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Nine went to the mall looking for some odd memorabilia over the weekend: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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The rise guys morning. Point three Beltran. Bob is shot did you boxer last night I had some groups whose own native crying when there's a show and got a authorities try. Okay. The shot the jukebox. That's not. And it and it and it's my favorite not. Call mark based secure America more chestnut. He's a friend the Sharon Merrill is a friend of the show we made friends with him on Twitter last week as our reserves are washing the greens are bustling and then made birdies would margins and yeah. When you may need Shaq did you acts and that I saw that was tagged in the sweetener all blah blah but what. What do you Marge just now went on there was. Nobody got was are legitimate history interview or drag queen name Manila Luzon Lyles I'm. Cheers you she was doing an interview with the Meryl Streep thing and I had the guy she was talking to is where Mark Chesnutt seizure really sorry he was funny so our starter lasted about an hour Sweden Denmark chestnut now we're friends of herb at least. Pointed acquainted well yeah here. We didn't. Solves all know the thing would you ended drag queen thing it's. It's adjusting to me it's very interesting to me here's settle into it usually was is talking about earlier. I want them to one member. Asia and the Alia. The losing gay Hamburg. Is a story I should. Shirt headlines later that it involves drag queen and the hamburger Mary's a hamburger chain that is during a gay century hamburger chain. I. And relax you're. And you realize there were like. I you don't Sanwa and then there's gay clubs means I mean there were gay restaurant. There's days into the hamburger chain hammered learn how they talk about a driver's slob of the burners and giant delicious looking remembers us and I had the opportunity he should try and I'm now an excellent and that he's very very in my hair. Oh my day yesterday Aaron Ari. I went looking for some drag queen emerge. Well I came into January so I wasn't job as a mail refined in the the two shared had scourge what is pop bottles. I'll really I don't any full sized pop bottles not a war and never had any never bought into his schedule key chain wants just a little was a little little photo many wrestlers he knows what's. Those who only wants. Saudi Arabia they put out ru Paul and Alaska 5000. Who is related by marriage to a friend of ours power man 5000 down there aren't known and there are. And then there church Mattel. Reserves. That was the Cher wants a marsh where she's on all stars or whatever would you've for the pop final mall. Okay onus that amid the first you only watched the ru Paul drag race has the or their other drag race TV shows. Well I see the talk show to drag queen says talks are on there Wednesday nights on Iceland called tricks in consular Koch is in rehab for some certain Bob drag queen instead right now. What is the fascination many of which is advanced before it is thought Sarah watching it you just get into our you're watching. Yeah I mean she was ensures some shiny thing I'll see if it's good or not and then it's really their training. Can say is how I give for reasons similar to violent wrestler. Oh addressing your home raised on well yeah I was or wasn't raised on drag queen Israel's rays are wrestling background try a similar feeling no vote. It's a similar kind of performance art. It really is you are never known at all. And I am real wrestler you know why did you clings like. The rock and and Ric Flair on the programs. There there that end arbitrary caps Promos on he's gonna walk the runway better they color reading reality American relentless permanent memorial there and did their. I tell you know it and then wrestling and WW there's got to be concentrated effort to make sure mr. Mann doesn't start watching ru Paul drag race Bob the drag queen bee women's champion I lost value my still remains may like dusty river bottoms maybe yeah. I'm British and exert as far as gaga trademark. Say there's it's not just hostage SI a woman he's already done it aren't a lot of senate but they dress their hours at the time 230 seconds or home. How does it jump off alarms I'll catch the Irish are given ever wearing dresses funny like a real woman. I calorie car dash in calorie car dash in their. As a lame name a woman thing. Dazzle us almost legal and are content Google Eric Berry. Do you have a nine do you have a drag name. Is Jim elected Jimmy lake at this track there he'll have dared Barry. It's DD RI CK Barry yeah this doesn't account in Houston single car owner and I'm not the drag queen or celebrities. So is Britney rears are used AJ you eat your so into this that now you're going first of all. To do each of the mall. It's got to beat. Something very important but this obviously was. That was directly upon miles growing here is that the drag Queen Elizabeth Britney her children were. Off to disclose sales man maybe they'll