'Reilly no where and agree and again. I think you've got out immediately say yes romances here it's been a ranks as yes. My first gym door and there we go probably. All right did an excellent early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and blank. A Ryan will he know that. Attitude billions hearted but. I got yeah. He say yes and what about you monkey. I agree or you're us and there's three. Number four everybody wants to go to heaven and men nobody wants to blank. Everybody wants to have them but nobody wants to blank monkey. Nowhere and arrived. Home. At night that was number 445. Hell is empty and all the devils are blank. Hale is NT and all the devils are blank. Arrived. You know bear and monkeys. I don't even know that once I don't think Jeff does. Okay. That's far. Number six. Chain never could and won't never blank. Canes never and it won't never blank Iran. And. Are we will moderate over us things are over this or out think you will you will and then the monkey. I think you're gonna get through your go get it okay. Last and final one and this is very important c.s are primus tickets. Why known her so why known is big brown blanket. Willard Jeff know that arrived. And and then mom yet monkey says yes well McCain says it appliances or I mean cinematic moment. All right let's let's look at the bookends and let him know that we're ready for. Nearly dead the other Russians Elena February is as soon as they are there they take your hands over hearts. An area that includes the saints I apologize that north heavier or just this game is all about Ian. You are the guest is shown that this particular game show that we're doing is called linking widgets there. We've asked everyone if he would know certain cancers and they have wage should be very ready to play I am. Number one and nineteen with jets. Bush let's. Get down to delaying. Tax. Now before you say that oil largest again he said boy. Oh Ryan and who grumble marquee via those said he would not know you will not know let's get down to blank tax. Fill in the blank Jeff. As it is and I'm gonna say. Brass. Tax let's get down to brass. It's everybody's got one right. We thought he got this that he would Gary send so they don't nobody's got nothing it started just enough just you have warned that I got it right from. You regain number twos. You did tail is wagging. The blank. You know. When you did a nice day arise India soon know it's super early monkeys and no we will not know it's important that tail is wagging in the boy. It is. It. You radio down which everywhere radio. The deal are we got six moons. The tail is wagon the black. And it is. I don't know I don't know crawl. Rosenfeld. Knowledge what age did tail is wagging the dog that all. How else are you Vanilla never heard of that Judy guest this morning I was about. What. I've heard that everybody knew. Let's Erica number three early to bed early to rise makes a man and healthy wealthy and blank. Our what did they say both players say yes he would know that's early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and alive. Healthy. Let's let's try it anyway let's say early to bed early rise makes a man healthy wealthy and lives. Next page lies lies lies got us up a perhaps thorough server from the monkey isn't it wasn't enough fans and that brought her numbers for correct. Everybody wants to go to heaven that nobody wants to blank. Everybody wants to Manhattan and nobody wants to blank fat boy what did they say. They both say he would not know the know that no there's no that it just they said you won't know behind everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to move. Pray. Correct. Page everybody Austin heaven but nobody wants to. Sir I don't know. That boy who give enough money. Barack got a tough. All. Anxious and all well and manage all of them are no amount I'm not a surprise as salute there were coming on the number six try. Yeah this is this will be the system. This is fun out there just to wants admirably Monty about the report for getting nominated I'm targetted to a super ability to all of you. That currently our Jeff I'm leaving him asked our thanks rear Shakespeare. Felt. Harrell is empty and all the doubles are blank. Hill is empty and all the devils are blind. It. Well if players. So although I say no I'm sure and I sit notes it. Everybody says their resident Jeff hill Shakespeare. Hill is empty and all the drill holes are blank. And evil. I don't know. Whether what is it did play. Good. Paige saint. Babel I never heard in my life and they're all here and gear. Here. Why why we have from magnet here. As all Immersion tennis. Number six. To if you if you don't get this I personally and also embarrassed for you okay can't handle things on his Missouri residents who work. Kate never could. And won't. Never blank. Tablet would as everyone says. They both say yes he would know it in this for the win a super grumpy marquis is Iran the user Harry where's your super graphene rookie can do. It. Buys up through two. So chances down but he can paint not ever could. And Walt never. Look it. The since its key line cinema really muggy in Green Bay. Monkey did it congratulations sir he did regular promoted that welcome Steve Martin if you had a warning would deprive. Well congratulations. I am. Yeah fair about that sir you're