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Nine's birthday was over the weekend, how did he celebrate?: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids who traveled. Arrives guys so I could legally yeah this was industry has just started. My lord. I. Right guys yeah. It is Monday Tuesday eve December 11. 2017. Good morning good morning nor mash he can you turn my computer on in America. Aren't you that's a very pro works are I had a safe here and talk off my head for twenty minutes or your nerves are out there and are there whether. Well you know what it's funny you say that because that was the talk of the weekend was not sooner or holy Moly. You know when among most successful tweets was over the weekend. When I tweeted from the heart something about the weather words Rivera the word I said this. This is the day why girls have been waiting for where those boots Wear and a huge jacket and matching scarf had come out. Or use our mother or remembered there was still 78 degrees and they all our way and let everywhere I went even yesterday when it was. Very little precipitation left on the ground earn there is very anything it was like mid forties I think at one point there. You do with you would see women. When skinny jeans and like. Leggings and a little row. And then they had these I had bless America huge boost sound look in my their lack. Tribute mayor for war. Yeah are this hot legs a big streak. Big furry boots so you look like grad that's hard you look like them don't worst person dragnet the movie yeah. More to go leg and chest and then Eric Gordon Tom Hanks had to dance learned got a leg is weird kick your legs out Arabs but. Miss a minute huge Jack it up top and it looks almost like a garbage bag blown up a little section serum. As it looks like era. A posture jacket they column earnings earlier pictures reliance program. At nine rules about where I live and my tweet was from a Massey from across all social media social usually in the background Mauer whose jobs are all over warmer you know way. When I looked that I know my kids said oh look Sarah's and flip flops sorting out how it's an orange flip flops of the man. That was the best you can. Fit. But it did then they'd be huge jagged and that always is if they're wearing the boots there where in I have. This always this. And you can tell like how many it was great that wrote it because it was like. I don't know if that's something not a women especially this isn't sexist and Ashton has to say that for every time I compare men and women that. I got through when I'm loyal to her. Does zones exist in use right then or you say it. And not sergeant. They're all I'm saying and for those who want a deem everything sexist this ain't. And anyway who do you guys still be out there where in their regular issues and Jack and of course but women in droves just. Man it was it was fun. It was fine era it was fun to see everybody did you get into it by the way. Say dudes do is do no more more really began aware they're there puffy jackets because it's Conan were puffy coat out which. As Harold Presley bought inform you could be a skinny dude ever more work puffy kind of right I don't. Everyone being a puffy coat I've never wanted to worry they may be looked fatter. I have always been bouncing I started the trend. There are very good for our flat jagged pubs hours as Charles. It is seen there's basically must undertake ruins that most other members in when he gets called out here to get an excuse yeah. I am I realize now had any. Aside as for regular tendencies are neither as ordinary gazans some new boot I had some old boots and they gave me calluses on the sheet here it's an error I don't. Here. Need some now I don't know that I don't outdoors together and Booz Allen needed for a winner whether I just need him for lack. We are still right now fits well outdoors activities. You also fashioned boots I knew they don't like the tennis she's in khakis I don't mean that there but imitation gas so now we were are you looking for some some currency lost in Beirut's. Bates broker in vain use minimum yeah. Today's windy sunny hot 55 right now is namely low doesn't sound I says clear and 29 that I got added car. While I was while and a mom so maybe it's a chill down a little bit here. And you know this cult status col 3COM. I knew what was great about this wintry mix and then we have we're girl inside a snow flakes what that that was beautiful earth. Bad and and the girls when they're you know leg and send him big huge base runner up and down. Us. This site you can get out and I love that and I did there and Montel mush sled I didn't do any sled and I get to Percy arts or as into it but. Winds. Campus party weekend splurge and a prepared. Went to a urban or bombing and the so hot yeah it's awful