Tuesday, December 12th

Some of the technological advances we have now are pretty scary but wait until you see what's on the way: Open Phones


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. Hi guys doing. Joining us. 3.3. I'm Jim. Amazon wish list he's acting the right guys. Well above average Joseph Wright and head what the hell those finalized all of those things for his girlfriend YG I. Maybe you love or dvd. There we are. Horizon as morning show good morning NC ABC ten. This announcement so today's anger surged birthday. These 45 all. Yeah third is 45. X crazy early and Bob Barker would have been not before I am only. Off now that. Old double but he. Odd argument so well it doesn't matter now. Myself always came out about him morass India. Barker he's Asia now I think there enter into. I said he NRD. Ever attend his book that's great gonna record. Rise guys morning show good morning. Say ten happy to sleep Tuesday. Lot more. A lot more buying things today golly. You are you gonna spend some money today and yeah. Yeah I do and it. Friday I'll spin them of them the majority of it. I've got things say don't cards and and things like that no. I didn't take many recent. President back now than an hour. I got her the year Mario of the tolley dry rub all Americans right now. Think it's wrong here made do you old Miriam made salad. You know what this is. Fat boy you can you may know about this Jimmy Terry and this is this is crazy where. A US military agency is looking at ways to invest and genetic extinction technologies. What they wanna do rather then using technology against humans they want to wipe out species of animals and are notorious for curing certain diseases. This news. Well. 8888 can be it could be and sex as you were saying mayor. A lot in this is weirdness is where only some help you certain cattle. They're terribly Carrey's. Dexia is well. I would assume that would be but I think that's something that's. It's not genetic I don't think. I think that's something they've again I. Others say it is remain amends. I'm not saying that they are. You g.'s assets and I don't know her hair I just think its I debt. This is scary to me like. You know what whatever you're in your beliefs our own the after last turn him before last whenever from the week you don't play he'd gone. When it comes to stuff like that like. I think he would come and go. I know her real important and eradicate certain species in like just. Eggs to make an extinct clearly saying Bob Carter still alive is he really your own guys running for. To live yeah. Why do birthday. Come on top few good he'll be here are my daughter dates. Oh sorry he's not reported that half the altered anything in here. Don't end here is is is very very very well I was from the calls. I get the okay anticipated and I'm gonna plan a grand prize game. Com or children should grow your own movie not think it's Wii is DARPA by the way they're they're funding this whole gene editing researcher. As a child of the eighties I realize that kids of the fifties and forties and informed that there are. Every generation. Wind technical advances happen I feel like start to shatter a little bit like when I started I didn't. Owns and drive those cars and all this stuff. Might not wrong to think that's scary world are my age is getting old. M I'll I came to third and then now we know Bob Barker well if you eradicated species right. You're gonna kill other animals if you're gonna poisoned or do something in mind that that this is a park that's a fact when they poisoned my tree at Auburn they've said what united skill in the trees. There are rain watered the trick. Now made very aware of this yet racer based certain there'll be fair if they're developing this they certainly are quarterback. They did I mean they have to be a key. Here. Now with cattle if hybrid cash and all our bread and does something. And maybe they should. Go back to nature and lent. Cattle breed naturally. It may we can't. We can't make the infrastructure of nature's gone and you can't just like cattle. This go in Rome. Mean that that home that's. Gone amid the funny small farms these communities farms where they still and we'll read everything natural leak yeah. I'm told I even when he pesticides and all that stuff. Gary you're as scary. Yes I will scare you you know Anthony eleven how ski. Former Google rumor executive Alan page who is related to Obama and our researcher. There is starting out the way of the future church. Way of the future church your book is called the manual. He sounds very Joseph Smith DA's look at it don't worship sure Ari is their physical places of worship. The idea behind it is that eventually artificial intelligence will surpass humanity and will effectively the common god so. LaRoche boy part of let me end smarter than us means it. Won't decide how weighty vaults but at least we can decide how we act around it. I would love to the machine to see us as this beloved elders and it respects and take care. We would want this intelligence to say humans should still have rice even though I'm in charge