Tuesday, July 17th

This edition of WAR features a buddy moonlighting as a private investigator and a left up toilet seat.. cheating??

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And I. You're crawling through. Didi I'm. I'd go deep he's from being wasted penny sweet tea yeah opponent burgers and not sweeping me. We just. I am listening in this held by the good morning rise guys morning show is. 708. Tabloid Anke award again on this too sweet Tuesday to win a thousand dollars Menem's leave Elliott. Leaf a leaf. Get Jimmie taken out this week yeah ups. Street and had diabetes saying. Two things one I went down yesterday to. I've had some kind of issue with the I told him I as smell in the my taste moment as they know. They signed in time any day gets stuck and begin a commandos demonstrated in funny polyps or anything like that so it's gonna keep taken a phonies and all this but. Allison did a hearing test was there a I have a 100%. Hearing in my right ear and in 92%. And mallet. I was shocked I think it'd be far worse. Bartender or server time. Well I don't know that I figure I feel like it is worse now okay but it apparently not. There are still pretty geared candidates in this vault where this. Equipment that low sockets of from sixties. Where your arteries raise your hand when you hear the cars MO local clicker Oaxaca. But some lesser admittedly with the clicker here remember well I'm Amanda. How are going to yet I'm not breaking any kind of hip law who had a Carolina ENT. And that he was and it was Rhoda and she wrote down. Her her appealing name and her husband's the one name and African laws that paper somewhere so. If you know eroded that works Carolina ENT she has thus the name Dallas they've both listen the show's set you know wrote in Dallas. Let them know that I'm sorry Africa 51 names but. I did I did meet Rota. And now she said Dallas was a big. We got a situation we got a war we had a gentleman who believes some cheat and is going down. So let's. Let's bring him on now of course no names yet good morning sir. Glory and Harry. You know like now that my here it's good that I realize that I'll have any kind of major sinus infections Marat. I saw our Massey to ask can you live intrusive crap right now. I am on AM mark. I have a situation. At home. Yeah well we appreciate you allowing us to kinda help be handled it live it. I appreciate did out of the show before. I called him once and I got there a question when you guys had. Ric Flair ought. I'll throw out OK all coal. Or where does your senator term to warm I now's my cell lower led what did you do before but you just as the best in nature boy question. So you're a hero award today because. You believe you're a freeze she'd known. Literally right along Gelman together we've got. We bing and a boyfriend and girlfriend deeper to read it three years narrowing the been there and get through the last leg. Almost two years yeah. And yes I'm. A total body that. Approaches she roaming. And he's you know got Easter but to mob ball pretty hard. He lets your balls hard about light pink calling. Yeah I told them I was suspicious that you Satan and when he did he wouldn't let me get it. Coming lol I what was it makes you think she was she's. Are well. What is happening in the day I came home from work one married to him regular normal day to go with a Tuesday or some I don't know. And he'll walk through the door and just feel like some dolls. Like there's nothing. You can see immediately bridges you get that feeling there's so I don't know despite a censor some spent yeah I mean I guess that's the area some at all. Usually you want the door of your house and you do many logged in the door to someone right then and feel right. Somebody until Rhett so involved here yet. So hard and going to the kitchen and put them lunch box and grab a drink or going to the bathroom and and that's what saw. The C. The ceaseless on the toilet. Yet we have. And net debt. Is on the girlfriend biggest rules. To go leopard bears out of all the water act union and not an amendment screech and starts now so I never never. Leave it up anymore I don't know about been conditioned or trained or what but I do not leave that seat. It's just rained a little bags a hole has claimed there was agreement to access the nice thing to do you know I mean guy I can't imagine being a woman. You schaeffler and then there in the Melvin I you know you don't eternal a lot of lights on the scene though but to water. That's I wouldn't have white meat rod out and just ruined my evening. Yes I can bet I haven't put it down just in case is out odds are next time somebody goes in there's only made him or have a seat as well. And it's true. So you never leave it up and that her her big role is just the two of you there in the house. That's right that's right just to us. I