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Matt snarted for the first time yesterday, SNEEZE FARTED: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Arise guy so I can. Typically cunanan's let's get this tradition started. Good morning good morning good morning it's Friday. A it is good do anything is good. And it is. It is good essay that yeah I think so Amanda and I said it. Yeah I can't remember if sentiment Amanda Marie is good it's good it is good and then asked Taylor and Vista. You Dele bear it how long does it take you fairway Davis or do you instantly now hours now I don't mean. But what do you drawl to by deed goes to what you had for dinner or did you. Think about what you watch on TV your way what is it that makes you know. There are just aware there's I don't I don't watch anything on TV ads aren't scheduled. I don't have like you have meatloaf ever wins the doctor Tuesday so I can't really go off anything except I'm just. Just aware of what day it is going great you know what do you draw from how do you how what are you Wear or lose anyway there was going to bed. I assets are does not draw off anything as good Waco the morning it's Friday is staying in their team. I guess we're just hoping like hell I didn't sleep for like 36 hours yeah. I've done that yeah. There was one man one of the first times ever went to ground zero. I was there Friday night and how woke up and Anderson on Sunday afternoon. You remember driving back and Anderson no. No. Also had a receiver onion rings from stacks of mega in my pocket and I had no idea no recollection of meeting him but I'm sure there were -- I got to recede. Later. That bracket at. When there was matches today were looking at clouds and sun this morning and scattered thunderstorms this afternoon 83 right now partly cloudy 71 and mold it. Known. This last day for the view and pay off last day for now Renault Maria Wednesday from this. ABI did too much for you get it yet bureau of several Evan two and five today serve text and try. Yes. Also a sad in some I rejoin week all around the next week page rejoin we began. Yeah dude. So fat boy get with page. Come if you didn't I'm done and done it yet and move on move as someone we stand. Hey did you hear or February oh happy happy without battle and container and you give reporters. A mobile some months. It was for renewable birds reach out. Third base station basis to see her on that and immediately Jeff. Knows well as a way to 630 yeah. Lilja. I really don't nobody cares he's later reader now. A million do we walls may go a little tablets. They get paid right now. We all are and sometimes that itself is kind of who are here. Blind Josh will be in here later he won blind luck the legend. She went blind Josh spewing blind luck skis and Josh. It is ally when I column blind Josh but that's what his first nameless. On AD half blind. Is for sale by job Austria. At a as for anyone thinks he's been there there if you combine Josh and then he changed the blind luck and an initiative like Josh. Cho watched. And I could see. He doesn't like Josh do you want black and Joshua this sounds more. Now that sounds a little more pleasing than a year behind Joshua beer blind luck is kind of a saying my blind Josh is like hey that's Josh and he's blind. Yeah but four and for radio purposes. It it works better. I see that here is the amount and blind luck maybe how he thinks he sees his name is charged and he's blind you know. You and Lima. Kept they'll be in today. Ruled check in with him and play game women and all that stuff. And have fun with him. We should ask throughout the sublime Mott barn Josh there's a Lima a day that I've prepped for this and it really well they're scared scared recessions analogies hands today sort of it made a lot of them that woods but it's a good question is because he does take offense to that he had an era and that and in it always starts with a little bit. Morning Jeff I JF ILA starts where I live a little bit. Not animosity but just. Am now I am when I get it out of the way today or find out who does he not not like his name jocks who. And and and how we can. Who make him like your game in new name something you know. I got a bunch of bunch of questions. I just forget how he lost his sight. I really do give Bagger story about her mosier. Here's advances and Elvis story what happened to him I don't remember details on themselves. And then he gets tired saying it RS. I know how would. I would be too invested that's the main thing I'm when a senator in women today is like. I. I concede that then then the same time you you have to also try to get that your own in this can add your embody kind of like. See their point of view of like. They were just trying to help you but when so many people trying to help you every day then it gets monotonous at the pissed off at all. Barrier does a mean zero meter hand. Hold yours every time you do any thing