because she wanted to avoid this time here. Party had been recently apparently goes there and indeed it. Orasure actually give massages and that's when you're younger via. So exciting heroes event rather Mia about a special really. Our man there. And I did in this is all it Daryn the snow you know there. And and then just when I walked through downtown. Greenville light up and down through downtown Greenville and gearan the snow that's so I guess where I get an a wetsuit. Now you won and that's who. He wanted to know where the place to be deer in the snowstorm must Wear. Masks general store. Order. Now everyone is clear that. Want Rogen like outfitted yet far from an insular. Please cast aren't so we took over fire and some were Americans are house. I bet you that place made it their all time high. It I mean duty it was crazy people buying everything had a goal hero. Urged their grocers yes and brand name under the laws do at a premium error there. Earley are guys I saw somebody back that what I call to Boggan our content for 49 dollars. Earned. And I was man you know it angle around Europe viewing only name that comes small. When they don't you Lindsay gas stations everywhere. You don't winner and a regular claw Merrill he had her penned by them as time. I'm tempted Obama won them pajama suit small or not. Well I guess Frankenstein and again. Unicorn in and all of. Yeah I learned from army navy store like a red union suits. So there where it started with a bunch flattered and really does not play out as it slid. We don't hail yeah it's on me you didn't hear so yeah I'll tell it comes to brag you parted the sacked him not too hot though I'm not aware. Yes what kind men's shorts and it's like that is it's hard to get these fancy decorative union suits are you learned transformer forever out camp. And in wild west and it also. It's very casual this big light year under her camping in the wild west yeah. Your mama's house when it robbed or lag your trail what ever dress like buzz light year and pajamas. We have to get a land away abroad there. I. Hello I'm in a fabulous fab where Parsons and Sam we hates trees you know why do you just are we are czar is BP noticed brylin. Hasn't yet retrieve it and he's excited to replace or make. This is that they need prints out where we do our last commercials here. And then two sheets afterwards and I you don't want it does it then the other thing too is like fourteen blank pieces of paper now. Yeah. Brenda my sense is not a cuss words is there's nothing on paper. Almost zero thank you wanna do is equity it is nearly ran adding an elegant extra pay a lot of the guy two with a printer is is like Asia you know it's a bad group. I guess now is a little more wide some are so bad for Sagan on my you know. You work here so. Does shine now that's Meyer really I think analysts here I am now I think they just take that kind. Do you eat pancakes and waffles and here because it smells like either syrup or PS I can't tail. It's a weird ask him. That's frozen Asus syrup hero of the week when it's all in the trash canisters to smell any year any you agree that it is legitimate urged smug I had a sandwiched there will no assurance that market does well it's no. Where your money originally years now the pacers got some restaurant and and moderate Chris errors or give him occasionally more restaurant it was right there closed. Where on the corner. We did a big mountains there are no one autos so I those years ago you ceremony Christa. Surprised that building is certainly entail this time huge valuable piece of real estate decisions your originals I have man must be crazy room. Must be crazy thing. I was you Helen's birthday it was aren't half as fun it this yesterday and as special birthday meal. I saw your birthday bacon yeah yeah amber had a zillion machines she as she did that is natural thing here is good breaking bad they confirm. Ottoman era isn't there a break and Brent for May combat bacon Brad and a true at all may get back you always ask is there towards to taser you to Chandler is birthday break and influenced me the numbers of rage out here. So does that is that thirty threes and easy wondered and a group of which he 77 is really using a simple utilities only rooted here is gypsum breaking. The owner of a so Leno what LG did sound now all our Sunday birth they sell us out. It is an honor this is and it's a birthday today it's finally here and better and a Monday birth yeah plus I was able hundreds or go and enjoy some good fruit. Ours are doing barbecue we did merely even time now. There Barbara crew gave your barbecue the last 3 o'clock or so and you know me to Xavier impossible. That. Ordered or court on that mound and Christian barber cruise or around but I. I do you know where you get. Most are no news. It's