Wednesday, October 11th

WAR Re-Premiere: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by Sunnis can travel. Android or iPhone just simply to free 41 and we'll say to a download link in the flesh. Empowered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning can interact with the rats gag. This is 93 point dream than plan that. Right guys read premier. To warn notice or voicemails. 00 don't. It. Our district Alexi. I see Harry you good morning. Lugar and general Eric. Now my name is Tom Morgan phone calls from the banks tell you congratulations. Congratulations you wanna do if you won her second cease salukis got Logan. He mainland is that you are you're not in arrested I did dean say when it was it. And it you know former Cesar. Indeed that. Ali Modi. Are either way neither is his name why. What he blames them and human. Ali believable. Sheer emotion I don't know what is stillborn. In sound like maybe a morning person me. He backed. Wayne. Where parliament try again give me some kind of greasy not a morning person. Hey it no there's never been response it. That's over the UK Sudbury militia days on pages show and yeah even he had been nerd factor central. Are harming. Her. We'll try again. I'm lemon be there only honest and open from the are not required. And she's on her. Lend. Our. Let's see. Looked at eleven apparently getting opulence. What music you're the only person on my list one you why I don't know if you heard nearly arm called from the bank he won the sexy school Jihad and Halloween party congratulations. You won the when you registered foreign needed here better than but the bank is sexy but Jihad and Halloween party let me tell you what she won in India we're gonna get to the bottom of this thing you want and and night for US special person have very romantic evening in one of our portable hot tub parties for two will be brought out your residents. Overnight renal he comes with a bottle of champagne. Deserting your choice will get that limit can almost always. Halloween themed novelties. We saw the let's get drunk and do package I and you want it absolutely free so congratulations. I was very. He won all about we bring the hot tea to you with all the that things are the champagne in the will that through the desert Jiaka crumbling and he thinks there. Pick out which handles the toys massage oils all that stuff. Ahmad Al have you won the whole thing so I mean eyes. I understand. You know you price I don't silence a mama gonna ask you for credit card information. None of that. So I mean you can tell there's no sales kind of thing here okay sir on the same page now. I guess what I got to do. OK well we'll get did they address so where he won a stuff plot this hot tub and all that sometime between now and October 31. Also this is kind of cool to insist woman Halloween package we do what he's pulled bathrobes. And the ones that you have when the would how we package will be orange and black and they'll hide your name imported onto the lapel area. So I have you is Alexi is that when an eye or a neat. LE XIRI. Only acts. OK and who is. That special someone that you would like to bring was when you're you know romantic little cozy in does that now get their name the one that important to. Hello our website give your name and she's not available. Yeah I mean. That's fine I mean that's under the hole romantic thing I mean we're open all lifestyles. You know. I did girlfriend and finger. Our arms maybe and maybe it has cut. Yeah I can get a guy that's in our. Would just for tank when. That's all right I had I wasn't aware of that I apologize because I had why is that right at another contact name on here and it was that of your boyfriend Dwayne Wayne's owned the flesh on the right here right now Wayne new mayor. Are yeah let's say it's really lets see this is not a 3.3 planet the rise guys this is a pretty. All right so. We didn't Wear on the radio there's no hot tub Halloween thing. I was just ten in the same can figure out. Why UT known Wayne is Wayne and. Say again. I don't know Wayne. Normal morning rains and wind blamed wearing. Red and many more. So I need your hunger they you don't call me back. Wait if Rudy doesn't. He has told missionary named permanent full current and. Yeah well we did okay so what do you bring and. What stood listening name again I'm sorry. Dub. To be done these. Good deed. The Wayne and yes I am radio yes ma'am. Don't publicly with Wayne APA deeper idea of he told us that you hear yell or grade everything was perfect that guy you you made him feel dead and they you guys are just happening and then a couple of until. We can't really literally can he tell you how your day something. Not at all. Maybe you didn't mean it. I would be okay. Wayne beat out. Here okay what do via a little more transparent with the sole lead what ten and here. We have I exe and the right why these YouTube didn't know each other but she's saying you're not an item is as the current indeed on the phone is just the right need to have the right. Yeah. Air through. I election. Pledge see what dad and say that you never told image you were official. Well no. Not at all we've we've only seen each other at the crowd as it. You would just start. At you and they enter the crowd and he kind of an end and really came to. Okay so lane. What the hell lot on the radio. Really. On the list it is that they know what they're there. Yeah as that's what we're doing right now and that's why