Tuesday, March 13th

In an odd Open Phones that lasted damn near an hour, we heard from a few different men in relationships who cheat and aren't really sure if they want to be hooked in a relationship anymore


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Set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show 93 point cleanup plan. Recently. Yeah we met this. I'm down seal. They're yeah get an email from Dan Tammy the has been a wise he wants them in Columbia board and no behave Diaz still has to do. Songs about cowboys die. As a Yahoo!. I still think. Solar Wellington do the weigh ins once a month now. I'm surprised they asked. I mean usually used to take the initiative and send them home. Can I tell you did anybody. Play at by the way I mean. I'm gonna have to myself for do an open phone 180774. Double 093180774. Double 093. They did a page song that was just way too dirty to play on the radio who food. I mean it was just junior thanked. Arson. Right Missouri this was it not like he. It was hearing crass in blue and I was like every Muster at this. And would have never wrote such about another woman made analysts amounts. Anyway this will play four guys there and what's your reaction. No reaction video right there. What 80774. Double 093. Temares are all it vice shows so why don't we do an open phones now which is what you call anybody anything. That's Maher is the only advice shows so. Contact this by email if you wanted to go ahead and get in the key for that more here we have usually a lot of B laurels and rushing email or just trying to get him tomorrow what are entered ribeiro too many chances you ma'am is now. We have a guy who needs advice feels good to get Estonia. Pay just to confirm this it's. More god carried that well certain. Now you gotta help me out here it says that your latest sex slave that you need advice about your wife. Yes Powell now are simply trying to get my wife and slide over there or page but I did she don't want to go. So I'll clean slide ever there was definitely talk you'd getter endured racial age. Our web page. Of the shuttle I think it's really all that's there and things is. Yeah. She's the girls all that have not. If not they agreement and anybody you know all my thousand dollar weekly guide limited I can't have been down to zero we are prologue. It was me. She had been about them here lately sub machine that line go not get any night. You watch. Proud have a good mornings are very I think you get that at all as missing and every reference he was making you get a Ito does Arizona millions okay. All right let's go to. Always says mass got to get Sheen story who it was that Matt. That aren't going well haven't users. Well. I would say things could be a little bit better now are now except. That. I do and I do yeah last week and I got my girlfriend she'd know we went ahead and did you know. Artillery. And you know could have finished above our black came home are so limited stating we only boost. Owner I would think that only how we are looking better so I went and I'd open the group that my live what you think. My soon to be glad that we used to be. A lot cocker to cheat on me right in front and have a special another guy that's what I you know why he do in the domain change and that's because I'm a punching back. Should the budget BS right now. He Megan is up is that you know I don't know it was our federal courtroom that it's all strip you didn't reader somewhere either. It could Clinton guy that that would change ahead. The guy was that she kid. She I don't I don't follow your call. She said you all be an issue was sleeping when as she is that it's actually not a guy and you said why are you cheating on me she said. What. She says economical and think back. Publishing says. Everybody tournament and that's genetic you try actually trying to put the grab attention yet it's too much cheek it would mean war. This is complete crap I don't believe that I don't know Jews and pledge my commoner what led very real well to learn there. This had not been well planned site I don't think I don't I don't understand it and she didn't talk I don't care who Lincecum the gauntlet like you could see intrude or anywhere. Power indicator. So the intended because I'm confident. And India in this just kept I did this just like. Each EU schoeneweis heartedly because you you going into the house and you walk in and she's having sex with did you not say anything to the guy. And that's how much can get the puck they're now. And suspicious they sign aren't in math that's my vision a hack gone blank. Is that. I can see you do this a good point that were really you know fall literally have not heard stories about people say they wouldn't know that. I don't think that is truth. Now wouldn't personal. Work lately with clubs and got. New and irrigate crops now you couldn't. But you know less in the other team to. Especially is much much as people get into right you don't even want how does Heidi Heidi is off somebody coming out of Keller. How many other people actually went. Very few I mean that's like. The people littering today that are in the left and the more that's an issue yeah it's always a year around the nation. So you so if there was no mrs. ellenberger and you were out than a you know whatever. And you met a girl and income a sign that she she went to South Carolina. Iraq are not idealistic just a big fan like you are of course and he cannot he wouldn't give her a second chance cynical enough. Because it became a source she's a fan we're the houses they can point. You know she follows a somewhat and she's opposite views is going to be you know is gonna be your