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Matt and Nine have a great idea for Friday but will Jeff do it? Fat Boy's in: Headlines: Sports


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Arrives guy so I could. The good guys. Morning show good morning good. Wind staying. May save. It's. Wet Wednesday. Where it's wet Netscape. It is. Training. Sort of thing. Yeah now there is under way now as day. Scattered thunderstorms this morning mainly cloudy and mansion and would more thunderstorms likely had 77 and cloudy and 69 right now MP mark just play that same four pairs back or needs an explorer six or reasonably firm. Already hate it. Ernie hate the already had threatened. Already there. Mom whoever is different brain because sometimes you raise a little bit there's sometimes it rains like hell. You know I was gonna say to mother nature attempt to cramp because this is. His putt to into together yesterday this is shrinking very successful weekend. Of the last. Yes he had Greek vessel as we get answers Thursday get the year all star race yet promised Carol terrorist or on the Mariners sparks starters and DMW for land yeah all kind of stuff this week I'm. But I. As much like any of them things like peaches Lauren they don't be delicious now. Yeah. Yeah business. Did it. Gas RRR I don't argue legs and heroes though. They good stuff down there man who's in mock laugh laugh yeah even though things do they have been great debt or do indefinite things. They're wonderful doesn't always make when zone as good again. Now you won't. You blues. Yes so it's more recruits and says send them a messy messy messy day go to be and Barack. Who cares if this sudden though if you're. A roofer also if social were your car washes the Iraqi for the next week. We the people who get craft on when the weather is bad right well I guess the guys who work on the roads. They're just hanging out at hotels. And this is really bad for them bit. It's bad for the people who work in the hotels because they got even more cases of beer clean up from what is. There are literally dirt roads else they want more leg there's a big construction project going on in town all rendered to stay in there. Now Latin does that stem again when me and subways stay in hotel room again it's. I don't know how how how don't don't roses bears don't drink every night it blows my Amman. I call the working man beer I don't know man now. Salma organs mormons memorial here in the rain or really got a little a ponchos on one on beer. Bottles man's fault. Oh wow. Audit tools. If this could be garbage man in this kind of weather Schultz. I think usual I'll bury your age that is wet trash. Ask melman. Yeah person here he would get about it. I don't let viewers to be out and that is being laid up and I'll bring him. Roster if I speed of that man. Have an idea that a black case and know that it's early and them. And I don't care opponents say it anyway. I'll say about this I had it song in my head literally from about. Are probably past 22 hours through deadly new pizza. And insane in my head like I constantly hearing that that parity so their reads it's Casey. A way to hold pizza HEK she tends sergeant shelf happily it. It's I would like success here in all arms trying to enter the but. Palestinian about then I was like you know when the wind you are heavy and I am and always have been. You know various. And then. In all I can only cast Allan green I think that's better than he originally. So mark pose an opportunity to play and it's produced near a hundred Posner. A zig you know like when you're. We years heavy with your big guy to go wind to work out mammy and it's especially running like just to run. I mean night. In night remember the time he told me I felt great yesterday because I like I ran for a bit and I was like them. First come a long commute actually just took off running. Yeah hey was round today you feel field greatly and do cart you out there there are still amazing were induce cardiac. So like fat boy. You know I see him with the rain and all that I could not a lot of outdoor activity going to be able to go on the occasion you. You walk in your neighborhood do you do any kind of running. Yeah I usually walk around. Until treadmill for religion in Latin. This is who look tales on this nice in order I'm in here. Now does this was to be is to be black remember when one of them is. Who is having an infant at. As it rides just being here you know you're you're there and personal trainer on Russia beyond its to be very heavy. To Ryan. AG Delmas the is damaging. Yeah. The Swiss Lincoln avenue and he really didn't. Did it hurts to Reggie are you fat jiggling about you know. Image into your joints and everything it is urgent need your ankles and hips and you back in the new lanky you boobs hurt your fact there. Yeah. So it's oh yeah Lauren here's an idea. In February which yeah today at 337333. I think it was 333 point two back with so it was say 333. I'm just what you weigh these days 225. To 27 Omar. It's an explicit. So it's like a hundred and sailor and five counts so. There's merit like so did you imagine Jeff who you are AJ trainer an athlete and wrestler and Bubba law. And did you imagine carrying that extra hundred pounds. And and trying to run it it's hard to because there's a lot of times where I have to carry dumb bills and even just. Local farmers here yeah we