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Greek Festivals, to Primus, to movie recommendations, TRG was out and about a lot this weekend: Headlines: Sports

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Arise guys so I could. Good guidance. His morning show good morning good morning. Monday. Yes yeah. Heard. Morning GM the man you. Pretty good how to sell a great that's wonderful all thinks is considered. I am wonderful. Is good. Wonderful. They say he say that enough and comes turned. And I believe it. Also believe. And sit terrain it terror. Much today. Decided that it's even being talked about it. For the next ten days and a lot here in the air lock can lots of mainland next. Arab. But today now we're gonna have makes a cloud and sun the morning cloudy this afternoon stray shower or thunderstorm possible high 85 right now clear and 66. And which don't don't listen and hitting clear. Burress turned round not clear what I mean who. True true once the weather channel. Call Newbury and angering Blue Mountains and now we should then be agreeable correspondent for that's not a actress hunter all and anyway. The NL and actually tweeted Kristi Andersen. Legged friend the meteorologist. Heroes who got a payoff this stop this train stick in vain. Now how horrible stuff works there. There's harbors or Russia or China apartments and I don't now is different than a mile park and up your brain before our brand. Soon. That's that's when mother nature was so often are illegally. And we killed girl. I don't. I did the rain though it was and medium range. Pretty much often on the whole weekend but whenever I broke boys' room and I still although human is also clear that listeners of those real bad. Went to via. It's all just went into the great festival earlier. Longer terms were attendees dancing to children and fruit I've come to terms with that. You assured group well. My favorites including culture in our money. Could possibly be great curtain on the government. In automating the as far as saluting cultured guy because I liked. It I went out heard the wind down there and I ate food and death. Enjoyed via collaborations and banks and here I didn't date. I mean on money moves well I was there. Intentionally. Put everybody likes Italian fare right. Yeah if you like Italian food you get you can get a degree extruded from Greg should he get into Middle Eastern food and all right it's like a gay wager yeah yeah. I all the room Mediterranean sir kind of blends together granted his. It is the best us great between my Greece and then Mo Rocca and I Italy in the arm right. I guess the western part of the mentally say yes goody man has also. I'm riding down the words that I have apparently mispronounce for years when it comes soon. Retreat or her name when I ordered one at one of the F degree festival. I noticed the small chuckle paddy say we have seen them for. Yeah okay and before. It's very soon blockade Suze blocking so blocking anybody else. Bill looks about horizon blocking so block its. So I knew that he sold his soul who's lucky so low blocking. So share move lock key so lucky via. It's it's an app that I was sick of outlets say it's blocking there it's blockage which is second at that chicken kabob with a little. Pieces of bread with its desire to get. And then all the buildings and will dancing kids there are dozens Olbermann for Grady Little donor then we'll friend I don't know calmer and share a drink our. Arm. Prepared. Know what I need at this one thing I always think it might break fast and try and bring prayer unless I missed it I was thinking there may have been some kind of Kraft great to hear that I didn't know lovers something and it was just too you know you're typical. Festival Beers from him but don't find. They worked incident purpose or her and there are. Thomas creek and pizza garner burger all man all of that because America. Up peach creek a hundred days are actually she's murdered. How many wonderful you sit there at least you'll take care management does some amendments when that didn't happen. Com feels fine but I think if effected if as far as food and culture together. And I think creeks my favorite you know sir all. I miss the cold is it pace say. The premiere and it. It's great. And in Britain Canada I have gathered at an update for you and finally. What two things one I went in the movies and Salma you that was is about to leave fears about care as owners see it. Cruz Vera who leaves theaters are there owners a lot. Rampage should Brett and joke you Barack. I had urged board yeah issue many Americans they also previewed a new and from him called skyscraper in salt area is all building small that it is not any spivey days are so actually vicious. May be. May be a dangerous things Robin are available. Yes all that it goes real good I mean via over the top. Bush what he's very religious order via. But also I egged if fat boy hasn't seen this movie first ball. I'm gonna feel great because I felt like I found