Thursday, August 10th

Have you ever ran away from home? A German girl did and joined ISIS in Iraq: A brand new phone scam from Jeff Lewis Neal: Throwback Thursday


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel it's a lot of whenever you. The alarm and wake up the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show and then 3.3 the planet back. Make dinner away. Is down there why they know how. This Susan. We're all learn mold. Yeah. There's a live PD oh total rise guys morning show every morning as haters I. There's a live TV bingo game that you play why on social media. So if you get your card. They'll be things on the airline got underage drinking. Burglary. Expired tags car seat found the guy and breast novelty setter and then if you're watching that episode one happens. You put it on your bingo card and if you give danger of you don't want a prize did you get downloaded to your social medium Letterman you want to live PD bingo what help people could talk to your plan I've PD bingo. What's next. All I'm playing how game of their own shuffle board. Yeah are distinct screen charts and alive PD being here before her room looked into it I'm playing ozark hey man right now says I'll watch the episode. To to start yesterday. Now play exhibited in your bare. And you're paired as Brit journalist Tom would britches off after two hour watch TV. Who was a lucky Feller. It was huge Al yes it was. It was not saying when he talked her out when he's talking about there's a brand new Jeff those telephone scam produced by Al new cowboys a feature credit for this. Yeah he's a featured credit on offense you want that I'll take it you take it. Pamela David a four out of five earlier he's heard it nowhere else that's come. For example he brought us to my intention is now Washington is anymore. As I'd like to enjoy Monday enough felt like the walls are closing in on the error skiers are are lost millions. What about this you know there was there was some problem in America and downed. I think was up in the Michigan area but. What do you think about that teenage girl from Germany who ran away from home to join crisis in an end. Sixteen years old from Germany. Said she was a solid student not an a student a solid students are not linguistic and or gas student is solid state. No problems win now home wives for anything like that. But she had. Crisis reached out her sessions again this year recruited and they recruited her and she said you know lot. In this world two lead then a legacy or are just dying in disappearing into existence. I'm going to I'm going to be remembered and she joined us as she ran away from home and joined us this he have. Holy Moly. Man I don't know what kind of what kind of feelers or hints she put out to do you do to attract that type of people pushing it a matter in the guys who you know reached out and of course. Ali Al what I gonna think that's probably how a lot of the start you know from then on top of that. I don't have a particular arm of the government bid Germany the government says that more than 900 German nationals have left the country. Many of them teenagers to go and fight for crisis in the Middle East at least a fifth of them are women. Now here's something I will throw out there that has to be going on some of these cases. These are not. Necessarily cases of abuse. At home but certainly a lot of these I Darrent DM GR cases of neglect. Otherwise it wouldn't know that way you wouldn't go in that they did there you know what I'm Manger. These people are looking for role models their parents are failing to be not all of them but some of them are. Hearing these kids are just. Being neglected to deploy that they're they're going beer and doing their big arm like the parent. Any we think fed. I don't know what the selling points aren't you for a woman to join them because obviously they probably will not treats you very well piracy may swear but yeah. I that's laboratories and that made me in this woman gets romantically involved with so I make I mean out and then there after. And they have to fight in the army and there there there forever and. She told her pain now here's the other thing you talk about what was the word used Jimmy about the bringing in this and then went and met in the collective neglect for Auburn so she told her parents' issue is going to visit a friend last summer in a different city. It's exchange so she does I guess got on a bus or whatever he ended up going to the Middle East where she converted to Islam and I'm not listening this now this is not on our furthering you know I don't. She okay. I let him Lendl have left her hometown of polls Smits near the eastern city of Dresden last summer toner families are going to visit a friend nearby town. Before leaving for the Middle East where she averted is long and then contact at ice is fighters via Internet chat rooms in the region. Says she went there yes you want to moms passport and a country she. There in the inside a huge issue was it out indoctrination wizards one journeyed there you are okay or. And a regional further and learn more more Swiss re the whole story again and and those on the bottom out and told. I kissed a girl she's got a kid they'll officer is from ought. As you know now her recruiter her husband died the previous battle. There and they don't know what she was doing was whose capture was smuggling as well yeah I Iraqi special forces went in and daughter and now they're trying to decide if they're gonna send her home or she can face trial for me and a militant terrorist Nancy give the death penalty indirectly. Just too much about Paulus I I am I ran out I ran away from home two times ever and they