in quote. This does not call and go over executives for a reason Bloomberg. Let me bulk program and iron. So without people you wouldn't have Mardy Fish on tough questions. For you when asked Tom Allen Iverson's formal go artificial intelligence into it. It doesn't just have the limits of its programming it can learn. As like a virus that we you can make a virus that day when it goes out it. Manipulates itself seemed nature that you learned can adapt. We will cloned people. Oh yeah we will soon adds 33 deep turning organs still hold Baja I was a kid when they did dad did this she. Dolly they cloned a sheep housing kitten and then they just quit talking about that stuff. What about it you know all all of our DNA we do these big contests when Mel more familiar stool samples off to collect call us the other you swallowed. Arsenal's want to just I don't understand this technology and I don't like I don't like. Artificial intently at any intelligence can you know what it is not it's it's still is. I don't get it. Self driving cars is you know Ross Fulham lesson teen years they Gasol back and forth to work. Just do Michael Newton and you're not even driving. This I'm not comfortable with it and is not it. S few twenty year old possibly texting in San I'm just getting old I'm not just getting older posts thirteen years old I'd say I'm still scared of this. Don't like. When bureau now remain thirteen. Been in school history where he did not like I did AH MI just who worry wart for nothing. Aren't just extend their narrow and our our official intelligence is. You kids. My. Manipulate. The conscience of artificial intelligence break you can't. It can't have a grudge it can't. I mean you can't have a preference. It doesn't have to Obey rules. I get gave me and it can mean like you could never artificial intelligence John aged that does something then. That is not in line with the law assure delegates would only interpret the law are correct BC yes. On or else people ask about PS computer average and then there's a human element of human element is what screwed it up. But that's what we DBA. I though it's not something that like. No it okay do you wish that I this is nature just evolving here is something that was. Change this is a and that will be changed and manipulated by a man and so. He's not. It's artificial but because we eat. David infrastructure. Yeah I'm playing doubles I have urged the senate Subaru say. In the future is it entirely possible that artificial intelligence. Could write a tax crude. Faster better more thoroughly more completely. Ben the entirety of that then do the entirety of congress which is hundreds and hundreds of people. Employing thousands and thousands of people to help them do their us. Yeah we all agree that the thought is it is good that they are well what I think happens is. I'm manipulated. You know and send our young people acting music for brand is just like if you know somebody if you know somebody you know somebody can they mean is is just the way the world it would be manipulated it's like. And I O five bulb I could have made a thousand dollars and five minutes yesterday bitcoin. I'm scared to death and I'll watch it a lot and I ended up but during about. I'm student at the minute I'm bilateral oh wait it's a well I didn't go to zero. Some MI and welcoming it and honest and borrowed. Is concerned buyer our bench is where there are advancements are official intelligent he's scared of it. Any probably should be no less not artificial intelligence itself is so scary to Elon Musk. But bet you we're so reckless. And greedy he and we wanna be first so will unleash something that isn't writer isn't like the tax plan where certain businesses and make a lot of money we're gonna be added tax rate over a 100% of their income. So he did they made a hundred dollars they know over a hundred dollars just in taxes are. Auction so. I mean it is they human element of greed and trying to rush stuff that you'll we will engineer our own demise because we're too reckless to didn't do a good job of it. And hill new writing in big gatekeeper. Well this is really brands you. Trust me I think you can't trust people right now but I mean you'd have either unplug a power stores can't function on itself. Was he the gatekeeper. For dating. Once you master this morning it was OK he gonna he's scheme lasted less than you know lastly the downfall kind of you have to move all this technology beyond TVs and computer and you have to have saw her body overseeing it. Yeah there's always the people and controls gonna be me so I won't want to correction. I don't think it would be arson to oversee it would be a machine like hit. And then whose prose I don't but there and I don't play Georgia indulgence I don't drink at at this cook. It's it's scary I mean they'll they'll be actually able to read your mind. Inside that they'll be two ways where they'll figure out the Elon Musk the be the guy who will be the call without talking. You are the guys say we gotta be careful when there's Scalia may I jump on must have been when the good. You