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The unpatriotic prick Mattman doesn't like the Olympics, let's deport him: Headlines: Sports


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Arise guys suck you. The good guys. Rise guys morning show. Dornin CNN. A silly Tuesday. Anywhere. From our thirteenth 2018. How am lose C. Here we are already. Already merit and it meant he would have still not comfortable saints when he maintained. There are still screw up banners and I was very laws are written two checks here is February I've written two checks. I'm embarrassed I'm gonna try to ransom payroll. And as some are not literally change and Timmy march April. Termer. December 2 let's keep up with a problem. The mound or change everything and not take effect at oh. Yesterday's many eight Ribery was 79 when he guest he didn't realize what happened last when he are here what a beautiful life and how long period of and now a couple of what does it matter anyway way seems to me it's just harder to keep up what it I really I don't think it's just that I'm getting older and stuff accelerates. But it seems like stuff harder to place. Over the last since like 2000 Russo stuff got much harder to place everything went digital you don't have they you know remain there aren't as many. I disarmament popular like six Muncie don't really. Have the same kind of clear cut time and place with a girl. Ariel itself fly mothers more variety now so not everybody had that same moment listen in that same song at the same time you there are rare evening hearing it. Yeah yeah I agree you know back here in in the ninety's there was a song in the summer it was over the summer here ever by an agent in Atlanta is Six Flags and Carol. There isn't any California July I was I was the same song everywhere was huge Natalie it's. And no seamer. Not a not pharma error wasn't the song in the summer there now but dollar who idea that hey you're right when this weird and Heidi we were spoon fed everything. Don't say they're not saying that at all. That is easier though and they just select did everything for us the TV says that TV shows in the movies and everything is so much easier yeah there's everything culturally sort of accelerated scenery more stuff is lost in the shuffle a moment in North Korea. They were they decide everything forming ass when I need I need to unless you plan. I mean Kim Jung and a plan alive forming because he's too many decisions just chip and a player. As Omar Amazon went towards our votes and what is that businesses this is neither do they do the best day planner for Al. While I gotta get none and are gonna get to play are pampered. Oil was should then different. It's I don't know man and woman apparently is the best in his life about your climate. And talk nationality and now I did did did sit. There. It's a lot of a lot of therapist probably go about it and counselors and stuff man man I'm never heard of that is an appointment. Well I'm not one of those B I see a lot of them don't ask the master planners. Are it is him and asked through our term browse and Amazon itself. I'll be sympathy he's been on time browsing Amazon just went genre and you know you look at the deals through the Craig Windham iphones insanity planner meaner. And as earth and just and is nice. Column. Tried to what she Olympics again yesterday. All manner keep forgetting its own. And lord god I. And I'm Hal mad at a merger old coliseum home videos and WB network yes they did they send me an email about it reverend grabbed the Olympics exist hit me. Prospects like Jeff did terrible if these are simply take dinner. All right too good about the bloopers in there hasn't been files watching Caroline. And that man. I swear to god shuffle board on our I'd I'd I swear I am trying to be more patriotic and and also like this is what I'm from a lot of people are watching I'm going to be ten in the compensation Cadbury has more and even with the Americans on their born like I want him to win the gold but in in what curl. Compliance so I mean look you come all of the gold medal in the anything in the Olympics did for use some I've never done them I would never attempt to do this orgy kitchen look like when you get homing in the room at the house took into the Olympics open. It's just like what is that like in the race is one thing. Downhill slope as some think. I went around but that one column from. Lead talk about placing things Whitmore did it comes from the only authority and on that his price who works here he's a color well I don't want nobody has since I don't I I I can't believe that and look I'm. Obviously not that late in the party carlin's been around for awhile but I'm just saying it's fresh house watching yesterday and it was. Yeah I think the slowdown in that stretch for a