Thursday, June 21st

Matt dropped his sunglasses in a public bathroom: The Sex Quiz with Matt

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. I'm pretty sure violent video a hundred years old are probably wish now what I've got my eighty. Here gore made it very happy birthday on the radio. Happy birthday how this plays on your birth today. I guess he married doesn't really matter much anymore because I find that many married men are hitting on me now and I tell them that they should be ashamed of themselves. When I blow my nose it's usually in a dark Dell when nobody's looking. Lewis meal for got a question if you try to fail and succeed they'll what they'll did you actually do. Nice mornings by jilted. Maybe 3.3 don't plan. Barack. I'll tell your story this street for get him some things. This is what I told you what it takes to yesterday is that I just had the worst moment ever used it all means let's say your brother Leo. Our site same here again that's. And a number two yesterday and we'll follow I'd I went to the restroom restructure the epic exercise it. And this this is there any impending growth stories okay done. It went to the bathroom and as I rise up to. Oh and turn in and hit they can say okay here's the thing when I get done I'm not English but when I get done do this number. Doug I. Plus that's the deal I do I stand up turn facing the back of the bullet sliced through let me tell us a minute chat W my foot there are no very little much. Yesterday so when I'm not Wear my sunglasses that we could be on my head which I don't put him there was time to exposes my bald spot more messed up hair again so a lot of times on this put him here on the big. Our mr. Lieberman and powder are humans and animals grosans. Yes. So as I go to flush the tallest. Classes falloff. All. Man does narco ball didn't hit the floor. I was nervous all my glasses will fall on the floor seems only averaged a bathroom at home fragrance. Welcome thank god it wasn't an automatic flush because any. They would then either flush down or oh yeah clogged up some fierce yeah. I'll order immediately even than than yeah so. Enough for him back I'd heard it because I. Know. It's not yet. He had them. All I'll let god. Okay you rethink your Howland put this in in terms it will be it. Let's say they did not hit land. Sure that's OK did you hit land that they were overboard there. And the dollar tree into more. And there are a minute or so. That's very much that's the thing I thought out immediately and was it. What I get and are not in the answer was yes I would you because I would hundred dollar bill. Okay so yeah I would if you all can make even these are just barely staying up. I wouldn't he put it out there's a religious tract really get. All manner that fate when he sometimes these are religious leaders who all of the tracks and I gifts pornographic. Business servants as Julia weird period tracks and. You know you I imagine are hungry and left them in the air. Had a little mishap awesome and only bonds' ball from the you know jocular mood Conroy who does that work and so I probably had a four shows down and throw Malloy won. So you could fish him out and then thrown away. I don't know if I would fishermen out. This is that grow some balls. Only casually sit and fish them out but I'd given my other ride your mama is. Are we gonna sector around does make sure nobody else. That's a deep dish them out did you let it wash them off. OK so here's what I did it I went and got the talk they are told her get paper towels and wrap them around my hand and got to the arm of the glasses and pull them out again it did not hit land it was only water only. And rat them in paper towels and then. Put him on a one the sale of the house to let them I'd drop often am I have is sterilized image. What would you digest. What this tell me. And I know a little earlier but if I. I fished him out like you did rule boy. Threw my things about like this all right so it didn't hit Yahoo! the land when it was just don't water right. Talking about still here he's still got all the particles. Run around here didn't do new particles. Got all that now the next time you put them on your face that's the knicks thought you're gonna have I mean yeah granted it George Bush it's the same as gross. It unhappy guy I just think I now I know god wrote the current. Item in those phone. T enough well I always have like all right. The airlines mr. lighting up behind my house down and and whenever clear. Oh no I know a lot usage between your brushes and stuff yeah he's that. Who I haven't done anything I would I would use that violating clean it out like he said credit to air out for awhile and then to add from there I wanted to cut back on my eyes and I think may strike us. My course bash deadly Oregon amount no question about it or gotten amount. And they're they can be cleaned OK I noticed they had enough bounce sanitation and cleaning tanks and sunglasses are not words they can be gleaned from this college pharmacy can fix it formed here are my first step broad band. Thought about washing them in the siege here are some madame I did back doubt opponent because what the so appeared does to my hands yeah. I get about washes Gelman thing hands I don't rob Arnold might you be coated lenses does have that target them all OK okay here. I will target them better if they have gentler side about Washington's sink regalia take. Homer Washington alcohol or imprison one thing hasn't had a door closed obviously so I'm tired in the paper towels vicious thing proposal but what if somebody was waiting for our back stall right outside and I would've had to say. I don't Glen