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We some hurricane trackin sob's this morning: Headlines: Sports

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Arise guy so I could. Good guys. Morning good morning. 2000. You've already got up and down. Four. Footed only. It's. Who you better get them out of sort of sort of slow flow of Florence. And now. It's. They said is so it's a big damn deal. This whole thing. Guillen wanted to really make of her mind about what is gonna do well. I will make him a mine and tell you that today is going to be partly cloudy. According in this no rain. Aren't I have not anyone right now clear skies and 72 linger but it. Tomorrow. They say it's more action and very windy. In the rain. Should start around. 7:8 o'clock and you know where you are that I'm giving you my personal home weather a as a solution in my in my eyes it. And then rain all day Sunday. Our come all mean I know I Halladay it's. And then Monday and ended in their end then. The water is rescinded. Has said Tuesday were meant mostly sunny guy you know. Weekend. We can make it through Tuesday we're going to be OK yes you gonna do your you guys do year in German church Sunday. I drove into the it was 71 degrees. Who road where they with the windows down oh yeah. Was not asked. You out this well so. Yesterday I was trying actively to figure out the weather. Because. I know some some folks who live in North Carolina today to worry like actively preparing for this thing they were going in there yard insane okay. Analysts had to slim down or the tree back there literally is sold and if it falls in oh that'll take down power lines they rely. Deemed very surprised about that. And this was Arabian man party they're talking about. Wow and literally in their backyard cutting down trees it is neighbor. Freeze in the water tax bite page said yesterday with the hack they must have been listening to they were freezing them water bags. Yeah I think they showed some foods of people with echoes snowboard though the windows open sandbags out for the business. Even Wilmington through an obscene or Cain supposed to go like they say is gonna. That's pretty much over us. Well so I was I flip to one local channel and of course you know that's the whole thing and then I go to another one. Both have been saying conflicting stories about what was gonna happen yet again. Sought to get to the national scene. To get to the weather channel. And weather channel pretty much agreed with the one of the race when the TV stations. There's one TV station of reporting. Roaming this weather can this. And a Anderson who. So calm about it until Lotta rain because I don't hurt things can be a Obama's war you know African now. Everybody else's. But they love and in my brand this is their Super Bowl. Like it one of the locals just one of the local TV stations. You know they give it the weather lingering screen they had to weatherman. Well weatherman or whether a girl. Only one screen together you never see that light that means is seriously you know when they announce it's a some kind of you know major storm cumin or wherever says threat for the state of emergency in that the mayor's there. Two or three cops in there there's a marine and then there's that interpreter signing agreed that serious news. When there's two. And despite crickets meteorologists. Not a weatherman or a girl. If there's two optimal wind screen. Watch out because they are serious now. Double payment. Evans and now down a solve one do emergency people when I'm why you may be used training Newmont is in my view on the way job shadow yeah me. You might be close to retire I don't wanna. But it's all hands on deck usually situation there yet they're all there and I am and yesterday we're like wal. Ward they stay when they get down there and so certain hotels I guess. I don't know how they did that would their insurance because when there's a state of emergency. I think. Right when you train them when they told people to get out obviously. Property damage yes but. If if you don't leave when when told to do in the scandal news in the latest U hour they'll try to build to order a real good job of promoting hey you know. We got you covered for flood insurance. Right there he added that they get on the and they stay somewhere and but. That we were saying somebody told you that though one of the hotels actually came and said now we're causing America somewhere else. Yeah I mean there in pretty full but there were talking to people who law. Who came up stayed down sound like well we thought we'd get out of harm's way and stay at the point cellmark boy you know I'm espionage. That would better at a town with him all I saw in Tennessee. News stations vehicle here yesterday. I guess this is as far as her and load. We're the only dummies ago although the coast and boats and helicopters here too many bounces the ball. On to hospital trucks. I I I saw. Earlier Jack or for drugs in his bathtub. He really did. Old