know there's shame as this and your brother Jerry is not in U pro so I think I have learned it's misinterpreted and like him I'm seconds there at your house at all. I have to. I read a bunch of phones by this weekend that continue to talk about it technology scares the hell out of it. 180774. Dow below 93180774. Double 093 we will come together and talk on the radio right after this. I thought I read this morning you know it's recalling here. Rise guys morning show good morning CA it is 833. For villain phones anything you wanna talk about specifically though this whole. Is scared technologies. Through her. I. I don't like don't like man playing god and I don't like it's part of artificial intelligence. Now a couple of things one semi that I know Kashmir and very doubles at the Q the question and said. What about your mom's sake hip problem as me. Playing god with artificial things I don't know inside that other than. Why hey mama mama sip fuel you don't wanted to walk about it. Was only consider playing god is like for death or. Is true or some good news would back channel every extra parts in their and is missing song out and blank you cracked the stale or suffer. A so while let's go to the phones just told me to go to line 41 and that's my goal and Henderson though I Markel. There you yeah. Rooted excellence written. Yourself. All of you who would you want one day then a solid. There are very tremendously robot. Men in their head to root cause this across from each other. And they had to. Communicate and learn. Their cajun and had to learn. Myself though relations. And from what I heard is they. This started. Out in in their own language. And Angola completely out or they're programmed to do. And there that kind of thing. And keep this very low bid is any thing like that. The analogy that you don't know who do you and then. Well you know I knew him very poorly you. Of course because of course it does and I think that's the way it would be windy any of this stuff former gonna sit there and say artificial technology is going to. Who is a nice thought of this war oversee everything in the new you know. This is her worst in people right. We do it right now honestly I don't know where I am I the egg imminent shot into 120 I don't. But all I know is that look you right out of their Robocop I think light colored. You know sky net all these things that they kind of quotas since the eighties and watch out for this. They were trying to tell us movie directors of the eighties were trying to tell us what you sapphire writers in the thirties forties and fifties and chart tells the exact same stuff you know. I'm very well on the ten years. Trying to take models is scary time. There are you are so strong in the majority and they do stairs and they actually total robots are as good head you know each. Hairy green finger indoors all cars are very good and I. That's crazy night crazy let me ask you this Michael let's say Obama can run again Obama are robust Laura. I don't know how true look. It doesn't Aruba tonight thank you mind that morning or I had an idea agency who know her over a year now. It was a perfect system it would be great if you turn robots into our troops and put them on the ground. I didn't feel well there in your room and by the Russians and then they come here are yeah. We try to do is always our universal soldier Robocop Wear or do you know I'm still gonna conscious after Kohlberg how she hit. The return universal and return now. Yards to remain. I hate media I mean these revised to a lot of starving or do a lot of star break. And what I'm sure how good a job redo it is not just like right now currently thing. Does anybody think like society toll we're getting better leg what are we do with each other stuff so well created times. Oh yeah and we are. I think that we are but is suppressed. Its toll some grass. You know. I love this share some personal conversations that I've had but I don't know that it's fair to do with the other person but to salesman. I don't say she did know quickly when Alice and I was talking to a black friend of mine wasn't fat boy they are and how. This is somebody that I've known for. Ten years probably the loudest in this was two weeks ago where I don't remember whatever the latest Contras who wasn't a said that. Do you see a lot of this Lisa what do you mean message do you do you see a lot and the hatred are or what have. And shouldn't only when I get on line. And in that I thought and that's like you know I think that's a lot and I'm not saying racism doesn't exist or sexism as exit or any of those isn't but. They did. Own own much smaller levels and we realized. You know we we talk about the population how much of the population is gay but then when you watch programming. In May she's thinking that every one has it is a very small percentage now does it take programming of sit coms and things that led to. Change people's minds and ease them into things certainly it does but. When you're acting like the world is one way and it's really not the world is sustained Georgia's watching me at