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It's my chance. And I'm thinking three points really play any. Who knew him. Oh. Wow wow way overblown. Beat. Love playing. Imagine using this. That is singing hey. I'm very. Testy you know I don't know. It's just as human. It's a country band named after this great Alabama. The if you do get Chicago on Linda this apparent today again. Man roster and he's never not chance slugger not. Of course gentlemen. How do we need to did well also what we were gonna do will give away the hell storm tickets we were gonna do here. And I we can do is doing here which you can find what is. What if we get people to call and and they can. We do they did Jeff Lewis Neil southern culture pop quiz. Here. And then what waved as we have a special guests and that is going to be no one against Jeff. And and then that way they give each okay. 180774. Below 93 follow me on this when he 10774. Double 093. Jeff that we're gonna tell him that they're gonna have. Pick a side in the Jeffs who's Neil salt southern culture. Trivia contest all right you want to callers yeah. You see kids just the other day I thought he didn't know. Uncle Jesse's name on the dukes of hazard he he taught a mobile Jessup. There when it came to the generally he thought it was called the confederate. He didn't know who Howard Sprague was from the Andy Griffith Show you know. So many different things that he did now. And he's shown us in a music and I think he thought that we didn't some civil war tribute. Which infusion from down here I thought he should know truly daddy told the subject his dad did great coach Jeff Neal tall civil war history he's a schoolteacher whose muscle while coach and also. His school teacher and he taught civil war in Jeff thought that the confederacy wore khaki uniforms irked hoped. Is there. The Mason Dixon line right now set him off and tell me can't come back how much jet. So we're gonna we're gonna quiz shafts and the winner Jeff tellem they'll get tickets to see L storm on April 20 Spartanburg memorial auditorium. And meet and greet passes for the sound check party. No no registration for there and it may or get tickets to the show and also. Tickets. To the sound check meet and greet party. Presented by many 3.3 planet rocks and a masking music food and making singers dreams. Come true. Sir. For your engine of aquarius. Yet. And digest the had a contestants I do our let's bring them not real quick Slovak or do we have. Not you want Cody with a k's against only a Cody good morning. Hey good morning Adam. You might be paired win just Louis Neal or the mystery guest opponents. Cougar. You know and the time that we all can. Thank you for which went well what did you think of the singing who was better. It's coming out to be honest man and I have. I'd like die a year would you not just news. Here are very I thought our also reserved better than fancy thank you for a couple. And then we had she won a lot of manned 764. In Spartanburg morning. Good Laura who are ordinary did adjust those hills southern culture pop quiz. To see how much in fact he does or does not know about the south you're going to be paired with a mystery opponent. All right that would prey on hold on Iran. I noticed I went page looking around like who's the mystery opponent who's Mr. Bush lemon in Atlanta man or annoyed him. Alla your buddies are here avenues. The famous family as well also. When he put up the podcast last week to make fun of jets making fun of Jennifer not know anything about the south. Tabloid prints V segment about Jeff not no end in south indecent hazard on this he said. Dina who's in the pic below it was Luke duke in jest dressed as daisy duke casesa of course you do that Jeff did note that both of the do Brothers. Who both went Jeff I didn't know both of The Doobie Brothers or who's your uncle was. This is a crime punishable by termination right. In our cousins deal we'd. I'm not an. Number brother. Who you didn't watch either I get more channels and Cynthia oppose it as well that millions a year now. You're now going to. Participate. Grassy who knows them the most about the sound that we face to sell these southern trader. We used to do when you saw then he leaders like. Command throws those I want wanted I was born and I screen chart it's in its ninth. And I wanted to just because I'm such a anal kind of person. Both. You know work ethic and sexually speaking I I said I wanna go in and fix it and Pasadena. No I'm not. I don't know how this way and bust his butt get on the radio. It's old school CNN's still theater. As can you talk about laughing. You can email or Stan Garnett did last three punchline. Aren't. What we're gonna do is not arrogant bounced back and forth asking the questions if you know the answer screaming your name. The first person to get. How many points five. So best of five rating that's the fire would be. Better for time for Oscars is an original and a good question objects have been good questions we got viewing Cody with a K from the Estonia we'd just. The reason we're