Interview - Rachel Lorin - 12/26/17

Tuesday, December 26th

Diesel interviews up and coming vocalist Rachel Lorin. We talk about how she got into the music biz, what animals make her squeemish, and her bus' bathroom mascot "Poopie the Clown".


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Happy to be joined by outrage Lauren on the phone today you are. A singer songwriter and actress model. Now you're an extreme sports junkie did you come up is now eighteen year. Now. I don't know how to learn more. I just asked that question about a mask baskets here because. You know most people who have that many bullet points on that on their grass a battle our rooms yeah by overbearing cartoon mouse. Well. You're on the come up right now a year you're moving up the charts give people who aren't familiar with you and your story a quick idea of how this whole thing came to be rid. Atlanta and the southern Belle and battle apparently thought I got bad about the elite model they're models and I will be. That. An opponent that has all the while though that Adam Barrett million pullout from I don't know what I'd rather affluent yes. About a our modeling of the pack at boom and I realized I was at a point and I was ever pull out. And that. Pop. They have adapted well. I think we'll let the correct although you that the parent. I didn't. Let. I got out and look at the let it be awful lot with the more than anything else. I'm. Put in all and that got alone in her mouth on it now and whom he independent but Leonard Little and we'll all move. How lucky the Iraq War. I've got. There are loved by have let that let their. That requirement that way if not well. You said you started sin wanted to become a veterinarian is anything that's like to create our own won't deal with. Padilla but who handled the point where people like I. Quote very that was really the backbone that act like we let my. I don't let. You know zombie apocalypse it's your actually gonna have skills that that people audience and to be able to treat injuries and such I don't I don't have any skills whatsoever. I would be screwed everybody as though you're from Atlanta but you've been in New York for quite awhile what sort of the most New York thing about you. Have passed a law. I definitely don't have bike. Yeah I have yet to have my father always about let them pay a complete gentleman yeah there might have a in my life out of yelling back. I can really tell your southern charm came out I caught just a few minutes earlier of of a bus invaders thing that you did on YouTube when you were told about Cooper the clown. That when you're southern charm came out to me about could be because I'm. All I'd number the debug it and everybody else that I know you don't like the protocol and there's the rule on the fact that you know what I'm about that it is quite all of them two when my multiple. Here's a chance to give some props to your band because. They you know the question is are are as every one of the ban Rachel Lauren errors Rachel Laura you and her band. I don't really dependent on them. Let let it like there was a group informal it's never been like the hide behind that and I. I loved it bad that all my heart shout those guys out are dead arm does it wouldn't let them. I have heard. All black ball a lot but what I enough. Got hurt he China did not plan. At a base violence that went there and you have it won't my. And look at yellow or one of them out there now. Automatically let other guys. Who's the guy out of out of all those Italians you named off. The least wanna be in a small confined space with. All won't hold more water and let it crap. Ain't. That they a lot of bodily function in you know it is and I don't wanna be like an art but with them. I've written about the picnic but oh. We had a chance to play one of your songs previously on the show on our feature called La smasher trashed and I'll watch that video. A handful at times and this is just me personally asking I got to know. Who's the guy in the Michael Jackson's thriller leather jacket who's singing along with you when the camera cut Stan who's this guy. I have got the blue ball and let that Iowa and he beat battle and I didn't get an element that would politely and and I think that what you. Even par you. Loaded in the Arctic Circle and but he did a little while latter and I really liked. You have to eat deli there's an important and he's been incredible the fact that I'm playing. That you look at local that was added eleven. You've got a new song the one we're about to play on smash your trash called revolution. You got an album on the way give me the skinny when's it coming out and will put you to class owning a credit on the album. You about the innings and it I could act. Little book is. We I'm working on an album I had little. Let it start her around memorial will be diving they have great credit. And the like Peta is out of the lead and an iron and that side at holidays buildup that. Give me a website all your social media links of people can go. Find those. Active and that's all about I don't see that happening on them and iWeb I don't pay a little and moved up. And then let them. It's. And so on. Go to our live at its own I think that they. That's that island at that. I've got oh you have been nice enough to it to reply to me on have been so fans who work to a lot of share your message your original message she will get back to you Linda. And yes shall turn you into a thing I promise our quote.