habits never guys known you know meteorologist tomorrow to give in and take you back he drives down the road in the bathtub and then when he gets the water he just. Let's try to end its like one of those old and of those old vehicles these so back in the eighties I don't guess. And out too well. You could drive it into the water in the in the wheels or did I come up and it was about. You know chemical goes to somebody at their own one he went up on blocks in the backyard text in 734 Wallis. An amphibious kind of vehicle raced to sell it really cold but analysts at last they're talking about on the news cell while you could give flooding in your house. And if you get to three or four feet invasive as on the furniture stores to floats. Mark was in Arlington bit lower Clinton an album on the couch and a half. You are probably would be this line so I. The Greenville county. Egg and an eighth it can change by the minute agreement Kenny they said that we can get two. Six to seven inches of rain. Yeah. I've heard it anywhere from Saturday is gonna start to a Sunday really committed pounded with a of the Monday well. I guess I begin to rain hard each in wash my mulch out. UK and whenever. Don't take power away from him he. Need not power. I know there's remaining football on the wise or anything that scale. I mean obese and West Coast of so by all rights and I'm surprised it's you know we've not been solicited for accommodations here. Of for Monday but it does mean reunions. Youkilis. Who offerings markets. Oh really I mean. If by that point it be done. Yeah but the same as we had some daylight air bad floated away an effort Muslims and. And the work. And if we can't drive because some of the roads are washed out and hit it the we need an amphibious vehicle they fell back in the eighties rock and Esther. The intercom a frog. A figure that's what they cause a frog thing because military. Process by an acronym for something. It sounds about right and let them look it up a US navy people takes an in your short. Google fingers is here we'd already have an answer right now my. Vision though answered that. Yes so so rain. That the rain rain go away as some us. If that hell out out. Just so it's Friday which is really awesome. And then I'm. We from the days birthday bash it cannot believe certain cannot believe it. And then in this isn't. Slide against women but. Just like the woman I already have my health it picked up a whole week out. Our arena I in this not a site useful and paid the women put more thought into sets and then my way I'm coming in time you know estuary. And things yeah I'm more my my you know I gonna support the troops and probably where my planet stuff yeah. And then let's run so I I kind of knew that going in. That is a silly stuff in the world I don't know what issues I'm unaware I don't know where you went if you think comfortable if you don't Wear sexy that's she nice yeah that's an important thing. Why do you think like it. Sally you know from god smacked you think the tour manager says if they sell. Off tonight at that concert. Like I Wear now God's lectures survey in his view I think it up by and a it does not and the others and rebellious. Trying to be a bad employee but it. I mean like well. I don't understand why. Management wants us to where when we go into appears is why we have the way are stuffed with the either our faces on it or. But the logos and stuff. Yeah I mean universal sign Phil walk around and an MB seizure now now. Now this is. I don't know Emanuel have egos say people New York they know who we are especially there. Well Yemen is is not that it was not that as much as it's like this the shirts you know like the the logo where I guess they look like golf shirts. And I don't wanna Wear and Wear for some orange golf shirt or god smack bouncer this. And I you ram. Angry back and can I be completely honest and say I don't like the way in my in the polls look in the shirts it's a glossy looking shirt with rockets and some Rashean only. They claim in the going to vary claimed Seattle and that ago my mind is don't feel. Some want to Wear a bigger duties will elect a plan to sticker on them. Irons are remember that you know he wore just a regular shirt and then got an actual planet bumper sticker placed it on your breast. Yeah and in the balls mark Henderson look at Yuba. And use. That's where we're gonna jubilee in his shirt. Is don't fit me. While he did and he goes after washes and stuff and things Sri Lanka. But why would I when I go to those I felt like that it's more of his fingers like. More than hey look look it's mad man it's more like a look man man there was this flag officer like he. A well worn here he talks like he's some kind of good ol' boy on the regular look at and its golf sure you stay at home and a man. I episodes sponsored. Look at me now is that everybody you know he works on the radio. I got to do so whenever I sign myself up or psych myself out rather before repairs is anyway because I