Friday, April 13th

The dares have been laid out and it's time to begin the dangerous...Dare Wall.


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Listen to the rise guys morning snowboard many time. I just don't know the weather that we're instant access to the latest rise guys like gangsta rap as guys. I have from the others stayed injury injury not come studio this. Isn't bare all. 2018. Is our tenth they're all of all time talent I can't believe it. When this is in its first there was eleven years old. When this started as crazy you know you're eleven when this beginner we had to get waivers on our parents certainly appeared. And here we are we did air Lloyd. TRG dare law. As a way we'll find you not pass tag TE RG dare wall please carry. Now we went over all the different bears I mean we've got everything from. Oh let's just look at that the table of props to. We guides. But Akeelah and so he got a door gold glitter yeah nasty drink a white flash and you know. Which is a white Russian made in the call it pain you flush it and then you did then and have a step we understand that page you view toward the ingredients sort Russian into the top of toilet. Menu flush that commode and you made a white Russian in the ball I don't fancy cocktail current work that's what we call it the we've got. Spaghetti. And dead skin we don't know what we have this scandal is discussing in the Tupperware Bremer. In mid so how are ya that's very slight Daytona secretary Girardi doesn't like toenails as it is can't. Various things width hazing the mystery sign. I Yang and I'm looking at them right now and is again harder to put it met a wig that's why flushing shot you have to do that in the top of the toilet plunger. Get the toilet plunger and pull out a shot of the white flash in and then take the shot there up. Revered diverted into a firmer and so I. That's what our shop or rather all right so we drew straws earlier and it was revealed that the order will be nine. Didn't Jeff. Then free to me in and fab walk it would do two rounds. To round so eight total bears will happen out of a possible. What did you say Jeff 3638. Whatever was all right so a lot of bears here. Well Jimmy yes are you ready our first our hold on there's a whole lot of moving parts of this well. We've senate who is a whole lot of moving parts of the south as we do our first one. We have a question for you Jimmy. This. Is that a dare walk off with the rice guys. Do you dare. Yeah you. He gets softer. This right okay now. Drugs against resistance everywhere yeah that was set forth makes. That's is a little nerds that I learned and put it more just never done drugs in his life so I heard the ones that made performance enhancement. Longs for a long time. In the Buick we swear he knows how to put flags on bars were none of us could be quijano thank you sir none of them aren't who wants and it certainly aren't here we have first throw of dare wall to K eighteen Jimmy Jack Jackie. He's mentioned it up a towel and that maybe the first time first and that's our throat. It took him go blue and damn it all you do talented. Now you guys do every night and alma. Are right what is the first dare as. TRG dare rules to KET I'm roadmap for. Or snatch one which more. Stall crawls. Are full time and I call home while we're on FaceBook which faced what we don't address errors. FaceBook dot com slash rise guys you can watch this all happened the stalled crawl. Is where nine your column Colin gone on this question. I. Page you'll have to go down to. They're underwear and watch it why not I would finance the beer toppled you're talking me now and are intrinsically first equation. It did he will give down on the floor of the handicapped stall he no longer be to crawl under the the partition there the stall. He will go into the other stall which will be the regular toll. And then underneath that when. And then right there he'll come out of the urinal it is the stall crawl. Our. Particular culture great got to be thinking about that we should've put out of order sign on the door. That's a lot and I get there right now growing La boy sounds awful what are we. Heard. Now I'm watching them all your yeah OK perfect. I don't know I don't let them play like and I can't go in there. Right that's only wait that's true this and again he's conceded it's in the post. I. Like to share. Okay. All right here in Europe and you what are among the women are all right time John. Are you watching this this. And technology. Interesting that the iron. That he's on the garden or. I'm not once thought he's made it to the second stall he's half play and let it. Yeah. We're doing just great video link there. He's only there. Aren't these on the ground who wins nine you know I'm just gonna watch any sliding his phone across the floor with him yeah. I'll know lol oh god he's on the at all yeah. Don't. Go away. If I didn't see the video and the other things are happening now why are there later. And more you're almost there. It used to own brother. What was the last video pages singer to behind that he's out here at gem. Yeah I'm back and locate her front yard and broke. As it is and the way he hasn't. Hit an emphatic that stack higher at three A Dickey did but I think he was not laying completely flat what's