Wayne the. How. Come on. Lane. Eight or are you married Jim. All men and just trust hit selected then okay big Derek curry rockers and this is being done. Nothing like okay it's the so when it comes to the club is a aces strip club is what you're saying. I'm OK okay that's fine her brain. It's so when he tells us this story of going to this club and seeing you from across the room in your eyes locking out the new exchange numbers and went out from so we went out all this. What are what is true and what's not then. I mean you probably can get the club and he plays for allowed into I mean that says. Are you never it and maybe get on the cheek and that's batted it. Yeah. Lane Hedo. It. If you man you married. Well and technical and that's solo songs. You know criminal bar. Laney union at the port carry a minute there like three port and the week. After a hundred dollar that at least. Claims he had such great listener stripper get a life lesson you can can eat fruit which is an element called me. Well why. Blew up that job and will not just well numbered. Whose last. She's still starters these masters wearers. These are the kiss my answers are kind of brewing on the resolution when in his own legacy so they actually Stiller complexity I'm here okay. So eat my dad tell you what a veteran I'm blank. I I didn't win when he said the city now. We see we estimate said you'll still haven't sank she's a good dude on the southern gentleman I don't talk about that kind of thing. Or as we know. I don't I don't usually do we have not at all how did you pick your number and no I mean it just. If he's just at a time are you don't want I'm going to your house. Exactly that's the real progression growing ever seen and the air. You even read all standard. You'd never you've never seen him outside the club. No I don't that I ever heard. Well. Well well yeah I I. I guess what does let you go legacy I apologize for that but crap I had no clue. Every time. I don't how tough it was. It's gonna bring his wife now at a loser to friend that's crazy so he's still married need to so he used his appearing just tells you all is problems and you're an hour. Every RI are well so I apologize about that. And well I guess what Florida we'll let you election about sleep like. What are all right thank you me him and good morning. And lord have mercy I had that threw me 40. Good loop. And it. I actually felt leg he is wrong for someone heading into the agency says I've done some wrongs tell me and I'll fix it and then this out of a gun. Is make sure it's a minute highest Ireland. Well earlier the elder I'm so lonely and I are. Up to old dude this is this club. And I was good I mean it was against her he was good for whatever. And he's gonna complain to her about her poster rolled all the basic thing is you can't there. Well does this somehow her he has her phone number. Season find the organs wrong arm arm only of whom are reviewing and occasionally we got her phone number. You know. So she did did that well say no may god Chris armory and I he has her phone number either private detective every year tomorrow. And if your goers derby detective also. I'm here on the cover page mattered onto remote hill somewhere at 5 o'clock Morgan around town and insane idea Abrams and he got her phone number. Rise guys morning shall we. Thought he 93 claim freedom. Right guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. Right guys headlines not demanded by a menacing armory live cut some terrifying stories to tell you first stop. Shopping for Halloween costumes could keep your lies and that's not scary I don't know what it does. I'm in SS I'm going as this year like staffers are readily at work this out I go in his lies that always going to ask the honeycomb. Artistic and low dose and it landed offensive nice. Well. Doctors see a lot more cases of headlines this timing here. As partly because kids are back in school that's how in the main reason content teach and learn. Yes that is the main reason and a well also because of cost stands and trying on man rush and wigs. What idea did. Day at Wal-Mart I saw it was in the Halloween sanction and I saw and it was a Irish tat I got I guess your mail leprechaun and the guy puts it on his kid's head who's probably two or three years old and takes a picture this is very top of the Florida today or whatever term. And it takes half puts a bag outside. You people done that. Do them then had thing yeah animal heads of Wal-Mart holiday fun in China did you see people all time army disagreements that Jack animal heads on. There all right Greg Mueller whose head was in that thing before you. They've been there since the summer and they get the won't talk you know Clinton threw one tea. In our answer I don't either go to a gas station and round hats are Spencer's I remember by doing Spencer's invade luggage says twenty attitude he'll drink tequila floor yeah I want to have which I don't think case. You don't know tabloids and Jeff both have clean hands they barely got any hair wrong. They both are pretty clean dudes they take a rush hour but I will alert ahead he does usually are. They're ball caps now and they don't want our money here now and I understand that. I know people will buy it throwback close you know event discloses how would never be where he's ball cap if ever or shoes. To pick on him people in an air might like animals. In my gosh. Seeking air mine and my things are wrong get lights lies is