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From NASCAR family history to Nine's breakfast snafu, we are pretty loaded today: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids who traveled. Arrives guy so I could legally yeah this was industry has just started. Morning show good morning. Three Jane wind speed December 6 2007. Maintain. This year of our lured. More and more rat man are you. Pretty good you didn't comprised of students and fine time. I'm what is it is putts. That's and is putts please please please as punch that's good then that's that I am a you are America I've been president Boris 35 minutes and recovery. I was angry at Tony after. A yes. You don't feel pretty good again. Was loud naming name I don't know neighborhood about you had a a little bit of the tryst the mornings you already there. Well I did not have very much on hand to bring in security eat burgers so are called in an order I was picked up on my way. From its morning for our establishment there are passed are on the way here. Wal-Mart now are call men and now I'm gonna go pick up my mind my balloon food for breakfast they. And there. I guess is they're and then end. Play it for me. This tree growers are OK it's time they she's trying to break a hundred no ability. And I'm standing there and birds ever stood there watching this girl. Count change like. Cabinet 86 dollars four times will certainly make it more than 86 knowledgeable. About watching this MR I I. Federal work. And I guess I am rated pay for mariners is sitting there is ready and then well why are allowed just come. Yelling you're not getting your entered. He knows little bit moment but not a lot of it. Was today curse word. You angry that a 'cause sort Muller oh before Sloan in there I mean I think they move slow bit like slow slow. Coming syllables. Or well and so therefore. Oh yeah and at dad's favorite or. And it's. You joke Corso wore all male. And you just I don't act Dalton and drew had no word. It. Well threw me blade with the hundred dollar bill a parked on the curb and Romans couldn't get her car owners. I'll tell you Lou Taylor is at three dollars and while files or wherever I don't know if Graham get out of probably we're close our energy America colonial. Well yeah Larry it close on from hell that there some violence there Larry's house hot. Not that you know many still are. The scary thing but I'm drew and he would now you're out. Anyway were you ahead. I don't I don't order somebody brings we may just go yes yes you already yeah. Laurel and I'll. Well we'll all we'll come together is a is there room in order some breakfast things that boy's journey now watch him here. Every couple weeks is so hard I do get some from that establishment usually it's five minute no no problems the same location they're easy to spot it. No issue while I was a problem and it's not a customer announced that actually each other people were angry Gerstner. No real voice after you got back or don't you tell I don't have enough change you've got to move that paid customers here would from getting cold my that they Carolyn Bryant play you have to run a business you have to at some point guard. Do the job right. Yes so yes I hit it. I Wentz to end a decent restaurant together not in the service was just mad and and I I've just come to terms with the service is just not good right now yeah and society generally no it isn't. I mean like. You and every day. And enroll one breast tribe and I wet suit. How Al Mal a bit with my microphone also nobody will be able to detail what I'm saying to our program and our oceans day anyway and why does you know why does he know in my head because I'm aware that I might say well I went in that place and may and it was just like. Do you do have symbolism break the surface loses so glad that made. In May soon not taste as good power so arrogant rescues are narrow myself concept. It's very you know you and expected no way that I had Branson. Click here I. Outweighed any third the other day and after that tipped the girl soaked. I've still got a tip money in my pocket they're under kind of stopped by there in your tour now stopped by an error when there are more extra effort had to give you this arm Friday. On the was she doing today in Miami yen as you might have some some showers and anyway very afternoon showers expected this afternoon high 63 right now mostly cloudy and 49. From argued very exit at me closed and Diana her own words is your minimum law don't you let's make love manned so. Listen to this last night I went to elect our senate and went to the holiday lights show agreeing with the speedway yeah. So now do you remember last kind of training wasn't the Rangers. Morneau and right well let's go to you know I think with the rain. Them. Horror roof or in wind as well and yeah do you headings and you get the ice skating rink yet San NAE at all I stuffed animals are are way to go. No I didn't I mean