rather than most mustard onions from its hybrids like money era in his room. And Smart business courier. Aaron. There are as good. The never be a very delicate soils say that and is smaller happen. No neither Collin cabinet minister Khaleda said by god we're open and on Sunday people want this chick image is not Baptist. The orthodox. Either way you wanna read it and either rise fine. According to give birth they mailed one went my momma and her. Son she'd gotten that don't have to restart Eaton is where Hungary only talk about her the end crazy late to things each year is Mans is laid so restaurant dinner Jews trying to grow easily. Yeah cheese steak or stand up to two Cowell. Bob Bergen doll. She's a madman near my place she was torn from my. The general direction towards Donaldson senator white horse road to 143 to easily. You are not about firmer than I she went out there of course yeah yeah. About trashy blooms back down our doors rounds where we're already eaten she gets there how man they have from rogue states reserves. But you know there was no loser I would associates came in your raid on an end is our son and now she ordered the same thing. Has ever have mass sounds that there have heard or got there as mark is our subject. This hockey mom. What she did anything new bathroom all manner through an era where her mega yesterday Terry cloth. I don't know Marisa lyric content I'm Eric all the lights off its cotton it's navy blue and white terms don't let Jake we'll monitor those raging bull all right I already in the fifties and all original ball not him political moderation bowl. Average real enraged bull. Know the original resemble. Now golf all subject here but when I was common through the Yellowstone about that real estate Ayers is sending and has come through here now is like he you know used to when you would turn down Darlington. The road we're on here who would rather you. We would be like they'd be the landmark on the on the caller we have now he said he would add the chicken salad place in the Dassault was kinda stale and our gimmick here and you really like it. There's a very little signage in front of the faint era so I'm life. What happened nor any odds aren't you. So the office only remember we used to put it in the wind everyday to get all kind of free publicity. I'd also point out that as we should try to retain that does that take it like we would be the only he's not only the only brand but the only person using their one to properly here. We don't trust or get back into routine of summer now. I our schedules don't need a little mixed up to Christmas few days there while I love so as targets are McEnroe was saying your resolution read -- the Iraq resolution OK okay it's a New Year's resolution then Lauren put the neon sign back in the wind we could use in this ban industrial dropped chords been here for six months for Murray's I was in here. They do that now and for that backdrop or theirs per day and generators some I think huge. Well I think that's what keeps the board Linda stern you can on unplug. Seriously see their fax machine errors on the broadcast on plug. You probably things are things you really like tired and a tiger with a guy after an hour from our football player from when Vermont and real lingle Qaeda. Now OpenId and elder. He would prefer that often but he -- down this road all these G people I man I think that's primary he'll stay right there even people stuff on the bridge here look governed maybe see it there is a man of their founders can't read from the bridge I don't know how much for free publicity. Are her all the GDP on the admin and I eat. God bless America. What today is today's a good day you know why today's a good day as we got a bunch of stuff to give away. We have our bonds. Just have to give away flew through prizes and we're gonna do that with the a very fun very fun Christmas five intend may try and we have a lot stuff to give away so we got the play alive. Are these all too we don't do meetings aren't sure. Okay that's something this data we got a lump about. Those are. Our prize manager came in mid conversation broker and I believe that I am trying to make you aware there would be no result Sierra senses Christmas. That may be there would be one I don't really I don't I I Christmas week I don't want her zones. Test. Also. Oh woody. Will not drink calls coming up at 8 AM this are last week that because this Saturday we give it away. Yes senator were MB and Spartanburg given stuff away yes. I try to. Spartanburg Saturday and so you want more. Key word now. Edit or get several more keywords you wanna dated AME Texans 72341. Total of five chances remain here and you can also take jolt to 7341. Anytime. And script tells foreign myrtle bounce you back a real nice group are very very very massive