never leave it there really would have remembered gentlemen. Carol I was Macedonia. OK so but that's. So you're saying this is the same day that you won't be and it's something wasn't right and then lo and behold policy it was a. There's that and then. Than that they're bigger and bigger about a day later. She came home. And at a point it out terror would it seem. You previously. Turned around like. Pastor or she came home the big forum lunch. Angie turner really special and why. Should the real guilty. So I told about toilet seat township this look under space it was like holy crap I'm busted. Joshi try to say that she tried to blame mate she tried to say there are probably left forgotten in the morning and I know I didn't. So. Sean bring it up. Okay so again. Yeah I know what you're saying about the body language when you ask somebody something. And then made me you know like you mean or something like that. Continued to get a bit do you guys I'm just trying to think is there may be maintenance guys you have an apartment is here some kind of another person that would have been. In the home. Not. Well no Maynard comes through grade they always have to leave a ticket on the door that triggers a ticket on the door so. Coming you know. OK who's at the I don't read this old sucked out sadly said that there was some and you had a PI or something. I'd do. It well not a yeah I used but in my. Where you can look at it. I heard mr. Speyer and he's girlfriend's all the time for Arnold I know much evil done that never do I know any actual private investigators to get worked awful yeah. I. I hit it real good friend of mine when diamond drive all the way to Asheville in a blizzard. For its final girl hotly bonus and yeah. OK so. You had this this amateur private investigator your friend he and William he followed her around though what. Believe. Yeah eight followed her yeah and she district or somebody from troop court that they would all. And they and they registered somewhere on worker Woodruff wrote. My god it's easy and it's easy to do and just hear what's different here I am working on this front I hated. Parents or some show Mars and then they disappear and prefer all what do you know I don't guided did you did the your friend that he. Able to describe the guy Arab. It is dug a guy yeah yeah you said that you Israelis LimeWire and ball cap and jeans and yellow brick. Not. Will not do may I mean mobility. You know slow saw the some errors you're good you're fine our eyes so. Here's five meg saying here's the nervous laughter met. He she picks up somebody a male had the food court at the mall the guy just follow on Luzon but he knows it. The guy was where Manhattan's teams. And was written really thin. Yeah yet while he's well you know what he should drop the private investigating is not very Gannett please we should have more in the description here. A debt and high I don't know you what you did or it's evidently. OK so. It's he got that Indy in your back pocket battled that information due edgy tester. Well ushered. As to what you did after work. The other night you said in a widget to work late so so right there. That was the lat. So. I'd you know. It's as this show is this really you. Yeah lot. They did slowed reaching. Cheers to really obsessed over this further radio show hearing green bill you guys used to make a lot of currencies she. Aided let. Mom and I love you guessed that that that they'd admit you know that made it that much worse now. Known for house that I belong to dabbling. Well what did I Anderson I don't know which one you're talking about there are three. I've been regardless sentinel that's that that's wonderful you don't think that'll have bet that will make her like be suspicious when she gets a call and it's. I mean it's kind of a bit we're known for everything will be fine. I don't think you're given notice. Some cock you know you know I think it may be yes to disguise your horses ourselves and I don't know. Put up. Can do that Andy and Pam doesn't matter I emigres from the caller I don't regret okay I'm. Okay hold on forests where we're of course we're gonna take a break we come back we're gonna call her will figure out something to do need to get a name out of her and find out with the due to the food court was gang. Great unrated buster I'm here okay aren't all the wrong. Things but this. The tall city is it I do know this failing give -- some may right I mean I I I don't I can't explain it either ID you know that feeling but you. And new place and feels a role in error from sure am yeah but could be their beer possibly only issues cleaned Ireland and he said it hadn't been cleaned. He did point that out now. And flash something besides the at all I think cats are needed to flush mister Jenks in that but yeah New Zealand. If you have a toilet seat the always