Thursday, September 6th

Twisted Todd talks to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale about the band's recent Revolution 3 tour with Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult as well as their upcoming show at Harrah's Cherokee Casino and Resort.

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This was done you know bush has been out on the road stone's own pilots and the cult for any untoward they called revolution thirty. And that's just wrapped up recently and I got to catch up with that Devin Ross still if frontman for bush talked about a future plans and of course. Their upcoming stop at. Here's Cherokee on September 28 start on Gavin. As a doorman or you don't and are preparing younger thank awesome and you're just let it stand fairly busy coming just two days off from the the revolution 32 or eight year low one but no idea what that's rank just two days ago you're gonna last at that that tour. So how was that. Other incredible really really incredible. I don't people some people but they've got. You're so that it Noah. Look around and there are. We could play within the go to your camaraderie of but being a fan pretty sound old school. It's all a little mini are traveling around the they're great people noticed you know I was sort of assurance that. That's that's really else in the Cole's actually the very first band ever saw live up for Metallica. Like almost thirty years I guess that's really Cooley guest got to go on the red within an STB were you taken any time off before you hit the road again. Well you have both overload acute social and emotional loss. I don't remember. It's a great guy at all. Art that. I got Chia and you guessed going to be and I Harris Cherokee casino owners are in Cherokee North Carolina. Just at the end of the month so I imagine there's not a lot of tunnel. I'll wait you can't Q what duke Carolina another way to go believable. Yeah we're back it was back and they'll let. See Gus played I guess it was about ten years ago duel in the crawfish ball in downtown Greenville which now and you've got seven amazing all we reviewed going to battle and the show and Cherokee is going to be just she does anybody come in with the on this one. I don't I'm not sure I was. A couple of pretty cool bands who we were checking how let I don't actually heart transplant David shepherd has worked so rubble while parents. So it is going to be like get surprised. I guess so because like you said you go ahead like a day also it's. Revolution three tour wrapped up in the news can be hit the road again what's the what's the first dates get back out on the road again. It was important that Campbell during the general Antonio you have a showdown that spoke and a little. So you go to Q we talked you know look it's okay then is there any way you know I don't know I'm not actually own bed. Russia to complete. Control. Air like exactly you know and and you know you like you said you had kids sounding like three weeks is nothing when he got to get back on the road. So how how how old are the kids now are. Oh you recruit young twelve and one sport and they had me fairly and I and my kids just turned eight months old Malia. They came on his first vacation this past weeks and got to see the ocean for the first time those pretty. You guys are a great we're looking forward to having you guys that North Carolina and you're not gonna get a tricks or surprises kind of officially for this one. Don't know what Colombian order. Only to get down there and execute the music and I'm sort of go collect thought Carolina speech can't force you saw token the blu that are now on. Another I think it's ET Al men are too good so or what thanks so much the closing dumber as silly as you and your brother did you go to Turkey.