here. Every day. I tell you actually you know look here. Plug the stage their own certainly stick around. But I think gives us some might lose your porn star who's a girl you don't watch movies of all I'll manage to mean. Mean I really feel like I'm not only locker. What do you do largest may mourn our principles broke tantalizing EU EU economic or email or whatever and she's like that you like tell me about yourself what do you do besides blanks blanks and blanking blank. If she's a while I happen like the South Carolina game country let. They act. Yeah I do believe I don't bring that up you know if they bring up the dirt fans. The may follow was a nice always in the news going to be constitutes a gimme another deal breaker. Thick armor on the subject. The forms do regarding your name your girlfriend I'm not a right here is not a is gone back mission support starring in the united. You're shorter college of course are here it's a little bit endurance. Right that's good. Here's gets guys guys are working construction I want our girl twice and she ended up telling me the reasons she wouldn't go I would meet again. Was because I wore muddy boots on both states. Com Bob. She's edits are ruled to not Dayton. It is a wall and her life to only Dayton and would not issues Danny and Albemarle. Only get only so it pays the student is totally composure got. And I think that you always talk about that on. Sean Connery okay Sherry yeah I eat dog show heart he's very muddy boots ha. Did you know that whole thing where they see judge what laden to Wear that dress for the job you owner blah blah blah right judging manned by issues say my my husband had many pairs of news. In new single tiny once he gets Merriman house. Or the venter right. Yes so the answer the question is it wouldn't bother me who got a kinda I mean yeah you gotta have some kind of weird deal breaker right. Yeah mine is. I think tolerance for animals and they have to love animals first and begin. People to their mean and the way they treat their family. There's a pattern there they're mean animals are going to be mean the tribal mentality of you went to the wrong ecology your from the other side of the state lion that's what gets me because. As you ever ever ever ever hated football team more than you like having sex no ma'am I'll have everything. Now I mean I wasn't too. Thrilled about my husband's choice of football team's offense Allison had never intended bedroom. Don't imagine that they were fewer Clemson they are you trying to big game guard girls and yeah they want jurors about one remembers. Yeah final and I got a chance smiling. That's right. And Gary Carter era Adirondack chair remember that Sarah where I can get it tablet whereby you may just go running for Nash is Canadian. Did you say a venue or the casino for the turn off would be for me because if she follows it shares its aim. Surely know that much about it so soon follows got to know everything about it or she's gonna come off sounding you know the student is educated about the whole. School and hope program let's talk to. Or go out it is good every. Are Doral predict that if you sir. A lot of although negative story to a lack of powder or not a negative one. Docket garrido way I don't know though positive first and then I just out there via. Our. There is so not actually a Republican Bob. Kindergarten are hostile we are going to say it out nonsense. We were in kindergarten. But she's you can on the UNC fan never had an ever effected anything drugs or. Married and have appeared at. But does she care that much so or is it just kind of live Gilani goth thing today. Oh how nice it is not only did I got out there allotted time golden door U and I didn't sound on this you know you know external problem blocked. Right says she's a doctor and you never went to class saw opportunity. Popped in my area thank EG bond I have to emigrate Acer. Our parent and you think you can at least anybody did today and I'll sergeant Pablo who's running at its finder co habitation there. Did but I don't think you need a house divided son Brian just. This is split the seeds of division when you poll of the house and see or read our. Yeah not doing anything else there. You know like dude dude. Republicans and Democrats you know come again there didn't have a house divided sensor that. They Shannon. We can make him for anything so does not big schools and I get is more still Wofford nobody cares earth else provided earlier in the UU I in CIS CO RX whatever of the show is on network TV. C shaft sir thanks so commercial loan when. A let's go to new love Blair and Larry yeah Blair and bowling springs good morning. The I. I had an agreement so we don't actually went undeclared cigarette and there's no I don't expect to ever be what can or are actually talking girls in the past let's find out they're. You know that should they pull or whether smaller park I mean if you're troops and and you respect around or even you have an excellent teacher like probably wouldn't be the only Carolina and the whole fire. Have you hate to know you yourself as well you just told us exactly your stance on bottled up well in the end and what you graduate. Partly did you graduate clubs and fortunately and handling it well you would write a blank take a lot of demons for so heavily. Still believe. I don't believe it either. Right Sergio under orders where she's from Colombia or is she isn't sure does know Laura Michelle hills are ideal playmate from Columbia. Some like the weren't clowning Jerzy Engel slow you down. Now. As Lauren Mission Hills I don't rumor but I want you Roger remember her we interview we had her in like you're