raised its. That's unusual. There's some of them always stayed down. So I'm really need to lift up loser always down. Yeah ho man what could be a ghost would no morals RS six. And a certain could be knows what it is we're gonna find out next so we do let's figure out war if she's so aware of the show we got to figure out some kind of plan that will do its war is derived guys hold your horses. H fastball away 93 point period of planet dry. Time is of the essence rise guys morning show good morning to you it is 731. You've heard the situation here. He's been what this girl for three years have been living together for two. He comes home one day walks in the door just like any other day said sounding fell right in the house. He goes puts his stuff down goes to the bathroom toilet seat was up. Mean that's no big deal they're the only ones that live there and he says that's why her number one rule don't leave its policy that. You. And on the bestseller a lot of people are trying to trying to explain away and say well if you're so my dad what was the meaning that you think sums up when you don't get too many things I was up. Well silly Astor about hey were you home there in launched and me he says she is I didn't really guilty. Two point they got a buddy has to follow her one night after work which he sage had to work late. His friend witnessed her picking up the dude from the food court at the mall Haywood mall through specific. And then he lost them somewhere over here would you. So he's got a description of the guy he Astor would you do if she's I work late so he said. He's busted her in a lie add that to the facts that one right ad that is that the policy was up. Some was up. Right so let's bring him on. And Ellie on top of that she hates us so it's our share. So that's fun so yeah today for her death the Sunday this in the interest OK so what started this get to this is fast as we can. Armed you're absolutely sure he did you an idea this. No he would have moved all my bid stepped out last night I'm rated takes it is here. Lord Tammy truckloads vote. We're samarra now and these stories don't you kids you don't need crap anymore I'm. I dare I did miss favorite just remained quiet until we get a name out of her okay. Aren't aren't here yet. Should be interest in. She hates our guts not so much based on the the show bit. Shows she's still at least to kind of pound a little you know bumper stickers and such where our hope. Two match points. Alas it. However. Glad I guess we miss Jennifer plays. I don't aren't. I'm calling to congratulate you of course in collaboration with your bank Ewing your hot love to have one our hot summer love promotions and congratulations girl. I'll. I wonder what. You want our hot summer love promotion you and your love you won a three day week in her smoky mountain chalet a new law law. Profits included this 3300 square foot cabin and Ellen berg Tennessee is all yours. Complete with our signature heart shaped tub swing in bands and 360. Degree rooftop pool and 8000. And it stopped Scott would gourmet foods buy shares Matt meals in salad shake bath bombs from Sara and Adam and eve all together. At 3933. Dollar value but yours for free for one in the hot summer left from us and congratulations. Let me. You seem very sad it. Well it's a lonely and really saw real because it took bring a bank. Or yeah it's really odd and even heard of that. GGG sign up for the banks rewards program right you got back. Oh yeah our eyes is a said he wanted. This. Yeah now you know. I made a lot of the it's your your Summers can be a lot hotter and it is going to be an isolate Al yeah here regard I'll get the available days in just a minute first question I have for insurance purposes any allergies. I don't know all right and the person you're bringing your hot lover to say having allergies. I don't know why aren't there was some of the chalets or gluten free selfless thing you know all the way weird as are witness check in on that says his manager. How are enacting bat there had an air yet so. I got you aged Jennifer. That JD he in and and he are correct. Yes sir our got a confirmed spellings is we also indeed this you actually pretty cool I got him last year in the eastern border and a silk robes he knew where Ramallah around chalet is monologue that weekend and take a moment today. Are again at yes so what's his name I gotta put that on style and how form if you don't mind. I'm at trial. And it clearly weren't all eat. What they fail. How serious. Are you serious. Howell not having. Know what they. Can have a lot of anxious and ready to explain yourself here on. That of course is Kevin your boyfriend this is the rise guys that he 3.3 planet where morning Asia where cops aren't you. Let me right. Yeah yeah. Hey Kevin do you know the you know Collins Eric how that. That you know up. Oh