Thursday, April 20th

Happy 4/20 everybody, Stoner Jeopardy is coming up later: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas is powered by so these kids can travel. Rise guy so I can. Rise guys morning show good morning and see how it is it is good hour of going administer a question for him. It is. 00. Aren't borrower are what are all we started. It is. Tuesday. Most non. Earnest Thursday there are RO. It's Thursday. April 20. AKA. For twenty. Yeah it is. It is towards winning terriers. In these missiles earlier endorsement how we celebrate the good news is summer with a song. Enjoy this summer with a song blues I mean lord and I feel it was Christmas would we come on the radio. And and not. Play easier SA Hawes come down some or need we have to Europe. If it were. You know Thanksgiving Day I didn't National Anthem Saturday. Yeah you raise your bond and buy Valentine's Day don't wanna play like all those health store songs about her master mating look her neighbors. The closest thing we have love songs on her face there. Smothered it summertime motors summertime songs we play here this Errol and Obama are all it and right though Clementine there so right now and then we should all just take a minute. For small chronic break. Ever are if you want to mr. I favor. Did you say. Probably here. Dell did. Pain. Eight in his gloves now gunk. Oh. Eight today in the it's eighteen just hope when. Now. As far as again. I also like the I am the doctor at play here is and that we have our too much talk about I'd say he'll later Jake didn't say it and do war and the into the wind it would beaten bing we have one that was like to the tune of Willy Wonka. Something man then Sarah it was in this thing is a reason I'll play penalties because it's it's real slow yeah leaders are. Mad before joining the only away and I even notice that it cannot our address for that address to the occasion where no lag yeah that was such work green. If you know he cannot win in 88 pot at least today he paints. And is highly insight. It's saints at least it. It's not off hand smokers say. I think you see there being a much left in the bag menu and you'll pander where it is very gat. Are directed her when I was in high school there you know as I've said before when in my friends' parents. You know. Those smoke this the GT AG and you know one of her senior year would be invited to join. What all the times even sell stuff and the honestly what. Gentlemen what a great guy in it would say hey guys silence out do you have anything it's Friday nine sucked and got much left but back there. Apparent black tennis isn't done today the worst David. There's a wanna be like people just won't go try to -- in of his ports and power grab grab that microphone mistakes on and Jim McKenzie would now I have a donor I don't know and I grabbed the microphone like you're going to he had some kind of -- and not just remover for ordinance murdered our series bring it closer not a not a carnal knowledge of Mormon now gonna knowledge spa experience as it's. He knows Liberia's saint Patrick statement we're running you know. Possibly Irish. Man and only get a feel about that day in Nevada that's good that we've been to Saint Patrick's Day. We know semi room legit irishman that didn't pissed when they can just see that you know people want to introduce him. Does it bother you that every bit not everybody certainly I don't I dare say there's another radio show within the 500 miles that reasoning knowledge in the day. And really exhibited any Arizona boy I'm really going to Walsh and only then I heard one on the way in in real irony is they're playing really don't do it. Oh really like what do you mean what does that many. Is it a man and woman is trying to explain it library no of the Internet and ordered what it means and here they never heard it before two or your tears here. And a man and woman era here. Hi I just look at the calendar. It's you know not some of them. I don't know enough ASU yes well you're so I'll influence. Of the limits. I can't do that answer I really initials match have you ever heard a lot. There. Well I do not break off for some Mayan monument is lord. It's honestly your time yeah. Wow you can have all the they angles they dismiss out Jimenez. He he's. Today were you have partly cloudy skies man. Stray shower or thunderstorm gospels afternoon high as 83. Right now. Mostly cloudy and 55 in moment. Your prisoner doesn't borrow it doesn't bother them I think inside we would probably make you happy that it's. You know it's almost like. And LG BT community feels about people being more you know the feeling OK to talk about homosexuality. Gay marriage things like that and public makes it you know opens the conversation. Gary I don't know it. Heard him excel shouldn't notice edit it may not add him to stay Efe news readings there's no book. I was holding penalty card for me I just don't we coached our kids it's fun for game all of its farm yeah but I don't have bearing on me. Or do you think people go out and you know like a lot of folks