area. It gives and that's that taught us was gonna say what if you left them now reversed. What you're the second guy who walks in the season. That sounds bad because issue in this year of mass. You say unified wall then okay sued to nines analogy that you saw hundred dollar bill would you grab an out. Nine you said you efficient out that if if they were someone else's would you fishermen no I mean Uribe and do you tell Lauren. And that oh yeah that's what I didn't know they were real or not if I am Solomon in there to promote our man at that point they might be the roar bonds. The only about additional water all the water closer us centric I. I asked I was clear. Yeah IT I don't know what I found that half track flash SaaS lacking about that but I did fish out my hand. Because as toil on her now I'm not afraid of Jessie stood up particles. I'm a lot yeah. Still dude man I asked I really all this I never used in Hank again and I won a lot of rice in the forget that you use that I got Bluetooth. I don't know. Don't impress in this desert you're voting gross because his regret yet all of our. All of them down cycle remote control yep from the worst position Lieberman wrote at home the Cingular are worried their money cleaner than what I look for a moment isn't it every public and you go into that voted day and a half they. It's my intact just doesn't it's all advanced demand money and send weekend is buy and sell right man all right I know I'm nothing. And to say you know the throes then things would. Is he is what they would do you remember where we are just absolutely I couldn't do that. All big and put America are. Now a year earlier I totally did they remind if they were telling nine. If he's already and. Yeah I'm going to I was like I'm tired trying to place them back on the into the person who keeps texting a C a joke they were black rain bands and they're not Brownell journal. Your body how nasty idea. Somebody yeah people keep accident on the old Carolina very real about Comtex lines 73 forward. Is there permit the dishwasher but it doesn't hold water permitted. On the tomato camera and that probably has got to battle probably room yeah. Anything in the world but. You know I am certainly not just gonna leave on the air. I've probably got a mountain Anke page I would I would not run anti violent. Probably when a cop and now you can smile you can get a mile. Once you know the worst news humans and god Allah whoever. I've got to clean it ain't going to oldies and on the double up on you regard people much keys which its keys in after. Arrested after mix aren't any problem is that just stand there and let it but. This premise let's close to. Other and I. I'm lucky and as cute as perfect it. All original Evans was the only things you know on the that makes you get a vote he changed he's on. All trash about every dollar you've ever touched that don't like where it's big and it's been involved it's it's been in G strings is Dan enrolled opens and he's now. Why are sugar and it'll be somebody is texting nation's health plans. I keeping our eye sunglasses before you guys amused sunglasses now. How he untended play. And you never know where they use and that's this came from. Andy didn't get us noticed version has a great piece. He I would have fell off then majority towards the ground broke the eye glasses yeah I would I would rather lose them to do. I'm. Big cousy zip headwear and no interest. My grandma you sent out a long chain that she wore hers alone you know there is like a small to Europe and everywhere in the act she never would actually put the glass is only just dangle like it was a necklace like and I the last decade she needed him. Yeah you know I guess them. Got a forgot all about the boutique. Secrets about the key point key chain is usually paying current neon green or whatever. OK we have but did whenever key chain on the sunglasses. It's where inside and I'll start veteran. Vote John he text and be glad we're sunglasses at my danger pop out involved for god yeah. Always they may jarred her fellow reporter John I think an important John. And I those kinds of sleep 8900 books run. Analysts say that I I I remember hearing somebody with the automatic flesh is accidentally fly something went on the calendar when it was. Under this we did not less though it thank god had to move July you would have flushed them right now. I am and I got them out there and push can be problematic. Oh yeah yeah if you've also apparently who lost money to an automatic flush. Before you get an additional Alia I'm sure viewing Damon kings got a story using Shelby was a big imaging. On a madman when I'm OK everybody I'm only just like what's a lot went my third. My mother collapsed and actually gave Hollywood a cricket you can't they're tired. And yeah up Oregon toilet and I hope and buried in the air as he pulled them out clean them off quicker than Beckham wired and more than he does during the. He's square off you know I can honestly say I will track that backtrack and say that was a portage on notice her own way you know and now I am prepared to act thank you didn't kick and a good morning. Here's why you make it meant. And who are objects from nobody judges in their mouth and fall in it at her. Asked to give concealment but there's certain times when nature's call engineering gets on the naked. Proper reckless taught to do now to do via now all this new one Oregon then have a flaw. And they can just do that you're out number one designs it does McCain. And Hutus and rest yeah I mean there's no flying. What are fewer and the receipt hi what would you do in that case would only women would you get