embezzlement how many millions there in front. I wanted to hang your hot topic exclusives so you know so. Can't remember Nigel yeah in place and now Demi how tough it is found what I ordered and dribble and they're cold Anderson Spartanburg. Spartanburg still that you should see Mattel's install governor in the other room sort of mower. There similar to rent the way that black list it's like you guys won't believe this I think nine from the rise Geist is colonists might drag queen merge. I thought that was Maine I'm. Talk to Alex aerial and then some dude and Anderson whose there for him. And dining toast there. The radio talk her brother porn photos says he knew didn't find them now apparently can't wishing phony names and 3040 bucks a piece armor and we'll do that they helped. Plus news twelve dollars is this a new display yeah. Display it you're I had to make room on the shelf of wrestling toys to put displacing drag queen toys your idea of a man came in minor far different sort of on the flight data store for at a small Merrill. Yes they do a mad case or ethnic. Don't believe it's called the man can start well while that calls from footlocker you know news cracker Paul long I don't remember a little medal sirens. Right. Com. EU would have displayed them along the side of like here horror movie memorabilia and things like that. A mile of the faceless staying where it is 1990 great American bash tire. Yeah just wrestle and stuff wherever wherever toys. Did they still high sash and when they log down the aisle you. There were somebody has ordered off revolt doesn't session anyway. Are asinine what this stands for according to the trees Royale. The united our program you're not fans are rumored his new. That are lit trees Royale I'm thrilled thousand creativity uniqueness nerve and talent there. Creative uniqueness nerve and I am I'm Volcker. And I can tell you ever see him looking like dudes. All the time on top technical and tucked and it's let's listen shows. It shows about there until Gregory and drag turns into his. Narrow tomorrow yeah there. Well I sure and is it add them all did you I don't. Some sort of directly Molder Olson never but our moral street drag queen Tories at the sold out everywhere in America and you can't find him anymore. Well everybody has a market. Better. But nobody did you have a theory does Leslie got some national amateur and those Orel real. Tel nine did they sell drag queen hot topic T shirts now. I didn't see any of our governor worker. Excellent NC wondered clincher I cannot tell you and this is insane thing poured his Chiba I've never met someone who straight there was so into. This is. It's just not understanding am really mean this just I don't doubt your sexuality at all I mean I'd I know you lover here and enter. They are kind Nvidia the international and tabloid you know lap dance and a less well earlier then girlfriend is now you lie there where they gave you there and really his. That is the ideal life the hall artistic drama men becoming women. As opposed because you know and their current caddie and in this kind of funny when you watch them or are asking me. But you are you interested and and and other things because you know it is an art. Unregistered or the whole thing the performances are funny funny they say funny things. Arms when you see him like halfway into drag that's kind of funny too when they're halfway there own as funny as a favorite part of her when they're halfway into drag this match. They don't have to make up and they don't have away dominate gonna have to make up there and Nestle earnings. Too lenient looking you have facial hair and be drag queen. There is some bearded dragon but a lot of times drag this whole. And dragged read a lot of times Baylor built Orlando are afraid facial hair or something and usually doesn't go over very well. It's anything like this with the with the women this has got to be hundred K desist order popular tag team here receives fat boy used to gamble with I think on. Barrier a yeah she's. And drag queens like better than women. Isn't it third I I I noticed some of these and in my book how one has got sold so many times only so many times I've met Britney Spears got. There's somebody up there as a crush on Britney Spears and they saw dude Britney Spears indoor you know what's closes among get where we want to tell toxicologist taller and it doesn't mean a more feminine and they are and then they like. Man. Sometimes their strain that's the funny thing what is under blinked then TV you know her. Undergoing Bentley yeah and just show me good merchandise Furman the show. 00 do Alaska. Yes there either defense here so emerged Alaska underling 5009 who's your favorite sauce Sugar Bowl lore or on Gina are on China under on China aren't gonna giant under our Sasha bowler was winter Sasha dozen mowers referred. And so you gotta come to light didn't name is so important is trying more reported in the look. What the name is important to look as well groomed Mary makes you. Lot of money against and drag. Us second place and that was it they're