will go and bet on Super Bowl and as it. Do you think any folks go out and get in my bed Don magnate could just do it for the one day. But not right. Imagine some B a he's grown ups laws that is if you if you don't mind that was made dime. Well if you've heard of an hour right if the Haitian. If you look at for some like that like once in a year in my be harder tiny minority get in that fabric thing. Right. Was how Laura dude man I would write and add on him well I'd run the add on for nineteenth there's in his prayers are numbers or is he out now. But I wouldn't have my phone number that I would put like. I think you are code to must accept some here in and make your hard for them find me there and come to the mall yeah. So wired. You know we talked yesterday about whether it lit by the way the whole show is going to be about we know I don't know slightly her 80% maybe. They talk about Boyne highlands that time in in going out in the woods and in doing all that stuff com. Any big plans gives you a different guy now do you you're taking care of couple animals you data. A beautiful fiancee. And a and a full well loves the stuff full time job now. Unless he had a full time job. Eritrea did run did you hear both congratulations branded related burns. Arm. Is both brands that man now any plans to now. I have disappoint the aging of Jimmy Baron. I really need to it we in a way to the weekend that's why as when you know that you didn't always like mob birthdays wing Steve day. We don't weigh in go I'll say you're not we'll go over to that no longer in tab Paul you made 6630. Do you ever had caused his candor here intervals dirty dozen list Thursday the outcome. Now I admit if you. Jeff how big a little louder I got in on that conversation. So I can't laugh sometimes if you play your remarks. You're not doing it right right. Yeah planned or are you went there and history yeah you don't. No Marty implanted a lack Cassel this is further. While there nor president Motorola Karma on I don't know manner and fallen through George Doug is now okay even though is Chris. While that's that's interested. You are they got the got to know this is Qaeda like make you feel good. Designer you fill how you feel by the positive energy and stuff just saying that. Today. I would say whoo wow. No he's saying they want and maybe even two in three people and our our our our audience when they see the date. They need. I mean they you know all our. If Philadelphia and one room via. I'm Aaron and has room and I love anytime soon Macy's. The picture was and a picture are as a logo or some other guy would some glasses and beard. Those those that nearly as it looks in my opinion all Alia as you know it what about those gas in Texas say it. At Sam's easy top there and I only have a grandsons for use as for your girlfriend wasn't born a boy our thanks around since the and Riviera first 129 so they've been around since way. Look late sixties as you think. Yeah 900 yards he's really popular on San gentlemen. You know what you should decent yeah absolutely alimony and onion down EG staff callers today are joining us now Paula and her and I Annie from DRG out there. Try it any from two yards non DR Mueller and his son came in acting normal. While now but when you snapped Jimmie telling my if you have a funny name for years you do it for you Yemen now. Earn your bong as well that ten more pop whenever. So you know barrel today. We will be doing the rise guys for twenty Stoner jeopardy game. And when you're ignoring the dog half we came in and Jonas we don't we'll do the killing and more minimalist. Insomnia and well. Still owner jeopardy today nine at the end the facilitator the the Asian owned gas for this you feel pretty good to murder contestants showing up. Yeah yeah yeah do you really dared to failure in the ghetto girl from like Wally is gonna make it down I don't pressure measures she just called hours she's she's she's on or Hawaii oh no longer irons and some arranged in bed and we have released an infamous miracle we are for pre report. Oh yeah. Is there and we were an average Fisher the actors are they doing here if they do it didn't wow surprise surprise to a very it is right connect so dirty anyway. No it's not the way we play as Stoner jeopardy is. All the questions you know kinda have that double entendre may be even follow on jobs here. We'll have now forced test its command play jeopardy we have the boards and by the way I'm never one legalized. Yeah would really that may be in jeopardy board. And I'm real happy with the way it turned out to make your own toilet. Well enough. In the back. And play colorful in pretty ads and Alice like. I was gonna get ya got baseball or doing it plain old you don't attempt to get him books and some of them. And as the well I don't wanna just put regular stands a letters on there so us on these really cool. Middle school like season. Letters stickers and then I made a mogul south ability to do so you can be every dozen runners. Actors and chances are that it might want to by hours. Now smiling