little bit and start speeding up a wellness and others I carnival guy who are passionate about it. That's about why no malice and what are what is so moving up Huck on ice is passion. OK hockey educated you and other than a goal but as. Stay right here is severed ends a curling stand. As Dan was right or Aruba. I'm wet and I was there. I don't get this swallows her fight to get this on TV watching this at 630 decides may well using the passion with which people play court won't. Good they're drawn passionate dinners and you like suburb where it very curling disturb a server Vrabel always sober people plagued. Forget in. What was his column. Damn don't know corn hall here he's kids only sober people are kids well I grass is always drunk are. I'm pretty sure it is and I am too right now as is every Canadian game and sport curl originated with the drug people on rice and yes that's what started it. Again filling in rather watch ice fish. It now do you plan. I had really an animal you know could go every day I'll just ten and not the same time just randomly. And down she man whizzing by affluent customers you know we winds are so volatile part all right. We watch people eat I need to the year back pain referral boxing how high as well time now I don't like sandy there. Even tainted beads a settlement. Just weird like I don't I don't think that the gold medal for. It's downhill slalom should be valued the same as a curler. It's a gold medal yeah but did come laggard here are some gold medals and app world war precedent and these are bigger gold medal for my sport if you could have become a paraplegic just taken a wrong turn. You deserve a gold medal yeah. In Norway discriminating is one this quarter rather because the people who love curling would say the same thing about snowboard and it just now came in the Olympics blame them they get tiny medals. I love snow boards and that's interesting let's just what you like those seal he in New York you're not the Olympic committees due to the disarmament and what kind of I had an eight. Have a plan when things may say that snowboarding is not that difficult. While hurling both crashed here is missing mass fat ass don't want to cut and managed as one of the most this might be an only ski again SEC yeah tribunal to NASCAR and be no one's even harder tried jump in the thing. Joy to watch scheme last month freestyle skiing La plaza huge mark felt was. On do we all the way to root the through the real it is his head in his neck are culminating end Tripp got. One wants men. Once the highlights that's the what I need to one month ago secure zone and also what sports fishing this weekend serious. There who knows if you're eating its copy two yeah. Let me ask you don't politics I like it. I was on a set down in my throw much thrown the one and eleven Roman and watch some Olympics harassment on the watch I mean there was but it was blood sport you'll answer that. And care for. Tried. New York Summer Olympics there. I'm not an Olympics yeah that's what it is you and watch people run but does she feel like it did add these people and train for all this he ought to tune in to watch a little bit. Mean people like are we wanna rest master or care how much are practicing how my overall sense of patriotism now aren't you know this. What do little to people across fix games they train their grass is Alvaro Australian I went and Allen dance floor fill that time the just as they've. I was drink in a number of felonious the end I'll figure championships they haven't son Diego Kyra I don't watch that have been an of those people work hard to get your main man now who played CF well they work hard I never watched them play. And then they wisely sit at home Meyerson and ten cents to China you know what that have been in a London. We all do our Americans. Now that's an awful things and there are true but I hate to admit there's the the prime example of him and I want and exercise for our country and exercise very cancer you're talking Olympics hey. Everybody has across America in 88 page ever done my time here once non ball poll coat pocket if Corey dual. Who likes Dominic. And basses that's that's on the Olympics does not as a separate okay Poland the Olympics would be fun then bowling in the Olympics Amazon. Oh Olympics with a view you have to be viewed through well. So well last week and one. Is too much too much stuff going on. Easy aides say the U seventeen year old American win gold in the the Arabs are worn pair are now Chloe camps snowboarding has. Down there all season Palin Aimee deaths Soledad and she get everybody's ass thrilled that we're there to do. They have to do girls vs girls there who want to but those used it to Colorado to face and so you know us knows or. And is that I have packed the end it just grind through