Tuesday, February 20th

Another surprise appearance by Matt's Mom Mayree as he was talking about hanging with his nephews over the weekend: Headlines: Sports


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Arrives guy so I can say good good its. Sports good morning good morning good morning. February 20. 1008. Theme. Boom here we are again. Until you sweep these these days they had they think they did that throughout available bad here. I think another here's half of these are thinking of a river off amateurs with the usually choosing Hillary are you finally got an out. The media the weather is my Internet worked anyway here is a very slow to room. Areas of patchy fog early pages talk about it being a big piece super out there drizzle early and then cloudy few showers this afternoon high of 72 right now foggy and 55 in pima I believe there is a dense fog advisory this corner. Told Lambert. DX. Their spread it's hard to check on things whose Internet don't work yeah. This so what does that mean disease you know so what I phones when the new ones come out they make everything went slower so do at the end of you're Internet build it they make it be that it is. Man I don't think that's how it works here nothing it works it that way and they're professional commercial commercial grade Internet system. I know that typically come if somebody says manner that's down there and they say it like that and pay your bill dividend paid billiards are right on black. In the Casey here it usually means we came out of my three day weekend her vacation in certain down and when they say they attempted Christmas burns I don't weren't nobody maintain it for troubled banks. Oh insight scissor computer's down it may mean the Internet. Itself or to naming a beach Peter itself does not will functioning properly see how it's taken as the Internet when they sigma computer's down. I never know to get us. A lot of people they are about those things have no concept of what we're talking about they don't know and they don't know how to tell you they don't even know what they mean if you ask them for more information. Are you just scourges nobody. I had my dog out early NN that I'm this older lady one it did take a picture of the dog rusty. My they but what is it. We need to they're pretty picture Ewing. That's a bush she pulled out her phone and fumbled with that side is an iPhone around and when generation does she fumbled when it forever tell I had to pull out get her phone firmer sure whether camera thing was no yeah you like call. You'd think an older person would know at least camera and tall oak she needs on the camera on there that. Is we will lose it. There's affront to all the camera Michael will little graphic of Canada and towards Cameron name is says cameraman. Hello all the little tabs and I Collins who so it is obviously designed for small children were learning to read. So because that's the appearance of a view Smartphone icons in stemming this is what you were given shouted his legacy insect. But she would she would I think she can't hitting photos but can't tell I wanna take a photo assuming it socket in my photos. God bless failures over symbols are almost always same I had my video yesterday of river is playing catch where the Iron Man okay what's this and do associate you name is such an American art. On our own senator reload it. Prevalence. Of a sling catcher. I. It it is admitted that really does it covers his face and and yeah so way you know always do but. It's amazing he said that about. The kids and and Internet and everything today. So river is let's see rivers is these three and a half and then sterling money the younger nephew is too. The two to do and boy when they get that they'd they have an iPad between him would this big man in the sockets for like. Like an old person this cat like grips around we're like if they drop is gonna bounce and never break and I mean this has got this. No big Sasha and her van Allen belts around this thing play. Boy they got bribe has so we'll bring it. Every time exactly is target as steering well around that thing yeah so are our data says that case aren't here actually weren't like a backpack. Well this is sterling to. And he's just sitting they're going through now he's he's not hyping but he says they're panning through all new to might just find a video he wants to sit there are. Meanwhile they're rivers said that he's doing he knows which buttons to it. Push to talk his art to speak users' search query them so he'll center on YouTube and to say you know I am your rings are where Micah. Elmo yeah hit the button or whatever. And then I'm sending these gold went through it like campaigning up or routed to the thing he's almost four. And his is lingo his binoculars at what he used to spectacular yesterday he's almost four he's sort spectacular. Yes I'm telling I see it when that I don't see it often does not around kids they're often do when I'm around my. My wife's family at some kids and famous little cousins and stuff most Marmara and hours and I don't kid these kids are brilliant. That's only example like a member of that there was a mess and now. And when he said spectacular enough words I realize he can't define spectacular but he knows. That it aids. Applicable to the situation because I was saying all that was spectacular like he knew it meant but didn't verbalize what it meant if that makes him so they're putting people who can't give you the different. You know if it's extremely definition a spectacular. Just. Glorious. Path