adding yet IR ROK. That we will do you know we rode through it and here's the thing. Is when he goes through innate need. First of all you get to drive on the way on the racetrack that's road favorite part I don't think they emphasize enough to news. They knew every year as part of say like Jeanne good driver and insurance and I'm just I'm just you know going around the track and so much is that you know. Says it must first go around on this track might have won twice a year you lead stone ramp from classic rock won a one point one thing act arched I don't race there are. And but that was cool and then. At one point. You know you jeans do you go right track meantime you want to leave it says that Daniel go around try again if you want to around treetops there you go around here especially if there are people aren't bad and as I like said it was it was raining but here's the thing with again not getting out to sea sand and the petting zoo and and you know they had the final Pixar stuff. But the rain on the windshield with a all the lights in order kind of maybe a little cooler I thought it was pretty lenient Kenya I thank. If your cobra looks following all the reflect and stuff and then you can go out there Benadryl because speedway you know these. The the other end of each and actually call you vehicle out there and then maybe I don't know if they still allow you see police vehicle and set march it. They're out there Missouri get there. You can sit there and watched a lot sheriff did he wants to why isn't listening musically ready synchronized. It's like. You know there's a lot of people talk about synchronicity. This stuff is good insight Bellagio asked. I'm not Jenny did so why it yeah and yes you said there. And you just listen to it on the radio that you get anger at a car I was warm and I'm just looking around all this beauty just bouncing around Iran's right. It was real good I'm I'm totally serious and not mean pay anything to tell you that it's really good yeah it was really years. It's a good show out there. A way to go men love did last year first armored got. Your first time ever did it hit Ned this year he'll wait to go and you got any more so. Well and he should. Should be pumped iron I took a stopped when I was going around the track it more important took her a picture it would boost Ralph current or memorial they're on the on the left hand turn me I don't remember which wall latest. You know what enact its way to do it because and is Ralph Earnhardt a swarm of plus you get to be rock solid mean. The thing on the track. And those look and I was gonna tag. Dale Junior and it does grandpa who are endowed. Good on his Twitter and I followed him for the longest time she needs as on the air Amy Poehler right now as I'm saying it. He has on his Twitter that his name is Ralph Dale Earnhardt junior thank you man won and so. There isn't sure Rouse and earnhardt's. Yelled hey Dale Junior is really Rouse unions is what I am taken from that no. We're not mean there's a difference there. But I what was Ralph Ralph Dale Earnhardt junior well no I was daddy Ralph Ralph Lee Earnhardt. Dad Ralph. So it was dale Ralph dale also. I only gave us the 88 day dale sorry it was the first row stand Ralph Dale Earnhardt senior. Great to wait a minute news anywhere draft pick JB senior is very was well holy. He went well and Lauren her car. Send a surname as Ralph. So this for a client absolute picture and there's anger I think did pick true. Was it the grand isle was at senior religion Ralph Lira horror. Patients are pretty sure Blair Edison in reserve nice talking needs are very sure dale earnhardt's daddy's name. And Diller and her studies here OK so I was right there did you know that that dale. Most Dale Senior in junior's first name was Ralph I knew they had Ralph cinema there was first two men learn how to win or if Dale Junior was Ralph third what I they had browser and how the story. As they didn't dale Ralph dale Ralph Earnhardt air routes there are and where you recommend Bobble around labor got Ralph Dale Senior the dash. Rally after. God a book or. Our day day after that led so anyway if you are if you look and they go do some way do you kids or and in my. My my child is a freshman in high school and she loved it. Is she put her phone down and Jewish video into that's an accomplished I don't even have found them but when you turn. I know Canada's market. I let her one day one day in the neighborhood. Dropped to god bless America I got a long awaited our I'm not. And it took me six times in my license so you know they say wait. Each generation is ten times the tiger sixty counselor airlines. Never do it after a meal of Turkey jerky stuff makes a huge storm out yeah well I've always recently eaten that tries sure what I'm. Hey Kate did you ever Zetterberg is the way they break when they're learning and at its. Earlier you'll need the advice anonymous at those ought to matter how