doing this game. And then if you want a wild man 764 from Spartanburg is paired with fat boy he too doesn't know very much about the sound. We'll city things you should know things about Andy Griffith induce hazard and all kinds of stuff. What do you do evident all impose them don't know I'll go ahead you need to pause for a moment and to. All right screaming name if you know the answer nine you only started human story reverse heart here we get. Everybody knows in the south for breakfast. We eat grits. But there is a clothing line that is also called grits his anachronism what does that say this for us. Our subways first ever first. A citizen corps still girls raised himself for a legitimate say hey I boy on the board win warned everyone. Corals raised. In the south page did you ever. Yes you can use in there that she can hit them. Ramiro are traveling now leading wind not a two jets. I'll anyone Morant and went with what we're gonna do best of five I think to bang on time to best he has said Maggie occasionally. Let us handle all the all the stuff associated. I Jimmy jet Jacqui tell Apple's time or Canada or foreign car. Summer a little harder for mr. Earl register Ruiz and you know the question what are the barbecue sauce is associated with South Carolina. Mean. You've been fired Lewis yeah southern home. Showed some gentlemen gardens are coming clarify what type of barbecue sauce I'll dominated with South Carolina. There's various different types of salt sugar and the ballot generic version I ain't even. Jones whose only Pickering. Baker spoke. And Kurt. Mann knows it's a north Carolina's mustard based. You're on the right track pack. Encouraging. Lone man Lama say South Carolina is up Sam Boyd. Is a vinegar based know he'd gunning. Carolina senator racetrack John mustard mustard mustard right here here's a clue. Well our main oil lost our front row from alcohol you think I wanna back is that the brand that's that's where is gone his juniors Allman. Delay. But Marge Hendrix is more sat there and they know are you are just as it. Are here we get them question three in the Jeff Lewis no vs family southern culture pop quiz. Question number three. Where wins these first shots fired him. In the civil war. Where. Was the first shot tired frat boy eight remember raw animals at fort Sumter. That noise out. Since the. Earned her eyes. JP Denny's and kill you right you will actually she taught civil works so well the Southport khaki pants an Arab khaki uniform and you didn't you know the first shot. He also wanted to go to re enactments too that was boring as hell yeah. So if I remember from mr. black's sisterhood. Okay if you want an athlete in young gun you have to digests nothing in him but we all these questions from parents of an illness from there pasteurized. And aren't I think those two or three faults are now. Right now yes your question. Thank you Williams. Pails from what Alabama city. Now that's family frat boy I. I think. Is among the line. Our. I don't know you guys I know Leo what how are you work well. Oh yeah and also automobiles were gonna say go to Alabama a would you don't know who did he do away and but do you bowl would do one more. Back cigarettes. As grits Emmy winning thing in the south you think degree it I didn't come hunger and hello groups. In south. We are known to eat this colorful gravy on top of our grip its name. Tag gravy. Lewis. Jam is country gravy. Oil almost all about country that boy there's a specifically makes it Goran. Much is he ran migrating and it's. He does free games this wedgie. Was seven when you make your request live sublease a week this whole other home games after earnings that it is your son. Yes yeah RAI I had I had three and he is that right in front of their real quick this southern state is known as the I had and stay home. Isn't isn't. Now. Yes Georgia South Carolina got. In the island Wall Street murders South Carolina Carolina men okay well finally save our. Almost they'll jasmine job for her employer are this when I wish confederate general famously got lost in the woods in Canada he. Let his men around in the woods again and a losses in hell for like months. Did the views now all. In the moment and we'll do. General. Have fun. You don't like it. I had an Obama back yeah data back and they tell us about way to handle while you're there doesn't any given day he's. You jazz things about this guy who invented the highway they. They says picture. I do pay the boulevard near Greer I think I did and self Alley bomber's puzzled the civil war may fizzle root for the this lady in the that would do more theater that was Ernie won by the way. This lady. For about forty years never took the tag off her hat. Mushy. She never take them all hey you know I know a man or the in order to try to get as. It was a little lady from me at all. That's not an acceptable is your car yet it is home seems cold and central you're old Susan older now now. Old World Bank a person and bank of oysters. Closely gap girl too. The lowest too many girls. Could turn RX almost nine to