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We wait on Chris Jericho to call... well it might not happen: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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ALC. Here's a steep morning radio their eyes enjoying San. If you're going through. Top. The walls Jerry Canada. I knew that from the Bobble. Chris Jericho. Wrestling fame. When the greatest of all time and now also. Frontman for the man posse. Will be on when this momentarily Fazio the performing at the firmament. And and endure hearing grimace front runner for your pro that's where what it's called I gonna telling this. You're president of the affirmative before the last I saw there I didn't get out of C fell Anselm Oberto and see Yang Yang. Wins us two NC Byrne at hello I'm leaving him man. In May and jerk always comes only he's got some going on remember the show goes on ABC. With a stuff fell off the belt. That people or hang in dialect a rope and then they fell off the side of the building or some Iowa's stuff Foreman bill like rule my stuff that it would just fall off the side of the building if you missed the question. Like prizes you could want okay. This is good for you calls. What are you on Dancing With The Stars as well I remember that right he lives whole mile track there. Are you doing the first ones when the news that the only Mo old to bring Europe now yet approximately we won't bring that up urged him there's other. Palm. Also several people. Earlier were responding to the the story about. Bert and Ernie being gay I laid it really breaks down here at your child it for you and in a makes you make you wonder. Like oh my god. Or mace Warner run was behind the suits to right. My mainly big Burgess studio once in conducted in their yes you say the other ones were hand puppets. Was big bird man or woman. Appoint one why. The toys. This big bird have a name why is he just call it like that because you know like fat boy it doesn't have a name here. Both Jim kind of imagine Jane Lynch as the you know the human version of Bieber. It was. Sauces woman Kwan and gloom. Man. I really forty year old virgin nice to have that god I used to have that and then sell online order I don't know that I. I had to go back to what I was catching on and on the moon. From his jet remember removed and he remembers songs that they change. It was in the civilized she was his balls there at the Circuit City store whatever was and then when she started saying it to him. I'm personally zone opened Steve's Steve Kerr Els. Character on there. Last I don't have it anymore climb those and banana and a little and then. Donna what's yeah. Them he had so many good saves. Yeah let's do it blew July big bags sing and the blob. Hall yeah. And I'm rifling through the stuff here. I think it's funny and when you touch. Legacy is is this past Baylor to. Close did the Rohm and he better call I've prepped for this so hard. Are my David Page you Hussein hole. Men and some of the men in them. If we can't hit big men. And. It and I'll love us and says you know Guatemala muscle they are yes and vagaries says that great Christmas song. Well I think it was the first period when you hear the words that page is big laws of the world's first Jennings and I think either one either Gaza once the in every year won the can down here is somebody the numbers are actually act. The only way you say that your visit. That's the only time apparently you really sound so this page with the news anchor for me. Gentlemen we didn't quite favor short we wind down to us Andy's office in just please verify that. That everything because GAAP. Mark Hendricks arrange this energy. Yeah give him before he goes on the Starbucks trip. Did radio does with the boom cup taught to to the folks at the label. This with the label told me tell you something I'll always look. I almost want to. And let's its instant and I love Chris Jericho and I'm sure he's just front and laid in this neck. I hate phone interviews I hate them I hate him or hate him right him. I love their studio because. He can turn and look at somebody and now see their body language if you ask the question you might see intense sample what I loved studying body language and trying to read people's poker faced some stuff. And you know wait wait when you've talked so much on the phone I mean look I love when you guys call in and all that stuff too but. When it's when you don't and interviewed somebody you you wanna look at many and I get in Coretta oblique anxious. When there's going to be a phone interview. If I wouldn't be as nervous if Jericho was walking in here in person yak is you wonder how they're gonna answer thing yeah. I mean like in you know you don't know what kind of mood there and Ingrid and they can be the same way when they walk in here but just on the phone you know. They can be art you know set their. Eating herb every minute I mean they can be do and have a million different things and if they're in here that I can see him in the face and looking mania I'm asking the question. Get a Caesar when you have that's a human interaction. You may have