I thought I say this it was our learning guy I'm only using one foot era. When used benefit error at all and years ago cards to Ichiro. Yeah that's all allow death come. So anyway good check them out I think you I think you are if you don't like you just error here. She bit nervous. Dvd is skirted just littered you'll grant yeah so Marquette. I come today is Alex said Wednesday a week at it's. You know hole so I told me yesterday boy your show was very busy yesterday asked him what he made it well you were given no way are you doing nine injuring talks editor Christopher home. Let's show the show to show they're this is practically have we we that said 8 o'clock we know will keep that going through this week at least. Your chance to win at 2500 dollar engagement ring from. It's details of Spartanburg. Did you say you're hate him. Com and so we get that we get Carolina rebellion tickets today here we and more rebellion critics but yet more tickets to our premier. The last jab out there are Star Wars movie era prior screen and harder scooters Colorado. When Marty told their way or was out there we just don't know theater when. Tickets to get any special ones again in this theater for this prize delegated our bid ask another ticket to get into the actual theater not just the concourse there would have been the movies really are armed men shaking diesel Camellia. Well yeah I think plant and mr. a snuff film campaigning there. They were saw our what matters carries his name Ralston's. Kerry Ralph Earnhardt probably class tourist. Nobody talks a bacterium nobody does he's heading to verify counselor to carry Dale Earnhardt had a bad day is nice seeing around you may care. Damning him has my husband and it was automatic claimed he was talking about assignment as racing's interest is on bounce and caring Aaron tests also in the and there are. The early and airmen Aaron are more for car owner JR motorsports the sisters Kelley Cain armor Miller. Well there. A New Orleans came. Us man or zone. He is an issue related to Richard Petty theft but I don't fear that's a marriage I want to draw a related one family in the off shoes to start a mask or. Whenever he's out and decisive cannot monarch. Racing in and record through the end of the year Edger for her Harding got no middlemen. If again I am not going to be a leaner. Our day or burger Bali to our cars they are agreeing here Ollie dale hell yeah nationally. As the bow is he had got anybody else. Ask easy isn't saying you know he's like just real chill day at a bit and junior seems to be in jail. Well yeah but I wouldn't guy you know imagine he's our he's retired now and everything around him that maybe I can make any powers here. This isn't listening to commercials that's true. Voicing my kid brown rice. He has saved event disarm it. Also yesterday if you miss that the truth and consequences which was. Mark Graham I would call that an Honda anger. That's where you had Alexis and Jeanette and Jason and Dan missy renewed and that was only two people on the call there are so it was there was some elves we're gonna re premiere that today's well. And as they six to twelve days of madness and then end that is so we will have some fun today as well as. Aid brand new. Christmas inspired Candace phone scam from Jeff Lewis today hey hey hey Harry yeah. A surprise you know room well we don't do that from the very short or more loved you probably don't do it. I remember the numbers to our stance that's was she in Texas 72341. That is beat Carolina vapor meld dot com tax line. 72341. Or call us on our award winning phone number 180774. Down below 93. 180774. Double Boone 93. And then oral social media pretty much everywhere to rise to tune. And net page what you were unemployed. Well what I did and guy in Hawaii due to his roommates. When he needs to. Didn't bring beard to a party. A sack about that next in your eyes guys headlines. What did enjoy policy can't get blood from a turnip. Well that's that's all I would so I would live to contribute this bit of America. All right so what is needed is money when he didn't bring beer to the party and that's the big question we had the answer next year rise. Guys headlines good morning and everybody. Jim Angle. All right guys running down 93 point three the planet do. Guys headlines with the age. And your big. We had talked about what happened and from Rock Hill police were called Sunday morning an urgent care center. And what that is their fight broke out at a bowling Alley ever found. Or a wallet that he was stolen. Are so many accuse someone stealing a wallet and then went in the file is very violent where. And man's year he's in his ear was bitten off and you thought she was found in the ER and in San. He's sticking to the hospital on and return to reattach to the event down but down below my parents and bold. Back to Il can't Wednesday a very violent fight to where the victim was bruised from multiple