have to shrug your shoulders walk about fifty yards then backs sometimes you have to run it it's. Very very hard to do that. He did Lleyton do you guys have those. You know this incident where they make you way more than ID do you have access to stuff like that no but that. Even those vests among go to a mean roughly about twenty pounds down to the asylum could hurt anywhere on or about but I got dumb bells Daphne says. He had done bails them. So the idea would be for gesture racetrack which is the all star race is on you know this weekend and we got tickets and I'll let him so. The question is could fat boy. Beat Geoff in a race if Jeff. Is can I get BF fifty pound barrel. I have fifty pounder I had. Yeah I had the UPS I got fifty pound number so the fact is Jeff carried a hundred pounds and as I realize it's not staying in the same bubble blower but. Male and the weight distribution would be huge sincere gesture he can maintain his balance but he gets out legs are very can maintain his mounting Big Ben don't treat our legs on the board. Pam I would have to hold my arms felt like it is right and make it fair and -- York. You're bring them back he's you know. Yeah that. It yeah. Osama. I be honest was to come up on mobile was desert incidents out of all of us in the last throughout the week one emanating. What and doing things and not Arab leaders that looked at that kind of thing area that looked to offer mean no you know check hernia. S.'s looks are not try to do you have before that only really had and know how you would do veterans of all things won't itself you always get distracted sure. I. I don't know what she's doing good point he turned and then cough that China so calm as processor. Yeah yeah she's opportunism from here so I'll have to check along. Friday whether from now it is raining we can do inside but we can do it around. Parameters of the upstairs room just to see and then maybe Eli we will pair you up with a and then whoever wins the race when also are racing is that he went. But also we get the satisfaction of finding out. It's Jesse weighed as much fat boy can he still taken in a race. Lou. Did you think. I think Jeff hurt himself and how are you can hang on. And a lot better hurt yourself. And the staff tomorrow match. Through the backdrop on the floor and landed awkwardly your eyes useful. Thank you in the actual eyeballs you don't matter last month as salute thanks to a dual DD EO who has appeared that this can be competitive race. Well the well in his it's a races should be. That's what I'm talking after turning on plug him. At that that's enough man yeah he was there a plug OK so loops and that some. A somewhat somewhat so that can be so that can be Friday the that. I'm a name for chip and there is this the race tablet vs Jeff widgets weighing an initial hundred pounds is it. And then maybe put a five panel unlike in your pocket just the in this completely. Kind of 500 o'clock yeah it is haven't seen. OK perfect line there will be funny connect and then also you know it'll it'll. The phone video and in fact would be helping with the weight loss hopefully dozens drones if your trip to mark her. Or two pounds a bill through the wall may be hilarious did yeah. I tried. It fees. Few tackles a more in the at 330 pound them elitists who had. You know I had this fear has entered animals visual you're old rule strike. So I it's an OK perfect. Then I figured there'd be some not push back that anything that would Gillis. Welcomed as it looks ever does that give it and I know whether. To run. Off him. It helps people walk past them right now I figure always on always. Usually are before the share them there I wish today. Well bomb. Screening NASCAR star raced eggs will have those today we'll also has tickets to see jackal. Fridays Saturday and Saturday night at Windmills did being burned ray each branch here. Going to be honest thank you comment ranch and take us some help me remember. To branch only Germany people call dwindles and is called different burns did congratulate him. Different brand to brand that are on their forgetting a way to remember now jackal partners or as a womb LE. We did hear were little late anyway for awhile which is were walking with a Playboy. That's a ceremony were some good bet rubbed our party as well as firm. Last time I want to Jack the party as some people pass around a jarring. I grabbed it and turned it up. It was pickled Friedkin asparagus are. Well yeah I agree if they don't know how. Story and the bottle onstage when Jesse James Dupree falling. Hope you say rock operas are different part of town by the video things. Did beige. Well willow that was at my house of blues heroes stage or house of blues chairman Jesse James burger and out of the bottle with with Jesse James duper right. That was farm. Applause do Tom wrote only disarm them by Guatemala by quashing the local doctor tore the models. A silent a silent himself to Jesse stood there and try to regulator. Drink you very much it. A week underwriters 600 pounds. Dot. He said well they go they started this at the right guys 600 for 600 pounds of items in Canada is somebody they are very. Rise has 600 pounds race AM I hung out that. Perfect clever pit sign your tags as a reason why should do that we give me credit and it and all that fifth man. Discredit. What we all stories are doing your tickets. Battle flag Aaron. I