is and a purse story to alert right. It's they use these big words it's bizarre to me we got three or four girls they talk murder don't people while so I'm wondering does it didn't do I can contribute this to. Videos in YouTube and stuff and they have this thing angels at the filters on the air before anybody's of all their awards what they skirts or they get the filters on them by law. That early makes sense is that they're not launch in the ask me how's our candy and I sat there and I know she's from about broccoli now huh hope come in their bare and stuff has gotten you hide my journey. Sure you do the opposite way you would show anyone who's learning to speak English or any language yeah I want to look for Buffalo Bills fans drug hilly diving through claiming tables while they tell gay don't frozen tundra spirited news has learned error and I rely on her left foot spectacular mommy. At this bit so I'm I'm thinking OK well there at this age where they're already. Messing with the Internet and they are there YouTube and all this stuff. India I hear that the ways that they're talking which is really good really good grammar stuff so malaria from that Daniel tiger. I don't I did the ones are watching very like. They're very. It's how I mean they're they're very you know enough for you would make your mind get a must if you watch him but. My music is helping the next generation Mike would this generation our generation be smarter had we had the Internet at that age. Or is it gonna propelled him. Faster in their maturity. But just he's almost for any using spectacular and we can't even define the word ourselves. Well we should in the time that. Zinc and I think it looks to me like a double edged sword. Rebel kids being so technologically advanced. Where they potentially could fall behind his socially I'll boy not just those kids but any kids who are very technologically advanced and so they're they're. Waste smarter and ways but then there they'd they'd run the risk of fallen behind in other ways. Everything isn't always sore right. The aft. Fuselage asked for listeners in the celebrity hot line run on thought about mama man here yeah Rene mama. As is so much the boys. Are poses some of the boys yesterday I had. I mentioned JD bell river and just turned thirty in November. Muscle. No it got it all out. Batting practice of Oreo informal. Round and yeah certainly won't turn to shout hateful. Less than two months. Love Maddon said there in the congregation courage he keeps saying a word Austin when he was soon doing the music and urged these are all too I don't know. I am saying is that not is old. You know they need you. For Freddie and my mom and her younger than I have. Yeah I'm very mature audience every summer time the river legal to own four yeah hey mom and I was that that was on this today. Him well listen to what once again you call me right here and win against commercials are rats ago but I am odd. Didn't come liberal hawkish carried jail conscious of my warranty thing. They tell me. We're not sure anymore seeger suggests he's a loose lips of the putt I thank you know they say about loose lipped smile. It's sink ships mean all that's around her star Allen Jamal let me. I need to remind my. Turn her until he won man like this fact check him when he's on this is gonna call it destiny thing any time I say his majesty and he'll be suing too much seen it yet. She's up early let's. Did you. I know it shows no would you do more of that mom anytime I see anything wrong here to stay on hold the entire shaft and at at what has gone toward current president checked and everything you could come. That's what we always had a death leeway in how you feel about that. I don't know so I feel pretty good. So when I shall do an excellent skills don't turn only Wilson whose scale doesn't really liar and don't really have an agenda. Also Florida to figure dump of the lumps on we should do that before I would think if he can positive. Our how what is that is who you've been asking across the mayor for a couple of years now. Many billions sitting in the corner hardly the only moment coming in my ground to. So Digi DD Amaechi days ever loved an extended break when. No plans. Have well let's not sure the answer to. Brussels say they're for later config Canada OK we'll think it SI and mess ups on the alta Paris and there's a mess out that happened down Sunday poured into. He just said there was argued line you're getting point two pounds he's doing. This way geezer is uninteresting to me. A disorder working now or yesterday or governor our the year while playing offense Aaliyah. Officially started dollars and doc. In his or her reallocation of openness during this window here Ortiz and very easily her murder. Including your museum board or via. So only do one in Mexico. Our garden don't remember David Graham our home bush a breakfast there are trying to figure out look at Pam but I got a Turkey and Swiss sandwich. And they of U Turkey Leo. And Turkey meal bars as there are X. Yeah amateur team meal the frozen meal and then you have a Turkey sandwich you know as well Turkey and Swiss. Abortion is no sale at no load milk or you get that at Carnegie deli style I. To him briefly and ask our work crews split that's not for one and probably Q do you hear you there. If he energy and more do you get this isn't she NCA lie to the yeah so my mourners who's going to pay as well look we've we're India's mobile phones today as well also later on in the show yesterday was President's Day and