a movie. That is in his will house that is not even like. Indy. Is no one of those mainstream pat thanks love or. I don't were behind nor Kleenex donkeys have you seen. Dark crimes would Jim Carrey. Because there's an old movie came out you're in Africa. And we did have a man get to watch it railing and he plays a a polish cop. Forget it and this is still suck and if I can't forget it reminded I'm annoyed by it. I just came to terms Vista I like Jim Carrey better is a serious actor than I do a comedic yeah and nor is the blank out of me what he's our comrade. Likelihood you're comedy Tony yours and the problem number 23 was a good move him Truman show our love but this one he plays a I mean it's or rebuild. Our grungy kind of role for him anyplace detectives. You'll love it because it's like eyes wide shut meets. Some kind of thrilling Denzel mystery. Except as Jim Carrey zoom Netflix. I remember or I watched I know it's a prime. I don't anger him and after its current Hillary rush turns program this earlier this didn't watch it you'll love to the American. He him yet but. Suzanne yeah. His first notable what are. I don't know Metavante at about double remember no I can be Drew Carey I don't aftermath and a better. A bird but a lot of female nudity and graphic RS I thought of him but also the fact that it's just Brill it's one of those movies that you you just you must travel were those of right there yeah it's it's fantastic. There's who have man I remember him paparazzi. This week yen down yesterday. In Germany. In traffic you're in traffic and I knew where you've been. And it was me earned the vehicle. Unmistakable. What come home to I think we're allies yesterday might have been embarrassing I guess I went in movies. You saw yours area verified my suspicions that you would in fact been to brunch menu where based on the folks are received on snapped viewing transited to tell you that. I knew from the time today and where you were in town you'd been to brunch I knew exactly where yeah. Just picture Rand was had an engine is trying to here's our number Nicosia. Thank you shop is they're we're given we're big smoke shop is and Malia pat. Patrick's restaurant a bump up on the left I see a little so I knew where you're coming from try and his job today and they rushed this tiger is. Or gorgeous Diddy you wouldn't be enough that evident Sunday. I'm certain they realize there was great yeah I was here with me and all the gay people aren't as well and and it's. I mean for you got to brush on a Sunday and you rarely will seem like a family of four there. You usually see like at table of dudes in maybe a couple girls. Bunch of drunks yeah NN end it but they they're they're all early and they're like you know address stop and stuff and I'm like. A lot of young don't you know and young and John you can draw our sleep you're ready to go again you know even better when you wake up. And and then you get in the U late twenties or any indication or more men young drugs. And brunch brokers they they get Blake more old sleep two hours and ready through Moses and bloody message I had. Bottomless there almost all of you know like I am. Our weekend journal and remove Spitzer. And isn't one of our favor assurance that we care yeah. Some place we went to ten years ago or 100 houses in our favor we enjoyed the book that we enjoyed it immensely. Okay U and North Carolina this week and yeah and that there there is it the F five guys Cox no I noticed how hard charger here. Who is our road just has some of the better if I'm ever like guys traveling I hope my Hispanics it was Charlotte mayor. There's merit you're of the day that we had tickets to go to the football game. But it was raining and cold there against UConn and bowl game there's you kind nadir Shah. In the belt mole removed. Com the entire ball and sermon like 2008. You would assemble it now. Terms kimono Gilead great tickets to this bowl game leading care about. Yeah these are accidentally wound up I was cold and rainy it was a messy day. Oh man this sucks real Oregon sit out missed a large teams and any guard teams play ball in our age Charlotte yeah and so in order go to those little bar. All smoke house Smart Colt McCoy who's else isn't it was amazing and it's so good now. They Ed that was in each inning college bar shape now. The best food that was served at a bar that I have ever had ever barbecued at our worst stuff isn't real barbecue. Here it's. We are still known I was murdered suggestions for worried in Charlotte area UNC prompts there who's not anymore apparently Mauro met later. No reality nine testimony and maybe you ransom lives it's in my paper something. I don't know funeral island I was. Yeah. I did when I was coming in the parking lot here this morning wasn't first one here today as fat boy was walking across two parking lot. Usually the first one here. Rock in this for those wondering keeping the notes Cecil green today. Yeah Cecil green and that's the same one that do good color