darn cute and I am I can't or samurai volunteers from they usually do last loans are tied him yeah. Oh yeah within general manager what is privacy screen deal last week. Jesse looking long and hard about it OK okay. Why known as big. Morale in the bowl right. I said no he would not know also certain I also in super monkey said yes. They do this is a famous song by primus is not by the giants for you on that note. Why known as big brown. Blanked. Hair. Yeah yeah. The rise guys morning show. Thought he 93 point three the planet rock. Right guys headlines with the age and you're Beagle who. Well a man thought he got a great email on a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert ticket. That's not the case and so you have to really look at your tickets you thought he got tickets for 41 dollars eat it's really your tickets. I mean how much 41 dollars ET on any of this kind yeah that was a British guy named. Duncan rob. Found tickets for error as shown Ireland area where I case. Says he got a pair. As a Christmas gift for his girlfriend. It. My constant was this past Sunday and right before they left they realized then Duncan had made a big mistake. Palin is a far. The chilly pipers. And senator chili pepper who voters were not sure Parker gets a did not a lot. So gullible seeking justice any tweeted out. Believe we've flown hammered to Belfast. Not defending. Red Hot Chili Peppers but to see the world's best bagpipe band. Red hot chili pipers and I cut it. I gray Dion tickets. Now it must happen all of us to still apologized non drew last birthday. No. I graduated joy to Chile Packers but if you know the day I was it was it was it was rush I don't especially ends. There's style is back rock. They had the bag pipes and to have. Her there and kill us and red Red Sox and they've gotten Greg tires and Matt I'd send. Animal like AC/DC to it I guess this is kind terrorists and then cheese yeah I don't know there's been a good seeing red chili peppers before but this sport and I'd be more curious to see it I pursue what is the piper still you get a couple of tickets sorting it. Did you girls are we receive a relatively bloopers. Let's. Any of those and easily assessed an interval. At this scene now. January 1 Wednesday huge staying California because that's when recreational marine pot and Rihanna Collins legalized version of every race with. Well there's never resurgence and then there's another group that they're kind of slowly get non minority and that would be the seniors Aniston stories are slowly getting on board it's been murdered. 44 days is noticeable the moral people are so that we held torn down by like four days like. 1% more blue parent they're getting. You know they're getting their pod then there's kind of staying men within me yes dame. It's like they want. Then the elderly community with. You know the drug use and the hippie culture. Yeah and a day so all it all lies they writings and 60% said they're not they're not broken ankles to get hot I there's a lot of them are smoking to treat. Various illnesses like glaucoma. Arthritis. Any sort of pain. But as far as the doctors. And they're saying that much research is needed and academy ninth animal annoyance. Well. We ceased Somalian or referring to the mother Steve Borden a stigma. No I am so easily won. A certain nervous or six entertains national survey drug use and health reported turn 50% increase in marijuana use my senior citizens. Are you trying to mandate stats. It's what they said this past year sentence and legalized and care since January to simulate you turn down player so I'm not trying to adapt it has all handle having that long supply don't want a smoking. So they get brownies and amazed I just say it and talk employment. But what if they're trying to scenario is maybe he needs to be racers on the benefit of pain relief. And said that selling and it's far like recreational use of getting high and certain groups of people because you're not gonna sell it. As far as elderly people and maybe children and needs to be prescribed by doctor we don't have that problem would be here. I served time in Indian rocket Ryan musically or Madison or round whiskey and honey same thing. As they get marijuana you wanna make sure that you don't have. Elderly people that are free can count on it you know when I would like I Laker I don't or Republican crown or knowing that I'm not give them my mom to brownies and say have had a lady I would animation that she ate there right. And mound and not freak out and brown eyes and you give your mom I give her half of one passover brownie. Rice is saying I nearly half if if there is then you have to if there's click around it doctor didn't tell you about the liquor but you have to control how much people get. But what I'm saying not necessarily get it. Prescribed by a doctor Brett prescriptions. That. That it went against the dispensary. That they can say this is what I need to treat with my problem. And they wouldn't give them their right. Marijuana to treat their specific problem. Yeah as far as the problem is I want you orders well nobody's doctor but they they can advise you and guide you down by you know they. They know the products and they know what this yeah that does what they're not medical doctors who they can offer you sermons. Yeah I and that would