Wednesday, February 14th

What will Paige give up for lent?: Ring of Fire brings a first to the show.... damn Matt won once


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Hello don't let me ask you. Set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show. Three point freedom planning acts. When is the certainly not seeing Jack. I'm down. I'm just blow. Now. A little. It is good guys good morning show morning tea. Valentine's Day numerous nuptials this this afternoon so when he gave me. Car or truck on the way home today will be back on the radio from five until seven today Mary and. Hundred plus people Yemen and that's hundred plus there's a lot of people's can be a very well in May some day we did in the past. You murmured yes OK there are we gonna ask him a saint. Where is this can say that'd be easy Wayne State mariners. Granderson it is and Asia and mine is who cares there's got to be Anderson on the actress. Has to be armed. Oh yeah sometimes they snapped are you ready armor you read a read okay. This time. Plus now owned news crew mad men and now. Start us off Jimmy Jack. Current you don't free of follow me or snap from nine frontier are gee that's nine of from a TRG. In any from DRG house they would set to might be the feds got. He got out Lloyd Thompson. Yet Cody Quinn. Do you want OG piglet. One more. Currency Casey Johnson aces. Fantastic. You all ice time chat now that maybe you can make me like him more because I hate the new you hate it. But regardless follow me on their old Matthew that's OH MA FSE deadliest. OH MAF that he Debby had lived for the sexy guy animal picture on the profile. We have picture fab royals that your idea added him I can see is that boys bit nudging it looks like that's the things like Aladdin. The gotta you gotta be you know equal they weren't his turban and to tell us kind of pale to me. Well regardless I would like to say what's up to. Blake more less what's up to. He won. And Jim Reid. Note that kind solid Jimmer a gas tax are jittery I saw your memory Paulo thanks for follow me at a Matthews ha there's. I found some don't like about the update malware meant yeah I hear from a friend's list to remove people who don't slamming. I can't find where it is now. Well I know what I did find out like if you. Like OK look where real quick look at this is this is. My friends cap and it looked like all that easy that's just all they all stay there now are carrying out as traders were they had a big so now. You gotta go search for your friends' updates. I guess we'll set Sammy Greenberg there. Found this scroll wrote in the lead people or heard from or what if you hover over it gives you the the showed me the mute option yesterday would you or discredit remove him as a friend to if you want earlier let's. Let me I'll and a MacKey did follow follow follow us you know we're talking about earlier it did suck and if it's like you're. If you your birthday on Valentine's Day like the old dude called earlier meant. Put page has a full day because she's doing this show here this she does her show are from ten until two. In the end he's you have to go get makeup and hair and all that crap done. They need get a B and Anderson at 4 o'clock and after that as its Ash Wednesday you know black church no churches open. That time how they were all Mac masses is. And astronomers have Christmas in. Yeah so it's Ash Wednesday to which. What was so is your chance there'll be people getting married today when Nash is only forests and while. Now. Those who wonder what if it's on they've the palm of their last hand what does that mean it is vegetables and what that means I don't understand it. I hit and they just don't wanna pay out inland by the way I talk some Catholics yesterday and you know what they said they said pages bad news. Oh what's your given up for Ash Wednesday they say it is always you state that they were feeling for those two to Catholics I thought their job for around my scent and which as you can you say that you're given up sugar and salt. Bios. Month that China can adapt my diet that's all what he does well that's why any kind of out of my diet that's why it's a sacrifice for mean in ninety when I loved and and pray about it. Now when you don't deed deed vague I understand both on the same time do you mean added sugar salt. Los sometimes. News cannon pointed I mean. Especially in everything that you eat an amateur and eat fresh. But what do what does it say to give up something that you love. Not some things I just think you're pushing yourself to months why is it's two things. Us just eat and I. It's son. Under the category and eating better. President things that are bad for you somehow cut those out here but the other Catholics are all without red meat Menem is going to get about strangler by dangles a fish that. Churn out AT and I'm. And I and a common pray and make a change in my life because I need to lose weight number one I mean if Phil minor number tea. And this is our religious pilgrimage for the forty days' time that. I'm lamenting