in our. GM did so it's instinct thing cousy and he wasn't. He didn't loses sight in a very very young age and forward 34 years old he wasn't nearly that young when it happened to him. Sir it's really interesting in the I think about if I went through that M and lost my sight when I was basically just about a grown man roughly yeah and man I would be probably like you John kinda mad now you can imagine it are you trying to Matt what are you gonna matter and Donna Summer Marin general disposition is and I mean imagine how grumpy I would be if our if I lost the ability to see after having it for two decades or would it make you appreciate stuff more speed that's its I think it depends on who your prior to I don't think you can necessarily change. Yeah yeah I think it kind of goes both ways at different times at times you'll ever deeper appreciation and other times he's only mad about it about it. Tabloid is a place he does either. Only on the weekends he sees both sides have. He sees the pillow and then the point of view also note that the permanent. One is the karma quite a fight. And is that the 26. So the little boy that's a big week you get there and get their clips and the fighting the same way yeah yeah eclipse on Monday in the final senator golf. We gonna go to Greenville Pickens speedway once eclipse no more safari. They're showing a fire there no. Before that'd that'd be a busy busy week whole Lotta gambling going on that we're aria or bunches of and it's and the history have never done before what I wanted to share weighted where you can send people called this infantile. Or. Yes sophomoric or something like that you for the door from. Well I started in and sneezed at the same exact time yesterday all Karen. I've never done that my line we've never done that reforms and homes know and it was like. Spirit came out and nobody Smart they're well he was light at. I can't explain you how you ever have a good sneeze. They've paid to get this morning and all page Abraham did sneeze where it's. It's almost org as Mick. Yeah yeah I guess the whole release but just flat but it just better well. He just nice shot in re in new recharge and a good way he gets a little hint of that kind of mirror. Cortes C Phelan but it's way in your upper respiratory instead of down their heat up it's weird yeah I don't totally man. And then yes when I did that and they were both like the same might. You know in unison. As. This sneeze kick it off I will say there was not a news because I vividly remember. Should there I mean if you don't want the kinda like. In my own bed so local gas then this needs that kind of pressures or risk donor at least are large communities in and out it was like a good person who is. You know I jump out of an airplane for the first time they're out there and find ways and my guess is that pushing now don't you gotta get. I made a note to share that with you because I felt that was so monumental I. I had never done in my life I've called and done it before early it. Absolutely yeah of Colston and before you carded Britain are yours has Cardin outsmarted him but yet did. As if we can bottle that. It put that in pale that I mean anything we do today to. What season bargains and that you know not not not that little whatever feeling that broader problem on the eighth. I'm telling. You ever done it do you recall. It in my head journal yesterday and they. Yeah now I know my my stuff tends to go. Ever since back surgery and all that does he have done about it Suzanne. It's jaded too strange the strange thing now is everytime I sneeze but it's. Fairly often last names now. So as weird and I felt like. Talk a whale I ever did before back surgery the American McCall maybe once requires hearing there about sicker so maybe even. I'm not a now does it say happens occasionally now. Or some demo realized partners Batman always realize that's need than the other part of it okay yeah of course of course always a one of the dolls. I had the honor of the dog of the dog ran the dog out of the room yesterday. Really I would guess you all were all yes they would not say Italy would does this sneeze one Basel guess yesterday they usually are really yeah. Yeah a cease. It you know your dogs likely near gases they they cover Bowden hang down low more source Smith and in an arm borrowers are paired her words are very can't tell different okay. I gotta say I ignored dogs are always sniff and everything is spinal column called ten elect stinky stuff. It. Oh they must love the good as stinky stick. The weeds when I'm trying to solidly. That icky icky it was that big a com. Was the other thing something and house. And stay on Tom yeah well eighteen and that right there in itself. Is. You know boy nobody in this is the thing. EU listening right now we're not identify eyewitness a sick the issue will. There because it's it indicates that the dead end of the day or maybe not even in the