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Huge satellite dishes, car phones, etc.. how could you tell if somebody had money back in the day?: Open Phones: King of 90's Trivia

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Help us he fears about steep morning radio there I am I strange sound. If you're going through. What don't need bad. I mean now. Gift taxes why they don't put it where the sun goes on that is then you know. The bio C. Nor improved right on your back right in the middle yeah speaking of that. Brian from Colombia has now been identified as he was sweaty balls and he's the and you've got the tattoo is not an eye on his back Britain and he's going to be on break. About 1520 minutes we'll talk for the first time I don't know we've ever taught and I've got our faces tattooed on his back yeah. To that'd be interesting. Yeah he's gonna Colombia's neighbors to us down there lower part of mid mid state Aaron. Column sort of speed and neighbors. My neighbor of Brad knew they were doing some work there house last week were on vacation. Yesterday the did did the stuff was set up. In solar panels put around and you know I understand all the statistics. And all that stuff. That my lord it looks like crap. I mean it just doesn't apply when there's only roof and we exist it. I give it that it helps wit this and that helps a baton this and blah blah blah but. I just looks awful or where it works. They in my house. It just looks weird I mean did you is it looks odd because is you know we're not used to there is if all roofs. Had been made of windows and would do well here bill. Are building giant fire literally thousands of divisions that are put my one window on each side and one window on the entire giant back of the house. Like that like crap in the fifties but now all the houses are quite vessels becoming normal. I was tied bedroom houses and fifties when a ridiculous did better. How Spanoulis three people of course your apartment or house is driven us to make ends an office he really is a joke firm right now and we don't like each has so we need are programs. We column cubicles and my counselor we don't have fire whomever we have three separate living rooms that we no longer you know like back in even the like an eighty's and ninety's or whatever Clinton when you saw somebody with solar panels so yeah at least for me the first thing out bottom is who Bustamante got some money but now you look at these reasons and are there were. That there were a citizen gets solar panels before her. But politics happen like it is now. Right. Again Greg there might still be so and there were a bunch of incentives or you could. Get him for lighten up in the pay for themselves people bottom four you just need help now and environment owner. But that was the big like anti bat boy I assure him when I was a kid Ed Begley junior from ma. Well as teach. Them about ten elsewhere right. Is a doctor meego. It's our. Evasions. Well. He was one of the first did an arm or my daddy's and loudest stupid celebrities spend money donated thing you know it's so that was like a status symbol. Back in light eighties in ninth against probably more in late eighties early ninety's here. Almost like. Like okay when I was a kid you know what made me think would like what a status symbol was back in the I late eighties early ninety's giant satellite dish in New York. There was rain well it's. Cal hall of rotten guy the bigger majority say in that thing in and watch some pixelated form she. And if you're really moved you rich right there really now that's a family allowed this when I was younger. Late eighties early ninety's and hot tub told me you are. All you. Yeah I don't look at your house is still Toby got some money. Hot tub. I tell bathtub yeah yeah but if eyes is this you talked about having hot tub in the ninety's. Yeah I just in my mind you had money. G. There are deep saw something about what the biggest indicators that somebody is rich Mel vs territory prior years ago. Interest indicator now is money raised you won't be what she's thing. It's not a certain car this scorn of the National Bureau of Economic Research. I don't know what. In 2008 team what is the biggest status symbol of being rich. Having national. According to a resurgent you have an iPhone. All right good they'll tell. Well definitely I credit score is she's not your range. One. Well you're here and a Gingrich met through and reach for a year and really we're all rationed your guns and currently most Americans are rich. And then then there's no I mean like maybe. I'm in five years ago parent the first people they got iPods I I in my mind I was playing you know let's take a step back there. The first person I knew ahead of Sony Walkman. Like you did CD when disparate there's an a man oh man. I thought that was so wow that we can take anything and plug it in the car. And listen to CD's and on the resolutely bulbs. They tell you all have that dude yeah do those tapes are scratching lottery ticket on. KL KL was one of those kids who is a victim. Of a broken home who led to parents trying to. I don't I'm exit presents us an hour. I. The iPhone I can see that. Again I had I don't. In 2018 is not a status symbol to me that's like basic generic that's a Starbucks of phones. There's a lot of people who want and don't have one arm I'm sure. I'm. Brits are a lot of people happy Ramirez stealing people's hands all the