the last one. Right at this more travelers will house for Alger part of it do every southern man knows the answer to this if they're worth their salt. Tom. What are you Georgia Tech famously beat 222 to nothing in 1916 football game. English. Really. And vigilance and if so note. Her order were Poland. Well as close and announced it. We need to guess. This. New number Lincoln for a while and you are in the and I'm not heart I want damned lap. He had to get. Your guests. Also South Carolina room. Nine the answer Cumberland count Cumberland College. Now you're sort rob forever that did that I'm sort integrity they had to endure imported or not. I mean this is a Bozo nose got the abbreviation and down. Yeah I think Joseph knows how to do as is saying love songs and I did a winner and he just Lewis nil southern culture pop quiz. Is fat boy which means that we want and while man's 76. Congratulate. Dad. I'll tell you really wanna get this show I mean dizzy if you don't there's a zillion people text in there really wanna go and go and meet green everything with the help. Or there are campaign by guy then we're gonna make it happen Steve Moore and they'll tell while men what he wanted Bob congratulations. Man you just want change its. You're gonna go see a hailstorm blog is Barbara were a lot of oracle reported bush is Jimmie everybody. Congratulations. On a wild man. Aren't hold on man just a trying to take your information down this messed up didn't get that nice Cumberland College tattoo on your back. Everybody did you finish you Merlin Collins who's. President Reagan and Iran nastiness there. Paging vandalized. 93 point period of planet dry. Rise guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. I have mines lie demanded that commented stayed calm worrying. After a 27. Seasons senators. Finally came out on the plaza and on the sim since last night. There's been a running joke for years about how he he's been in love with mr. burns so wasn't a huge surprise turning my back Aaron Murray name. He's a may hurt and right now I don't know with the ratings are for that but that seems like something in this kind of you know what I'm saying by whom and why do that now. Message they transcend now I guess just to make it official in this one of those things you're there everybody's known about for a long time release suspected to lose this isn't ninety's. When this revenues was going out later today Arizona somewhere during the brunt of Malibu Stacy was you know Barbie doll like. Live action musical production. Now so I mean this has been I don't go underlying theme for years I think just as they get near the end of the runners term tyrants and loose ends and but yeah kids they're a year now he officially is. Is he gay than they have to do and now. So there's no way that it came on the nine needs to kill the show now I think that's when the time it would have kind of came out the late ninety's when the whole Allen thing was going down and Ollie and all this stuff written. She should it came out again only shows a cartoon. Ellen Ka Fiat that they get a double come out I mailed them I'm getting double calls. According to this the guy who wrote the episode says he cannot put the idea a couple of years ago because his son is gaining felt like it was. One waned issue how much he meant to San. You know as allow ID cards compared her to come out okay. But now congratulations. To mistress congratulations to a fictional character who graduation as a way those revenues they have. Where MS Smith who's got birdie the last again. Yeah she. Shame. If we'll have mercy. Well and Los Angeles Guns 'N Roses performed a surprise warmup game get the troubadour in West Hollywood on Friday night. As the first time they played together publicly in more than 22 years. So Axl Rose slash McCain and and dizzy green. Guitarist Richard Fortis and drummer frank firm who does that. I never heard those other guys are they just replaced on Guns 'N Roses people in dozens of people complain the mats or hum. Lab in him he mentioned yeah. Why have absorbed Mahinmi aiming at me and I heard that Stephen ambler will be coming back to. You know may be on the tour and these are people that played in the troubadour. Losers are. Is he here she's not here and that is the question. She sees signs and people agreed that they sounded pretty again there's a lot of celebrities in the audience like Jim Carrey Nicolas Cage Chris Brown Lenny Kravitz Chris Brown yes. Bradley Cooper was there. You think winning producer of the woman's wings fins and political wars. Roofs. Don't and then wet and none musicians and Alito. Are letting total is not man I'm drinking guy like K okay give me markets are. It is true bin Laden dragged me and nine on stage at times bill. Also they announced their tour and now I confirmed that they will be at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. July 27. In where paged. And I think he's sorry. And then staying process to me if Letterman Leno and deploying L. Mica our legal matters Americans not for me you know Lenny Kravitz. Now