a situation like butch Patrick reed dropped from phoning the transport and odor right. Yeah India about the Indies on track than a human eggs and calls idea is okay here's one of the things now if Casey doesn't call Mike and can at least use them in my. Predatory. Questions here so damn man I asked a lot of people call Chris Jericho the goat right but they call to. Rate slayer the goat some I want segment Foley twenty years in hell. Special. They call an undertaker the goat. Yeah and greatest of all time not oh goat one of its big grace multi billion basketball. You think Jordan but then there is. Well Coby. Well LeBron. Erica so use it it's like the greatest of all time for that decade. It does it mean truly evolved. I mean like what are you consider. He doesn't have as many titles when I I think the greatest wrestlers Shawn Michaels he's. Just big stage the matches the network give it like with the basketball fingered victory I mean it's not there's not truly a greatest of all time. It's idea who's our answers different criteria that are this big thing Jordan has his favors a finals record. That abroad can't tusk is unity go undefeated in the funnel in his semi too intent this morning bureaus or longevity and plus you know with a broad and had the MBA trying to argue amount of the game from the so called gambling issue. Yeah you have to mr. trying to block ball. Like do it you know. Grace to full time so a greatest of all time. Can't still be playing but here's the thing okay or are actively wrestling you can't say you're the greatest of all time to still act. People say it was Ruslan you know I would love misfortune of you know actual stats yeah you know. The people was wrestling moves the greatest there's no win loss record for wrestling usher Goldberg would it be. How do you determine how many guys I mean I don't know it's not a dumb question because as I was watching helmet and if you hate wrestling. And quit hey I. You're apologizing for. We really enjoy it's like the common ground for everybody in the show I hate you. And you don't get into as much as we do but when you when your wrestler right. And get in that mindset like everybody watches it may be some of the kids or like aware that this is preterm. In these guys are going to through hail literal hail Arnold cages to win the title. Now. Part of a part of me is it or think and I watched this for like 35 years and are longer. What's it forever. What's the motivation to win that bail especially if you know you're not going to like they should say if you win the belt you get a race or you get. More money like what. So all these guys are throwing themselves off cages just for bragging rights with a bail yeah. And down the psychological. Ramifications this may zero cents. It's a matter who they wanna push at the time they want to be to have their company. And you lose drawing in the most money. And if they feel that say okay let's say Roman rings at the top of the company. Then that's the guy that they want. So it takes the risks you have to for the company for the belt so light in order. Gaze of for the longest time John scene there was like the face of the company. Yeah. He's doing things that like not many people would do in wrestling same way with that same we we Jericho I mean there's a lot of guys kidding no sacrifice. I do it why players selected by like if you watch it as a fan like why did they wanna win the belt so much other than to be you know. All I am a champion like. May be the first time there would only get that feeling after that was like 345 times what was there can be hunger anymore it's like win when you win the Super Bowl you know hey you're gonna get a rain the big one that you keep you ought to give it back when that other people when Super Bowl. You get the ring to keep you play you know year endorsements get through the roof yeah go to Disney World. I mean what do you guess he went wrestling champ ship you get you didn't. Like with the build argument you kind of fade into obscurity a little bit because. People forget Orton scholar 1415 championships. He's up there too but you know it's like it's not always about the bills Jerod a polite you know I don't want him. I don't want this all the time. Even if you know you're not gonna win you still gotta put in the work to make it look great. Don't you think they need to say you know of the winner also gets X amount of dollars or or or something it's your ball in some mountain. They did I don't know how much and and others. Since that I and I know a lot. He Birmingham economy now on the text line I guess it is it's fake I don't like that word either because they win they follow the cages and that's not think it's not faced creed color or creed yes sports entertainment. I love it. This I was here in some god awful stuff that Jeff was coming about it will be in bloodied and maimed and I mean. Enough faith played. Itself. Out of his talk about a family reunion. Okay fish. Now for a I don't doubt in my book mail Jerker I don't know dropping much low hanging prodding is. You know he's the east. It's pisses me is not the champion of punctuality. Now. Indy