roll up to him thing you know ablaze and show up. And then when they do I'm pleasantly surprised and that's not. You know half full half empty kind of thing I've literally still don't know if people come same. Yeah you know they always show up well I think maybe that promote kids start to like say hey you know you know governor can you when meet the staff. Streets in important EU mean their fans over there would beg all sure loan. So news go to lose all the game you were going to radio and absolutely need a. This is sons a bitches and Arnaud Nike's the other day you barnacles my kids are gonna use bio diesel does them that the best schools lost. A moment that what was gonna detonates. His old Nike's so he put him in the little box and did well when he got home I'd they'd put him back in his mailbox news I am right to them. So pummeled for all the people that said that. Many of these bags Ciba. Screen that's all there's an update Zagreb for just. Put his bathtub and morals and let's hope he's there already Hastings there get them battles. Who's got a Merck to fifteen massacre and I understand them. Com that right remember how Sean Penn was bringing people at a houses and come. That river's gonna save people's lives in his amphibious bath tub only. If you watch him answer trivia question right into the incident. Yet he's fingers through your fingers first first of three fingers that it's safe from the American. Now the magic trick on the way back on. And he was magicians and boy did an all right whether magic. I did a mammoth hands on time and he didn't especially hard. This horse and he. Entertainment. It was a stripper. New US and he's very nice man and he did as magic tricks it was at a bar and I didn't know that guy and I've never met him in my spam. He's been here like Jack or perform these famous weatherman and now basically a news Brandon endorser pretty much yeah it's and be stilled on TV too. A government companies to do he's one who used to work with a son and a Jeff forever who's in Arabia. Who is. It was a it was firecrackers. Okay you have some doubts fire and that is an effort rather as a high. And now back to a drug for him and what was the man's pitcher Padilla takes finger off. He was a magician yeah he did he'd like halls BO at a car alive is that. He's performing his. That he was just contagious mileage he was making it isn't here so you'll turn year old who's. Front number bed. Have. And still is after all these years still has pages and apps you'll give it back to. And in a corner in the year it's countless times. Speaking of noses measures to India feels good. As to its knees the rest of the day yesterday three on the commented there's video of Jeff yesterday for his pigskin punishment running Tabasco sauce. Through and any pot full of Tabasco sauce through his nose. And the reactors video of it that and instead Graham at the rise guys at the rise guys on Twitter and all of this thing. And people are putting average AFLAC he's so Superman. Right here. I am well Jeff let I'm paraphrasing but one guy says you know life. I bust your balls all the time and Jeff today your than any. But it's like that's the sign is masculine masculinity. Instead Graham is snorting good Tabasco sauce but whatever it takes hood Wednesday yesterday I don't ever. I don't generally do this let him and those split my whole index finger in there. As soon as they go home like autumn looking at anomaly dig him out there like blogger from revenge of the nerds tree and I don't bring it out like dried blood you sound. Rules Yahoo! works or not work stoppage. Did he handle a blockage. And can be can be from that put men are chips these congress today but it. Yeah I feel great and nice out there this is you are incredible just amazing. Enough now. He's got to show any momentum and access what you remember when your kid in a would bring the power came to school you know we thought about that they'll rip the phone books and half or anger at the same name as me. Just lose and you know Jeff Neal. As I man's father. And the other guy would blow up hot water bottles and stocks and news is great. And and it would somehow motivate kids to not do drugs or something I don't remember what that really that Marshall wants wood bats O rip a phone book that don't do drugs they always said the woman who is kind of skater too she bit list. And a million pounds Alia they would make big kids sit in the chairs and then they would have that aura where she would deadly flight three or four kids the majority of steroids only kids. And that was a phony ribbon of phone book and as an analyst welcome Jeff Lewis Neal who's going in the Eddie putts and asked us. Truck just like this kid that actually the immunity to it. And bless America. His own audio and don't try this home now matter how many kids while we try to rip if this phone books and adds. All love who's in. You have to live to listen to this we have that's Agusta birthday bash today that is a week from today as we said we're gonna play that he went family feud today would that. Also the F the last line 864241. 