Tuesday, September 18th

This WAR involves a woman who clearly found her man cheating when she went through his phone, but his reaction to it all may surprise you.

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And I. Rise guys morning show to morning T it is 710 it is birthday bash week if you're going out we wanna see it on social media so hash tag. 933 birthday bash. Hash tag 933 birthday bash. It is this Friday tickets still available at 933 to plan Iraq's dot com. They started just 3950 plus fees and that is. When is that that's what. Few Beers for five mayors. Like a little more to embark cement. Yeah play for long term debt plus a when you've put bids I diverted to be there. Hopefully is of persuasion is still got some better value. Drop surprise he had and the big party prior to we act that well on the Q and patio we're doing a a drinking greed come by and get some of our brand new rise guy's beer PU and pills nearby Thomas creek. And sampled that and drink that it will have a cash bar. Mistakenly sent opened earlier. Mean Jeff. Accidentally said opened early. So that's this there's a big draw this coming Friday it is our birthday party we wanna see there there's going to be a big big surprise there and another big announcement comings and get your tickets. Starting at just 395933. The planet rocks cock. A tech. We have a young lady to assess now we are a assistant. We we assist the community especially it's. Not only 220 and our show for Toys for Tots. Beautiful sunrise and now going to be there are wonderful when he our show for Toys for Tots that we do entering our fifteenth year in net. We also have to find out some ice cheat on how what a great service does the local news as the weather channel do that alma. In between faking weather storms did they say oh if your significant others cheating contact us oil LP. Dig into an argument into you or hurt in the months or three right. So this young lady has contacted us. And we now will speak with her and get all of the the details. Of what's going on good morning ma'am. Acknowledging eerie I don't think he blew its own. Hello barely there we. Good morning. How are warning us again I guess I don't know why mistakenly asked people that there's so distraught Perry you today troll and our. We are not and not understandably so used he got a boyfriend. That is cheating on you and already. The good thing about that is is not a husband. That you think is cheap right. I don't know pressure teaching numbing. There but there's some. Some kind of evidence tells the whole story tell us how you mad and and and why you think that he's cheating on you or maybe that he could be. Cheating yeah. Shirt. Debate we actually we met them bumble that's the dating at. And we've been dating since. May. Of this year. And eat it we don't let the other. But we were actually playing Q we had talked about moving in together after Christmas. That's a good time to do it because you're cleaning up all the mess. He had taken out my as well as carry the couch out and TV and everything and just move. Some pets are. Does that. Everybody else is just going to be going to the movies in and lolly gagging around with the family and friends stuff although it tough to find movers and that helped. Regardless. We'll what we'll cross that bridge will get in December so this is a pretty serious relationship albeit you know a few months for five months. Yeah. I mean it immediately. Really serious and am I within about a month after it started dating yet we got to deal lack. You know. I was actually with him when that happened mainly due to failure that they'll limit but now. It was kind of like integral to this story basically he arms he ought to license and his sister is actually taking him to work ambassadorships changed that and basically I was taken in to work acting at like Kubrick never liked begin a lap and then like a lot of nights at a picking him up from working he worked sports and pedicure exported that now it led by an hour today yeah. So you've been you've been going in and because he got to the lack. Check in age if you had not been aware of them. At the time do you think that she would fail. I mean is your boyfriend obviously wanna make tree gets back and forth to work with you mentioned you were women. Like you know had you been driving continued so it's one of those things where maybe it's. Each socket two. You know it could have been worse. And you got a totally different people that either started at all Muslim. You're right. OK so we got to the line near your card him back and forth to work and all that. Yet so that's good he does have a weighted driver ran to cheat on you at least right now that we know of. I had growth came in their right. To basically let happen. Was last Thursday I I would go and taken to work and I got his plate and basically he had all the sleep on the couch it was still sleep so I mean I I read it like I've got out at hello and welcome mat thankfully is going to be late and dust. That is the worst feeling in the world is TR TD calmly asleep and then somebody. You like eight days guides at that that that feeling to me is. I'd day you I have a small percentage of a heart attack and Arabs I think that really you have to come out of this. In hockey cat O'Connor rub up on your leg a little bit kind of gets your attention that's how I need people to do me in the bed when and the snow. Don't come up get in my face screaming because I I apple rare back on. Gap so it is is so you brought in mayor he's asleep on the couch like god bless it. Did it's time to go to work here I am EU gotta go to work and all that too I imagine