Wednesday, December 6th

Open Phones brings us a P1 who is worried his kid might be putting on too many pounds as well as a guy wondering if he's giving his buddy too much money, what would you do?


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel and ALC gears and Steve morning radio paradise enjoying sham. If your going through. Our Christmas will be like next house. This season there is busy these locked up still music and then be busy her burned nearly starved for Hillary here. I understand there we do open sounds anything you wanna talk about. Would you advise Walid Hindu gift given advice as we said earlier you described the person what Taylor about Christmas. Only 600. Gift giving real quick come through this are there. If you don't win now and bring to also there when given where 12500. Our engagement blaring from Scott tells us Spartanburg. He is still sixty jewels to 72341. Anytime you want. And they'll bounce you back in nice little savings from school tells us Spartanburg and some castles and very very nice of savings if you takes jewel to 7234. Warm. Thanks to scan tells Spartanburg can you let me know when you don't we good seeking. To an asset with the same engines as you. Did that they've really narrowed and they'll. Let a surprise OPEC is a real good Obama did really I mean real losers are normally if you even think about buying any jewelry maulana. Texture old send 2341 there's there's so there are procedures weren't very good don't pay full price are prepared for circular. I hope. So what 80774. Down below 93 anything you gonna talk about let's go first to anonymous anonymous N Anderson good morning. So. Obviously you. Do well thank you. I. Used. To blow. My wife important these earlier this week that some. They're that ought to rewrote the wanna go to school. And there. And in the telling her why and he's yeah. Huge. Yeah boy is gonna fire. Send their children what they're not. They are certain to leave your whole. Picture tour. Soto who led city home to boys that are all centuries old told ham led they're gonna kill him I'm not certain. Well it out I mean I guess must first thing is what did that teachers says say when you brought it to them. They are they harder a little troublesome and but I'll tell you Social Security situation. That's just just sit back and come out three year old sailor to another three year old assistant. To mr. page okay. Who's the more you are members. Three days old now realize what they're stay ready anything there's there's my parents are there. Yeah I need so that something was dynamited out. Yeah yes we. Turbo yeah yeah. I mean I'm a Jimmy I mean it's it's sad certainly that that our donors I bet they're again you don't wanna say while they don't really mean that since you know yeah yeah if they don't don't understand it is all the end of course Brighton congressman there. They're so backed up comprehension right now it yeah there. Well com. Yeah is that he's always your use of Haywood situation now it's it's certainly startling round guess that's. It's good yeah. I work and when doesn't currently in. Incest would no tolerance human suspended for your own legs and yeah I don't and I don't know. I think did little administered through fourth thing. Anonymous. Bank continues to work out for a man be a Merry Christmas. No lipstick and Seabrook who understood what I did and politically that's. Let's go to he won Chuck Norris chopped in mourning. Ordered you. Door of your sentimental thank you. I what's going on he got you would you got issues. Yeah yeah I'm prom call Obama son he's. Six years old now. A serve the most Hughes counselor to put on them from power arms. You know reduce it down hours there and that's just. He'll baby weight now he's got to show that over the next few years but it. As you said the same thing about being and the other big rival left arm popped nine Q so reduce from. I just I don't want to. The same type help do drama alive so I'd that is far enough yet so they have both formats. I'll lower rated RK so you get he's a six inning start and there are certain Yale wait. Yeah we learn. Well. I mean this Josh what are you start would that. Yes he's not the baby waited at the baby fat cat yeah that's what I always heard Bruno always his baby sat pretty soon as 400 pounds is a girl Merom they are certainly aren't here or her. I mean that employee. Yeah. Obesity can happen. So I know any names so I mean you know nutrition is always important sent. They asked. Nutrition certainly brought to this arm. Here's something and then for my own childhood. Yeah any time anybody had to do anything. In what I mean get up and do something physical walk somewhere. Do something that required effort. It was always short like their when I was kid there was no running for fun there was no walking for fun there was no sports for fun. Any time anybody got off their ass off that couch to go do something it was pitch more it was a job it sucked. So I was raised observing bat bad and obviously that'll play a par and you kids are you in your kids' lives so you need to. I think if it's if your parent you gotta make physical activity at least some physical activity seem like fun. He MI you just use your right here at the town which he's probably our readiness had a turn at that tablet on and off spread. I mean you you got it. This is a good size is brave new world you get an opportunity here Amanda where they won't be addicted to phones and stuff and unless area our girls. I think that's the biggest downfall and I didn't have that when asked Kidd now still fat my biggest thing was. It was. Yeah it's true I give my parents may be too much of a very glad it was also lack of education to without the Internet you know you didn't you really believe the four food groups and everything in this before nutritional facts wrong boxes and stuff. Now it's like. We had bad information and it's just too scared to look at a sometime. Yeah even this man like. They know more than they knew all of our parents couldn't pay it they'd say they were. So not too. Look at yeah Malaysian air is. Bearish library of Alexandria goes toward around we