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Matt brought up the fact that Nine listens to some really off the wall music sometimes when they ride together: Headlines: Sports

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Arise guys so I could. The good guys. Guys guys morning show good morning. 6 o'clock. Those three. 8:6 o'clock goes through. On Wednesday June 13 2018. Yes sir. Good morning Jim. Matthew are you doing well yourself you're quite well aren't quite well I'm I'm very good McGregor Nash try again. Based. You did and you witnessed no I was getting enraged. Laughing arm. I was stay the entire Arab blood gases keeps Smart card program there are started and when stored are corrupt things are. And America I walk out into the register initial understanding their issue or commercial parodies have been troublesome current coupons Laura's phone. Aren't column is probably more. Stay here in gas station trying to use multiple coupons all your cellphone well stay here with what I know to be exact change in my hand yeah. There already one dollar back but I had the exact points that changed two lives lasted just to say the same time I did you know walked out constant. Europe stall our progress on their part three minutes or with a merit ram das has done. Thank god the road Q can he write. Under total brick home there is I am wondering now rages and tiny. It guys man they're right. There are honored. It's I don't encounter on the way to work I think you're going home on the way here in the morning. I never have to wait don't be able bar and scratch off tickets Germans had a gas station yeah they're not doing it at 5 AM. They usually don't have to worry don't think Lola meg scared into parts but you know I did go to India the other store. And I had to wait they're too because there was a do or returning energy drinks. Returning yeah he was returning energy drinks you in a motor three girl bit rebels in the said he wanted to reassigned again. Oh yeah so. Stupid things they find me you're absolutely correct Matthews seems to be delay I'll walk over it somewhere so that you don't typically see will be going on it will delay in my journey. You get a tour is a problem can go low low weird is still out about this as warriors. Can lead to do with the coupon Zemin when I want to. When I went to purchase the stuff for my. My toe now set for your party when Allen in the certain fabric store here. There was women standing in the lines scouring through coupons for that store them and then like they were let they were helping each other of their life. Those two. Retail me not included in and then there's a 30% off coupon and they're just like. Boom boom boom in that was pike. I was thinking man like I remember my mom had a big huge bouquet when just grocery coupons of our own coupons and share in my bar restaurant and this and that. And now with the Sloan sweats try try try try. Well mayor this route is my 25% off Joann fabrics. He's this one down there. Coupon mania. Srac. Oh by the way yesterday. Eight a long time. I I've never met before Jimmie do and you met her before it's his talk on the social media assistant thing and I are right guys guys see pictures ever name you know we talk back and forth on social and and in the rest are in person as well we've already met is like and how. But it was sad. Nova Scotia and Canada. And she was here yesterday. Yeah. She comes down for her her grandma's birthday every hour Burma's Merck earned many a year believe how much. Yes as she came down here yesterday I'm just a drive through to go there and in Nina what do demean us and tell you picture everything and she is very very sweet person. Very very loyal to the show very very nice lady. Of being IE is so different anybody that would live in Spartanburg psyche to listen anything in the world that you choose to listen guys but some reason when you're in a different country. Ages like means that much more. Does this does bring the issue is worried when you're about the radio dot com map because Solso maps are available in Canada but that one is are down there. The issue is Susan it's very sweet associations came out here and hung out until we were down and out and then. That weather outside before. Four had never. Have a way of employee why did you run from her hero from pure my hammer home. I did wrong and here he's here. She was she was tweeting instead of saying she was almost here and then you left she says she pulled in wasn't. Almost common now. But in cedar. I'll start to run snatches them and then I found out in my Greinke trigger got Cousteau Siad the leaving through June is a lonely and a half hour. Yeah sort of lose lift and you say that I considered. Yes so she said well mom. I said galleries already going to jail and she says Washington as a model of folly of the gym as will take a picture with. You were manager Jim. Ozal their forever or are you doing in Korea Florida. There are murder as for that there. Carlton and say he saw either I didn't ask him he answer ticked down. Now we're illegal armed guy do it I'm sure the law are a show your mom billion does assure everyone to go to. Decision on glove average age she's two issues