them they're right 30% off for him 500 dollars offering gay -- rings and basically just encouraging you to get married right now there are too few text jewel. The seven series reform JE EU. Bureau. JW. JIE I doubt I need it if it. There's several ways spell it at a ever heard of jewels Santana. I always see that he has made it. So we'll have that today also. Just tons of stuff to do away were reduced have callers today as well. As we somehow some missing well we have noted now of course you know it is what we're used to get these these big deal about. People complimenting us on our musical prowess Jimmy. Oh he does is lead. Yes and when we were going to do these are big they wanted to know our top ten songs of all time is okay that's too many as a lot we Indy five and then we can do all it wants him. Each day this sweet little takes segment and each person to do to five favorite songs. And then everybody can either make fun of Elmer a polymer what everyone and it felt good grass from the bunch questions why send your favorite song they're. So you out start today are good demeanor of Jimmy Nazis to. Issue an arrest at a loss Wednesday found new wind Jesse always New Jersey pays us. They process their boyfriend and her friend started her security researcher who would love your grocery YouTube songs refer him a friend listen this calls. Are up for it I just heard their coach Norton knowing you're being stuck in remote can't. I later sweetest thing Farrior it was to have normal divorce rate and no end here and all of the well Carter is a do it alone close to the edge and yeah. Did you enemy a bona most beautiful dates he'll be your mouth ally. And anybody Sundays girlfriend or quarterback from the fact it's apparently more. That's all on frenzy knows. I don't know anymore so yeah me throughout. Dorian Tesla is an eight in Texas on the Carolina paper mill dot com Tex lines is 72341. Or call us at any point 180774. To blow 93180774. And a below 93. At the rise guys are most of her across most social media touch soon. And they would do us snaps today as well page what's going on the play. The average American spends at many thousand dollars on why it's during their lifetime we'll get into that story next in Iraq has guys have mines. All on paper and industry is going to be something like you don't think about. White girls it would be snow boots. They got the O settings armor are always happy my entire my girls. I will find out there's all of that and much much more can rise guys headlines good morning everybody. Yeah. The idea right guys who are. Warnings now 93 point freedom planning. Right guys headlines with the age and you're Bigelow who. Yeah morning gentlemen. Them being. Bizarre hey behavior to talk about over the weekend where Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh charmed kicked a female photographer in the face during concert. All I think some folks say he might have been on something. Or Queens of the Stone Age there are playing at a concert news who has had mining. So this was on Saturday and LA and Josh charm kicked defame our photographer in the face and then on the song apparently for no reason. Her name is Chelsea Lauren she was standing right up front and just walked over to her side of the stage innings he starter walked in Atlanta at any. Track to step back and he Victor camera interface issue is headed up to her face says there's video of all this happening and it's hard to believe that. He didn't intentionally kicker and things. Maine because he was even smiling right before it kicked her hand. Nationally she was shaken after returned to the press tramp she stayed if take pictures of thirty seconds to Mars and news later in the concert. But she went to the hospital to be checked out also does not the only bizarre thing many Dan apparently aren't taking a sharp object. I and cut his own forehand creating own sound he was bleeding for the rest of the show I'll let him work earlier and he also called the audience the what PR work. And shouted Croat SMU's. And they weren't on my arms I hit it and Sarah Josh also encouraged the crowd to do him and told everybody. And to take their pants off and centro I wanna give beyond the night that he'll never remember. So. People are speculating that he was on something. Bomb I'm I'm I'm waiting for this ad do us genocide in my civilian I don't know why anybody would cut themselves and on. Head to have a black dishing on their face but I get well that's the thing then some who have their bug against right Jeff. Exactly all well man. It is very nonchalantly yeah toll did yeah hold on boom and my god. Yes I'm an actor and if it's eight I know is a girl. An injury it is funny you sell it it's. I didn't hit user friendly rationed it as much my round reaction as I was going for the