sit. A man now that's a lot ads at the sag asked thought about zany guy carrying the weights in his hand. Or when would Baghdad. Good dads and the dead carrier might. It's right here I am would you coal swindle. Yeah you tickets to the tolls Wendell concert that also raised its four part Saturday in the races and a lot. Charlotte murder spree where anybody opener for Jack helped. It. The model is I just say it is not delusional modular priest Handley a man who have to ask are just different or more looked in the and AM there's two weatherman him OK yeah so hard time and I'll Senna and then their band came from Canada. Warm and Anderson counted answer your questions are. If it. As for weir yeah and how people think it's your boys or just end this thing pop people coming to town and its former. Yeah and that's a bagel place and I club yes idea enamored by their date certain big and I'm glad we're having another rock and roll in new years ago it was a wonderful restaurant though it's a wonderful place to go see live music. It was my favorite restaurants now for some time to ideas are best restaurant in town this foundry verbs and so Morgan wants to strap. Tom. It was it was a Telemar they had other town they had that they're banging caramel and you don't mind. Because they Calder as well assaults here this weekend or. Thanks in Canada spicy sweet chili delays on some count them on first Joseph Morrison and Chrysler are brands him as good at. You. So we're gonna have all the listings had just said we're gonna give this away today with five in ten inches of trillion Alston game. And down. Get. Not this is last by any means but that view and pay off thousand dollars less an hour your first chance in about forty minutes yourself from. And and slip a piece of paper all feel like then you do fell out of my labs over FD news this paper yeah. Our son who you later and teach you should you put your. Org or it's all those tickets tee and see if you miss that yesterday with the and also a very special guests coming in today for a very special event it's going to be. A whole lot of fun and I can't wait for that so with that said. Page what you were kind of flat. We have to talk about a 44 year old guy named Kevin. Then he was being creepy because he said his lawyer said it was completely. Illegal to deal I don't Wal-Mart you'll find out when and is next and you rise guys' headline. Completely. Legal to do Wal-Mart. He was wrong. Am for. Okay during any guesses as seeing things there that I would imagine are illegal and then things that word that I. Bausch and really yeah exactly a lot of things I approval or via I will find out what. Happen next in your rise guys had eyes more and everybody. Point three flat. Each and centralize their eyes guys warnings now 93 point three the planet from rocks. Rise guys headlines with the aids. And you're big goal who. Money every money okay well we have to talk about 44 year old Kevin bearing. US federal Wal-Mart Oklahoma City last week in a security guard spotting him doing something nonfarm. Taking out skirt pictures. I still accent on the VH one's done no later pictures. Now playing down. Now. Officers says that the security guards and that he was really nervous and medium iron down and asked to use found in. He stated that down. He know he's doing anything wrong because his lawyer said it was completely illegal to take an Oscar pictures but that's not the case. And it comes got there they informed them that it was illegal to do them. His lawyer tried to argue that mound now that's what his excuse was what that he told the security personnel. Caught him fine women around the store taking her skirt pictures. His lawyer didn't say anything that that was his excuse me that's what he said. But that's not the case because they can't explain it can't and then I was not actually legal when he was arrested on a peeping Tom charge. Many is Terry Lyle hunts did say it soon. Listening while Missouri in the water from Simpson's. He sucks being alone. Bring it towards a crackpot large element in a large aircraft potters are just barker. They're bone heads are dollars plaques in order Rikaart. Sometimes. Says the officer spoke to one and the alleged victims. And now on that one women in particular she's that was really excited happy and photographed and they said that. He was following her around the store. And taken at least pictures of three other women Stan. O'Neal less listen more to do it. Bright is as your immediate thought as well. It's very good target and her. Kids yeah saying that it. You can't let. The visit saying detail how. He did it like Clinton did you just know who reaches aren't out airing in and grab a shot diseases tennis self stick. I imagine there be some kind of mechanism. But then Mir on and he's taken pictures right at sky usually pictures of the mirror I don't know whatever odd that he can tank you know I don't know when he was doing specifically when he was Fon these people around store and it was very unnerving. And he was Boston. And now he's. Charged. And he's been released on 500 dollar bond. Press all around. Reared. But that was only 500 dollars. There are five and he's he's a sex offender now there are very will be once he has served twenty years to cartons convicted if he's convicted. So imagines got a follies women around and make sure they have addressed. That might be random this