don't know what happened it's always been there is no of the information is just going and seeking. Yeah they didn't care seriously need do what you gotta do learn. Right nutritional leveraged even when I was a kid man and I liked vegetables more than most kids started minding vegetables and stuff. I just would he wait too much of everything and again I mean for real is mainly that no physical activity was ever really encouraged when I was growing. Is that whole mentality or our our association may arise more oral fat yeah. Yes well I mean and indeed. You know it you're you're you're picking your words obviously the way you're saying is you you obviously know what the kid to. Can't see any of that those feelings that you have in America but does that something soon you know I. I had a a female figure in my life when I was a kid that would be each she would just straight up tally years sat and they she would dissent there may just imagine. If I had to. When I was kid that if you bothered me but it looked him right now let me know what at tiring she was announced what are related to me or anything that friend of the family just. Why Emmy just eight you know. Treat me like crap but you know it's high it went in my pants I'll let you know that maybe it was being mean they're just look at and this last off. A hollow MacKey. And enemies Susan bitch I once unless so much Kool Aid all my ham and cheese sandwich she made me edict Yahoo! India and I did it. You pour it on yeah. That the I don't let you know I don't start Sarah so it's. EU that your kid is seven man you know. Jimmy hit it head on geek gift that get that boy are paired in play ball went and. Ed you got me you'd be excited to exist right you're the role model here so you and mom heard Greg heard those. Figures so. You gotta watch that kid I mean I just got a new watching you all like enjoying things enjoying moving them out and doing things physical besides. When you walk around the Bagram and Abrams. And kid man and Yuri noticed the kids listen when you don't think they are here over think apple stuff you don't alienated sponges down. You know that but there just an eight. Lisa is she concerned about it you know. Your. Yet. Are likely go to route ten about that China. In Arab get out there and then show on how exciting something historic period out. Like Boller is little more time for that. Yeah and I mean hell we we get. The playground around south I mean we got mountains and they just into here because it's there Colby Darren apparently not really clear about some of us mother calls shot lead I appreciate John Mayer Christmas are. Thank you go to. Yeah they're. CNN there's Charles Morris you know is probably eating habits through. No my son's thirteen uses images of an easel more Jonathan woods you know partial marvel. Is an attitude bush era luckily he's the exact and is sometimes he wants to. To either a little better. It got us where you're coming out of that amount it is not emaciated but he's very thin skinned your dad. And assists agree drinks is that he uses its. Math and and so. Your arms and my dad knew they had sticks great education was born in 1938 more grown up he always said when I was little fat kid that. No fat to sugar rush it is any thing and it was absolutely right. Meanwhile the models are registered since she could figure out. I us but I doubt he would no education you've been in prison half his life he knew that somehow in loans. And it's time that we do another one here they slot mean he won you down there with the anti. Stephen down south Spartanburg good morning. He sells. I'd be repeated. About three months ago could this week Politico and it and it. Losing your job or so much to cheer and whatever. Piggyback when he got a job little fast forward to a couple of buried together. Andy he cheated yen about born some money sure is cute Christmas. And tell me honestly I don't want to give it to one armed and obviously an ideal spot on especially with a kid's gonna beat Chris and found that. I don't understand how are pretty much it and got a job and treat you got a little bit of the bailout got first ever would be a sentimental. Touch he would keep you know my kid's story edit. This stuff produced only to people on. Eight in in my life when. Nine times out of ten if I lessen my bar money and I give that person that money and I don't ever think about getting him back again through this it makes it easier that was going. And now though seek. Do you pray that our what I do. Thank you and you bring in a morn I dare let go rescue this time it's it's a combination. I really I don't I don't look forward and that is because we knew when you sit there EU is against these feel good about his own has done with the DM wind when there is element of payback. Since I. Remember this is an edgy but I remember a lesson by borrow money one time in the you know it was as sad tale and all this and then a few months later it's hard. African nice brand new Don that they had this bottle FaceBook other wildlife and how one of their. And daddy and you know in it in indirect Eric calls negativity that you would Enos so. I don't have to be trending down FaceBook has analysts say in it cracked I'm kidding about that but also his agent calls its problems that we're not there so in my heart if I does that all I gave him the money. Didn't matter anymore. My eagle gives same person what I want to know exactly now that person only got 111 gift of months there are. Basically it lately follow made a much solid just continually tell me I listened sort of like adults and Leo dot com payment back campaign hit back. And then you do you mean by their repeated like I could play and it you have quite a bit calmer what we're. That would present that you don't know why she said. I did the listing about a kids' Christmas if you came if you can't don't give him you know money go by the Christmas. Sammy does it he has money he's pretty good idea when that it aids and yeah you can't do is dimming you mail people outward firmer Warren you know or don't feel obligated and also remember this I think this is valuable life. The more times somebody