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He's right guys like gas powered by cities can travel. Listen to the rise guys morning subordinate anytime. I just don't know the weather that we're needs to exist in the latest rise guys like gangsta rap as guys. Odom you want the Sox quarry yeah. You remember us gyms all new year rule. The Jonas hardly a site just Jonas charming doesn't fear of god. Laureate. Yes you're old remedy has some places that you really never. The duo. Others more you're a monster and it's scratch warrior. Yard par Sandner. Do explore. You know beard is sort of spiders you got TD zero sold scratch. Lori and we could be right you only pay you 39 and I have four drool. Zero viral Warren. Tragedy Horry here's a girl and you'll glory is easier or some time. You have old Nintendo so we miss some or die on the green mile. Are you dependable. In the dark good looks like tools you might read funerals may curious. There. Well yeah. You're so. Travelers who warrior. Rerun mass believe we are blue stones. Your heart is full of dire re you'll see her. Are you. Well yeah I know hoard food diary and still showed up that's trying to ask now bad back for years couldn't have. That's we've messed lines so did their mom and dad are book Barry asked Teixeira let's try a lot of band and the rise guys morning show good morning. Kind of salmon. We're doing open phones now anything you'd like to talk about questions comments. We talk about chablis is nursing home deal mayor and his dad a lot of people were. Certainly Texan about that too very worst. Let's skip they go and what is your margin robots first. Is artists are about the nursing home daily mark. I battled well that's more than a much easier. I am well I'm well I mean I'm stronger coming don't they wish you all know that boy I'm kinda saying no man. Well gold will manage along the kid knows you know and help them out why aren't you glad that you looked up on FaceBook game. There's huge and his coach K like senator but from my own FaceBook token it's never out of their loud ballpark there. OK aside we'll win them they're not they're there and he's an entire burden being buried failed state LG yeah side delivered. Need to I've done in the same we're. We pretty closely and I know they're out West Babylon has that are just ironically it is symbolic his father health wants. Most vocal on the level and then we can have a couple strokes. He's seventy years old learning this bold goal by record you just blow the great in fact I guess Foreman takes them aside and being in that situation. Now what I did not when they shop at big demo we go around which they've now to retrieve places you know that would take it amount of money. Yeah I'm wanted to and then there's not a bad place but it's not there we cultivate their in the automating sir let him and then. And that person not happy he's not going to be happy. He had not called on the Bailey you're a field where it later when vetted and has there. No memo. You've only got one person I met your life and if you think it's better form. Go to Mary Bernardo I think dispersed and visit and it is very level once a month I know you didn't have a busy dad still might lead serve once a month. There hang out you know but birdie man. Eagles word about the whole thing is ask him again. Earlier and he really walls together or Soros and Ramirez he's living with his ex girlfriend and her husband on his own weird it's a bad situation or how. Yet creepy altogether putting yeah he's got to listen to I'm. Announced the iPhone got a good thanks so yeah I'll tell you what he said do it at first he didn't like him but now he's he's kind of. He settled me and mutilated and they know quite so then birdied he got a couple nobody if you got a little mate that they've bowed together they activities are gonna do they take a moment but Beckham Kamal. Shopping at Wal-Mart he had a little right in store credit to carry out. And they go to virtually Mozart and every couple weeks Seminole golf lovers and did amend the machine you know the main. Event daycare and many will be happier there if you cardiac in the desert. Chopper landed well part of fan I'm Ella ya money last word where. And just let people calling load of mother realized he plays well the minute. Now mark good call sir thank you very much have a Merry Christmas. Are you are you know you know wanted to say this that. You know the differences and he likes his uncle as Seattle and walk closer than they're very close then again we. I got feels commissary to pick out of one of the greats and any bad like he grew up emulated by examples of course he fills the dead to take care of the mid mid this. I think you're gonna do little more than just Whalen to the door and Ryan and now we don't know ours. I don't think so yeah first of all right