at Wal-Mart could own you 5% of that is on the son Aaron is that well its it's the sign or is it has to around Batiste is valid on opposite Batiste is an element that. Or is it I'll sing god. Are your memory thing is in a cast ball at a if that's definitely been the wall we have Lester it and what was last news or amendments or suggestions. About it. We bring you else like it normal jeopardy were OEL I Z is losing Darryl Andy and James Jesus stayed in the production studio for like six months there so people brownies and are scraping and. As great this carried through we've Jerusalem. Right. So what we'll have that going on our contestants will get an 8 o'clock hour so it's a whole lot of fun toast him an end. Self confessed owners playing Stoner jeopardy then there's chance to win a big huge. Church age Libby knew about three foot tall. They did it's very I always say three foot admitted burying probably tune at least now. Whom you seen any talk about my assistant store yeah I am and I know the game is several injuries and everything you just do you think it's three footer down in it's. You know it's there. A's if you've seen of right you've. I don't know. If this kid is six inches long you see nine change. Assigns him to do. And let's see nine inches. Some guys always ourselves and obviously my mind it's not pray that we don't have time now. I tell you my dream my registry and not just image in ninety. A lucid. And not just any lucid dream must go hand in afternoon nap lucid dream season. They literally. And it's it scared me. Haven't you and of import from scratch but I thought my head and by the guys I didn't dream about it. And one of those things where I laid. My head down said. It is still twenty manager. And have you set the alarm and everything. Hour and twenty monitor. And a game in mass lucid dreams could just over my you talk about. Are registering well not now move later I'll bring a taste of trust and today yeah. Suddenly you're a brand new lesson. Our mayor is going to be good lessons that are my real good fastened on are you I think in. Home you and pay off of course in them Glock 4045 minutes right around there listen for the keyword from flow about food Boone who. Football football you want and now. Eleven we can't do and I've known for its own Zain ahtisaari and now there's there are you need to do it every day you'll have a it has only revealed a menace of or not gonna say right now just to proceed OJ yeah yeah here we learn he's paid off for San together dummy he's trying to make sure we don't to sports people watched. Phases. And I awarded only so we can do scores today you keep Jeremy has a ringer turned to sports or Rivera and we left arms storage are pretty people. Listen now today's system via a daily. Been piecemeal and are going to. Don't ruin that is destroying mollid eucharist supply and what he's resonating doors and room. Them was happening now well. It sound as Loren from you or Bob Marley and then I have been a block I did you did want to know that's why he didn't stand here as usual Ivanov are here. I saw a man. I didn't I didn't I haven't read ads and snapped a couple things that I haven't responded crap. Did some Asus are sent everybody out there Rosie was trying to invite us to eat with him opera's board of directors. Before the shot yeah resist any errors or nine man dying and timing and time. Don't block them here and two Italian grandma law embolism a flute anyway. Is that why he's undergone grant and grace spoke there are okay. You just editing yeah earlier they're raising breakfast and a dagger here some food. One hour from him news is bringing them to do you want Bob Marley so you just like EU ordered and changes to its again yeah. Yeah Richard was weird smear your family asking yeah. Yeah I mean it was they added mass rally would ask you to do that he would have to sit with you I am honored to suggest he's. Retirement by everybody drinks and nobody will answer and talk to me there are businesses as his role there if there is he's ammonia is viewed as manage user dignity. Among. Men. Often is is some illegal Anil wanna say it some day. As well as some illegal assembling tolerated and is it I don't know I. You breakfast for now compared brain in his own legal brick and James yeah a lot legitimacy Cuban. Now I'll punch line center and I don't I can't say that I honestly that I appreciate that fault former OJ. Now all. I may not all that I don't know the guy and I don't wanna get like in eighty and I two hours and by pancakes are laying on his balls or something. Demi needs and our Charlotte of them I had sit at a restaurant sit around a table. And all kinds of things under restaurant island isn't in a bag in a box and bag on the table and then placing aliens friend who works for me there's girls Reno held view in the air and mortars are remembering the city crowds are there any angle I can bridge at all. On now so once you know you have to worry though. Is it from this is without clever here is that one further of this of the road in general our products