that. Pages is god answers so what you're doing a little too much I appreciate the effort. Solid and served really yeah and then and then Easter Sunday that's when I go burn the IE can drink in hand with. That's what I have or you're margaritas dissolve the sugar and you insult garrido apparently yes I'm sucking you don't get out Missouri. And marries him Atlantis is the last month. And a. I can during months now and spy Easter Sunday serve here's here's her. Yes the match those up with like cube mate. I mean I think you have to because what if they say well. You know I'm given I've beaten good and a money and they got a. Well does it is that the notion of an assault things that main page that. There I can have your your pulled pork from Henry is tonight and maybe American have received their wings divider proportions among us you know for her us if you can't and a now. Okay our script. But then but on the thirtieth day are on Easter Sunday. It all just comes. I bet I did action guaranteeing to Dana she's. I don't know I have now is forty days and I just don't lie now I forgot offended MI in and I have Marty Manet. But it doesn't mean it's over it's something that you're trying you should have to go after Rome in the desert now through this then didn't ever think it's enough. I read and my lights went to visualize. So consciously try to catch the highlights are you angered and maybe not have so many Swedes and not have that you know not eases his decried its comfort and and my life. Earlier this realized there's forty years in Jesus there's forty days as Elena mosques and she once again our home I can be a bag Christian insane now I didn't happen and I'm past. For forgiveness and you're not a Catholic. No I'm honored just means I thought this was all the Catholic thing while it's based on the Catholic religion thing. Little different and there thinking I'm given up doing more than one show per day. For Ashley and. Don't screw it up on the first I had that light mutant and he'll start out very well yeah. There's there's a hindrance can say anything about. It's a religious thing and when you throw religion and it worked I can't touch it. They're so maybe that's what I'm doing as maybe I won't do one show a day for forty years are good days or whatever. The you know. Are you not know the Bible. I'm legitimate thing not to look and you to think well there's not a forties in the Bob listens forty years is forty days out alive by Canseco 4040 club longtime borrowed more. A lot of the oh. I never wanted to orders for forty days or forty years and I tabloid NSA has its do you add something new it's a year removed repertoire and. More blood more always you know from the more the better. More more sacrifices. Not suit. You make over royals slacken off reported this bill is this something where. People like maybe that aren't Episcopalians or even Christian did you say you know what I want to lead a better life I'm going to be. Not do these bad things are forty days moon there. George Karl places collision fish sandwich is not even around here yeah I think there are people trojans. There it is a thing right to a same language gap was a pastor Terry and what are what does that say fish out. Our religion but it it almost used. And really impressed that wins Amanda this is yourself. Remain silent tears ambush jingles and feed from my fish these days this if you decide not to do it but is it caught. What it is allied foreign firms would be card there for the white fish plot fit passive thing man I don't trust issue anymore like I you know. EE I know exciting and same as the personally yesterday to grocery store and I was getting the shrimp from tripping ripped through as in the butchers area and they had some beautiful beautiful. Pieces and crab legs mate. And then you login below thing is as imitation there is like. When Israel is better this is fake. It's like white fish and they die with re enters something to make it look like kids at whatever that is yeah I wish Brit the majority of crap we lead they knew I was probably imitation crab and now. Majority the vast majority are that they what is when bad light in this country we will take a different fish. Color it a little bit in the call added another when will we totally unbiased. Like hey look this is this is shaken but we're gonna brown ankle Hamburg. What's yeah I mean they also declared officially ground I don't know labor at different areas management isn't even the players we have to take this fish. Turn and they change the texture of insurgent robbery Cadillac crab and then change the taste of it do. It is big Cuban zirconium. Of your butcher's. Market that it's not real. I think openly sell it inner bites and I'll give me he needs five. You may have found at the imitation crabmeat or you're still not real there are some of the well you know they didn't do that with the cheese for decades on the keys and hit it right she's failure cup then they don't call a daring stuff to burger with the meets today. Yeah so how they know what