camera. I guess he's trying to keep the camera ever ever any. Man. Some rock star star Rihanna kid camera zoom and and get after. It and they show and slow motion after these off to the camera very it was definitely intentional. Whether he meant to kicker is they kick was intense. Dog yeah summit I have read this out because in my house for it on YouTube so I can put it out on the I'll put it out on our Twitter. Master. As for Chelsea she says she rocked aware of bruises and a sword knack and she posted three pictures too which were taken just before he kicked her in line a little later. When he cut his forehand and with a caption that sent a saw many farm is not okay our contracts are no excuse. Man oh man that's that's wild but he can't do GG Alan Stubbs anymore now. Now. While the average American. Spends 70000 dollars on one during their lifetime. Okay this an eraser it's app. Coffee. Now that's probably more than met. 365. Times five is that's only about eighteen. And a year Rivera there's earn more than. Dollar seminar. For Carlson yeah. Is it. Sex toys while 82% in these people say they geared at least twice a month. Processor itself it's not an amount ordering. Staked out how he got to the candles are way more Maryland Ortega 70000. A year when he sees little room. Oh. Well all. The hours are beautiful and has slowed in this match. Now only 4% say they never order. Take. It. I don't know and those of the kind of people that don't fart and trying to watch for us as well yeah I mean this guy the drive through our. L and immigration story and they can't wait for take out and I love takeout. Sure yeah I don't like to say the word take out now I know I don't I now you know. The united Sudan. We ate out last night I never eat out ran under Karl layers at a place where hey don't get your take out of order. I got a warning did something to go so I have to order a poor little mustard to go to not taking out. Is that I carry out no it wasn't yeah. What is it Daddy Yankee phrase for a began Aegon EE and eating enough to hear it now is there's another low at Yankee phrase from. Thank you have that in. And they hear back into what it is and I think negative drug call now Satan audiences and a little little hollow man and a call out little joke they like the Arthur. As we knew or use say also you know how to tell us. Jane could. I hear this at a and I. I. As I was doing this like the way shame on free form network whatever that is I was starting why shouldn't. Christmas vacation last night Niles and I realized very quickly and it and I guess that I I lacked investment. You blue raiders dvd out you probably got two or three major. Now I just flipped around I had I was larger moon you've watched that I know every line are. And errors are in essence still doesn't have or an event it was kind of funny to YZ and it job and see where they would either take the word out or just the scene would be almost five seconds in the movie just be gone. Most merciful death so much when I was OK that's good for. Whatever or friends all there. Well I. And then take it's a good story 47% of us failed now we order a way to rest take out food and 52%. Feel guilty about it to me to kill them first plays a mile from delta rallied to Guinean. Serra didn't anytime you splurge on anything you feel guilty about it is that roster came from massage Saturday morning not so guilty. Just leave its when he under the pillow nods it's clear on the court. Have. 18% saying there were six or came and they used to be because their ordering too much for and to take out. And the most popular thing pizza. Of course. Yeah I mean that he'd say pizza really babe they they they eighty. They took something so simple and made just. A second separate kind of entity Adam Eaton is not ideal thing to pizzas Italian thing today. Hello Matt Perrier can be kind of that way you should he go big. That's so good that she's in the crust cheese no cheese that was also mean that everything you can think of it squares round different things you can do that very versatile thirty M a bargain basement pizza or you can make really fancy pizza can do it. Just really really blame. Coal fired basic but. Hey stop it right. I would fire to grow or you can they really really fancy good high end app from the Kerry down the whole building don't know you can put anything on it you can do anything with that because this has bred with scrap ore pellets is live incredible Kazan as I am amazed by the defense is basically an open faced sandwich all the charm. On painting mascara yeah. The rise guys morning should. 