under the stall could sound column yeah. Aren't problems. Well not you know why say well done first of all. My patience. And hard assets at all but honestly yeah. Girl old Jew and an alien here this. Rick black with all due. That's a known to be happy people of the world as is disgusting. And collection on what Jim was your motivation I'm sure I want it now losing Lleyton in getting fit it so you can crawl on the back themselves. Ever been locked in tell me that her and they may not ignore that last stalled like he legit got stuck had to physically pull him out link argue stealth. Thank god for Jeff Lewis Neil. Seven literature meant terrorists or war room. His signature I think the should all right so I'll take that from you. All right I'm taking the FaceBook live away from Jeff and now. Administering it myself all. Hey do I keep this up our sideways. And a public service and they either way they've fixed you restarts and sideways because of our fingerprints America. I hear we go to Jeff close nailed throwing his first bear and dark lonely god is our good day. Now it's stuck to the balloon chat today that Laura was sudden David I'm and we are angry down. I chest bare. What is it. Law. See I know and that always look good and the ever get when you get up all of telling backhand rally around. Let the poll yeah yeah I moved I don't iMac especially older called the hotline you can walk down there Albania Cameroon releases and call. Witness chairman plays is he going to which yeah I'm nearly 100 years aren't even in the near would have a voice users. Aren't on the pop you back. And when you lie wow. That is disgusting. Just think of how many people have learned in twenty hours. Aren't you Georgia we need to look whatever he memorial you'd like it at all. But we've got another girl were ordered. My creditors stairwell or don't know. That's beginning to be here and how it that it isn't usually group. He's got two teams are. Yes he's married now is already doing it down he down menus aren't you don't let Cyrus are. To lose would be interior real hard time all the playoff. Aren't sure I don't get any kind man who the hell yeah. Also. Including new career is now. Well there at all mine and well being. Small Macs was you would building. Some room and he got an. He now lives empower and we're back. Oh yeah green. Any mouthwash to let you know why thousands and what's it only its auto video but like. All of the left hand side. I don't see you know people at these militants are doesn't feel right and it pigs illegal their run just sorry autumn. You're like afterwards man parent sticking your time on your night. I can't believe well. You know can I would just say this didn't knowing the professional wrestler in jest I I thought. I spend a little bit of work I mean he's written a toll on the pole all the way up. Do and don't like but all Hawaii where we're. Do you yes thank free throws that church thinks it yet I got any good will air Canada's high clearance to deny women just flows notion. Here we don't have that harassment sure I know you're there and yes yeah. Our cement is still up in the grand dorks a move they should play less. No idea like yeah he's doing well barrier to our first attempt. Sales cars and now I know is I'll Bloomberg's eyes aren't. Don't let me throw. You out when I don't like Tim Wakefield room door. Good first paper. But the first page did just I'm. Gotta do to put it dispute but it did Johnson got to papers once again I want to get it. But yet. So anyone have any don't. Go home from Purcell buddy. Are there isn't it. Is I had epitomized her I didn't really don't want to gum okay I'll come here on Casey and Houston has got to shoot animals any and everywhere and a parent just catching these templates plus the vineyards and you. When it's Dana's T. I don't know all about alone. Ducks it's your ball. Well. You or did it interest you always tune in now are he's got him in there. He's got cherished our campaign on his hands already all the pain around in his mouth around his mouth at least. I've never seen anybody do it all are there goes to hear that loud pop it makes such a loud popping out all. Well off a little boot all of urgency around our Bruce Carroll and you were rushed out and turn don't swallow he has made it out. Hmm nurse Rivera before. You struggle and win bears right he's he's got a mouthful and Matt has a big man. Sixteen please and their wives are not talk about individuals in the board's next. Obama. And he's given that I'm good I'm satisfied. Yeah artist he's been I think Sarah. My little slow with. We. My older. There it goes this. Pain medicine current power bait dogs are going Trout vision luckily Marines couldn't blow bill and and the comment again. Then there are ain't answer wash your friends out. But the odds that god at a ninety pretty big thinker than normal. One way to in the kernel guys Theodore GOP org Ralph. Hold on husk and grants yeah that was a brutal Reynolds. Yes that was bad that there and I believe I paint taste manner that's what do they ask you all the time did you get talk mouthful paint mayor typically chemicals VMware and. Oddly enough it had a very sweet taste at first it was kind of the catch off guard and then would you would you first. Well first of pop mad. Well