completely naked in the woods in your. And put him on Iraq nasty short handled shovel hormone from the campsite at least you got sued as people have a bucket you got to find a way to. It's some kind of strap around the tree. And you got to kind of proper toes against him he met he got funnel and mixing you've got to get women trailer hitches a total sleep at a you've seen them it they pop Brad Indy trailer hitches a policy you just settlement and don't hit trailer ever struck he's been manatee you know it looks like on the bed with a complex you don't aside 85 yeah. Basic Sharon is Lahore and three point. Ice time for the sex quit it is. In the past time it's posted this but that today. The will respond is offered in many. There's some areas. Where it's often viewed. Well. Why why. Don't and his Karl idolize me how hard engaged tase me leaning. I mean I don't really know anyone it's a one particular. Common vile woman you've go after. And I authority years you've probably mentioned a couple in the usage would economy Quito all. Now don't have an all to make throws curve ball old boy and how you Whitney. My did doodle here I don't mind. You never know. I'll man they don't yet know what I'm not us I'm more nervous and you can mean either. I'm gonna always on service and eat you've got this news and first off this village this this is not to. It's not kill you are stars Ian. You know you basically had just eaten back even duly Fisher grilled chicken number I think any number of places. Jargon apples sliced aboard on the enjoy the steak is bigger your guts reliable and even doing grass remains her screwed. Answer. Plus ultimate. And slain and it was like you know a blt without the be all come all the glory and much from Montreal or you get to eat fatty foods just very good fact. It's all the senate bill. What there's this whole campaign. Euros million change somebody's tyrants or forums only open old lady across the street also against the wall overboard world you should never stop meant. Think it's legal and a ball and now eagerly waited out by this them. I'm interest in the you know fun and you have six with him. High pressure zone. Jimmy simulate. Okay I'm not a little remind me of this I write down yes you know there and then you all have to guess what I'll say. Are right did you write down your answer and everybody has students say when they think if you say yes or not okay. Man I have to look at this first person because. Or that much about what they look like a are really honestly don't really I don't like is Justin chambers in my supply you this is somebody who's really really popular somebody I've heard mark Matt and fat boy talk about a good bit. I'm the last few months in particular somebody who's just really really really popular. Carty me. I don't know McCarty mile flight let me do her blue. Lesions may have more left party game please sit at the biz home we would meet will be forever Esther. Com. Okay. I will write down would I. Sleep with the rap superstar Carty being carting days with an eye for those giggling her for the burgers or make an error. All right it's 25 year old rapper former stripper from the Bronx cart being all right. So the most successful person ever from love and her partner and when you're when you're writing down your answer sure me you're writing down what you think I will say you are what you individually would say. We have to you know. Would you do it did I guess if you will a cat aren't so you have to guess if I would sleep with Carty day from. Okay are coming Amsterdam for Laura what do you say. I say yes I think you'll be here yes you know. Dressed page. Ice and yes human. ES for Carty BJ after I said yes as well Janice said yes. Jimmy here you're playing along as well as well as hosting. I don't wanna surges or not I don't know why does poorly different you don't know why now fat boy you guys you were first she said yes why. I don't know man I think Thomas you be in the they should not ugly Fermi L Ortiz is only unique human causes level. As far as loose Carolina. She says you know these are BS like he's in this SL a loose fusion of stalking you. Yeah all right. Pretty nice same page why why Carty out you like or she might be a freak in the sheets made money moving in the streets okay. All right load so only nine said that my so called best friends there I said you say about act act. The reason you see note. Are you allowed same on the radio me those were weren't. Artists who also. Well I here's the thing that. Jimmy Wright and here's why we're not going to let me explain. So I wouldn't be able to do anything for her I just don't think I'd be able to do anything for. What what I. What I intend to it. Maybe but. I don't think I would do anything for. It is old news she's she's she's up. She's too too much woman for me. I really couldn't get past security news ticker and probably non owner group. She's. You know she says she's balls Mitch and guide these is bloody she's you know she's she even plays I don't Oregon aha yeah. Yeah and then you know she as heroes are made us all she's good. Eight years younger than me a woman. CNET really harder than Maine I don't I don't out of my league here and see your expiration Remington sensor. Yes. I'll now as someone tag she's no longer with me goes she's now with Tommy geez. You know and is Tommy geez now. So why not it's correct the best friend do. These so called harsh brand name hot. Arts arts and nines in the lead now with one hop I thought our roundtable and finance are civilians and you clear the table. And this kid no more just like that aren't amount now he can think all right so Jimmie you're in the lead