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An OPP from a guy who seems to have trouble keeping women: WAR Re-Premiere: Wrap-Up

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The radio about. These pediatrician new home and on the rise guys morning chill out and you are alone. And he three point we don't planted a favorite color Michael reversed you can lose your lucky to the rise guys morning. Did that funky megaphone to forget how my day is doing. American dream doesn't rolls forget the market that power power too sweet at least ally. Mornings a rise guys. Megan foul day we do indeed once a month all advise show 10774. Double 09310774. Double 093. You know we just talked to John from parts unknown he was the guy his wife asked for separation and so that you you know definitely a litany of things she's a sugar mama six figures works at a town alive he's 95%. Of the work around the house cooking and all that stuff and since her separation is also dealing with some. As he taught mental issues via. There's a mental health issues. So Francis is up and winds bowl Woodson advisor John O line to Francis. They had you. Wonderful we had some advice for John. Little bit not too much about the separation. I'm really sorry about that that's really terrible. A noted play being the panic ever I have three children ranging from sixteen years old nine month old. I can tell it like you lose a little bit yourself. Any job even if you do are acute never ever change yeah and even though the night still on the job and on the clock and it. And had a hard on myself with that same situation to get lonely. You feel like you. He's like everybody Haiti like everybody could just like everybody is sitting there like there's nobody there's three year you know. My husband he worries alive and he can commons can comedy. You know he doesn't it. And he gets up every once you rather not I'm tired and so. You know I pick up a lot of excitement sixteen year old they have they Carol. You know you require a lot of sense herself to enter. I understand it gets lonely horrible sometimes it just like he lived that yourself. I'm trying now do you. Find myself or my against. Its own. Trust me it looks he's on his own number perhaps it's easy to connect. We have her relationship. In the hacking our relationship about has beach scene I'm talking mentally and an apple is now and then be signed. I can't tell you this you know some hero must have a sixteen year old is say that a guy he's on July 24 when shots. That I'm pretty yeah. Well many known at all arm or Francis I thank you so much we appreciate your your kindness and think he's Cowen in this morning. Right and let you know this event and it is called. The sorry and sorry I was just trying to get in mind I apologize have a wonderful and they. OK here are an example is eagerly faster and we're friends is it. Obama among the stars not the norm and Ken Francis you're sorely. I'm let's go to Eli. Eli good morning line one he lied union advice he's given this morning. Good morning. Actually calling because I needed. Perhaps. OK okay so let me get all this so what do you sir say stay home but I'm having some trouble. But it would limit. I am I'm thirty years old. I got a good job. Live and time will. And iron out of there got a lot gold Allred I'm really got hurt people that checks BI won't. Like three million people in this area. They're like out of one point six million women are similar to the net actually I can't. Find anyone who scroll to hang out with you have not that I don't think of myself for the Huntley dialect of six at all and it shall be or not that. But with joy and these days. 230 and anything and there are and that's where he should be then yeah right have little extras keep Mormon word to what should be put it. It hell and I'm taller too so but I did my main thing about Ali got into grandpa he got statue that. That he would beautiful women sort figure he got so why. Is and I don't see any of this you know. Like the I understand you. And it sounded off now that. You're let the girl any prisoners being you know it's a compliment my kids tell you how many times throughout my life. And I've had people say to me boy you really kicking out your coverage with Allan or route you really date at a yearly on the island and Mike. I've heard so many times and god bless I must just be rains and ugly. Yeah and in short order Chris Gardocki Jersey because there its currency somebody downstairs don't count him coverage can't keep coverage what a nice them. But it. Stay right. I don't know why aren't Aggies offense in the party as I hate thing. Right. Com our wives to me. Can get him did you look at a picture of me is. I know Jimmy cap and a mental dating game out. Well that's I'm not looking I'm not looking to get it a radio date I'm not. About her play any games I think that is. I'm kind of just coming your referred by just like actually I did a pretty. It's okay it's yet but I can't get like a second one any good at all and I definitely won't be hurt. If your first impression is just after the that's his role do you have. Did any kind. You know sometimes it takes out of ideas have bad brat do you have DO. Sometimes you don't know. Life on the guy and I am I Janet I have achieved by morning and I addiction powers you know every day tomorrow they're cool they slowly and only Arctic. Absolutely. US military authorities teacher this morning said it was nasty. Snow yeah. It smells like act doesn't sound well like at a lodge I I was talent nine earlier that. You know he called Jeff parties teacher last night smackdown in the in pagelet smell that she senior issue comes smelling well the president or die that's life that