time who are all locked all the time a lot. Constantly lock all the time or people or even though in the text remain until they have evolved. And there are good most people seem to have won it seemed like. All right here's another thing about the the ninety's that was the status symbol. For for years ago you give me one and a 31. Oh now tell me that first okay. This status symbol of denying decent in 1992 what was the 26 years that are wanting them. OK I ask it anyway my gas was a riding on more. Season here now with Italy home depots Lowe's everywhere they're more readily available Wal-Mart on this that or plays all the credit corps reserve and now we're back in the day if you had a riding on more I either thought you were rich on the landscape in the it's. The thing in 1992. Where is Greg from Paul. There commercials for Greg upon mustard also sick car home pot yeah. Gonna cause talk great coupon that was just boom. Great branding. Audrey in very grave pneumonia that people thought you originally agreed upon his aides are in their role of Rolls Royce and Bentley order was spill. Both colts are those rich people eat this kind of mustard great. I know you this if you see any meg green and black's chocolate. I think if on the commercial now lives in racing that's the grainy black and that's a brand of choppers are fancy organic high in chock Armenian. In Hershey bar basically so I see all kind of things that make things a murder you experiment I ain't. Okay this is the great coupon yeah I found this and remember very dry here. I just haven't low ride. As a Rolls Royce. They guys eating ham. Driving down the road. Are is he's being. Being driven. Well all I did and took gold rich guy digit fashion he drives away and as Shane Dreyer Zorn. Does the flea gurus who niceness and Booth he knew what to do the opposite of that. Talking about with that ninety really ready to win many many to the commercial piano before that but by 92 it permeated where that's what we've that was the status symbol. This is probably asked her but there was jelly commercial he's played just my nickname in high school was jelly I I would always catch this I think suggests that. It was some kind of fruit for Brandon jelly but they were calling it some kind of brand name or whatever and then there's there's all these rich people's like. We passed the difference breadwinner and the guys is would you would you please pass to Derrick. Yeah I love and I guess I remember it was fair but Poland or Alford yes I still bilateral. Too personal Mumbai now. Yeah people avoid him to would you know again that's just and most outlandish in 1990 you know what I thought of before our very broad home. I would've thought. That was a car phone via page your beeper. Was simple and using her doctor back in 1992 would want drug Vietnam or Dorgan it's still money I'm big screen TV. 92 big screen TV money laser disk and yes wealthy blind and a big satellite dish do laser disk. I was. Befuddled by the Hussein statue not like is a record no. I don't see. What you found that I was a little passion yeah. Yes. Yeah. I'll know ridge and pats out. Everything I tell you Clinton gently urged restaurant yeah. What your product to guarantee muscle in his descendants slim Pickens at longhorn my creature. I ordered soldiers if you had an Atari jaguar you must be wealthy ones it was a videogame system that was that was like the first 64 bit system. Was out. Before PlayStation stuff I never actually saw all unemployed woman or read about him EG EM's and game. So if you add that to me you well the blame. Glossy so remember they that this is going back to this is eighties but added that the show less silver students. You know. Ricky Schroder Ricky Schroder. This stand up arcade games so back in the denied easy if you had to stand up arcade gaming your house. Yeah if you're a damp cold table yeah Daryl a whole table absolutely it wasn't from stroke consumer action ride in it didn't stink. Or have a circle ratings taller hurdle and I didn't graceful thing I want somebody through what they're eating it from the defunct silver fox it's as a real. That wasn't playing also. Two car garage is man. I had to hard rock. And I don't village where there was no such thing as a garage according Carl points cards. For a car torture or get a pro we have for you are gravel and it that was parking spot and gravel driveway this is what you did governor. But you don't think nowadays it makes it is a status symbol nowadays as much anything sharp jittery boards while one way if you go to bar. Eight when you ordering drinks you're ordering brand names of licorice and just verb and ha did not specify a brand name at a bar. You throw some money around after the Burnitz blues yeah there are headed your funniest Tito is please answer to remedy early times my good man. Got an idea that several people are tell the oddly I'm. Now now yeah I think synthetic ball crab hardwood floors back in the nineties you had money eight yeah. If you are drawn to the bottom shelf puzzle. No I noticed different things right now I know noted that you execute I didn't notice it is between. Bathroom Holland linoleum on the floor now on his arm like that. Oh yeah aria thing you have this in Ennis a spur. Some reaction but. In South Carolina we have the BMW effect. Yeah me in the ninety's it BMW make you had money. Now depending on the series BMW he might just work her heart yeah you