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How's that infected eye looking Matt?: Headlines: Sports


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Arise guy so I could. The good guys. The rise guys morning show good morning and good morning good morning and. You sweet Tuesday march 13 2018. Month that. Wow all about Matt. Our contract. How about that can man eleven that girl. It'll record do triggering a bit of a serious thing is no longer buys land now aren't. Apparently let us know is she still saying family. Yet how many people nor name they still more for his wells and what is her net. Daniel something. Peoples and are neck and Nelson is you know she had she got in trouble for is she would your answer him lives just like. Thirteen or fourteen initiative toward videos Valeant. Some of the comments and you know people will leave home to me fish there where we get her if she's always there. Economize as well. Hulu and she was famous from those daughters feel all right. You. Are out of control a man they renewed their reunion show with her and you know. Sweet Melissa sweet. It was ladies thing Carolina now street draw all flawed is a shock. Oh sweet grass are Brower almost ruined aloft are she was great all the and then that we can catch out with. Almost deadly gas. You know the black guy was way in the doo rag with the big guy down the big hair all right do you remember what he said accuracy and now the front Robson. They did. Kids who are. Well yeah I guess. Here are way meg girl in their Kashmir house are her name is very Danielle burden only. Audience and she is the are the youngest artist to ever chart a rap song. Artists now she chart she doesn't drag ever record deal when she charter solver please. People pay for it while about that how bad debt can undo this'll. Ourselves as someone who's not here. Yeah the way it goes Greg is here. Are going to look at may have to wait until somebody gets here and then when they get the headphones on the play it there there's a new song that. Have always been it's in the play but there's not it's not then not apropos until today for army and they're closed every buried plows didn't it's you know look. I EU but I think this is the theme song is still play and that they lack they're snooze you know and there is don't not scared them. Oh weather wise today sunny high 56 right now fair skies and 31 degrees in he might. How world's FaceBook live right Jim first. Entries and play it yeah exit. Jeff you fighting a hernia heavy. No solitary headphones on did get I'm glad you got here when you did you ain't heard it yet page had hernia. What they announcement when announcement hall of fame announcement. Are we know six. I don't think I can assure you it worked Sean do you listen to on the way in keeping quiet they. Keep require nothing at all nothing all of barker was like serial courts are opposed suffer if their non. Canada and clients okay suggest has an attorney at page has already perfect are due in you'll both your maturity your. First reactions we are here again. Glad glad glad glad glad as we do I'm glad I. He's easy and thanks guys bars and Diaz Lizzy thanks Max thanks and I Lackey he's I'm not Jack and Jerry Yang Yang to act as wedges to glad glad glad glad glad glad he's. How much that our. I guess the latest summary results. Anybody here reread our first Red Hat is an again she is she we we I introduced its orange she's like here's what I want for this and and done we agree on an impersonator there the sounds just like they're really good Rivera. Because of the game from the house and only came from that's I guess that's is that shocking them detail oriented very much. Hate Sarah death panels on. What is she had never been laid again and then the song would have never been able to be played. Preferable who in that event may not later hair ornament that's thing. Testimonies and how we've never had a player that would have been ideal. Well well. Journalist. Error yeah I agree Paula preserver and you know I'm I'm still come through does he not on them the face the last. There or you know. Standing outside the building when I came in Aston that I am I patched. And I amend a great deal pain yeah. Her. And a major. Come. Donahoe not page I'm not neither did you and then now I'm going today to obtain or Madonna holing the harsher words wooden shoes aren't there always and gloves boxer she can't sneak over and not drop them like this trial record via. Yes so I you know I I don't know my my cousin or Sears so I say her picture in seasonally need to come in for sure. As if they did when agenda side that's far. There and Aaron and Arnold finally clear path. I think is very had to roll our to our doctor Renner and Matt's cousin who works their financial I think it's small world and Manitoba or restaurants or death. That's funny thing is I wouldn't know until Christmas issuer and I'll wow I'd sooner or later. I'm there it's goes before the elements they were torment metaphor death in better bet. Yeah he went to Benjamin that went up there are several term yes there's places over the years June went out Colleen you guard kind of got to look him. Yeah you know it's these like. I guess you sneeze like a coworker actually today at public and I saw people to Lyle slice date there have out of the end Kat to see what was going on for as well as US sneeze really lounge violently yeah you should they