more in in our drag Padgett you want it. I think just the same hours early under Tucker once I there Tucker you're what was your name Sheboygan. Escort. Snaps on maim or another our customers. App toys as quiet shipment fit. Yes so would you. You do would you address kings are a deep drag kings scored a jet you know what I'm saying you're just there isn't enough attention given dragging theirs you're hot you're then drag things to do against hey did you just about command and kind of died in Canada more than beer one time just in ranking ninth. She'll allow rhymes Hussein. I don't have. Yeah those lumberjack very. And even though I do Brian glisan is there's only very odd. I'll repeat what other okay great question Brian what other merchant Aston they have decides T shirts and to assist to prod us I don't I was messed up there loses to Donald. Not enough data they're lacking emerged when they're really lagged in merchandise because I don't seem T shirts and ally. Very often I don't have any. Only drag queen merger now if they are good starting Norwood had shot is arrests and seizure month. There's a bunch of people text him the watch so much and on and DD Ritz is my favorite smythe died arrests that are great. Do you win. You just are good ensued demean somebody gets eliminated where. And then in the end there's one drag queen Lester gets a 100000 dollar grand prize. She stated okay. Now I see her in a closet secretly a closet if you watch this show you know what that's bull crap because I used to watch swamp people and I never wants money from gaels. I never once went to a storage auction I've never once went to these other I've never counted cars in my life. I generally don't boy pawnshops. Generally talk. If I'm going to and it's because on sale and somebody you're familiar as the ones are hearing like the one on TV but still feels like our what is there radar detectors and gun wouldn't do there either. No this is huge in the eighties and then came back. Because there used to be a guy wants a documentary. There these like factions call houses. And they all competing to avoid trials. And as a one way and they came back room. There are and who has seen more what does that plot turn it I don't hit a former. I am I don't all listen if this via I'll. The error. Is and say this about this cool moment. Newark ledger the mall there are different and no word mound over and you buy anything lower than the biggest low literate earlier I couldn't find one thing alone and in Oslo court so well cat I energy I get record of as I mentioned that yeah I act. Am I here in the mall I always choose. Bar I don't say that borrow and borrow movies and just won't do the flu coordinator free appetizer. Oh yeah this thing I don't notice sent on certain that I had megabyte of rap and I had two different suburban check early glimpse. Fighters drove pro where I didn't she gave him a big free lunch and come back in and general Terry got the drag claim now Altria got a takes his sunglasses and change clothes and America. Last I know you look at our imagined he would mall we sometimes have drank at least come in. Okay good out ice Jamaica or sign has all the time you did makeovers own guns and. You made a mental one yet well paying him on how to do so when you're in Frisco. San Francisco while plus the Bay Area wasn't necessarily San Francisco. We do do then Buford. She's Google+ or. By email he got him telling us you properly because the guy came in here is just like a woman any sprained back on that has dressed nice and no woman ever does depart I. How long that is true. Isn't very good and. Absolutely not I don't hate crimes and big daddy on T examining China's air time tabloids had still involves a line at the call for an epic but it's the poll. Back in the day before there's drag queen TV showing how if you wanted to be a drag queen how would you do I guess you just try to figure out how to dress up like what would put make up artist how would you know there was no Internet and I'm. I can't change now there isn't tutorial how sometimes firewire ports is these videos are like two minutes long. Cosmo magazine puts amount going to the web series but there on Amazon or summer she watches and butter. It feels CN dinner there and just edited in front of boredom are blank wall or green screen. Based first noticed makeup and two minutes later he's put on the entire face of a woman he's become a drag queen really hear the distant bit it's all sped up easy offense they do what is right. I don't know about desperate okay should think. Well really you cat and a woman Halloween you should be a woman she should be a man. Palo okay this is how we can't initially I think we're having fun and pack at our time candidate Ellen yeah. I was as best as you all the things. I do Worrell got all into as many complexities of the woman being dragged nominee and you need and he didn't know where I can't sit right. Also doesn't Wear pants but a lot more than just the phrase they got to put my what you had to put in fake beards. I'm. Happy happy to pledge but yeah bass yeah. You