Wednesday, May 16th

The BMW Charity Pro Am is here again and so it brings Aaron Rodgers back to the Upstate, hey Fat Boy you finally gonna get to meet him?: Headlines


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They're nice guys doing. My chances. 3.3 dollars. Yeah. Did. Nerdy hero. Eighth. Do you see any show and now. A little renewed. Allied powers. And obviously playing in the fact you called heroes heroes before a zillion people takes him. And via. Australia a lot of good food food. It has been submitted great. I settlement didn't let this this bit which is not a bit you listen hundred pounds has created more parody songs than anything else ever. On Marsha yes I don't know man to stuff. My Israel once all of the commercials there eighteen. Different fat weight. Songs for losing weight in 2008 thank them so there's top spot three month. Averaging bird flu or verbal assault for every pound you wall's history and marked as it is we have way more songs than you've lost count how I must stay fast so what am I think I have some mom material. Right professor reason to stay fat I know they're OK okay you're Iowa Dan was there was pissed that I had to shave my head because it was out blond curly none. OS or XZ wanted to Eminem song slow tough blank he still happen still to do learn yeah they hear not blonde the blonde anymore blind yes blonde them. Conditions there that strip where Rupert question. On the dream. Early these give up over Alia viewed I don't. And I don't think it's gonna happen. I don't know what happened at some I got an easier because you know he's done other shows him. We heard last year when Aaron Rodgers coming to town for which I think is actually something Aaron Rodgers can tell it's. Up if you look at it scam and as soon as tabloid expressed little while is not a Pakistan that he absolutely loves the loves Aaron Rodgers he speaks of him is almost like K and a Muslim to his hero again these a positive. Role model for him and we wrote. It's what. He won it did have ways what do you mean and it's also not for a photo enough for an autograph he just wanted to go and have some. Private time with him just express your gratitude to for a few minutes ago yes. Last year was hacked and Jerry having you ordered to be very Jordan by talking on Twitter IBM's and stuff. An hour from term I can't remember that. You know what though I I may be speaking in term but I think. Obviously is a real strategic just turned. I'll speak she's gonna do something that you'll have to do it. But there radius and show he one along with in Wisconsin was Wisconsin emptiness are home based Abbas Packers right. This is down here hang announced maybe he feels like he doesn't have to deliver he'd like college for a wish you wouldn't. Cahill Carolyn joined viewed throw reverse you know. On the camp fun. Why did some investigation yesterday on that and I talk to. Reveal too much in the the liaison. That we had talked about prior Barbara yeah broker not gonna happen. Arsenal and I need now yeah I haven't I assume that more already given up on that. And then it seems so unlikely but you can confirm there's is no likelihood no possibility no chance whatsoever of that happening. Would you Fonda. OS in a did text to. And that says enough and that part would you expect gas Alice I don't know her I know how it is is a listener to hear people talk about that gets on the mountain so I'll pay off there. And what he was sent here and guess for five minutes but we're told there. OK that Thursday. He's about to be the highest paid player in the history of the league and even a couple months down. So he's already on the stratosphere coming you know it seems role likely at this point them access to him it is probably cut off the lot. People would he be V the most sought after I am in the full lineup for this year's BMW pro am but Korea they were the most sought after the dollar Robert Tools in there. You can't let aren't you on to you don't ask big gift yet again chip rose ton of people. Larry the Cable Guy I've seen what you need to see we we have a in in there in some way. You know our girl salacious. Easiest may you be at the local celebrity they would say no I'll. This a problem is we I'd like I remember when times it ask us to play in it as like all first of all I can't play golf wind. To. I am what I ask you going to be a part of somewhat I have to say hairy I don't want to be a part of a bit and since I did while when I guess I reached out to him. Exactly you should just reject them. The were would be hilarious is that you're fed board plays in the term next year. Well than Aaron Rodgers well yeah and Ben Hogan wrote in to playing golf for three of and is Vanilla Ice check it out. Maybe not be a ball lawyer. Now or daddy daddy. Juror that's contains only playing on number twelve missed him term so the number twelve have you. Between him to say hey yeah. Are you coming to town again this year. Navy league and try to reschedule leg get again. Sodium a few weeks ago as it is here anything has it been seen. Well here's the thing yeah. It looks like your hasn't quarterbacks earlier