Tuesday, July 10th

Headlines: Apparently Jeff's dog buddy has insurance, but does Jeff?: Open Phones

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Stewart here alone knows the risks when each. 93 point three could play. Rise guys headlines with the aids. Entered Beagle who. There is a civil war that's broken now. It's broken out as further within that Miss America ranks. And once happened well you know this is song. Going into play after Miss America chairwoman Gretchen Carlson eliminated the swimsuit competition. Still odds. You know no I don't like to have Arnold occasionally. You know before that. They're eliminating all things and I mean no more swimsuit so twenty Tuesday pageant leaders are trying to outpost. Gretchen. Because their word about the pageant to new more sensibly dressed erection. Yes. How do you feel Ager walked. Well why am I become a man to comment on this here woman where I made two movement days. Yeah let me pivot back to the story and that they're a bit these people are arguing that ending their rich tradition. And the swimsuit competition. Is just an over reaction to what you said the meets huge movements and I think it's just you know a temporary thing but it's ruining the whole organization. So for meat if it's a beauty contest. It is what it is yes and people work hard to look that way and you know they wanted to show off their bodies end. You know if it's if it's an education same then you know. Indira impromptu speaking in questions which they do during the pageant but you're saying you you are for the bikinis yeah I mean just went okay established for all this time. Jim can I may Miss America has been named Miss America in my life term. Missile Williams shares rose more. Really doubt that Padua September 1983 dawn Davis from greater cheer him. She did not Miss America anonymous finishes in the south I met her. There that is had a flashback like 88 synod through the room Lehman she was sweet and she was so bad manner to Winn-Dixie angrier. That's the sign an autograph from one of this year. Am trying to get our grass our domain miss south Carolina at the wizards and. But as far as televising the passion that's kind of the highlights his seat in the swimsuit contest of course it is that well and at the bond down well in in botching. You know miss South Carolina herself to such as the Iraq and he seized when he started a whole. Which isn't this team USA contest that wasn't Miss America there was this team USA wow Europe. I just can't keep up when these pageants Allentown what do you don't care. Yeah when we last time you ever watched a whole pageant and yeah and see how it's hours of. And prep work competition if you've ever gone anywhere I watched mr. skin's anatomy awards at one time on paper view and that's the only time I asked. Number well I don't wanna count and that's true slams is making Cali Lewis is also for a swimsuit and she was on her show yesterday saying quote. What's wrong with showing women in bikinis. No offense to savvy shields even remember knows who she years. This is at a real persons is the reigning miss murder her name is savvy Savannah but sadly our kids keep her she looked. Blog from our cancel classes meg and added that. If you're looking for the smartest woman in America you should be at MIT you shouldn't be missed Americans as she does have a point there. Well is not. See. We can't get out of her own way now we can't get our own way suddenly if you show a woman wearing a bikini. Somebody's gonna fondle her Yi she can't we don't trust them to be out there. Yeah or or they'll say who went side while we know what the judge him based off just their looks meanwhile. Did top hottest issue of People Magazine conduct as. It is well get over ourselves we judge bugs Meyer come down hard and then we get to know the book sometimes and there are I don't. That they had some bad savvy viewers they're not they're the reigning they're the reigning us Americans Carl mine from North Dakota. You can Ronnie Georgia broad brush and Notre Dame lost gold so let's. Just about AM. Education pageant Ari do for scholarships or as a beauty pageant to keep yourself and entertainment. Anybody knows why they do. When did being in bad and I'm not kidding here I think this will be a gold mine would be in bad taste to do a plus sized beauty pageant. Now this. I don't know we should. We're New Orleans Thursday. I don't there and pass anyway plus sized persons he and the same miss American people. This plus America miss plus scenario here it is wrong or has it brings us. Do you enter yet to be sizable American and turned sideways. It's a U entry. Like one Ashley Graham she owns that now every. Planning and you know what are their names and I know is I. I want Ashley Graham there's no real Lane Bryant SS fictional match if she gets all of that she gets it all. The people convinced him that she gets all of that's why Niger to Iraq as a she couldn't get remodeled more now. Get it oh yeah. To see you gotta be hot for glamour ban high and narrow as an target of all TV out Arabia big bats incurs the back in changing now and the toss and keep on. Now so I must nice and good text here today as it's when you see the dude body builders in the body no insurance about a Mormon and Minnesota