can say reverend you know his momma was a hello months. I must say that every time we mentioned winning Graham so is there is an all white guy who allegedly but not Thomas. The other door release of Boehner and it has LE what she's good looking think she's naked to us less in the. She never heard any going to make it dirty and looking won't run around negative good look at you he's accidentally naked about a year ago when his pants ripped that's try. We did that we saw Lenny. He was so Lenny Kravitz. Do we have audio of them performing together or is it not available anywhere. I I'm curious to see how sounded. You know of course Afghanistan. The beginning of the tore those are things ago Ramirez yeah I'm now paid critics. Here's montage of us Michael montage of the senate to. This was an element of that that doesn't know if there is good post. Okay. You realize cell phone. It's so good. Man sounds great. Fans are just trying to throw it. The may have. Sound like he's had he's an ace right fielder Brian Johnson's any of them. Another role swap them. Easy you know axles and always good stuff for the volt. Another left arrow man now owns or did he give singer Darius singer anywhere recently he can't Cingular anymore. They're very different sort of can't sing are now that's certainly gives thank you just lost your child's house for an hour. Sparking device sort AC DC. You know makes up a little. No I don't know around enough for them he just stands there as well he has just. Take an air and saying within congress is old news steaks and dancing lessons from nine. I know I'm going to be on So You Think You Can Dance but obviously you can't say show coming up. So all you dancing very. So easily even got. Dot dot dot re. He yeah. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. And how well a guy fakes his kidnapping and only asked for 150 dollars in ransom. As his twenty year old Austin Taylor awake at Kentucky he disappeared last week Columbus family and told them. And he'd been kidnapped. And the kidnappers were demanding a ransom of 150 dollars or. They'd kill him. Oh lord and enough well. EE Combs and that his family called the cops they traced the phone and it turned out that it was hands. And he Strider and event they caught up with them any minute the whole thing he made it just for drug money. Any I maybe he just figured that if it would have been like millions. In Stanley menace and we on the money discounts under fifty dollars if it. All our that the Marshal or who you certainly are ridiculous Kindle and even you know start to do upon your trial testimony from an. Sort of like him have his own sense of self worth for self esteem right the only audio world Saturday marks may have also known and his family and have a chance in hell you millions of dollars let me write they read it does come off 150 but if it was like ten grand or anything like mig kind of been buzzing and that's how long the title money maker with the kidnapped almost forced winds of fifty feet and I can get away kind of customize the yes bailout Tony -- marte is you don't get somebody from mad never make sure he's national on the second is dangerous and on the car was just gets there I. Well Austin was charged with falsely reported and at an incident disorderly conduct. Theft by deception and fleeing the police. Asked by deception. And a. Sounds kind of cold actually your new George every day and some guys are against charged with a taking a picture of girlish our rules called illegal peeping illegal peeping via plays any kind of people at PB illegal. I don't think so. Well that would get charged with oral buttery this weekend. It's a good but I met amazing isn't there. Well bam and verse is Superman don't of justice made about a 170. Million dollars in its first week at the box office hit apparently people wish. She's an. Edge out stuff for 16%. Over the weekend. Make it to number one. Well a number five miracles from heaven. CNN note note that was best of one would Jennifer Garner and and then number four who god is not dead too. New movie out don't you think. And that's a good movie that I am a megaphone of the movie as he's really did you can see movies is a faith and all those churches combined group tickets and make a lot of money. But don't you think and in the way that movies are done with sequels they should have been called died still not dead hindrance her. Guys not beds to. It's important girders stars Brendan Wright and then Barry do a better productions are amazed at some workers than the money they're making they're gonna have to do it. Full on productions quicker corners on the productions of these movies yeah I just. Funny how prison in one of these movies were several do they pay to get Nicolas Cage and left behind but it was still just. Corny as all get out and probably did the faith based movies usually do is very corny you serious interview that these things out receipts hey man who are who also produced invincible church people sort of people making things is typically still pandering to an audience just