Thursday, June 14th

Dirty Thursday features Jeff Lewis Neal taking shots of various items, can he guess them all?: TBT

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The rise guys morning. Beltran and. Yeah. Yeah hey gift you give you device and back out its phone back out a mad get back on FaceBook live the grand. Fans bug dot com slash rise guys salute her. Because we're getting ready to. This a really fine and is going to be a great chance for somebody Iraqi escort. Birthday bash tickets 18774. Double o's I'm free 180774. Double 093. Com. We'll we're combining not only a game three win dash tickets which are on sell and all Ticketmaster outlets. You've got to 933 the planet rocks dot com for more information. And to register for freebies. But also don't. It'll be a Chancery to win tickets. And it will be a way to do dirty Thursday. As we debut. Shots in the dark. The yeah I saw about Jimmy. Where you live call dad here Guerrier marvel for dear all I got ya got the iPod Bandana and a gear rule quickly sugar hill mine program. I used to have one and then we did some bending got stuff all over the chairman was another I was in my personal time their room and guide number. Mean you know the face McGwire veered to make sure I can veer sideways rather be inside brewers who felt that are right. So here's a way this is gonna work out those first shots in the dark. Shots in the dark is it's quite simple Jim McCarron. Jeff will be blindfolded to evade marijuana leaf blindfold that we have now secured Bayard is. This was used in basketball recently simulates the memorabilia here. What will happen is Jeff will be blindfolded and he will take a shot we have five different winds. You will decide and we need to people play at 180774. Double 093. You will decide who will just be able to identify the shot. And we found out yesterday Jeff has it there or maybe earlier this morning you can remembered Jeff as a drinking three or four months and that's why are dropping very water a feel great. Not even my Guinea kind of and guess not it's a camel yeah. So maybe this Pallet is low week as far as it comes to you know because I had sinus infection recently. I got almost a month ago I guess three weeks I still don't under it taste the air steal here is that long term damage. Maybe you can help me lose weight Sally to crap food now that you know aren't saying it's lingering damage certainly saw are so. Let's meet our contestants before we begin these atrocities on Jeffs has ask us the crowds. I. Let see am open it up led to go to. Lying to him and talk to Jessica and easily hey Jessica. LA and I use them I get married and well. You want your birthday bash or imagine. Yet any particular and you wanna see more than the other Reid is pleased to go and have the night as fun was your fellow. I'll read it. I honestly don't even handed going to be there I just while white music. He moved here. One prominent bush be remembered all they'll put Oregon salt on Jessica earning a really good debut Amaechi cause we have to let it play the game. She should let us now she's like I had this one and oh I've heard a lot about an arraignment is gonna play in the truth of the matter is as long as we says the planet's birthday bash it doesn't matter he's going to be there. It doesn't matter who we're going to be there. And hopefully YouTube. All right and let's go to. You want splash and Blount can enforce any good morning. What are as a going. Okay cool all right so here's the way the game is played. Jeff yeah get out of there for a moment cowboy of the you don't have to come back you don't want to I want him or her own during a view you don't go back. All right Jeff is making his way out of the studio. Com normally would send page out to make sure that he's not cheating bet. Anthony. We can listen to them let tell everybody what he's by the sheet right here again could she aggressively against. All right so. We're gonna had a chat we'll keep notes in this or yes I can't sort of major Jeff doesn't she. Well I sort of get into our normal in the past we watch and AG led to verify just is not cheating it's all gone make sure Anthony's honest no athlete and okay current G Mullen comments Orly international resort Rosenfeld got himself it's true. History. RI it. Went through the doors pebble with a huge boulder are over there behind the wall pushing against the door roll roll everything all over. I mean really they're both out of the room right now. All boys the future rigor was gig push push push back into it Kamal push it push at bay off. Rare where a lot of warm. Are there is Freddie prinze for a rules stand I don't think. All right we'll start first we Jessica Jessica will jazz take a shot a barbecue sauce and be able to identify. Justices ships entered blonde kids. Yeah yes on the barbecue sauce. Shot number two. Pumpkins will just be able to identify a shot as castor oil. Know. You say no and Jessica castor oil on Jeff's tong. And no matter what. We yeah yeah. To shine a three. He shot and franks ran hot sauce. Jessica will JF identified hot sauce. Is that happy thought that they