thing how all Cindy's seal woman wearing a dress so Wal-Mart. That's one thing unless you. One of those web men. You every woman in the drill in the family wears a dress you know the time and flew you know the women and there is certain no women in town that do not Wear pants. Yeah it's part of their religion or whatever you guys so museum in mountain air. Walker malware or launch are always asking you where the nearest Hamrick says something like that you know him and that flea markets ought to pardon. So he according to the police report Hugh is blatantly. Placing his cellphone under a woman stress. There holy man to death. There is no I mean I was given hints and kind of benefit of the doubt that he was mean that ground spent yeah he wise. You miss this. Enron movie form soft liner on now. Could imagine every kind of hard to follow people again dresses or shorts or what you're looking for anything you'd have to time minutes and right time in the day right bring me in the afternoon sometimes is people aren't school. So as. I don't know if there's a certain time of day better throughout scourge. Dogged about it I hear that the FO I guess is you're crowded place of hope. That's what your daughter I didn't know church and at a much better. Well. Come on says it is let's talk about handling stress Steve handle stress well there's a new study out of London. That's they looked at some firefighters are and how they handle stress and remodeled and in a lab was some students. And what they found that he fury stressed out and makes processing the news a lot better. In fact and in the case of the firefighters in Colorado and a they are on when their arm because they're used to being stressed out the corners Oz is campaigning and that when they're relaxed. They're not focused and they're not handling bad news very well. Don't answer your questions sometimes I handle stress burglars. Well. Sometimes sometimes I can handle stress of the program can't. Sometimes I have no capacity sometimes they have tremendous capacity for stressful things you know or bad news. What is your idea had some kind of I think these squeeze when your very stressed that stress reliever sometime. No amount no room. Mary if I get theirs and you are you trying to choke cooling your stressed is to be Dario your sown now. Has Nancy method DNA lab and the idea is certainly an ounce now there. Everybody carried about my pants since it ain't my anywhere in cart and shorts is this news has stuff so that's a mug shots do. And relaxing. You did against not only thing is he willing to Brooke aren't mirrored don't know perplexed AM here in America fireball. Only in crabs in his mandolin and the other pockets that are sold that. I'd like you know I'm here to learn to play in alma fingers in his press. I'm Lisa Martin from this and Allen and business manager brought worse they have stayed out of my hands I couldn't flip a mandolin. As. Eight tarnished hearings and floor fat fingers. So it's stress when your are mainly feel like you're at the end of your limit. And year Arnie on Europe is tardy in your body and accord resolves come pain here at 1010. So it's not gonna devastate you. But fear not focused you're not on it will devastate you be he not focus on things at hand. Like the firefighters because there always having to go from one content and other soft problems. But when there and doing their normal tasker in there and doing their duties around the fire house. And they get bad news he. They're not taking the news as it is like bad news or some kind of horrible event if they're not prepared for. Resolutely if you're if you're already stressed out and you get bad news it doesn't seem as bad or you you take it better. Here are a better. Oh yeah it's because the court is elements in your body because you guarding at that stress hormone released. It's all physical. And chemical. Here obviously you're already stressed and that's why it's worse if your. Sitting on the beach early you've just got to do your vacation destination this somebody called Joseph with small hole and you got her and that is devastating and turn around and go back home I've had that that's when my grandma that he's seen exactly that O'Reilly had to Con-way but it fury mid every three days and gave them nothing but fight the last two and a half and somebody goes with some bad news we get mad as you're happy to let the vast majority stressed out. And yeah so if you're hyper vigilant where you can't take on riskier able to processing. And put the news in perm. Little categories and where you're gonna deal with it. But if you're it is donated time sitting around and you finance someone died. Of course is gonna devastate you because you want to prepare mentally for anything that's going to be taken pain. Like that. Sam and the same thing happen with these students in this this task they or. They had something her tent where they are doing brain scans and lab so they had to see how if they had that spike in the cortisol levels. So they did the same thing with the firefighters. If they are prepared with images that were that they party scene and they knew that they're ready for pick them when they're relaxed and then they got the same news. It affects them differently because they didn't have the same can on their brains. Them. Here. Senator. Yeah so if you think you're overwhelmed that. Or did the couple announce