yeah I know I'll BAA no. How little little gay guys when the first issue saying no way to. Not bad at her then yeah it's a pretty Kidman. Don't sound that she said this word. Hold on second. Our bring him back. In just a moment. To having you there. Yeah yeah I'm still here are holed a second would we ended dump on her toes she joblessness bomb on us violations at its that never house which I think you've forgotten yet. How automatic here yeah. Historic stuff she said one word but look at that to one person that stuff so Mario Chalmers and stuffs another person's. Yeah. We don't our own to delay travel yeah okay come. What side that's the only Italian oh. You don't tell I know. I'd go to would get a little guy under slim I mean you know fortunate hairdresser where she works. I just assumed. But there's a sellout not news. Yeah well. I mean. I guess not but that was him and iron there during the saying now and you know. You murder saves nineteen so spelled. Not not. This. Stupid that in these days. What do you mean. I just ratcheted action in Iraq or just branch authority that gave you know I should receive through their. Did I mean did that you know it was just an assumption right. It wasn't like he was pretending Hershey said he was there anything on that. And no I don't know army. I just got to tell me I mean I just assumed you know he's the guy works and hairdresser I mean I'm you know. Bolton well two. I mean. And question though like yearly year your girl you're living girlfriends running around would. And I don't know. It'll be sure you know this you know what I have handlers to upload and you know. Now limited Atlanta and you know didn't see that kind of like you immediate. Did you. Did you see hard on yourself about it I mean other than maybe should've. Said hey you know like going over this do all the time and then not in name why am I. Not allowed it to join him in who you know who knew him and maybe you're out. He's embarrassed I'm like yeah here you know. And yeah. I didn't go exactly earlier wanted to meet up photos. A boat can be somebody Oakland community together are both very. And media have been there somebody in mind you thought she is. Maybe Nasrallah had. No idea. Partly you know honestly I wanted to be. A wanted to be wrong but I. You know all the evidence said that. I'm gonna be read at two minutes to also. I imagine Diego in its lawsuit filed in us. Parents now know. Now we'll listen and understand them trying to calm me down will be do we see appreciate Derek appreciate very high. He's gonna let you go legally he knows something that is now what's going on this what happened do an update on that column all deal. Yeah you're all their male voice again we hear from you again oh hold your fire zone again you'll call and ask another question just use this again are we got a there are you guys have them all again. No probably not ever. Adults where word of advice do you have to do Elvis on the radio man. I think times are going your hair cut around Greenville. But search coupon. I shake my head did get a good hair clippers domicile. Yeah apparently oracle orders in an environment so brutal don't Carter's chair holding only need to think about. And Murray said do Ayers. Wow I. Aren't where we'll let Yasser have a good morning thanks for listening to show you do high blood Ciba. Raft and got a perplexed by the whole thing because it's eight your girlfriend is going off with a dude she works with. Even if you think that it comes station down. It just comes up in conversation and talk about somebody who don't don't talk much. Aim everywhere these guys is either does Wear them. Men who doesn't. Tall much yeah home to his. Who's girl or there or she could have been playing it up says she did all you gotta worry about him you know you don't you know like my time anyway. I guess Anna yeah I think he's. We played maybe got out now saying it says no one ever lie but should play and not terribly old time sailor say any kind of stuff I. How would you be your calls next war calls your reactions what you think was going on what happens. What everything 180774. Down below 93 we got a call that person text and then there that has went through something kinda similar to how I hear that. 180774. Double 093 your calls next. The radio dot com and rise guys morning GO. Language on some people. Rise guys morning show stars Serena from frat boy are yeah networks we're doing work cause your reaction to the war we just had there. I don't ever remember a lot of people is probably plane and what Jamie said allowed divorce and what was the guy's name. Can see. He he basically said your guy who cuts hair he kind of things you or the homosexual persuasion as always it. He thought that the 'cause his girlfriend and he found out was cheating on him. When a guy that he felt was gay if she