all. Rainy. General we're choosing to watch you know we she came to watching it we Jews that's what we're going to do that's normally spend our time. Are we share zoo we weren't we Jews to be unconscious all the time. Assuming since that's our preference stuff when there's ice preference is they need to be low end you know how. It's. How does it does stuff like that you went that is gets lost. Right yeah. Of course he doesn't wrestled yeah there's a millionaire they are very lost anyway insurer. Does that as a couple one. I don't know well as includes I don't know for sure let's go to Spartanburg and talk to PD. Good morning hey how are you got a group that I am not an album are a lot of guys know all economy had no. Problem I'll make little humble little bit off topic you're gonna now you're eligible now and I'm gonna backtrack a little bit to this young man that was bullied me. And and well. Heard this yesterday and of course original heart out to listen too much let's watch. And I think that you know once you get past that then the next thing that happens as you're like boy I hope those kids and yet misbehave get punished and not think they should. Armed but again today they need to hear a lot of celebrities come and out of insupportable. The more they got. You know ball mistreated. And offering a mock anger and I'm thinking well you know if you really want. He'll these boys and and and make things better. Don't why don't you invite those other boy that misbehave alone on the Iraq had to do these other good fun things so they can see each other a different light. And got to help facilitate healing process. Another hanging in the punishment but there's also some pain and no humility. Of of being forgiven but didn't bug come back again are you close that loop and I think that how you change minds. Not buckle under the bad guy you're over there were good government here look at all the fun stuff we get to do a meet my eleven year old Stanley would. No support that no ought to prod behind him. And now egos and as it would look good look that would be like. So hard all day though as two separate yourself from eureka I looked at me and Jamie number three no this saying we may finish over read the book. Talks about how your ego is the worst thing about you is your ego if you can somehow separate yourself from that and then you start I think we'll god blessed. And kiss separate himself from self. It's hard to do. Very separate yourself for yourself it's figure out where you begin and end and lose listening to do voicing your head there. Knowing that mean you read the book evidently I have not but it. You eat you're aware of that you know and we've been told her glowing ball conduct your ego is you know your group. Your best friend and your your worst enemy. And you have to know there's a grown up Marin check at the door this is not a place for that these are little children. We're adults we're in control. We can make this happen in spite of all that and I think that's why adult are so hard headed and stubborn is because we are great drop in wages. But we're terrible. Close in the loop Lieberman got. I got a sister in Texas and doesn't always is briefed and negotiate a Democrat in their Republican they're they can have conversations about politics mayor. It we can't have that in South Carolina here because. We are so divided and spoke. Stuck in our process. But you can even had a conversation. Honest we're gonna resort argument that's polygraph we are minorities started. And that's where it I see the issue is we already mad that's why enters into an argument did you already mad we started talking about it. He's someone my therapist who had hit this. Let's have a move. A more full oh good Gwynn and hinder you know what's. Yeah. Youth. Yeah and I'm doing great thank Preston. The comment that I don't think we're on our comment. Have you need to ADM on around I think and I don't add even though I am glad I. You've got a magnet yeah. And I'm right out into that you know and you've got an out and the ball at grand. And I think you had I had terminate an 88. I thought that it gets back at Everett. Only not only as I mean this legit. I was. But you're not good by any help I had better but they'll the other. Amanda thank you Glen pretty much a live. You are fat and eat and. I'm running out currently. I'm out. I say it out and thank you ma'am and good morning. I'd see that's the other problem is like there's some ex bull crap and you know they are there women who were beyond loch papers we got the limelight room. In Asia well I'll look upon slopes and India Condoleezza and they were you know Lou I know that's the thing is a loon. He said snubs is it's been a bit. What do they stand error religiously and or in our they Democrat or Republican it don't matter. Our job as president drugs they're sure sure this remark parents or fear. At SXSW. Are wonder destroy humans. I don't really said that in Lester creator red faced. So it was real or not they want a conservative is designed to be as sexy robot not one that would run stuff through me now. Some of