says he's he's trying to wrangle him but it then you'll look them off. And are more recently I'm in all right well god bless god bless America is sure I'd. No more phone interviews. And unless it's like some guy Palance is tough yeah. Hello this show and pulled pulled the curtain back look at that I'm now I have a page full of hand written in my have to tweak them through. Wireline wireless land line line bills like it's a long prep it did. Had Bernie. Our military for the time that we won't whine and complain has no way a lot more time to do is try to get it on the news in the TS a question of the day more birthday bash tickets. Turn there frown upside down madman. Talk to mess up we'll be back right after this. Ask Tony you know it's recalling here. Rise guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who are age project breaking news yes it's it's bittersweet. Mark Hendricks. Is retiring immediately. Bloomberg. Cinema born we're getting all go to Bill Maher told me that he spoke with the label meaning Chris Jericho is label. They're raw sleep put it in on central time. So Chris Jericho who would be call at 1005 today and not lose a hand in mine. Notably on tomorrow morning. I have five. A school by another promoted at all. Come justified assures the world it will happen counting again managing now when you Vanilla Jim Rome would always say you don't want to. Audio say. Should the let us know he would say something about I don't want to. Jinx similar sentiment that income bracket that's what it's exactly always edit it. So tomorrow. Fingers crossed hopefully Christian Erica a little left and I mean him though. Learn from it. So what is up in the plaques I'll eat out I love so it's and I have something attack of art expert. Well yeah on the year. Including Epstein. Every line we're going to be talking -- lot of expert if inadequate and tell us even novice at a. A few a year ruined so many relationships with friends by doing those in October it would that my apologies it's weird how yours are just so. Pungent via does not hurt no doesn't but I can tell which ones are going to be bad and which ones are just not by the feeling in your town. No just by the feeling when you know it happens I'll. Who until it's dark inflaming Morgan she's early in his pants leg like Phil's over there as I said I'm really off well it's like he's got Lucas and one play. It is at its intensity that I think is this expert in this August nutrition dietetic. Professor from the university in new castle and New South Wales. Her name is Claire Collins and she asked say for the conversation explaining. In a new phenomenon. About gaffes and she would agree that. The one in every comment that does it correctly would be Jeffords now. Just fortunate I the gun hearted in the tore through in less than X in your pocket and that's a huge blow. Everywhere and arts and flags and according declare. Yeah battered till landed out. And there's a reason for that because his way it make your eyes pop out an answer because parts can blow up your mountain peak down let them stay here and for a move it makes you belch is that what's our belts his arm and a well you try to hold it and making all the pressure and major discomfort and build up an intestinal gas. In trigger. And add tunnel this dense and miss them gasping in re absorbed into the circulation excel through your bra. Maru this hour belts is news to you in here and in the office. And some money that there was soulful yet it you're semi demented there's no way to really describe them is worse than before. Coming out of the mouth. Tomorrow we Jimmie had his gallbladder taken out this god awful Salvador is all. And also learn that there's another bad sign effectiveness. Is that if you build up that intestinal gas. It will eventually escaped via an arm and scope of part I sipping you don't want to have yeah yeah I mean I had my sneeze departed I've call started. I've does scare a big scare forty before started. He come up in the head. You know life. Boot you know I might just ripple and I didn't Iran have really become a peak oil off the ground what you're trying to pull a rumble strip yeah I felt like I was wearing some kind of jet pack in time. And yes I I've been a film like several inches off the ground I really does ha related. So is far is what you're doing to your body with the rising pressure in your dad's. You're not gonna blow by your rectum thank you need to be damn near killed my literacy it begins it does increase your chances of developing. Painful condition nine particular artists hold you sounds like he hit it up I think at that. BK is that means again in the mining in your intestines became inflamed nor can her Q so you mean to far when you feel tea. Feel like you got to fire to let ago. And that apologized later because better for your house according to this expert in the name of Clair from Wales. When you say that if you hold it in a coma your mouth he won't be like not Allah tennis is bad breath this big gas but what is it stinks so bad when it comes out there that doesn't appear. I own my own and then my card your nose rumble