tweet insane I am coming Garrard wow what need is taken extra seconds to hang on her right to say it's a Disney instruments almost. So bad she even drove ordered Jim Turner. Take a picture with. She's toy now let me this trying to somebody wanted to come out and made it is tri city's. Other relatives Lambert. Is that in wickets to order till later. Very very very sweet girl there's using happy she's its humor during the trip down here before she goes back to Canada you know. Better families in a way deign kindness and it is so you can call in sick and also picture. And you have not been independent game or so past the hole is talking to lieutenant. Now your passport and other prepared. Jesus Christ cell. Or would you would not sure wish you never left the country tomorrow on our job as I have passed for you might ago. I don't mislead those aluminum and the looks of people. I used reason that you most likely don't impress or did you have no reason to it costs money and if you didn't have reason to spend that money angles but that money. I know you well and you just don't like to admit I don't feel embarrassed or because we're friends and I know your personality in and the reason you would afford. I want you freeze an how that would probably have a passport. Yeah I mean I nearly. All LNF word but it thrown around. Co workers. You don't have donated their wallet and why would you are or who always got awarded for a good deal of that observes stargate to film the Vancouver I'll man. Have a holy crap. About them. They'll want and are going to our members that started. Well. I try. Nobody like shake Haitians anymore everybody's going. Everybody's going there there's some scattered thunderstorms this afternoon high of 87 right now mostly cloudy 68. MP mind. Birthday bash stay strong sale going to be. A leak now seems targeted pride. So to be. About halfway through halfway through the week for. Birthday bash tickets they're 2933 planet rock star com or all Ticketmaster outlets are held this third degree will pick in speed agreement could be. And they get they're switched him. The real worry we will figure speedway or the Greenville Spartanburg jet port a media with the jet port. Bring the Spartanburg jet port ticket office center. Reza you haven't been here for a while it's that would be GSP international airport yes. That the jet poor anymore now know my daddy always harder for her that jet four hours I'll order for apartment advocate. It's the jet port. And shine down guys smacked asking Alexandria. It's September 21. Tribute to bonds a core well Serena. Com you know why have tickets to giveaway shore backed it you know. Don't wait don't Matt I mean I'd say go get them. It has it's not a limited seating like previous birthday bash is have been in fields and if theaters and things like that. So they're must have and talking. Live. And he says that. We know lasted talk but. He loved my idea of making a cake for everybody and birthday best emphasized that are being great via these data and Anderson. Com so says figure out our how to plan for that when the square of cake. And how to. Remain who mirror. There's got to be a way there's there's Milan eggs. Yeah and we are Kate making stuff ought to block frosting. You know hero. So. That's good I analog vets who does this pea whining you know birthday bash in bringing our together and having hate what kind of birthday parties of that cake. Yeah gay pain and injured. That we have an estranged you have an SE you have to have earth. Parents of some comfort food to celebrate the birth very currently are screw OK there would mail him or tyra Melton. I'm really afford this summer alone stuff that's going on between bashing. Poppy volt which is a another big show coming in the firmament. And beyond slash first Sunday night July 1 big old show man wait for the fourth kicks off in style any similar delay all test. Before some. Or nothing in August 1 term. Smack down they always sort of distract our balls chorus or an area okay so they have so much must recover there. There are paying artists are several serve isn't Simpson really can do as soon she had an assessment yet now I wanted to see three doors down. They're gonna be there I really do a good or federal express tour yet or America soul I don't really learned there that. They Nestle summer drinking concert near ruin. Sponsored by Bloomberg. Com we're gonna have tickets today to birthday bash is we are we understand that. We gonna have tickets treating your birthday bash and possibly get some free birthday cake. Did also to used to seed pop people just like I said. So. So lucky this you show here we got a lot of stuff to give aways or have foreign winning. And Al says he necessary premier if you miss the truth or consequences yesterday wouldn't willing Cheney. Oh war re premiere that this morning as well. I was they won Saturday are there kinda deal when it. We Alley he glory and it's yeah it was very aggressive hard split on our now people agreed to both of them and there wasn't a lot of compromising. And this thing about our sponsor. My third soon is this you like them I realizes now maybe Jan Allen you're car kind of music that. Three doors