and in ahead that was a little bit of that and then I. I was a little bit Iraq as a very little bit arrest on. Deserves falsely turn it somewhat somewhat quote unless the big concert I heard about abandon that Hulu or got to me writers yeah. Mean what it's mean writers out too much going on people who write wrestle in the dome arrest him alone. I rest my yeah tracked. I believe it's progress when I arrest happens and I saw I saw pictures pain sensing video yet there are watching a war catch of his afternoon so busy being patriotic less certain trend watch the Olympics down. And myself will talk about that later but I watched myself on TV. You know I'll watch before or wrestler started it and before the Olympics us. And Symbian windows well I forgot about us our I saw people sort of say that to me announced Napa and Sonoma. On how many. Tweeting out a reminder that those browser out of our Washington where the new and amounts and manage there is funny because they're in Georgia senator they're going around they go to they go to winder Georgia. And they're doing there the queer I make over for cops from winder Georgia. And what does he wanted to clear I guess one of the gay guys on police learned around his house wears make America great again hat Parnell L. This trend and size is ask and I'll label brands imparting good credit. Yeah carcinoma no nobody do you have didn't looks remarkably like the oldest son from home improvement. But it day. Sarah million that are a lot. To this is money ready when you start watching. She's Russian I just say oh this is this phony. I'm. Feel like in star. I mean really down you know enough of those shows all if you start watches like. You know I west Presley for a season there had been god bless America annoying. Keenly wish I had him on this I am American by mass plants. I there's there's a whole new cancers don't taunt police who core Sampras winner and you know went all the queer I guess owls showed you from day one it. I don't solute you know very much like the new window it's funny but that's our president's effort of the lenders were also owner of Washington the new season of queer eye on Netflix. We're more than use the new Americans have found that they've made it and build our program hassle today after. Concern about what you're aware silly gimmick Smart now at. The Demi didn't he do we know it's good nines wearing a tuxedo. Do we know that he's that's what I was told yesterday where promotions bacon for promised tickets now okay there. Can't promise to UN day and I asked politely we have those today here millions around on February. We're gonna do we're gonna give those away today wind. We've played this a couple times blank in the jets. It's a great game we we say like a famous lines and then now we we see if he needs just four node the same slides from a bad a couple examples here. If you wanna try when Jeff sure. We do to close in new models local hang with the viewing him. A house divided against itself cannot what. House to. Repeat the question in a house divided against itself cannot weigh it. Fill in the blank spliced in with jet. Can use in the sense. Well sewers and TI don't know really yeah I'll page you know. A maybe is too hard Jimmy stand okay editor. Maybe that was that it's now know that you don't rob was illegal under that's very may not think this Charlotte measure graying at the theater. We'll see much. Gradually I carried during a phone give you one more matter than a wet blank. Solve my hand. Down. No matter that I don't know. The grand public disagreement issue right now probably a slower and out of boulder co sorts. Matter then they went blank. Dog. Incurred during your apparel your major tabloid and it is yeah. Anyway yeah this image final game in the play led to our eyes are as we'll do that. Will allow. Who plays some some audio from that TV show last night we're on scene on seven. Briefly and you can what would be that later and it would do a whole lot of phone says. Someone for only matters if it's your turn to Newsweek is now. It is to sweep Tuesday and he felt free to Texas 7341. That's a Carolina paper Mel dot Comtex line 72341. Need calls at any point 2180774. To below and three. 