kicks and part of his ear was missing. Very few innocent party here is a very violent fight each and analyze it and ever little command here in combat and never has of less of Moscow's brawl Jesse generally yeah I think south answerable. Cauliflower ears as limber enough and we are debate here here put this area and most well. Bite marks to a shoulder and was crews from mama's kicks and you know hopefully they are able to reattach the ear and it won't tape can not have an infection. So in any given the disease also has China still has Wallin well and the victim and is cousins they want mauling. And and several people on make an argument over someone stealing a wallet are found I don't have specific details on Houston Larry do you get my arms and. My still some gas. So now I don't blow years after terror. He says that it. That perpetrators went to the victims come around to connect it to ram and a fight broke down police aren't share. If that Airways bitten off for cutoff can't blame us. Mean. That's enough and is. Let's trainees and ram enough I am yeah. I'm the only regular not gonna sit here but I don't posture gives them about the panel. Our nation last year and it can guard Koppel is that he could go fishing in all those things that have accomplished. And you can. Thank you it's. Sort loading is gonna call this home to us. Countless lives are high. I mean I'm also Chambliss I think Paul accomplice around the lump us all let's reward those who prefer to catfish Berger wrote. Only a walrus was only reference to catfish should be want to scare and it was always about catfish I only know and referenced in this Kerry wood's era. Well. Chester Bennington has autopsy results are hand and hand traces of alcohol in his system. Traces there it can't no drugs. Well they found drags around him right and I'll ambient yeah but not any any him he had done. Corona they found that pint glass of trying to adjust as a little bit of krona and one. Lola. Arnold. And anger that there happens. Very good I mean people of our. Suburb remained do things like that and seem to be a sound mind somewhat you don't mean they're released. I biologically sound from the chemical perspective I just chemically sounded certainly out of a sound mind and. What do you make you feel better as one of has survivors to to know that he was. Not. Drugged up out of his mind. I don't think it matters too much now now is still obviously not the ballots that there. Some kind of chemical imbalance was for the drugs there's some natural. Again I can't get my dad. And my dad made that decision. When he was server many drinks whiskey and they did it but he made the decision sober. He made the decision. Record isn't my group could say goodbye message explain himself was also bruises startled server. Yeah and it knew that bill. At that plan group and you. An Emmy a really ever press it too much but I always is saying that it was it was he was howling into us examined the whiskey talk here but I always send. Yeah you know isn't you know we'll go to. Here's a whiskey in his case a little bit encouraged it you earlier. May have you know so we didn't back out arbitrators are really made the decision sober. So according to their report don't terrorist there was say a bottle loans. The generic version and ambient. Socialism. Yeah Pennsylvania us open also at an empty bonds Stutz while beer and a pint glass of corona and then they had slight traces of alcohol in his system according to their report. He had money coming on Sharkey a generic. Authority to do you know where is he got money owning your eye to save money can army and the roughest broker just all bustling home. Oh yeah so. Well that's. I don't know why edged policed by the drugs. And at the end kind of glad you name wasn't. Well and I'm vandalism that there are really swollen. Visitor. NC where we're sort of somebody Sammy some Carter at Indian mayor Ecstasy sure upon some work. I don't CNN and hear or care I stands. Just. Ambien. Our that are arming. A blood test is Bonnie tested presumptive positive fractious seemed to additionally urine test failed to detect any. So again there would have been very very Trace amounts it in his system is an a right now. Is it true then some states had. Sobriety checks that they can swab your mouth and find drugs out there. Five days after you've. Duck ingested them what drugs. I heard week. I don't breaks her. I heard it was summed. A new test that they had swab and find a weed out to several days after he had ingested it. I mean I don't know if they're doing rigors arm birds are those who are enemy well. Rob I had heard about teenage CNET can no hard and fast selves and Alia I need an asset may be that way and test policy and then blind test and I don't know how this is welcome but I. I mean they wouldn't be looking for it in a traffic stop five days out they'd be looking for. Think what they're looking forward that is a way to tell. More