learned from are you just sort of behind year asks. All the meat cutter loss to. Yeah seriously yeah. Man yeah so I'm and I am so I got to go to bed and I'll find that I've ever convince ourselves that it's it's it's allergies are pink out. Soldier sneeze sounds large when they put the camera close in NASCAR. Newseum drug tested were close. Junior. And now pretty about it. History shows did they object taken off from an aircraft. How. How do what immensely throughout the show it and whatever will break in lives even if you saw longer commercial or whatever you know it's do a Muslim put to Mars right oh here I got. Okay that's that's that's example he uses. A directory groups Rourke those jet landed. Yes. And yet it finds jet taking off the fight both guys and be able to say. There really would. I tell you some boy driving. You know eat each egg is so much IC SI. The voice how about all my class dot com. I had no doubt because and a half. Each name inch its way through Shays who you take for granted holy Moly. You take your program before Irish are one of just you just want mirror you know yeah. And he probably it's all well you know I hate to lose form of a bit like an Indy could make it the boy's school board. Oh man. Very very list. And a the email and I had to the bathroom. I hate that when I don't want action turn the Lotto does in fact did damning light each I I can't have a mile I all the way. So. Pete all over the place idea are all out man idea error I didn't have a whole over the dog who are now releasing the bathroom bust. I was in the kitchen where it's not very clear dishwasher you just feel the towel Florida you just thank you and him are rumor arm arm raised well this downstairs is that was really up armor our path. From cellular will allow him we get that taking care of today at a brief ever going to wrap firmer and apple blog yeah most are on our OK all that stuff. Com. Today show wise we're gonna have some fun and I do gamble they are concerned that. First of all I am here to tell you that tomorrow looking ahead is the olive by ship the once a month all of Russia. I love the -- much it's more of my favorites also -- America we literally just open up the phone tenacity you call in with your problems and intersect some of the best radio ever so. Come back to meet tomorrow but today we've got you more chance is doing a thousand dollars which. I think he's still Potomac keyboard again. Mary and grew more current record report manager. In median EG ER. Manager that's one non messed up Fischer isn't my manager and his answer have a clip. Think I got mantra here for our man injure. Erica in things that should trouble those are the page what was yours that time the ball was yoga. Is there YOGYOGE. Yoga and it probably did many have never had to do if I DNA testing and that butcher Amal. Either way SA most words in her racecar sort of mirrored there now. From so it will have what have you several chances to win Levy at 7 o'clock 8 o'clock 9 o'clock. And then it starts with page all three tie at 5 PM. It's a third of a million dollars for him away years servicers. 30% of a million dollars here is what we're giving away their urban male yes com also today from. What do a lot of phones because there there is. There's old little tension out there and then the at some point and when imagine here we got no answer you Ari here aren't. So. Last year campaign ads and GE. I. Men and Hermione. Tried it and as willow Jesus is born in Sierra promissory you have banana. Have been injured banana yeah her serves her dear lord have been man in the middle of. The outcome. Is he did missing yesterday fab way it was decided that we would just you weigh in once a month now pierce. And every. Wants more. You know it in in lieu of mud all the constant attention may mean these deep doo now being under the spotlight no help bring the stress off. This weekend snowman wrecks and nervous move like got drunk when he crowns weekend. Intermittent so here we go and it came at a VA right there in the week then you would have to Witten Albie you know it would always lean on then the weekend eating. As the won't lose much during the week and I got to catch up already not doing earn only only exercise as or. On. You don't like twenty minutes Carty of the Arnold lift. And a list Fuller forty minutes via whispered into. As a program normal or carrying throughout to rethink this program our Korean more card here. I guess some cardinals won this month anyway he sued his waited. But you are like dornin list and have it. That is alma situation. And moralist and having anonymous fans and can't do it very that they get stronger period here or there there's there's thirty minutes. Are you yeah I do now I'm here off and now left in the last time I the last time I listed have that little wall I don't know if you remember that in the third about a month ago or so remember that and stylish all. My mom look like an hour Korea. Go to whatever works man. Whenever you don't do it I have faith in anime I you don't but I still say you know that. There's this I guess twelve hours a day just kick or elliptical you giddy pretty much wherever you are probably. You know and I still in the gym. I still thing in the back of his mind is he can't be skinny shabbily. I think today I really felt like that's part of it is like that's your thing now by a brand. Out there. Enough. Your brain in fact