now could. Different approved sneezed before. We're not where I sneezed and then pollute pollute an analyst with sneeze and a there are all blocked an eye out. Just to stay down there and lesbians being actors are now if shields once in a bad that you made some might throw it. Yeah we did a few I mean from dry heave a matter of officials and officially nominate instead the accomplishments that live in an excellent view in part. I'm beginning to feel like the greens there's a moment and cremated. They don't know we'll let it poison sticker. That you know I. You don't look like Jim Ross every bit and so when you think you only got. The whole sports. And I. Got it there was one Italy we would be charter members can win. Right here at this. I don't know what's our company's insurance as opponents also over on the bigger part in it yet. Congratulations thing you reflect a little look this is going to be in that Tommy right now that's that's not bad not I could not help us. And onetime mile. Figured out you had the baby making the fitness alarm rock to. RA now that's fun I got a story for you. Sorry I was funny and announced it yeah well better. In this kind of reminds me an animal house and movie and then the vegetable section. Flounder. Mine's bigger thing to think I was arrested for doing your grocery store. And grabbing the produce on his spot talks. Now I don't know exactly which took off and wrapped it around and play at home and Georgia over what you. You know like in a mode geez you know if you're ever lied. Taxed like OK we all realize that the peach is never used for the peach is only for a woman's acts correctness have you ever used for anything other than anything other than the page may not like Daphne. Right when you're talking about the you know like eggs and they males genitals. Eagle with a hot dog the eggplant does that lead claimant or easier for use like Tenet plan and some more impeached and don't yet and eggplant donor chocolate dominant. And Piccard and Preston armies in the wrong. Like guys blockers when they were written. You know the tax thing for the kids trying to figure out what it means is that it is. It is like the tong and I connect plant and what does that mean and even some kind of egg plant peach parmesan and daughter little severe psoriasis a Muslim boy I mean you can. And I guys around. And kicking and different pieces of Purdue's dropping his pants and ramming Mitt ramming the producer and is Botox. And is actually and then pretty good back on the shelves that's the bad part one now martyrs who borrower they'll only discovery there. I want people per pound for us on after that went down the cops did cam an arrest 27 year old Michael Dwayne Johnson. He wants and I. Is meant well Walter but no. I think it. Dwayne Johnson can rub his bottom reference to any. And that used about the camel. Or. S largest Air Canada and kiss it you like Iraq pattern right thumb my goodness. Wants China. And like I admit I have a tough time man turning him down but anyway. Now is Mary. Jimmy led to our farmers market is weakening them and a beetle. The era and a house competitively or not people do it pumpkins and mountains and beatle. Then he's been charged with indecent exposure and destruction of property in the grocery store had thrown out at different news. After he contaminated. I don't know what his favorite was not keep looking into that store. In theory is I mean it sucks is different. Can't begin until like the needy that I mean I'm not joking I may do it. Idealistic if it's your risk if it's a banana any rubbed it on his but he'll need it now there among as well tell me the best of one from his by. This to say it was bruised seed down. And some kind of thing that he you know one hepatitis or anything ran done. Festivals and other great at the pump can stories are coming and now I our hair out process that official. Fruit in the south most recent transplants texting and I'm an eagle. Well you went and other green may grieve fairway we have again don't shoot me and just the messenger. Can slap you around and singer. Says here's an that you main lines because some of the characters and and that's it. I was I was waiting play Eddie Murphy is going to start a remake of grumpy old men. It was the 1993 car many with. Better Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon yes yes and and Margaret. I'm not there were great those are great movies in grumpy girl man was group was I mean I'm gonna say it was a great movie but it was fine for the time but the they're efficient car. The orange Jack ass on time for enemies in the next door to each others who will be the other old man any Cedric the Entertainer yes. The only thing I don't know them the female role but I see you know that there are names being thrown out there like for instance. Eddie Murphy he's gonna star and then also looking at this and LL Jackson and well Eddie's neighbor. Make this happen. Also among the blacks I think Dave is Samuel Jackson would you shoot. A neighbor that he didn't like right kind of extreme like here. Yeah it is he's gang. Comedic timing he can I implement grumpy old