conversations and you know we've had it looks the same way. Some authors act reaping changes are also where he's creating in. I can't do the trick did the trick refinanced be muted or not a candidate does it walking right yes they've laid out our friend I. Ran out of fuel and that was his tee when it is that he won that they are greater these so it. The biggest brace and have ever known my whole life kept count my grandpa. And he closed embraced player that block him onto. It's today it under NC RK. In other cities are today I don't. Act act makes a good saint great lefty to lock them and easy he never really talk bad about me didn't say anything to. But oh well best we don't. Yeah is he loves the race I thought I would del Murphy. He follows him on Twitter buzz we've Murphy or first name basis with the Elmer who got blocked by Ian seniority. And as tough man now welcome to a club. Blob nine CRE noble of playing near voters while mama watches and on Tuesday night's NC are victims of CBS and New Orleans. Barbara and our army for a few weeks gear or recruiter went from room got blocked yeah rulers. Bruiser. I wrestler. Alexander. Out as far as an individual. Dislodging it. I don't see any more I guess because he bought me I can't see him in a messages anymore. Base error hours treatment for heart tomorrow Saturday about our wrestlers are many responded to it yeah I didn't see it like thirty minutes about Thomas. These messages about our eyes sunken easy you know I don't appreciate people in the he's block. To me I apologize in many blocking. Right well did you know I hear they are they had to go to the mat firmer so the mayor bulls serial rape that that in responsibly get mad block me over. They don't open palm. That's see now I don't that now I don't block people in this newsroom this aids like a gives them the satisfaction in knowing that you block them if you just mean don't they don't they think you're still CNET and you're just not. Paying attention to the ruler. But just. I'll tell you something that I heard dad through the grapevine kind of plane off yesterday. Michael Harman are the guy we don't from carbon are affect our stock and two our girl I know that I grew. He doesn't do a lot of social media because. Does that the elderly and people get to a megas too much they doesn't really do a whole lot of social media. But as far as blocking and I only know wind the wind. Famous block and I have Julie Guy one. That I know what I you know I do you know into the job with phases of the block she's like pennies you still look and it says that you bought mine what if you wanna. If you try to follow one I say this person's watch OK I got off. A top five there have been a rival against anybody it's his golf hall might go. I don't know they. Where. Your honor it is still idol anybody or any of us and that no given that debt debt that is this action is muted million men are. One of the obvious ones of block me was Kevin owns. Some pretty shirt like I don't claim old artist I'm damn positive LaSorda has saying you don't see. And then it took off. Called him you know Fannie the second steamboat even put that in their. He's a great workers are great wrestler but it bothers me these out of shape and resolute sleepless turtle. You know sort of jealous it's like I'm watching local wrestling you know mark takes Searle and right down the flag is doing good family man. One the really shocked me Kirk cursory. I mentioned somebody to him that's our claim a Norman I blocks sluggish to elect a personal oh wow yeah local type. Yes and yes but I figure that out our show you want this is always saying acres topical. And is probably the most newsworthy person this. Larry Pratt man. This is great fat boy has a top five and celebrities have blocked that there's white more than five pretty sure these people who is this the better. Assess Reno wants by Charlie group all of this person you see the name Allah oh wow. Stormy Daniels blogs you on Twitter I meal I do have that happen. You say yeah just a block Jimi thing that's like you know a casual blocking Spike Lee on Twitter. What did you do what you say actually died at you offend the porn star well would you say it's. Don't know Noah thing argue and think of was this you know I happen a little while ago before blew up. But you don't remember that we the guys should end here remember exactly what I was Rachel Nichols reais PM block me. I always sell. Was a mark you know. Was just say NL hot shoe was via poignant did you put like the peace in the egg plant on their way it is in money you know guys it escalated its sun's visible for the whole big movement you know so I'm glad I got an artery for the movement. Has not yet he's actually Daniel why it was a an eighth in their odds of legal signs in the and a for cases being so real plus there is regularly French while our hearts. Mine are always worried sicker. Note. Is can war hero Alfonso read about his tweets about regular speaker is it seems like these saline bag she's the best wrestler yeah. Right it always turns into she's got the best grass so I don't know the best that's the best wrestler