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Dating a cop's daughter or a preacher's daughter, which one would you say is worse?: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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The radio back. These pediatrician new home and on the rise guys morning show on you or phone. And Howard like the first thing you lose you're lucky to the rise guys morning. Maybe 3.3 number. Hope you Dell did not see me. Late in his clothes smelled gun. The ball. It's no. And I can't. Me. Eight today in the crowd. In the fifteen. On Sunday. Her written down. Exemplary and that's our report from reserves are Rivera I mean it is like Arianna Father's Day is Sunday to do not forget. No remember that. So I have to say yeah and I don't give a gift he noted dogs don't you know McCain it's no they don't get me for her teaching anything travel you know lawyers. So what is what is an update on him he would need to get in nursing home yet let's see if this is old big you know if you ESCO. So the first play someone ensued. The girl the war affairs since then we can take him because we're not accessible for wheelchairs. But she's kind of been helping me through the process. At a nursing home they're not accessible for will chant yes he's I mean they can't care for person cheer. Every play someone suing the other say it was was about ten. Does not take people will cheer. Why not do it. I guess they have rams for accessibility and as far as care for their way into sort of a bathing in things like that yeah and so on our got to try to get reclassified to get in home nurse may be. But he's not the best women situations of common stock and more to do is he still living way that his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend the other mayor. Is ex girlfriend and her new husband. Row all of our. And not too well you'll senate there. I talked to won't disease and you'll soon messages on FaceBook I had a group of people we send dirty takes you back and forth and he's meant a Oudin isn't that pretty happy those incidents imagine the stuff in there now like now does he send me sometimes. Can imagine is like at upper Echelon of that. Oh I know amended to blow your mind. There's in my theories and if you give back on FaceBook. Says he's on this doling out a million bucks. Yeah I'm stuck with a model to do. There's at all did so him living with the is not an option now. I'm glad I'm beautiful million on the county in the state classified him as if you give him in somewhere he's good together you know you'll be covered Z as insurance. But their rent house are gonna redo that process again. I don't know how to read to classify him to do nurse. A local woman through event. I mean don't lose your dad. PT six or seven and then what it's being remind. Every right what put him in the chair. Yeah a stroke couple strokes I don't think you humans left side whichever film we text with his play off is what can make us someone says. And he can use voice takes his news redneck from liberty so. All for you not gotten very good light and doesn't put they G on the end of you know certain words. Arena I run into. I mean I may use that one since I did yesterday an error it was alleged killing. But but yeah I mean that that members spree didn't mean to learning teaching them to do it is what what does he do for a living. There's more nutrition. And I was traded yeah. So you bounced around you know most was in the ninety's now he doesn't have part of a middle finger got cut off. An accident. Who's going and I don't you disability for that and you can't flip a Bert Weiss is a little want. I don't remember who's proud Jeremy bird oh sorry sir. Didn't realize. Wow so did so you can't work an and you don't wanna just give them like some kind of you know fruit fruit kind of Father's Day gift because. His life sucks right now. Seceding if a legacy consultant sort of feel guilty about it. We give me these remains turn your order road facility or will I ram for that facility system I don't. A my guns on Tuesday some beads for spokes yeah something. We keep working now Rogen does go a heavy lifting men there might have to. You know my gram heart are remarried I got a new man now so they can't take them they're probably too little to do warmth so long we will discuss them. They may mean my daddy worded text to mail and he was always you know always drill laid back and chill and everything it is always. Is always easy to know what to buy for Father's Day and really was placed it. You know like and this is usually women they may do it but they'll say oh I I saw this new bag on the frantic catalog let that be nice. But I my daddy would like straight out he'd be like you know lack. I saw Remington the other guys miracles. That I think got my life game gets what's coming up now I mean he would pretty much laid out to us as always easy but. They're reserved his game archer sweatshirt Eliot. Like I I remember when it comes to sift specifically Father's Day I was Dayton is turning Kayla and her daddy was a preacher. And it was like. You know I must say this about all preachers kids that man like. That girl had it's had a tough time being the daughter of a preacher I mean she