have to put on. Unlike the the year with your recourse sim chip that lacy if you may get an hour glass Genentech general and you get a target amount. And then another and then there's some duct tape between you Leonard's ball in relative to not say evil. Missouri. Duct tape determination to get rid of that thing we're getting mayor call yourself any depressed wow. TCU. And that any different. Has probably taken a very didn't. Maybe not I hope not all night on our. He's good name of the dragon you're being the next are going to drag and. Are there any others drag musicians. By gay you know out of sand like as someone who is and they they get a dress is a woman in the perform as a woman. Other than Elton John. Very very good framer I don't it. I admit they're dressed as women and played music out Ers abrasion or so more merit Cinderella. I Twisted Sister sister Nelson. The op now. Oil is more sense chopper warrant. Start when trying to look when and they just did it docked in docket no we'll you know it's tough economy and here flaming ball battle you've. I want congratulations nine U. You ruled the roost when it comes to drag queen of reality TV trivia. And and that's it. They're all going to moment there are no no remarked I go to the mall looking for drag queen memorabilia here they would drag queen does at the jockey alive perhaps she could just got to Mandy went sub shop. Our lawyers are but it wouldn't last long if they charge. Brown also look at the shoe throwing red shoes during the issues had a hell yeah I'm Reggie Bush you read you rush you red paint and that's the only in the red shoe store. We're gonna do some headlines and page and I tried page yeah all that more right after. The rise guys morning. Thought he 93 point freedom. Rise guys headlines with the needs. And you're Beagle who. It was a rough night and hamburger Mary's. Now woman he was injured by a drag queens brass is suing for a one point five million dollars. This is the story yes this is a story a fifty trio woman named Nell. Molina. Went to hamburger Mary's all soggy cold in Tampa Florida. Our friend's birthday party back in 2015. If you're not familiar with the hamburger chain they do narrowing big hamburgers but they do. A little performance but the some of the drag queens man let dance floor area at times. So there was a drag show that night and Elin had no idea I was Eminem fan didn't wanna be inning part of it says she. Turn your chair away from the stage. Course centers some attention to our. So when the drag queens who lockdown bird jammed announcements had between her breasts concern was in them against her face and head. Tell us say this is like somebody going to digs last resort millions surprised because I know for a fact they got a hamburger Mary's in Denver. Where this lady is from she did not not know she did okay no JD start trouble she didn't. Well. They really get fair and so beyond all that other stuff she'd. May we didn't count Langford hamburger and what she found out is this he had someone severed. Our face and their brass since you send that she went to the hospital a cervical pain and headaches. The Nash is suing. It's it's a guy's called John don't regret. This and then. See you out of this neck pain that never went away and she an issue is whether spine and these bad headaches ever sense agency deceive the chain. Or one point five million dollars for medical costs and mental and physical pain. While I'm still shocked that there's nothing wrong with it I'm just shot there's they're gay themed restaurant. This. I mean whatever. Timing. I never thought OK sporting good stores. I just thought it had really an hammers and race to get there late at night because they had my really. If you want and not be sick the next day you go hammer from Mary Ingraham and hamburgers. And kind of added to go out and just like a plate of seventies. Franchise. Is there. Tomorrow over the murders were amazing yeah amazing return remains amber said there waiters here. And the smile album. Well on this do you wait for every once they become out of the restaurant before you start raining. And I from events or restaurant and yours gets their last and kind of frustrating. But it happens. It depends entirely on the company I'm there. Right edgy girl. UAL VM as my wife of sir gambling and more in or heard in a garage to devour any will be done first moon so if I just start challenge now not only done before hers gets there. And then it's it's hard for me to not look impatience where I sit there we turn traditionally don't. So according to Emily post's etiquette. The book says that you're not supposed to start eating at a restaurant tell everyone has their fair and served in sitting in front of them. What is so my sense of food that. What do you do while they're waiting on their face these set their play that game again or do you mean like top. Richard Cook programs fit yours are well according to summaries surged this may found that one out of six people say now it's. It is Susan affair has served. That's February emerge right Julio people's thirty's hotel