fairly common and well why is embarrassing again. I know. I remember having embezzled honeycomb oops yeah kid and now my kid did I don't mind sane outages like they're an articulate and public school they're probably gonna get written here. You know mono piercing wanna talk. Look at it gave me mono in the eighth grade I didn't. It's still the same way we're coming up you're always so much that I learned and head lice in years stay away from the dirty kids and stuff an until now lives are still as I don't. Yeah. Everything he gave me hair off the little things don't. And those who enjoy as. I remember when Tom my mom of take fixes hey guys there's a lot of home. I got one and I attach itself to my head. Head my mom and attending the daughter in the college or does it took a pair of tweezers and pulled it out put a mandate on my head and stables bought the company and then it was done. Any ferraris just a dogged for that that. Laboratories has told wolf they are the burden of the cigarette iron yeah pol now why do you there's. What's another thing that you have to like nail polish like your nap on China is that. I heard that some kind of do and emails as some kind of by cherish. That's what at an exercise them a lot as a kid sorry to say it is not climbing innocent lies is not embarrassing or no it shouldn't be. It shouldn't maybe there was a stigma around it. When I was come enough same here so yeah now. Bailey who are hard I would imagine from our judgment Obama's plan Davis stigma and to license what would you hope to church thank yeah and then other people who who had lice they gave that statement to them and gave it shouldn't be embarrassing is just the thing that happens but yeah there's a stigma to it in the south Caroline people in the south don't go from mental health theater because if stigma around master mister Davies is a different thing there as fine being himself we brag about STD's now. He relies he has to make every area that you and your dog shot well here as good as. Robotics this there. Is it true that SKB's will make these are coming from the mouth that I read that correctly. Thanks it just leads to Pullman after Malcolm says that it. Hello ladies the reason why we brought it up is can you don't want bugs jumping off your costume and Halloween party can use this kind of gross says they hit advise you to take. As shower cap Parse who will swim cap to the story you. And make your kids Wear when they put on the. The masks our idea and my arms would get a yard sales recommendation would take Ron Burkle and still won best brilliant. Caller dollars death. I get dirty when now when I mean it's and you can't in my yard Sony put on rubber gloves to go to mark current judgmental so and certain. I think I do you mean you don't take my crap I'd be like this affair but it's a fair bit akin things now it's asking and leave now we need. Well when she by may cost him seal it up and a plastic bag for 48 hours to actually kill the bugs even. The store at his stores were nine selling used your retirement off the rack steel brand new app brand name. We're usually our go to yards or my problem wouldn't go to yard sales of thrift stores for any thing I'm sure over by the time she got about a bad pro that's that's a good point but English to get up earlier work guys to come home during your sales. She didn't want nothing in that somebody else who already had. I sale on Friday not there's any doubt about like that level judgment we can't even own any things secondhand report here and bad. It's another reason why you need to seal it up is because you may get rid of the the bugs but they're still may be small bags left behind can ask your question I'm not mean there. She knew do that would underwear to anybody. Absolutely sure why I say about when you go to like I. I CEO women it led to Victoria's Secret when they're trying stuff phone and a company usually don't. He wearing your. Underwear. He made you wary eye knowing you're trying to clear what else and I. I know where I mean you know what I'm saying not gonna happen on UN your underwear now where month now you're wearing your annual handling you're trying and I can't. Give negative trial penny there hate America obviously it would fly a little sixty. So that's your kids they know who wouldn't be doing commando thank Walter good clear blue jeans and go try tomorrow than you might try the same name blue jeans you know we're all just us on a girl what tribe which in the plastic sack and a are you are just wouldn't go now you have been. Are eight and well yeah. And also be worried god the advise you to trade your custom in the dryer on high for 45 minutes providing it's not gonna melt and it doesn't have some kind of decoration that's gonna fall off pressuring job man that's as true or they should say don't fifth. That's why don't wash clothes and about. You don't know the first time you take it to the drag queen of mean an unhappy. Devlin now washed. But those dressing rooms are always packed actually liked Jimmy when you bought issues that time because I've always said Amanda goes I just don't buy you she's did you did you got a great deal on those very rare indeed issues at. I'm doing I think I saw a guy wearing those same shoes at the problem comes up. Gives our zip his foot you know walking up the stairs behind him looking in his shoes and my issues like man has got to be the parent donated thrift store. But did you lagged. Panetta maggert you