that later on the show and nine and I would destroy president says absolutely who destroyed four. And soon we will do everything he thought she knew core hole. Do you function news engines are seniors are huge plume that no Broward is something you're right about there you're absolutely right about him. When I have a whole lot of fun today come. And then the fat boy away in the any guesses he had anybody one lay anything down. Really seemed to stand in a brilliantly last stand Dutton and for a fourth stroke and you'll see in her in the dark. I guess there are. I don't know man. Oh man it's. I just sell say a little thicker. And me well. Again if these are working very yesterday's times like in the day after I mean yeah you might be a little heavier yellow or water weight still aren't. I someone say era. This is good possibilities here on Syria. You must say you're the same maybe maybe slightly. Page. I'd say maybe he's down half the town truth OK so but down Jeff. I'm gonna come to be positive I must say he's got a pound fine right now on the middle of vote. On them. Organs and people are gonna win votes you know expectations had been your wife and son in their home all know you're kicker and not fair at all. All right so what would do in the way and today we'll do all that stuff and at any given tea that brush my theory off the phone faster than to us who's gone to. Tell my story from yesterday I had up. I had told her I got a story you won't believe really I told her about it you should synergy nimbly and there is true that. This absolutely true. Mean she's mad right now or hate how we had to get off ponies don't know radar gun. Zynga live Hughes now I don't call right now she is well. He just turn up a hornet's nest are legit spot stops it give it to you may be so freely Collison. Over the next four hours 10774. Dublin 93 nets one nets 800 774. Adult below 93 or Carolina they've known dot com tax line that is 72341. Page. What he worked on the Platte. So would you like to live longer. I wonder sometimes sometimes Jess and can well and I have got the key to a living longer hairless man can have FX sometimes yes. Answer I was there's good days energy said there need you maybe your silently praying for little bit who knows this. I will find out next in your rise skies headlines morning everybody. Legion and boy they're right guys warnings now 93 point three the plan and you'll drop. Right guys headlines with the age and you're Beagle who. And morning gel. So you want a man. Tonight right holdings in ninety plus. May be made me news. Time. For my family Astra myself now. As reverse selflessness of fitness knows them well I mean I don't like to live on as long as I can. Right for them but I don't think I wanna turn blue so they won't be sad. Well just sound. And now. Secondhand market electric chair and as I mean when left you know well I'd I I think about 85. Will be perfect. I'll go and eighty fast for me. How old are you an idea and halfway there. But we did firing right you are you do you think you'll actually be done exhorted the boys what you go embroiled. I'd ask Taylor sixty for a nuclear arsenal fading fast for myself I don't think I want the. Pains and being in animals and how you the quality of life might not be there if you're just in pain on the time and he came in around and right. I don't wanna be nine in not have a mind this depends on the league's league here yet. Turn on nine there actor well occur imagine we'll. Over. Maybe. But according to a massive new study and neurologist named Claudia colonists. At the University of California found the key to living a longer. We can where you're 18% less likely to die early cancer is alcohol. Really not. An excess. And moderation of course moderation is always a key. Then but that moderation and is that its bid depends ads goes from person to person like your your one drink can be mastery. It has a personal thing as Hillary can do is sent dear individual Arab Barnes for. Every Murray award nights in excess satellite well according to the study after more than 17100 people. Over ninety years of aids. For the past fifteen years and found that people who drank around two glasses of beer want a day or 18% less likely to die early. So there are less likely to experience. Premature death. Now. To see societal standards was say when that person that is an alcoholic. And really that is true but there's two Democrats alcoholics there's the band's alcoholics that could drink. Just on the weekends or once a month even. And then there's once you have to drink every single day while there's a difference between having a cock town. And getting dropped only have a easing into it's society says if you drink every single day your life you're an alcohol. Your mommy down. I mean if you and access a screw society we live longer but if you. Having of one to two drinks maybe want an hour well yeah it does not gonna that's not gonna get to count. One an hour. Now. Isn't what it used to be during an alien does it ever cleared. Out. Today they would I like the third hour. Assassin from the old dot. Yeah. I am how I know so what is in our hauler. If they have a drinking problem. Now that but I don't know what caused a drinking problem offered for one version verses another great. Well yeah this you say about your moderation moderation mean different moderation right it's animated. Not even moderate images are what ever puts you over the edge. You know. So according to the Stanley is 33 drinks the best thing to me is a little overweight. When