like we do an image of her movies or anything else. And I don't understand mentioned strategies here hey let's make a really good movie about whatever and. We'll third place my big fat Greek wedding to. Second place the kids maybe he's utopia should've been my big fat Greek divorced yes a PL. Crap out here. Well Lou the thing is you know the kids in Maynard but kids still young. And the kids don't look old enough to advance its worthy should have I don't know Little Mermaid thing about Rick ever sought negotiators should never just name it. Blanket he blank to a blank he'd like three they should be something clever they need homes do you go to U. No need a should be neater misty that her nappy headed turn into our mosquito or do dumb and there're there're there are things. Broke every wine ignored those bad reviews and the number one movie in the country was indeed that man vs Superman Donna justice. This. I think everybody ignored the murder the other way down huge drop off that way bigger drop than they expected to have yes. You're out policy analyst and 52 point four million over the weekend and it still 261. Million and it second week so people are sometimes seen. It was a tossing three times with me for real and SA earlier and what a comic con this weekend at there was really hot Wonder Woman man and yes I'm an announcement ahead. Oh yeah this is out of this for a period ever Hamburg but rather than Jennifer. Summer courses that movie a second time remember Subaru you've already seen it not arsenic is really good. The Israeli and the EU those eyeballs and looks like you're watching an IMAX no matter where you're watching him he's the only person or persons do it. So I don't know. What it's I'd say. Wish I got him into doing a movie reviews for the only movie reviews to be back on the show are dramatic terrorists are rarely see it two more times just to make sure I get. And lord. I'm page and insurance does him good I can or. As guys until. 330. Leaks at this rise guys morning and 93 criteria the planet chest rocks. The rise guys morning show good morning TA news. And 49. Again. Congratulations. To. Jeffrey. Lewis meal path that the news. Rise guys karaoke champion after. Thank you I'm not understanding Susie say year year retiring from seeing that you will never. Ever. Call him out we'll for the title are you do are humans are you like staying there you retire and don't sing your firm is is not goodbye and good to see you later we'll. I don't remember OJ as three human ramble I don't know how to speak English and nobody thinks that way they hear from Kennedy do a speaking that you used plain dumb sort of talk to you from an airport groomed for those whose. Dorsey here. And it Turkmenistan and follow programs for murder or swear or sourcing here. Again thank you knew that Jim hall's good ol' JR for the main event monster's ball on our rapport among. His some some. Park long and any data that say import all Baldwin wins multiple. Materials that jerk just in Oregon and is palsy Jeanty Shin Bet you have it also. He elaborated over Oklahoma over here. You see me doing well is starts you know clear years primarily local. Don't get going he looks awful comedian is awful anyway but I mean does anything margins. Are small minds of most of. We'll tarnish. It hurts my mom always said if you. She always tell me if I if fact I do cross sides all the time and she's taking Gilad gat. I still stay likening team beyond across closes around your generals at all panel lose to throw a little bit. There's thousands of Moses on the itself sounds like GOP bid into limit my lines. And Jeff congratulations again on their wrestle mania weekend thank you this is the most I've ever congratulated you for anything this you have really nothing in the past is needed congratulations I really illuminated just aren't there are right now. You're not gonna say I'm gonna say it I think he did well here in the triple H intra I saw allows day. And you don't want the same thing and I'll say you did great in the AAA to wrestle mania introduction. Case a brother or whatever Eunice modules in my living through his critics of a tank hit the tomorrow. But tomorrow is going to be fantastic tomorrow we're gonna have even more tickets to help storm I had to Spartanburg memorial auditorium. On sports when he wins. Meet and greet sound check passes. Had to be tomorrow. But first this. He lives he just over one. No but there are a year. What is what a Muslim blamed for workers or. There's that person's name of the Carolina wrote that's 172. Reporters remember that 72341. We'll take dramatic third graders are there weren't. Many women announced our rob blog I kick off next with Paige she's in Iraq humor. It's based podcast and the rise guys dot com I tune slacker radio Xbox Live or just that podcast 7341. Fat boy and tomorrow morning five minimized as 31 would allow his sixth thanks so much for listening. Have a blessed day it's a good guys it is usually. It's for another 93 mile route to. We'll bring 83 minutes throughout. Many 3.3. You're planning an.