master pell Robbins they've moved. They include. Thanks up is about four Cecil and it's funny for me I think it looks like that so. But he's wearing khakis so I asked her the other day when I guess that tabloid paparazzi photo of you wearing khakis. Ended. All that I just wonder like what time is court today. Get bored and very traffic violation. My and in my pants washed. I can't come aboard allegiance already taken this year marched the the ouster of I. NFL under Matt yeah. I don't bring money here that's an ounce so I don't eat us that you have a gift you pared gains. Pretty much yeah okay and I bet you didn't khakis and you're checking well. The thing is like. Much fun buy more clothes are closed now. For some reason I think come on lose weight not Finn and son Omar. Villa a woman lose anyway sunny bar close to the and the Lauren murder or fat tax. Tax Gordon. Who I don't know if considering his. Sure nothing's as I groundless and there was the settlement. I buy him beer having been overweight yeah I mean look absolutely. Yeah I mean that really didn't khakis if you Wear off soon. A handsome want to. Once Ali's student who worked Harlow after the show and those that don't really know I'm an even with granola. No kinda mad appointments are. Now Erica and I got pulled over while both probably breathe better it's a lighter materials and blue jeans on a hot day. Yes Lou I would tell you a more shorts tomorrow. You're going to tell us. It's only legitimate solution early hours oxidant. Thanks for the fashion to buoyant spoiler alert yeah. Are you do it part of the fun for me everyday is walking in and seeing what's your way and bureaucrats. Have talked for cordial and you might soon assured him for Florida. Usually good and giggles in next Monday and the way I figure it tomorrow. Will be. Max tomorrow will probably be the old school logo of planet sure. That's the rotation. I threw I don't think he's hit laundry done though. Yeah serve probably won't be now and he did a laundry or is it does she doesn't I don't know the schedule. Usually why you often emotional ending and it's gonna get terrapins like he's dealing where I don't washing. Yeah and I'm usually try to. In a couple weeks have been. Oh yeah Margaret took three days a weeks from a forum tomorrow. Here that will look if I live this hour is saying you know he is some retiring candidates it's nice mild weather in the weaker open or Q where all of a new era for what four Barrett Jackson tomorrow for your own. Yeah barely true serve and you take a while he sat there and boxers or short or whatever. These are will be the purple shirt and shorts. I think I'm I'm never got the big terps a solo nursing or do you have other shorts yeah SE blue ones and some Ramones. I'm Margaret and I am just shorts for sure. For sure his shorts and a dollar athletic shorts our wrestler insured Marsha yes there are always on Tuesday there and he's got a lot of balls. I can only do and you know applies supplement social. They don't like to do vets who often. So didn't consult with a well I got for you know one might be a Memorial Day settlement under an expletive her brother is another story is so close. Do they fit within a credit card their time or what I was always cheap well nice other story is now a big installed at all. Now the police and mall stores over the death of a whole are cool. And got big and tall Ralph Lauren and smug so to starter. Yes but mr. Decker bunkers is which was thinking. He is yes. That's always concentrate I don't vision is so productions told dumped up to you before blogs for sure would have been. Well want to I have did news that we had about a thousand dollars giveaway once an hour on the hour up until 7 o'clock hours now I well. Today he won pale the I would be yes that would be next summer is located this morning or just listen to hear a word when you're an aura he takes it to 72881. And then that's the same 1000 you're pretty much that simple I mean really it. We have bad today also has a mission nine's best MI audio problem. It's even a crazy dream that I had believed. It involves. Page in a weird way it's not sexual offering now are don't be disappointed. I'm an also love. So my audio mum on the same funny stuff. That aren't ours our moms are for a good morning and you know overstep on the nines testimonial is not like. You know Matt's best damn audio is just as mayors the damn audio married here's what we'll call. Mary's funny she's her own thing now you know fish and presidential opposition B nine's miss their mark glad I am playing good stuff renders. Drunk people in the world Billy Allen syrup so people in the world do and things a year or traveled the globe would you go to the BMW pro and now I did not it rained a life ordered her from a Louisiana and Ohio to England to Australia this is a tour of the globe and I'm mr. Loria Lizzy you know that's cute Lizzie and her. Our. And and lots of surprises were at the time they feel free you call us at any point 180774. And a below 93 that's 180774. Double 093. Texas on the Carolina vapor Mel dot Comtex. 