know. Dare he can't tell anymore dear leader. The Arabs need to work better get one important to our wine cellar there you go great taxi give a wine cellar now you have money. Property and still remain true like these are probably as a line radicals in a hole in the minority government yeah. Yeah era torture house you have money still to this day he still government that. It men and is still rings true from the ninety's all the way until today if you have a vacation home you have money yes absolutely yeah there's a lot of people that own ocean late holds my credit back in the ninety's but has taken a new house would you do it and most of the time money right. Arab are so well. What is a. Oh snags opened those 180774. Double 093180774. Double 93 your calls are voicing gratitude. Actor Matt yeah. I thought I read this morning you know recalling here. Thanks guys morning show good morning GA. It is 837 were new and open phones those numbers to call us or 180774. Double 93. 180774. Down below 93. What Jeff is getting semi folks on the phone I will alert view of the fact Friday. Uses a couple days away at the last line waiting for your calls that number 864. 24143188642414318. The F the last line. All right let's go to. Where you didn't. It's going to be once sweaty balls first and Columbia. We've been talking about this guy all week and as far as I know we've never even spoke to the guy before is that right Brian. You've never been on the show before. I ever. And and while we're on vacation last week. The I think the first way I saw that tattoo was the young lady did did the tattoo for you tagged us and a photo she put on instant. I'm. An old. Oh. Crap I'm sort earlier I thought it was a stunning garlic as like Elsa garlic corpse and as a girl but I don't. Hard. I just spent a lab apple meanings means is. So. In their was it was the caricature. Of nine and I and you have it now tattooed on your back. Thank you first of ball as sincerely say that that's free can also I mean I think that bad ass age. We have to give me tickets for a concert tickets or any kind of experience sort of need is data don't Euro. Yeah are there any added to your collection of bad asked her tunes as well. Not towards do all. While we Arabs we appreciate it man who they'll let me ask you this did did the tattoo artist that we now know is Carly Ito. That was and Baltimore Maryland. OK so did you go all the way up there because you'd want to buy around here to realize you're getting the rise as tattooed on Iraq. No lot travel a lot of work and not around that place in February. And to do great work they're so long holes able to DC. That we worked in a two stroke the ball more to attitude on. Karen so when you show. Carly it's this this picture that you have a nine guys. The just laugh Ortiz are then cover up and any back. Yes we do about it or not buckled each allow me city bullet and actually went a little bit did you need off. Don't wrestling Serb. Mob. But I didn't have enough landscape do that on. To not an option and and it's my favorite actors. Old man that that that's great and also a lot of people including nine rocket landing on the fear and loathing that's agency just Obama as he mayor skills or. And I don't know there swelled by Miller orders in our major city and Toledo earlier this year put bubble formed from pro pork or. So what does do you have. Have like you have any other. Like real people tattooed on her body. No I have blow up at Portman as too deep scary characters are older. And then I have what are your way to first to blow back all. Year storage. Is that you. While well if you lie if you ever get to the upstate. We do many travels we'd love to have you come in for backstage pass and hang out and I wanna get my picture when you back. Yes I never said that to another and I would like to get my picture in your back but yeah. Oh that's good arm also ansari steamroller everything you have to that is a Carmen when they see me on America. No that's not shown a lot of people in his grammar saying you look like Roseanne guards turner here. But nevertheless that Yuri you've been anointed a super. If for me speaking answered Jamie's old thank you for doing that as wholesome. And our sir have a good morning. But. Hey man and I miss that I know. And polite just it's my it's my Trailer Park Boys tactic we don't. Just about the status symbols it people will look down their nose is it people who. Whoever wanted to add things bit. You've got what thirty job loss were a little. Odd man that would have been great question. You know how much it could it cost to get asked tattooed on yeah on that very question immature right I attaches are expensive and so many who has you know its sleeves going up in all of his by yeah that's they spent thousands of dollars armchair. Thousands of dollars Norman is tattoos a lot of variables are obviously had some money to spend on some characters. Let's go to exist say Margot or manga Camry from here right now mango good morning. It Molinari Italy it well yourself sir. And and thank you. Re calling to get attacked two of us put on your body somewhere. Yeah I want my I have one you get put it don't pay special. You don't ask don't pay your eyes are on her they tried all you get little play dumb about him. Nowadays is here you have something to say about status symbols in the ninety's go ahead of that what was. Yeah back back in the day and a half that I grew