happens page you've already screwed up on the first day he's had sugar. And is it just screwed now already yeah. Well I still I'm still train tonight when I get a bad and you're reading my Bible and the passage that I have bill and violent and died. In the end zone time. As traded it better tomorrow. Us. Man I thought there was going to be some things here but others at least some mayor does sink my teeth into it. And you just bullying no I thought I was doing well until I realized tang I just. It's and cream mr. Chernin and this decade and their friend their refrigerator and and you think at a certain. Susie and sugar industry right now it's an authority and the cream my years and then I realized I was telling and that has Shannon so what happens the next case he has to give up so Mel says is the very good the first morning yeah you just try to get better you train about it to be stronger. It's not like you're defeating yourself on knockout win myself tonight her. I'm off to try to do the best that you can. Are you see sugar insult every day I mean in the and is no big deal is another hole and you do it. Bush who are innocent I don't know I don't say any thing is you know it. Did but I would be made myself hallway or worse is also good for you for not this way out I had sugar in the first more not be ready to kick our brand server and NBC mad at myself. Finally a line here when I cut out chalk grant. I axed inmates in chocolate lose because I had and I can't mocha friend. And some coffee house that had tuchman and in times Armonk has chocolate NN my god and I just thank the whole thing is that mocha chocolate. Thanks so here are so low this shut down but I tell you sent a summons coffee in hearing Catherine and I thought my god assistant clinical. Hello I'm not good enough you think there is Chris liking your kids. He didn't set and he and now I have their ass and I did and during their arrest us. Well what a story. Yeah I'm I'm a failure on my act. I first day of lent. Now. You know yesterday we had tickets to see promise near us we have another pair of tickets today and and and we're trying to make this is easy as possible since it is Valentine's Day. And yesterday he won Oregon ahead lawyer Sharon went to game and I moral score keeping you McNabb always score keeping so we're gonna give Oregon. Pass and let him play again and your chance to play 2180774. And a below 93180774. LO 93 we don't play for some brown mistake of trying to after this. Burning thing. Fires do. But no desire. Best guess we're gonna play every. Haven't played their ring of fire. Up for grabs tickets to see primus in Charlotte. Is master. Guys sorry mastodon will not be screaming tonight they'll be doing all Melanie. It could be replaced by barbershop quartet teleconference. Eisen of the way we play a ring of fire is simple fat boy throws out a name you have two matches another name of a famous person to win the first or last name. So fab what do we do an example going. Clockwise when you ask me. Nine page in that order shore. Dreading the F Stevie Richards. Stevie ray. Rage Connick junior raced savings. Connie Stevens. Ice and so that's another round of it. OK what what happened while I was assured Greg Connick junior is not only Connie Stevens is Connie Stevens singer a good break Connick junior monster does not. Ray Connick junior in these series I think apparent how ingenious. Thought. Ray Conner and bring congress has tossing him makes him. ICC is why not get to be paired with me matches I won't go straight to 17 own sake and Fleischer good morning we relative. Yeah I was ordered its sake I eat it. What Obama did the damn best to win these figures are you legacy promise. Our order premium on call home we're gonna try to be this can't guaranteeing him a page don't know what's your last and that oddly enough you're going to be paired with him does very bumpy when nipple you. Sunday. Queen of the laws and he went nipple again that team. Are nipple you wanna go see yeah. Here give you an easy primus emblematic. Yes our hold on page and do her handiwork. We gathered to. Should Korean talked to. Read more ram did you take Jeff. I do or not. Well I'm good at this game but all he really is arrogant and are proud our our hold on Jeff we'll try to win new primus tickets and then finally. Yesterday there was a S and kind of scoring gaffe I guess you might say yeah people in Horry on his back or on good morning orient. Good morning guys you know yesterday. When medalist to your right you were plead your case or snatch and your ride and he weakness miscalculated. What are your best to seven like that one of you can because you both can get points for each once we could item on the senate. All right so I want to royal hauled. And that boy you would of course get paired with the guy who is the perennial favorite to win this game. That's the thing menu thank you get so I would mailing. I am I mean that's weird how I don't have enough to abort of the line I'm not a game ball mark are you nervous. What do I get so nervous