43188642414318. Will have some on the day work week away from the bash. Feel free to call us at any point 10774. Double 093. Attorney involved. They Bill Clinton plays there's 1077. Affordable and 93 you can tax is 72341. Paying each one's all in all and in the play. Acts well and guide aches and going to trick a female owners. And it's changing his diaper so tight but that is next year right and he he say something. I guess messed himself effect now are some recognition now welcome Jeff to be David Copperfield thing that Leo yeah maybe that's. As generous personal mantra. Our eyes so you say something and to give his diaper change we'll find out what that was next in your rise guys headlines morning everybody. Yes the rise guys morning shell. I thought he 93 point three the planet Iraq. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who instead. Mining RI. Well. Talk about the hurricane slash slight sank her own Lawrence. Right now cyclone and could be ul said this is the deal. Right Allen's category cheat you out to sea without 105. Mile per hour winds. When it makes landfall it will end around 2 PM towards this way be. A category one and the storm is about 25 miles east of Wilmington, North Carolina and 55 miles southwest. A morehead city North Carolina. Says the storm is moving southwest at six miles per hour and has a maximum sustained winds close to ninety miles per hour god yeah. This show and on TV a place called topsail beach North Carolina and never heard of before Borussia and that was an app. Near Wilmington against non BMO well. Itself it's like an hour and a half Myrtle Beach from when north that's bought Mercedes showed a big old gas station night owning like you know the big huge overhang just. Pick up with a win this takeoff and landing Conway says it's. This is only against. Sound you know what we're looking at it here. Because this is a slow moving storm. Is we've got this flash flood watch. His enemy Saturday morning through Tuesday morning wins. Power outages due out south and North Carolina Bob guy yeah. So that when guests. Could be 25 to forty miles per hour spotty thunderstorms. Today. And then the heavy rain. With the wind and also the threats of tornadoes. And north and South Carolina so be aware that BK is you know he's never know what's gonna happen. When you're driving. Flooding. Ever sag never drive through any. Water whatsoever. And just less CNN JB is back to dentists get ready to note to hunker down because it's going to be a rough time because it's the storm isn't moving very fast in a managed just sitting on the upstate if that's what's gonna happen if it's not moving south and a branding it a lot of rain. Another ally more than hawkers. Are at it they're tracking it all the way up through the toes like it's going to be a Boston on Wednesday. I don't care. You try again until unit goes all the way back down stores over he's going to Boston on Saturday for a Wednesday I'll that are tracking all the way after. Angels starter. In Ottawa goal until two sucker weakened when he hit land. Naps as a tropical depression when he gets here but it's a large tropical depression is hovers hasn't dig up any sharks and a yeah like after a storm like chart. And pick up a lot of stuff. The possible it's not possible right I think if it's possible and that he can pick up stuff whirl it around. It's not possible that they'll stay alive and try to bite things in the here. And that they. That pars and it's sharks would be the flooding when the sharks for Canon and. He begin it with a bit sore or just did this kind of just a dead fish you imagine you're outside and all of sudden some kind of flounder. Comes out of fifty mount narrow wins and she even let meg girl who called our guide published. A guy native Red Sox game and a bat broke Blum hit him right in the head no way in the faux news. They don't happen when you watch him on TV does it that board. Never don't show it in oil and Johnson never comes through the TV industry on the count no no more three despite isn't it is athletic events in any of you right after the start to get your batteries and things to prepare. I denied access to assist kids are aren't an hour. I don't know like lighter things to light candles. And an. Net my allotted okay use in my lighters. I again I can't you know it's I mean did that you always have candles I do think MM umpire Sam White people chief candles to stand there and hit an eight. After remember one time with them amongst each he had this really nice candle in their lights went out whatever debris burn it. This decorative candles Sammy I like my grandma had a little sexy that you didn't set on because it was Victoria. And it. It's this Yankee candle is known it don't burn the candle is for decorative purposes that's when the decorative purposes era the Linda. We need to save around here yellow beautiful dome Arnett CC a Palestinian