180774. Double 093. Anything you wanna talk about all that stuff page what is going on in the plant. Alerted us find out is. Romance is dead or get into that story next in your eyes guys headlines romance is dead if. And then it's romance will find out if romances that sprang we're gonna finally is Lydia know if it is yes if it is. Yes we're gonna find out a couple nice and as far as it is it's set display it was going to be happening tomorrow an iron again and what it is what it is our will get to that next in your rise guys headlines more. Here's a man. Each and centralize your eyes you guys running the show 93 point three the plan and we'll drop. Right guys headlines with the aids. Entered Beagle who. And morning gentlemen. Blue. Well here's some news to talk about someone mailed a letter with a suspicious white powder and it too darned from junior's house. It is okay. Turn out to be a hoax it was cornstarch and stand. This fake out there. They hadn't tried sound why is she opening her own mail. His wife Vanessa that's Paris can continue death and two other people and Manhattan arsons in the hospital on the the letter was addressed to Don junior and postmarked from Boston. Amy she used and it was for both of them affair came to their house. The world. It's true mean nine imminent coming cheap here S chemical White House will be huge tool. And don't snapping head. Junior treated quote did her thing fall that then NASA and my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation. That occurred this morning. She gain opening her own mail. She's not doing you know things are net and not from some kind of just unknown kind of address now here's as a novelist Leo yeah. She's been wealthy for a long long time and it changes the president thing rich people on infinera mail room. And he adds this is truly just as they work. That's certain individuals to choose to express their opposing views with such just. Disturbing behavior. And his sister bachus says quote no one deserves to be frightened this way. And Clinton. Well. I agree with that as true and you know wanna be scared of our opinion malveaux look fab always the guys can open in media. Doesn't know message delivered here anymore roots stretch we've all had our times where it's not supposed to. Well how much does it ask you items in a picture of him wearing that I had everything going Julio one moment. No reason assault three era members people who knew their own mail I think that's fine burner. I'm really here ready in that division would you open is unknown male you are opens from a banker so new and so you reckon how. I MA same national open those now in my arms room. And rigid caste your fingers when he has someone has a letter opener and he can do that funny. In a dead this I don't know I think somebody opened it I don't think she said they're opening. Mail. Actually not from unknowns in the pac ten and granite out of the tennis men's Hamdan. Of Canada ethic that that would be something of her character maybe she was out trimming some flowers and the mailman came by any just candidates who are arena from and flowers via. Her shirt and your show there are things you opens early enough scanner bay. All right then let's talk about romance shall we romance today away. And as there's some new researching. Over a thousand Americans that found that the majority of married couples won't be doing any thing for Valentine's Day. Boy what a what have where crap that is I guess some later that I'll tell you about bit. Well I don't mind set and a friend of mine who's going through somewhat similar situations. Just a quick if a woman ever tell Gionta gave her anything don't do it she she's in for verbally elbowing you in the gut when she says that yeah. Yeah if you don't I may zVue you know you you did good yeah yeah yeah. It's translation I advise you give me something ninth and remains at. Typically they do go I mean there are paid if it isn't running a means that you won the lottery they're enjoy wearing out there. Because what she's saying is she really alone should think for yourself and decency nicer me because I do a lot of nice things for you through but it's. According to the study. 54%. Of married who and I'll be going out to celebrate tomorrow. And that while his sex decision not to know them all because according to your birthday and health clinic the number of menu. Looked in tears erectile dysfunction treatments has gone up 300%. Over the past few year that's poor diet it's great news. Porsche that sell heady feel about Valentine's Day only 13% say it's their favorite holiday 6% say they hated. And these eleven. Or entity to ready issues and one day on the I don't see an epidemic in this country America not yet epidemic flotation is sweet to hear on her arm. Handedly take nearly Valentine's Day how legal and there was nuptials Valentine's Day that's tribal bells on there are no 10 Jordan they're just saying they are miles per hour. I am saying that they hate the next 5% saying it is the most depressing day of the year there's single. And 4% say it's only it's single awareness day. Because if you don't have anybody kind of FiOS and then. Don't have any Manny don't love and Connell went on Valentine's Day the women felt that way the guys know guys Souza says 13% of these Americans would rather received diamonds and chocolate. I'm bound time I guess so greedy. Hey thanks Charles this is