Chris surely won't in the same. A try to malware I'd be confused. The first thought she's the best you don't want the best workers they got within a martyr Chistov bread they are not open an increase in like you know the W shoulders like wuss category and asked to. Throw that in there. Or else my senior. Alder it is pouring rain a lot on their own real dirt that want to market for WW even dozen cars are all in shape. You know hey nice. Adam Jones from the oral subordinate. EB re tweeted me that I am. None of those baseball player yes there's an Adam Jones our yeah I told me was due to be sucked on the market and a personality. Slavery Sweden and I had usually and in block F yeah. I had probably thousands you know people tweet them call me every name in the book out that's great let's Adam Jones marks who wow Orioles marks. So is that it. Any other words in your local any local personalities. Sure there probably are just on the I can't it's like usually you find out when you go you know like that will trickier if Allman. Yeah yeah you all pages like these are just a series of pages you visited you know you're blocked this morning gotta have a totally to know who blocks. Only add to list. But I do nervous man Mike I mean honestly if this is awful yes please go look clearance for a policy crystal balls and some times. Please we still beautiful. There exists. Says. Aaron Rodgers numbers Corbett the history of mankind who do you still say ending distilled Easter let me muted it probably does. You know MLB all four or breaking out among just are set in the fact a problem whenever it's made of which sucks himself. Now and I'm not a law like go on fall warm around labor organized. A wanted to be cool what is casually comes up what is southern charm something you tweet about our service warm guilty pleasure TB there's a lot. We'll show Eric and I drugs or Yeltsin or are you keep tweeting at Katherine Dennis you hope she finally snake it's in the ratings go through the roof. He ought to sit this is almost the goodness of grammar we can we do not like. I mean I don't know page I mean yeah I hear things you you say people athletes UN it like dude it's all full. Well you know and I don't block anybody. But when I mean when I give it back then and how well I do us. I'm I'm I'm just. Nominated for being mean to you today the award probably means anyway just in here I am fondle it well when I was gonna say is Agassi and you only there was some guy who won a punchy because he had a big aryan arrogant began Fatah and said some other staff or sunny I gave it back to them and then he got really upset and attacked me hello Alice and attack only that she descended. I I never had any faces and wonder beats you up what I'm going to run that's what you and I. Don't wanna tell you fight nine and you and I just like okay what are our sell some tickets were you pissed and all bugs that make both news yeah. Check us I mean security and show up maturities is very glad. It's like the first week to march to fight danger or beards are declared victory and first required class I had a vigilant gallery where Gregory has been another congresses we've since learned. And since when they backed him that was funny and I was. Funnier than he wasn't at my consent whenever. When you get through this deserves jeers did you do today. And cheers Dave Thomas ran wrong. The hurricane distribute some drama cheerleader computes while he values politician he also how Thomas had an hour hasn't. SCANA with the nanny. That right now red dress shirt she's just press has blown out or rather his her every take a break in my right after this. H I thought I 93 criteria the planet dry. I I didn't play tonight was seven or eight minutes saying good. Jimmy knows. You remember to close I don't know. Did you did all this time afternoon your finally correspondent anemic. Are there once and shave the text message. And this will be fun to simulate gay you know how they did and boxing zone YouTube but they do the reveals a most of this people wants most. We can now listen to fat weight. Read this text don't read aloud plays a teller by what it says. Lots I don't know Obama is truth swear it hasn't. So we now know as good information the location. Where Erin Rogers will be staying while angry though. We are mere couple opportunities. Problem you got like a like how many analysts say. Yeah six opportunities I would think she did come and now one British dinner and there's a lot of activities planned almost as good report taken all the activities. In my wanna you know float around you know downtown Truby hit thing too is are meets with the rain. You know turn for charity's sake of it and ran out but is there's been a lot of rains and allowed downtime. And now you know it. What's he doing out of town and you candidate Cain Getty convention indeed escalate when needed. There's a ball. At the bar. Yeah I know is that he's a Scotch man well loved Scott street it looked men and good old boy whenever I. It's never there. Also forma podcaster anything yeah I'm listening. You have the Google alert set for Aaron Rodgers taking mental