he's not gonna run and that means it loyalists there weren't going to trailers from Ford Focus as well buddy what Atlanta at the car started source. Please revenue. Now an aria thirteen Yamaha lindros and it will that's good he should never could figure BA's third thing. Okay. Number Brevard and so ledge. Are you. Oh yeah don't. You know what to pack I'm fine and good things today thereby seems big in big order good outta asking us outward Arabia and. I not let it parliament and all but then I'm a huge trade him I got. I wouldn't vet every single show in mid 2013 except her two month period in Montpelier. But so what I'm calling about there and all that they've got can't parent myself and tell our bed and take it. I what's young mind wherever ideas like yeah. There I have now he won't name is I have a prosthetic leg. And as cool what this prophetic leg and anybody can possibly be on any quote unquote disability. Bum. GM opera and cracked jokes please mainly quite practical jokes we need a little girl with new people all job site. I love it. The company says. I had exactly the biggest idea guys but all our crazy ideas on the radio or not you know people like. Blake and I either come down there will call and live today and pretty much knew any thing you'll walk me to do with the layered. Injected some very very they crap I don't care anything all the good things omitted the flag down a bit. Path. What are the great big dude dude this here's what we'll do what would a little. We'll take down your phone number but I need you to come over the ideas I don't wanna tomorrow and ideas thing to do with your prostate clay grass to tell you about it I don't. Am not a 100% after. It didn't end and you. Here's what what Troy on home each contact staff and then we'll check in here weighty because it means that this is all the way through what may. This is when the concerts until May so first we met I I I will promise you today if you get us said a decent idea and corporate coed and all the legalities and everything in your cool and it will will try to work and Danica. I I don't have any kind of like general idea of anything you know like any kind of like. Any thing permit to work towards. I mean it. You know I don't wanna deleting this gonna lag SA and other. Physically impaired individuals. Pay to attract and you know whatever name we. OK so. That's well made huge edge it in the driver's seat. Maybe you have to let us say some of the things that you would like to do and then there's flee if it's your idea then it's your ideas and aren't if you order in. How well what about. Would you transfer award check in will be here shortly effect now. Some stuff because of the Olympic legs before. Numbers from that had more answers you know sort of forget they were now. Indeed even some of that stuff I don't I don't like Indian in my legacy and cut yeah. That's an adult that's an important drink from every drink for processor word yes it's a legacy like that places that I pass to. Let's go to Scott in McCormick. So broke you sir bulk. Tell you about this notion her real. Problem. My. More world world sport for better or should I am. Italy earlier and well. Old English program is chief executive who did not drink charge. So he makes a decision to defend. So not great heritage oaks it to do include. Assisting. In. Certain. Where they're at the rear farewell. Into beat them. In the best. You could. The marriage experts and critics could you patrols course. Well. And they get erased. All of I think that go in Netflix. In recruited very very well. They're prepared very pretty too much. Too much. You know what doubt that a whole panel. And they were split and now from that a there should have been so open. But still there and had a harder than that that's not the way it done. And it was very disgusting yes there in the world we can't let. It makes the Stanley. He just yeah. So so Chris stern at different and let me just got refuge and well thought through the present them as well as teach them. The coast. Well broke. All the bush broke. It open so anybody out there. Lecturing you're jumping you know. In being moved into through that little child know what you are also very. And do a dish you cannot. Do what we were credited to let them like you did. This guy he's got you got the dad and wife and kid themselves. Will you see what is OK so you and he Sundays does the Christmas right. We were okay well organized job mayor Christmas Christmas. You try and good morning. A lot Hernandez Flores man anyway what is it about you know we didn't have any money left I mean it was the fact that prying his mom and daddy were there. But soft for years. Scrambling and then they had a muscle mass that ignored Zynga there would have answered in his grip. This in Hawaii you're better off. If I nearly well in the movie