yeah. I'm a sack guy who fakes Down's syndrome to trick female nurses and it changing his diaper. I was gonna be my guest at the atmosphere that's that is. That's awful. I mean guys out off hobbies are literally said the other day there were stolen valor is. Service people in their own cops underneath that. Exist at this is stolen valor mandated time is. And now I. Hassan is just a sickness. Sounds all of these sounds and get something that he it's called family day and that's not buckled Down syndrome was something you could really fake. Is that McConnell like a palsy was like a facial expression right. Sort of a muscle miss movement. Now a look at new doctors sports and I it's something mental again it's a this is just ask. Please that there is right now try to describe it it probably will come off as. Not very you know I wouldn't it don't highway SanDisk logo. Boy it is our. August 30 year old guy is named Paul meant Chaka Fram Gilbert Arizona and apparently had a fetish for women's youth to treat him like a baby. Being bathed in getting timeouts and what does that or how these kids is diapers changed an eleven to be liked. That's when he had a day or he. Pretended to have Down's syndrome many hired nurses to come over to take care of and then when the nurses went. Called to work work out the details he pretended to be a woman named Amy. And he'd say a woman it's always a tray and sexual. Nanny was pretending that Amy is. His mother eyes you know when he's continuing as the stay on peso is like ignoring Bates stamp act he's to she's totally involved in this Psycho think. So in their nurses never lasted long at the job any finally got busted in the third owners he hired thought it was suspicious and she tracked down his real parents. And they confirmed that there semi is not mentally handicapped and didn't need diapers so. Paul was arrested on Tuesday on four felony counts of sex abuse and fraud. It is yeah that's how bad is it sex abuse excess gases like it's that and sexual in nature may of course it is after an awful you're thinking Winger nurse that you're taking care of this patient. OK so I Down's syndrome a genetic disorder caused our presence of all or part of that third copy of chromosomes when he won. I typically associated with physical growth delays mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. And fat boy you're right characteristics facial features. OK I didn't know that a photos les then. The average IG of the young adult would Down syndrome is fifty equivalent to the mental ability of eight or nine Euro. The life expectancy is sixty years old and a bad either. In the math and now I mean she did all the bag tracked him as a lot of investigating the funding has pared some and take the fifth or. Well I mean if it sounds kinda hokey when you're calling so it is here whenever you know I am in my Norman Bates mother you'd be like OK there's something wrong with this picture. But I don't wanna end up dead. Some call the real parents and see what's. Do you really prove himself though to actually that dirt through with the whole thing. Imagine Sanofi and dirty diapers and wonder what the what the tip off was what made her realize. Maybe I've added that Down syndrome person that was an upper lip lock themselves would have been a noticeable thing. Then she called the DSS to report pairs had left months happening and I. Or what he Maine and the extra studio work right now and maybe if a patient really is a little bit warm honest. And that act promptly analyze. Isn't there like Padilla says cut off. Like Jamie disguise regions Julien be protected by. Maybe the sepia still I don't know what do you mean by these tours they should have all of our guests here I think that depends on your insurance. And a bureau people arsenic path we take away from that. Aaliyah. James Kim and this I am not being and that's where you are masking the real quick kin folks would ban them and ask does it come all. So I mean you've really got to know like Jin okay can. Does this show now on TLC I think that's what they had okay. And Tim running the gauntlet because I'm not describing something else and then I'm off foot thing and always serve out you know them. Like okay to give people would Down's syndrome honest government make fun can they get married and and try to do you know share. But he just census someone who's fifty has the mental capability even eight or nine year old this night. See there's a law saying that somebody who's handicapped and. OK and I don't that's great I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to that aids is they only live to this should be of approximately sixty. The life expectancy sixty Indian X fifty they have the oh ability and an eight or nine year old so. You know we would have done. I didn't know it was mental you know I just thought rules official pro stamp. Now on it that is as this terrible policy yes iShares may cerebral palsy and but maybe this amendment and all like there. The mental capacity