granted every panel thinks I'm absolutely okay that he acts he will get into on pins on the hot sauce. Yeah or else would you be okay. Numbers four shot number four. Will Jeff be able to identify. The shot of clam jeetz. You've probably seen it there in the grocery store wondered what it was. It's clam juice is made for radio bits food blob can to a Jeff identified the clam Jesus. Do they have safe clams specifically. I married gay he does yes clam geez us. Yeah I don't think he'll WL I noted clam what about you just. I mean NN day and yet you will say yes to that parent and I'm usually very noted the Koran okay yeah. Yeah first I just as any clients now now he does Rudy does with the tires cool. Okay and then this fifth and final shot. This one's kind of go to be a doozy for. You know why today using lies a doozy because he saw me with one of the items in my hand in it was very identifiable. And I was like okay. I'm gonna pull switcheroo and that's. He saw me with a bottle. Of a mini bottle of grey goose. Says windows shot of vodka because I asked at a Santa Ana mine and I think it's ammonia or something like that when he soul. So little or. The end that model. Is like some of the most sour vinegar you've ever put your mouth so I think he's unexpectedly October that it will be vinegar so would that said the last and final guest Jessica will he be able to identify. The sour vinegar. Aren't you and yeah slumped ends. Students know about it up yet. Yes there aren't aren't hold on lady and gentleman in the through I have more general they're live rock back here they aren't. Are there they are welcome back in here we go it is time to see. Who's. Who flew down who who yeah. Is going to birthday bash will be used will find out. Right now Jeff do you understand how this has played yes yes. There's five shots there. Who went to report yes your job is to take this shot. And then identify. In your best professional way over what that item is sure. Okay now. Tabloid news that he did it seem as you were I'd taken the notes they're from their gases didn't a lot of people think that he was gonna do well would this sore. He's gonna have a tough time all awful time's going to be very difficult Jeff and aren't we war. Get everywhere on FaceBook live right now there's other various this video point of view is going on. I can't figure how to get this off how they Rica off. Okay aren't perfect here we go now that's a I'm going to makes and gestures toward its face to see if he really is blindfolded. Lindsay who did. All right I don't think you see Israeli. It. We'll start diluted. Started out all right we're live everywhere right now there's fab board. There's not there's page. There's Jeff and has blonde yeah yeah. He'd and freak in me when there's merit here are our whole this drama yes. Now. They're in the shots. Jeff. McCain shop thought all right. Shot one is being handed yet. You're envisioning here's my hand Eric. Turnaround for the microphone doing is so it is. And I'll make my way this way I just take this shot can smell it first or does go to shot. Off judge's okay I'll drink his strength our area. There we go boom birthday bash tickets. Its shots in the dark. Shots in the dark. All right Jeff. What was that item that you just had a shot up. This almost face a like. Bar refusals. The barbecue cells aren't sweet Barbeque so we'll right back and guest down. So I guess is that almost is that yes a sweet barbecue sauce that's my guess you eat barbecue sauce PUN. Mark Russell says that's sweet blonde told you got off. All right and getting. Shot number two. I'm handing get suggest something to drink and clear my palate we have some water and got there or you do you have anything to drink organic coffee every year. OK when you are quick he had it. Yes good terms and Jeff and myself and this Mac. Some like that yeah it is some free time. All right how it cleared perfect aren't they were down hanging you the second shot shot shot shot shot right. Jeff is going to take the shot we're playing shots in the dark he's blindfolded Diaz and collect. Think if he murders of their surprise you at a Pallet is Jeff Healey president recruitment and that I had a very seriously realm like it's important. Our new name. Here we got a shot to number two in shots in the dark we. Pool who who shot several Cha Cha cents not everybody. All right Jeff. Do you have any idea what Alice and I needed a guess of some kind. That was like. Cooking oil thing kind of cooking oil are we're gonna write you answered and a no in Iraq and answered down so hard coding or maybe that like guys it would be used in Matt males perhaps there sauce. Is. There you go through three videos in this dumb firmer and a prison right back dreading getting mad man out of my friend and I get in bad boys away immediately enhance our guys is what I haven't been any rumor cameras does win the system. Aren't you regular just third shot to come down and we luckily nobody elderly from hollered all microphone doesn't have any talks can. I NG third shot as eighty shots in the dark for birthday bash tickets just Lewis knew unfolded. Cheers