notes will look into believing UFOs you set this cold. It's like you know it's not gonna be like a Chris Farley showtime moments ever met him. Is Connie you know hang NL so dudes chill so what would you do that you would maybe yell at tension command back from the links mayor in the lobby year. Almost America's from at a good time at that point is from was trying to do freshen up shower up whatever. Probably has more on the backside coming down you look at him on the backs does seem a bit and I read your blog you ruined it I didn't have less time. I is I look if you're in his security detail. Looming over me in the school so happy to me yesterday that I think is a good sign that might happen. Happen and how much you weigh in of course Obama. Won much favor loans spots. You know gonna see some money walking out we walking the same time in that hold the door open form he walks in first. None other than Clinton legend CJ Spiller off unanimous black Porsche all orchestrated and had them. Didn't say anything to do one bottle. He ordered the same thing I there was a poll was conical. Let's have a family just broken they're very nice and cool reflect on how. I should have five or maybe you guys meet the Barry's very aren't there and ask watches on as lunch break. News from being rich Obama it was declared candidate whose army is very humble I was in your home them Somalia it is the design he knows iron sheik or. On main. That aren't fair though that's the Mets CJ Spiller like from your school you loved Clinton nominees speak I think if you got that close Aaron Rodgers he might just go like. Members Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch when she went on TV and since the camera came on just froze up thirty fives you know edited. And SPS are not. No one honestly if a mama laid out there. Could be a second as you know he might think it was weird those you know congress there and a bonus so Canadian. Once finally happen. You know him well and each other's presence. Is breathing the same not friendship grows. And takes off from here and I won't give anything personal with him. Everybody knows and everybody knows. Honestly I'm well tomorrow six I. A couple of stupid questions ask them. Hi I'm Aaron Rodgers you for Steve a question I I wanted to ask about display along role played a stupid question number wonder why do you know how much money you have. Albany right now dog you know they like. Can you plug and yeah I got a guy you look at him and so like Omar god I can't believe I have as much money until mama might yes it. Federal why would they question right now we're wouldn't be got to work two I'm starting with a you know. We want to shake hands I don't write your own terms and Olympic sure everybody wants a picture a law would be different. In on the goes a long way. Just hang out you can be here for a few days just in time to kill us a video you wanna picture. Let's Eads militia around tennis garden does it take a picture and this is regular tour hanging out suggests that thinks series like you know politics picture. Trauma missing persons. Take a picture was. Do renewal an awful ourselves we'll look into areas like it can offered a sketch and then wind you have to hang out at quite a show your round man must have fallen. We let me help you get the most Anderson. So companies what has taken them this is a chance meeting an Alabi days Sands Hotel would not SATA side. Where you are what you need to set down mean angry that we not SI don't want you Obama's of people come and often. Asking for pictures in the new asking him for pictures and that is goes crazy from there. Is hanging out you won't be friends. Yeah in the future you'll confuse 20172018. Because both years tribalism hundred pounds and meet Aaron Rodgers. Palin they're scared to sell these days ago that all of it lightly and we just. Did you make a wish as an adult now is if I gain a hundred and I might get to meet him in there. As you get John scene and you know you're TLC show that yes and it would take some. About the most are bright doses do them but I got the gift of gab pretty much asleep five minutes I went among. The question is you learn new view view whereas here if you have been a slow ball you pull out like a link to pair quarter mile. Merry about how do you do this you think your way home my god it's not Luke does well in as president what would you say it affected the. He knows is a casual conversation can. The news you know he got to talking points like doing this you know I think it's something topic wise we'll talk about you kind of built from there takes all. Horrible day he gets a Purdue is at the icon. It Duckett duct tape has so many uses I Elam DePaul Iowa and hers are here we're eager for this this. Oregon did okay now there's nothing I can do they were ruined him meet in the you know little sense and Willie Nelson I'd be easy deserve no sense in this is like a delicate situation he's an. He's gonna ruin. Oh I just hard to get the only people okay yeah that's why am I mean you demeanor and immunity. It gestures. I don't want me. Any other part as solid you know somebody