do anything other than take the tags often slip tomorrow. Claim to love then we mound there I mean when girls once they were. If they were a brand new they had no evidence signs of Wear on me anywhere they might have been Warner timer to somebody broke the buses that do balls about where these roster shoes and and he got a real now. Shouldn't IE air and I'm nervous or street and here we're comfortable not wide enough. I have a story about a corn remains bad. I always think amazes I I think you have Danny Torrance from the shining any time so I'm tennis terrified to go and a core remains. You know get stuck there and a three year old boy it waste left behind and a corn may Stanley didn't realize until the next day he's got Kirk Cameron. And now three years of age left behind and echoing last the field and went home and a the people that work there or using a bullhorn to try to locate a family herbal. Their fan mile Illinois please come to this. I don't have to approach where they are corner here I mean pretty and it did is not like UK and this is named Kevin because Eddy Curry's are. Then and though it may get also that would let ya ya may take home alone and make it into now in me off I'm. The kid gets left home when they go to the corn makes Diana while staffers call a whole corn. And searchers famine they can find anyone in time his mother called the place on Tuesday morning. As she arrived later. At the police station at about ten children. It's kind of it's still a large. The boy's expected to be reunited with this am ready to pay for the that was especially if you're reunited with this spam when I think you're drawn out and just with a camera on missile. Go arm in arm through through the field. Now they've they've had the brilliant momma should not pick him up from the police station with ten kids. So you know then maybe you might not notice want to miss it. All that she had that many sizes and a black yet but I thought it was like a team of kids that got together to go look for the had a kid I think is that his fans and a she's bustling Brooklyn no wonder. May go ahead count for you guys can you say that if you think Jim you can easily lose wandering. Now Big Easy today and and you all pile out of the car maybe it was later and I mean an abandoned house. Check carrier around. You know they cut the corn maze of the GPS. Takes a four hours to do a whole thing. What do you mean by dole market GPS where they wanna cut one of desire and they got mark up the whole field. Four hours is due to handle mile. Well. And that much derided dimmer downs. Ers are so authorities say it wasn't immediately clear how the child's. Disappearance went down. At police are investigating whether any criminal charges are warranted relating to any time now. Yeah yes they kids a smile. You forgive him. A good trick or treat for some condoms and Ashton rumor actually and Antonio martyrs and with enough by the Catholic was going on that and you tell your birth control. If you Soledad I'll be any bridges and I have to mom looks master of it is never today it's always there moms yeah areas that there. Well if you're upset about Wendy's. Discontinuing. Their spicy nag its. Ear and out. You know Aaron Aaron you're not. Burger King is stamping and and their release in spicy nagging at times I found boring defect caused stress on TM. I'm are really I don't like spicy foods. You know. So you feel as good chicken nuggets that win win these all together fight though what role therefore for nine out of ten or six. I mean it's got in some places. Or is on the value menu bill of the you'd six for like one for them are subject to fast food by the speed auction play operators can change sides had cherry Coke you teach their G restaurant you need to have it all up. I thanked kinky but with which ones don't have Teri cut an election or can you would consist of the U wanna know what you during and for you pull him I don't I got injured it while we have got pepper paid. It's same now it's not it's different uneven clients you know what doctor pepper is anyone what is aids is a cherry Coke alternative for him nor is it ever herb. Jerry Kill we have root beer you're gonna harper is heavily cherry flavored. Visit another thing we worries remain proprietary code better and it's not consistent. But would this that fat boy is this not a Monty not really careful sparsely if they get ready to make you made your debut shoes there also are. About the Jumbo junior bacon you tried that yet a might same sort of door. You learn a lot of stars referred her own Suleyman spicier all our candid moment and Chile. Now now not to really big potatoes do. Actually a funny story. Two days of today's format that he died as I was in the hospital room when an asset is that true. Room honest guys or is it very what do you won't eat anything you want to them am I am pretty much sending that they guys are going to be around much longer sassy when Betty what you want anything. No I went and what he wanted. A cup of Chile from Wendy's. Our own. And honest to god and all things he wanted he could Chile from Wendy's terrorism heartened drink that's crazy. Well I know how he got entry in Chile actually this is high and yeah anyways this is Khamese. I seek is there is a mixture of cayenne pepper and other spices at the spokesperson from Burger King did name super secret spices MMX. And they didn't they've sold spicy products before because they of those spicy chicken