right Minneapolis guys aren't already. Former guest of the sheriff. Who rebuffed. Re so afraid she's only a one name she's Oprah famous Reba. She may mean headline saying is that next day after we interview to talk about the litter box and said she didn't think people should be able about assault rifles and remain on assault rifles or Reba. All right are moderate rebels are ready room man you're done your answer for Reba yes OK page. Page says Matt would not have sex with Reba. I said yes Jeff said yes that's more. Since no big mound Brett Morse said no I'm going to agree would just say yes. You say yes I say here assembly why he's saying now. I think this thing you know that's a big list in the kind of don't tell until after my Google nervous out. That would be summoned some nervousness her on her part as well amendment. On the I read down yes and here's why are. Yeah and here's why it would be part fan boy because ID love Reba I did. But it would also be a little bit of a grudge too because she made me mad when we interviewed Newton in pulses like Irving's son bill on the show you bush and the groups that they too prone. They're right he shares and Abuja. In our body fit plan that didn't get my share of attention music weekly girl. Made it you know I said now because the smile didn't read the smile a. As the Joker smile. App. Why I think that I that's why I again I was afraid you'd be afraid that Nevada at some kind of you know I national public case ready for and I. Yeah like I said he couldn't handle the smile the malls blogger news at all. Wow my gosh that's why do for my own are now yeah. You're certainly there are so. The best Fran remains in the league with a two. To Jeff's one. Yeah. Two pages zero. IFanboy zero. There are only a gesture of the one he's got all now only take off give it to me tomorrow. And fit and what is that does want these PO you know you don't know what you brought one back yeah it's one of my favorites now. And told my. That is not the moon not given up its mind. You're you're paying more asked you know meg America's sabres are twice today. All you are acting ability embodied girl thing that's fine and she gave us a bag clothes she'd would you Wear anymore in new response to get a mile away today it's my shirt that these roles he's given one he's an old gas went clear while. Shown your mother hates. You'll see drops you at school arrest as a morning show. 83 point 30 what are your third name may have heard name the sex quiz. We will go from Maria. They're not Jack's. Since national wrestler. I'm Jack Sarah remind Eva Lotta David don't you dance partner female wrestler she is a woman right yours Darren Hitler. How will Canada and guided my head broke him. And I. Pencils down we ready you know we are ready Jeff we'll start revered. I think bit. In this case it's a way for him to get closer to the rocks almost a yes Karen. Who go then too fat Rory. Says no man or worse had no apparent which not. I'm kind of offense I think I'm gonna say no because I think she's too masculine. You didn't pay scale through caring. Ends. And Jimmy Jack Jackie. Koppel and blowing do agree with yes I had I do your Matt complementing her attractiveness several times recently. And also what Jeff sent them up seriously what Jeff said. Well. They may send them yeah are brazen terrorism s.'s I watched total beavers last night actually was a new episode and she had a blind date. And as you really like this guy there and then at the end of the night breed valor Nikki bella Google him and he's a porn star throw long. So later that said and I Jack's cousin of Dwayne the rock Johnson yeah site they did biggest female pro wrestler they've ever had I think. In sheer size and I'm not saying I mean she drew big lady just she's. She's. Is so big woman yeah yeah I would think I mean she's now largely at six foot tall. This man Jack L. Com. You know but here's the answer is only one or two inches here. Are two answers okay issuing this is year two processor hours here and there are either or and boys. Give him the golden crowned as Jeff Lewis Neil is only the money you imagine a 189. Jackson didn't get a family reunions and see the rock where. And then eventually leave her for him. Burrow into the. Can work out. I saw the rock is wed now. You know here's the thing maybe I'm just jealous I don't know but I don't tell piece of me to get way better AK get La hey batter. Or loses she's beautiful she's pretty I mean you know she's. You know she's a hard eight all right I can say that but the rock man the rock should be would like al-Qaeda word just like you know desperate. Yeah that wouldn't mortgage brokers are both two alias you know remain they ask you both can't be. That it and it never wore you guys somebody's gotta be. I sure he's got to be grounded in reality doubt we'll see you can possess these popped out of a car possibly here. To like you know Israeli special forces. But not exact so I mean she she did that would be a mountain to climb six foot to set a neighbor White House plus a no policy too big I thought she'd be too much Andrea ranges strong and am intending on not to rush man for her. I you know I notion that. Nice find good all right you're no fun I got one yeah we got two more again what's the score. I had like three Jeff has two frat boy Rampage have now I think my name yeah. Apparently had two names list on the list we will go next to Julia Roberts. I'm the prior review group Woodstock Georgia I'm not Smyrna Smyrna that's the answer you. Now I am about. One that was mailed us sees a male Milch. Is it mill such as its more than one halves. Among accuses the mouse is a few more for your