down and try to solve together. If there is playing this like this I did Letterman alone and and appeared to him in now there are complaining about that elevator where you know. As did Nat yeah getting your face here yeah relax he should be here. Literally music is Nassau and Ole man right now but music literally never gave me a headache for the other day where erode with Jimmy. He played some song that. You ever heard of solid makes you feel like you tripping your balls off the UN done anything. Al once he likes all scenario Arab irreverence and ice castles by Wayne. Mind you this is what they should using gitmo and area as if you're in the right frame reminds firewall I'm sort of goal or this note. Well. The same time. Is that a clean song. It's instrumental. Pebble can you access yell skull yeah ice castles Byron Wayne. I don't know tigers couldn't. He's gonna find it Wayne is a message drug banned right absolutely is out there that think they broke up surrendered all rotary have individually. But winning winning when you seem like drug music or drug rock it's not like you know Dr. Dre is the chronic or is not song is sidelight. You know. Sublime a century it's like music didn't make she's feel like your. Being. Called on both fans. Yeah you they charge extra for that is it out of ten murder and listened to sir second. As we drive down the road to large. This election comes on. This is right after stroke grace which sounds like murder had so you need this break Rochelle at the heart attack yeah. Since we DC nine in traffic and you smile and I'll mayor whatever. These guys and argue there I don't know. I mean this is like knives. See this is the point reads only few are really intuit. He'll keep playing that whole thing aren't always sure this isn't too long and his car can't tell him what play. She walked. I don't W isn't absolute crap in their cars and Romulus Natalie grab my. Here's what they're sorry aircraft exactly. And every kid Jennifer you know this is this is just a break after our. Star grace now which is also our song who. I. Boy OKG's anybody any last minute to. This is nuts it's like crazy music. Here it is. I had all over the map delivered kind of let their proper arc Brandon barker our brand of our Mozilla Sarah Wayne effort is named for its change in name when they can Alter it. And these two out there and Wayne. What about main dean Wayne is he still lives there was no remaining riches of Ali I'm by your allies and neighbors pullback about to about music that he's a listener an arrest will get about a million. I go listen anymore and apologized the next MCI really into Wayne and very mean Dane Richards. Policy is usually mean Dana and a and a edges when I when when he goes in and rice's music or they write this music like are they all unlike ascent. A big I don't think you can write that sober Gregory. They apparently like to do some stuff and those are very at least one or two of them have apparently. Injury Arabs from well problems. DJ who DJ rehab this weekend game then it. I never see him play liar but I know some people have seen him play alive. They get through it I've heard that the crowd is a bit. Messed. But I can't any more rest of the in the budget. Angry hillbillies and a drive by truckers concert is elbowing you end. And other Maru which just there was a the mileage sooner or every night people were blackened out strong and fighting country. Yeah this year it was and Al leaner Lou Breyer wrote them maybe yeah. I think it was Lou Brock then it was Esther. After Rascal Flatts I think play the appears surely bigger loser Kenny Wallace rusty brother Kenny got beat up my landscaper. And Gloria. And how Rascal Flatts concert. Man so you go out and that serve that's all I can. I Ukraine Emanuel knows these millions yeah. As I don't so my mama and I'll give you a procedure about truckers a couple of terms of scary is this just about Ginobili is looking to fight the job. Just want a huge hunk a split those Vance yeah I'll give it can tell you solve any pigeon hung people in the background in Asia. Yeah. They they'd they'd. They played early on that the handlebar years ago oh yeah they are coming out for remember that bunch in terms weren't as good as is from people on the drummer from ma am. So lean will not be a birthday you know five iron shot I think I learned not to enter our they've been there before but this is shot and got spread. Yes race and asking Alexandria yeah. Lou. My my kid gloves by Emmy she enjoys shined down she's not the biggest synagogue smack slows asking Alexandria him so maybe this will be the birthday Brad bash that brings us together British are. And when we brash about it we're bad we're ever harder and harder now on the that's for. We had Jeff address seventh birthday bash she's going to be bachelor. Right Jeff are I hate being cents a year inside your face properly or mart Wal-Mart Kenny and sore thumb might want this remembered Europe or was gay was Mark Wallace sixty minutes there was no need Wallace's says here race in my wallet and a kid brother mine John Wallace of the knicks. I'm on my information upside down with the I say this really amounts. Couldn't the guy he really need not Stackhouse and always called tax right now has received. It was probably cousins going to be bum I'll Joker image hasn't. Movie. Play NBA is awesome in the ninety's then it. Late that aired in mid nineties late ninety's is awesome. On screen now who's this Kevin Durant gaff yeah and a from so what we're you grab all of this chased him away birthday bash poppy bowl. We're going to I have a lot of phones too so. Can feel free at any point 18077. Ford below 93. 