one of the shall there. As dill breaker in Kunduz and girl and Stephen Garcia Jersey you. You would not do you think twice it's all right that more okay. She asked you won eight out upon line for. Just Disney's relationship like sorry advice Colorado Darren OK because somebody new and Larry that enough. Anonymous this farmer good morning. All right. I got my chance seeking a little bit earlier but yeah alleged. It looks like girlfriend. Org or seven months now and always been a little while now and it felt it would Walt. Moved. What does that mean she that's. Wall chief. I get commission or so after. All she's ever looked at her like that. So she's thankful your free apps you. There are different weird portrait with a girl and continued up got hurt pretty jittery. Or if you are finished. You acted upon yet. Is it test. Why did you tell her that you sugar that you take in the hall pass orderly column. It was yet or Fran actually. My goal this is given its own she announced yeah yeah bid at all for it right that's like saying hey. You know you you know that you know GO made it not okay honey you're. Out Stubbs under covered stained car. Does it come about America as you say you put her through misery when you think your putting her to ms. Well she didn't hear girl she has as to how the selector and go home. We haven't necessarily argue about it we've tested it and anchor circulation stealth it. We'll try your hand and. How did this all come about what needs critical did she say like I did you say you know why this isn't satisfied me anymore I want out he's like look. Stay with me but you can cheat. Also what she did or don't put your crap on the bigs. Oh. Basically we were the only ball. A proposal and I had decided to tolerate criticism up hatred they're saying. How life should. Seeing other what I like call it a little yeah. Or edit it all. And it created architecture. Listen yeah. Shooting like this rally and it would all. It will look two weeks I'll out you can have Al east through week you can what you what you all want to know about it is what he says. Panic I can't judge you got only. And why do you still live there. You obviously aren't into our why do you waste someone's time. Although I. So one more way. More portraiture. We are not with their. Our friend premiered this more friends should be didn't care reds still page's questions still stands isn't the error the dynamic of the relationship period. Wish you should actually be good for how long loses girl had a lot completely up. Maybe she trader banner. And how to do was ensure yourself better instead of saying oh don't believe me you can she domain but I don't tell me about it like she's grown herself over just somebody that was still the single greatest humanitarian heart yeah here. Playing a party federation like that I don't treat the girl battery life. There is please don't start to dig dude you know. Mary. Said that or export car and don't. There are lighting section tomorrow's her friends and I guess that's why aren't I that's that's what got me in. There. Our friend went along with a like okay just don't tell you know girls will do it. Actually yeah it will roll. Only know this room which warnings thirties. Six. Church. CNN don't feeling you're going to be tri and that she's not in your life anymore I can tell. Yeah tackle all the earlier clr. All over there she is wonderful just wonderful. Under you in the center and adding. She'd she'd get only hit that that change your clothes line here at risk is always. Looked at very there's there's better. Discussion about the exact thing. But the truth is as any back any guy's going to be better than you are to her and show our. What's going to be good for her and treat her like a lady that she needs to be treated. And LA he would offer this page has two sides don't match a little bit I always sparkle like bush is she was she's got a whole lot going on armed. Anonymous only got to got to break that we may have more free on ornament we got to go to break we'll continue an open phones right joke. I think we sure are everywhere Serbs there Rivera matter. It's perplexing but does that mean she's. She's not like she's she's being taken advantage of and he's taking advantage of that. But at the same time he cares about her for she cares about a hamburger but she's the one let this happen. We really care about her in that way and I mean if he did he you know it is a selfish care. You're still battered by doing this to her and asked she's gonna feel he cares about what she can do for him down where it doesn't mean you care about her selfish death 180774. Down below 93 more of us and you Tolkien right after this. The rest. I like morning show good morning it is 833. This problem is tangent of deal breakers. But we're done about everything this is open thought there we are turned around almost 180774. Double load 93. Let's go to. He won monkeys nugget. And won't entertain. Armed and I'm sorry guys I imagine it has been the most boring and I'm not a whole lot iris this setting back wired. Buddy out there and around. I heard when value doggone radio regarding my deal breakers. And good news. I am a shallow guy and I'm by naming our highlight. Fighting it all hurry they like that he. No. I'm really really nice girl I always try it like making that work but the one thing that all the way and then. I'm tired by. The mail I look at myself who's like they're reporting good looking person. They liked well high school I always like every day now about what birdies I wrote back a little while alive from the right. We know like what Dublin couldn't go to bed where I don't think that that's what. Something