be the way to get a group of people and their especially if maybe they have and mast are. In and they and a lot of pain from arthritis are any variance or they are on hold and have had a rough slashing just wanna get hot. They wanna get all know. Blank god and have a good time chairman grant tiger recreational use go for it. You know that the whole argument it's it's like. Then the whole thought of freedom. Even freedom it's like telling their kids and and then nursery school your freedom. So let's say you can't. My Lecce. My point is that negative connotation that goes along with pot use earn when they are ingrained in our name from growing up Witten you know pay the reformat reefer man and send. Have your neighbors rethink your views here a pot smoking Draghi I think every generation has set though I think family meals have felt that way who I hand. Yes that's a negative connotation Tobin meanwhile you're centenarian rattling new pill bottle leaner times when people slam all of these are Shays of alcohol or there Draghi. I think it's act kinda. Now I'm not saying anyone in particular that you don't want that kind of negative. Negative connotation it here. Looking for something in particular and then maybe he's a changed as far as recreational use and then specific use because. If we have such a huge problem with drugs on the tenth in this country to open annoyance and somebody needs to wake up and do something about anger at them and they would meet incest. Well it does because they can a can help people that are suffering instead of saying we're gonna take your dragged away much you suffer and your chronic pain. But not do anything about it to this is they. No nation where we stand up for millionaire ballplayers who have concussions I mean gun away. We didn't figure the real problems. All other rock comes of people that are suffering and sent a mobile weeks eight it is a problem is certainly his problem so go go smoke weed. They'll all go drink. I just go out and just enjoy you laugh I tell you so we knew we knew when you just go and live laugh and you don't need that stuff but we're not saying go on Thanksgiving like an addiction how are not there are saying treat Iran under first president has had not women and then if you had a some reason may be your and a terrible accident and you get addicted to painkillers and years still in chronic pain. There needs to be pain research to help people that's up my equipment. Correct Mets held a long way of Maurice started but it's not at all that aren't and you really did arguing yourself to yeah. Weren't up for it I can. Make music awards now it is. Did they are raised. According to some experts who recently did a study. Found that getting your rays makes you more satisfied with your job. But only temporarily. Kind of disagree. At. Least a month. Well according to the research people do feel satisfied but I guess when you get back into doing the same thing over and over again you're gonna go back to the same feelings right. Yeah it's. Yeah I would just be clear kind of fresh in the air for a little bit better. You know if you do and some you don't why can you get a little bump you don't have probably go back not liken it wants to do the thrill of the bulk orders also. I ask him until I get in order for more money moves a lot more money. But like you never gonna truly love your job unless you're the balls. Let lose yeah meet mean personal care c.'s review yeah I was references are not unique ogre you. Well and that's because you're in control of your own destiny if you're the boss. Now waiting for salmon deviant raise it then you have the and I have to wait a Marty king's birthday to get a Monday off of I'll want to sort Monday I'll I'll be elected I migrate her hairdresser who needs balsa and you don't mean I. Mark. Broker. He's only I mean very far up the chain balls yeah I have run things broker. That's the world I wanna live there's already has at least even above. Okay yeah I've been like you know. Actually I asked them a remarkable how do Michael bolt not an easy Kramer he. Let's let's let's laugh at this she Damien armrest and last summer and there's your codec believe. Well so you get this big race to gauge of commotion according to experts they say within four years or less that feeling will be totally gone. And you'll be back to our you our fear him like. I need something armed. Market delisting has given a shot it's not uncommon Dumars smiled more than them always urged I'm Susan you're making money now off. Nor am shocked is that four year thing if you raise over four years you'll make your job or that all are left. Us. Now. The vice president amble flip flop on that tax cut our hair and there's. Iran and a lot enough for millennia tells us live from state to stay in job to job begins stages in hand and satisfaction hasn't mustang as Margaret workers. No those are people like it has big degrees incentives are all there is to it he knows. Yeah that lets have this. Oh crap you know we talk about how much colleges in America. Do you know nailed it in and that I am I'm guessing at this I've read some history im guessing of the number you're gonna. I think I read 6070%. Of textbooks are in college are now pediatrics. You're not actually purchasing books. But to buy a PBS at Clemson university for one particular