whom I'm just gonna Don Rumsfeld put. Everybody needs us now how I would act toll was insane act plays. Of course it is. And I just didn't know if that was something that. You know. Mean if you have the capacity to can be in a relationship if he can do that anyway right even if you're fifty. Years old and just you know whatever okay. Pages make me feel this is trying to work you guys today she didn't you make it grows and now. Now I don't it is saying that way and make them happen. Campaigns Nazareth guys and thank you page thank you very much chart it will give Kansas and sports next although sports kind of sparse on the east. Cause all this mess so we'll find out who's playing. When they're gonna play when there are rescheduling more. Your right sky sports morning everybody. Stewart dear old knows the risks when each. 93 point three yeah. Yeah. Todd you said earlier members of games being rescheduled so if you bump up. Yesterday Boston College wake forcefully in the afternoon gestured out Nelson again or else. It's of course soccer almost was was canceled. Looking to make it up later in the season Clemson moved up to twelve. Which I think pregame starts is said to me and I think a month a positive in most prevention. But Georgia. Bumped up so while you're gonna kick off in the noon play Middle Tennessee State that was supposed b.s and fifteen kickoff. Now's new clause if you're adult swim and you have not heard. Good way to early to guess that since. In the and so did the Clemson game though it's still supposed to be like Wendy is tail end rain all day long on Saturday they ought to just go and just postpone. Or its own people you know sort of expect delays when you get the stadium if you're a fan who's that tell Gator and you get your spot and go out there in LA like you want them to reschedule this game because that's the Sox cal native. And that's and dangerous now and then when possible lightning I don't care about that so. Now I care about fans yeah. Some people do you know how they go just to tailgate some loan. But they're saying this is to come off as soon as the game's over don't linger around campus for more than a couple hours let people cleanup and Oneboxes going to era. Evidently. But they're sending Clemson since in team buses to a helped evacuate people via for the hurricanes. Think about that last night all of these companies now like you know. It. There's seeming things down there you know like that I was reading. With Tennessee I think the school systems are sending some buses to be used to own stuff and has let me. What do we send down. Ask a question none certainly don't have enough I think our band really elegant cinema some of the rise guys bear but. It's kind of you know the you don't do that now teachers he got to come up here get that mr. torn down now. It. I want to sell some. A set of giving table media or hurt him and who. Wins. Bugs on daily walk around the gimmicks. Aaron Rodgers. After his. Which I think was the greatest fourth quarter comeback of his career. When the Packers won 2423. He wins in the locker room and the guys in the vote. People were saying imposed game but he sounded a little bit loopy it was going around social media you're trying to yesterday right yeah. Anything you send it always had a lucky Matta got his bail Hong. I mean he had knee issues he's not guaranteed plea this weekend he's still there today is practice. But he city was not own painkillers afterwards. I think those days are pretty much on. That contract. I wouldn't do anything Maceda devour him. He got like it was and it may may in this city dorms sideline pop some pills in the American again. Like every game whenever that are. Uh oh yeah Jim McMahon put security there its. Give me out changed out. Wow I'm very nervous and my eyes so yeah he wasn't it's me off its eighty. I think maybe he was laughing because of how easy human load may be taught his reflection of the camera realized he also a ball allies. Yeah it's all you guys happy dads and hasn't though says Aaron Rodgers. Is that I like and guys I can't tell what it's. We guts. Were sports entertainment from here buddy no caller I got a paper view this weekend. Mick Foley is refereeing. These sort of I think what they look here's what I think when what they do is make believe just the main thing with the legends contracts or whatever I think they. They get them payments amount of dollars and then they owed him a certain amount of appearances per year and maybe they'll make you teacher to. I think with Foley that I'll get nervous Foleo pairs when these hey Helms Al Hayat. He can't really get around much anymore but it sure he can be an active referee in a cage match. It really easy really. If you are only fence of whether to get that paper view is that the thing in this release on it for you well according Noel Foley out there are refereeing I'll watch. There according to Dave Meltzer. Up Foley's not allowed to take any bombs throughout the match pieces in this