you get up and age it's not. Good for your health to be a little teeth and so fear about some. A little slightly overweight and a few extra pounds not obese. It can catch here on since you early death by 3% to see there you go again. Led by whose standards obesity levels now it's like well if you compare obesity to societal standards every night fat. Thirty counts over. As have their lives fat thirty rounds of what they're brokers would have what are the Braves different BS frames differs got a beard BMI. There's fits in Britain Virginia military an opportunity to get your beer mock senators Obama and the secrets and lacked. So you know people that have economies. And keep busy. They are 20% less likely to die early as well let's me then and there is a drain tin ear cups of coffee a day cut that risk by 10%. So I hear if you go over their compliance problems in health. And under. It's good for you. So two cups of coffee to liquor drinks or Beers. And then you'll live to be nine you know it's his beer or wine it and saying anything about liquor pasture growth here. There's a difference and call for coffee. Who can. Just here tomorrow I started getting into a clue attire during Q anemometer on TN news that's an anonymous on Obama that was said that coffee drink with a little that's real good I am Venice. I can't Miller copping. Those aren't sure it's great to Aaron Crawford led to a little more imagine any you know imaginative name yes as you could Israelis are their Irish golfer and a bomb attack. Ham and cheese sandwich every. That's amnesty. Well how about the National Anthem performance that Fergie didn't. Some people and not my dad many people then my bad but she's you always hearing. She says her National Anthem performance. Didn't strike the intended tone. And she says that I've always been honored and proud to perform the National Anthem and last night and I wanted to try something special for the MBA or the next four. This is up also are getting out and she says I'm a risk taker artistically that clearly the rendition didn't strike they intended tone. I love this country and honestly I tried my best. All right let's hear it now this clip is the best part of being from. Offensive. We and I. Live it's. And so iron. Saying. Oh. Size it's how it's a doll. By early June June June gloom and you really do do boot and shoe sure Amaro sing at Nelson Mandela and via. You don't actually. Then it's. How would you deny that there yeah there doesn't lose in the bar in. As true what. Legally you're always your period ahead severe room and your enemies. It's just sent us. Whoever is a director for TN TC a lifetime Emmy. As a way there were cutting DC DeMar DeRozan first and become a looks up what he does startled. Is that the ones that met that like dumb look on assassinated just sale last restoring law and okay your dream on this Dave Kurz is all of these expenses. But Asia aluminum. Do you really edges good bit I think is now just an open he was trying so hard. Not to laugh lady really I had a lobotomy it wasn't drain on it was sort of. There before him out and I know dream on modeling clay Thompson showed him. And I guess the Broadcom had mechanical don't you know is trying to cleanse that Charles Barkley was literally on the ground spinning in circles laughing he should send you see Jimmy Kimmel. Ya I wanna here's a smile about it I don't always I'm Alice fund. And then yeah it was at all. And she made her own boy did she did so got a weird jazzy rendition numbered but it. Like rose or Carl Lewis. Aaron you know Russians got to Fergie here. There retro thing Jennifer you said doctor Claudia gives the due west as a mess up. Make sure enough they had monitors and her year old's your reserve and I'm all caucusing in the Soviet anthem oh yeah it's. Would you normally bloom mobile and loose. So you did mention Roseanne and you wonder what her take was honest the lesser tape well hurt. Her take ash and take a beast like Roseanne set for me I hit it. Kirk. Rendition was even worse than. Roseanne sound. I disagree that raise its ever it was worse and mom and hers. Yeah I disagree that Rosanna screaming and she was trying to do something and all of our guard it just came off bad. Fergie is the worst. Rendition of someone who sings for a living probably because rows and Carl Lewis and while her point. As Roseanne says she weighs intentionally trying to be bad infer he wasn't. Intentionally trying to me that she just switched it up a little bit now as imports horse to do that. Like Hal. That the black had peace now ours errors so like artsy people. Like star he's out there are doing this you know and then well I am is looking like an alien all futuristic look and how right now. Where you are. Maybe deserved that it why are we remembering the Black Eyed Peas and they gave us let's get this party started a few choice others why are they remembered why. I'm. Well I don't know how I know why don't. I know I am learning how they were still about Charlene Fergie got the gig singing the anthem what are they know who what do via email to may have only Hollywood. So then. Now it's just that the people produce and all the stuff for just. Old white men Wear all Black Eyed Peas hit I turned my grandkids some talk about them that 36 now and honestly we candidate cares. Maryland romance sex scene and happy birthday. And made it her own happy birthday Mr. President sushi usually she was intoxicated. So I don't think they you know switching hands and making animal sexy is appropriate and