residents. You lose but come home now and my golf. I have the best record get the McCain he's over it no more Panetta head. And I don't like I can honestly we knew why centenary he's down and I Cabrera. That he still has some sort of here's dirt into a banana hammock. Lamar is the banana hammer always the same color orange or red is the spray on tan. Something to do with Panama Jack I found I couldn't sweating and dirt cheap Internet. As well if you have a health problem oh boy do this describes you I have some good news for you and does this describe your. In that situation the way. A persistent failure to control intense repetitive sexual impulses or urges results again repetitive sexual behavior. And where sex becomes the quote central. Of your life. Central focus of your life. For more than like ten there's an entire. Didn't specify I imagine for more than it does if you're doing something. Why you're doing it is central focus of your life character that you're actively doing that but I but it shouldn't essential photos of your life when you're doing something completely related to sell us sex is a central focus of your life at the expense of your health and and responsive dummies our viewers surge in your your perform surgery argument about a sex abuse wearing you know you can't stop because that's just. And that's senator Charles lowered doctor and a click. Before you guys again there may be down on the corner whenever you're John to do that before you do anything else you might have. Sex so easy to find ASEAN sex addiction. If that is a problem I have good news for you because sex addiction is now officially recognize as a mental disorder by the World Health Organization. So now he can go get some count stats telling that's. That's come along way yeah. It is me but I guess some people aren't shy away from all you can lay it down or whatever you do in the end of not watching but it. Do you idle hands I can't tell you how many times I've been on eBay and ended up on born out and sex addiction it's an that's impulsive behavior and that's where that's where I think is they are not premeditated because you have to you have to draw a line between. Regular impulsive behavior and actual sex addiction sometimes it won't surprise me. Times as a Brit I think it's more and impulsive. Impulse based that it is like a sex addiction yeah I mean it's the same enemy. And again as with the Tim and play this way you describe that that sounds to me like a rapists someone you cannot control bear. There addiction of say well that's the focus of your life that you have to look at porn and maybe it's distorted in cat and normal relationship okay. Nine Wu won't even allude to were talking about here but who knew and I. Have a mutual friend that years ago was wild crazy and and this was going from girl to girl and Bob buck his life was centered around. The vagina come do you work out like crazy he watch what EA Jeff I talk about she. Everybody every facet they're way Marty Brest. I mean look good at all senator around that all centered around that I'm so. I don't know that he was sexually addicted or was I just just like. As CEO is he's the bank account going up that's what pushes him and they. Even at that point he was my early amidst warnings out single detached. It's on the market and kind of kind of born didn't have a lot to do and this is evenings and weekends at the the opera. Opportunity presented itself because he was and they're good looking tattoo above guy right and women body was handsome or do you can also of people. In order murdered. I mean. Girls like we got a lot so. Mean if this opportunity afforded themselves to me what to do well yeah. And the same as what everybody in the balance does not only. Yeah after it was just if it has break. Was like yeah if if a former college girl's window on the road and rhythm jump about lightning game and when they saw you you know injured. Don't remind me and in addition Israel. Okay here's a great artists and not get an Xbox I don't anyone can turn down. The difference between being promiscuous. And enjoying a lot of different. Sacks and then. Risking your health and having sex addiction because. When you're addicted to sex you're not gonna make the right choices you're gonna risk your health force. He's unprotected and all via a net that Edwards talking about he didn't like. Not total worker right now fake sick in the middle work to leave and go to Elijah. I don't know I mean he didn't buy lay out of work to go look up murdered doing things cost him his job briefing I go hookah as a sixer workings could get up I. Work at. Hours. Users difference between sex and relationships that they're going and having coffee oh yes and he. Knows how to win. Problems for him might eat and even go to Jimmy worked out with that haven't heard about somebody they just make him girls were asking me smell there fingers. I I go. One our or our hands up in there and again I'm now ninety is better from the actors and their comment that was made earlier. Yeah and those girls angle. Am married and I had some good news Korea could cook the fact that and that's it to end Manson in news. Billy. CNN well. Once you don't see Iraq. I don't do so good to anyone else that extends our guest. Upwards of about mile