about play in this game yeah because everybody only really good news I get nervous about it. Says here in the last only played this game was in August of last year August of last hour. And hang it up front about same time just in a phone scam. Coming up on the anniversary. I'm family your turn you're in charge of this big guy going and throw a lot of name and remember if you do not. Throw a name out that matches that boy will could shatter the rounding Dolan I know I got Jeff flustered revolution or play as a restaurant kind of grows more ethnic. Now look this is a hodgepodge of bugs as various celebrity names today yet imagine on the first name or the last. Let's start with the Steve Austin Steve Austin. Steve Williams. Steve. Kelly Gould Steve Avery. Even wondered. Stephen Thompson's. Milt Thompson of the Philadelphia feels Milton Bradley the ball player Nelson Borough. Well hang on there's this controversy in time. I have in November of militant Borough Hollinger out. Eight is out so while we we hang up on. He won ample I'll get my health. New Orleans didn't even know what we haven't epithet at at what was another clearly and you don't need thorough ethic I ran. And you're in a case around as he rounds that are keeping a full on the phone there. Skewed our sewers are so did you start pigott did you also avoid. Offer of Milton Bradley ball yeah okay Bradley at. Jake Bradley who. He's wrestler okay I'm Bradley Cooper I'm Laurie Cooper moves to the original. I am act. Is Jake Bradley. Is a wrestler now. OK well then answers their question. It was very heavy Russert a Glen where in my opinion upon. I'm Rory Cooper yes is positive Cooper Manning oak Davie Cooper. Money to Cecil who permit Milwaukee Brewers Cecil B. DeMille. Sad. It I'd say eat. Yeah we'll see I had in my mind right there away negative maybe that is it has Cecil Fielder and Allison Prince Fielder. He would sit pricks the singers that I was in Baja growing and we're America let's do that way. I say mean rail online. Domenici and every now and I'm sorry man I'm asked what did you base David. Understand names called. This lull I won this round nine again gives the word out and fat boy you who plays who has a different like well yeah. The cavaliers. All right are you yet nameless. It's not gonna be failure is evident only the first one when do we need to get another caller. Did this get another caller and can you compare net we ask. Given the same way. So nothing you pay for. I get nervous mayor thus sockets is going to fight said the order now is page fat boy Jeff me buying page that would get me are you ready Jennifer. Agassi yes. On Lyle won his. Round two of the ring of fire. Humphrey Bogart does mass and I'm a kid Jesus on camera from kitten. Seth Rollins. Go to her. Our good source of pages nation that boy Jesse okay said irons. Mike Myers. ODM. I am. Home I think Michael Jordan I've about a. Douglas. Douglas Fairbanks. Feel free. Hour my contact with. Him. My guess. A lot of brits. Hall. It's. And here's page is usually. Mega fab. Well it's a little harder pins here. Hundreds silent. Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Patty Hearst. Patty and wonder duke. The puzzle. And David. Cassidy. Talk capacity should all know why it's short Allman. Should all I meant. Indeed callebs. O'Dowd I do it. Hey yeah you say you're. Are now saying yeah. Do you play any more because I watch like Matt actually. Didn't Ford was Brian Mangini brains fried I was so mad I was oh. I was hoping they don't wanna got no murder at the paper does so drab wardrobe Catfish Hunter and very good homeland. Assume we saw moments on the home that affect tree Rollins good. I would've went well does that thousands and he's gonna get anything off tree you know on main. Oh boy aren't so let's see we had two winners let's go to. He won an Horry on finally got tickets or around you get to congratulate them. That probably you will be taking your girlfriend to to the concert correct. Mobile police rewrote from a diplomatic happy Valentine's Day hold on and then also. He once sent an ounce hockey hey I'm proud of us we did. You walk the track illicit liquor officials for both O'Brien and Jimmy I did know was think more and the microphone please congratulations. This is talking you're both going to see and yeah they're that's the one town congratulations. To both of the congratulations. Thank you thank you thank you Palestine who wasn't. It is safe and hunter S Thompson that I can do and Thomas are Thompson and I got stuck in my brain. Do another round Jamie just for your outlook best. Now you do you see what I like to remind us play I don't. Policy. This time we will storage where the. Vince young and the price of my prized. Marched or just for mark Schuerholz now wait a minute mark. Teixeira wrong. Mark Gammons and Julie Evans who's Smart again. And those that that's what you say Jeff you're surely am I going to do next instead. And who's they people who work here. Are they order famous theater and shoot around Gaza. The shooter day and