room. I gotta go in the are thought she reads. It's gonna make me longer. If I'm watching you re you know party. I'm kind of places like the majority of the people that 75% saying wait until everyone has their fan before they start eating which you don't want to be down at the meal. And sitting there on everybody else is eating and you're watching them eat. Yeah yeah that is kind of awkward. Boards are sort of yours gets there less everybody else birdie storage you children are injured mayor the mayor bridges need an indecision here ordinance done what he did she. With a group has. You are older now I think inserting a rude is hale I had an enemy reason that is very very inconsiderate of nobody else wants it. Mean just Karen SO LO member in it now or don't give it. Yeah maybe getting to know maybe if it certainly can take to Garrard did your other option is just don't get it because you know cute he's got cookies at 4 o'clock in the morning when you don't you're home. I really do a sweep through Internet and he's down at the bottom. I injury I had to get someone to come here so would he. You don't have to you don't have to prove that I think you know. Who's been working my way when he got to hooters doesn't know passing people go to steak house has not aged eight. Now the travesty that Cingular is just cruise got laughter and they may not mean Gloucester sort of got a list I just say for certain she's biscuits in the name a Smart girl. Right because. Well Elon Musk. And may inadvertently saved commanding. And he's planning on making the maiden voyage to Mars with SpaceX. High. You're refer Rivera as well as they have never once even pavement and road else. Never never that you're so I wrote he had back tomorrow. Ashe yet. So he says a SpaceX. Is ready to be launched. The first after 2019. And it plans I'm taking mission to Mars. Is sort of our this year we have received and it's. Nobody's been since Canada there presuming your and I don't know Berlin we're. Now. How important to have enough trust it to get all of it and then and then we will bring about a he's got a girl's first dumping planning to colonize in first and declaring it. US for who's been around Mars just saying who is gonna and it. Well first south African his colonizing and Mahan on the United States. And he represents us now yeah but invasion claim Morris has a literal war Morris camp. Yeah he just got to put the flag down. Again we've Laura remarks. And I won't go I don't know. Not only wrote hi what is his car still floating around out there its mistakes through. I don't know anything about that but as far as I don't think any other country recent sent members and there rain but. In order to send humans and have a space station who I think has to be declared and owns it ultimately are they very owns. Martyrs burned up their for a long term. I think what it is too is that Elon Musk. Makes. It makes it sexy. You don't like NASA as solid as a branch of the government. Bubba Bubba. Always do when it's some guy out there here is what you know what I'm gonna end I bet all the money in the world I'm gonna get the more assembly. Everybody kind of yeah they know it Tawny harmless custom to marks. You don't have saying its own does its still NASA. But it's a face this face of NASA. And you've ever seen that was on Mars did total recall again sooner. Laura. What is it red faction video games or any movie that was at this thing ever make Mars play any fun. More is looks like it sucks and is the quality of life and obviously you can't go outside. As sharks you couldn't total recall are your eyeballs as well. We went there and you realize sound us as a modest did sit on the and a pizza joint great Myers. Mars means bars mark bars but ultimately he says that Colin snicker Romans now. You are an America that human civilization needs to get at some are suggesting case world war three. Breaks and a sure you just quote the letter to wrap your mom Blondie Mars Bars and cars and using cars ran ever. And they have. Yeah I don't know what I don't make leads on Mars we got to have water there maybe Daryn this is going to be difficult this don't be obtained by. And he says and and that's conference that unregulated and I always scary. And went likely lead to war. With nuclear weapon or he's average he's trying to make barely known planet go Marley no hops knew ye snow were underwater. Dancing in the AE need a place to manufacture things and there before in. And you collapse there or you're gonna manage fact he's gonna bill I don't know what I would understand Lorena may get our prayers and today you build the factory there's Earl Woods there's nothing burger thing to make grab our skinny water. And if that people can breathe and the masses on going to be contained tank ship then yeah. And how long outlast. Enemy ninety space station Murray bring cargo up there for people who survive. I'm still also comes to talk about any of that stuff I just don't get it just don't understand it I can't fathom it. You know it have to be a plan anticipate kind of like the across Laver and different