remain Mo like no I'm not all right remotely well America aren't gonna look at rob an area is talking about. Later calories Ian was Billy. I McChrystal. See dead now don't just it it just didn't fit in Alka did you character and in San. He made his debut and the empire strikes back them so now. In many came back and their return and and and I says now he's going to be in the new found and ask again and there. Racism in space like they've addressed that in any of the Star Wars movies traces the arc solution. Pena is also true. What keys and he law similar Margarito isn't saying B pool balls amid. Is this isn't a lot more going wrong like dude dude dude with three or four races we get here right. I wouldn't want a jar jar beings in his time behind the wall and you notice and stuff to ask her not tall enough to be a cop yeah. Mortgage. People rarer and what is true holograms all kinds of when you have all these aliens are around. A person of any color is still a person and a lot more in common at that point because George are basing notice and act and cheerleaders in Maryland energy yeah. And meaningfully if you might than this down to thing my inner Disney's cannery creating and bring him back on characters have been against him. Intuition and unscrew Billy. When Denzel Washington well that's yeah. Say ruined his career right now when Denzel is good as Donald Glover. Still around and play about I'll Glover but he's going to be in himself as the old guy right don't they taught and younger and older versions of themselves via holograms as he put the old way and banners to time Jones and Star Wars no princess like and that's and I can confirm that in. And it. Campaigns as you practiced as them. It's a much. Recalling. As I go. Show. And chased around the let's hear me out. And I'm Cherie. Okay. Yeah me. You re. Nine game. He's engaged to be married. Godsend. The song. Reportedly demanding day. Definitely not now. Night. I was trying to. Jess went on a wrestling torch in Nigeria would Booker T and the barbarian. Who am Shelton Benjamin column does conquer. This Laguna you commit and child though classic rest in peace this. You remember him. Some of the classic tax. And. Although engineers will glow news is by the way roadway. With a speech you know of the women. And guy in an all this. There's an update on. Thursday's. Rise guys sick get annual drag patched as a major drug day yes. We have excuse did that amber is he a big okay cares where she didn't have another update so I have data now we have secured. An expert judge. News and guests with more yeah Leo. How well yes Hispanic indeed return. A lower sergeants. Well. There was a there was a hand at the end of that salt. He or she will be and there's been mourned orders for the second annual rise guys generic provisional woman in Nigeria now yeah now. I know a man named a Tinny and saw this triumphant return this may come contract term issues right shorter extra work right so. Thursday morning at 8 o'clock it will be me. In drag it vs fat boy and drag vs Jeff in drag. Posted by nine and dragon the winner Jimmy lake hit one of last year's competition. Why I am now this year and said hey. In activating your house where you're too good for us. So gay Timmy will be in as one of the guest judges in big again back canceled you know. His turn. As right to run and him. He remorse errors where I have them went through his fourth of July party and for all. If we ever get an unconscious. He's full of great stores this is years. Yes he. Could do really well absolutely murdered or cobbers baffle. Field. Oh well. Cobbler. Is upon Simon and I are very. Okay Israel who's our. Targets anatomy Thursday morning and Lola and still working out my name I've got my theme of what my fame will be there they name. I was saying last night the name is 50% of the whole thing is a big part. Being good dragway is given a good name even in the name and Bob the drag queen stands out get you attention that's part of yeah. That's a real big part of am oh Timmy also makes an error could not saw it there you never know mark there. All. Bearing dollar lunch. I am I have embraced some of some finger foods and Iowa chemist and on the loan Thursday after another where their current approach more that's no real boost it will fantastic. Family you'll be ready Jeff you'll be ready nothing. Yeah others come things are really needed to I don't know from a mobile. They have breasts are worth. A why I don't know and Sally today a consistent counter one thing and you came with a B three only. I'm an umbrage that Iran. Is and a hot order a month here. Yeah. And I have low Mexican hang it from the bet on our and play ask them. And it extensions and then all kinds of stuff that's going to be great. Is going to be did anybody have a name he going to say they knew they are got a new name okay Jeff and and thing stick with the name posted yesterday what was your name is crotch listener crotch last. You know it's kind of funny hours figure him out there yesterday cues. Consulates there because Jeff. Remember the thing we're talking you know I know people are beautiful make as I said you know these data via a dollar amount that you put on your pet stores like he'd be taken to the van they say is going to be a thousand dollars