up it was 7200. Square feet at a at a dark garage. The boy's home in Lawrence. And boys does that yeah. I'm just his own. Now left Robert Pearlman it was bond. Ahmed has left guard around that are currently giddy and blow it only focused don't live there anymore it it was it was on. Aren't who's your daddy time. Now they're close period doctor's intent. On the main. You darker Maine urging Al Aaron. Doctor brain won't sixty years. So you're saying that when you're younger like guys you had did the latest and greatest and all the stuff and all the kids what. Were you bullied but they're rich get. Now Merrill items on top of the world back in about a respectively that is yeah has little power. At hidden today in America you know thing. You had a lock on tons oppressors or craft's day didn't remember the owner. It is right then did you follow on in your dad's footsteps are you a doctrinaire. Know what's all what I was aren't so I didn't really much care for the schooling you know I just kind of liberal arts and a you know total liked it when you're young you don't really pursue a whole we need. We get older padded when you're you know. History I was your doctor lose Boris is that's merely ask the the last few largest exam to make it saved it. Oh listen. Monger you have a good morning sir and and an apple and achy viewed anyway thank you and god put this low bid possibly strolled in through and I'm a wild game doctor Nath. Art program there's no matter who column got a little respect and do that I think mango as being a Seattle power. Yeah to have anybody in the three later I saw him he won't. Do it right seasons in his leg and build. A sweet Rosie bids yet. In 1996. I had to Aston Martin wouldn't PS sales mean there what are these PS cells people talk about. And a now that he says has them do their lips as it did days PS cells he had all season tickets and can't permit say last asks what I've readers do you remember her Susan tutors that are. Or Howard censoring stating her. In the morning or not when you're 85 and somebody is on the road you passed by. The client not a motor home but it damn tour bus. And a motor home that looks like Garth Brooks ought to be run on that is just some dude going camping with his wife. Yeah out if he's an old guy I say did three years he's young person I try to run off for a absolute answer every hour procedure are we have to take a break and win. They keep those photos are we heard Google we're gonna have to king of ninety's trivia on the phone and mentally once lap dog and he takes on. You. Use your chance to win tickets to see bush had. Terrorist you're keeps. Morale in the deaths of Tim Tony and we get to bat shard you can play here the king about his trip to Iran after. Iraq has to just take what. This means 340 want to you listen to the rise guys morning she'll know right reborn through the yes sir do everything song for this game. Yes sir. Now he's very up. King at nine he's trying to. I read this most mind you Saunders right out and try and Italy have a nine year old Jordan. Now he's party playlist this is track one track five tracks seven drag and transport came and asked. And they want them. We're summertime but for fresh France and do that this song is the ninety's are very. Not counting and welcome to a buzz throughout Miami's ambulances here which wind does draw is leafs don't RMS soil. And Ingrid bitterness that is kind that is guns. Hernandez bush Ed they've they've literally they they only rock and roll they shared rock general in the ninety's and they're going to be appearing at Harris Cherokee casino in concert yes there are September 28 and that's a little bit a ways away but look. Those planet album let's not to say here and be all you know. Spontaneous Alitalia plane some things out principal or her super king of ninety's trivia as you heard the theme song there is this game and the reigning king of ninety's trivia is Pete Wentz lap dog sledding. Well the police are. Very very low well what year were you born. And there. You know ninety's stuff really well all everybody yes. Gavin Rossdale bush you're a big fan. Our not Gavin Rossdale is bush has no Gavin Rossdale and bush. Right when what's Ayman well as someone wants to take you long for your title and also does bush tickets in that would eat. He went tailor made he would tailor made good morning. You morning. What year are you more answer. No matter OK who do my freshman year highs and now. I and I. That's when we talk for him and he was born in near port storm here it early ninety's stuff especially Padilla made you know a lot of the ninety's stuff are we wasting their time here. I do actually know all of it okay. Here's the way we play king of ninety's trivia that we save best of five is lowered onions. Best of five screaming your name if you know the answer did they have to let me finish the questioner can they interrupt me. Okay screaming your name if you want to. Wage an answer best of five wins it tickets and the title. A team of ninety straight. Here we go best of five question. Number one. In 1990 in elderly woman was featured in a commercial where she slips and falls to the bathroom floor screaming I thought out. Side note. Mr. Fletcher. I'll Chris I well I thought I did this and this who are you watcher. You argue. That this Fletcher so you should do and tells lecture at. Jews aren't sled dog I have it finished vampire and I don't know passionate. That's