women's on Netflix is called grace and trained yeah it's and that. Well how about. This its first impressions. Do you ever feel when you first meet somebody that they may not like Q that they need to. Get that kind of vibe Lleyton has now and I me or not. Now while there's a study that you may not get a second chance at making a first impression. That's what they say you don't but this study says that you probably don't need one anyway. AK is something that was published in the turn ons like. Psychological science Mars science I think that people often under estimate. How much another person likes them after they meet them for the first time. Just ask him you like me Nabisco will. Check answer net net and we have a thing you know be friends doing in the co workers or Richard Skinner. Can exist co workers would benefits. What kind of benefits. Allen and hopefully I'm back here insurance are things like that. Tom. I think that's very true because. Well like for instance I said a million times as a fat person if I'm meeting in the car will not eat at a red light. It's a usually all the way back in the settling back in this. Because my back when heroes are are tentative Casey's our and laid back. Eat because I think that everybody's looking at the fat guy eating at our red light. But meanwhile AGF and look around there'll look at their phones they're not backing watching you are looking achieved. They're not gallon I think them managed that's taken snaps under the experts try nobody's. He's gonna notice you're wearing two colors of black together on your body rod with a two in the B 35% so people can senior run into it. You do pretty much anything in there and nationalism and a there in a hurry get no artists like you aren't hanging but it is sad thing give every week saying everybody's gonna look us up and down and judge and stuff like that and the truth is nobody. It truly nobody outside your friends and we care about you. Yes isn't adventure out we need a life lesson I have walked through thinking no way everybody cares about us in his or Hyde Park and you don't care about him. Now let's be honest with ourselves respond neutral people in turn I only way to people in my neighborhood when I feel out of state park road I don't wait to know what I am too nice things I like to act like a wave back and I like to wave in and that's what I love about the sound as people are space and leave nicer than other place. If I'm sick and analyzing you have. A good looking girl or car Fulham is on the picker in those smelly tuna you know falling and at their car. This on neutral people in traffic as well as for. But as ours meetings I had for the first time and you think on this person doesn't like me I'm not gonna get this dominant job vanderveer and the dates not in hand sometimes kind of maybe just as nervous as you are you don't know. You can't read people. That's true. And fortunately I mean I just think that their body language is saying they're right they but it may not be. How deep do you like me as a person pains side's position yeah there are two. They tell you why she's line is constant voice just went up a pitch that's another thing I can tell I'll compete for line. Out or if they'd if you ask him a question. And they look up to the right. Before they like Gator right. Now they're shifting to their right line assignment and. I'm not in the bathroom and you know and yeah I had a conversation they they take guys off feel and look up to the right. They're probably like. When it suited to stand up to run Wallace and now running your accent worse things to your face and never stand behind your band who was now. I have estrogen and Iowa entered with page she broke it down as you know one Allah we appreciate Stan yeah. But yeah an opinion pieces and they mad about you my time I did and you think of that idea I don't know how many times I've been I'm public lacks. I have that employees tested to big mouth pieces are and I said that she don't understand him you know get him a right there in a really sweet. Or met man is so into himself and he wears glasses didn't think he's famous and on my Nellie does not truly lucky. Players and well. Ice I know he's not sure he really has he has an eye condition he has lazy guy I get asked I mean I'm protecting you guys. The one thing I get asked about Amanda's ones were the glasses. On I don't know weird. I don't I don't know why word lightly my face looks he says galleries here are over only look at me as trying to look up into the right. To cancel it once a little more aggressive than the other and I had a lady were sad about plastic surgeon Sergey surgery Sergey. Actually she's like you know that's not only good until they can just lift up the 1 lip and I am. Again and plastic surgery done and less it's like shave off my handles. Yeah some Alley except I'm gonna take. Whatever is an opposite of skin graft is. I offered too little skin graph other people. None of the store glasses now zoom reverse 100 people birthday bash gets in my skin graft. Own a piece of the Redmond in Maine. Hanging at me and things people say about me and things Jeff was