they appointees now. Any mail you a simple question money using taxis when I'm what's the secret and kneel on this Internet sting Mary. Ridge east of giving our time. Wonderland character great arms. I mean I had you know I got plenty of friends or whatever city thing that Internet then they don't know what to tell me you know as big. They lightly but nobody ever really want to be alone with. Auto club out of our secure in them or something I don't know what it is. Our man does and territories are still the same way I can at least literally 400 pounds. In disguise sounds like out you don't have that he's fine. So I don't know. How what a low opinion of not so pretty thing and like let's see you as it is TJ I don't know I have comments. You've got to have two adults. I don't know it's just how I talk to them or something good but I of course eight. It just all goes to hell after that I guess I don't know what it is we're. We're tired subject matter you talked to them about do you always insist on talking about a serial killers some. I. I usually try to and I'll try to ask them questions to engage when they build up dust that I had about being black and figure out what we have a common result. And what does she says oh I'm into doing dating games on the radio I guess you're at a fair ha. Oh yeah our our everything are here's an here's an idea. Let's pretend that your on this date with page and let's listen into table talk could be. Actually like page you know right now you're in a law all you just put down the fork from the salad now what would you say to light reading for fun. A I. Aren't trying to get to them until they move there are lots of working I'm signing like to do BK is now it is weird I'm not used to be the one it into what is there a better than most are bad in the question that'll air and I have probably. There are seeing now answer it and maybe your own Q&A double that. You know what it like working on radio and it's great. You know every day changes I don't know when I'm in for reading sitting here and and sometimes I feel like a baby sitter. Like right. And I did this time it is pages earnings lift he's. No I mean our hero aggregate rumored apple isn't it you now at this isn't the way out anyway it is a great job I loved every campaign and continued element. Maybe something would this Elijah win when you're asking these questions you say I ask most of the questions are you listening to the answers like when I first started in radio I would aid in there would be guest coming in are some ideas celebrity on the phone or whatever I have eight a list of questions. And no matter what he answered that question too was I would immediately get a question three in that I've got a question for in this not a conversation it's a Q&A. In his escalade is. It could come off as a little you know and weird I mean the way women look at them a man and so he looked straight year this have. Did you won't find many first thought when this guy's sitting must meet to FEMA seemed to. Fight and I. Guess he's you ask a lot of questions you ask more questions and you is ask questions from people like talk about them a lot. Yeah that's. First ours it maybe you come off his. Too anxious or excited that is terrific date goes well you blame. That you stay up late and you think about it all and all you wake up Goodman a job at a bed the next day because it went well like you way excited about it. Ian an amateur and dug in and out of orally and yeah. Any enemy combatant a little bit that level of excitement gets here B. We need like someone in here you go on and dating your talking online needs time just flies because you have so much that you're talking about even you'll have some main comment. He just kind of click. So for example asking me about my job you can say why I was I was going to be like this and then. You know bring it back to yourself. C can have a conversation instead an inner via school student radio shiny wanna. Sheath we get active and listen and and and act like you're in join in the conversation. I actually be enjoying the rescission out actively enjoy and don't via. And then blame. You know I don't know they can use said dad. By the way you eat you your gated listening in stuffed as your pausing when semis of the cause that's right. Com. And I know he's you don't wanna do in Cameroon radio thing or whatever because you know I get that but. This is another mission I think we should take out we got again a second date. I mean for real yeah this is not just a one time call I I think that. I tell you we're at the box score when answering a last night it was many many years ago we it was then the violence and a very young James McDonald Mastny. Last year. I talked to went. An asset for assault miser appear pal and yeah Jonas. Second lately and an eye when he talked to him just be looking in the guys act like here it showed that you're listening to. Just having fun with them not not just like it so that I didn't sixteen years later he's married then yeah. I mean you're right I never thought about the fact the media staying too much time. They're excited about asking questions maybe that's why don't get past the first date for them to I don't know maybe too anxious like you said that such a pivotal libel chemical in my adult that. All right. Oratory on hold we're gonna get your contact different if you're cool would that also I'd like to not for public consumption that lets see some social media and I'd see if everything you're saying is Zachary it OK yes if you Columbia but I'm sure our whole. And why does have a good ten contacts make her laugh may say something funny and and lighten up the accident with just play solid tackler on the first