had a tough time because you know. Amy does not I mean and that's it's not an easy situation. Like won't be harder like. I view it in what would be harder to. As far as I rules go okay G-8 you have to have rules for your Stanley free kids all that room because your dad but what if you're. A preacher. Then there's another layer rolls or what if you're. Like if you're cop then there's kind of another layer rolls Sawyer what's worse being doctor preacher who haven't preacher that are cop dad. That's a really great question because I've seen it. A lot of people who have like combat yeah we'll their Carlisle to play on the first the first time I ever smelled. Pot in my entire life in the dislocated his dad was a cop. Not just cop but like I narcotics officer Mel and I big time come when the sheriff's apart I got our I don't know what does that but his kid was like. My high school we'd slayings in my jangling and Kidd now aura there there but remember he used but I mean Greg. Fairly high up in the sheriff's department at the time way back when an and his kids are rarer like sort of gang signs and so we'd stopped Aysu Winnie. It's holidays and thugs who either had bad dancer preachers mom or dads who were cops and we need to figure out. Which one would be harder to be a child. As far as rules and all Lego I think cop I know I think preacher. I think preacher. Is losing too many movies review cop comes home is right. Dream big everybody because all the stress of being a cop but I guess that's really how works all the time her rallies and every July and ms. he's been like. Where is preacher you know you've jacked. See you as a reason why okay say give you your. Please dad mom he may he may obviously will observe though little law of the land. On the may not be spiritual or have any kind of say there while the pastor. He has the spirituality in the faith and also in the Bible says you also serve it cover the law of the land so it's everything it's all encompassing so I'm gonna go preacher dads are harder. As if you if you ever get old school so that church yeah and yeah I imagine living in Parsons right beside the church. Well and you live decide that your Virginia daddy always in the house he never goes anywhere that would sought. I would rather be a mega pastor kid. Yeah I gave my that was a mega pastor would be fine Brasilia wealthy is boring did you know that there is a church and easily fan boy has a bowling Alley now. Pianist is that this can be dog himself grew between years give an idea that a ball O'Malley in Georgia while. Be harder if you're dad was a fundamentalist treason are seeing some time and freeze of Israeli strength Torre could last a certain music Ari can go and places. Are you can have caffeine. I really religious complex genetic. Right it's the budget about police officers your fire that's the worst and I Catholic Boston cop guy he's our preacher he's a cop who is indeed get on the weekend. I'm gonna shoot you. Ahmadinejad give yeah you'll you'll live to the lord and savior Jesus Christ you better camera that I'm gonna shoot. Them I got I'm gonna turn into say a woman shoe junior may have heard about the new testament. Well Tonioli NC we've done nurse. Trite. By the way I was his son in the music director in church and I'll tell you why it is hard yeah Brooke and they are imam. Do we really was they let because she was like the assistant preacher I mean really she was like he's system preacher. A revote I'm thinking logically OK a cop is institutionally you know supposed to detect whatever is doing you know. Make sure you've been south boyfriend. Or Syria is okay sort of preacher kind of be more. Christian like you for giving like too you know are you go have fun last great there's a law like kind of naive thinking that none of that storm moment as a young kids right that's almost normal just wanna go well. Yeah. Well as what they preach in the church and do not have sex before you're married they don't go who into the don't ask us about it. So don't do this well they really had a specific you have to get into their various truffle butters and all of that yeah all right all right so we got eight a guy who is a sentiment cop we also have. A guy whose son of a preacher earlier I talked to first. Manuel hard I have no preference whatsoever I think Jesus of her anything protester preachers kid on lying to. You down there and. U yeah good morning. How are going well years. Doing unit yeah of preachers Sloan and and an eight dollar and buried them not even Bob preachers daughter. Yeah and net does preachers daughter. Rules and regulation rule of law triggered the mod. Are even though mom or strictly in his load a whole lot. Stricter on his dollar then then Monday it was all made but I will say this all the years and years to be change you change became a kind of what pushed us. Together. So you know lots about thank being an overbearing and Oregon and you can do bits and you can do that is. Those who are experienced. To go that route anyway just because they're always been told they can't. Yeah and if you're overbearing you really can have kids right I mean the Jonas this crazy. Yeah yeah but we you know we were just told that in any thing from long hair