180774. Below 93 each in Texas at any point 7341. For that is the Carolina vapor mil dot com tax line. Page was seven the flat. Slowly and god is one of us when you look at Brad Pitt are you Gosling you can and that story next. Our Eamon Ryan Reynolds we'll get into that story next in your right guys tend nine to. Against UMB Allegra or not. Yeah I gotta gotta be an eight hour point that out teach him where. And thinking be that young or their wife now oratory each day for human. Or humans or human Ali was semen while for them at the earth for 33 years or engages. As you say god there a good face of god. Of the India that they faced guys county measured through. I cannot. Go forward is a is not a thing. Yeah is a energy this is his questions if you ask me this in a survey had a cancer Arab read the book but he's he's at a Wayne concert Melissa that. I Bela Sasha hippopotamus for the blue curly hair play cable pharmacy owner Wayne. And pray tell them when they're in a throw or gods lord have mercy I will use of that next in your rise guys headlines good morning everybody. Just. The idea rise guys morning show 93 point three the planet. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're big goal who. Good morning everyone heard me well if god was one of us god has say youthful face with feminine features. That conclusion is drawn by a study that was connected at the University of North Carolina. And and these scientists create inning Easton of god based on my American Christian. In sync a guy when it looked like. Sony fitness I quit the plea she used with descriptions of people on there they're features can put together and a computer and they true went. These people thought that I would look like. But those are normally drone also like seeing so morning given a witness accounts this is just like. What you think. Right yeah this is how they describe god and in their minds we're gonna win the clinic. So after they ran a computer composite and they found that darned. As more feminine features and and from what folks are saying on Twitter and then he looks kind of like a younger Brad Pitt. Our Ryan Gosling. Others say Jimmy's diner in non NASCAR even amount Kilmer. Where where can we see this sort of ever and our prayers were soon. Tell us Greg Jennings frowning on most cattle are attractive Kidd any one of those carries. As best AC Milan must assure hair through the eyes and eyebrows and starve her lie you on those features there also he had facial tattoos and meet house along ahead. But much more attractive than anyone mouse drag your mouse a weird look in my alien lizard man there. And there's way more handsome than that phase where were handsomely on roster looks like him. Say you're wondering how many people about 510 or eleven people word in the study. And they looked at images of hundreds of face. Images and they put them all together and compared each which appeared to be more like god and then they narrowed it down to this one face. You're a suicide humans like that meg gas from zero arrests acclaim on carpet. At the society. Was that big guy from zero arrests now I wonder. Or was it or resolve mysteries that we don't know who cling to corporate while he had to say this he never brought any chemicals in the house MIA and cargo is just latest play. Always stay out of breath things that are. Powered water now and Jesus walked on so there. Am thinking. Other researchers say that's a closed older participants on the older gotten. More attracted to to spend some more attractive guy and African Americans song marginally more African American I'd. So the phase one B human right. Which is he's on the middle laws will be huge or Zeus like almost. Let's raise they've created in the image of there's very annoyed me ordered or Jarrett Mann. We would. Miss. Apparently endured is below a blinding only bright light is are you can say. IC LE Dante from wrestling. It's as if you're up close staring into a star yet it's now I am I mean. Asked me what the site yet in the psych you or stay stay in the spotlight that's what got both sides but it or not our Chris Stapleton where stars infinity. Yes Oprah stable and her mom but not George Burns. And this and am not the image anymore now Alderman and Odland smoking gun wooden take advantage of underage girls. Known to those two are out. And you allegedly yes and you know you would you cast as god and to. And it and a movie the last horse Elaine you know. Hollywood hold it and now. Poses imminent don't. That was a lot of that oh we yes Jerry played guide us why we're we're murders there is Jerry played on him. She blew all horribly sent out a scream at. I exit I did see him putting a friend as in the lead role of god you know yeah