so. Yes okay so does he get up. So yeah he basically like he jumped up like crazy run down the hall to get in the shower and I had that they religious spikes fit raped her lack gap on the cab ride. And you know I would you know grab my phone get good I was sitting there barge and I didn't recognize any of the text with you did I was you're reading. An and I realized by. Wait expecting like it to his own. And being paid I'd ever read anything purposefully. That you there's one text that hasn't grabbed my attention from the girl named Abby and you know they released a cap because I literally don't know anybody named Abby. So I started reading through the tax as I I'd venture like any normal person would. Is right past page if you're in a relationship and you pick up the phone he thought was shores yeah and then you look at the Texan there's one from and could name we don't recognize. It's sticks out do you open their messaging star rating. If this is your abortions found. Now did you did OK yeah I well I can't we get the best man Eli Lilly and Abby is if you think it's your phone and you open it up to the site and. Who the hell does that mean you open it up in the near like Obama about what it says what do detects a from from abbey that. Well you know I don't get quickly our third and I feel like I. I'm not you know. Said he cheating. You know eight at that like actually dispute and feel like he looks so hot the other day at a dirty stuff you and. Artist I mean yes. No no no no I don't like photographed or anything. But he did and one of the dot which is on the play worse. Always doll out but I misheard practice at as dog DOG marathon okay. So he's okay out of bed there's there's there's some dirty talk going back and forth in your high and you look hot yet today analysts that say yep that's. That's pretty Latino. He never deleted his stumble. You know I've brought back at them the floor and he says that he just like forget your password or never but I I feel like that should be at. Panda. Maybe consider your just sat back. Looking back at the relationship now and now you're saying all he didn't do this in this in this so things kind of fallen to place. Yeah maybe at the possibility but I think basically avoiding him. All week and what pretended to be sick because they really. Are you guys and kind of balances but. And that happens. Today's bad happened on Thursday he's found that out he didn't say anything so when he came out of the shower everything he's had to play it cool and taken the work. Yeah I mean my heart was racing and then cut it they. First I don't want him. It that you became even look at it sounds so I didn't really know exactly like we do a site it's kind of like kept it internal and then avoid the Malik and. Down and then you don't know anybody about it maybe a coworker that he works when these may be talked about her. Not we only talk about these people that we work read and I've never heard of Nabih. Am sure. I am. Well. I don't know I don't know what else is missing or that and I mean you you read the messages and stuff but to be she went. You know I guess is they've got together. Either he's driving something and or she came and picked him up. And get things. Now I have a hole lead them to do very lady just correct. I think that's thanks to get a DUI you shed. How dated Hubert. If you really should. And I went on charger boyfriend you payment. Money then. Is it your friends I don't have any sort of lawyer. What lawyer they married. And okay Obama so. We're we're gonna it's a you pretended to be sick all weekend long. And then so that was like radio if you talk about going out or whatever you don't wanna see anyone it save experts say critics say conference's Shia. Yeah I made a break it offered. Cut it up again. She's happy guy that's out now and it that this is. Fully like that. Several people are pointing out beds our very own fat boy still has a tender account has been happily married for twelve years Ariel Moore there. Yeah fifteen years how long sixteen. Thirteen thirteen years married as blood smeared for Arthur Anderson if you keep and you look at it just for fun Aaliyah. So maybe he called girls on the ABC gotten deleted. Oh and you've been together how all again. Am. Since Mays making in July now. Four months. Of tech so you're looking right now and you think in their room there there. There may be more did it you didn't get get through the whole fall and neither has filed a quick shower that he was Taylor he's friendly. I do but they're applying it ladies messages. Now. Do you see any from chairman those and he down there it. Along. You and as a team as ever and by the way in end of may not. Pass in LA say it's okay are so we're gonna take a break and when we come back we're going to call. Your boyfriend. And we're gonna find out hey. Who the hell I have he has several. While another sabers is some person sitting in the same message three times. It could it possibly be a cousin are you serious you take it doesn't Sheila hot. He can't wait to see here again. One think's gonna hide that can't see you again you never say that O'Costa. I've seen it Christmas that's what I say. Our when we come at we're gonna call him we're going to give him an opportunity to an alcohol when you about what we think would work as far as the dinner this and that and then. We'll find out the name of who he's gonna take will it be used girlfriend of four months where this Abby girl or errors somebody else. Our whole tie can. Oh boy all right. Exactly cheap player no question here probably about a dirty talk there was look hot the other today I wanna see you again. He's