that's probably why people didn't like him because in the room and slam them. I do lose and Jihad. That's all there are OK I take it neither men and yes but that. Our respect bird back something bizarre and the same is a great question I I say yes. Yeah. I don't know they she is still and it's make a moment of the you know. Making fun of I think she really try to do what she wanted to do something different and and and distant mark sound IRA in the National Anthem your own rice not yours it's hours case unique creative license to change it. Don't rabbit don't countries saying get don't gospels saying this thing and our defense. And a singer later yeah security years. Suppose to saying as sad as sporting event where people are staying there and want to get on with the game right. I turn it well it isn't the girls always saying you don't need to make you more liberal senators Breaux has. Ladies are causing endless love good man this is weird structurally it is well I guess so. All you know. Wow I thought he tries to take into. Recruitment effort now there are he was kind of hard to listen to him but I like her on the same. On tension has your has guys have mind. Android or iPhone just 7341. And we'll say to a download links in the planet. Empowered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with the rats gags 93 point three then plan our. And now rise guy's sports was basketball. Another went to go very. I realize not a matter that we can tell you something new. What's every Olympic cycles of 99 to. Everyone liked this winter and summer yeah. This the worst slivers of her seem more of a much well first of all the time about that. That's as 26 years the Olympics mean. Got into a man as a kid as you say retained after all these years he's still an American here. Gotta be. Is there another I want you ever pull for it like OK let's say Americans not end the M another country lane is like you second favorite team no. How bulk and a liar liar is a problem when this and come home and go win that Canada landlocked no America. As a problem of this site ACC SEC. Besides snowboarding. We suck and everything else we don't contain and hide nor I have any Americans. In any kind of medal contention. So when you watch and don't primetime. This every country but us because were absolutely garbage. I have a team USA of 1980. Into now the Russians to Russian handguns on him very clear in the actual hockey match this maiden guns in their uniform pay me this term and Casey went down now they see some bots. I mean we're fifth in the medal count was but we only have twelve total medals there are fiber gold. Who literally hundreds are dominated by another loser in the German zoo and in the French usually get a few words they're bunch of them armed countries in the Alps when some fascinating to uphold our other than America the Norwegians. Middleweight nor did they do well that's why go with the favorite between total number medal count. But did this stuff they show on prime time. By half a long and cross country skiing. Is nothing else going on that you did a primetime on network TV as. I think easier country wins the Olympics. You. Nobody can get award you for four years that's the deal but you get sovereignty over all war for four years and then. You go back in the if you win the game you know for years for maybe another country gets the sovereignty for four years at that whoever else. The individuals get the metals what do we get as Americans. Net and I think he gets thirty grand for winning the gold medals and American. Social all why get civilian you know in the in the other two kids a one snowboarding but really nobody else. Let it so okay. Back in the day you tell me when like all those you know I know as the summer to delay the gym this would bella parolee and all that stuff. If they were only getting paid thirty grand and he was the coach what. The sponsor money right at the Olympics may be sponsored. And their world trade and his ransom a console casino whole sex scandal broke out into possess laudable state employees was that the Crawley a training zones at them and then they're all gym missile are and we wanna go back there are all this happened shut it down there. You know. In presidential brothel. Dorell Lindsay Vaughn a lot but says she doesn't do any thing against issue looks good the got a promoter. It is dear is she yes I am not so I really do anything the Olympics. She not compete Nadal are darn not placing. This woman Golden's points in him that was news. Or Olympics year she's each competing budgets you know she's not on the top tier with a everybody else. They're losing team get bombed every year with the I don't know about pat I don't know for gonna celebrate that celebrate the winds and maybe not the losses. Are some money saving you know weaknesses we have a lot of these sports in high school. Is RG you know give people are doing that and treasure our Summer Olympics is different. Because some of those sports Moscow. Didn't know anything about burger and beer or perhaps part skier girl know what happened she sucks. It's she's American and went to harbor Vietnam. But she is she she decided to turn the Olympics because her grandparents are from Hungary says she's DN a might via perhaps I'm. Pete for Hungarian team but she would all these qualifying events where there Rolex 24 people and she was finished dead last. And there's thirty spot in the Olympics are she got and into the ex she's going to there's videos are all right order runs. She got that part is she