took. Do you have that one Ryan Amanda and have won't air contempt do those taxes you know just Ono and only win and and we and then you know all that. All those years just kind of what. When you realized that. You get older and get a little freedom you can get a complete album. Yeah Gergen here Paul does this portraits in churches in Jesus rock and pine tar. Yeah yeah as early trip as say do you EP when you down there and Eddie have a good morning. It. Could using Jesus paid with a buzz cut and I'm Malcolm alluded to enhance his vision 901. Hour storm clean jagr and others were women are solid. I'm sorry then resumes are that is there there may be some women in the last supper. Good morning John. 00 good morning yes 200. Good did you follow her way into your father's footsteps. Yeah well actually my mother and how much Bob well. No yeah I could have. Does Sarah scientific community and cops true when you said. Was a cop kid I just to Sydney Richard dad chain moment. Now that's okay you know moms do hero at a Seattle murder not scream back. She's still holds the record agreement carries her salt was first serve the most awards. From back in 1996. And that record has been. Who learnt my lesson and why now. And spew alert to the black belt in karate Mitsuzuka. Scary and huge blow to vertical amuse you don't now see you know pretty much praise me and my brother. Zulu on on parent yeah. But he used to restrict and you know I guess the cops give Barcelona a preachers kids. The urgency is probably going to molecular screwed up did you go go to at all. You blow it its you're going to go to general go to jail we found him I don't. Exactly should go towards yours you know try to execute the state but joy aides looked just like Q did you meet and let you know you don't straighten out west where you don't usually mix of. Out. That's crew. Crazy men crazy crazy crazy did your dad lives when you when you were just like our when your mom when you guys you just ride around or whatever did she liked what we're seeing someone's beating and his turn the lights on go after him. Now as you look and act kind of look out you'll more is to be reached soon you run the brief snowstorm out and just let my prayers got divorced. Everybody was very deal with the colored tee and basically terrorist threats Slater merry go with the North Carolina I was. I got you would you daddy hands are preacher. No and that it was actually in the business and you know. You know these well Monique Currie Bill. Duke or do PS3 is confident he sold out you marry there the only are a lot. As you saw her. What your dad's name is stop. I don't know how you tempering the yields have their balance their yields certainly don't much care needs are always together gives you momma John have a good morning sir thank you. I broke yup you know Dick Lugar. Oh boy calls mama fed as the sound was who graders are up. And allow your drive member that the big show. His mom all. Yeah uses state trooper yeah. Downing Columbia area as a minor if they can make me it is yeah meant that quadrant of the stay here Moly armed. Let's talk to a. Eight aliens a year. Not to marry there aren't doing well when you're in investigators highlight guy like him. I am Pedro investigator you messed reality not a what that shares our mouth. It it same one as your husband her differently now you don't have a different department seeking care in any USR it and Lou Lou Joseph meet there. Narrow now actually no we I moved here from Idaho so are the same may be mad across such UA's do you caught eyes across the room at the policeman's ball. In this building in my bachelor's. Apart criminal dancer and I Matt and out and ally policeman's balls they I went to one as Spartanburg one time there was great the other Ferrari test. Arafat and yeah. You had three daughters what are the ages and are they looking into law enforcement. I actually all three of them aren't I have an eleven year old I have a fourteen year old and I have an eighteen year old daughter and well which I Natalia my working or can take apart and put back together any out of. So can I ask may present. You started birth would that isn't my kids fifteen asked delegates to foregone getter of new you know fixing it. Or hey you know it's never too as far as always had a gun safety in Narnia you know I won't know I'm sixty years until about put them together and take them apart. Policeman I carried out say this without any time how can all right and guys. Ends. Eddie how do you feel about like right now it the way the the social climate is about cops do you eat still look to your daughters and say. You know what you emea sound senior without saying it right like this is. Yeah yeah it's scary it's scary yeah. There's a target are back for sure now and that's a lot has deal with the social media. And the media. It really does once a that you don't want Sunnis and the titan we try not to an Afghan and yeah Linda I don't blame each. Was great I mean it's Jerry Kelly got three daughters and any time they delay the mom or dad. A lot and can imagine I'm can imagine what would pay Joseph for what you do they wait for this is your husband was into us as well now. The issue that was his initially been Newark and