is due on your parents and they knew as well. Attorney get old you sorry don't have anything to leave anybody yeah. Then though what is demanded Asia because some you did or didn't have understood more about it's got the right idea given all the way in a moment not born out of yeah he's a Muslim League game a little more almost Sonoma good. Benefit. It would do some headlines pages that okay that's a Larry we would do that and don't forget announced yes no question that a knack and no country and you Max. Nine inside T Izzo question today we had a premiere passes to our. Private premiere showing. Star Wars the last gen I'm December 15 Hollywood's when he might. The rise guys morning show. Thought he. He 93 point freedom. Right guys headlines with the needs and you're Beagle who. From director Bryan Singer is angry. Was he anger value Izzy. Well at a time he's been fired from the queen biopic called behind bohemian rhapsody. And he blames a studio for being callous. He released a statement Monday night Shankar I asked bucks for some time not to DL. With some pressing health matters concerning what my parents unfortunately in the studio is unwilling to accommodate me and terminated my services. It alleges thanks memories. Or rated X-Men next to her. It's Superman returns. He's an X-Men days of future past takes an apocalypse hashing none of those he's been a producer aren't all extend movies. I saw the first. Yeah I'm while the law when he was doing that whole Mimi Ramsey movie with all. Mr. were imprisoned us robards Remy mallet. Ramel like Weller I'm earlier reports suggested dad sound he unexpectedly. Vanished and the movie sent. And also that he was having a conflict personality conflict and they remain mom. Had senate I isn't running shoes would move people on sentence sounds like a bit. He was shown the blade I guess is what they were saying he was noon and then not showing up at all some brazen. So must thousand Palin so must of the cable revenue take over directing for days at a time on the she's. And where there are some may have to start answering phones farm service that sir rumors on the inner skeptic. By glut in her. Advancements insult them call me here on the studio don't say they're under a time crunch to complete the film before Christmas. Otherwise you gotta keep those people on. Retainer and you know there you pay and a credit cards. Yesterday and I'm glad I thought of this Iran or by. Funny all of the and I'm not taking her side but she says funny how all of big guys that have bin touted is the sexual aggressors and things like this evolve an ugly gross people. Except I guess Matt Lauer Monday the only one but she said imagine. If did the stories about the good looking guys came out and I say the point that yeah I I totally see the point and you know it remained down. Then and we like for instance let's lose a guy USC love parades like you would be just look at you point it may need is running Javon who is Ken Harrington. Who was on us now from OK now I understand life. Drop my pennies a second. I'll I just kidding so that this is a very exacting. Or what you do this movie with me Bubba like you're ready one be intimate way than in everything said then you are policing Jeff. Russia is our heart. No movement none of them on Charlie Rose then there are Israelis pharaoh. Old. A lot of them grow Russell Simmons fan polls I think. A lot of like Q now when you think. Of people that get out and and the way they street you know I. There's shame that send people home. I mean it's been years it's not like this is their first person that came forward there's been many people and that there may be sexual predator yeah. Maybe that's no excuse either right because in a regressed to memories things like that I know people that have come back and faced. Childhood molestation years later that they never even thought about until a sibling mentioned it in the new mall these memories them yeah. Presumably CJ is not harbor or none at all brokers would you. Nobody you even if they were hot as I Matt Lauer if he had. So but many can push to lock the door and track your in his office no matter already dead that's still kind of creepy. And the way they they treat you is still a power play it's not like. He's gonna do that to anybody else sitting as it is not vulnerable down so even if he was Hanson met somebody treaty dealing fatty become very Hadley instantly but I see where her point is that. It now. Beautiful people aren't coming for being creditors. Are being out in bad outing yeah but it doesn't mean and they're not I know the only all hear more about people that work. Oh down. Here's the thing it changes your whole outlook on a person because. Charlie sheen's name came up at some whenever some of the stuff and various other scandals. Now before heard all the drinking