I don't have any better word is that it's just it's like he had something. So I haven't some even in your mouth yes wallet. Oh lord has the worst well. That pop is the sixth round out of the top of the paint ball and a man's mouth is weird noise yeah okay all right. Well so there's Rao online knowledge not rail line travel is still gotta gotta go one. Now we have them we know Brazil would break out this water will break him that we come back that's when I love more sunny something. Our ears are you congested now be happening and it's weird yeah I think you're not blown bubbles I mean damage stomach won't. There's only if she's Wallace or from the other industry well okay I tried you don't that would do that no we come back into these tabloids dare. As we throw you out of the first dark for travelers the bare walls personally go there and pump my guts they are washing up. I rescue has morning you know my 300. I its morning show good morning it is 833. Is the bare wall. Do you dare to. There we all three of us they're sort of four Bruins who won round three ms. Baird's quite successfully. So far. Nine has. Done the stall crawl from the handicapped stall on the floor underneath the other stall. All the way through until he came to be here and also have to stalls and one yearn all crawled on the floor you know. Jess lady stairwell hand Ralph all the way up. From top to bottom lately handrail near mountain and then I just say RA they Baghdad chewed paint balls like. Chilling note yeah. All right pebble is Sonia. Throws darts to pop the balloons and 200 day years Billy plays and for him. I don't IC NN let's say email I had it all laid out there. On the set them low winds and models was pleasant thing is it really didn't have given this semi and play him when to get them this semi played in my owner's land. Don't understand them. Burlington. All right Chad boy Dylan the bare walls. Let's see what he's gonna get to. Oh. I'm only once a far and its has not hit them on the first got his buds are humans that. And yet it could have been a lot of extra their free and it. Older users must thickness there is pragmatic he beard looks lovely thank you all dog. Slim Jim we will play into your mind. Again soon. Page. But pages of ways I mean I. Really all how is slim Jimmy. Yeah I portrays the lives and I'm gonna give out in Scranton I don't know I have no shame bureau or ballroom. And a garter. Revere her drag France award go to Q did yeah. Intel and Ella good. I say for the crawl met Dan Macinnis Jimmy's like lady and tramp spaghetti good with a slim Jim and in this case myself from fat boy a superb huge slim Jim it's his they are technically but I didn't. Jerked into it do you mind well I mean a lot of these are person your Ryder person your last kind of bail me out. They show you saw the only saw some Annika. May tell you turned sideways and get a better shot. No no. Alcohol but that's lovely absolutely. My lady in the trample our that you were involved girl her right in front. Oh boy oh boy got a little and those who have stolen goods. Bloomberg's. I'm. And and I don't. Learned early on all. Wrong the people of color I. I'd when he got to an end and lives were kinda close fat boy what did he pull away 39 did you pull the mean I don't smell Ebola. I don't laugh and I hardly may. That's the closest young had never been Argo or local news station homeowner who entered. The cause nothing's. Well this whole idea is eight paint causing all ages eight is slim Jim battlefield got derailed. When fat boy died felt good as its shores are still is facial hair touching get right here on my list. Yes tell people back sooners have felt like the big goatee cushion into me he didn't really go lift the lip. I got a exuberance I was close yeah. But I don't you don't. Hour to be documented and radio show frat boy pulled his way out already kissed him I'll look back and look back into their own. And I don't act redo its. I would do love you hair. Okay. Who's it has to do is to do it to who does dinner. The joint team. Satisfies you most do you dared to dared to bare wall the to learn artist and hair and that our camera catches for about. I nice Tony second dark round to officially and that's a good shot. Has begun its rounds in our officially all. So nine is is giving his bare with the sound of the ground. Do we you who did here to deer in the interior wall held dear you with the do we yes. Whatever questions is I I do I. Very flat out zealous us. This is they make your ideals is they all the modern Romeo what are you writing tabloid care to recess right now I'm when your born Sunni guy. What is it general and that luxury get here and import the mixture into the takeaway. All all of the I'd got there they want how we got him bill why are note the white flush it. And you Nigel white Russian in the toilet tank of the tall it he's flush it you did end a plunger. And you do a shot. A poor little thing and who you know will get over it is means is drills there. Ol limb to move our daily. And Hulu and well I I don't mess and I got mini bottles at the house and then all I have is great news. Piece of pop music on around you I don't want why I would have I would've. Not brought that out and minorities minimum commented the assailant. The girls to line food