Fries. Well so maybe this is not great. Are in the helping as soon as it bless. It mandates they'd she shows is. It has every flavor under the book now in the book not a hundred they've got. Pros and she'd go flavored. That pop hers and on this thing there aren't measuring about about. Grandma Ralphie May his last meal is really demands that. The room he had a fried chicken sandwich and and two orders of how pinot pop and her last meal. And man. As does that mean bigger web address to mail a letter that data as what everybody what was the last thing ma'am and I published it Okajima played together. You know racially EO all I have yet to south as is Chris Miller. Well yeah you would expect that to be his last meal bar of course not just most people aren't. We don't usually know it's anybody's lives and realize that there's really nobody is really does he was glad to have any knowledge yeah there's nobody going. In our minds like Chris Cornell liberate food. We don't know what he had for his last meal. Big sandy Cutler who is my husband call as a Turkey Sam writes. And paying energy drink which I don't know why he drank an energy drink and I think I digress. Well the most people I don't know why did you do then I don't know not now. Yeah now on them. I wasn't able to call her would there are some terms so decaf they would Eminem's Eminem now has Hayes and all the minute he's about you know white chocolate they haven't karma. You know and sit down everything comes in Huntington yeah flavors yeah. Pro series play her limited in their new one is they don't it's a mystery. Mystery Gloria does he get a New Jersey bureau Hilliard Eaton and if you get right you win like this big prize guess to would own our show was entering that the other morning are bored enough Arabs yet priming serves clients. I have the flavor. Maple Sarah Cha all offense no red velvet can visual or whether Amanda talk in general such. You might be right so these guys again and says. Everything is available and it everything now is. Yeah yes everything is in excess more than everybody's like equality has gone down so much now that now everything is strictly gimmick would absolutely no substance behind it. And you wonder why people fight every night on what the decision is to eat where you are down I don't know options are good that's right. I got into that that what they helped documentary without it was yeah they were color by there's people that their jobs in the it diet. I tuition industry and she called. It is to figure out ways to add more cheese more meat to every day handlers vicious but they would like. I use an example you know like for example. Parties with the Philly cheese steak on top you know are all these Wallin is like storage or run in the world right now food. Kinda a suitable store unless they tell fusion. Fusion most often in my experience confusion over process. Well it also takes two things that separately are really good and gives me a lesser version of both government the same time. So certainly impatient and enjoying two meals from herb page. 50% more than I should to get a lesser version about things it wants yeah parallel I think I'm gonna die tomorrow not have a chance to eat this things separately later. I'm Monique said you know I'm I'm getting one of those kind of top males on the first fact. Fact that is can be good idea I disagree forty. Mean I'm not sure any good to say most often it's a lesser version into dishes combined in one dish surf and turf halls. A couple surfer her pay higher and yet this Fiji. By the way it's field and stream cared let's stick it spouses are in tariffs man hello battle in salt Lott. Raymond until you're out. On page it is your eyes guys and minds. It's leaks at this is the rise guys morning Sheila. 983 point three. Three of the planet just a rock. This earlier stagnant. But all that was that was restaurant yeah. We need everybody call me an email and FaceBook and snapped in mr. Graham to. And tweet it we appreciate each of you individually and collectively as a whole. I tried as a whole. Thank you tigers. Tomorrow is Thursday and I'm pleased to say that will have. The male side tomorrow you can email us the rise guys and AOL dot com we'll get to those I know we get a bunch already. Don't forget that's so Athlon coming up on Friday 86 or you pull 143288642414328. More food fighters take it tomorrow as well as a thousand dollars and we have blue jays right now. Harry. Not all. The idea of Zocor it's your notebook there hey you margin. Question first time. I caught earlier he had never seen us before Maurice safe cowboy look like what did he say that boy looked like. Text editor of the Carolina paper mill dot com text line and number is 72341. That's 72341. Don't think and I think they're correct answer be hugely. When he's a mass fat boy you're referring mostly different Rosie the jury found more in Lawrence Mozy Mozy verdict. That's who remains far bargain mosey to our viewers prefer a farm bars far bogged the Russian bottom there. That's the best. Page has a thousand dollars for you coming up at 11 o'clock am page one word that it will not be the key word we will not be his key word. Jeff. That's Mars candy family or you're hearing here and I crashed. I hate to have that thousand dollars and 11 AM fat boy. I'm AM. Meanwhile Miguel labs six thanks much listed be safe unless they take those guys. Control of Cleveland. Rob blood cheeks. Extradite the 83 point three number.