age. Brandon Jennings Waylon Jennings. Holcomb did eggs. Peter. Rose Peter piglets closes feels Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Russell Pearce Pope later yeah. To your phone Russell Pearce. Bret Peters red red Peters red fox. Don box Jamie Foxx. Salgado. That's an inch screen for you want to you're listening to the rise guys morning she know right 3.3. Good. Don't need to get a let me win for real and how I guess from as such an attack game two. Doing well and that is just not only play really. I'd say you. Definitely do you have an advantage over the rest of the room in the game and a lot we need and you don't want us to tell you what about. And taken performance enhancing drugs both OK and you would have more. Sentencing has never played under fire this bad boy and fat boy and man was that the competition there in those two round. I thought they did you play right now doing all we can we can't really fast can real fast pass and there aren't just it is important. Not wanna play and the shaping how game in February okay goes on somewhere on the mainland rule I don't ever play games against nine. Again new role. All the car and he tells me that's not true not only go to one I ever played all right this is his head to head and in the public mind head hit the announcement let me make it fun let me let's make it. Nine page fat boy Jeff get your body to match. This downturn irrelevant or that would play guard play and fat boy on momentum for my decision I am coming among TV and easy ones earlier get your name starts on me that arsenal can. Travis Scott. Give me 21 name's Stuart Scott. Skyline. Discuss that. Scott Steiner Scott Moore Chad a thing. I don't know I think I'd stop bourse. Scott Norton Scotty mccreery. If it's. Dang it. Pat Boyle in years Scotty to Ali I'll say that on grounds. Ready ideal body tests out Bart Starr. Or Simpson. Homer Simpson OJ Simpson oh yeah Maggie Simpson. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Jake Gyllenhaal full pool Dave Roberts hole. Really an up or give his daddy's name. Gimme. That senator Robert Bennett grandma and that there are all robbers. My favorite. Artists you know robbers in the Montana. If I'm out. And pick okay Ellis led all we know somewhere. God take Michael guardian iron horse that I did it's rare you know try to harbor implant property gushed I think that's right. And try not believe that. Illinois and then. I was lawmaker who wish I. As G Don Zimmer mailman but he'd he didn't win legitimately he did when I can think for Robert domestic front and then Robert B armor. You know anybody straitjacket on this game and Robert Gibbs I didn't think anybody famous Robert you know. Long. And well Robertson congratulations played at a home screen cards and against him as he managed to find game we we certainly don't road trips and Robert lowly governor now I'm. And we turned it into our radio game that night I wonder inundated baggage who did. And again displays that can can we do quiz around the room right now yells and squares with same order. Not sure hands Tokyo and and show opinions are you classy. New Jesse. Class classy classy Geoff page raised and that yes they are in fact classy all right okay relation to I'm more of Freddy Blassie Canada. That's a class I have made I just I am referring here. The things that are Pratt has its things that make you seem classy. Serve you seem classy do these things. I did something meant that people. When Allen that wave if I do that I am not conscious seven but there's something I do end Ellis has been corrected though and snatch Angela oh we face or read. I read know what and I drink up for my pinky out. It is our president also undo a model just somebody sees you reading the book read New York classy nowadays I'm telling reading a book reading bug is apparently class seat really yeah. Apparently. Parent I guess they. Illness is you don't have any devices. The my returns in and in my Internet they work and that's why it's classy my computer's down your donation classic. What is. Reversals obvious eating at a nice restaurant there can only say nice restaurant you know them we mean one livestock hatcheries policy against kids don't end and you gotta Wear nice clothes to go and yeah I bet canonized him like aimed at three or four in town had a nice bright you know I know the one after that this was surprised me. Going to a casino. Don't and the same question bids to me I would tell me it's your old seems like you just look at it seems some people at a casino just hit a hundred bucks or scratch was so yeah. It had something I feel like that I think that casinos will be a thing of the past. Not good there's not gambling going on but then it's such it's got to be revamped or something because. You know we're a generation where we don't like to set down and play video games we want to stand up to do a donor advised her hander whatever clearer that's just a sea of depression these casinos there by smoking and drink in hand. Pull more I think that's everybody's answer in those places