so mean meaning now up on me you know to think you guys. I swear. I would take a bullet for each and this. Apps I have. She yeah mr. Thanks shifted Stan thank you the truth of the matter you are my Brothers sometimes I don't light Q but I always loved thank you. Just when it says like you're talking backwards when you re I don't say it's hard. This woman now say you you leave her alone all right. Yeah I got young sorely defending the anatomy. We've got a network that I I did you beat his eat in which to enter. I am and you know Arafat would and. What people like analysts with page in the in the newsroom part element. Jets who was going so what page in the news you know oil wide and why did page do this for them alma. She's on Twitter FaceBook messenger is what do you want to ask them which is of his under oath in your own little. Being that I love. On and I'd just say the Alabama. And and it's as your eyes as him that's what we're gonna end yeah. All the time. He now we can just say first impressions did beating being your best behavior at all times and nobody can do that zoo is gonna happen. Well a couple people six in the man hours glasses because most larger church element that is. Actually playing these glasses when Eric church was still in diapers I mean how does Eric church him alone it's a real person as. It's like where did ask in the woman at that this woman poll. Fat lady YUN this or how long time. How keen why you weren't on why you Wear that kimono though about math and really. One allow Wear shirts and water park retire liquor what are you just it's not. Necessary in areas I know what it's like Kansas and now. He's got different rate than. He did mean opening cannon arms needed. I really did. If you'd like Cannes open most of Francisco this and just say it I get is why I mean now. It's just doing I am and I hear about it and I say you know he's got a condition these people. Worse this Celtics knock. This news on the news disability. Yeah lucky. Pete nice about it I can comment on and and now. And it's it's a pretty castle but around the castle is a moat and a drawbridge and that's the beard and in the glasses so buzz. I am literally a forehand and I noticed in two years walking around an ally that we're not saying you know where math the invisible man when they had to wrap them up and stuff so they get CME in any of the dead Hakim are the he called the ski mask you notice how you solved. I would prefer life that way. Every and that's not AEA and what my campaign and a sad and I NA is big even ally in that I'm not saying that for anybody say otherwise. I just don't like what I got from god from the neck up. Never has got to have gimmicks that the glass musical. Eric had amicable I'm used to them. The star and that's an excellent. Mean if it's really dark and got classes online when IC can be seen them for it. I don't see you have a condition. A little two guys rhetoric that. Get the feedback from people at home drawl he had the heat on the panel popular. This. I think. Yeah. Let me you're there and directions Kenya and he sent me the Illinois house any anything else. Those are the big ones trying to better myself. Think you can personal demons or handyman and have met man number for the betterment of the curled up as the army and yeah yeah exactly there what do you do about me as a walk around that thing. Exactly I mean. Yeah. But element. I'm you think Connecticut to create at least I. And a buddy didn't give me those of you say. Yeah all right well. It's nice to know that like what people that you love and cheers you really think it was I was meant to put as Guzman reach over these candidates and and let me stick around to digest bog has all the time and don't do it. And that's up. All right thank you page that let's say you're an award winning news. Darcy O'Brien is Arnold is good for supporters from me if I. Take a break we'll come back we'll have for the fab waste your cell question today in Iran Nana tomorrow hot in my case. But all you gotta do they seem like they're right guys it FaceBook dot. Com slash 933 to play. Guys bush. Pakistan. And Bill Clinton bully anatomy and mistaken moment again. That's right. We knew where you're planning geared to birthday bash. A it is eat whoever is wearing did the master has the best looking at pride full of the planet that outfit. You'll get upgraded to pit pass OK and signs were not for a OK so I don't wanna tell you ago I signed and bring him in yet no way. Dole spent two dollars and two hours ago are true note that you can make shirts and make. It paints. Yeah yeah minister signed. Huge sign you right you know. That he 3.3 complaining kicks ass in your new book. Every when it in the UGG upgrade to pass. For birthday bash this coming Friday night at the will take starting as low as 3950 plus fees. At 933 planet rocks dot com tomorrow FaceBook fuzz and and more bash tickets. Pages that are rock you at work next old slow boat. Five glamorized everywhere I'm a go like six thanks so much for listening have a blessed day I think when guys do. Control employee only. My blood kicks in next to an 83 point three numbers.