do you say. Here's a check or do you say wells think about it there's complicated mathematical formula where you take. The dog. The number the that the dog the money your salary. Gross salary vs net how old dog news the have to topped. Well you know Mary skipped this year and an on an added up that way millionaire and alls ultimately your dogs too old and from that. The dog gets the lower the in my markets. Well I was thinking yesterday about. About. Jeff's dog buddy Neal from the grave with first of all these we get down there and here's why I must say about it I was thinking about. Jeff who is so into wrestling. And just everything about his life goes soon wrestling filter. The they need to do you named your dog buddy. No actually he was named when I got him unless you when he got it is about a year old. Again in the humane society. And knows first name is not but I'm not gonna read that jokes that would put that card down countless. I'm like I literally thought like. So many good names that your dog and a half I really did. Bartlett error it was going to be one that you're gonna crotch Lesnar limit a singing CM popped would be funny. Sierra Club would be for or flopped back well now all fluff Bagwell. Golf flagler. Jameel did. You caddie Jeff Lewis kneel and then my dogs but it is germs or just they are junger and he's front yard OJ why didn't want anybody and nobody down. Why can't you what can be rover rains and no when I got buddy every item thirty ordered James notable moment since. In authority news. No romantic partner and. So then I chipped. Museum wade wade knew he wouldn't respond right national like you are sure that his name and so we just give them the names we don't know for a while. If it we don't know their names when they're brought in some massive art career body and then that's when he turned and looked at me. Yeah. I was so it just stuff. And buddy says he caught much slower I mean there's no time there's no talent and a would've answered anything that he knew generally insulating O'Brien. It's Daniel O'Brien Spain trying to end. Or. Laboratory. Funk junior I loved that laboratories. Talks junior my guy that would be great. You know within the crazy thing about it is we're definitely technical. Jeff does not have health insurance. Okay does have health insurance according to him and as his dog dies but. Darts my health teacher. I'd I'd look I'm not this big animal. Weird how that a lot of people are if you are god bless she if that's what float your boat I've I've I. You know people say all week you don't know the I have spent hundreds of dollars on pieces of cardboard and actually tone yes I do stupid things. Here okay where they sent a picture prayer on the car brighter picture print on shore. But did fat and they may have only great that picture on ten pieces of that core sure but this your life is not is unable to use you as is the life of your own doll. No that is as fun take care of myself. We go to the gym a miniature eyes you know I well I don't JR it you while writing a walk on him and. We don't. He's almost always think they know they did it. Just dog buddy Neal is on the phone let's bring him on buddy good morning. Did. Borrowing your. Body. Didn't deter. It and saying see you. The surprise is not hander and restore. It's superstar Billy Graham told. How stunned him names likes and barker. Its own right bark. All of it completely bitter bloody. Lawler is the barker briefcase yeah Pittsburgh at the end that really I mean I think now by how you now buddy Cody body yet. He is about to be ten years old tiger thank you seven Indian canyons now called Doug solo home well when he walks these. I gotta. Just remember. We all know Rick and all you sound like macho man Randy said. Nolan dole. If there were. We had a close call and they only Eyewitness News at turn me he didn't. Indonesia is crowds we wrote when the ball doesn't Adams. It was a no because yeah what's your question by the meal just all. So I believe there and German girl blue little party when he played through it. Why didn't anybody of your time ask nice dog came out on the day now are so alert slower. And part of the moment yeah. He has an interest in Manny haven't asked her views and she's not interested. What's brown body. 00 yeah. And it doesn't every birdie again today. We'll but to do here yeah. Okay okay did you go toe to go to my own room. Even on run the house is unopposed there but not all split brokered bulletin just played poker. Oral would want to live in little Sporkin now you're good chip from just don't know. Society should be almost the bond already. Birdie birdie birdie everybody a little bit let's go to the clinic that is. Taking calls from other dogs heavily right now he's lineups and it is for you later oh we're. Our buddy well we got to roll serves things are you calling somebody and you know. I got a call for our deal have been paired zebra. Well. I'll tell you this mining as a better sense of humor or squirrels birds and it's almost goat in his Georgia it's no lie Jeff. Just dog does have health insurance and he does now. That's sure that you and I just bet she did. There isn't a chunk of of Americans like that. Part of that is I think maybe. It just is is really sick. And Geoff Dixon Geoff to the