here you don't necessarily have to build houses take certain some fun fancy home on her arm around sex toys and later you know necessarily. Have to have those you know take home some some some for her. And 10%. Of these Americans say that they're single and loving it. And only 9% of the Americans buy candy or flowers for themselves on Valentine's Day which I think is a great idea given them that page. Ever since self anything now. I've spotted from myself thank Ken and these are really pretty and I wanted to decorate my table and send it to work out for attending brown hair could free think I got flowers and some scientists and now when Aaron that's just weird and they're playing mind games with yourself you really are you schizophrenic and he'd have to recover that person eventually and what are the cards say weirdo and a. Is going to be here how can they do the flowers and be sit here and exterior and the only person is able may be page. Yeah I guess I must confess I was trying to tell myself that I'm so easy Jeremy. I love you very good line is no flowers from George glass yeah this year. Monument of how pathetic you are still look at for the rest that they go and I and there are so lonely I sent flowers to myself. That's 8% of Americans have been proposed are. Our plan to get. Engaged on Valentine's Day yeah stand. This is the one that I like 3% of the people are honest and they say that they're going out on a tender date for Valentine's Day. I bet it's higher than 3%. I don't know I think could be the worst state for blind date is you do you think in their me too many expectations. Yeah who are pressure around her as they morose outlook that was there and this one and force single women confirm. And date with their dogs. Over remain humble all peanut butter EM CF is now problematic middle school parents aren't they yeah you're a guy is like years. If he's never going to be train you may not get a Valentine car and her. Flowers or anything to get a hug and a kiss. Any notes since there. Any adult yet issue dear animals Columbia pays if the homeless man out on the corner and gave him I've got a couple portion dainty getting in and snow. Anyone can win this hey Gordon former us Ron Carter and made about thirty I don't remember about me. If you could you latency you don't lack pressures for a while say mr. Hague that I have and the Nadal. Nowadays there is surface true grandchildren nothing to treats the care for failure brainwashed surge is okay. Did you barbers and these married. Couples won't be celebrating rev 49% of Americans thought treat their pets on Valentine's Day well that's for our love and thereby they are more loyal. AR dogs bear bear the best. In animal. My campaign Tsvangirai what. A way to end it paid. Were. Hello there let me ask you. Set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show. Three point freedom planning acts. Rise guy's sports with the ethical. Look at the store with smooth this over here slim and it all. All kind of stuff going home or our trailed in the middle tell buddy's got to figure. We only have six total medals. Three or gold. Well Germany Netherlands I've. For starters or manner of targeted the metal ones and the Germans and it was cold weather countries they do really well Winter Olympics you know I can be young man in the nether region June. Marie Watson from on Meyer. Back in the day when all the medals. Is former cold weather computer they don't own delusions speed skating that's what they do. Oh yeah I'm bobsled dollar starters their stuff. A low speed skating man has a really yummy McCown started with. The way they show stuff from prime time's not a war and way out of work as lie and alluded to earlier decision ruined sports. Our Khloe Kim when via. The gold medal in the women's half point. Almost an F group which general at its yeah. She already warned before should do their last run issue window all the tricks anyway god damn near perfect score. On long gun that's. Older just kind of who lose to them. You could and slid off society today has I. Are you want I got stuck you. Fewer annoying gold in the women's half primary up in the hunt stop all the disease snowball going and send them out here and don't change yeah Peter Reynolds yelled out yeah I love living has done well. He does like golf commentary but he's talking in bed there when it comes to the young change egos like allies to back on his side. School and on Islam he's always had a rough time this week here and don't Chang play he really emphasizes that there are alike. A lot of young olympians. Say they're getting good fast on a seventeen year olds out there they call MacKenzie team maybe. She's still my score would run but. You missed. You miss Flying Tomato last time he's gonna skate tonight live for a medal RO snowboard whether. Next on my online they get The Beatles were born or any units. Offline it's made it. In the doubles or Carrot Top and betaseron. He doesn't want and and and on any more what like carrier tuchman via his hair is short as it. All told the single lie it's always in that fashion her eyes it any. According to a trains figure skating is via. Most popular search winner Olympic sports. 