chief. We're going to find out iron in on somebody if you send them your name in the and it's like. This doubling or how he's he's player plan by a Playboy aren't well I will get all the details next it is war it is the rise guys keep it right here we'll find out again. You saw. There rise guys morning show 93 point three the planned end. Jimmy Jack will be back with a song Monday. For that community and rise guys morning show good morning to you at 733. For your birthday bash take its coming up here and let's say ever. Before 10 o'clock about that. Honestly depends on how this next segment goes when we need to do that the we will have birthday bash tickets hash tag 933 birthday bash. Friday not this Friday night got smacked shined down asking Alexandria and. Us. Who is that the gin mills we'll still analysts. It's more low line crude is when Graham I got creep in your throat move. Who. Accomplice in the chest of brutal. Did he can still hear. Very well this song technologies program. I so well look let's get to Cy Young lady back on the phone Sheila believes her boyfriend of are ready for months is cheating on her he still there. OK so listening to the show you know legally I have to ask you re sure the U wanna do this we're not making you do this this is your own situation. You get the cell phone and yes. Yeah okay. Are we gonna call up your boyfriend. Don't say anything until I get a name actor Adam because where I'm gonna ask him who he wants to take went into this experience and that's where. We're gonna need to hear what he says so you don't jump on until we you know we get some kind of name madam kind. All right and Aaliyah here would get through here we go now are. It is war abortions. She pretty much sure he's cheating she read tax on his phone phone woods. Laying there she thought it was her phone a lot of people don't believe that I can say I believe that exactly that someone's phone probably in the last month or two did the same thing. Mercury gone. Hello hey GSP would grant. Hello. Earlier. Phases red. Yeah there's no more breath. And I'm gonna take congratulations my friend good job. Very somewhat. For winning. This month's insufficient. Find that lovers' getaway package from banks and regret I'm here by myself this morning. Congratulations. You won the whole thing this is Barry won among column in the bank delay you know he won the insufficient fund lovers' getaway package. Trader. When he may what does this. OK so the insufficient. Fine lovers' getaway is an overnight stay a glorious late Matthew where you're going to spend a night of your eyes water. Late master here. How are narrow one was near Greenville it's. Its eyes is it's one of those new discovered islands and Greenland you heard about this than discovered and various islands and late since of late match fees so it's it's beautiful. He has yet to check it out. How are all right so look here's the deal you got the overnight stay at this will be for to you and now someone's special you'll be able to stay at get chalet he'd. A private secluded lover chalet nestled in privacy on the grand banks of late Matthews. So modern marvel I tell you win mayor's own every ceiling and floor including. The shower. Yeah I did chalet well. Well I think yeah boy lawyer Okinawa humor here cream man I and you credit card number gross additions sales and no alarms in my. That nine iron nothing like that so it's through a debate like you said you don't even have to register for this I think basically if you got an account look lonely your pre qualified. Mario. All right so the whole thing is great I mean everything's take care of the food the overnight stay these these sex chairs. That light up and swivel it's it is like a lazy since. And get swings outside ol' boy this swings let me tell you ran it. I know pretty well. There's swings you know harnesses you know a you know the ones the you know hanging outside didn't have a little fun in and then when you're done swing out to be different like match field itself as a lover's retreat. You gonna allow this is actually free up more needing any kind of credit card information nothing like that. That's it you want all right Warren I'm here okay get get. This is great get chalet isn't that a kind of a little fun and get challenge though of that I'm I'm not Frenchman now. All right so I just need to get the name of this lucky lover you wanna bring with you for this once in a lifetime lovers' getaway to like Matthew all courtesy of mark Hendricks traveled DBA get channel aid LLC. Is a prize package worth. A lifetime of memories. Wait Derwin or not you know yeah you want this I'll get the data your choice we can figure out know anything really weeknight weekend just a moment. Another amenity those that we give you customize road cease things or left be 100% organic cotton fields really get on the neck and body. And is customize. Because we also import your first name on the road so I imagine you want sources say period. Why are. You wanted to say lack of fox. Now I am red blood marks are. Go to sly like fox. Regardless of what is NA OK so I guess you re an RED. Com. I think it is a sign that were Red Sox regardless what's the name of that the foxy lady you'll be. The beginning chalet where. Well look we are named every Aggie BB YR at all. And he's not in here hoping to god that I was brought about it. Elena. And you have no idea what is even going on here deal. Are absorbed attitude about women get laid resort trips. The red that's your girlfriend Shannon there is no there's no trip nothing like that this is the rise guys an entry country planning that it was giving shadow might not be