its name. Carrying on. An old man court resolved. Let's up you can only give berm right at the court is all gray around. And stress hormone. Systems and you can tell me is not be prepared for anything for another time serenity campaign. I'll post as he can read more about and campaigned and has your has got a ten month. The rise guys morning explores many time. Just download a wet and actually it's still exist in the latest rise guys I guess to rise guys. And now. Rise guys forged with the apple. This broke yesterday later in the show if you missed it the Panthers have an older. Not official yet that three fourths of the league's ownership has to approve it. But tentatively. Hey David tepper. Businessmen from South Florida. Let's go by the team 2.2 billion high sell price for an NFL franchise. To date is in businessmen businessmen. This past of one point four billion marks the bills whistled for 2014. The rockets also sold for 2.2 billion tones and so this is the highest paid for a franchise in any sport in a fill. In an infield she's still. You know. But what would like the cowboys sell for as their cancers sold for what. 2.0. So the budget said the cowboys itself her leg to a 201520. Billion. All Brenda Morris. At least three. All of that oh okay. No you don't put up 30% suits also brought savage said the cops I don't know what the other ones are going to be sixty. And they meet made between second and a land of the owners that's on the deal's expected to be approved is committed to keeping the team and Charlotte. On the bus stadium operators are new facility once their husbands are owner new stadium. Well a billion the Diamondbacks probably gonna get one and I think she spills less than twenty years old it's that it really good Tori wondering two year old sort of they started not many seven that would brand name salty tea details what maybe twenty. I think I think. Turf field became a baseball stadium the same time in Bremen Max came and believe they may came in 9798. And Turner Field became baseball's Saint Mary's seven. After you wonder how he got through the process he's an idea of Phil Ritson. If there's any thing like this past season the ball worse. It's a pretty rigorous process if India venture. But your your own the minority stake in Steelers civilly is known him. 5% of course yes of Davos that now is the old council's. Hole C nice has got breast balls on this and that's unheard. Have read that a batter knows what that within 36 serene about it you find out that he has breast testicles on his desk. It's important and now brings much Cheryl can we take pitcher when he's proud of them. Below. Along Melissa this is is pretty exciting nine mentioning you'll add Netflix anymore but by god is going get a bag now. It isn't to a globe. Or for that idea that for this. Is being announced partnership Netflix. It's him part documentary. Called the last stance though come on twin nineteen. Documentary about. Michael Jordan. Injured birds. Is there anything left Jim heard yet. Certainly don't know as that's what I'm saying man I'm red rare air. I had coffee table book and cannot stand addition. Says this one clueless on the footage from bulls 9798 season. All participation from Jordan to tell a story. As he done anything like endorsed a peace eclipse in years storage from people. Yeah the end of the dome there was once this hits specific day specifically about his daddy might James that he talked about. It's going to be itself. In the there was oil that was about Utah right you Tug giants seven via that was the floor. We're doing. Says here more than 500 hours of never before seen footage from teams last title run on 798. Also if budget bush horror bill winning tune of John Paxson. You know those guys going to be in one you can loan me but I live program to resume as the year cashing in Amir. John Paxson is he available. And this put mall when there's a teaser trailer out now on the you know you'll listen to death once. I'm still as good it would have already been out assists like. I don't know see maybe get a remedies to it like you would think Andre the Giant would have been dollar and it. I was in but these are mainstream box. There you most like 8090% of the stuff you're hurting their own yeah be like Mike has what it was that was a cameraman. Yeah member on the playground there is that through her. The titles familiar it's very good day east action played basketball or Democrat but I loved NJ loved. A man. Gatorade commercials. At least commercials and Seattle when he does now paying paying it's. As is like Hitler stashed videos about that status stats. That right like these only got to control at all. The only way to. As a somewhat local story narrative. Sure is. Lucas Glover. Is start new law the usual revive your career a little bit sore and make a few more cuts. In back to some good golf. You missed cut this past weekend at the the players championship so accorded the story. Is wife crystal globe as the rest is Saturday night. Usually some 2500 books and bonds oak island EC Crispin Glover a slump or my god you tell my dad Jordan why Jordan or are not Willard. I will work well remember the brat you know he was an important. So did you did you use footage of him and stay in the ad in the future here if I didn't get this. He's ordered her stroller. It is raining image of Chris and while Chris the Glover was arrested. On