72341. Page and look gorgeous. Thank you don't. You won't act on it that when you work in the plex well. Our president treated at a great to have her incredible First Lady that come in the White House that hit the heck is Melanie we'll get into that story next in your hands guys and minds. I'll manage. That's that's not good move. Snagged he can't blame that on. Auto correct or anything and then let's whose know me it. Own an aluminum front stormy Daniels will name per resorted drinks coffee hey Stephanie Clifford okay well scratch out. Are so we'll find out he is Melanie and all of that and much has more in your rise guys headlines more and everybody. Region centralize your rise guys morning show 93 point three the plan and we'll drop. Right guys headlines with the age and you're Beagle who. And morning everyone. Eleven named Melanie was trending Saturday night. And the president welcome Lonnie at home from the hospital on Saturday with a tweaked but accidentally caught her Melanie. It's and found it's great to have our credible First Lady back home in the White House. Melanie is fuming doing really well. Thank you for Iran and your prayers and best wishes. So let's his credit when I read it I heard Yoni it's just if Arafat is laurel. Sensible people thought there are cheers and freedom back on Twitter of course and by Kathy aggressions and nothing but respect for incredible First Lady Melanie. Other people aren't surprised she is just shut up she needs to just chill and not hand anything happens she's right there on Twitter eyes are gone on. Mind and. Auto corrects to Mallon and what does that says that says that a drug tests and skin if I just type a lot it's basically is our current anything. You ever tweet about her talk about her and anyway I never. Look it's certainly it certainly does our cards right to Melanie they're. I think that's ever attacks about his wife there there are bringing her leg would tiebreak and beat him from which some reason. Immature is your phone light gets in after a while yeah you don't have to do it like saving your phone get it out like he wouldn't eventually our caller melanoma or anything like easy now tweets are text about his wife then your phone kind of picks about them but regardless. Good lord and a few last time hanging you'd realize and Ronald Reagan probably would've called Nancy like. You know I mean that's here's something that's our Al. I mean there's no campaigning. For your college mandate that would get divorced you know leftist from Mr. T and a half and yeah. I do very long periods resume well. Laura Bush. Yeah and one or Laura morals Loral Loral Lou. Yani. His daughter Johnnie has stuck out. Well you know what Angel. My sister always got angle and time and this this is what can throw my momma crazy here's what I meant DBS some vacation Bible school few held over. It Melissa does the commencement ceremonies were like whoever did the best in vacation Bible school or whatever and out. The lady who ran her son to school also did vacation Bible school. And she wrote on Angel certificate angle Harris Sloan now are very chairman mama say in church of all places you can spell Jill good. Angle. So that was you know that it may happen. So one of the worst lands on the street be named Damon by the way they Nantucket I send her Angel serves in the mail boy that's. One of the worst like the heat is done contractors had so many mistresses skinnier amber his own wife's name anymore. It's not Melanie you don't charge Antar came back and trenor. This. Little comfort to workers down. Kim Janzen. Well I mean good god after a Dutch hearted old person especially one who has become weaker senile. We'll work there there's no question. What do you have your list son. Heat and they heat index on how hottest hot generally get down on Mac O. How largely a gaffe tossed it I got I got temperature Fareed. Well I woman attacks her boyfriend when he says. It's too hot to cattle to watch. Oh yeah well so there is a 31 year old woman named Christie misty nine from Clearwater Florida and I'll wait a minute Christie missed him I'd be asked. Well Christina Kim I Vick. And that's Wednesday. Shares are all sit city. Since she was drunk they say my club book and she wanted to cuddle with her 24 year old boyfriend Jared Thompson. But he said no he want to Ernest T yeah. Two cuts. It was 88 degrees and at the time and well here's what I have four takes care of clarity here. Hottest tale Heidi is asked and Heidi is as is an aboriginal 86 degrees sound it was 88 then yeah I am grateful now. So I was approached. Proof lease for I think it's okay you know is is how does bulls eighty foray yeah. And still have our. A complete table if you want music industry yeah believe I say something from just nineteen days ago and I'm pleased as punch. Hagel to favor a Cora Barry who's 88 degrees. That's persuade hot as MS and how does a bitch I'll I'll I'll. So I