here Stearns through your home. Cool to own the reaction yeah Cramer won't call that an FO. Okay. You said he directed a guarantee. All right. Hot sauce hot sauce she say all right hot sauce. If you can tell day if that were true and you can tell the brand that's any laws. I'd tell you why. Fracture and a. And insane that was part of the game and Norton as it was hot sauce and since they give you anything they. The let's get this when it. There's really just now tuning in look at this and tell me what she's saying that it's amazing number when you think this is right here if you missed the run through. I'm Jeff knows Snelling. That's now. Anke patient's heart is sore arms on camera in Africa that has nothing to do with a bit I did down particles from. Purpose. All right all right. Shot number four Joseph Sharkey and dark here we go. Mean who goodness oh. And then. Who know what state that did what he left the church did trash cans okay trash can't trash can trash can everybody loves trash trash is old guy hurting Harry Harry First. Because it. Oh no. He oh boy who I'm sorry it sucks. Hula. M two yeah. Yemen events some are missing some quick drink in three months ago if you could borrow points. And now you know like you go into an eighty incest vote right now though you couldn't amounts. All right emea ID you know he didn't take it down you Galley which he did have it on your palette on Hong. Just listen you know always that you get shipped. No water or to not watch the world to a water. And not look to. You what let's that is true but how I'm going to Slashdot. I watched a cooking show the other day beat Bobby Knight nine listen to this. You know what one of the items in the recipe was sent in Atlantic Ocean water. They wouldn't get real Atlantic Ocean water into play in the in the recipe or beige I don't yeah I hope not. And he cigarette butts and bottle rocket sticks them to their money back and by the way they're just where the other pledges. And the last and final shot here. Lol I gotta get those hands are going to be a hand model. For people who I should not by their fingernails OK it's all right here we go is the last and final shot in the dark somebody's gonna win. Birthday bash take a survey are all Ticketmaster how bullish right now. September 21 at the whale current year ago period cheers you on cheers. Cheers it's Firefox and Georgia pink he's tough emotionally. Aren't. Right visa only just be swallowed it Jeff what I was that I'm an aegis shocked. That was the shot of vinegar the shot of vinegar current. Brian let's review lists from the let's go back to our normal spot or Zuma black hole now you may remove your blindfold was yeah this food. Mayor Lou there's my pants. Later aggression our viewers thank you sworn in here. It's warm in here right now we're gonna revert back to low high. The notes that fat boy made about all the guesses and we'll go through what each item once. Also great to bring down his guesses or where all of this is also a person. All right I know my number one. And Jeff. You said. Sweet barbecue sauce you said sweet barbecue sauce and fat boy yes. What are contestants guess. It's just you're just actually they both on this and is that you would you would awards and it was Smart he's also been. Got a point 000. Murphy's heart sauls made RP one in Tennessee you know learn tasty you are like. Yes all right it is now time to review the second shot as we play shots in the dark Friedman birthday bash tickets. Jeff you said it shot number two. Is trying to remember what was Rosen cooking oil up cooking oil he said family remind us what our contestant said. On this when they both agreed that he would not guess what it was he would not be able to get it now just said cooking oil judges. The food. I do not believe that is correct sat near is not a cooking or. Is more of an industrial oral more Rivera. It's a pharmaceutical product or senator. Yeah. It was kind of pharmaceutical product you're gonna have sailing breasts and about three hours I'm Justin I did with Nelson is his castle. Yeah there they're not make you go to the bathroom idea. Think you'll hear regular bill form drama that's an epic due to dudes are and so that was that was the world so they both get that one right as well right we're at a Thai is search who peace terms of these main. Our third. Shot. Jeff your mind as you said. Hot sauce and then I even said Jeff extra points if you can name the brand because I guess at Frank's red hot. Yeah I needed. It was red. Well she brings thrill and as they both say yes he did give us got it right so it's out of their three B three right now are we have two more to go. Jeff you said. True no water tuna water yeah I am now goes to judge Jimmy once they gain. Our police said that answer or we can't we cannot accept that as your fat boy what are the contestants say. Just consider he would get a big splash in Balkan city would not give Iran. He's blown gives up a point. Right yes sir okay and our last and final one or wasn't. My energies where are. All it is not analyze all of a loser flange little characters justice