dormant. Does any celebrity would do. He may argue knows somebody will to determine say you know on meet them them them their Amanda this is Aaron Rodgers now. You know assailant. Well broad ripple who's cool but it. It'll hold the same place there in those early years this now and then he's as to whether or not gonna talk to him now press service shirt iron Rob Blake you dug a medium to desire. You should just go right to the point to say Arab air why can't we be friends. If you don't play excellent. He told me. If this is released agent you know when the there plot points of terminal where room. You know this is maybe a couple downtown tourism hang up is only show up and I'm Alison hey tennis and you know he get older they'll. Who would you be as dressing up as a waiter and the sliding into the back door of the restaurant pertaining to a BA your home or somewhere I asked him look we're for a no real mostly foreign orders. Or would you sure Joseph Don Rooney out of the way to get there are there's. Miners who possess in their forties this is what Clinton was on us. You know really those are on rings that there are donors and actor as bridge road. Well crap and it there would you or would you. Trip Jada Marcus Rascal Flatts to get closer iron Rogers and sedan William second. Aaron Rodgers is on the phone right now let's go to line one Aron has a comment let's go to him Aaron Rogers good morning. Good morning your college or it's Bob Brown iPod audio. So bogged very very foggy do you have a suggestion maybe some advice Earl Slobodan need a Rogers. Yeah a test it's then the they're at it Patrick stop there really. I sound rude. And blood on Twitter alone I had to get knocked out in public in my yeah news agreement county security detail thrown me out wherever we York yeah. But as a matter you know I mean a lot of it that's not not the best of ideas are. I'm rob Roy had been under the weather so I'll try to a lot of these feel better now that they find here. Earlier there aren't they keep it and good morning. And he's dead looking towards the best person or person I've heard of that I may go on Friday. And you try to watch him at the cliffs of it's not a wash out does tomorrow. Always going to be there fraud and policy no apparent that's why have an opening in my skids yeah slide up there yeah. So euros detail. You know waved me in right in all the passes of course that he won't bother him at all he's just blocked by every other celebrity on Twitter but in person he's a gentleman's words I would Johnny Mack Brown's got you mean something. For sharing this idea of cancer if they're sneezing at. I hole make a call to the acting sheriff and we'll get instant headlines and much much more right at third. It's. The rats to just take. This means 341 and now you're listening to the rise guys morning show guys report through the rise guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who. We'll bargaining get to a halt crazy Yani Arab world controversy in a manner of affairs left. They Yoni laurel controversy on Twitter we're gonna do so who disconnected from the north that is and I love that I'm I'll tell you about NN men and that I get a first tell you about a woman who got fired for baking a laxative laced brownies for our co workers. And this is your ear hole realm of not trusting people on their Megan I. Don't I don't trust. The winner when I was a kid did take you for that page ledger remember when I was a kid we go to church. Covered dish supper is. I would look at the bottom of the Danish women would take masking tape and wrap their name on there and if I thought they are nastier and enter it. Is church no masses went out for a being judges hail. That's all right well a 47 year old woman and it engineering campaigning near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Found out that a coworker that she was leaving the company. And she decided that she pretend to be nice and bake some brownies for says she's decided to send them often be nice and give them homemade brownies for their last day they say it's some other employees that she secretly links them Athlon accidents he'll eat eat eat eat eat. Mama co worker wasn't on her side and and snitch Donner. Good for her got the cops involved and of course she tried to deny it at first he denied putting a laxatives in them brownie but after he kind of denied it supply dictates yup that's what thanks Hank snow after a learning all about this and then investigators would test them. She admitted that she had done that and her name hasn't been released that's. I in the and a co workers as she had a feud with didn't even eat them so she actually is lucky about that because it and have to. Tip prosecutor for an hour down them. I think when that is. Like you just. Mean you just don't like it so it's okay it's finds all the mood to put relaxes and brownies and coworkers that you wanna see ammonia at the rock tour wind. Is you don't have. A restroom facility that hasn't more than one. Hole it and it. Oh boy I mean if it all hits in the same time all you say they got from the know why Iraq now would balking as you just wait