were both oh no one was co mail one was Taylor's. And the one from Taylor's I got a lot further than I did pro mill mere helmet always liked. Whom I was like the city that. Truman lived there say to me there was nothing outside of home mail that's why we talk about her I would get easily it was like a different countries and different area like kind of state there is really far wired seems harder when I was at colonial I went to Jimmy. Is this will be you tell me how far away I walked out walked from my old house of mail. To Jordan's. And behind Jordan's was an Alley. That Myanmar for it was an Alley about this very late at this duty as a wasn't very big but it was an Alley and we would get down there and it's in my head of Polaroid camera we go and and take like in a rat pictures and stuff cross our our run DMC we would take Caroline aluminum Mars to me linoleum tile down there and break dance and you know. If you can't just put it on the sidewalk in front you mill village house she got to have dead the background and all the essence and ga you need to rent space race. And then when I was at when I was when we lived in Taylor's. I I walked through the woods that led me to the back nine of pebble creek golf course. And I went to go to an area that town their own skis. Trees on the east bridge road ends up being and I want about seven miles then what about seven mountain. And then realize what element do and yeah Owens was as Q how do you get seven miles away no that was. At this personals primus yeah. I had to get adding. And I'd call Friday to come gimmicks and a walk home. And I. This is why isn't don't know we would routinely one of our bikes down the other sarcoma all of my whole month camera while an eleven minutes lawyer Mary ever call me you have followers from home I would get a stern talking to and a the what do you like the. Yeah yeah I don't even I don't mineral call I think that just left with the the pesky sat shirt on my back Keira and I left I left home and so never good. And then when I get a spanking I'm always I'm gonna call 91 woman called the law and you mama or all of the SS. You don't if you go yeah. Same age you that they that's always Kolb are all out to be down and let us out you make today tomorrow because not tell how bad. I am I okay last year unhealthy and he's. I'm I'm I'm usually you tell me tell us they were they comes I count now we want to pay duty when grandma lives now. I don't I don't lock me and I'll lock you up twice their top. I'm telling you that's her at the same earned and and there are very very similar or shorten up pack in the bag when your kid. Get ready to wave. Boy that's when you just start progressively feeling dumber and dumber and dumber Americans like he never pack your bags for vacation during your kids you know relative war. You're not like he doesn't take what I need to must stop and then many years all right Steve put some clothes in there is no. I hope you are your short game and why I go to busters on whatever. Did he get the little kids must superintendent and Gaylord a moment of my game gears agitate and above the Genesis. And Vegas that day. Iron man's toy. And you start packing employees now for a life independently on your own has grown adults right. Maybe and you realize real fast or go home and a Reynard car earned a one month. I know where the other kids went to save obviously sent up some kind of delicious yeah intensity can I think just for kids it and I managed. And slides there'd be a swinging ropes and things like that are good times it an island administration obviously. Had never existed dissolve the kids always like. Thankfully for the kids you know. That scared my cabinet yes I was scared to death and as hungry as tired had what seven Omaha is that. And your ending just wore out and a cap W ran away your right. I'm gonna play you billions literally got in your car and drove a way because you guys are kicked out. I'll are women make a difference there always runway is acute via the Purdue and but the main key members single moment that that was the straw that broke the the camel's back I'm single moment route from the ages of 1017. Now was the worst years monologue and you get kicked what what was it they get to kick now. As whatever mood she was there and whatever little things that are all in your seventeen. So it went that was rate ranging from fifteen to seventeen at that point says she's as you'd get out they don't go and get your car and you just did you have any idea where you're going when you have also and there are some counts is like to sleep on you know. You buddies so made earlier there even missing school to god you have your senior. Boy I mean at that time goes anywhere from juniors seniors here seeds drop that you're seeing you here yeah how far and what mark after the first semester there McQueen December. So you get your vehicle and you say OK I'm just gonna. I'm gonna get a Frandsen but what what Turkey into. Alabama the right when it Alabama UN live then like for three months and down as far as Donald who go to California. Eight point eight Japanese say cal Harlem but to point out that way with outlets have reported a blunders that way. Now that it navigation says headway as long narrow stairs herd headed to Charlotte you at Charlotte summer California or Iowa. Wrong lifestyle as a driver author the one reading get there someone you did end up in news. For him poking measures on the way your drafts that I never been always wanted to go see northern no with a and you had a bag. Are pegged everything Hamels and karma so bank but the golf. Jesse ran away small never did my sister do one time sir but I narrative which