3.3. Beltran. And now rides guys sports with the best we'll. Boys and watching sports over the weekend. So there's always considered sports and you know some with some dudes tide fans some of the ball involved. Can. Now the owner of sports. We know some history it was miserable weekend Paulson rational is that true of course though we just a moment later than yesterday. I bakery Phil LaMarr has been terrific 7321. Place votes. He is the first to walk on the win the husband trophy and then some. If I did Disney movie about him and well everybody knew he was gonna win was exciting wasn't closer thrilling. The other two guys got to get a Jessica. Who sizzled these funds. Yeah I enjoy your he has a name that screens. The North Face. Is does the girl. So you started Texas Tech as a war Cohn Swiss over Oklahoma. In other wrist. He woman 86% of them. Look he doesn't agree with the baseball dreams and two new members Jack Morris and Alan Trammell. Well Detroit city though. They went in. For the through the committee altering community. That's a bunch of crap yeah on both accounts of you know once old guy as it's ever Earl Jones. Well I mean that that cannot certainly bet I its size and dale Murphy didn't get in again. Neo hate all my lord. Obama grit and madness sucks really sure we are hall of fame as. Just blows my mind it was nice sweet Lou Whitaker. Alex Brown is a god people lie but it. At least statistically easier I can barely above average baseball player he just happened to play entered Tony seasons. Mary on average Armenia is Laurie season he did soaring 300 hits 35 home runs. He knocked in barely a thousand runs and Pete Rose training arming in his inner. It is like it's not that good resume. To get in the hall of fame where he knows it. Another blow to Malarkey. When your top three years leaders of all times on your whole thing come before it did either one of them ever win MVP ever. Still Brad Murphy went 81 and 82. Virtually unheard. We know what can influence playing for such a crappy team in and win MVP for Italy Murphy all also set an all soars five gold glove and silver slugger. But Amanda I am is a devout Mormon there. There are Merrill owns a restaurant the last. Lannan. I see Jack Morris getting any easier murderers and. It. Don't want Bert Blyleven ever gonna. As a guide. Iced over this Bert Blyleven. Hopping the quiz and their players. Very they told me it. A former oil companies still don't we do every superstar. You might not be Mora Swanson and indefinitely while no use dressing room battery and false imprisonment torture Cecil waste all of his business. Pressing Gainesville Florida. I've only Saturday. He was in Florida is and in California thing or is gonna break all of the so evil. Barriers and knives and Mary's crazy it's chilly page last. So he was attending arrest and said. In his wife's an independent wrestler. So you don't because she goes on parishioner isn't over so Gordon please report. Swan rigs which is are only in his wife were driving down the road and discussing her match was sworn got angry. Calls are rigs leave the cardinals stopped in traffic he reportedly left the car pursue her. Rather rather norm putter headlock before placing her bag and is the and then she jumped up again. He notes. What happens the car later gonna telephone pole sure. They got out yeah he got out again later coroner reporting that again there. I she got her car was movement and he had to chase but he didn't. The car park first rolled in a telephone hole in the very it is the lone crazy. I think he's done wrong Tomlinson and miss Betty the way it. No idea anyway or 2% chance image or Baylor had marks is a non Muslims here are allowed one. And Chris Bosh. As a boy named in a while cigarettes lookup blood clot problems. Blood clots and Alicia Shepard Smith and but I house floor timid Alice area was the subject of drug trafficking raid in his mom is one of the young people questioned good lord is. Now mama bosh can be. The investigation begin on November 10 when a car that was leaving almost but please. In the car there's fell four bags of cocaine and marijuana. Well as into that he's detaining for prison. Said bosh tush. They continued surveillance a week later. And continue for several weeks were people witnessed the police witness people come and go from home. So. They're watching. Mama there's there's traffic in her home. Tell us how what I owe you money last. In my life I'm now in India among these guarantees and I fell NBA players Bolton mama's houses and stuff did anybody say they Chris Bosh commit your crime that his mom. Maybe his promise trafficking drugs are her own. Officers were sent an undercover to take trash bags from in the front of all it's his bags back to the station and found more traces of drug residue in the garbage I'll. Almost gonna happen next. But he doesn't paraphernalia. No arrests were made me he's not a suspect response you have to ask your eye track. If you have a trash service you have to ask them if they. There's there's some kind