a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence battery and resisting. Arrest without violence. She allegedly got into an altercation Lucas Glover. After he missed cut and will disclose more gun vault Hershey Glover. Let's say in Hershey Glover version daughter strides in a marine and lucas' wife began attacking her oh. Arresting officer noticed cuts and was in the arms of clothing though there's blood is on the arms really trips are back under in mr. things. Liking and careful. Mushy over was she told the deputies who is also in tunis. Lucas Glover took to Twitter says it wants find regrettably although crystals charge we are comparable. That the judicial system is able to address what actually happened crystal be clear this private matter. Am so. Accorded NetSuite. I don't know who believe as he say in the you know that didn't have in the was mom and on this happen when he says is his wife only. You know. Should maybe he's exonerated but you know solbes between that so avoid further damage control of his wife when she gets at all this. Well she costly ride his ass is just the one thing. It's every bit vice Versa if that's what Cinderella horror if we're told us for our own American. He tried to walk that Brad elsewhere after the fact. Center in Florida also don't have an up here on the east side somewhere tonight an analyst Melanie DoubleTree getting more attention is being benched him when he does play well. Yeah so isn't it. Wouldn't assault the is O'Neal so yeah. She's NATO. Russian girls and a loser although the keyword so I don't know. And if this from this standpoint trying to pump him up all our life hey you know we need money you gotta make these cuts. Well I support all this sounds pretty I mean it's a hormone. That's the picture I'm getting that all these stories team. Robby can go and eighty games for testing positive for banned substance. By erratic. Those prescribed to him in his. Assessed and a guy who ran it in the in his native Dominican Republic. Treat more off a medical condition and to triggers of affinity. Evidently has deposit for the season but. He lost his appeal MLB says it. If you if they can prove you try to use it as a masking agent. Don't and its well lose half almost point four million dollar salary for this year. Ineligible for the playoffs. Clara daisies sports agents still Rogge mentioned I think he is promising you know you've column me. Wright was an hour you know you come with me again isn't that so there's little less than anybody's have Robbins Poconos and ancient the national level until today. I'm a bigger fan Robbins and Clarissa and had a funny story only do. We know we watch the knicks game serves with the calls celebrity era. Honest lives receive either bilaterally yet you'll see sparkly. Howard Stern bunch of other one's parent must each day. Jeff all the SNL dudes wonder boy. It's not there he's been allegedly the almost as role the process. Is if you're someone have known you calling and comp you tickets. They tell you were sick or gets tickets we've been hawk. Reactor. Is big mix fan. But is big sports fan he knows all about him and he was commenting on and now the shameless Mike and Tony go and how Melo wasn't playing that well. So it was going every day and so when he called produce figures they said okay that he said the 800 books. He says. Why is this the first time you guys are charging me he says they do well to tell him you should've thought about that before you went on the Jimmy Fallon show. So the owner James Dolan is so petty so pissed that he took its tickets has criticized the team to grow club. That's Symbian or bugs seahawk I'm sure he'd pull out of his pocket duels or game no problem. That's crazy but you can't yeah that's this is it regular season game just as they rat there. When this would do it. Starks viewing they have Oakley. That was good for Walid. I'm sure there warn you or to be good game they have the worst owner in sports is that James Dolan he said absolute garbage. James Dolan you know Little League don't live at. Fans hate his guts yeah absolutely got Oakley thrown out last year at royal Gordon a lot of home TV. So fairway they order for me no they can. Yeah I don't because the knicks are drawn economic mean Monica police and they should Brinkmann they can voice our pages they've that's part of the gimmick is this. I'm always an all races voicemails and just you read any owner that's what they did California are the kings right now is James Dolan a whole lot. Flippers so did your editors James Dolan being talked about does Scotty from star track. As James do at least 63 he's better long plenty long enough to have some some some dirt all hands on work. You got suited your number one market the number one media market and you got the worst basketball team in the league. Anyone else did you heard the world yes. The result in the stalls story Lorena. I am and I can criticize the team good game for free yeah I guess it makes sense. Any chance would you get the Glover social truth or consequences on her show and at least some was through and be some way as it's like Dancing With The Stars. Truth or consequences athletes addition. Well I money knows mojo to go a thousand bucks coming up struck a sports. Hey this is giving Clemens driver of the number 51 and that's card game series you're listening ride yeah. Before dreamed of playing rock.