whole thing to promote his one man show on the network. Says so why why would you put him in that just haven't come to a little sake talk about a show over the wall call. Him. The best moves at all that's been done would have been to play HBK and yes I mean that's the guy I mean like you know. It is ego and is best for your ego that would undertow in order to Nicole right down in the if you put Foley and a ring you expect him to bomb something. Often around town whatever builds up Toshiba for eagle on the ring. It crazy you know one of the selling points for the for the WWE two K video games is all the extras you can do anything like there was. Apple won a few years ago if there was one junior Russell Banks visual forklift you know our argument off the roads that you get on top of the building from all the rules that they wouldn't. The says in the in the new would suit in nineteen. You have also Boras met. Remember I agree to go. Oh horrors. All important and finally I have well. Ignored him why romance when you're in the house and the ones ultimately among the Agassi you do all that only game though right but the fun about these games are the community creations people. I love that because page one guy is pissed at another one right so the other guy goes to his supposed house and hides out you the other guys. So pissed. Out his dizzy many ways to get a limousine to take him at a house candidate cast getting a car one house. I need a limousine to take me out Millen no winners and take this botanic looking guys that of course he's now worshippers I mean there. They're the trailer for this far in the game and it was like. An architect's rendering of a house like a model each show you on the computer in a swing around look you don't go back little's is I haven't seen any screen shots I just all the announcements at different. That's while it is a Walking Dead video I don't know toddler. Dead doesn't go Walking Dead video but it's impressed you here is. I vital part of what we asked what is Altima I mean what is renew your lucky just came out of the ground. He's all of Iranian power and I think that is an of the boogie man around there worms are not as house it is came at a grand opera on it is Halloween almost we'll. Speaking of the game the analyses legends video game roster. Just releasing this (%expletive) I've seen a little bit OK and is that I agree it's a long list is a 10 here you wanna go to mayor that I think is is single handily go to make me die. While I'm sure one of the names is not gonna make you buys burdens the Barbara beef not. And Arab care for it we got savaged by personal called Andre the Giant Medusa bam bam Bigelow. Batiste bit Phoenix. They balls man Booker T Brodeur principled or. I mean it's a long list ADP diesel dusty roads diesels and it while Kevin didn't. It's the suspect object. Hey did you sell dyslexic brother. Are you knew who I think I know is one that is true that if you saw line and you understand yet as one Greg and hammer Valentine and I ask you already know Alabama. I don't know for. Well this going to be on the two K nineteen WW league game as legends you'll be able to play as Ricky and rob the rock rocks. And you can't in the past. Yeah what did the article I read yesterday it said for that they've been quoted Pope he's like I'm excited that my main at the grass kids. And grandkids I think it's bring kids in this out of play a video game as me Bubba. I am. Well I need you can they treat storyline to be down movie characters there was one I used when your work Hoke Hogan hadn't scored since the mud wrestle. I really they can create all this stuff you can download. The DLC. Why wouldn't Jeff what would mean more to you being a action figure or being in the neither will ever happen but just how vulnerable ankle Kamal where what what which one would you care more for pro would be from figure. We can make that happen. Now they have those they have the customizable active customizable Bobble heads as to have idols and an effort because these games and create yourself. And you can regular created myself in the connects and you can actually had a Jeff Lewis Neil you know. Use UAE customer as a wrestler tea that he had your estimate several okay this is. There we have on the same ring gear as you it's hard to get it and matching what what intro music duties. Just won the generic ones not solid management and taller and about five alone there. Eyeballs will smaller an income lowered to organize its heart it's really hard at county. Get it down that last question did you videos. The intro sequence on your phone and tell us about them for air. Like you and itself. I would do. That's not like me that's the mark of mark it zero as you say that I can setting here wearing a Randy macho and incest dish yeah right now he's adamant that they are taking a break we'll be back right after this morning everybody. A great deal at waves and do them Basanova. Use same playing ground. Point three double play. Racks yeah.