than anything and and colonize it. Hatfield just survive. Each each heat yesterday of a lockout signed. Into. There. Okay yeah we be killing people every cent a month there for awhile. It's I don't have any reason to grow. Square in this or not we'll be all right Lauren. I'd still explore explorers on earth. Like explorers amok Tomas under siege that I'm about people who go and explore for land like is that still saying there's just done. And we have a almost everything there is still probably some unchartered places and a big BC damage hospitable armor and get there and around if he got there they everybody's going up but I would like deceased my leg dig tunnels and Alice let's underneath Austin you know. Onus on the foundation birdie LL. Every year there's still plenty of ocean we can't see her get through them because it's difficult pressure and all that but there's assisting his explores anymore is it. There are good and the average and a but that's about it already or are you exploring her not wearing this whole congress even the explored every inch of it. Yes scientists now mics aren't melodies Seattle about it distract him or you guys who aren't over. There are people to circumnavigate Ambrose told photographers. And British people to screw sail around the world and vote. 2009 NASA Johnson. But I mean when you're you're you're right about taken off and going into. Your cousin's apartment sucked not because and is saying ship captain. Our attempts and our water sanitation Chad do works in the circus urination and I think Internet strategy error. Ain't can't live their alliance to the fullest and about confirmed bachelors they haven't Iranians are. Do you remember under excellent track Clark's gonna learn. We're we're gonna ship or cruise ship were. Now and I don't know exactly what kind of voted in Santa Maria says he and his elbow and take it easy captain and takes people and it can afford it. A Forest Service where they want and desire and adding his name is great. Look is Leslie look. Now none at all. There at the box office over the weekend. Never not black panther off the top spot. And summoned income class that was Oprah's moving on not really Paramount even than new Disney naming a wrinkle in time. Came in second place front end 33 point three million dollars. Issued a wrinkle in the movie and add I understand this kind of a Disney princess and a direct nerds are bills above. Our series books are Yasser and our Solomon a bookstore last week your starter yeah. On the other movie that came out strangers pray at night Tim point five million are in in. Payments. Third place and then grandparents parents. Fourth at 814 million dollar so I don't opt. Once again black panther pride and 41 point one million dollars. So apt to 562. Million dollars and cents or three huge. Ditch I wanted to get delays as a disk confining thing that I wanted to see enough. There's a game not supposed to be talking certified fresh is an out if not what are you come into its. And I game highness fifth place is seven point nine million pounds of grain or reduced boring for bed Lester we moved here there were very aware of that bad news. Not in the top ten on her feet morals and debut outside of the top ten while. Well then here. When you're right Charlie's parents who. Bankable Lerman just this season movie domain is domain Murray doesn't usually good is she's going to be ugly in the movies threatening money common balls suit against him. It was in the Washington and are not to watch whoever Walter Hamilton and Sarah can. And about a permanent fix what's on the drag queens says I won't name yeah. Raised in Canada at all on him and stuff. I welcome Robert Dragic as she. Had to iron to manage your eyes guys that. In this into the rest guys and your. This saviors of upstate morning radio and met. Engage in central LA the rats gags. And maybe three point freedom. They get every night Facebook's now advanced to Graham tweeting and email and all those things. Had a good time today tomorrow's. 10 o'clock 11 o'clock 12 o'clock o'clock in the pot have you at 2 o'clock 3 o'clock 4 o'clock I'll let Ron Clark there. And then all star back tomorrow morning until we giveaway 300. KAJ. A third of a million dollars that were here and why this whole thing so winning Jimmy had perhaps she wishes. The idea of so once. No but there are a year. Ten dollars since his tragically related to wedge in there won't be Jimenez also literally what did senator Fritz Hollings what's called Beavis and Butthead on Capitol Hill at a hearing. Reported this morning man's best MR you know what names he called Beavis and Butthead text advance in the Carolina vapor mil dot com text line. That number is 72341. Against 7234193. Courage and should be aware. Did today's podcast at the rise guys dot com iTunes or Google play or just text podcast to 72341. Page is gonna Iraqi organized again thousand dollars in mere moments fat boy and thinking he finally a president free while only allowed six they solicit have a blessed day take Ali Vasquez. Eat. Control and play well. Red cheeks. I.