Chia. Texas though. Tennessee I think and a ruling coalition. Sixteen. It means to shares leftists saying yeah you can't do it with a boyfriend and in our payment. I would encourage nailed it always freaking out aren't amused freak like that when they got broader homered to ocean county and with the slow. That is TransCanada mean that the house were dead and do anything you want you to possesses excellent go to I had surgery on my elbow so I can look really yeah. That's right yeah and figure and a liar remember the story yeah I cut school on Thursday morning and headed to discount. Demand which is how far away from where you were. Mom I was Clinton and frame and at that time. I'm in the house and anything. Else would you do any at a San Cisco. Hey by the grace may yet see how are not they Grateful Dead but I didn't and and the hate pro am iron going house to house and staying very high yes. Oh you Wear and a. And I was with a boyfriend him I'm. You say the great chiropractor last name is a sunny hate to lose while. Yeah and so are we sending a I thought it was a great idea and I was always on restrictions I thought well I'm I'm tired and my mom Tommy how I have to be home now I just don't leave out. Until I realized it really shocked in on the Streets of San Francisco who we on the streets are re on like in this subdivision we weren't I don't domain we're lucky enough to elderly Wheeler party with people that less sleep somewhere that when you don't have a band it's terrible it really using your real name at this point your library. You're going by an assumed name or her during her Tracy lords who. I'm that was me X. A little robberies and sends it out now on that and anemic mean Ron about my balance. On month is it true that John laugh yeah. That's that in Maine is that Iran is at a famous name John laws. While it John loves me Sonny had. I hate need an island in the blanks as an independent wrestler or porn star player says. And when I came back for Amazon double restriction on my mom cried which is the worst thing to ever happen and she asked him I did and I said because I was tired of always coming home. Doing chores doing it every Tom McCain Dion I want all live life. And then I was in their own trouble because I had to face my grandmother and column I got in trouble with the whole family to yours look. You that you word you went to where you did and and you were able to come home. I mean she's good lord I mean you went to the heart of and LSD. I and the buses and everything it's it's scary night walk around Streets of San Francisco time. And then there's at what time did you ran away. It's okay. It was a master and who's doing a degas. Let him out hello Sam. 08 and it is in the Haiti and justice some areas around there is pretty sketchy. You know it's weird about that thing race in America. A lot of big cities nowadays much safer walk around it was 4050 years ago small. The opposite. And a small as we are you don't Lockheed Georgia sleep with the windows open and worked out a big show on Atlanta if you remembered the way. City like an eighty's movies and manages encourages. Organ garbage out laughs yes break and fun of fat boy in me. It's as safe place to get over at Harlem's like we're Bill Clinton has an office and it's ginger fired or whatever okay. It's changed so much since die hard with a vengeance in sandwich board. Yeah tears and you would choose walking through downtown New York after dark again it's too walking downtown new union Alcan cannot. There's going to be scared I was gonna with a different balance in the Landers and supreme brawl notice they just saying this is Anderson you got farmland and then you got the hood and they need gap the you know. He had many different sections of Anderson walker are here are sitting there as far as you're sitting on wood don't walk around him down but I don't you walk around like you know upstate you know result woods and camps and things. Are there parts of the you have New York City that. Our would be much more appealing and say market street and Anderson yes the majority of Harlem is much the majority went bad start Brooklyn and queens all those big loop. Is better than the margin walking down market street Anderson in midnight if you look like me. Mark history Anderson was to agree Bowling Green avenue was yes I was always that the street. Norman was Baltimore knowing when Yang and Arlington now you have my promise simply stinks and rumor mills Michael's sirens in Tampa on the got a camera to. Stay on the Ryder highway one on the left side is you're only run for the button on yeah. I don't like it analyzed this. Yeah I don't how IQ where every once in awhile you'll get its guidelines my driving their track down some of the revenue base and fuss about it the near remember you as a you know what. Lisa men MK airlines. No I'm serious I don't mind is that marriage rider wants a law disciplines to veterans of Iraq of federal walked through union. I never doubt I was nine on the track about it though is when new harvest is crop. When murderer. I was a truck archery champ fix that mistake of my I can. Now he says and Von. I guess that's. Rats cats morning you know it's recalling you're. Morning show good morning C it is. A town this tape 34 all right I'll hop hop yeah that's right. And I don't think differently about classes. That's that as long as analysts yes that's owners. And video art exhibit up now. It's never where. Good morning T it is good. JF. We talked about it earlier you have a brand new phone scam yeah don't sound excited. Brandon scare a blanket. Dozens still I'm still. I still feel for subway through all that led to thank you witnesses taller well good