Hollywood. Resilient people who've played guard required her last Moore says Charlton Heston Jack Nicholson Whoopi Goldberg. Yeah I well yeah insists wrecked our look here say they've movie there at all. Ups and there are Charl has and then the ten commandment I pinching and old bird a little bit ahead in 2011 should play guard. Our ginger stressed his retirement some high heat. And the way people play Satan and armed. Let's try and did them the more fun one to play. Easier in there it's easier to work you'll hit this. I don't know my lines decision rude crass and mean plus a live there. Time. Well meanwhile end at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and businessman unison cherry now earnings cannot prominent family had a terrible. Sir won't had a plan. Invited a group of eight girls to his boats his job Myrtle Beach over the weekend including three my not miners and and mother. You happen to be the staffer on. So everything is going fine until he suggested then they take a shower and on the giants are the same time well I'm happy. Coming on at the same time if there's eight of I'm fed started his murderers are ranked around one of them realize that sound. She's been videotape she saw a dad duffel bag Wednesday. I've had sticking animate. This is investigated set up in out so well she told them. None in the long. They they hatched a plan and a mom pretended to be second pass staff and they escaped and then he. Six BI can terrorists straight to the police low I think they do do that. So they they want a day the judge to ever restraining order against this man and now he's behind bars and so they found other things on me I can't spanning many years sent them via. Heavy having his day in court pretty soon. He's been cards you'll actually ask for more of them are very broad. Camera control where in my pocket yeah we're gonna start video. So what do you do now make sure my am I cars blocked the main reason for these is up yourself the game is to do bad things yeah. Yes it's a scourge in this kind of crap I better. This guy and is facing charges of sexual boy terrorism and photography and violating. Place of privacy. I don't know about the minor charges that's an additional charge spent. We'll see what happens when he has his day in court is hearing. I'm lives are people before we take a shower dish Indiana the person out real well you've got to scanned the area for her. Ipads or anything there's already gotten term I have. And emerald green jerseys and turn them. Sound. A nosed kind of creepy. Well I mean and there may not be. That's not where he pitches up and start. A little journal has a yacht. Yeah I'll rephrase your errors I didn't have people interval had gotten out it's good for them all not bad for him you know and has. Now describes a fixed few lots of some interval Spence it's really big loans and maintain a stable now. Just our organ businessmen McLemore McElroy Gerd picks Kevin Millwood talked of investments are now. Always heard so who's up there Greg metal zone Knoxville I remember that they'll and then who has yet when Bucky Dent was influenced. I know what can you remember now. Or is America and always been destined Carrie replies to last forty years. I had a. I'm business unit and send the radio just. Is he additional new home on the rise guys morning chill and you show on. And Howard Michael the first thing you lose your lucky to the rise guys morning you know maybe 3.3 up. And now rides guys sports with the apple. I don't know who's gonna spice the US CEO the dimming new signing. Last night. Is it a Bayer like an actual bear a black bear. None but as a spice it up so even bear to be afraid. As true. No stranger to these parts former Carolina panther and former Dallas cowboy regarding. They'll offer contract after his win in the Tuesday night contender series last month so very straight a marketing mr. marks its lowest it has once again moments again the NFL. And that's why he has this is rep as a fighter is bad. Think it happened that got him out of Charlotte in the Dallas that I. A year and I don't even know if you lose convicted or not she didn't cooperate right I can't remember there are literally hours it's alleged girlfriends or. There's still I mean this you still go to the 911 calls are out there. Our history USC. This fighting some may be overlooked I don't not and they fired at one fighter doesn't meet up his life. No one that was in a weird name it was like who warriors some. Oh poor shape he was fighting for them when that happened island Kristy Mac now he was. I remember her name. He's imprisoned I believe rising for a long time I think everybody almost killed her yeah he really he really almost killed her where you're either awful. The guy he beats almost two and and already through so much heavy punches main east on what the wanna write in when risk kind of got in between him a little bit. Part of with a list knocked him now and so it he trains that of American top team Coconut Creek Florida. So historian knows an amateur. So who Firestone and a war machine could be eligible. Eligible for parole in 205302053. 