46 out of fifty states have search for figure skating more than any other Powell best man. People I can't man that dude women engage users two thirds of people unless. According to stats. Or stance. Well we're on number. As well whatever that the Olympics. Singling out Islam in Greenville and hear him tone changed doing only it'll probably whoever put in a bid forward Rangel. Don't interview. Skaters and athletes from other countries. When they finish almost all of them speak English are good enough to you know do the interview here which is weird it's like a CNBC maybe Vilma looked that well. As an unfamiliar with the American people talk to me anyway. Well a lot and I mean a lot of countries there were a lot of medals ordinary speak a lot of English in Germany and the Netherlands especially. France are you give it is like NBC recognizable around the world and it is. Leave your own thing is for me very pure Olympian probably because they're always broadcasting here. Tribal allies the babysitting them. Haircut man a lot of these sort of on these athletes live here. They see music is universal language right. So. Wasn't a surprise when Slovenian snow boarder. Hit stay at tee and say yeah hits stayed T yes and pounce to the owners of the were free meek mill. Oh wow listen. I mean no oil reserves that billion hour. In the event in Pennsylvania. And international pop star with her a lot his brother. I was rather. Normal by a meek mill he violated his probation went to jail. It's you know Michael usually get a new GO yeah it's it's going to jail. So the miner too I say freedom. Is what I said. Are you won't fit stating these from Slovenia. Leon some kind of list I think can do they always on your home here. Now listen to this always you do this the other day exhibiting is a bigger deal. Than it cost this guy's jobs I guess once. So deer in the opening ceremonies. Thursday. An analyst for NBC. Who was so that's. Japan or was a young cultural and technical and economic example South Korea. Which I guess they have he would each other since World War II. Here in analog and Jeffrey don't Mavis beacon everything their names were each and had a patent to apple and you have very top and why. Now so many years now. Sure some mean removal players. Now he's trying them and played that bad in January and Horace Nationalists are afraid Jeff. And if I do think the problem. At tired quickly and quietly. Today to fire already is only able to our regularly scheduled program earned rewards in the room 304. Relief. Where we got to test it there underneath it just says he's an old west a loan. From the. Moon. Yeah it's these two countries say to each other guy he reach other now a new Japanese people in Korean people do like each hour. Because. Memorial in Japanese. Phillies were here he would tell stories about his mom did not like Korean people him. I've known people who do what creepy live like Japanese people countries say each other this guy he had misspoken you losses job. Oh because they as a petition. Of over 60000 signatures and circulated. Now works on broad and won't touch it while it's yeah. That's still works at this is work. Yeah artists and in the Olympics. When it comes to politics and like real issues and does Clinton. Think it is right. Ray Girard was the two kids who won the he won the snowboard I'm wouldn't notice their Warner. Sort of slow down slow slow slow results Florence Milan. So he says he got to snatch Nvidia's. From his family and friends. Around 8:30 AM the other day about the watch him perform shock got him Beers. 8:30 in the morning. Hillary is in May worse shot inning we just arm sin in his snatch him videos of Korea now. Big shock going to be years and 8:30 in the morning marijuana or donors or world I don't think probably a total book a RD one of them metal that you going to watch it and why dwellers who saga some Beers and there's this early in the morning and do it. They have more cynical theirs like she travels the world and a free Tom almost three nice area distraught whatever it was travel wherever the hell. Have a nice life so must be a vote. Diamonds ills bipolar. I'm not a slob and accusations he can think of how he says he's bipolar. They just gets Brennan. It. Old Donald Donald. I'm an agent Johnny fogel. Still other model excluded him how fired Arab world our first very good order or warrant it's. Had a rough week gee mom knows he gained twenty pounds