that are out there. Dollars in sales guys joke would be made eventually 91 here is there a legitimate I hop on cops. Which tells me there and he told possess all the way up there and now plumbing Estonia alma stand well you know it's our story is a hard part of this tournament. Aren't as corroded record can it. Is there corroded arteries of the heart of Estonia. It's open more Sandra been blonde. Didn't hide some and that's all that Dale Earnhardt bottles are seasoned member of that sun drop males. He decides to man and everything that's the thing that the blank up their man you know you yours. You know I'm from CN that you don't feel queasy. And push yet. Ben Cheever. Baking teaser it you might as well for breakfast today LY gastric it's nasal whiny. Yeah I am hot iron whose. Is that it is as anything's we're now reggae show this just aren't able to public shirt weather people about buying. Well seeing less let them. Now you have to trust someone sometimes. The song humbling and heard before. Umpire while we listen thought sometimes to do today again has before it's when he see it. We will have Stoner jeopardy would now for contestants. We talk about my afternoon nap went man. Scare. This scariest dream may be have ever had I am not I'm not. Being over exaggerating. Why. Nor is safe now the worst free stream of bad element Olaf was fat boy you are in on my home anytime you're not arguing your warmup and during this immigrant. And a thousand blogs and FaceBook plus send. Drag race day it's jag re asking the lord NH RA for a wide. Yet so we'll have some fun today you can text is 7234 winds Carolina may promote tax sign he calls 180774. To blow 93. 180774. To below 93. Jeff and suggest. He's never smoked weed your life why not today on 421. Time ever not keep it going physician if this don't give her go on campus this streak. And him who we did some headlines next possibly special for twenty addition. Some lines had been forged when. It's what it. I rescue has morning you know nine. 300. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. And I can I'm Staunton noted that feminists say armory well why wait 46 year old Phil Bernstein break into his neighbor's house. Time did the other side I'm. No not a bad thing and a a personal reason. Philip Bernstein that and then I mean de L West Virginia averaged about 45 miles northeast of Charleston Virginia. And he recently broke into his neighbor's home while there are way on business. Steel toilet paper away on business. To still told Avery had any. Our ages one and a different kind Mamie and this was kind of rough. Tired of his life by and then Zola. The single clients. Will shoot it god didn't see anybody not okay I'm taking of the person who probably is the Jeff when you go into purchase in this is not to make funniest or you're us when you get on a grocery store and purchase told paper when you have a brand. Yemen brandy your loyalty of so look for the sales. Shows we have out due to problem or slavery are sort of be honest from the crusade Mench who Ajinomoto lie detector test trying to avoid them that's what. Do you buy single ply. Single client yeah. Was I mean I see that's not saying you'll look at that the price and and the like single ply means there's one little tissue square. Where is the better stuff we'll have double so you stay here I don't go through it our area they're trained yourself. I'm in no I try and go for you blow hole or whatever via the case may be but I always look for them the deals out. Because they're good single farmer and a new problem when there are two part of your arms it's cheap to plaster masks and a if you can use say you know single floor. It really doesn't Dublin and I think to make you know it's is again hands get at some kind of a measure monarch. You can't see what it looks like Bagger mayor Richard like aren't as about a month ago won't won't won't. Usually Gerome regular straight. Scott tissue. Do you have a preference roll it around your hand or do you folded up electoral map can and then. Strongly yeah. Scrabble laws now we are very yeah oh yeah no no no no claim to. Not all folded like a laundry in the music no yen salvages sat down. EU EU get things in your fingernails and now pal particles are days. Knows who could not tell your players there that are remotely true Ressa has claimed that senators risen back to the story. I lived there got an alert from exit and a security system. There's somebody would and is planning Aniston called assistant asked her again chicken outs. As she soft fill up when she got there and he pretended to help her look for who ever Mellon. Yeah. Says she it was as a concerned neighbor. This security can assure he who is that when you broken down. Any eventually admitted to stealing three rolls of toilet paper well then he'd probably buys and bark like idea. I do you yeah because they're getting steals from me. Here's a little harder I'm wrong. As everybody. One person that she is as I was she's there. I don't we don't allow Ernie you should talk overseas there has bring our