tells you all don't you back. The less likely they are. To actually give you that money back let the more they say it no more excited they are you ready since I get I know I give I'd say thank you don't you grab. Are you ever give them money magazine keep saying it like that you can see that money. Anybody easy you know down V viewing and get a bagged his play along wit. They got hurt I mean. As a way that's the way in my weird head ideal way that I did say are tough. Ed didn't want to forget about sort of how you are giving her money just quit talking term but but here. But that's improving and my outlook don't. Yeah they did I you know don't let the kids doing that if he can help it but they get you don't given cash. Army good luck and thank and so it is hard asks some people in your team MM mindset three out of you know he's got to go to him and ask for money for kids there. Plus awful. Some admission of defeat it. Right so what more are now I don't think Gregory are going to win a break we'll come back more calls 177. Affordable or 9310774. Double load my three. Anything you wanna talk about. Also some people were text and then we we need to get an update from you fab which we can about your situation. Oh yes and with with the data yesterday in an arsenal. If they do right now. And Iran and we're doing democratic Iraq. That's why arrest guess morning you know now is recalling during. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 835. We're an open phones. Pay phone calls. Things like 180774. Down below 93180774. Or double a who 93. Let's start first to win is anonymous and Simpson that hey anonymous. I'm very thankful. He's. They're always a work home or call Eric every members in the ordinary. I can't comment about where the money. Hello I just hope. Now they have. On our angle. You know. Understand I'm not certain use obviously. And are so popular on when we'll call what the market people. Who helped they're poem and running and copy it packed you know whether there are at all or they're doing aren't. You know I would be injured and not put you know in the court called beat Jerry. And so you know are you a lot to me are just being here first person that they're pretty. It did me wrong then. You know all of that they aren't just in the cup yes column but just enough water. I guess one which would you. Agree with you all you know I can't be shopping web but couldn't get. Yet popular aren't there he has you know now you don't know or yeah. Actually what I call those people are taken. You know you you can get along clearance could not electric that there or whatever else and yeah every sport but. All of that accolades but I really you know what I'm corner you'll be a lot of our own. It'll be checking her apple watch or you know popular car. Are you happy BER. Courier beat terrible problem and what we could be born just kidding what happened or. Rather than just you know here's thoughts. You know it would fit what you were able to sit down. But yeah I Art Carney who hadn't publicly. You know that's college sport coat it chocolate. But terrible. This creature no joke about me can't. I thought oh god I hope that it. All of that argument if Annika. Well Taylor takes it in prison or trademarks. Throughout the winner of our shop for your kids and they don't like the presents are bought them as TB month. Are. You give the kids the money give him money yeah because they don't get the presence is only him there's not only if a ball embed presence they don't like. Let these that's like you would would you just opened money and throw out the window and say well hopefully gets to whoever needs it. He'd put you you've got to be you know this he decided. Then again you know what if Alison like a lot to lobby go after his comments on the against it. Prisons and he's given the money to the guys call there is some sort of guy knows about handling. National. King is keep new net I mean you can. Yeah there's like they don't let his kids go live your former work during land for you know get on Christmas. Do you know hang out towards a little bit in Rome to youth outlawing work off of a percent of GUN onions and clemson's name and you. Oh I need you on this show is very heavily were they before won't. What can and I am now how bad momma a year and I know that cricket ground on and our top did you really. A good good leader good mom failure. I'm you know I think the backbone. And a lot of minutes Zenyatta group yeah I do. Acts out Colin and I haven't back into the picture whatever way you and do the greens and you about an activity that. On an every time. The most important sending. It's turning into a bit with senate about everything about him. Home this story you tell about it. Yeah they need an area almost name. And they can get but I haven't quite odd how around money already. But when I was younger and I don't overweight. And he thought he was helping me. Don't forget that came out simply has no economic that they can and then including Nokia is what you meant that the player thank. And researchers says girls are real precise out there yeah I saw a mustang if I would lose fifty pounds. Literally a brain yeah I think if I lose 60000 I didn't amnesty demand out there how. Offered her sex would be the opposite sex era murders points and I'm. I lose why not directly for me you know it was a more distinct possibility. File lost weight still is playing now now how. I didn't say he doesn't come to the point where you love yourself that you are and then if you don't find this tiny arm. Not at the present time and everything that happened to him for the past year that might need as I walked Tony compound that because he's earned I mean because I was not a validated through it. These tentative throughout cheeseburger. He cheeseburger Fries from Russia's. Now given they always instant millionaires of speed usually you're yet but the 89 yeah that's very sweet. And ridiculous I've ever been negative. There's that side thank. Alison is a student who was given more tickets. Call we. And I went. Well. I was gonna call it is important that we don't think it's knowledge sentiment past these days