today who say. Mr. slate said hey you gotta have their own hero my desk by Manny and tomorrow morning you get to work seven. In the new federal fart around for a lot of their house and it's 830 fill that. Indiana Jones. Ball that run ball chasing you down as as a way I feel when I did know that that the clock is watching me and I'm trying to. Hawking have a good Tom and all gotten it's just to pressure. This ailment. It is male. I'll we're and he snaps on later snapped waiters Holler there towards all things later matched that our player hollers. You can she just met me it's a man's view that is OH MA FF EW OO HM a FFT Debbie congratulate me a must needs four for the first time ever do. And and I will. Thanks Chia. Who's that hey yeah. Yeah I keep your. Its net me and now statute nationalist who have fun on a driving. Our Roger to RG I NI NE from DRG martyr a little bit of time and I did you announcing new calls me Thomas and Broward so that time was music. You add a whole another minute ago and nine from DRG members. You do that and that's so irritating when you do that weren't there by the other day you said I talk on a commercial to law. It means is it to be abolish some. Strong start to find out how stressed are burning tells us why us and our laws it's under Jim why he did anything wrong wrist aren't I. I hardware wrestler and I and needs from TE RG. Mr. Page what he will come to play well south Carolinians are warranted Grayson sells for the lizard man. Lizard man might possibly can rounder in the east cellar at us and oh well it's his town. About the old gray goes down in their morals and the month. There's her cane they're zooming anything at The Hermitage. I will find out about that that I have heard about that and freedom for yeah. We'll find out about that more it's Friday it's give good morning everybody. Each and centralize your rise guys morning show 93 point three the plan and the rocks. Right guys headlines with the age and you're Bigelow who. Right guys and I often and that come at a state armory well. It's going to be crazy. During the solar eclipse you all prepared for the event. That's gonna happen August 21. Will I went away okay. Decides traffic. What won't will be. So loud I mean what what will be going out every predicting. Mass hysteria here says stay in the house for an hour. Percent of people this because who have no room wall a crane our going to be total for two minutes. According to the Hyatt. The solar eclipse will bring millions of visitors. To South Carolina. AK is according to the map where the last destination and the seller clips. Well. Wet the government agencies are saying be prepared first sightings of paranormal activity. Government agencies are saying yes it may be tongue in cheek of course buttons they're saying to be prepared and be on the lookout for work. The lizard man. Escape or swamp. Yes he who say this than what governor Mazie wasn't the South Carolina emergency management division and they treated outs and mash up. Of paranormal findings and to tell the public to be vigilant. And report anything that they see during the eclipse is yeah it's gonna take a long time like apple did. You know I ask you cannot may need to quit that crap. Ed that's foolish. As I was gonna do is set up a bunch of people like mom mother to freak out. Yeah now it's Sarah say they're okay. Jokes are also we love jokes very. People know the difference made famous don't isn't allowed to make jokes or very good the South Carolina emergency management division. Everything Wyndham did deals look like emergencies. In many disasters and catastrophe Joseph don't get to joke on the clock and we are especially in our office memos are all right let's figure is that the public Mikey is the who was pleasant. It wasn't until famously dubbed a thing about to watch after zombies it was a FEMA here. Greater rate is CDC or CB Zia who CDC you're dead zombie outbreak there. I mean it I guess it's. Okay good surge for disease control. Emergency management division theme of these things not need marketing. You're mean they exist out of necessity not know they don't need marketing and I surprise us this time they're not private for profit enterprises they don't need marketing. And a four firmware do we know the list are man was first spotted in 1988. By Christopher Davis he was seventeen year out here seventeen at the time. And usually county residents so. The last sighting was and 2015. And someone saw a red eye and double looking person. Our I don't finally Jimmy on the way to work I really don't think where they gave way to hell here and. Haven't there may be at least a man running around who criticize lizard man removed from here or mall man from West Virginia. Moss thing didn't fly away and then now when lizard man's outlook can swoop down and India Coke talking minutes while back up around it lizards eat malls. Well this could point Jeff would you wrestle lizard