very ill in the ambush see your they're not torn some years how to bring you gotta have blamed you money to play eke out into Tony something so they'll go out there and just you know drink into drugs and get a wars indebted. My shows they want to gamble. A lot of them. I think Cameron is great bird you know it's again it's a game you play against other people moon landing is a game of jolts. Isn't very fun and in minutes in. This sophisticated gambling that we have real money. Right James Bond gambling he had much in the eye and casino scenes is what people think they don't think about the reality that based casinos and Alabama yeah. I remember what we used to play flesh and or less that was a lot of photos classic at a very claim some. Do you go to museum fuel Hubert thank you class and go to a museum doesn't really matter which one I guess just any us though I'd I mean are you classy you get in the Children's Museum downtown. I like that. Berisha glossy if you go to the Google Honolulu when you walk through some large contestants we're going to the Mets. The Mets then in the metropolitan art museum of New York City hello he seem Ireland's. Or check from Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe and narrow as abortion and murdered 2000 year old Egyptian artifacts style sorry she faced a momentum into tomorrow answer. Shirley Manson I didn't see you very NC I was sure plane I would like to sit out places Blake can do China and to a theater. And theater regular season is good pace setter one of those who go to that had a theater drove me everything I have ever seen it's a peace and there was always raunchy here. Like Aaron and Chelsea man and have any cute and all these things as honest my kind of place yeah Ireland when the book of Mormon you know some wondered just kind of raunchy now. Arm. Good response if you if you don't think your classic. I'll let one of those so water massage place. Apparently just say yes or no big clashes is. If you. These things over time what George rich apparently have disposable income they always get grandma flo thing. Like the first week of January craven back yet I'm right here in six months now is get my perks to right now. Christmas present from him more time but all opponents loses this stuff like for rich people. And I already. Know a few rich people. We know a couple who were classy and rich thank you. Most or madam in Richmond there are clashing at all religious right wrist rednecks went into that criteria of plastic then what really being rich means your classy if you do like typical rich people thing everywhere comes with tales all. Here is eager matter that the spot to go to art exhibit and you be classy how does one spell from for a how would you shell that anyway I asked. FR OUFR. Or use prove true for tournaments at the time. I don't prefer it does the same thing about having and tailor anything and out of the norm because I was thinking if you had a tailored to your suits and you are definitely last you saw my image pants I'm talking about someone tests to make here. Close for you know this is more from the staff had it but what am post yourself do it on its two grand old man I don't know your classic this is all going places if you haven't noticed the same. Or are going dude see you're going to museum going to play going to a spot going to an art exhibit and orange about how people think your classic. Cody classy downs aren't all these stuff but not classy. I'm Alice definitely classy like opera and ballet. Answer this kind of liken them and each thing that you feel like you I can if you don't hang him. Whereas grassland or no shares in and classical music I don't know what makes a class you're the wrestler except. Classical music sprained I don't wanna become less and with the crap on this list 200 top that's. Then they're going to the opera is number one. Two thirds think America think your class if you go to the opera border have you ever venting out frank I've been in the new mayor Newberry opera house that's it. Can listen opera I cannot he gives me headed like washing soap operas and it's like it's it's like a soap opera music it sucks they say she's gonna run for president. A permanent and can't sort Irish swimmer it. And I laugh track and asking stuffy and boring you are. Advance what makes us you know and we we Liddy for questions own class in you know things. Do Muir kind of situations. He had his arms and tonight there and I have no clue of the world but that worked hard and ordinary you know him I saw lives. We don't know much about that let it does is make you classy several if you like majors give up on Tryon. About yeah we need to why try and how you manage this surely I'm Jerry Moran changeover to Washington where I think a man dressed like crap I am married don't matter. It estrogen matter more. When your married man more. Roger Moore pin back on the bills Roger Dodger however rain or Jeremy the just cell phone so residents still out it. George always you go to bed dad did you acquire more. Three point.