tired blood and winning and all that stuff before all the stuff you know about Charlie Sheen. He was a handsome successful actor Gary. Who wasn't leg so out there weird until you found out all this stuff about in the change your perception of it I never thought in the hands of our people are it was hard back. There's hoc hall back thing happens to athletes that are kinda out and and they're good looking some of them. So I can I'm glad I lose. Vince Wilfork. He did that. Aren't really instance I can make Eminem situation any Mike Tyson. He's not handling. Haiti go to jail. Suicide. Is checked him this early stage. Subjective. Now plan OK did the one guy I didn't nobody knows his name but he's dig deep. Hollywood directors have like 300 women come forward here this Zagat error reserves serves Hannity you know let's hope I don't let yeah okay Baghdad. Ratner. Our grammar editors and all of this time marker and. I've been Amal and have a competition IE stassen power play and they say in mind that these people can use these women can't express themselves sat them that that they. They would do willing to throw the tells us. While they I guess they may think that the woman is sorrow law and I need him probably. You know we get a shower I'm thinking that the man is on the apt enough. To do business. Which you gotta Weinsteins room. If I was a female of the opposite sex I would not go to leave the game man's hotel room. To discuss business. That may be each one person is thank you mom he probably is really in just an in my acting ability. And I'm not as starving actress right now I mean I'm. I'm not my act it's you know starting aren't on here. This in in May not make you taste I've certainly certainly certainly not mean he's he's but the point was a man hardly a producer or like a hot director. They would work hoga hoping bon has our our director of movie director who has it Trenton removing land usual yeah. Did Kovalev is his won't. I don't. And as symptoms. The talk about them under what's gonna happen next so long especially in the political arena where I just as a totally different animal where. People are saying well the victim didn't do it or just gonna keep on L. Whereas in Hollywood and their cleaning house. They are and they are on that very subject house of cards is moving forward on Netflix for the final season but without Kevin Spacey. And Robert Wright well. Be playing Claire under way and I this is a while his dad the life of Kevin's character and she will be the star of the show. So a are they gonna say on the show than like was he assassinated her. Well this is there six seasons so what they're doing is they're gonna bring closure for the fans and there's no word on how they plan to right Kevin out but in the blood. That inspire and to show his character does die so that's kind of apt to Netflix on how they're gonna and it. This was I've I've sing. Hard rips you know Gary are you or your trainer of this goes any hour episodes and senior wire slices are our largest good aka. By missile force face was good I mean there are positioning. Toward reverses. He verses are anyway. You know I was warning that they do Kiefer Sutherland show. You're right there sometime and nuke any site literally the last person left to be president after all the different you know that person does is for an eight. But manages this never liked. And I am actually in the added this I don't know I love Keith took a Kiefer Sutherland when he form. He's great in use on our show before they terrorize a couple different terms and years. I'm noticing and. But Kevin Spacey thing remember where you bet your mental images Kevin Spacey in a note. That again Kevin Spacey accused do whatever but that timeframe is would this work aerospace unit where my parents are two totally different duke. Good Kevin Spacey but right. 35 years ago Kevin Spacey serve. You're remains that's just started out years ago boy yeah say it like what did these guys look the army I'm still thinking about you want more of these people to be attractive. Oh I am so you know they they look different magnet. I'm looking for pictures and Harvey Weinstein when he was I don't know heart at a growing master entertainer and hopefully yeah. Suppose. He's care. Well let's talk about stunt on the pilots that are taking Marron new singer on target them Jeff Kent day is is that good. You try to mess with us that you just use our east LAG new TT let. Client then there are other tour kicks off march 2 in Santa Clarita California. See what he looks like. And nothing wrong. Now I am not. He's younger than I expected benefits in the group is only 41 button. Yes he's a single parent. From Michigan and he says singing for ST he is kind of a big deal Fram car artists like joining they'll Led Zeppelin in my generation. I feel like I'm living in a