computer not only do a little porn what do you put milk or milk supposedly controller slur. It because that adds would be on and the moral absolutes will be mills' debt is yeah mom's ally against not moms ally to blanks here today here Erickson. Writes I was yeah. All right. They're right yeah yeah. Julia Roberts the one time pretty warm here Broward and will still Pryor would struggle getting your Waterman marry him in coral. The massive star Arum. Massive in the mass stranger there will serve apparently used for JD Roberts asked and narrowed to pretty common. Page says no Julia Roberts what her from her fat. Hey I don't initial reactions and write downs enough. Among changes sought played yet simply ask Jeff sick. I said yes caring fat boys I drag name is Julia Roberts had a few realize an owner has his name now and say. I said. No well for him and I tell you lies and now. You're going to now have which. I was a little. Kris I should have now they wanted to say no more this year is of course you're gonna say no on all of them well the only reason my bite you say no skis you don't like her southern accent and made decent human annoy you and you can continue on and she is talking dirty on page duct tape I'll introduce you let it let up. She did as as they if I'm remembering I don't analyze your sex life and I apologize for about a cover thinking. Him on the fat boy he said yes. You know thousands inept and said I said yes and nine said nah no orange order Roberts and bring you her mama tell you something. As far as I know Ching got much of the bodies because this course I've got too much Wednesday theft. So. That one time I never forget this when she filmed a movie in the south she just talked so much crap about the south. Even as she's from Georgia talked so much crap about south and if she was wanting me I would tell her Helm once yes trying to somehow good. About the ego would view pocono lewd you know when most famous movies of all time. Would be enough that you overlook actor ever to people that my daddy. Banned from ever going supporting and it was hurt and John Forsythe for what they said about fat people who have fought off she made she talked about fat people from south and you talk about fat people engine so my my daddy hated most of them let's assume do Forsythe in honor of my dad's father and chat people around the world and our love it. And Lyle Lovett I. Say now to our. Did earlier Roberts now it's my strategy god I would Booker. What's already hearing you say no that's what we thank you embattled Jeff our quality you have anyone around here Workman. We have one named Garrett. Just war and our final rampant sex clay is so it's a Reno fired another legendary figure this sort of valid part. You know there's some follow up there. A it is the single most important question how they asked all our Matt has written his answer down. They're very there where everybody here and I am Barack everybody's trying their answers down to get a copy and died this tabloid flyers just text message be to 73. For one will send their rights he can print it out and put it everywhere suit assaults and there's six F eight the Carolina paper mill dot com to explore yes it easy easy. Everybody seems to really be Sharma Dolly Parton are more and say I say yes. You would not say why is it just yet urges thank you like dollar. Page. Oh god this the only Dolly that I have to visit Asia this is the hard decision because I was thinking he can not everything can it that you would say no because. Her hair is Graham on she's real Petit you may think that you need her him or her. But then I thought well and four world are you a lot of foreign. Shealy proudly wanna say yes because you can tell everybody that you've seen her for us and never even seen him because she's never tires news Bryant. So yes I say again. Are candidates. You know listening mode is seem to reason or deter question. So I say it only detest only 00 BS turner yeah solution here. We knew that gap with animal. I had two answers to this but I normally I don't think it was my last one here if first I was gonna ask you know Michelle Obama explain. They know. Ourselves and say no. But because my day is different however. Given the fact that would be paid among Dolly Parton. A guy away with yes yes very mad Ortiz. All right I. I said. Know our. Yeah it hurt let me explain myself. If you've ever seen that woman emperor and I've seen her for it was rows by fifty yards away from she is so tiny feet youth right imagine if I killed Dolly Parton line. You could you know I don't stop foot tall she's. Very tiny like her wig weighs like fifty pound yes CNN wade would have thrown off by now I yeah so it would have been a great. Feather in my cap. It's a chance and I would've killed her usually elect termer. I. But they do it would that be had something nice to be able to say I know. Like that I killed Dolly Parton had nobody had a slip whether anti immigrant I get free Dolly wood for life and probably non Arab and from I would say no because. You know I've always put it Dolly Parton is like. Grandmother hi I never look at her and a sexual way really like even 95 I don't remember it. I was like I was every check and allies Jane Fonda missile or else and just. You know life lessons mound never seen that Coleman of never saw the full movie. Mean she's very try to rental amount we're talking here knocking about 84 and Bagger you know. Archer and well. I'd be one I'd be nine years old and you just need to live at. I was more power play these big. Go ahead keep dedicated work Sharon is work or. Al lol I do that Clinton's Dell Dell every day every sport yeah he's free to.