day you're right I'm Elijah is Elena faced with a lot again it's. Dahlia absolutely all right so to meet tastier layup and nine and Jess are now making their way to the men's room I understand there. This current site finds you out there and. Then within thirty yards Jimmy on his mind and let your love and support this sort of what kind of name's Leo plays. But hey yeah Brooklyn New England you have forgotten about it outright brutal battle yeah I'm very excited and amendments or you have big time it's like a sound. And remember got to say that really hasn't been you know Jim viewing G quick swipe now I am. Trying to do its work you come here able to mood and I did like our own dear you. All right nine is getting ready to make a white Russian but he's gonna make it in the back of the toilet. Then he's going to ship and then he's gonna do editorial plunger. To. We will. Start a guy. And Danny's gonna take your shot of the wide flush him lose to remove the Y no question that tried. Okay absolutely. What are. Cherry. Ya nobody else is there government wants. When he's really and I think that I I think so and so mommy listening in a note to stand of the well how dare he do that. To move the date just. Hollow there are important and I just to give video on. Yeah he didn't video notre cotton colonel Al my aunt got. Are you watching now as he's pouring into quite a Russian and the toll ten com Monday in the he's not a flashy Neeson and pivotal country and I Jimmy. And they hear couple seconds behind on that the video Martin's satellite as soon. They know they're political world where there are down well below the real some of the videos you just. You just poured all the stuff the end. OK send that to about a third round it. Out to hurt her I don't know Russian site LY slash in his might be manifold. Live on the radiator and all and root out there yeah. Our Josh. Magical that is the still trying to with a white Russian people who aren't. We knew because it looked less like that on the demands that the water has likened to this draw in the back to tell the center on the night you know what are. And how all. There and I bet it won't hurt. Well. I hear you guys are. Just to get a better OK there we got and there we had gotten the glass challenge isn't particularly why I shouldn't. To move the day you really you doing to do. Well. There must be some technical talk here to select these and guy at all. Any other back and toll filming down point nine mr. I got all laughter. Yeah. Who do the. I'm not have to argue solo. All well and I'd love this area and no it's not easy yeah he's alive he's not dead. We do full loser out almost at his job Jeff I've got him over the head with no one's Jack see. My low point with Jimmy you're clean up the bathroom register again I that's fine. I'll give that all cleaned up. They had Jesse thanks. Your next. We try to Momo wait Barry I make your way back in here you this duty yeah it is okay that is the bare walls about who's day yeah. I never thought I'd see bath he first I was right. Say you know what I'm not just here because I'm well he would do is eat beef jerky nine Ali had to do is don't drink alcoholic drink. I'd shoot balls awful but now here's pink. That I wouldn't have traded there's no way because here's the thing you know earlier caged animal story about the hand blowers at. Gas station I really just blowing due to back on you. Think about all the particles that. Yeah totally open is not think about that they tell me he late would you do that stone cold stuff played just slowly returned their ride out all I was saying is import ever shoulder like when you offer semi tequila shots. They always cheated over their shoulder nobody ever she steeled our asset should ask NN there. I'm well. Hi I'm that was a beautiful video delay ease dog called the shot was also you are younger and after a night drinking man. Are OK and mark Hendricks there. I didn't remove the day I. Drove into parts. Of this news. In this. And blow up and I'm gonna have yet I'll never gonna throw axes or darts at the all I think they aren't very distinct. A no one really due to drunk now you can't tell you don't yell Barry's son of a business that her son does. Pardon me well I know he got lucky analysts do not got to do not worried forgotten everything else is left him. He got spaghetti I'm ditching the SP gives me any days and no I'm apology doesn't my beautiful fiancee and I got asked that and now you got. I got asked that pass through here so you guys what's that woods did is what still ruled out do you get the picture or is it go to certain person or what is was the first and they're great. It is the person in my. At at all. The only guy that it is you do you have answers I got a Barmes is him. Can't touch but it's your third buds with them has to ask you about a guy like you go slow and each other Ambac and nature of what's correspondents than diet. We got to go cracked cracked. Listen I grab my dog. At present I thought. That's at all done. Let us live by this yeah we have to almost ready to. How is gradually. You re circle back to yesterday we're Jeff couldn't say another man was handsome now he's dropping out of touch and budget travel always treated the fire he's ready to go I didn't favor but does. President