movie. Eighth biggest thing usually auditioned for par Melinda told amounts. It he was this lead vocalist for the new metal band try sale there you know that made me. An outlaw and he trash sale I guess people got to know I'm from X-Factor earn performing on that. Well we have audio of him performing yet gut yeah us. That meant and that's I don't know if we had meadow in the system they're here and you single are with him or jobs and hurt you reported insurer. A little bit other clip told you before I Adam Corvel listener. I think we've lived through those source and wasn't as do her memorized everything over here. Well I'll check in LA scared I'll pass my judgment. Letter. So they're sitting on fourteen new songs right now CDs coming out next year. And a tour. Well yeah they come and Carolina remain so hopefully this will be good for them and in them. There are off to a good start at least within a singer that's been around the block loyal Lincoln. Org do now I know they had their big Hollywood Bowl show and all that are they going to continue as a band are they dislike you know one. I think they're healing right now because it was such a shock and NASCAR and you know alive album that's out. And you know and maybe making get together but I think for an hour's a shock for them to go on without Chester Bennington dizzy was. Dissent integral part of the band. I'm yeah I mean better rapper M and a and a little. Now my action and is. Now. And he'll first and decide what path to count on it ticked. STP like 151000. Entries to find this morning in Chester Bennington was one of those seriously it's still weird part. Now how does that surprise some good news this. Yeah a guy employees drained me to the kind of sad and six year old kid from Missouri. How other right. As Santa letter for school. And niece and dear Santa. I'm only doing this for class. I know your logic in your naughty list is empty and your good list is empty. And your life is empty. You don't know the trouble I've had in my life goodbye. Love I'm not telling you my name. Clay season season therapy says his mom. Treated out of picture of the letter that now Goran viral she's says her kid really is and oppress his brother was bothering him before he wrote the letters so he was in a bad man it Allen was his caddie for six short. Hopefully Hilary right until Santa I'm ready for Christmas Boris he mentored coming on the priceless not the not impressed. You know pairs figure must first second among you beyond a child count down the zone cover lied parent centered dissection. I know they the end there's hundreds Ernie Allen founded their homes sold most of that. How does give them a Christmas stuff this year. Parents are married and do the stuff oh and has put on the Christmas stuff I found all the letters to Santa that my kid wrote every year and I sit there and read them and cry. I'd love every Nady. I did I cried all over Iman Ahmad. It's just get all this free electronic eyes so it's cheaper than I. Pratt and there's and I wanna baby doll Lemieux's gray hair so sick and now it's like you know I allow her iPod watch whatever them. Freak it's called Sonia Narnia and Pamela Manson and his sister in in eight years is saying it be messed with and I I want. So what are now I also money on Seymour. Tomorrow's column yeah it's it's written W bills look. Andy and Marty go without your iPhone anyway if you're that connected it's in your pocket Arlene Morris for now let's stuff yeah. Laps. I think new event terminal. Anyway I plummeted on Amazon for that's good then kids here. It like I don't get it workers can't hinted that what does he really feels that Santa has an empty life. Com again therapy. It's six years old age how should not be paying about ten miles an aggressive reminder that bad as it Kim and enlist and then when mom doesn't think he'll listen yeah that's earlier this first six euros command with stuff like. You don't know the trouble ahead in my life at six. It's not an original thought from a six year old that's better repeating stuff from drama major drama queen parents and comedies or drugs McCain impaired potentially you. Well what would you do. They won and in England recently saw a homeless couple set up shop in her driveway for the night to sleep. So as a pop up shop now marriages why American Jonathan and it's technically he says at first she thought about comic cops on them. And she thought about being overly nice and offering them some T a warmup case might be called out there right overnight you she ended up splitting the difference and decided not to bother and then she just. Let them sleep there. And figured they meek on the next day. Is their home must remain in agents her house was nice and ups. It's putts she regretted it when she try to leave for work the next morning and they were still