35 years there there. They were. Know another short of a LeBron James news around here so little real often find our egos and take those meetings is takes couple months. But it's he's in the news every day. You talked about his greatest achievement in the NBA. As he hadn't yet it would be claim of the sons. LeBron junior. AKA. Brought me. He's fourteen he will be in Levy's news. There Adrian on his right man he's really dues and that's the key to sit here is it. Bryant LeBron very well may be playing in the NBA the same time. Now but about what Jackie is he going to ever play pro ball attacks on Mary will. That day is huge I watched him and so access to Graham walk across their graduation stage and he was a psych. It literally look like two people on some you know in the one down another guy's shoulders wearing a graduation gap. And a guys this huge and he's not huge like Shaq he's tall but he's not like you know check diesel. Jury you know these damn near simply tall they're Missouri he's sealer. I was gonna go to Arizona back down with the UCL I am. And he wasn't a McDonald's all American those in the chopper him shackle us a so long. You know LeBron James in his seemingly meant watching YouTube Tutsis charade should be in blue chips to. I know and it. Throw me and ill. Drain our lawyer. Sees this and sunburn yeah it seems like ball yeah. He's a prodigy he's going to Memphis we're pennies the couch they give it a return Smith and L penny and then yeah. Yeah how long surprised man. Admirable people in the world to mark World Cup war cubs come to Russia or two more. Ramon threw a quick break and disarming containment because you get pennies kids to guard and then you get checks kids power forward thirty got a team or. CS will have over Jordan. Orange sons were that good a basketball they went played college ball that there were nothing special. The brawny he you've already fourteen and travel ball. When his sons his run in a jump man and do cheeks. And every point and at Disney World and you do today he's in there running it. Once again I did tell him by a bus I don't what do you say hey you Michael Jordan silenced effectuate the site I'll ask Michael Jordan some of their own. We're storms kids in space Chara reserve actors. Yeah. Actually remember it. Michael look here we go famous. After Els and say about the he's good at doing that how did being paired are you good. When the Olympics for Russia. You're the story about kill stray animals right now there were painting buildings. Trying to make stuff would do whatever animals they found the killed. Well wolf cub stores tomorrow in Russia for a month it's been doing the same thing. Stay hour in the the host cities killed all the stray animals. Had to do is big business people buy for the contracts. They captured and killed more than 45 underdogs last time a score around. Big money to do this stuff meant. What company made over half million books. An endless now the other side would say what they should collect them and taken us some shelter. But there's not a shelter in Russia are well men I guess not. I don't know they probably are some shelters somewhere rusher sanctuaries are rescues some sort consumers remembered. True probably not enough for all of dogs and obviously not enough for all these dogs warrior to bring him over here. Where we already had children daughters and our homes. And we can thank him. Yeah well the FT citizens so no German shepherds. And on this year Biller. And slayer and her parents say no don't know are gonna pass and Annette I'll say it. So much company won the contracts a little slow go and so far the got a back in April middle we killed 227 dogs and four. Where he has a Salomon North Korea may end. Outside I was gonna wordage is that simply span that's why and walked back my fault because of all the way worse than what I just summer summarily say. Is that Obama's Marion. We'll show you this real quick this woman from Boston got a tattoo she got a net at 2.5. Years old she you know one assumptions who. She overload for the Foley is in the New England in the fall and her a love for blue jays as a kid. Feeding them from the bird feeder to grandma's house look at tennis she's from Boston. If you were so in that looks like the blue jays logo. Yeah. Yeah very much. You haven't. Yeah I mean you conceive of somebody told you their early to look at it and think their. Now they should say I'm from Bostick hasn't collier and Joseph Carter got you're bigs basics there. Error and big Kelly Gruber guy. Michael. Roger Clemens made you like to have Fred regrets for a bit and whoever else fully formed in think of any other is alcohol motor. If he gave you can get down covered up Peterson. Exactly they're logo it's a more powerful than their logo but it certainly. Reminiscent of inspired by. Our. Ball the next ten do you you needed down you'll we have flames militant tribal. Early bird finger remember though there one really good day yesterday it was who'd be the outline and did he have stated Texas and a lot of laughter some kind of machine then turned sideways and oil crowd stretched out soft offered only a familiar looking at. The president's Ford's. Sure do you arrest this morning she. And a morning show cause I. 93 minute. People can get from.