of way they word it in other words they can't sell your trash. A real yeah but private detectives were offered by trashing stuff through her and you have to check with whoever does your service if there is some kind of close open in there. Where they won't sell your trash it's prejudge. A bottles public when I went out on the current well I guess it depends on the serve she's. Chris Bosh. Has made a 189982943. Guaranteed dollars an NBA contracts before any endorsements or anything else. Follow. Me here because it'll claw its its will be playing now he's got money. Kilometers children brave yes I think there's a period for about maybe three to four years he was talked about player. There is there a law actually see Tony YouTube videos of feels like an alien. The bosh church. Oh. Nicknames. Is that LeBron video gas talking crap tone from ringside at a process such a girl she's she's the only right now. Does it loses Durham bulls game we lose Oregon yes they gag because he gets a minus airline forgot who was. As the Seahawks clear yesterday. That's something thrown at American the jags game when the early agencies try to get a green stands there for an hour it was brisket and tariff on a battery that's what Eagles agencies to throw a threw batteries samples now. I think. It was cup of beer. Am item in. He rambled rule was maybe around Wednesday and be glad when Ty Cobb he threw that they had to pull back. Yeah you should remind first of people who were appearance the praise is not of our border I only threats things decline on kick their ass. Yeah exactly so it's never personal matter what you kids did Ohio job preschoolers if there's any but I got parents are. Esther baron was a former guests of the show. Former in studio guests multiple times. Good friend Jeff Lewis and Bill Russell park cast. And Chris Phillips sake here Ric Flair was a guest on the markets hope. It clears some this guy held saved him from Asia helped save him. From accidents. A boating accident GD showing through all closed ground. Congregation gets you every time you're doing good that's hurt. Her so I was trying to figure Ramallah was about a mile of the story to a may be a little less. I was trying to figure out which way it was close when you guys film. Little Ricky Morgan really pay out remorse and it's true. Right fire off at 101000 dollars and all I'll hold her to promote the Internet our own wants socket. A Soledad don't. So like and I Chara. Lawyers said it's he got sharp pains some akin to the pain courses are remote is in the hospital similar to detain the last time is in the hospital. They covered how we got to the hospital. Well we were saved him analytic what was the pain. Is Sims is real sharpening his stomach he felt for. But what's he do invite was he drawn. It's also bowed something. I had many end up where I have to say in a light you Ricky Moore had two save him and by. Other. He urged on center is this a random tit bit of some information it. Is part of the story and her older I was instruments and a leg in its currency's rate flare. Out and where I have to say. Yeah here's part of the story. As is always is here was. Flare talked about it fallen off elbow while I was rooted in mourned him one I'm. Are are. On the hill as early. On the current I know the answer is no aunts and answers drugs. Now I'm sure that the Clinton told the story that I cast knows more spark as a template. Yeah but then did the point though is that AME ended that they saved his life. I don't know how rich flared up until like you never well yeah sure he worked hard carries I don't and it pretty. Wired. Producers I think an title and artist Judy you are also bow before me by questioning Newman I told the story. Laura who's go to waters was stained birds vote was voted. Become about the water. Eighteen is an editor doormen and look at what it says here there own canes front relate to Knoxville who do you want to rest up this amount podcast breath I. To order I was so I. You know what I read write every older wrestler now hasn't podcast which is which is fine if you have. Emmy was happenings herald is doing each other's podcast so it's like this continual podcasts is going on and on but there is they were Smart they'd get together and work stories. Make up does all this story's already didn't hold. Make up Lewinsky black kids wrestling. More misery and hostess and on and Scott Campbell you know him I says you know many computers there. Now Robert Cole has a hard cash from rounds when really it should know come home him. The Samie Parker I'm a dog when others and it's like the longest podcast a more common every former wrestler is part of era says here's Lisa Carter's vote welcome. It. Already Ohio waves it's an amber hasn't okay. These same playing ground. Point three double play. Racks.