pretty to go to bed where it. Our are you in currently involved. I yes sir yes I am by the problem those whose late late. White well varying. Cool looking very saying they wouldn't recommend or go quite. I'm gonna collect what is. Those include part of you know that's a true he. So our are you try are you saying without saying that like are you cheating right now. Eaten by talk I had I had no I didn't need the white students. Just SpaceX Oreo. Things and you know very. I. I haven't had sex were mellow girl are. Our courage she did once their relationship what I did adults play it's easy but yet she still won makes things work I mean. Do you know I understand small launch that's part references like clever girl. I never had anybody didn't call me not. Faster faster must've faster. Britain and our regular oh yeah where she is a Smart guy he start stalled from there yeah. So what are you look what is are you just. I eat what are you trying to is to get back here like what she knew it is kind of hard to believe those days behind you and you trying to figure out are you at that step. Where you're ready to are now. That is now we not I mean when you decide to actually proves. These are sort of scene it's OK it's better admit that now begin a long term deal where you realize that they and you know happy and you ruined paralyzed him. No doubt in my asserted the course is well but I moved back to Florida after being married to a quote it's fairly well known. And that the thing about the killing one and all they've had to tell it like going here will put little crap oh crap I got in that debate toward. I'm Rick no you know. So didn't work out well things are now. Well. I say so these are you saying it. I think am I should break it my girlfriend or you're just saying hey I'm dating girl but I I'm also probably gonna cheat on her to him. Composed. There wired. I feel that I'm not really ready to commit now I don't want our flight tracker downed in every time I try breaking up what surge is all right. We make this work in as well as. I wouldn't so typical. Yeah well I don't see you you just lasted and lasted diligently done whether it and in modern day. Cheating Brinkema he had just as we drive in a Vienna jerking off for a fast tried to tell us what she edited. And I heard. There is not easy I mean I give it I give it it's not easy being bad. Dizziness savers and travel say he's in trouble and then you know. When you're ready did tell them not cheat or not you know you ready to set an element settlement. Like their perch thank you yes monkey and they you know like other things we do but I think it's so much for taking my call and I don't mean a lot what does. Very courteous young man York thank you have a good morning. Right Clark sees her on always never met evidently master blanks and the issue. What do you look I I appreciate his honesty you know he's like. I've just now ride I don't wanna give up on his days in so many times that happens I've known. The re people they got married and how right at a high school high school sweetheart courier. To level. Could put and I I really think is visiting get all the wild oats out this edit in Somalia they were dislike all. I hear I am mid thirties and I've only I had sexual one person what they Saddam attacked. So those moments right as for your for that meandered in spring break and all our funds scarf or Z live there. Yeah they can this spring break late for most colleges to it meant yeah. I. Too early to sell in North Carolina in Hindi spring breaking yep that's you when you're rare usually march yeah we're very go to the beach where it's still too cold or go to the beach. Only get after another cult or you are listening to John in Charlotte. Sub John. Carry on well indeed I guess what man I'm good I guess a good golf match and it's. It is dodge and what you didn't do biceps he would probably be among void. Us. There's an air setup where our problem blew everybody else command your god soccer just let Matt Howard Stern problem early job boys. Just so many it. And here. I'll. When he's ready to get out but it says he hired a guy in the guys like got BO and all that stuff he wants to know how he can fire him over a student I'll. And please do some funny and that her mind god there. Bears aren't. It's weird way in your voice I can hear your handicap laggard in your career the non IP speak it's weeks. Let's take a break we'll come back right after these messages hole. Is coming and actually care. This means 340 want to you're listening to the rise guys morning she know right 3.3. By the way didn't they bled through Twitter. Today as far as that reading your tweets talking about the. What is it. I know I say deal breakers here deal breakers. Crocs. Crocs are dill breaker. She does that Crocs come home in and Italy's if he's too close to his family the white. I mean what is too close mama's boy. I recognize where is imam was more maybe she means he's got to mills coming out chronicles. Earlier affair. Its previous. I mean given Davidson it was just. I too tight what their family all of their their entire life and social life and everything is revolves around render immediate family. So I don't SNL bit where they'll kiss on the mouth when they kid comes college yeah yeah this outsider and turned it 81 of these people look silly girl big major already and then you're trying to shoehorn your way of their little perfect white picket fence family yeah some very awkward situation especially if you're not close to yours. At all. If she has a profile on more than one dating platform. Italy she local book or. When you wash all of that why not those that they cashed in big net