history to have these his tongue is enlarged here and don't okay. My brain and scramble may elect really unimaginable. Thank given the constant and I thought that when at all. Ozzie I can residue bipolar. Strutting American unifil it's already excess fill. Lot of people talking to Tim Tebow but the exit Zola. Though diamonds out can do except focus this record. Ill will. In the well I mean as has gone by almost say it. How much of a record units even pretrial. You might have on those domestic violence situation I don't think that I want to court them. Some was sold their boots you know Vincent put him in the total. Revenue athletes. On now we're ready to go months. You're harder and at least when you got about twelve point two million dollars decrease team Noonan or at least during and a money or pay them when your party I don't have. Eat free network trend. I harness off thanks a whole lot of money spent in the star of the league he didn't sign one good quarterback with. There be an exit fill their work will mom wants it every day that's the question now only rounds. So please try your regular fell but the Hammel Hamilton tiger cats. The CN FL. Have his rights still a belief in satellite you know pronounced like the play famous play Hamilton Haram. Seasonally succumb excellent to tinsel. On Toews being quarterbacks. All of this more controversial that'll do they wanted to get to stirred up in a but it's the Olympic women's hockey team you always have decorated masks hand. So we've got. Statue of liberty. Romance it. The Olympic Committee flyer that'll known but office Lyles. Nowhere yet. The good news is they are allowed. To fiddle like political symbols on the masks or anywhere in the Olympics. Though when you tune into the coverage of the Olympics they'll talk about politics now we're good half hour we'll show you Kim's all new sister. We'll show you that the media arrived the north and South Korean prison has been uninvited to North Korea at them from Kim Jong-un. Or missile talk about that. You know allow certain displays in the Olympics so OK and coverage camp puts. Statue of freedom when you Max. That is cannot end what does everybody does have though I haven't seen any of those events but what do they have on their massive like the you know. The hometown team and Jung Chang moon. A what does that males have. The only unifies that thing and I knew we have a girl who plays for entertain. South Korean markets saying why it's they don't they show is dual citizenship that's. Upstairs she's ice as far as I'm concerned are you crazy I mean. I guess but it isn't care they had glassware or busier moose on one side of the UK and there are some on the there were in final sure. Yeah well as far as. Was not his mom's favorite NBA team. Any sense. So it's. Obviously the shock yesterday on assault case suns NBA on team Kate. One assault is saying mostly gone man he knows. It is pretty good right not that long ago and went back and look at 2003 he surely one of probably the Cy Young married here in other Roy Halladay wanted to. You lose throw on some stinky day year. I'm real wild all over the place didn't. Good man he was real good there's I think he provisionally ordered over him. Well I evacuation of one sailor Halladay had a much better years in 2003 and Roy Halladay. Talking about this long why isn't. He was so busted yesterday in San Diego for a skewed nearest last week they came out yesterday. Charged. Having 44 pounds of cocaine can it loan and the or hair one Russell. It says here mama which is a lot. Slot but I. Didn't choke was found in packages at a home he incidents so tell us Kinsler. Was involved in drug trafficking allegedly a decent part of it too Trump's daughter in law. This isn't news from juvenile rumble through some back determined to send up. 2000 dollar bill Austrian total chaos and 44 pounds cobol be worth around half a million dollars. This idea of those cocaine and heroin when it first hit it was more than the other now. Says your OK okay. But you know toe gangs. Maybe it was a mixed some woman. I tell the difference year revenue gums. Are things just snorted at. I have three days later is kind of a day and there is not look and I don't mr. Heller can that you nicely in 2080 plea for. Fourteen year. Forty cents a cool million bonus the long of one as the buying and why is that we do RT rose almost a month for him he should be a soap opera this. Intel move Salmonella. At some clues to okay same kind of the role of package will be Esteban and the lights. Still don't sit in its animal model mr. normalize. Little tingle mosquito cone bowl parade. Global it and live boomers who hook piceance Omaha. C. Drug our sport I play you're. Just this morning she and Imus in the morning set cause I. Maybe three minute. I completely different.