own. No she just like takes coupled roles on series I just asked me am care and that's why viable. So people's militia army knows so I always have it when I need it. I never know where nobody is cleared out. A role on the math and I haven't had any before Cameron now when you have some passing and luckily for me my husband my map file way he and me and unpaid. And upon them. RA a loop. And in that guy also has some other stuff missing them. And said he thinks that this wasn't a first time Philip broke again. They well as crazy and it be horrible living in an amber had where all this time he had things disappearing. He finance as your neighbor who is trying to be nice steal time. And there aren't that comes in chat holly if you Arizona's rob you blind and that's when they always mr. lay four that's why I'm I'm not a campaign case man they might have been folded in Nancy's correct broiling Conan. Iron from all the cops arrested Phillip for burglary and he could face additional charges sound in and make out my camera and then man's living room. Try it now did he use the restroom there and he just came at his house because if I manage to I'd do it their asses well you know our knowing lending anyway. Maybe he just outlaw I'm I have to use an and I he ran out so I was preventative. Now. Sure yeah. Just hasn't had a surgery can have where you never have to live again. You know they have not led the back surgery that would realise it's hit and then they'll ladies I browsing of those not only in our order. As a trade on tends to an awareness by a or molested that. Here. On new senate needs to levied when Tony yeah. So there's somebody who wants to do that is unfortunate way to get it allows me back yes Simone who wants Wednesday may wanna for these fears it is easy. I don't know if so where there's so hardcore gamer for some reason wants one guy as I'm on world warcraft and I got a hospital bags just on the timing is a down and then a good number to implement these. We're here and it smells from up plant plus its saves. Kind of paper. He's still forged a close Monday and it'll just bubbles up on the side of big. It through a hole in the big bets on our side we need Barton better because it has bubbled to censor and hangs on your leg. I imagined AstraZeneca. Nasser. Had no idea gross there was no it's science and interesting. Aren't Mohamad says Julia Roberts is people's. People magazine's most beautiful woman. Where the fifth time not just beautiful woman in the country. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. According to people. Just like these senior citizen addition is that so why the special our tradition they send my mother and assist 46 years after she land the first title and 1991. Allowance. When pretty woman came. Don't no no no no fun. It also won in 2000. I O five and 2010. Rather hard and I mean on their only prayers to sell copies of magazines to baby her reasons were performed in MA they totally because if they put like Kate send our. Mean how in the blue hail king you say. Who is the the most beautiful woman in the world. I can't give you a list of my hundred it's this stupid things students and was saying isn't this thing eighth to sail to the baby boomers that wanna buy because they don't wanna buy and magazines in twenty year old woman on there they wanna see a woman who. Notion. None of Julia Roberts has kids but is it just beauty on the flatter out yes I is so arbitrary QB anybody and laying an egg it okay. Melissa McCarthy who are card in order to help she'll never win. I would never do that she could be a beautiful person them. To date Betty when you weigh out now look look at them Miss America pageant and stuff is not about the inside of course not it's. When you are a thousand. Two movies that decides. There was running is that we take issue with that and though it's now word of mouth or any kind of Nancy she is right. Whereas in the world has to be some worldwide famous it is also that night. Ed statements since let's fame you know women. Fifty plus years it just as your average and not angry when this just as your average 2030 years old you're not mad in the game mile more. The way. Are murdering an iron dare game victory against her. It's a stupid thing I don't mean nothing and nobody even the whole world talks about it every year it's stupid. People's sexiest man or woman or person or use pistons are more and sexiest woman contest next client and when the section where much else answer that. Standard magazine designs is nobody minded who insurance. Newspapers like this group of people that meet constantly. And say guys are we get it down fifteen of the academy of beautiful people out now. It well the other people's minds is thing that amazes topless. Images topless Viola Davis that she should've won whose. I'll ask him from the help. Didn't violate. So all the other one is there were marine was held Susan and to Olson Denzel movie called fences. Yeah. Now you are an Oscar progress or ranchers and remove it without Google I had it would be hard pressed even now. Who