FaceBook. And Facebook's MO FaceBook live with this suit does the UNS and I had to go all the way down on the neither shirt a cold weather's going to make you. Total we do this woman do it every week don't you illuminate the profile I need side to side again. My community the job training he hits again when you don't wanna open wounds and Idaho well. This brand turning away don't back. And now America god and I'll be negated a little bit right so I. As long as they remind ourselves we can save your profile tires and photo a long time. Is this is all I have learned the error are hurry up and get back well it can't make your dream and exactly. Why didn't. Home all read I'll say yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. And I. Why you didn't war. And I yeah. Except that there was so yeah oh no more homes. Yeah. The owl yeah hanging. Yeah it's. Yeah. The book that was not. Tensions are very. There are so good I'm glad it's just the way. Object just got to know him as is incidentally they're easy match for next yacht was only album breaks won't come that we get meet in this heavily last only get bigger blow it won't be no men around to anatomy did their roles were out there that. Okay our eyes have Willie got this. But all you gotta do this like the right guys at FaceBook dot com slash 933 to play. I'd damaged I thought that was not a lot. Fifty shots you'll know Larry is not 9 o'clock fifty not not a large video box. Now the GR for golf it's only our review process moves they golf or are right. Here reality is that they're all it is my last time it thank god. And Jimmy tell everybody has done has done. Serve harder and I did the install crawl red army crawl through underneath all the bathroom stalls are also got the other white flush him. Mad man his you don't paint balls. Com served far and he's about to get his second one Jeff licked the stair rail all the way up applied. Well I and then I hear it go asked ass with fat boy a lonely and I jail awaiting a man wants in on the idea but I would lead us. Not only had to go asked asked what Jeff deals and bad news slim Jimmy where we is slim Jim together. Lady in the trip style any editing some else are you forgotten that note I thought I was in our own your beard in his there yeah I'm getting and then he's getting them both Canada and residents. I know a lot of it I am I urge China's. Are trying to plunder her sit here and let you know there are only averaged an eight year. Well it does. Is DuPont. You can get killed or advance things you are mad man that he believes he's he's got his paper in look and he's really needs reviewing. They are who are okay Abby. I'm not curious face now also helmets what do you really think him. Senator playing poker what I just got I forgot that we even had and did even sat them ever again that I'm just capacity Jimmy. I cannot. Have their best. I can get my mind around this. I'm used to root and I may quit the show right now where I may have this walk away from this career. Well no accident it what it wouldn't be bad if blond fur we menus been weak little alarmed. Oh no apology doesn't get any. Cheeses fresh. Owners and Lori now. Out on a multi platinum blonde for all platinum. I don't like our heroes had no idea that I guess industry construction zone and luckily here is hash it all over. That's pure and I was in my journal and only. Time you did before and after oh wow yeah that's right your hair color and I think is really alarmed. See you're basically in a bleacher Haram. Ha that's just my hair now I don't know I don't know I don't know you know Hamilton is it started reading yeah tiger the dude you're a no. Mono there you got two little blond curly just do patch I'm sure you could yeah hair or the bears. If you're you're you're a big in the hair for sure we're just kidding me. Brittle like 20 Tom Cruise 'cause god I'm gonna look like it. Let's bring shrank from Jerry flowers. There are you know you're blind beat Matthews here only Jerry Leno and fight club. It's okay sooner or whatever so how has to go do this pace today or this weekend and then I will come back Monday. What platinum blonde hair. So much that I browse to. Did a block them from tweeting texting us and I'm friends or me or go home and do it immediately after the show and then I'm washing out Friday after the share. Cannot amend that and just say you have to do on the side of your hand arms time. Now the whole head and maybe just Jupiter and it. Seal lose parts that you want permanently I don't think page talking about I'm just dime size and other top did you mention you get the whole for an. I'll know I was analysis and Mamie I'm not exactly sure how this all OK I. You're going to start I don't know insurance right I mean just a little unlike a lot of the day I underground fast. My mama is garnish crap they seem to be so shot maker tomorrow issue incredibly sharp most of the State's first she's Democrat in this Demi shop room. Okay all right well for him. Wait a minute beauty and the music there were guys not talking earlier highs and load them are coming due bill last when then god light fat boy he's got to do his last there and then will be done you know. I had more fun actually care or Lleyton mark. I ES ever worked as a human just like some mornings it's. It's.