class rate PDF was 250 dollars for PDF through it expires to. And books ever works like. Study the bode well liked. What is it PDAs nothing Y yeah look how. Everywhere I have a paper bound hard cover. How does it cost 400 dollars in cash does it you're not buying the actual materials of the book you're buying the contents isn't. A bigger slap in the face your buying nothing and they're charging exorbitant and eggs or burn. Say Jeff exorbitant amount of money on nothing like. Eads. He's still my words anyway when you've I don't hardcover book you're still buying the words Gordon the new materials his presidency my point that. The charging such a Jeff again. Exorbitant. Exorbitant amount of money for her first day in the army Monaco's. They don't want this broken bail and is a racquet college is such did you get a charge 250 dollars for not and a well that's at least information. Insurers in turn fifty dollars for the words contained in an academic text so to speak. I'm bank is a lot. Or I mean you figure that so that would rid factor into what you spend our tuition etc. it would make sense to hit did consider our budget calls and use even though he's Russian hackers you know for me cheaper you know. And I remember when the studio and make a little bit mining and selling books backpacks on any Garciaparra can't sell PDF very happy they are and ramming now have certainly did not anymore but bigger isn't maybe the PBS cost a little less than the hard ground looks then maybe hopefully. Maybe I'm still tour dollars held its is that that's that's ludicrous the Arab horsemen like you know. Usually six anonymous park on books or they like shoulders to that you can't pay back the student loan. Yeah. They imagine people. Now didn't you have you signed up a lot. I admire every book. On the stuff you go Google. Ground here like the actual book itself. Passes that's crazy to me that that did we said they're just preached to kids they gonna go to go to college go to college in but the college isn't doing anything to help out anybody. A book is a book is a bug but a PDF. And is adamant struck me the wrong way some of a kid gonna cost you three years and Hammond radio and a you know a Smart kids here can have new school buses. Yeah you know I use that money for college. Thank you next. Ten years hell law they're not Soo do school laws forgo fad that ellenberger boy take up water suntrust I don't know how. We're doing your first desert but when you first went to college February 18. Already knows the it was a summer 2001. And he went all a little bit every year. Aria. Synchronous left. The government. Sixteen years did well a lot of who was you know I didn't I Iran won't do it. Now and then you know our government a while ago while here. In the past few years when we go through finish yeah now if you don't pay back here grants is that a problem paying at our grants. It's important they ran away some tales are on the guns through all girl rescued around. And to know how are horrors you losing the 100 pounds or getting that college degree going to be relatively little actually is more regular have the most. Nude woman on slow. I'm in journalism and browns are seniors shouldn't even turning that degree for sixteen. And sixteen years. Do you agree there should be required of them have paid off how is this. I don't want. Hi guys would you give limited my country yeah you're trying to get their degree and Asia. And just before was how staff into it he's a lawyer Pam. And you could have been a doctor he did a lot of things NN. A Weller. The VCR and entire area into you can do all that well they are now re going to back. Don't get carried away because Obama announced medical school would dare my mom math not mount. They employ approximately 64 years in his great not only in Charleston and dedication there is lacking. And sort of expect dissented duke into ruining any Scottish residency in Ghana lowered only lose it we -- Deseret news retiring. Well how about this outlined their personal. Idea feel about getting naked in the Thames locker room. Net I always got dressed in the I never in such a hustle bustle has to change there. Usually if I see people changing there. Half vote don't seem like they're just changing because they need to change clothes because it just came from workers some. Where they got to go to work now. And the other half. To put it bluntly they just like walk around naked you're proud people and they really get off on Matt and you know you know what I'm not. And I here's how can amount of medicine to people uncomfortable changing in front and others in the locker room I don't care doesn't bother me because if you're looking mural weird Alan. As your problem I need to change change but a third say that they don't feel comfortable getting naked and and that's setting and their trauma not gonna get naked in any setting it doesn't come under an and that sunny your norm. And some people have some not so fond memories and getting naked and. Do you change at the GM assembly donor wrestling locker room by putting that Colorado new slipping and where parity go dressed go to Miami today. We take time though would you yes I do what has no line. Well I don't know why it was provide a dispute cups or make you hear me. Like when you go out to restaurant speaking of uncomfortable