barely gets like six inches air doesn't do any tricks or flips her rosary thing and I. Let's go. We got a girl please reveal a South Korean hockey thing we do. Yeah now she's got dual citizenship has tunnel South Korea sees play people stay there. Well we are. Good job fair there girls who are who won the related to triple Axel figure skating the first American ever dirt and general very Japanese name. And the only team figure skaters to land one in the Olympics were Japanese. Michelle Kwan known she is Japanese there went to triple axle now. It was so little as soon as she got to let you know Joe's great source. Of dominating dolls there's another one. You already know some more are yeah a good. Christi area didn't check Christie like you know I during the Summer Olympics carrier ring was born in Australia they Hume he almost plea for them. Seem I have a lot of theme you know vote people with dual citizenship Charlie picker even though they are the most Yani remember her. Now in the Arab the girl is gaze for Hungary she couldn't radar teams are teams pretty good. Engine is the war assaulting him. You Jesse immediate. The agent recruits in the news yeah. This is August try to seek custody of his eighteen year old son. He's going to be out of prison soon. I. Can you give custody of an eighteen year old kid. Is not a cute and I try to do when they wouldn't let me do that would Jimmy young son especially in South America there. He wrote a fifteen page letter to be a mother of the of the victim. Fifteen pages there guys did now because he was. In for conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend. A fully nicely you know sort of murder does conspiracy near here Missouri paid someone to do apologize. Who's gonna you know I've never seen his kids you know commandments just library career. Have talked on Saturday a trend line looks just like Clinton. They hate me. And a couple wrestler knows throw in Colorado ArcelorMittal as he hate me. You know I'm out here every year now are Crusoe and deserves special lanes because she was seven months pregnant when she shocked. All and he survived. And was obviously governments are we shouldn't get cute. Known her Renault. Harbor imprisoned on this his barber. Austin Dillon won the Daytona 500. I guess they run in stages and we took like five hours to complete. Let's he celebrated by giving you Daytona 500 champ tattoo. All of his AS. At number three. I here's the thing. NASCAR tweets number threes back in Victory Lane. And I kind of said it. You know. Hart made the number of famous that number has no equity. So he says number threes in Victory Lane my knows who it is so my organs and yes it is you know nobody knows number it's not retire the number you have to. Mission retired numbers in NASCAR and they certainly should retire in three. Without question that's our 42 equip forcing does Al against Carl Edwards is not in forest there are watching Daytona was named C good in the 43 car run well. Is it hasn't run well in my lifetime. Now now Richard Freddie got bubble Waller says they're now he wants to try is there as an owner for the first time ever Manny wins races. And months. Do you ever learn about what was an injury here and there for a little bit. Pink here tried our homework isn't cash needs money shared what about but let jugs. Time and letting kids and they sixteenth I under 68 here astute well thanks a lot her car was pretty banged up after them. Hampton it looked good. Wallace. It is through this in as an only does he riled up. There's I don't giving you won't do either but they announced a new member to the WW hall of fame was not the backing Arab. Gestures don't fix that until all. You just lost all credibility with a hell freezes and go bid a credibility there everything crib what that ill. I'm good I'm not trying to break into the wrestling business I don't think ginger hair blue one as and one CNN building anywhere on earth now permit Carl's claim. I don't hold your line I don't think he ever sold a ticket I don't think he ever sold paper view. The most interesting thing here ever did was. Get beat up with household goods and or carton Eds about China. Els is most likely to be dug about Steve mongo and my. Yeah this show. I'm Margo. You know zero about it. What am I think about this would you look that would let's say that I'm going in the radio all of saint yeah yeah. And they ask you to come and that may end user ID and not even talk about you being in the dude would you give. No probably not. I wouldn't do that somebody had to be a members some I'm not a band member off the mark everybody of their pet owners the skeleton that to wallop if you have on the truth. That's going to be a big downsides are there. So you may be the first present moment goes up and draws a kiss amassing lobby for a halt tapes he's the first Duck Tour to speak longer in the end dug dig down don't offers long as well let him. He'll make it all about him somehow. You may be smashing guitars it's always theirs is a bit when we come home. You saw her angles wife and I'm tough wrestler certainly make this stage in her own Villa in Italy dornin. And this is supposed to be an actual place missiles have an actual restaurant. The WW hall of fame there gonna build Orlando. Succeed or still bright guess for the enshrined in the Jeff Jarrett outside to be a parking meter where you put a quarter of Ralph. Shouldn't think. Drug guys forces all the. Or else knows what's good for the you audio magnificent new guys morning. Every sickened. It's not.