the and a kind of look at Bradley they show we lost all that white got a six Palin teed off TV is so funny you're S fit ribs giant general facts my huge big fat hairy giant is afraid to be just become boy. Sit voice say that the rightful residents and is good either. I'm so what would have some fun today you will be the anchor of the show you decide what we talked about. Still free to call us at any time 180774. Double 093. That's 180774. Double 093. And of course the Carolina vapor mail. All limousines money all those who really resist. Comments on the face Nvidia RBC's so hard pleasure himself nice. As a possible been there done that yet when now massed in the south before. And Carolina may know about Comtex minus 72341. That is 72341. Page what is going on in the plow. I find Allan what happened when a fourteen year old girl threw a party and a swarm of teenagers ever seen fleeing in the property will get into that story next in your ranks counties had its warmest in US drummer and tightening however there was a pride of teenage. This sort of their role as compared to her daughter and us this level party here and and so yeah. About it I don't know lower on back we're going into Philly yeah. I don't like we normally indoors I got much much more in guys and then I guarantee you it is teased weeds lose more and everybody good morning. Crazy and commerce say here's the. Egypt's central idea right guys who. Warnings now 93 point three the planet. Right guys headlines with the aids. Entered beatle who. Good morning gentlemen my okay then you weren't nice. Oh did you ever threw a party. Hello parents now I'm not that my house is never an hammer away at letter mailed to them. Well a fourteen year old girl and her parents are agreeing to pay back thousands of dollars after a party got out of hand. And this half and then west Vancouver the police were called. And they Harry towards seven and controlled party happening and a house says the 2400 block of Ottawa avenue and columns over the weekend marks and I. And authorities say that the officers found approximately 200 teenagers. Flooding out of their residence when they arrived to eat so there's your storm yeah that is warm out there again now not a gaggle of the others were texting and he hit yeah so as they kids relieve in the house sound. Authorities went in and among all the damage there are number asked containers indicating that alcohol had been part of the gathering. Dust down. And the value. Of damage. Value walls furniture and artwork damage from the parties approximately. 20000 dollars according to the oval so since the fourteen year old girl used her parents. Credit card. Parents are agreeing to pay for the damage because it is a minor. Does. The top and I came up on a house party where there are 200 teenagers here and they were not drinking out and arrest them. For what you do and we're and they are suspicious. I'm very suspicious Diaw were his words burgers some may right here as I was mileage agent's knowledge really big and so what you smile and a. In this was and high end property and this can happen to your girlfriend my and her. Parents for bankers. Almost unanimous for aged white sheet. Repair it. And of course your parents for an Allentown and did you early enemy fire and buy yourself some like yeah how well did how many people all my guys. It was it was too many people in the carpet and everything mr. Israel Landon just. We were in big trouble I mean Demi people stay deny that was always the big problem I noticed is. You know and somebody was drunk passed out you couldn't just. Take them outside there how about it I think just today that just the girls that weren't there are three girls now we stayed the night because we and it. Get rid of people can image is so bad now. And it went tax issues in your area in the North America at its back. But during Sierra actually kill all sheet but if you're married and sixteen years and made sure in answer murder for Iran reached need to know Harrison nobody's term in two days and they let me hers Garza's case from our prayers are. Let me out. Red jackets. And that was the Fremont Aaron that's when I lived in Fremont so that was Washington hi skull that was not Dublin high kids it's for Serena. This is drugs. This is this is a really nice remand was sound she is Indian in her parents. We're really upset with India with her because she. I wanted to marry. A White Plains and the envoy says she was in big trouble and there's Christmas at this party or reserves are rubbing and stuck in Lodi again. Homer turned the hose on. But on routes. She ask you this returned to someone in India and she was hanging out with Curtis the truth yes and he's promised in marriage act and believe them. So. In now Mozilla happens with this I'm sure that Chalabi this fourteen year old girl demonstration turned on time for election and no kidding I mean to 40000. How many here just as French 1000 dollars worth of damage I don't know if they're probably just a couple Summers there are speaking just personally Jessica. At a. Brain can process six months reds. Older trend that started. On Friday guy and Twitter name is Dan McDade. It posted an idea. What it's the last thing you'd text. Text and goes on your team's talent. Thought pepperoni among I'm. Arabs also meets. What was the last thing is think about what each Hempstead last announcement in hand in the pits that's