there. Surrounded by empty beer can else. Get this. Sham of at all who have used always made a big aspects and her driveway pound now in conflict today. None of them ever witnessed homeless sex. A soul lively. There's a lot of beer Zia. Now on vs now ever person Arab I think I nor can go to C yet Smith yeah can't city. Neither there is an old abandoned building view of Steve and I think people live in the UW school. You better watch where they burn it down Hakkinen that season you've been through homeless people like to burnout down all buildings. They like do they ask them money on HIV a warm and a amplifiers. Fireplace to serve my daddy always said to match here Amman Bob Hope male park and turn that into a skate rink. Is anybody old Pope mill building internists had this huge indoor skating. Legs are homeless people who is an outdoor on our dentists throughout nor state how the. Part of a so back to the story. And a couple having full court is in this woman's driveway in England. And that's client she was fat after she called the cops. And they eventually came by and may and that. Almost cup coupled with a lot then I don't cleanup I don't that I know now as she says she has a lot of sympathy for people who are down amok and she's didn't want her driver and you can a regular hangout spot. I just want to point out to homeless people will never ever leave behind their beer cans ever. Hope now we will always always take them with them wherever they garrison they can make few cents. Take tomorrow. How they make shoes Adams then maybe they'll lock unless they origins on the right. Taken and and transplanted new and the limited holiday that to Ed as we don't know that they're homeless say there. Now pressure or syringes are when you see anybody asking for money being homeless they stated our way for 24 hours I didn't drunken and Blake and SS on the Holiday Inn express commercial yeah. I'm k.s and as your eyes as my mind. Wrap written word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning GO OK only. Thank you everybody bed called waited tags against a grand snapped mumbled. Any of us thanks very hurt all that member under what beggars and today was a whole lot of fun. I have to do this now all the winning today is day five in twelve days of madness. I don't think I anybody would disagreed when I say that. Someone. Far and above. And it did the show today. Crucial struggle America what if you want and he was like 200000 books. It is a stone going to be funny we'll tellem that's more Beers if you when he calls in sick tomorrow. But note tabloid today I I think you want it. Each story it was very difficult times to tell about your dad in the nursing home and all and I think you earned it. I'm glad we've been out you know so therefore you'll be waiting. I dropped one of on this morning's there's only 50 era in six fact many favorite beer. Lute is from it's called Penner bout Oscar blues the road we'd theme bears is getting cold here this. Again there are liquid lunch when he's got I did drop 1 on this morning it's. I shot. Eleven to travel column value drugs today and you throw up promised him that I was very angered myself you know drinkers are firmer. Analyzes son and I am drinking two years here's some beer name back probably I want. I don't want energy affirmative okay alchemy and I'll swim when that is fluid then went bad page not you know what I guess I need to accuse me. Yeah that's why not a good idea about double upon you alone another march on YouTube and just two months is. The other listen and I knew him once proud. Yeah I hit him once they end of may when his birthday years you'll look good and Mark Fuhrman lie in discounts on Christmas thank all of you. I must say it's not career man visited the scene people stayed in the hands in the food or Washington vs. First Einstein. Did today's podcast and the rise guys Docomo iTunes Google play or text the word podcast to 72341. Right now we get she tig is to our super duper private screening. Star Wars the last jab guys. At Hollywood's went. Knock it appears no horse. No but there are a year. Germantown scores this morning how old was Alexis is daddy pays the same guy who is. Missing is husband. Oh man is hate. Actually that's that is into the Carolina paper mill dot com tax line that number is 72341. That's 72341. Dig in 93 correct and should be a big winner get those tickets to the private screening. Star Wars the last Jenna and Hollywood warning on management December 5 and you know. It was only twenty days to Christmas. Everybody was may god. News lesson three waste. I'll play page Iraqi or chablis and I memorized everywhere and we go obviously sank Youkilis and have a blessed day to go and as is glue. Fewer humor to show us the next three minutes. Between here is next on any free points Reno plant in Iran Zach.