man. For charity for charities. He has things just are human booking you have to get a Lee County out of you really think. So in Nassau and confidence something their scientific. Visualization center did published sun squad too graphic showing exactly where. There might be the potential during the eclipse to site. Big foot seems to send all. Arizona big for him is and why are seeing it could have to be and things this is the eclipse. I guess everybody's got to get in on it like I mean like everybody. Anybody admit. Rawls a dollar air is getting in on in and other than a mile and Stephen Curry out of curiosity about it. It's coming over and done with and where artist may delay in their lack. You really aegis pay for the whole hour window hooker in you only needed two minute. You don't know smiling baseball teams in America are we do at home games on the clips they want in the afternoon. So that the game is going on a regular supply of their mice play at all well that's that's the thing Americans. But yeah. AS or stop the baseball game. I know Ozzie umpire. Hell no we don't stop baseball game for any clip I internalize or keep playing everybody and you merit pay did you catch a foul ball out of here or are you looking at this hour Q we schedule a NASCAR race nearing the eclipse Clinton's appointment or got to. Like commodity and has passed a law they just I did use. To just be enjoyed by. Getting some glasses to protect your eyes and looking up we're doing it can hold your awareness is on the team turner observing it need it. It needs like. Iron and necessarily right Gary Myers our army all scorers it's held up a comment. Blur will be the only man able to perform a song near any clips songs is like two minutes long at a horse show somewhere plain dark side of the moon yes. I hear the evidence that the clip sort of long golf man by the time zones there. Then. It's just much to do about nothing. I mean it really is Tommy called to say is don't be. So then that crisis. Size he meant if you don't everything Camry can Maceda. In need to covering camera and. It I mean phone you know fame the. We got a scientist's ear bashing him yet Slobodan idea but I am a scientist in here locally and actually mirror from rev amount science and has answer. You know I had my questions who won't be who worded correctly if I don't I'll be speaking in layman's terms here. And the laymen. Jeremy and we don't we're not scientists and we don't know most of their jargon and stuff it. We ask him questions Baghdad about the foam but also remember. Watching you have to there will be pictures and videos. All over my. Professional quality ones from every news organization on earth they'll have plenty of them you don't world doesn't need yours you don't even need it if you wanna see picky thing. Did the memory in your head like the actual memory to enjoy from now on interviewers seem pictures and they took Clooney. Yeah play that way however California if there was a good photo that I wanted to take. I honestly would go to Google image search and finding good copy of that why they think about it for many analysts say a break my neck in trying to send dom. I took a few pictures we see Metallica just opposed on social media accusing her mark on me tune. Predicts of course don't mind a bit better as far as taking them for personal man. I didn't think any because. For personal use except where AM ES Aaron without his stuff like that now only the next day and finding the good Getty images I just hash tag Metallica artist to Graham hit all the good pictures from right up front. Yeah yeah carrying cans there is a plan polio. While there's a new gateway to cocaine. Researchers. From the university in Maryland. Resources that the school public health found that's energy drinks and then you ran into cocaine. And they shine a significantly. With 250 cent and partake in and energy drinks. You and CA. Another thing that you may be awareness. My husband I'm not saying that there's a correlation but mark problems with energy drinks as the current case. There may be. A big problem. Energy drinks are resilient a dose of caffeine a huge dose of caffeine a whole bunch of other stuff scoot. Out. Well I think that we need some because I think he slowly Obama for cocaine by Eric Clapton play in the background era. Home. I would isn't even more music is too much work eyes are gonna got to sit forward is not as fast some. So according to the recent years they found a significant increase in drug use among 25 girls who regularly consume energy drinks. Horror and the five years prior to this study has linked cocaine out the accomplish frictions stimulants. Especially strong and and these age groups. There weren't as interesting is because is about people my age are the ones who. I people younger than me and they've they've they always had energy drinks all their lives and our members are wearing Red Bull first became available