emergency room. If he goes like Kerry hospital treat him forever is wrong with him and take care of that yeah here. But if your dog is really sick. And you take your dog to the event. And you don't have the money to pay them lend out their congressman for. This is the bank you have to pay cash to the vet. Whereas. It if you don't have credit the hospital will save your life and send you bills million angle by him. While. A lot of people went to the vet and said okay will spend the five grand on the kidneys or whatever it is and then they leave and never go back and they just leave the dog there. Is it can't afford. Mean this shameful you don't wanna paired I have to admit that kids sorry and I of the four grand to save. No life spaniel Brian you know wherever the dolls and its allies voted. And it registered as it must be the starting named. And has to do with this. Low maintenance leaving due back in Iran now ultra moans and Aniston are scared does. Yeah golf flagler and NSA and Alan page is all part and each time. Well you know what look hey I have car and I'm reading a text what we have to me. Me and my wife have car insurance but only one of us have helped insurance guess which one has health insurance wait wait this gaffe. Mayor Gordon. So they have to Corey so yeah you have to have car insurance you have to yeah that you don't have to have health insurance now do you think it would. For awhile they had to have health insurance or pay a penalty remember like always he smelled something in the Arab American have health injury injure her in earlier obamacare. Aren't too. What is phones here will open a month we'll take a phone calls from a people animals anything when he 1774. Bit below 93 really you can get in on down. We talk more about the guy who wants to be a cop we can get into the Jeff anomaly of his pet has insurance but he does not. Anything you got general questions advice maybe got a good drag name forming I. I'm I'm lost when it comes to that all the good ones I can hear you good drag queen names and I need 1180774. Down below 93 new and thus we'll talk on the radio next. The rest I just take. Civilians 341 do you listen to the rise guys morning she 93 boys read the. City. What is going on. To free can rise staff did is we got some lessons drag things for an American. Are these real ones are these is on the ball busters like people are tweeting me. Someone said money should be UG KG some of what we found out about Alan Jackson saw some real. Like somebody just takes to do what about harlequin and as an affront parlay clan I'm I'm I'm kind of random banner hookers. Time and glucose are glued Paris I get to sugar reference to the diabetes and I don't. I had a blueprint. I don't miss and dying of blue sky and then glued to the Amerigroup Paris are its foreign malls won't pounds or so. You're borrowing their decision beam and Dana. That's key it. You dominate and they take it when they name is like one word name kinda got her own thirst and man Obama. And honest you know let's just it was maternity. Men all the women that aren't matter and he. I found that may have found there was little yeah. Hall man. Are eager winners will be matrimony. National outlets. On the moon. Not all you get as gorgeous you know you lose will end. That's yeah what's your excuse. That. Hides the guys. Tony it's not then there okay what's his name in germ are able to jagr cheer me agreeable as drag and informative morning. Her man's sudden all around. An unknown until Ryan. Absolutely not on never can't do it never. And one that I. Brilliant man and exactly yeah. It's. They are when you said it gives you sit mile. But he's in Millen Millen Rod Wheeler and yeah. Oh we don't need to make these you know. The main toward. Going to be fun. That eternity. Is that incentive to hold my stomach. You know. You can get away Anderson they met and all. That goes. Yeah matches at Australia and I'm not us are right but you really can they under 200 naturally edited. I. I have to be wrestling or our defense I'd prefer not to actually I don't think one now he's stolen. Moment moments ago the worst or who. Went home and I said you're new and yet fat boy you last year you're asked why it now that's watch last year and he confirmed a new and yeah. You and him and Galen are saying. And Pam am Pam. You haven't named him though you mom's name is pain now look these are claiming you're a new era. In your life for the sake of this busy enough. There is too absurd to name. And Pam Thursday. All this and ask now what about Jeremy so horny there's a ball well guys. Forgives him. No right to it smashes. It. Arm. Gently TJ have you passed. You all of dot com. Yeah. All of Googlers are not gonna confirm that I will state weighs. Matt Bernadie but I do like that they molested mr. Brinker international monitoring agent have put a lot at the end Matt and I can be a freshman. Matt turner today. And days and turn it. Picture. And the exterior look McDermott policies make no offense our fab. I doubt we'll take a little break we'll come back we still got tickets to go see bush up at Harris casino. In Cherokee will figure out a way to give those away and much much more at this show right here hold it. Polarized guy thanks in coolest guy. It's an okay three point.