they'll find out what that was it sorted sparrow. The whales sergeant got a I am an attack. National oil is gonna give you diarrhea which spit out the plan Jesus the potter might show our last and final shot. Jeff you said vinegar. Fat boy big contestants. Said he wasn't the most city get it right it was vendors yeah. Please save us got a right which means we have a winner by just one. Point. And that is my is my addition correct it is. UROJ. Oh man congratulations. Sir. You did you did it predates all on the tong to judge Lewis in the go ahead and when your hat. This event and birthday bash I want you to Wear shirt that says I owe these tickets to Jeff Lewis mills Tom. Is that so that we are. Out cry yeah I archery confirming or would this face on it like you like to. Not just the tour of blasted talks to all too well how about that and the merchandise manager in jail and enterprises but in the meantime strewn splash Shimbun Kim's it is officials stink. What AD wins and graduation Brey wants why should run and you're right I imagine guys back shot. Yes sir yes sir hold on. And cool feature information again time. All their lives stinky stuff you have to drink there was. It up Jeffrey. I only saw some of the yard just at least some of you listen to show I love you to death I would never in a 1000000 years in morning radio where he grew don't know why didn't you do Tola water. Why didn't you do this what you do that why didn't you get you know. All these coop boards and chilling day and only kill him and Olivia earnings for them to bed door hospitalized and now please don't. We've got to spend the afternoon the toilet that's followed the not ER zero. Are we gonna take a little break what is a mobile phones now anything you wouldn't talk about birthday bash questions comments complaints. Maybe need to divide syrup and 4180774. Double 0930. I read this morning it's recalling there. Rise guys morning Chad good morning C it is 840. That's a great it was at snap or no that was Twitter this a great idea why not had jazz. And between the band at birthday bash do some kind of dirty Thursday can deal. Like up on stage is something Beecher via freaky Friday I mean we there is this going to be a conscious things that we can do that may would have taught in the folks down at the whale. Lisa I'll email you your own here off. That would be great passing kind of you know daring stunt the south you know like Jesse James Dupree does to issue Chatham Kent and not only. Scottie can do with anything. He and and be great it'd be fun when you get married. Jeff next year. I don't know Bloomberg on the Castro or are thrown better interpreted out I'll be honest and there are so low tell yet he married next year and no specific day yet there. Not necessarily. Do you think it dates each thing they want you. You get married you know and did Jolie you'll settle down I mean you'll settle down as far as you know that does but as far as you know you kind of get in that saying it. I'm just wondering if I guess a married guy you'll be able to tell all of them. Good morning did buy a Y fi I'm going to go. Take shots at gross costs says he'd be be home later. In the UK okay. All sorry. Paul come flowing that way art did do you think once you get. When you when you get married I will win any event come eat pizza will you continue to wrestle in all this there. Via a body eight hurt yet ms. Curtin every day there but not to the point where I need to stop real we continue to drink shots and stuff to wrestle him do all the same store one. It. I'm not he's not hurt and yeah just every day and a consistent with the the the it's hurting but not to the point of lawyer. You know I need to stop yeah. Rob Dick Clark and needed to forever. And we're looking at getting married in September but we just haven't set a date yet next year's September of next you gotten booed. He and it is specific day because that will be next year. Going to the premiere dumb currently our rules all yesterday and I must tell you some boy I. I felt like I freaking kids watching nano. Very he's sick. I all right it was Harry marks of their haul boys are its magical looking this whimsical bookings can be great there's dumber than dumb but her say it. We want this is live action Tim Burton Tim Burton's doing. Yeah and our timber and playing golf two of you were making our doom hey man listen to you still loves him and now he's off the list you still have Kenneth Smith he's now lost the list. Tim Burton's movies it oranges. Remakes of other movies right I don't know like that you know we don't need him and I hate to remake I hate agreement now. Well did they condone same story again make another billion dollars off again I hate dad and I just wish I had the rights to something. It looks great they looked so good kinda creepy. Did kind of creepy yeah doesn't like this this is you know since and a Medtronic I guess her TG I that the banks have these beautiful big eyes. You know. By big light jest but hit that these are nice to look at that probably air and then all of a sudden then there elephant disappears and I'll send. Won't