works well when they care yours. Just bringing everybody at the speed build a group. Here's attacks I know two guys whose girlfriends cheated on the woodgate guys who turned out to be bisexuals. He won dread pirate Roberts. Because they're too. I don't know I was bisexuals Panama. They do nails. Let's give it to. Four city and talked to Pete Wentz shaken but who has called us at 180774. Double 93 chicken but what's up. What's gone got you guys aren't aren't well sir happy to sweep Tuesday. I beat this great period day are your thoughts on the war. My ball on the war. Like this inherit. It counts says I don't think about it are certain number one rule out. It is. Keep toilet seat down right well okay they'd met them with a plan boy it got in he gonna put that seat and probably. The coach he might sit down when he city. I mean you know. So crazy assumptions made possible ally and I hey. And maybe I don't. But he'd probably got to put this state damp I think you know what more than one guy. Really now. I mean think about that. If I mean you probably don't let it. Well it beat down that whenever he got the in every game. Yeah I really don't know I have to read some stats on attitude about have a great morning sir appreciate to stay out. It 96 Timmy and asked if he sets down when he's terribly I sent comes in the mail tonight I'll be honest with the and they say it helps O prostate cancer. It's his bears were rumored return to immersive it's going to relied on manual may commence especially I made a number team and it definitely always said. I really did a getaway ass up and actually hail west. They know so well I easier. Now there are heading toward Ariel don't. And I you know work this walk in the line here. You're here and so on Maggie easily she's cheating is this guy is making a real stupid assumption or what. Now I don't know if you want I can go after a little like little cabin somewhat scared me some lovely normal moment. A decline. I am in no idea supported employees of a very different trip was to blank. You know. On the what are you lead a global volatility utter flop mommy always can and as such it's such a popular guy you replica of the former. I don't I. And I'll be all men without a lot of geology of the okay that's very serious when mama Robin almost civil quite a while to work government. Yeah particularly. Terrorists. You'll now hear outlook pointed able that's sort out so what was the message you're gonna you gonna come in backstage pass something. Now I wanted to give him a shout out most for a man sort of without the international on the city Yeltsin's well. Use videos also. Our parents are also normal Londoner. Although I don't know what's MLS thank you sir have you more ought. As Westmoreland and if Alice. Singer who wins or how you understood now first thing I say he may have traveler really major like what it in Europe how we had this this this more. Matter Matt Larson North Carolina so I speak in North Carolina marbles on the zone that remarkable a bit in North Carolina inaudible in the jungle it's a slightly different mumble than the one we have in South Carolina. Where. I understand very well it is kind of I call the North Carolina don't know isn't a very distinct mumble I understand that expansion. Here's a tweet that's arise armed men asked Maine thank I was complete moron you should be a shame that he's a wow. You read answered Twitter handle right now Theresa. He g.s and hate would dare the other service competes on what I'm sort of thing and big bag dat. Garza's on the other opponents Kevin from war and how hairdresser. If you Omani oil and Gervais who borrowed it was ahead. Let's go to output on your wooden shoes let's talk the Holland in Henderson hill that morning. I didn't die like that it's hard. Yes I'm. I'm not inside I'm originally from Alaska and so on so now. I'm calling you from Henderson ElBaradei and now you know you appetite elaborate get away. You know now obviously gay or not negotiate doubtful. And announced target saying it didn't include her. Significant out there that you know he'd gotten old old Sega and and you know see him on there that. I'd rather hear an ugly truth than a pretty light came on here. Shame on and a shame shame shame we know her name. What was her name. Yeah yeah you can only gone by and some better. Yeah tell her suck one rider. He got a national debt at our magnetic and L but things are intended to. You're not at all for. Alaska Reggie Reggie Wilbur grisly murder for his part he sounds on similar one for women I didn't say it is early she wouldn't want it is by. IR who one night resemblance is still open a bear that travel in 93 up after. Take a little break at page 9330 yeah this in headlines prejudice them. JG Iraq yeah. Really don't like just coming up again right after the rise guys morning and 93 point three.