if you don't more than one day inside them you like a play. Army and I'm telling you this from experience if he has a female BF fast it will definitely not work I mean to talk to Tom vet to adapt to town. Veteran of that war Yemeni national. I'd black eye can see that Americans on both sides being problematic. Yeah I think I can see the error. Now I see there good they're female best friend can pretty much pull some strings and two wayward. Via the other numbers you're revered and she has a best friend who's your date a girl and she is best friend who's also could do yeah. We just have to deal would bet there won't serve probably hasn't had her probably she had no interest in it but he wants or you revealed that. She tie thanks so alert like brother and sister lea could never about he's like Merrill my thinking that way yeah you remember there's not that. This proof positive why women are so much better man when it comes to me in the ass yeah. It has a kiss scene really aren't any nine times out of a hundred did that do best friend he won't say a girl yeah. I'm required eighties movie love putting in the time to Indy he's like yeah easy he's her shoulder to cry on when they'll do bed sheets on or whatever. I even matter I don't have to be like GQ just leave it she's mad at you for something. And then what happens he's trying to orient our action and then you get more trouble he beat his ass like you should know. Situation but on the reverse though you're right why is paging our dating and my this trend was. You know Tammy mangled from downstairs is paid should listen if you wanna be would mean you can't be be offense with him anymore and and you're saying. I would probably had go along with the your picture I said was that if your best friend was a woman and your date a woman. The woman your friends with could pull some strings and doing your relationship and you when you relish all of it you can't see any reason that page in Africa yeah. That's why it happened sounds more like Intel and the mana I'm saying you're spending too much time in tanning usage during an immune me tennis homer in her. In her face annihilation. I won't be America. I've never had a US female I'd be SF I never really had any close Emo friends to be honestly because and I think nine dissent. We're killer or who it is yet and it really it like I mean that's. Do you think goods in in every guys in the back of his head he's really not with the girls I don't think. I Carl's CNN's though. Okay it's kind of unwritten thing is we're not married about forty will marry each other you know I've I've heard of those close you know Lola connections people make like that. I have had friends that we are just strictly friends and there's no attraction to beta that. I'm sure yeah attracted to me at all please. I seriously element by for Christmas a sustained Unita yeah this is like oh well my best friend is a guy they'll graft. I don't think 01 amigos own icon drama and you have in your life currency. Well from a jazz are already said that I could see him you know not want fifty feet made that statement that I can see your point yeah. With the guys and I Dane he's flying around nine. Pilgrim. Skin. But I. Earlier we are strictly friends in grand vision and Comerica did you read yeah we can't Nancy in the Vatican home. Get used air freshener all your round cannot hammer and it was a backseat hated everybody. Then he had a trend interest record we're curtsy to a silly little question yeah. An Amtrak today Saddam bank (%expletive) right and what's. Change vitamin. Now did a stockbroker but we're great friends their college and never once this is who he's never airlines never want you can find them spoke to feet. Can vitamin. And I baton and I've never. I guess I'm always screw those. Relationships up his IE I can't be friends. Maybe friends friends friends that I can't be like close friends wins a girl that. Hollywood more essentially is a bad. But he never love me not somebody else and I plotted to get them together. Liked yeah I got him together with his girlfriend. It you've plotted to give him why did you wanna be friends with a minimal as you may. So I made I made Emeka and hazy this girl is beautiful and it was a moment Darren has been. You address so I am an event winner and not know why and I invited places where she would be kidney may clothes at the. I have a man particularly solid ocean's eleven when he knows a big deal or those are our regular. I never heard around where lilies and some stuff I'm assuming it was. My best friend. He loved this Karl you know sound happen and their Marion and him and happily ever. Well wonderful Scott predecessors in Texas don't believe the Jerry Elaine scenario can never happened around Jerry and Elaine from signs. Eight eulogy agent works for Elaine but did not Gerri well the reason Jerry Elaine we're such good friends after they Dave is because they're both complete narcissus. Makes. I gave to have it put your events and it's. Play a leg and they're both Greg the best team most narcissistic characters on the show in my opinion as us we're we're maintain friendships. Yeah that once you have Sachs that ruins your. Was on the relationship. Can I can't go back twenty men and biblically Tina. I yeah I mean short for a minute your good Evelyn did you have did you read it does it's it's easy. All right so we agree no opposite sex DFS. Right pace says it can work I'm sure those guys have better. We did our we're gonna take a break when we come back much much more this year radio show hold on. Relevant local talk and action gel yeah. Really this is the rise guys morning Sheila. Many free points real planet.