now Perino if you're kind of funny you're funny. Think that yes and that's one has been good qualities you must have. But you can't tell somebody to be funny if they're not just conversational it's funny because it's going to be thinking about it they're gonna put pressure on themselves me all around and joke Ernie. Hang in and. I had surgery years ago it was yeah. I deserve our. Take your everybody who called and FaceBook and snapped with all that all that advice it was solid today we may have certain his biweekly is so many people needed icing problems and non. It's a rise as we'll take a break be back right after this. It. And rise guys morning. Thought he 93 point freedom plan. Right guys read premier. This is an excellent man as eight this guy's gonna suffer some heartbreak I really feel and I feel bad for me it's like forty year old versions at least 25 McGinley your hair. Sir. So I. Well. And I are. What's your morning and business what do what do you plan to actually do this call is easy as doing the work again today offers what you. And day out I'm gonna go. They go parameters of. Okay time. Ari are you less optimistic pessimist half full half empty kind of got what what he really truly your heart expecting here prepare for the worse. I expect I know I wanna find out you know it's. It's on the other guy here you know just boy he sure era allowed you know look like boy and that we're. Lol thank you for that. Yeah or early inside if we could sky per because we start talking about serious question I start here cause of death and sure I don't have this capabilities as you well on them. I we're gonna make this call of the union's favor don't say anything until we get that name and then once we get that name then it's wide open do watch your language you get upset about something okay. The rare rare. Are here we go into doubt the number TL give me the alerts Lindsay when she told him I know this phone system is multi. It's probably never close to being sloppy tennis not to happen. May hopefully enough so hopefully it blank. Here we go oh boy like in Paris and I didn't world do you wish I can't. Our armed Allison. He has good morning. In the morning Lou are you today. Are OK okay that. My name is Wayne is a Lansky and call in to offer you a chance of the last time the soft opening of the all new. And you Mario's Italian cuisine is a unique. Italian romantic riverfront dining experience right here in the heart of Greeneville if you heard about it. Are open yet but we're coming soon to the banks of the reedy river we're good we're talking about gorgeous views exquisite wines. Incomparable. Impeccably prepared Italian cuisine only add it into law Rios. Congratulations. Or calls for you doing your guests the chance to join us for the soft opening celebration absolutely toll free of charge. Yeah we just whatever further familiarize our staff can get them trained up you know it's an honest feedback as well. If you're like eight times zero dollar aid from the get neat that you guys carry this early on in that order transparent and. Now now and I've heard that crap to my mom actually lets a steak house one night and that she sat through the whole thing because at that they don't either desert until after he's close on the deal and I'm nothing like that's just the soft opening party yes free dinner yet free wine free dessert. Mostly a great experience could tell you friends about tweet about it snatch that whatever. And then they will hopefully come check out the signers saying said and you watering holes. Is that it's not a word I promise we we just got to you know we we were not open yet but it's what they call soft openings we get people inherited chickened out and you know there's literally there's no. There's no kind of time share any kind of sales pitch or anything but we have some graced get. I found that apply to all the sound look at us please now that without it. And I franchise I'm out the door yeah that the. First of all not a franchise for sure family owned and operated and you are aerials it's great. Are yet no no cells that's nothing like that we're not even a franchise but I will tell you this shift Eugene and you Mario he will bring to taste of this homeland. Here to the FC to South Carolina he got a lot of the middle of. Okay that's on the lord that it. OK so we got to. We got the weekend of the 24 for the 31. We can do either weekend Friday at eight or Saturday at seven just loans that were treated. You can only reluctantly you know the Tony for acts and the next weekend in Labor Day. Holy crap does it really on the labor Davidson. There were a mall at payless signed com. Now here's the thing we reserve every table with custom place cards and insurers especially experience we we have here. I'm a lot of people wired some of our other properties they take them as souvenirs are written and colleagues and beautiful things I've got you here as Allison with one L. HL I SO ON. At tech. And let me get that they gassed you be bringing windy for this romantic experience in new lottery hopes. You aren't that far name larger personnel and. Just first names five for the place cargo amended its special but. Chefs who robbed in new Mario he doesn't want it feel to formally known saint. Okay. He then went the key age. Okay Steve in this. CE. PA CU where. I wonder boy legs as he stepped pin. So yes yes Steve I had been so Stephen. As TE TH EN a piece even did. Who fails Branson. Or are. Branson's your boyfriend this is actually the rise guys morning show in 93 point three planet here in Greenville is a thing we do call war and we ecology before. Are because. Branson thinks your cheek Nona many want to know what's going on and now there's