I are now. Well well well when he Weis said meets on that we send him your Morgan Michelle and Julie's when he swings murders were pastors. Not my comment and did what I believe that my kid have it worse. Preachers kid how we act will be headed yeah any time they're talking no lawyer argument that we can. Now I ask a lot nicer and and then my you know my fiance stockings and yeah. Yeah he's just send their slain in the gun when they lost in love oh yeah and then they got it out double yeah. There's so many times boy is Lamar got from her daughter's yes. And you see in the future will your daughters both revolved. Yeah probably not I don't know how well known. And if Willis and I think she too does the free service and now hung funding young and source of guys. Are well aware of thank you lenient. Have diminished. Possibly mentally no honestly you're she poses to prosecute this. And her husband was bust in the Johnson came in hey he's bait car at a really escorted tell you really pretty blew us. And only have feels about remarkable president oh my gosh you and then it for a moment. They have about a bulk of the president procedures. Now I just thought that was probably a that trump family yeah. Or perhaps zero wonder now I don't know. And she wants there to be president that's what they're Charl is not a market but also those who don't put your ball I'm Stacey does not. I trump right Ericsson wanted us nervous play defense there are you imagine him being on a dollar one point. Larry scary. I come you didn't let him herein are the big question mark could put a dollar bill. We're going to over take a break would do some headlines we have poppy evil take you sit there and to show in nine years no question of the day yes. The rise guys morning show wouldn't let me. Thought he ninety's during my freedom my. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle whose lives he may not know who's 47 year old Jonah falcon is he's through he's kind of a big deal. He's two for airborne as well hit his head he's the man with so world's largest. Natural penis. He says he slept with Oscar winners. That's the perks and having such a large thing. But it does come with a curse if he suddenly Jonathan winners and unappreciated. If so how big Izzy measures eight to nine inches in length. Last cent. When he's correct thirteen and a half inches and I think is seven and a half to eight inch diameter. Sentences were both are essentially. He says that the plus part is that our own people want to meet with them he claims that he had sex with they list celebrities including. Oscar nominees and winners. But he won't reveal the names he says quote I can't talk about that. It wasn't Merrill Streep I'll just leave it at that Judy ditch and I have to know that he's bisexual so if I boy girl asked cheeses. Yes. Well or fails the curses that he's an actor in Hollywood and and he says people won't hire me. They you'll big loophole Jonah falcon and they say which used to. Is now different Lewin wardrobe and a little work of them think very frisbee is size. But there're others in Hollywood and then hand in hand on hand I have to how big he has spent and more docs I'm. For his fans here layoffs are watching two girls orbiter wrestling Eagles say it let's. See you're wondering I said he's. The world's largest. Mammoth pretty natural penis there's another man out there that claims to have the world's biggest penis measuring a whopping eighteen point nine inches. But he trained he spent many years stretching it with weights so there's a difference between this yeah I don't know her. That's their day off. And welcome. Any guesses or Moscow where a question. I said Judi Dench and why you say anything OK did I miss you say Judi Dench. As we're very very against duke bench is good we're also Robert Duvall. I'll venture. And under. The may be just trying to York and saying man I he picked up for his famous people and many can't get hired because he's kind of a problem so eastern people to his website. Jess Stacy ever get nominated. Police are welcome police are supporting actors armies who has been nominated he would mean I don't wanna best supporting actor it's important. Activity though the other American Beauty model warm for the DA did work for American Beauty prospective. So what makes a woman attractive. Their researchers in England meant now that find that the way a woman walks contributes tourists sexiness as much as her looks. So not only is it a combination and a small waist rounded hips and bottom. And possibly a slam figure. You know the way a woman movies is jest. As attractive. My Irish journalists that's hockey content and isn't she walks. With a little wiggle and our hits and take small steps. So not Samari walker or his head they've been knee replaced pro is not a war. Not out of this. You're locked in fast and swinging your arms us not attractive Manitowoc and I can feed her like a lot of women do and I heels. As unattractive either so humane small careful steps and just kind of suing your heads back and forth people are delicate you earlier if you shake your ass people notice that's good filly in the eighth. So. In urine or how they they've got to this conclusion is they studied video is