a little worried. What is. What are animated gifts. As China is a slot laying on the couch feeding himself care. Is saying that nine would be a copy of the week when. And apparently the last thing. Strange to me would be a hash tag about dresses are from brass or a thousand I think he's what he's now hired tax or whatever it was is Aaron as screen shot or bad throw from what Americans are. It takes to us is our our current I know I was texting with their Cassie hangs a body slammed on now yeah our favorite brands and journals religions. Tyson went there with him last hour arm he's the southern David Meltzer talked about grassland they were talking about the bar yeah rush Amos and czars are. The last thing texts that would be my tombstone I'm gonna win this boy he don't drink getting in good shape for a bed he blames for like 87 minutes. It's no that's a long. MM. Yeah. My candid with different. Ex blazers face Stephanie you work there and acting her and I said to arm was sitting on my found. Affect a. It's the bounty hunter and hit the odds way examined good playing yeah is it a door bell highly Leland my daughter is unhappy when Wes shores. Did you sense. Yeah. He's Cecil America radio Europe and Europe are very. Sad voiceless attached to 86 sorted out. It's as I used to Jason. Arm and try and figure out there who who was too. Why easily sensed that he'll Massachusetts I don't know if your your phones are Ryan earned it is. I'm nothing to. Play hard as I say do it listed it just wasn't sacked. She nor I can look for that Lincoln had eight man. Okay now got to ask those elements. I'm trying to get my day into place and nobody would take him. Homeland Sullivan do within our government as with that congress and officials masks are asked Miller thanks tonight about the other big points only. I am a much and are born to orders were further. Toward chambers calls disarm the Lou last year Jeff wasn't last text messages sent. Walls last text message or sent asked all of remember that a blind or oral over how Lester and they they wanna that was on Newton's on your last text message. Just as aggressive policy says waiting here. He's not not listening Nusa Virginia man. I said it was a did you of the sloppy eating carrots are okay this year vigorous lobbying parents or your day it was signifying. Lazy day yet trying to eat ya okay. Asked if I don't care and it's managing footage if if if it is not at all see healthy Brodeur. If it was not do it Jimmy we would say our guests it would say yes shepherd skyworks. If it can you ratcheted. Slot had to kill something 52. Quality during it it's expert and integrate chambers I was also and to about the way I have that. Our temptation is and has guys hasn't. Tools. Android or iPhone just simply to free 41 and we'll say to a download links in the planet. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning can interact with the rest guys and 93 point three control our. And now. Rise guys forged with the ethical. Got an update from yesterday's. Wrestling story. We'll Jeff parody. It's been statement released by WWD. And we got him. They say and quote Jim parties responsible for his own personal actions. We are investigating the matter and awaiting information from local law enforcement officials in quotes. Passes here. That's already blew up point 25. Which is more than three times the legal limit. You almost 8000 books of them is whose car. By brain damage cigar really hits now my god I guard rails so extensive. And pay a hundred footer. So Leah. Slid for more than a hundred feet before spinning out of nine the degrees like they realized it was a 2016 Cadillac CT is v.s in him. Forty. Pleasantly mean little bit older. Well. Look I mean Israeli prime years anyway. Movies he's been out since September. Someone who's gonna come back into this else. We things and be back. And man I don't know that I mean that's that's one of those guys he's had a lot of is had a daughter issues you're. And a lot issues. Jeff's body. Is probably disease drunk driver six earned four horsepower car around an array. As I don't want Obama yes or forty or stomp him present Boeing's current. And I'm on how much you know normal course I I did ask follow moments to Graham and like you know he's an abandoned he's going and playing these really small club though was on the weekends because it's hurt can't wrestle whatever and Agassi's guys as they move and move and that. Going to meet your. PG a pros would drug addiction alcohol and all that the last place you wanna go is to bars. He's got his brain you can tell a pronounced the name of. It was early in the day early and even regular banks heavily 8 PM percent. I think his rounds in my middle way I think they arrest was around ten or winning a little dimmer than the actual or 8 o'clock hours worked in congress are not certain Tuesday or your usual over the it was early in the day in any case early and even when he was at 2 o'clock mourns and early start. Cassie Haynes says 7:57 PM today he seems to just go to heroes man here and address them and there is expect assisting in this wrestling tips for many here. That's why she didn't edit last night and how did you pretty entertained. So you already know this story who's going to the celebrity wing of the hall of fame as sought prior prior to that gruden yeah you're a billboard dot com now. I had I guess I don't triple H as answer him. It's