lord and. Yeah. I mean that's that you know it's. It's each you performing the phones gambit fat boy goes and produces it meaning you can't sit down and and what is it called when you put a thought bass on mayor what is it called process processing as it is process that need to get it already gotten all editing involved and then Jeff just gets all the although the credit for it does family or work didn't. I know Rick how long it's a whole scale of this cut here is 251. And how many minutes did you probably work on. On at least one and now so like seven times the amount of work and then fab wins today there. Yeah mine and GA hours Gerald Warren Jeffs via but I. Good if you can beat the dog boy got a George Sal. Would Magnum wouldn't look too good in the ring my himself. Now I'm banker and now he's laying down raw tracks ideas. And those walks out swing and Lincoln all news here yeah I'll put up at the defendant. Is sending. The last part of it is a Boeing. Yeah. So. Miss it now I don't Bergman as. And yes. I'm I'm ruining it's done now or whatever news. Earth. So the news scam Newton. We kind of busting your balls a little bit about continuing on when the sound bites and things like that this town board city right aren't so one would assume you went the complete opposite direction this time. Well I wanted go the opposite direction. And I decided like I want to have some more fun with one more sound board. And I decided to do a another call. This time featuring Evelyn. Colin Powell Camille wants more. Once more. When things and it was. Had a great reaction yeah imagine sitting here you know initial connection is guzzlers my call follows those. Now what happened more times the speed and it says this is gonna that often they don't have learned in seventeen footer steamboat today. Learn steamboat Nady error. Okay I'll have an open mind is nothing I just you know I like in news newer. You know concepts like yes. I understand what is so when you win. Forget it I'm all local mall right. Stories you started I just don't they ask you this is therapeutic I say gee the idea to take the one call experience or prank call with the sound board blend into that same ideas been replicated like six times now and and there's been a majority on break 90%. Probably wasn't a very very good. 90% of them here. Okay. This generous. Okay I'll have an open mind and it look this isn't really got to bow down and service man for standing near enough and but I I I mean just. About although what's been done then that's when you do when this happens vessel is like tomorrow. You know most ideas like will look to me the last. Scam idea that you came out this scam idea and and you know. Try and trying to think of one is because last couple of them some boards you know yeah. And that's Moore's there's certain irony of some we did it and sound boards before then have to bear. And I had to call idea of them they'll of people like that which on I report. Only your memorable. Nine called so people like do we do denying called Somali you're warm both you does roulette odds idea largest media rumor now. Here we are both on the right. Okay so here we go a brand new Jeffs who's telephone scam that we will review afterwards way they one to five Powell driver scale or with. Yes Somalia and we invite you to join us as well you can either call 180774. Double 093. Or you can text in the Carolina they're from L dot com tax line is 7234. When your score of one to five how drivers on the brand new. Jeff Lewis no phone scam. Using audio as his grandfather's. Girlfriend ever land to call his grandfather. Here we go. Yeah. Hello. Call our. Fellow. Iraq. I literally look at this panel. Who aren't. You. Our own they're no good just period and I'm amber are you. Finally. Caught up in hole and he elderly. Couple judicial. Lou oh. Usual. Already analog T solar group. I'll I'll marriage here are. Claude. Now when they're actually. Named do you become pleaded. Hi Colin and don't they don't totally know download. It and try to Baghdad and you can car. So. I have a good act out and I can. Harlow now in the garden. Club it is now are Hamas. Oh. So is due to Iraq. Truly you should teach. Usual. Element don't sound like cute. Airborne. Stellar in Beirut what you're on your readers will root root I don't know I don't know. I'm married here are. Outlawed don't. We are very. Very very. Late period. Went there late you. Know you can play. Hard and all of you can't put up by now you. Arturo. Shot on what Brit here I don't hardware or. Well you are ideal. You go to charity campus laboratory Graham either. Are you out Astrid. There aren't. You cared may now comment I'll radar again. Like usual no fighting albums there are. Very. Ha very very lot very. You'd that's an in car it's usually end. Shall now. I you know damn bastards where you are ideal. Argued already out there and shot already eyeing aren't. When there actually. A little I don't know so it's not down by our new 3 o'clock AM I can't. I don't I'm not there. Roller Durham. All all. Laughter you hear in the background I was Jeff and help matters herald column yeah this is Joseph Washington evening. All right if you're good you're hired away and our immediate cowboy and -- claimed at age four out of five power driver's phone scam. Jimmy. Yes. There's arguments gore yeah what do you think he manages fuel peg pure honesty right now want you will you not. Always do it's a good sport. Zero or is there is optimistic going into here and I still think it's. It's about its about done for but I got some good ones there do you hear me and it rained and massage bam thing hasn't. Some big Papa why isn't there can be used as sound drops right