getting laid resource play. But regardless. That's your girlfriend Shannon Shannon you know you had let him know what's up. My daddy red. I mean what I I saw on your phone on Thursday. I saw you talking to that that eager I didn't lose that she was. So I looked fierce bombed and I read the messages back and forth and clearly even she army. So this is all Lybrand now read everything is live on the radio the call wave that had would you just now everything. Wait I'm on the right here right now. There's a lot this live radius or please don't costs. Yeah. What kind of crazy up crap oil. Now I have. What about what you girlfriends asking of you members Thursday whenever slap on the couch he granted shower scheme they can't work. I don't you know so cheaply that your borrowing and it was hers. She read attacks from having a girl you decide you wanted to go get as Shelley with. I'm hanging. I guess I am not really harsh on now. The NC moon says visiting me. You're sorry she's having now. I mean I didn't Margaret I'm now and I guess a bit nonchalant about that like. Wall I you know he. Or read an exclusive. That you can we exclude that we are among and then after as. That's true. That's what she said you Rehman an after Christmas so I mean what how more exclusive talk the need to get. Evan you're Angry Birds. For the last couple weeks. I mean yeah that didn't mean you couldn't talk to other people. What I have no matter I think other people. And then they you. Would listen here okay. You know I mean you had to have knowledge she thought that this with you so your saying she's not your girlfriend was she your girlfriend and the consider. I'm who. We were dating but lack. The big I never said I love you your Hersh never said she loves me so all like yeah. Is that the from the test I mean that's that so in your mind and so he's taller girl you love her you can guess the other women. I mean I like this who event. Mean. Well I wish I had known all of these things that Gillick had been. Totally on the dark and I am completely different page it means we're going to be putting. Art items together we ought to be living under the same room and so can you. He's been putting his items together and a lot of people sounds like back to you at. I'm not trying to make a lot of them a year earlier upset right now but the and each morning I yeah he's just pissed that he DE got busted he's not pissed that he was doing it he's trying to. He didn't dump it on blared the other. Or I mean I just. Unbelievably dale in my removing the other yet so what was. The problem. Sounds like Arnold's conceivably on and on moving morning you can have slept with another girl but until you actually moved in together the that's not or. You know it's not a bad thing you're saying and again trying to get on your your level read and figure out the way you think. I got a daughter and I and no sense that this is like Arafat's office. Hey who made just I elected black communication now on the map but he understood. I'm just I'm so embarrassed I mean apparently I'm in a relationship with them and he didn't even know that they're in a relationship. Channel you know I'm wherever your heart and I mean they're very key hang up a bit more on. RNC red glam pack. Apparently I'm a former Red Cross baggage that detailed the straw that broke the camel's nightmare I'm sorry that a record art and a. So. Did you know look I start crying and she don't cry Yang a priority now this is he there's you and crime and again. I just mean he's one of us now in a note. Who have come off hours. Oh man Robert Brown look this guy is he. Look at this we only you only invested four months in the business I mean he was viewed moved in together and then soundtrack this that's a guy's gonna continue to do it even if you moved in again and probably. You write you get out. Nine year and I feel bad for Abby she's in here and now this. Are you about anybody. I'll. Screw every. You know our armed well I don't don't hate all men. Don't pay the collar Reagan had. It's you know you'll see Daniel day to day lives in a room and you. This a scum bag in his very immature. Well yeah yeah I actually and they are elected yes I was talking to the guy but get laid result yeah. Yeah it's hard to get you to laugh a little bit yeah Mac and yet I. You good. All all be okay yet you are not in love and so just remember that you were not in law. Maybe in love with the idea of moving in together and maybe one day you did you know getting married to whatever but. Ultimately a better to find out now than later. And just because I don't have to waste in Canada it was red yeah 88 Toronto ace I think Craig did and I'm not speaking out of turn here you sound so much smarter than him like a big you begin a better guy. I mean you sound well read he sounded just like you know. A second tennis media right. In a ten pound yeah. I want to thank you guys are helping me get this play yes you know he can know that. I Kim just move on and not think about the guy anymore and give you about earlier I I am that did him a bar. You are better than him a shot. Our young lady. 8000 text messages offering to do that he went dating game with the if you win every year has settled down and in an arrest and that will certainly make that available today. Oh. All right have a good morning try to have good morning. I thank you thank you Shannon. She did cry for a split second she got herself back together and put it put it down as this conversation people have moving in together after. For five months. That happens I'm sure shortcoming we've heard from people that have been married for a decade go and crap like