so my name's even though. Branson wanna say seven. Yeah. You mean what do they can't get out. Hey you're my late last night. Gary forget about 80000. Now I just did an excellent glad iPad and sort grand and but I packing credit agreement and there are how many Brandon you know. The only year old. Pettit are the term romantic dinners out. Brandt and I told you I'm not looking for anything theory. I'm aren't you don't think I'm normally when I got it. Woo even meant. Oh god. And how god if you wonder importantly you know it's no better than that god ray would tell me. So it's doing any minute rule are visual bench I. Even had her recurrence. There. But we want me I race. So you lose. Your GM it. I. Outweigh. Are even hearing a right now. But I'm Tina yeah buddy it's harmed and we don't know what's going on. And I'm so in tune in if you don't wanna be would be just quit messing around let me get okay. A lot I don't think that each other and we're having fun with everything. But I guess not. But you ever heard about it I just opened marriage acts are all the things you die you never thought that. No. That and that I'd I'd guy you know I know what that is obviously. Our. So they're you're here. I work or not he is he back. You let me say this as K heat and how many other guys there that tiger being here in doubt unity Jerry. See that's Lilly. Huge huge problem gently my number. Now that rolled out in the navy usually go to work totally yeah this is why it. You got Jimmy you did it EST if you are married don't play acts well. That she said several times that she told she went railing serious. Partying Burris. You're like you're on your. Yeah she. No she had ten years here down. It's our. First line and like her you know. Did it and normally when a couple. I don't know a little more man. You know I am I'm a man achieve you view this is. The dumbest move that I mean well. I yeah yeah yeah yeah. Need to say it's all there for a minute on the taken off the clothes let me giving us. Well hospitals about the mixing in and you blew that. Really sour note sort of want. Us. I didn't hit it you know we're pretty sure yeah. Gadgets. It sings give you knew you as the NBA you could've kept. Miller Roy Joseph had been doing that now she told him to lose numbers you try to screw data if you think he'd be but you're happy Dillon net. Now but this period I don't know. Let's all of it in all Senator. Clinton it's it's it's. Always you know there and ordering it and and he never had a hotline National Anthem and I'll yeah. In her confidence I mean I did not know that it's warrant is issued ten. C a Fisher. Should object on me you each winter the phone does does he screwed up some good and I and five men don't like. Almost to the point of love her now he's like well she's married and had a screw up. Yeah you yeah you do it if you really. You know I want it. I thought at all. You shouldn't. Blame Asperger's you brokerage girl when I don't view her husband who who. I'm not credibility guys that it should do it now. What he's hosting gig yeah I realized she was in a relationship and you were just the boy oh boy or because you do for developing feelings for somebody to. Didn't reciprocate and which one has about the. I mean I guess I'm youngster Andre never again I can get that college you know no strings attached and I'll display. Maniac but it does I'll let you know sealing county use pagers. I don't know man agents are taking Cheney ever know her Wear an ankle bracelet. And analytic. Apparently roars aren't this horrible show before it's one of things is that. Oh yeah ankle bracelet it's not like GPS monitor one like the regular when they go one. Isn't is one of the signs that somebody is hot wife. Oh okay. I can't ever remember seeing anything Electronica and. Open the husband might get a kick out of this and warned to keep it don't. And man I don't restless at my Lilly pilots' area land and whoever hey you know what there. Yeah I mean this show to wrestler mask. Man oh man murdered Branson. Branson. Yeah. This is about the dumbest men I am not your whole life. Aren't you did you go to college graduate. Yeah okay. I am. It ended in this and that means is. The U stupid yeah yeah yeah. This is the dumbest move ever there right now. He's not that I don't make this mistake every guinier and dom yeah. Being. It away. I mean I didn't really I'm just head shaved about this crap will work in these moments for me when I was an experience. Screwed it up. Got to tell you it's like they're right guy. Phone. Yes sir thank you everybody who called FaceBook. Tweet it snapped and Stu grant emailed. The ins and outs of little false and I call them all yours yes no yes maybe no and held them. That is your answers then what a great show today the Owens our show tomorrow they all move faced both sand. Love that plus the team and pay off will continue. In the end actually that continues here shortly but first this right here for. Now volumes he has no boys good golf but there are a year. Earlier this morning we've talked to a man who wanted some advice. He hated his future son in law. But any guess to what his daughter Pauly Shore up what his daughter do. I say it's into the Carolina big mil dot com text line and number is 7234172. Entry form of igniting their correct answer wins. In today's podcast there the rise guys dot com iTunes Google play towards his tax podcast to 72341. And will link yet. Page gadget thousand dollars here a few minutes may shoot Elizabeth bad. AM Eisner's re why they mama we allowed six. Thanks so much Nationalists and you have a blessed day to go guys it is good. I fewer cars such an extreme it is. Yeah yeah so next thank you 3.3 plan for Iraq has its back.