hum. Overall because it took awhile to really get going. And it's like do the last thirty seconds. Armed. Hicks number all the way out because of the last thirty senators probably have few good lines was in him on it took awhile to develop so I'm honored. Is it. News Corp. I don't we don't do I have learned is getting into it has serious hell I'll get to exit of turn around down aren't suited to. Ramirez sat mental moral order page for an aside are she's new 125. I thought at the end it was funny this company outspent. In I'm Evelyn thing I've heard and heard and her and so I'm assailants and Amber's argument about Terry. Yes region benefits all right you read some of the tech sell out. Purse although a lot of people asking is pompano dying is he okay he sounded under the weather there. He's fine he will make it to his ninetieth birthday party and studio on August 21 yeah I'd turn nine is Lawrence spoke to him last night and he's already do for. I here's one pretty sure Jess mentally disabled if he keeps going back in this well it was a fight its first ten times mercy kill a sound board. Yes. Laura was when it started your plumber didn't you hear me you know that one lion yes so for me the U hear me business online agreements. Five all drivers are you listen to pistol pop all day long. I Jeff has beaten that horse so much is turned into a blank and blank in unicorn. It wasn't burning the first time is not funny the hundredth time good lower. Jeff is beating a dead horse is the same as always. I give it to three to five. Retired I give it a I even into. Without them I can't really say anything other than which offset its moments but then. I I heard her say semi coming thank you governor poll again I was discontent headphones walkway. Need in this being honest. I'm just being honest journalists it was fine but is it's a given the middle of the road kind of thing when you bat man's fight in the Joker but he can't fight the Joker every show and every movie sometimes he's got frank. Killer Crocker brain's. Pain order regularly that's why there's so many oh right yeah. It's. OK so they we heard it there we heard it may be that's done with the right now Beirut amber around your lower after an ounce down Jeff orgy here. And I loved it. I love doing it it's you reformists and put it wouldn't do that they would each day before I don't reform yeah I love doing that. Yeah. But did light when he comes in here that they pop a nail why he's never been in studio wins out Zeller. Are we is gonna. Said here that like he's never been on the show before and I'm sure he's kind of figured it out by now I'll have set for I would have so by now. Well don't tell and easier Mercedes Evelyn what you call me today and that it all drowned in crazy. Are you telling me that before I had a couple of girls whom we do think it's a bite birds. Split level income with him for the birthday or probably not why. Probably know they live separately while OK with basic anger on the exit elusive. I am one car. I'm. Here's Tex always mean Alison gay wrestling with Evelyn. When you look at Emmy for whoever is running here scam I guess this is through common he's ever done so. The other this gamma learned Hercules I was the one for the were Conan told me do skiers with a sigh yet again and that number doesn't just look at age via nausea as a good. I will take a break and come right after this arrest. Tasks. 7340. Want to use the rise guys morning she 3.3 the. Field to your virginity. I manage your craw paved the dumb ass on the phone which one that value goes on talking about the woman back. Lazy when there isn't doing the thing that asked Goran yet them or aren't. Sure I'll marry me hours dumb ass that. Comments you don't talk him out sleazy guy in the bag does is doing thing I demands. Eight I told me to give McCauley city be in today right about this time actually provident node is talking about two sets down mass. Are you or. Believing on the second he give me his card on here it is the names that dumb ass. Thank different kind of connection that children may not be in. I was hoping you can help me out. Puts dumb ass on the phone Foreman. That are you know it's we'll talk anybody tell me the him call. I'm addict can be a lot of running around. Yes slayer but you don't have to dumb ass and that pleasing than do anything. Any enterprise service. You know Ozzie a heck you know the dumb ass and talking about going to. Now I don't. Even that would department and I'm more information at L one. Tony told me I wanna say parts he said. I'd spot Bryant. Both of those mass can do that either address it. I cannot thank you. Part frustrated. They don't mess with sub. No the dumb ass so fraud connected me view I guess I got the wrong dom asked how many dumb asses around there. It depends on what should look afford good bye and a lot of stuff from me then come I'll be the dumbest if you try and like a three dollar part of which is somebody else. I'm buying it all dumb ass I got deep pockets but what's got forming a this is tell me. God put me with the other dominance in the bag seeing the wrong yeah. Ito. Is yeah there's another dumb aspect of imports and forget his name Craig that's it one of those again in his car. Think our biggest the first elements dimensions Greg and it's in our. Or. I think there's been a mistake I think you got the wrong dominance. The report like the other dumb aspect there you all talking about. How was his name. Dumb ass that they gave me his card. Debt that dumb ass. It's only. Death. More around the fewer commercials. And 83 minute run lunch smacks you between the years. And right after these rice Shiite the Green Line treatment plant around.