was and I think the outlook sat with her act that's the full on day terminator. Two they're aliens. I'll Christian is to merge. And how popular name ever since some. You know you can walk out. So keep your name is meg and she can say crap about how bad it is there and what about your iris think it enliven and I was like team beat sister who. How cornerstone called the stop mud holes and then yeah I'd heard how he. He is to move and because there is tell us. But she was very upset and she Shandon scratched Caron here surgically my name is much Barbara. And then read are you had any knowledge of music was or six pickle bottom. We want your pictures are plainly on her facial nods his new name. Smaller film. There's CNN has. Any scratches on her own Topps announced not Carner brass and in this she was to say she was being primary aggressor. She was booked into jail. Isn't my spelled limp to these are just one cities are okay ansari should've clarified now that's behind an aunt here she looks like. Turn to you to use. Simulators from prison to the radius there's only rich guy does she is little older now yeah. In early you know are you shocked ourselves. Home poster picture on the east and you can find out gala this isn't a big Mac rooks miracle man. Especially at a time those same mind I know my name Sonoma. I'm not kidding like. There was usually isn't mine piece is well positioned who the Americans are John looks pretty just I. President John Meredith outlined here we get beat us our take away from a story it was too high. This July as high grade now yeah I am page and address as her mind. Listen to the rise guys morning explored many times I just don't know the weather and we're instant access to the latest rise guys I guess to rise guys. Rise guy's sports with the apple. I guess sisters who remain again. We got two thirds of the way they're sold two thirds. Of the way for new Triple Crown winner. Roll. And. And I do offer a we have won a few years ago but try it was. A jogging in the first initial. An A I don't mean this second third initials B. Tuning apple Lusa. Two named Morse an American value at first far. Nightmare Cody rather than surrender demand for or Gergen now what is mayor confederate. While again you know post in the last pregnancy I forget those SO whether preakness resolve a drone videos on the market that's in the that was fun to watch. I don't both us a big deal anymore Triple Crown winners because it was when we have one. No here's your ornament we saw earlier one since word or secretary or some crap and so there's only been one and all all armed. Yeah. Tim wonder I want you but I wonder is if there was not money involve would people go to watch horses race. Like they do cars do you know what I'm saying there is still a spectacle of a sort but. It wouldn't be what it is without that right gamblers gentlemen. Don't think so. Would full ball clears will go to the reasoning. Without the money. I'd say he's a much football players. At that promise to answer. Airbus parent deserves better a bunch you know there's a bunch of giant white dudes that are. They match and that's who I was with you. Hadn't been getting under our men and those three white guys who like six foot six and like 350 pounds order would they they're on our. Ever remember hearing stories about so and so and occurred at somewhere but it actually you know. You wanna win here he was assigned some morals the add almost slipped through the cracks there was John Elway. Almost became a Yankee. Because he was toying with the idea of not playing football there's a picture of Billy Martin's show and him Yankee Stadium in Erie is an open. Well says according to the story Patrick Ewing almost went in North Carolina. Whose clothes well and when they're in Jordan wondering the same time 8485. Of them. But there was injustice here on why this and saw Jordan. So there's a huge kkk rally daring Ewing's visit so we committed to Georgetown and stay at. The dynamo away from you win anyway death. I don't remember here that at all knowing you have. I. Did happen. In the did you imagine that. He would have played. Well they had. What is saved her mom said you know what what would've happened that Sam Perkins spun out of that lake. They talked about iron the damp patch insert sharing some music here are five years and there are or were you quote required. I was close North Carolina was very good school you know what I went down there they put me in that Carolina and there was a big Ku Klux Klan rally in North Carolina when I was there. I was right you don't know are coming down here and stay in my book about him also. Came I mean he had coaches Georgetown. Bernard. Oh there Jeter man he's starting your reputation is that he a prima Donna owner. Indeed if you well she did via the money have a repetition as player but you know isn't the greatest Yankee of all time. So maybe. You know you can get away. So hard is is there are blind children older. Now it could mean could be worse at