public restroom type things you go to a restaurant in you go to the bathroom. And there's no stalls you open the bathroom door and assistant and. Oil it sit there in the room so you go in there and if you have to they haven't seen or something you ever in your mind are convinced that doors actually locked. You're just lucky that it wait it somebody's gonna turn the knob and trying to open the door is gonna unlocking. Ride up they don't walk right you can't they're. I'm how much I ask how long you stay in him. You don't have a lot of morial. Two minutes we have Tom you undressed. He's not a lot of stuff hang on the wall. I get Bruce Chris is dead. I might get a real nice seeded chaired that's in the toilet stall where these are good to get a bus may have committed hang out. And play cards like my legs up I was a chase levels. See your fears and founding act and and it's coming from something in your child and our sentiments have been tearing your life. And these people say that they have not so fond memories of changing in front of their classmates from gym class now back in school or maybe some on laughter or snicker and you. Soledad take it to the Suzanne this is when I went too late in the middle for like two months were removed. There was a guy his name was rich beamer and how are normal average. Rich Clinton snaps somebody with a towel and call them rot on the Johnson. All out. I mean eight it was like it was a full slit while pleasant guy when they. Oh and I'm glad that did teacher Kim made the cinema than my nerves likes the whole thing almighty god it was bad it has stands. We yet you forgot yeah and I don't. Yes and I thought. I'll have one of those then somebody I had since I can see us getting away round. What are we talk all big town they're modernized and stuff. Guess let's go to way you know remains what is the law I think I attacking naked people in a locker room are your negatives go there no yes I only happen anymore like the towel snapping his sir I don't think the girl Lauren me and my girl. Snapped a picture that woman and made fun or that body shame me she used to take in accord and saved for that because he can't do that other people also times are changing. Sarah of these 34% that say they they're totally comfortable changing. Taken off on their clothes and 27%. Say there only comfortable and change now on to their underwear down. I think underwear for May I don't know about walking around completely UN now. Patent and yes of course I awards and door and aren't there now so they're not and also now. I mean you're not going to be walking around like you know the instance that happened to nine and that. That way Alan Dow managed. Around I'm not gonna walk around them and grandfather clock now. And I end. I am I gonna be doing that because on the cover myself up so well I have probable or near where it was great to have somewhere to put my towel heads. I have a lot of experience with nudity the last couple years more so when Barbara standings but. I didn't gain tremendous confidence after my employment with the neurologists. Because the barrier the appointment you know I would spend their naked and he's looking to me insist. No I went out and slowed to eight win that level of enthusiasm. Than they are got a clean bill Helton just like. So close to eight yes Tony the Tiger inspect and stuff man used movements. And. Hey sir you are now. It was my leg pulling does that take more time or take elegant as you wouldn't believe it fun drama law and government doesn't. It well it isn't. Many of the same thing with women and born. You have doctors linkage Sudan there you don't care any candidate beer be staring at India.Arie trying to get past. I'm Amy on main gate you're not sense of conscious about here I. I watched my child being born and I never saw it I sold my child like Aaron that the other half. I was there. How I was when Porsche line so I wanna see how I understand. Or dislike this as a fly in doctors. Poking and prodding and stereo ear telling anybody can hazard at that point that it's you've got with certain again thing mineral murder perfect are you. I face of those your eyes doesn't mind. As guys morning shelves anytime anywhere. Download the free adheres match no major example I 93 point three don't plan as my. I. And Tuesday and everybody it's usually Tuesdays at his Jimmy all of our early and sir rows of the liver Wednesday yeah. Right celebrate that and lent her twins here Ash Wednesday and browns is they went zero burglars and redoing hash Wednesday always meant every year. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day don't forget Martina and 57 the last of the numerous nuptials afternoon show with freaking awesome right now some winning game. Our car. Feels so why it almost a year. We never gave the answer to lose 10 lose big brown blind. But trick what did Jeff say it lives. Tags then answer Carolina baby mil dot com tax line there that number is 7341. Again 72341. Not any third correct answer how thousand tickets to see promise in Macedonia Charlotte metro credit union at the theater on May nineteenth. Did hugged page gonna rock Q where were traveling and I. I've memorized as free while Miguel allowed six things a list and had a Fat Tuesday to take like gas. It's an 83 minute run luck is luck. In the local. 3.3 dollars.