a follow on their dollar and restless era for those who don't moon. Kid Rock. Bob Ritchie himself. Owns a slew of new wing in the hall of fame which includes members like drew Cary said Charlie also in the fridge. The phrases and there's a Jesus has tried really sacks and mayor and I mean there's an. Donald try our president's and there have there you Arnold Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger is an iron. Others. But please don't rest is if there's split pretty weighing drew Cary yes Kid Rock deserve deserving guy because he's played like. Four paper reviews. You know. And it's silly to have a celebrity wing anyway as British. Root problem they brought her to take her live there. I thank American bad asked think Iraq a show play we Tulane on terrorists. Loan undertaken under whom are afraid to. Whom. And who had aimed at him don't do like Jerry Lawler 'cause he's got the country come millionaire. Hillbilly Jim should end that hill there should be tutor the character and lingering odor that would be fine tune they've displaced by available dear Robert rock. And because there is somebody who works for WB was on Twitter yesterday campaigning to be the guy who indulge your ground. When a horse farm yeah restless and might can Ellis. I don't put you on my main event are superstars and nothing you certainly know give them partner Brian hall turned. Another thought it was a big deal he's gonna come American people really care. Yeah and I can help out this story. They're dedicated they women's battle royal. In mania two of the fabulous look past solve that mu law Lama mad yet team format bad why this man. There's a big controversy well apparently she was accused of doing a lot of bad things. Now we can't say every factual our museum Jews are allegedly accused of buyer of isolating wrestler is of the tempo and amount and get them are hooked on drugs and just. Stealing their money can't starve you and other storage them. I don't I didn't you re a solid if it was all about Aurora songs where villages mariners starter Braden turf horse race why they sit down her. Yeah trailers and LSU still money definitely hooked on drugs and pimp out her lady wrestler is reckon there. Well accord. She's my via the okay go ahead. Was this your quarry is sweet Georgia brown. A shoes expect who's undressed and someone knocked corner motel room door and strange hours Oreo should be beaten call. Now. While she was like tea a matter and asked Terrance and also Matt. We're here these things are sellers they're Garrett. Then your original lady tag team they had to tag team titles and their behavior for women stacking barrels in the late eighties. So they went to Japan it was there or is that tag team loser Jeff heard the velvet summer. Being. They weren't always tag team hates women wrestle with David the team was the jug is bombing angels it was zero Judy Martin in late Johnny Cash IR and and you surveyed go to Japan and now mullah. Comes up with a plan to drop the tag team titles too former something but nobody back home. Nose of the plane and wrong and ultimately. Dropped the title tomb in order to screw over get in trouble in the office. While there. And that's crazy she was always like so beloved it seemed similar except meritorious people under. And the salt breeze. But this of promoters I mean they don't make you sleep. You know when that people like they may you know a book UN and the price Jesse I felt a prostitute before. Ours are learn. Where you know it's like somebody big like they say okay gal did just for you for X amount of dollars in you found out they made money off the media. Little if you're lower. What is going on not too long ago not to Florida and around here. They did a great distrust. I man who I Neville went out today. I can't say it may only slightly sharper and it was a male is pretty Big Bang too far from here not too long dirt hole yeah. Easily no further met them all talk after the show further down eighty Favre is still going on. Noted that no matter. Breslin ruined yeah hello my tensions are Petersburg talk to ready her for mention I am right narrow down one naming Bloomberg. What I mean OK I need to put their parents back home. Tough to look at and it's the we are not ready to rename your government while you write it cannot tell you you know right now. 2933 Glen rock's stock on dodger recommend a slot that Ted did mine yesterday. From brackets Allen's. You know we as Americans who hit it. On student and yesterday at stake now there are Georgia and there down in Georgia are not our Larry you like to bed march man this up offers a lot of Betts yeah. I'm chances to win. We will bid ten 1000000000 March Madness 97% of his game would be legally. Wow ten billion dollars in term gambling was legal a lot of Mario for her. Yeah AJ is not 7% of is he legal how did they there's no out of that none of this pipe in there trying to sit there and just statistically say. People on this side of the country wall probably bet this amount of money itself probably its Versa a lot of this is office pools through. People who have paid and a thirty books and her partner. That you just not that much you think so. Don't know me and I did well yesterday. Americans don't pop bottles are what Les Brown a real spending double that gambler or basketball designer Jacqueline its net. And I'm going to do. Within planet we're doing mid 2018 bracket