so if you use it in the last couple hours yeah. Because you can't you know charge some very would do you iBook is they certainly were drunk last Thursday. It would remain it in the sense you just say if we can say it. If we can say definitively that you were under the influence of that dirge sometime in the last five days I don't really do us any good if we're trying to charge you can do you are certain. Yeah San Diego please have a look at Trenton new way to confirm the presence of marijuana and impaired drivers a mouse club device that is being used by police department. And more than a dozen states now is his that in become popular with the legalization of marijuana then we will know more about there. It's called the trader drug test 5000. The jury your. Article 6000 dollars each it. And it can test her weed choked opiates math. Methamphetamine. At the Dahlan and didn't say news. Scares people off and did. And that's a little while math in my opinion this may talk in here that Vince says there are bigger problem than their radar base. It being so we will suspend the licenses are in a written. There is those first take off I think the reason visitors are viewed as a bigger problem is because they. Maybe. Frankly they've gotten too many people played. Ben's as a absolutely can't and yet I'm Mercedes Syrian Naira from talking about and observe and report. Ominous and I am standing story for the next newscast. Around. I unsafe speed and I zero guys on my. The rise guys morning. Beltran and. Rise guy's sports with the basketball. Always good Longoria and we all something funny. Thank you end. You know is. As a meticulous as the Heisman Trophy committee is. Marital scandal Reggie Bush. Made a motivate his trophy. And remember that proper benefits of one month. I guess that only extends studio winners. 'cause according OJ Simpson he still gets Eisen votes. The never took it away in Rivera who present. It was all the winners gets votes. There is some media members who. Ceremonies this weekend you know so pretty much been committed fields probably gonna win it. The name not a lolly from the south all EDO bay the mayor Sheila gall Ngo case I drove the ball. So it's Agassi and invite other people to Steve uncommon phobia. Film room Amare Jackson's garrido and Africa and a aside or be really exciting and effective logistical as votes. Anonymous full ball he was watching them for pro running back every year it I don't know man they you would think to the Heisman trust's total income. Well maybe not promoted as you know. Not everybody gets votes. And they protect their vote totals in the vote of four men. Usually members all. I know local media member cities to have one. So spas close as I've seen here. Allow horrors that you want. We bought one day it's been Owens is thought they do Lipitor sold his Baseball Hall of Fame votes period there is so we did today it's been there. And they took it away from a oh. People take users. Are cabernet keys and to the trophy case. It'll have a Super Bowl win or husband. Is got a Mohammed Ali legacy award. They got a permit all say. She gave tells me I'll say they also aren't. You can't automobile also want. Sports Illustrated. When it comes to boxing nobody better than beyoncé. Mohammad Ali. Is there wouldn't rule out the NFL's platform I want continued. To work for the people. This little seat camps that. Well trumps them when the beyoncé at war Beers. But again you know each template Coble is he's bigger than football or him as a step down if he comes back compliance. This person of the year you get failure. I don't think so I wanted to get the GQ men here are you. Think that. He's bigger than fellow law and he would be going down a step that he came back. Because there and they will be you know. How bad is it playing now know overshadow everything he's trying to get out but yeah but that means you're saying that that would mess up the legacy because everybody would come back Kagan he's going to be throwing touchdowns he's not that grave of football player. Gather wolf already all filled stuff anymore and it becomes. Plus got a good case against the NFL. Peso over right now with people who never watched football yes. But he has told his old friend basic people who. Aren't into football are all you know it sees. I say and I'm not the right person that. Ask obviously meant as a white guy I think when I see these similarities that people try to post wave he and Rosa Parks I just don't agree with that and anyway. It got guys on a football field surrounded by security blah blah blah. He's a millionaire Bob Bob Bob missiles the little old lady who what and under the back of the bus and could've been. Savagely beaten is she didn't give up so dull compared that it. And it's easy and it's incredible what I see it everywhere in and sit with two young people with. They would just say they would just totally just fall in Intel and it's not the same thing I mean