for this where. I don't worry about the real quick isn't I'm afraid someone would say oh I don't want one that much on the black was all take home for him term. Then then you get that's. Still need your kid die. Reality at hand I'm telling narrow hopefully Wear gloves he was a great DJ Riviera. Where he even gets me or the worst plague that is. I did compare it. The girls yes a bit I have to eat one dude my intensity and realize what was going on and I'm lined up several reporters right Browning. And then nobody else that he won but I wonder that it won't be suspicious of. We did the dumbest bit Everly get down bottles of water and we would put a clear laxative and call it at the cat outcry and not at the cat I can't get us to throw it whatever whatever was cleared Gaby diarrhea and we thought it flesh and roulette India may would chug the water and then wait for a hit. Time and I believe all has yeah. It all in all worked out well holy all data before it's. Good to see you and you want diary karma if you make someone else sick of comic comes around you're gonna get a worse than you did it someone counts down. That's horrible. Horrible diarrhea is also this case it it is that the grilled cheese sandwich. So let's talk about the thing that people are going crazy over on Twitter on Monday night a fashion designer named Chloe Feldman. We did have a video. Where are computer generated voice says one word the word that you hear. Easy eerie they're gonna eerie Armey. And people arguing about it like the dress thing illicit designer. Act Chloe Feldman. I'll loves her and again these two very good at pretty high so I notice I have to say I am listings for either laurels or. Owning Yoni OK. Yeah. Laurel school easily laurel. There are. And why in the world. This is a word B control where in laurel. I think laurel now blue dress. Did you hear a lot of strategy or we'll spend more Goler Carl ordinances obviously Laura earlier are laurel J. Hall Loral Loral Loral. Well I'm area he's a law are right handers. Are. Google says Laura. Yeah he says the other is just people saying well look younger people heard that. And older people her more. And trolls are already there trolling yeah it is Afghans controlling it went abuzz stinging and they had DePaul garner on the last which is his supreme court of the Internet they're ours. And the breakdown on that was 50%. Said they heard you on in 36%. And laurel. But then there is a thirteen person out there that's said that they can hear both. Get. It. This is rolling thing for database is now. Then the singer you are disabled cited troll is don't okay. Now there's I think you're one parent and both came and I did some research there's someone at earthen vessels quotes. You tweeted out you can hear both when you adjust the bass levels are just gonna have bad break it down I mean words are usually handle any news. These. See with this. Team program. End dates it's clearly lie I mean right laurel or my own don't Twitter Loral Loral I guess clear laurel. Yet nearly inch rolled that they would not you are we don't walk it's just like let them total ballots were all be control harm. And my nose Johnson has been the boogie man for years. Really. So if you have good headphones you're gonna hear laurel. And I I don't know if which are hearing with the Yani thing but according to this. Older people have many missed frequencies and that's why they're hearing it laurel so you're probably right we're being internal. Good phones your work laurel okay. You're diminished frequency glossy laurel has ruled good headphones while older people have diminished frequency in their hearing senator they weren't here. Moral and that's what godspeed. I don't know if the rise sailing in based visit. Yeah. Yeah. It's also about nine million. And here yearly now yeah eerie it's still our honeymoon more into earrings. Hershey over. Eric you very. Rare. Oh yeah. Old former public Aaron. Aaron I'm yeah they dad's I don't know how well when you do that it isn't so if you want but the other ways just laurel. And now be dance anyway aren't we silly we need to find day here's what you do. Parents played ended when he what are your kids saying call and our taxes and what are the kids here. You know it was always is your race developed your dealer trying to there's a four year old her gimme. And do it backwards as soon as this. Old. Boy admitted says Richard. Yeah. Yeah. Blow our old. On the phone of sounds right Gary groups figure they like news like this they hear that on the radio says I'm laurel. Boy oh stood on their phone and started my yard. Sarah player on the phone is in the press yellow or blue that's all I do unit whose orange right her goals. All right so we're gonna hear we're gonna hear what it sounds like through a cellular device here and perhaps. I think. It's still long Arab. Tomorrow. But he needs fake news. Now or record in. Our nature maybe yes Gergen iPhone. Earnings are. Are harder to rhetorical. Hello I am so this is just and great marketing kudos to Corey Feldman just sitting there are good stuff aren't painting as your eyes and handling. Jay you're.