the rule got things closed meant. Prior. An elderly woman was featured in a commercial where she slips and falls to the bathroom floor screaming I've fallen and I can't get up named the company she was advertising. Our slammed all Hillary. All alert. Incorrect tailor made. Why alert. Tuesday correct you know we were looking for. Life call. Off there are Fuller replaced him or her own bed and are you commercial growers from mark Fuller the American it was Marco just scoreboard it is that net the net then no method. A similar forward to a missed. What are we playing games Jane you have an idea trivia runner true. When asked her opinion of this show in 1991. Lady Barbara Bush said it was a dumbest thing she'd ever seen. When asked her opinion of this show in 1991 lady Barbara Bush and it was a dumbest thing she'd ever seen. You'll lose points for gas dog sled dog with a propeller. Incorrect. Taylor made. Good job oh my god king is losing. Loosely over kingdom ninety's trivia or you'd air side door or aren't just ensure the connection was still. Just scoreboard that is a tailor made wanted to sled dogs. Question number three. This father son duo became teammates when dad let Cincinnati enjoying junior at all so why don't. And there we do turn to anger receiving. You know. And. How you doing their their travel your plan along. I just missed the first warm and the other two run you know not the easiest games played Fisher. Art here we get. Finish this line. Champ. And I don't want. A wild. Sled dogs. They told you. Our hearts and daughter with a very good about it makes they want us art. Judge Jimmy. Quarry and. Even close and few are tailor made. Eight. Tampa on we told you it's. Earl Stanley Baker about noon. Hot. Little bit. Where are never part. Presume. This. It kinda nice seeing you live abolitionist camp. Our motto you all you had our. Lawrence and William we've they go about chew it makes no. Yeah. Employs more on the island here we go I feel like but they do it figures don't I don't jam this it is hard and we yeah. Question number four. Mr. Cheney was a teacher on this 1990s TV Asia so no longer. Why are airport and told me. As America hears from the well and I think it was so hot and I are they are a little wire national and went on a venue officials is that Republicans are. What's gorgeous slap note to tailor made one only one hour slammed all need to retain your your kingdom. And also the bush tickets but who knows stranger things have happened here is. The next question in king ninety's trivia. The Super Bowl has required National Anthem locals to be pre recorded since 1993. When he declined. 23 record and then refused to single why it's still. The NFL say yeah we'll play your we shall be free video deer in the game. Super Bowl has required. Tailor made for a high. That. I get a pass process. At first he said he did not order prerecorded wanna do it why would miss it okay he's okay you also explain to my new video that we're on the idea that these aren't. Find delay the game and they did and guess what they played him videos. Mean nobody called him. America we're railed against him were burned him in effigy Bertuzzi Armas held at the National Anthem over money but you're standing LE so he did then they'll then resuming the president would beyond that six must. The gas oh boy okay William and his wife took try to listen to me what is about to happen. This great this is the ninth inning and two outs we're gonna find out the king of ninety's treaty wins this question. Regret threaten. Intel in 1993. Women were banned from wearing these on the floor of the US senate. Why are slow and they'll get to originate kingdom of ninety trivia. Correct until 1993. Women were banned from wearing these on the floor of the United States and it. First. May. That's all right. Yeah. A new teen. These trivia and that he once either Taylor may feel right maybe not. Oh wow yeah. I am. Mirror February oh man one of us take the crown from him is that you know yeah. Nine and think you can now move our doubles solution Hamas led bulb you've looked into the post and he did should be embarrassed. The better this and so yeah is my dog is on the. How this bigger things here until 1993. Female senators Clinton where paints shrink Hillary Clinton and it yet the first order of parents all the time yeah. Yeah true. Yeah. Well you are. How important I would think I'm doing well the juggernaut I think Margo individual member. Well congratulations. And it saved the. September 28 total win feature info sir hold your horses. And we get out. Are. One more as we go to break between. The field you ready to play I don't know here we go out. This famous comedian made headlines in 1997 when police pulled a lever for 45 AM after he picked up a transsexual merit alone out there every any. Maybe I don't callers know about transition process through 1999. Hackers revealed a security flaw in this will provide the permitted anybody to login in any account using the password. EH arm nine programme. I don't Hotmail account and Austria around human or an American. Pedal American home which NBA legend said it's not why we're gonna have unprotected sex with magic out on the floor. Oh I may not anyway said that who said that in 1990 Thomas was Robin. As Iraq was wrong to interact. That we checked other Tom. Barkley. Upstarts every weekday right after they arrest this morning. Point three the planet runs.