it's nowhere near the same thing how did you he would admit to that. I'm sure he wouldn't like that. Whatever stand he takes Susie equated to the stand she took her understands that but it's certainly shortly taken into this start. It is. Isn't the same vein I guess it do then they get where it comes from but it is not. The same thing clearly it's different commonplace. And different environment different setting isn't it is way different. Our Reza partial voters are. Then the rough is the most physical game in the NFL this past Monday night Stiller is a minerals. And brothels were casino rising zero into the hospital is still there. Become and almost that Dennis bird type injury where you've lowered his head rein in Somalia stock huge part of a mall in storm hospital. Onto his sponsors suspensions it was a rough and how long after the game Roethlisberger saga. Of the lost some plays golf. If you possibly football let's find suits to all sports not for everyone if he wants to do it Al encourage it but it does announces filing that is well. This say they were scared during the game now you people world by oh players yeah. You know bonds has Murphy should lobby in the unifil. He's a dirty player cheap shots when needed while immunity doesn't track burger over every season our history here cheap shot and us. But he got laid down. You know considerable back and forth distinct shots of each. Stronger as the game I play and he came in and drop and Al I know you losses of Hilton still need to suspend our game rooster you are prepared and each other. Yeah animals do this so that it involves over is not up there and I don't yeah I and then and it's very ask. I don't know how to come off win of this the only other fresh yeah. The only all of those kind of girl was I think for men jags are like you're free to reshoot. Bells kind of funny but distillers and in every week always have the best want. This last wounds do you know TV shows you shows highlights and good end zone celebrations. Out why set it and you probably don't care. But this might make you a little more. Well this on wants us a semi make a little more patriotic what's up we win I can't give any more patriotic and we win all the then medals anyways I think no matter. Russia. As been banned from the entire 22 Olympic Games. According to the IOC Russian Federation is barred. From mark don't Chang Dong Cheng medal and a few Russian athletes compete. With the cancer from Russia. They'll really lose. Olympic athlete from Russia. No federation music if they win a medal the F to fly the Olympic flag up the Russian liked what I Alando should be available to them. Rendition Floridians now. I mean edit their leaders have been Netflix documentary about a cold acres in there's a guy living here under our protection that was there I think it trainer for awhile or elaborate bit purse was a big deal through so it was like you switch in the pretty. No there isn't offering here yeah they win wounded in the detail and Scioscia about handler. There were under different time constraints under the eye of the IOC to swap out the samples. How complicated it was. And then to get the right dilution with them sodium chloride. Stuff like that believes it is which they're pretty potent oops. You. I watched him on special basketball when you know you also what talked American ninja warrior. Yeah Saunders it's okay so you know what I'm saying. He'd care that Jeff is a TV show basically as a miniseries. True it's true all sports on same thing now why again but this whole you know. Well I don't I don't care for the Olympics and I Farah I love our country that I don't you know. So there were since they won three medals in the for you what's Olympics was made to 2008 Olympics they underwent this whole program to make sure you know. An elaborate doping scheme people call X won three medals at the last Olympics so is a big deal Russia are just went. And and Olympic athletes don't get paid either pay that they just get the medal. I think in the gives Stockton and of course endorsements among so it really is making money off the Olympics the artistry at camp and a though little is dramatic. There IOC is these. It's harder on them calories in our NCAA because these cities are well. They lose billions of dollars years after the Olympics have come to town so why aren't they brag. Paid billions of dollars to get it. There are already not maintaining the real facilities are looks like crap yah that was reckon somewhere else so she's taller par already in a bill. I've got the moral store -- sports Special Olympics there if you want to Google leg Olympic venues that are follower pardon dilapidated around the world it's crazy yeah. I Centennial partly in Paris looks all right exits when they kept us on the most part chameleon and there's an exception to the rule. Drugs as for. It may mean that falsely imply track toward. She's really way expressing at a desk all day long.