allows teenager. Well. Prior to Columbia that was and her as it's a joke called liar remember this kid being the fans says it makes you only got married one day. Site look at TR I know Monday that mirror or any. But the other thing error or memory is. As you said prior to energy drinks they Ian have those browsing cause and if Qaeda pulling on matter like effort study and or whatever it and Egypt they appear via bumble bees yellow jackets know a sales. Some people these yellow jackets as a man I tell you that I can remember days they get up for them and a day era. Adds that's crazy dangerous. Alia. One of truckers have that problem with the energy drinks. Man at the the peak of my energy drink consumption. Did leave do Dina assistance and stuff occasionally two years Daryn as you learn is Obama is. So while several years younger covered before our before and very pleased before memo feel sorry Jim I dudes but now. Your heart to explode in how much can you take if you are if you're drinking energy drinks on day and they need decent announcements. Jimmy knows more trivia question here late in what did win the badgering the most energy drinks and one day. Man I think your hand you've been there and there once 48 hour show here renewed guarding my guy yeah. That was a wider doors started getting the the jitters are all hero when I had the jitters sweats in the jitters houses ran bells and around there called boy that was awful commute though. Oh yes several types of and the next day a guy call in as late in the day after day and after likened them for art 36 hours and I just laid there can go to sleep knew that was. A husband crazy tapes 300 beats him it turns out the door sales tracked the yeah you hear. And lastly even hearing reports of -- hot water challenge. Now. Seriously there is an eight year old girl that died after drinking. Boiling water yeah straw hair now there is say summer party that went wrong after an argument. Hey dad. Eleven year old girls suffer burns on her face in her upper body after another girl on a sleep over poured boiling water on her like the most world's leading lord. I mean no way to set down river where we didn't pop rocks in you know pop rock challenged crap like that. Your kids and mighty. You don't follow on Saturday hands and a pastor problem. It's not so much poet says they're they they wouldn't be doing this without a camera they absolutely would not be doing these things our campus. Terrmel got it around parent. Unidentified twelve Geron has been charged with assault and the MMI narrowness hospitalized with second degree burns. Now. Yeah lower house too young to be doing things like that. In boiling I added I don't little girls can get access to a boil water coming on. And the kitchen. While I'm husband Ryan Nece and I parent supervision. There has exact parent. You know parents and that's that they were you sick get the phones are hands on parents aren't going and. It did hollers kind of sent a zero point 05. Meanwhile the parent stranded. Feel younger again back hang inland than you know we're doing all I. Don't not call neglect Tunisia. And we did did manage content downloaded a hole or room. Off the end of the world is challenge right now. We know this is totally challenged the whole free tomorrow is challenger and now. I get a lot of attention is us dollars when I'm in this one word no probably I mean it was a very neglectful situation but now the ground here me I. It better than these kids have it now yeah I was neglected but not much is all children seem to be announced its instant start. You raised by the Internet but it was a bow like FaceBook and stuff yeah like rotten dot com. I'm a better team bonds or Bob caddied out there may have been a fun day. In Nazareth and. Listen to the rise guys morning explored many times just download the weather that we're instant access to the latest rise guys buy gas to rise guys. Wise guys sports. With the rise guy's sports team Jeff Lewis bullet helps. Yeah. All right slow ticket sales are happy and right now Vegas. Let's who was a press conference that was held yesterday with CEO Mayweather promotions. It's Leonard Ellerbe. And as he is a smile and at the media then you gaze when his pearly whites. The question came up about slow ticket sales and that smile coup quickly disappeared when he says I'm actually tired of hearing that question. Right now we have over sixty million dollars in the box office what part of that remotely looks like. Ticket sales are slow anyway this isn't a damn Rolling Stones concert. This and everything that sells out in seconds we're talking about tickets that go from 500 dollars to 101000 dollars that's an expensive ticket that's their problem. They've today I mean. 500 dollars is your nose bleeds. And swamp. Here. There's ticket sales when you look at what better ranging from low 1682. Dollars to 35000. Dollars per ticket. That's crazy. Different event