them are yet how it's amber will do some more calls we come back up are much much more of us and you right after it. Iraq is just so. It's an inch screen for you want to you're listening to the rise guys morning she 93 point three. Rise guys morning show morning so you save fifty. From new phones 180774. Ball below 93 that's 180774. In the below my three. We still have nine's top fives playlist coming out. So did mine earlier of songs summoned embarrassed to admit I like him if you didn't get the playlist can find it on Twitter or is to Graham have to rise news. Our Thomas technology and scary ways of it and drones and robots don't stuff. Let's go to Lauren and Marion. Hey Lauren. An advantage if you look at and see what I get little. An anatomical about their intake and what dynamic I'm a grandma and therapy and I think it's gonna copied that they've been making. Contract and you can't expect that I haven't slept that connection extra real criminals will. Go ahead at all. And again atomic edited the body part are yet they're working on actually do not see you don't. Oh. It can't feel dramatic anger about you remember things that you like LA like Taliban radio and her color everything here and CEO. But that think I don't expect and I'm actually on the video and I don't settle out of bread dominant car parking every day I haven't county how they're gonna try and naked body part let alone stop like I'd kill us and yeah. Yeah it can and they're really at stake and that people relax. Duncan a robot participated at the right at the point even trying to Dayton he had tried. They didn't ask any more of these everybody did it ship and got to the backstop this. Story we didn't then they laboratories 5% and very young people surveyed used to be just as happy or happier with the robards now. I got out there I thought it was a large bid at a mini cells and vibrator that. Goes with the motion of Christmas songs you know and I'm not your idea and it's strange in the walls. The tribunal and thank you Lauren Merry Christmas. You say I'm against that we think it. Area Chris bass. Let's get to all manner they won't talk about to stop and remember about small let's go to. Love am. For callers are grown in a room alone here enough there's sirens aren't let's go to anonymous enabled anonymous is online forehand non. You're younger you sounds. And I want to lay it on the bullying. That they were talking about earlier yeah you. Myself what do a lot. Believe me I wouldn't. Have. Built it with three. Do you Billick did our belief is what they're cute joke me or. Nobody would do it but yet pickled made the point where it out of air or when Alan duke. Al skateboard around town and Ed you know didn't opt a look at over my shoulder and eight. Seven years later after high school is edit and I'll let the planet mark outlet. And I'd had no idea where dark on try to fix the that they get in all of the positive bit try to delegated it but it. I don't know what do these people lived and make them. You know I knew that OK out of the a lack of competent Comair are. It is or toll is. Absolutely. It is. I mean I think I can't say that they all are but I personally try to figure out what one thing is it that makes and is there one thing isn't it's a combination of things probably needs weren't. And in you know truly easy go your whole life not Nolan you know. I found out within the last calendar year about a way that I am that I don't like and I tried to change a little bit in her. You know it's kind of rays don't let don't let anybody walk caller we don't let anybody walk or leave in the master why you gotta kind of pick your battles would that yeah I think we're gonna walk every he's got to take it with a smile. I mean bully in the hands of a certain point right if you born as an adult. Communists it's kind of on her and at that point you are mean. Have stopped some well. You think it does mean you say we are working eight undo an air quotes are corporate building you know their bios corporate where. Press insurers including three who. But he and that's so how does this stuff never ends hell no it doesn't do you hear all the time. People getting. Lynched people get their asses kicked by groups of people for no reason and there'll be adult still that. This prisoner that reason is given and their mean there's. Really good reason to do that immediately finding good reason to do that. And so bullion installment in the really and when I mean when I was small high schooler right knew each other no money you know. There were clicks even when we're going to easily Toobin nobody really W liked. Physically beat up because they look at where talks with Syria might just saw more middle school that I did in high school and we don't really weird well. I saw all over the place in California at gang violence and to skew old railway different. Tara Burton dissect all kinds of stuff and then. We'll take a break we're gonna come back in I mean no way that the world needs a hug right that's right. The mouth for hours. I. There's an absurdly silly how. It was really I. 3.3. A fraud.