there's this slash in this analysis finds there a circus all man. Can't wait I don't care when you don't own walls like Trent Powell why come final this is five number. It looks awesome. It looks awesome so let me know and these decision may when you win you will do to save the day ME ST dumbo instead of going your way. And there's just barely longer and a much what. Wolf thank you appreciate it really bitter end here doctor. And you know I. I ain't gonna address that I've been asking for that for like two months as I've heard her schedule we needed to introduce a video or if you also say. To the I have to check whether NC about her schedule right next Wednesday it is quote there's a certain sense. Armando Navarro by the way don't schedule wedding Dorn during Toy Story form because that is a sequel while grocery. Uh oh cut price that we need detonated his costly to us are currently and to celebrate we don't make you laugh for some real good Raddatz in this hotel. Rash red word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. I know. Field to your juicy yeah. Lauren Murray. Okay Maria. Good job money is bad I was and I'm calling about the piano lessons that you and listed on the on the website. Pretty straight. How much. I have a moment but probably can work coming and about charity an hour. Okay thirty bucks. When I answered a lot of wind stays in the sense that something half. In the kind of a couple station available. One at 630 and won it eight. Okay yeah that Mac actually made club would be good. I am OK and I didn't see anything on the sci about your background he's he's so much information about your experience. I'm sure I have been teaching for about five years and them. Before that I wish I getting my masters and it music education. So I and I didn't hang on my mind so I don't know I think we breathe and eat piano. Continental. And pretty good that is what I learned he knows more you know different things from my repertoire and Elena ward learned those are two. Kershaw when. Maybe Phillips and Scott Joplin. And I'm glad I didn't really do you have seen. I find. Pack yet have you really fun. OK can I come. Let's see okay I guess I need to go and say this it just so there's this hour are scored when I come from the lessons that I. It is cause you some problems in the past loosened some mayor candidates features I was mormons are rare condition. Rom. I was born without arms. But I am pretty good and OK listen I'm I'm gonna give you a little bit okay. I OK here we go out. Okay. I always does that pretty good. Yeah I am I don't worry I wouldn't surprise that you need and able to I didn't play like that so yeah okay. And and that's what I mean that's without. I was born without arms I mean now. That's pretty spectacular so. And sure that we can build upon that so how would you put that weary. Only. I in his hands is kind of I hear you actually playing yeah is this DNC in your mouth is. At about what might you can't blame the status. Why. Yeah and since this knee. We've played that would be. Now I'm sorry I didn't that I would do would be glad they're. Now I know it's now I'm highly embarrassed about it. Do you like secretary noted a name I know I'm gonna be embarrassed about it really says it really is a million packs. I am hey good but I'm just embarrassed about it. I hate. My under and the gem I think tank here and saying I can't. It's where I would. I'm most pleased self call us if you wanna know the truth. I pay oh. I've been an awkward for me but I. Can you. Check it might yet. Even they would what I think you're playing my folks. Kia can. Playing with my. I. Hate it I know I. Good day at the same time yeah. So I don't wanna see cocky. Yeah yeah I mean yeah I mean somebody they can understand that I'm an artist and I'm performing it doesn't matter how I do my last teacher. She was a real big issue is really means you know what she gave me for Christmas she gave me a pair of gloves for Christmas will be. BA there's no joking manner. Now there is not a joke in there and look I mean that you. I am proud of how well even at Iowa didn't draft I would love to see it I got it I mean. Okay I'm Carrie and we and I think if I make your play and certainly I mean obviously they are you trying had a tendency if I'd I could interact in Oaxaca is yeah. And the only reason you again because that impressed me how my god who lived up there I think and operated as used to playing news amaze Maine and how. OK so hard let me let me call you back and we'll solidify his schedule I would I would love to. Have you muted he should mean more. I mean I know I never done anything like this and I don't know I could. Hold on here's some more for an. Okay. Okay. Okay. I see a pretty good right. Can you do. I don't know I wouldn't say because and I. I. I wouldn't know how do you even begin. Well let me stand and see you better listen. Oh my god it's a come and gone to. And. A. Well it's you know. The main thing about it. The amazing. I told you okay no real mile flown here and now I'll call you back and listen schedule. Down well okay thanks Lauren act Pamela. JU rack yes.