elected people watching other people. Walk and that's how I found that they had narrowed it down to a woman when Joyner has since taken some instances where people like. There are carrying the way you walk the way you move the way you move in general. Down the wall knows a lot. I don't have very good Walt. Not a woman. Nobody did does demand more pure thing no. Any woman ever settled because. As it mallet Roger just walk around that's hot it is anyway well it out of my wife former hard larger or rent a house and a come. As the first when it comes to mind but there's been women don't own. So one should Panama or this person comes minuses in the wanna saw yesterday doing that but there's another was witnessing walk around who just. I don't usually nobody's as some strange woman you see in public. And the way she walks is kind of sexy now but I don't know of anyone there is again the way that do walks is hot. I know I. And maybe has to do in the attractiveness and her fertility because researchers say it's not exactly. Not sure why a woman smock is so important here attractiveness. But a kid they're KBL a biological clearly you're looking at someone. With her fitness an aging components and right reproductive health fifth you know she's where Golan has a nice figure possibly. Now. If some judge your reproduction is often the way she walks. I mean you may be attracted to learn she looks healthy and that might have something to do use in your subliminal mind. That's you may think you wanna be with her child learn to adapt to care. This again. Yeah sure it's lost a really good never been like yeah she's hot junior and they're not honor sir I sure averaging about eight kids and still be healthy afterwards. And costs and prayers to all the hard girls in wheelchairs today you know. Well this is not like here you know you're getting American breed sound. Even when you're looking next time I'm. Not us. 34 year old Rachel Tyler she had her first and last day at twin peaks. What does she do she's at least she was busted for skimming customers' credit cards. Our first day says she could've got away with that but he is the manager noticed where she is doing. And just a few hours after she started working Cotter using scammer to steal their credit card information off the customers and he reviewed then the security camp. And Sally she is doing. That's she scanned for it to five cards and a computer terminal. To pay the customer's bill and then she slammed the car down towards her pocket before returning to the carts and a unsuspecting customer. Well so in why did you report this to the media. Now he she was arrested says she lost her job. She was arrested on one felony count of unlawful use of computer and she's in jail on a 2000 dollar bond so he called costs after seeing her do that many came to work and arrested there on. It's basically it's no longer safe to use credit cards anywhere to consumers are still there's more we hear every single day our. I'm surgeon general TV news and they're just trying to scare old people wouldn't just mark on these records are out it manages cash now. If you go to every if you were picked a place like that it took Lisa summed. You have to secure cards and can't you do as a thank you don't get some pretty good tips just do what you do Jack and swords yeah I come up big blue plaid top not just a hair more no get Big Ten smaller news. And you may think you know that she really. You pay more attention and get more chances she was nice this US and there for the job obviously and she had worked there who prior to that's. And she quit because she didn't show up for work and then for some reason I don't know why they hired her back and then into their wash parents in this skimming from. Customer sound. You know you're going to be a criminal I guess you're gonna do it anyway. Does a good thing about working terrorists are saying you can does not show up to work. They don't think much of a deal worked there anymore than you show up six months lady gets a job. Sawyer in her comments. Yeah I know is only for some people you cannot get fired here. This stuff. My luck going to be the first one. Start trying to protect our appointees. To run Payton as your skies have mind. As guys on tour. 330. Leaks at this is the rise guys morning she 983 point three of the planet just rocks yeah. Maybe everybody called FaceBook this grand snaps. Email we appreciate it tomorrow brand new FaceBook plus send dirty Thursday and bird they've bashing pop people chickens. And we have what right now. They're popular British Raja mom people take it trial or. Always lives he has no more than. Don't deliver a year yeah. We have Jason hoppy little if you can tell me the name of the girls vulgar call in this toward what was that awesome dog's name. She said it several times text that is due to the Carolina based real dot com Tex signed. That number is 72341. 72341. Would think you're not Indy third correct they introducing pop people lot of Burma's sudden at July 1. Page Iraqi it at work next subway and fine. I especially one we go on to say it's thanks for listening I'm blessed day to go again this. Arms and any. Three minute run luck is luck to him loaded threat. 3.3 dollars. Drugs.