this. Do you think doesn't like each it was a situation where she was Friends With Benefits and thought she was a girlfriend. Don't was when you say be the response was coming you know. Assumed a few things to kind of lead. Morgan analyst Heidi tell otherwise and he's not telling you he's nine sharing in the right attention. Was she as she didn't say what shorter attention she did she said that it now he's a when he said I didn't ever tell you I love. And the need or tell me. He may do some people we you have to come around and say look we're exclusive. Goals the other women now. All right. We're gonna get your calls there they are 180774. Double 09310774. Down below 93 bin iron done that give Shannon semi. Some advice or if you think they were all of these several tax saying you're all wrong this is a free world. A person can choose who they wanna be a relationship where it but please let's person knows it is a relationship maybe. We'll get your calls next 180774. Double 093. Iraq as Jack just to. It's an inch screen for you want to you listen to the rise guys morning she 93 point three the. Curtis bridges on Twitter says that was the best wherever I was your woman there. Like sales clear cut this money on how I get out my getting chalet dive issued can really be a thing you know chalet. Being what is it francs four page haven't. You take. You to clinch yes I may mean a show and I would be sent me fine. Hunting chalet what is chalet English for. Now. Thank you Brooke. A small wooden house Salman mountainous areas other media area. At this time and you want something there because I'm a huge validation and I'm trying to get it did get played resort. And and sorry let's I was on the phone 10774. Double O nine threes if anybody's gets minimized for this young lady. We're doing your first what you pay. Let's go to devil Nintendo's Gavin good morning share. Morning Dario doing well doing well your thoughts on that whole situation there with Shannon and rated Nabih. My thoughts are he. Doesn't know anything really about relationships is when Myanmar alert first got together. Alms. Thought I would be allowed to live whether she wasn't a lot to live what made because our middle we were. You know about 1617 years old we actually learning and allow the live together in order station can't settle. So. Not bows I say like seventeen zone and then together but then you're like well I'm eighteen and I'm gonna go to the military missile why do we think that one year changes everything I mean. They're thinking go into effect if he does serve our country in carrying machine guy and I think he could probably live together with a woman and I make things work out perhaps. Exactly. And we also child together so I mean it lose one of those things where we were. I was hopeful we could live together so I could be there much sun more often buy it. You know what I'm allowed to go through but that doesn't mean during a timeout seeing other went. Right exactly it what was it paid bread crumbs is what they called is relationships where aegis relevant. Throw a compliment out here and there just to keep on closing count in case the situation and it's time fails nothing bigger better comes along. The old days just herald ran our lives here now it's like he'd an ad side he should get I remind me Yemeni Somalia has. Gavin I gave their time doing that yeah. Oh start go to eagle. OK and I actually watch on this one passer and TD Jakes on YouTube and he said that. Saying some months where a man get in and it's not because he wants to. He's not in love with the original earlier more because he's afraid of being well. As could be that only after shower wash or an email Baghdad thank essar group shocked him percent am and acting Dina. Human species that and now we learn that amber. Whatever tell Thomas he's here. Forget this morning. Yemen a birthday bash on Friday night. Yes I got he better be. I don't I don't call you a call today if you're not going on tease us right now Billy's did you drink the whole buildings have decent. We're going to what so our it will have on their cold ready for Uga what you're also send and read. Sure as hell I cannot tell you ultimately then there. We're never good talent does macros or. Okay. Swindle one of those yeah well I get a biased do you have a plus one available should chanting called back and take it upon that. I do not at all. I'm rob reliable solar law Jason too low. There we don't know when but he yeah man with the plan. Well who attended the winner ever used to. Billy. Is Shannon calls back or if she decides to do that he won dating game I have your email. So I will contact you in person. And probably chicken Carville certain we'll see Friday's Aguilera are. In my rely on people like you shall not play into my flash Billy birthday bash in just her daily along. Animal now you always do annual birthday bash flash. Do it for Billy this year apparently when it's just means you flash he whom orders slightly dubious introduction. And a who's who runs gonna pay tutors section that. Lord. The ones who logged solid there Milliken events where Leo here's detects when are we ever gonna get down to do in the page dating game. She won't do it. And I tried as doubts out of all the boats coming out that this movie unfold hey did it time to make another man miserable may being. Yes yes save their frog that ever practiced right after the matched what are figure everybody who called in all that will get into. Some headlines would be most and they global actual cat in the upstate right after the hour. Great sporting arena. They talk about things. Those other stations. We don't sail around the.