asked these people are handled their two men cannot censor IGP Henson. Died in our error. Kooky Ariza and our shoes and some of realize what time roots Christine meant its own a minute man anymore. Still he's still around and I mean now and again I just didn't realize she was still under the spotlight course she dinner. She's got a TV show or her name out there and saw the pants off. Does she does her. Adolescent. Oprah. God bias come home. She pretty strong by actually do you don't think she if I think she's beautiful. And around compared. To all the women in the world. And awards I am aiming for that list. Anymore is still is just paying Inman and now I'm Carrie Underwood made the list and says same thing just days or more songs are Kayla Manson and quit wearing pants up up up and all right then netted. And days and as your eyes as a mind. Stewart dear girls the risks when each. 93 point three could play. Rise guys Fords with the apple are all here. They Serena Williams burg. Well thank god. Won't there as you win a major while pardon me. I don't answer your call right now match you are not at all it's. I don't think negative data parliament and blow moral that is the fetus develops a and you have to get quickly specialist terrorists or heard his legs are like redwood trees and didn't you Susan. Decker. You what though The Commodores were Tsonga slay you make ears popped. Area says here the tighter Hernandez. Death as well he's still lit and a pregnant instead but he was. John 316 is really known as a as org. Our whole thing just daunting odds arteries and hasn't sank mercenary locker had for it like Ted Danson a step back. And he's on people thought it was written in blood and it was a red marker some people may be he didn't do it at NASA. Does he didn't leave a suicide note but it's not. You know I just as kind of prerequisite you know I have to dance. Oh the weirdest thing about the whole thing is. He didn't exhaust all his appeals. So you're saying here that if a person dies without exhausting Alder pills the slightly started from the beginning his guilty convictions can disappeared. Well. Which means it with his lawyers to go after the patriots. Money then pay him that goes cute. I think this kid was he visiting him as. Early is a market like four years all of I think it's really sad. Kids about to get. I get paid there saying oh he more as timely as an enclosure you know who did it is guilty Jason Simpson. I urge I didn't do that projects ago wasn't it wasn't Jason's. Journey Germany Italy and here. What do what is so. It wouldn't I wouldn't he used. To hang yourself and what he was he actually. It was are saying is pretty unusual for a peppers there. Use. Is blocking the door from the inside a video of us not first time my Heidi n.'s been lost and jealous I. There and says they usually if I don't and they put among watch after the hour and a touchdown in his heart Ayers and. They deny any reason to leave them alone. They're Jeter's try to by the Marlins win. Jim bullish. Usual space faulting them once it was as violent. The president wants to be like his brother so bad they can meet president's obviously him trying to run a team. He had he shouldn't be in the next I don't know Mario his brother Ritter as well. Eyeballs very. Men. Why did this Serena Williams thing is she even better one or is that Venus Serena as the better one right. I'd like Morse thoughtful woman and I'm Osama essentially are high until I can tennis player Serena as the murderers amends or merged term. As if I ordered Miller rallies a father. Got fired. Oh I know we still. He's Indians. Be someone shocking turn of guarantee you Bill O'Reilly is here has been good if he ever charge then he would not survive its own. This could be sent imprisoning here's what would you do this is your kid a five star basketball recruit Kevin Knox. An offer to play in China is and you get there. I. Yet to go to college for a year for Europe and India. He's like you know I can go to try to make one point four million bucks they comebacks in the NBA he says Elmo bowl the college. Are now much. And get lending giant and a yeah and I can't Jackson alimony for you to count me. He's he's. Where's that again what if you know what if what if it never goes to the NBA Horry gets hurt surmise that. Not that happened you know I can get the cars and the way onto the ball. Live life to live better shiny and made. Mountain to being don't know nodded worst case scenario we got a million books. Tools seed money just how much to wrestle in Tiananmen square was. Lewis you've been inside knowledge and insight Jeremy biggest tourist attraction there they have I think parking everything we're as it Jersey pitcher in the tank for him. Thanks thousand bucks come up you won't win. I'd play has talent or a thing about Jeff in history. All right concludes resume normal there wouldn't go right huge effort and she jeopardy thousand boys come unless there's sports. Maybe we now falsely implied ground floor it's. She's real way. Expresses it better that's all day long.