challenges powered by clean aids and you got a chance to go on there and win. I'll kinda value gift cards and now Ryan OB tools sets in concert tickets and autograph stuff. Oh yeah MM we don't got a good serve to give way to get to pick against us yeah. Either. Rebel mine yet it is you can change it I don't wanna give away my picks. Are they want to. I think the same order I think every year Ahmard all liars murders that added to underdogs but not crazy underdogs just like. Eight seeds taken out and number two men don't want my overall winners too soon. He eats my overall winner is also it is certainly an Obama always pick reveals hero every single parent who really play against. In the final yet they beat Kansas. Ambien Villanova Borough on you think Kansas is Google to pay as close. Closer in this race six staying senator gimmicks eloquence and best start as any clubs in Kansas we pay Kansas based in this case. Either today or tomorrow who you can if players can sign with teams in the NFL maybe small offers the Broncos will sign case Kim. Don't sell don't have the numbers here. They're gonna offer him a contract which puts on the vikings as the favorite you Kirk cousins. Who is there aren't any court Rex now. Then again this is situation Ortiz Q was like to second third option. Stepped in had a pretty good half of the year. That's gonna give him a lot of money yeah played morals finally have one good season that got him three more years at like sixty more million bucks. These teams don't Seacrest short term. He gets married and a real good post season but several years ago and then they got huge contract in the new never heard crap out of him again. I don't remember who was this any good draft quarterbacks there comes a lot I don't care if you disarm us Sam Arnold. You know Josh Rosen never really talked about him in college Rosen will be in fill all is it did it did when he's got the then why boy's name. It was probably her saying borrowers rushed for a Stalin on the I think it was one tomorrow Wyoming but if it is in our American literary John Donaldson. Home are those of the three there's one years and value them a longer. I don't know I can't Rosen now. Our bared her journey RO Kirk cousins are boiler can. And I'm Paula coming around cousins. Certain amazed slash Durham I have this weird like Drew Brees like. Buttoned up Christian boy swagger. Can emerge or torments weird bridge he's good. Not only base offense seats where is always a mid priced tier quarterback you always produces there muzzle him money. Youth pastor swagger to him he's interest in. There's these big youth minister but he's got a tremendous amount of swagger when he plays. Above all it is fun to watch thank you big brown it was Joseph Flacco view that's O line yeah she's a drop in oil plume. Most cyclone blew my worries you comrade or top name just lack electric cop from new England's yes do we have a prize we get big brand new OK well next time thanks big. Mark dog Brownstein autograph. I gotta bring the sub is bar brought it to my attention an easy official painters correspondent for sports. Apparently the front runner by the Panthers this fanatics. CEO Michael Rubin. It's 45 years old. In the was where nobody is a lot of the owners have mistaken is this fanatics company. He's buddy buddy who a lot of players currently what is that. So natural accuse what is fanatics. Don't really know how but he's worth between two or three billion books. And never heard of fanatics you're talking about like it was a no thing as oil arena that is only news. Parents are here little fingers were and marketing of bids are due and partners soon. As a separate bank is that it firms handling these though it's sports apparel retailer. Halter plan. That's Smart they're just not around here. 45 that's what we know what looks only you lose heat you know the controversy back during the AFC title game the super rules somberly saying. Peregrine dramatic is the official apparel partner of the NFL Major League Baseball NBA and NHL NASCAR. How come all may end up losing his collegiate scene. Exclusion now mayor also anyone else we were gonna win would sort of. Like big marinades do now like if they say all I need. Shipping I need above the scholarship must go back and forth when they go by shipping company. Bear in the navy I mean it's just. And that's Smart but. That's. If you if you treat did the NFL or whatever like the Wall Street or whatever then that's insider trading. It is collusion like ailment. And all the love is improbably environment cash there Eric this is his armor repair program you're right retail stores that are currently sits just on line and I'll. Opened this home planet FaceBook far follow all the sense in going to fire. Deals with good intentions. Tom Brady to cut. He wouldn't talk about any candidates are covered kept the tape right what if I don't win the super boy talk about cuts and a when Al well after the season. He's got a picture of the cuts. You know bad ones. Oh go on yeah well that's my friends is against (%expletive) earlier red hot Boehner. His rise come upon her disk until lightly so that right there. This is Michael Jordan's flu game via auto malls but still plenty of rules and wasn't even close with human. Wanna that'll just look out showed everybody love this why we lost that's why hey look I'm getting older ball bells marks coming up drug exports. You know Iraq.