you'll holes the last. I've seen as good as that's more. Like that's more disliked social media. I don't know a better word and social media showing off. You say some anybody in that place is gonna show up and not do social media. I every day that's the biggest show off in the world for that that day in history I was an airway and everybody in the world pretty much is talking about. This 15 Alistair. You know or or will they be like you. It is it is big in other countries as it is well that's I don't think boxing's bigger currency since a pretty big deal. It seems to me the other countries that are Ireland people see it as a farce that is yeah assisted their right man we can pull Americans think this is a legitimate fight and they have full lock able and I think this is a legitimate far. Let the fans go man have a good growled prize some of about fifty ball excellent people who actually watch and see shouldn't hunter are taken out Horace a farce. Armed permanent armor Buyoya you know cost Arizona Mercer it's now. The stuff they have their own ticketing system now at Amazon's come in for Ticketmaster to. His team above a deterrent at 10 o'clock at a tournament. I hand I would have been. Very Costco is ticket website re they have Mayweather McGregor tickets are 1011065. Dollars each. We're broke the words may you need to toss go you likely he'd probably not going to be fine habit while making the appropriate taxes back there's also tells me for whole section. Al-Qaeda and the gallon a block of tickets. And that's us some and Alicia mannered little Facebook's are royals to see if I think FaceBook with white flag if you bring about what I'm thinking about in my flag is a former guests of the show. Ultimate Fighter age veins and as a nasty gash on her foot down. And I don't wanna say hey go get him as. Football. Yeah god do what zest for her it's like a whole chunk of skin is missing DC right through. Whatever that is they're good now looks like half moon. It. These she'd be really get into details of what happened SI SEC might do it is similar injury I've managed to slash I dropped the way donor foot. Oh wait or a the bar mercy is kicks the blanket or summer real horror. And let's have while our current Lanka. Yeah she's and very nice on the show too earnest. And something you'll see Alston. Does remember Zach Randolph for a this mistake no it is still in the lead large forum I don't know and just he played pretty descriptive stand Memphis three years are gonna retire his number. He signed it to your deal with kings two years point four million bucks might give pull off the table. Here's a resident and he's charged with felony marijuana position when intent to sell. Use with a bronze does all saying goalies. They were blocking the streets playing loud music in smoke and wheat. His early years ago I he's he's he's still pretty good experience. And a tops of vehicles were vandalized police recovered drugs to guns as significant amount of cash. Don't know what all the long Randall they charge him a lot of. And they kept all the cash. Tonight tomorrow's leaders who have worked and did notice a large amount of cash to say quite the dollar mountaineers a large money cash are now from a tank or an RPG trotted under auditorium somewhere. Oh we have ever heard of an active athlete in charge of felony. Term Tor suits that are pretty intense Bannister Leon Lett was our it and that the league when he pulled her own car made of lead. Literally and made Adelaide on us the only handling his body weight and we'd accorsi was offensive lineman of the doors and ended in the doors this quarter panels they took an all law that was all this big old breaks a lead there and god made millions of dollars for info ball site. Thought I mean go like this are you would money. You got did the golden ticket out now you want to revert back at eight million Jolson. Though there was an Alley on land look and those cowboys in alliteration that I don't know if it was an error. And then both of them. And then my alarm and without has butter sugar. I mean community or thirteen pounds of pot of man and then five weeks later you start begin 175 more have mostly. It. Spears somebody that has a lot of money Tiger Woods he recent new deal in his DY case. He's agreed to enter a DY diversion program which is offer for the first time offenders. As part of the deal he'll plead guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving in exchange it gets off we just a year of probation. And along Wilson do you like education classes. And once it completes courses that will be wiped from his record. Know what Olympia. We wired for his record nobody else would call that. There and first course tires completed in about ten years I'm okay. Thousand boys coming up resident sports. Little state troopers teachers and tells me there's no let. They I'll listen to the rise guys morning she I'm ready 3.3 don't planet Iraq's.