bat. Awful listeners laugh. So way a reporter radio host that was covering the moral and sicker and missiles the whole thing is credentials guy yanked. Because he took a triple Marlins may and downs of the British Virgin Islands. And found out that the corporate address Marlins used quote unquote overseas. Was a post office box and the Virgin Islands. That was legally enough to establish Marlins is a foreign company. It's the most basic tax scheme in America wow yeah Con-way rising in India. And he was slightly crooked list of owners there. Allegedly. Course went public whether he's very litigious Marlins dangerous currents. Yank them they would go yes. We can't turn the team anymore. William sparkle in one not again you can kind of can't blame just the wrong door with a did. Morally. You know he has a moral turpitude or death because they are trying to save a few dollars a and taking guys liveliest Kassim. Brings down the aisle corporate America. There are assuming the Marlins Mary are. These yanked him he's not a yanked his seats want is only down there. I don't know man salsa club I ever charming based on this openness lake South Beach coal and that's impossible till Tuesday did little to a stadium aren't. It was another woman got forced on him. The people never want to stay here yeah. If fix up our Rocca stadium live dolphins or his friends the people want to tired a billion dollar stadium for a dude worth ten million dollars break. The people they vote for make them do. Like missiles and haven't in Arizona. Phoenix Diamondbacks and you could give give give again even if you do indeed GG. Don't give. Because remember. Tom McGhee. Not her. Sincerest London did you have a memory Newt. Almost that look she brings you want to become. Members back now not at all soon as the world's strongest man contender tonight. An epic and bloody death they'll be an atom over a parking spot Chavez sixes and is it looks like now I'll give Nadal or any pain Emma. Guys doubtful. I'll be from the walk in the extent that there are only. So when somebody says that there are former Debbie Debbie if wrestler they can have just been like you know enhancement talent kind of thing. The market really cigarettes in Japan and 85 joined judge did you have an 86 QB Brett artist first match. He won via. 1982 power lifting world championship and I never heard of India. But they breathe is yes. Here's a pitcher John Elway the end shown around Yankee Stadium by Billy Martin this is a theory didn't run that if he would like. Decided to be a ball players baseball player. In all Latin then burn ala hey guys it's crazy. Georgia high school tennis team is being punished for a photo. It's leaked out and we're still think you'll Sanchez. What was the fellows tell us showed tear right here. And a bunch of white. Bags or even a light lunch bags and holes in Italy does. OK so is there caption on it. Because I see that as embarrassed the fans. Not not from our from story here but. People say it looks pretty racial highly offensive. Now it is open. That was like the the one of the unknown comic remember from other gong show. He would come out and tell still did you see where maggert his head and eyes cut out of it because he was embarrassed. Basic football games and jets remember they had the bags over their heads because there bears. An opportunity. That's not the first police you do right and soon a picture. In today's climate issued led there by. Things like this yeah. If I just saw that picture I swear to god I would not seeing any illicit cash in on there that says. Mean things no caption here I'm really in my role genuine he's seen it. This a British and my first hour is. Our first car is why I'm thinking about this office to fab wearing things is big news story it's the first Lawrence. Wired or are we are gender norms are high school kids whose arm might be stupid or Robin Finn and everybody I go from rarely did they go and play and lose in their embarrassed and then this is unfortunate may have these bags or brown bags to where on the right. I'm or is it big is that what they're trying to do is it because their white bags. That they're supposed to look like Klan hoods I guess yeah she's at least yes sir I did hear your cornered you lazy do you cigarettes they lost. Seem so it was just unfortunate they didn't have brown bags to Wear on their heads like. Like when what do baseball team's socks and their fans go to September. And they were like a brown grocery bags for mask. Because their marriage to be there isn't it has to be asked to be brown Matt Matt. I'll say I would say the opposite. Big disappointment they won't say hell so I think you Wear them do you Wear the bag of the color your skin. That's what I think but there's another Perry and isn't like these don't these don't back and get pages tone right yeah yeah just imagine that. In the baggage Jeff had been wearing like huge big always you know decided that thousand bugs come up there Michael Myers Klansman. Iraq yeah.