that are all here immensely Larry there doing what text regional player to deal more talk about English I don't want negative you don't want to swear to got there and did the trick is so we are going to they can't come anonymously because he says is everybody knows you know his voice. I'll read it to you are. I have a girlfriend. Our first Christmas together. She wants to stay the night and her ex husband's house with their kids I don't know how to feel. Baba technically still married she left him for Maine and Jeter are more time I'm yeah. Live in girlfriend yeah their first Christmas together and she wants to stay Christmas night Christmas Eve night. And it hurt X his house with him and their kids now. Now no absolutely not no way. Yet depends on how long they've been separated then how much interest. She literally you absolutely not sir no don't do that you don't you do not. It's it's a nice thought for the kids but it's it's not showing them what's going home there are yeah I think he's some extra take care restaurants Christmas say we don't go over here from nine point you know. Earlier that day. For yourself in that broad place I mean that's that's not fair do you in anyway. Notes and in some ways I know why she wants to be there to wake up with the kids and oh from president six Sandra asked and when kids want their parents to get back together that's kind of confusing them. And. Yeah. I have shale gas makes I'm teaching my parents were married to each other three different times yeah actually read pages don't mesh yeah yeah well. Or maybe the fact is she the mess. She's not thinking that way. Positions can do that English ones and a mob is her incredible. All being saved eighteen deuce so much for their kids and then somehow that they were always put their did not always some some newsman mostly and I thought that. They'll put her kids first each one of the have a very when she was me their tier Q&A disappoint us but she's not looking at it as what it is and sadly when the boys. Huge you know we don't get every other Christmas morning I mean this out of it I've had to deal whether it's such Chris is afternoons blow. This up. You know hundred and not do it she's got Christians are. The memory and then he delegates or hours it is good out bull crap and current. Is there than this excellent 73 born Carolina they don't Comtex aren't people who just can't say in my care. Blamed bad answer yeah things along the lines are young boy that is the general concerns. It's kind of thing of trying to buy it and I do agree with that at all. I will break we'll come back in just a moment it's the free can rise guys so. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 850. Hi sue me if you're not if I want to talk a matter there's no new they you don't have to just a lot of people were. Cilic concerned about what's talked about yesterday fan more when he Danny. Are to tell you why openness there compared to go around through what happened yesterday. So I'll say the majority of people are from after the show were really months ago. A lot of people you know misses and is a similar situation. Now bill like oh really you know what happened you know and no answer. I'll ask a question social media people like him that opponents. So while I do it'll do just only yesterday in the office to Google's search and here. Some of these places around here. Between nothing and arranges flights when he 54500. Mark. This has full care through watching one ever told bill yes so while and he really fun now most insurance pays. Some authority just walk outs so whenever whenever place. Found a couple of them on oil. It's a war PME is more than a nursing homes you have to say you. Afsane you have unemployment. You can just walk up in there. Also found out there's some pretty you know arduous cross process. So I've unemployment today now that I'm gonna begin a packet of information. From an apparent apparently there's a lot of paperwork. As I could be as quick as I would note this year for underwear if our listener named to set that was a strategy source of the W always had a facility yeah okay sign an agreement that lady yeah. Who carried managed. Is there are actual credit I don't room I. I don't officer. Housing authority. People or anything and you talked to about stuff like that specifically heard things are. It's sure haven't been around individual facilities means somebody did. And there's some some agent see. It will always congressmen and I'm doing thinking are we patient we will be out of this. That's got to be somewhere you know this might worsen accounting office argument you pictures from sometimes. I usually I usually ultimatums thought about that decision earlier this. How fluid this role and those aren't. All of this morning there are different editing share visit typically control it. Look at this couch yeah I'm I'm not. The same price that you are because. What I have to do was I have to get my mother's paperwork together where she has proof and coming personal security paper or garner you wish she won't provide for me and she keeps saying gimme a place to land but I can't do that and last sheet. Does her half. I was before Benitez same boat because if you could and I knew your name you're paying for a tough tough yeah you aren't coming. He put it in your name is Andy come here all day and everybody has brought. So worried about yeah I'm telling it OK so let's let's say. This is not the scenario let's say you played at this and home and then they run out of money couldn't pay them. They're not. A big push that person mouth we'll see I read some stuff decision. They can probably be covered for ninety days under insurance but it still showing signs in better PeopleSoft and import. Boy dragged all right mister mister ellenberger have to put him out literally on the streets under a bridge unless you give us so many thousands of dollars. Enduring. Short and then watch and not do it. Something else happens there'll be something come out there will find a place. I bet I do it with that when my house blew up. When I am I insurance and all that is there any insurance. Losing insurance claim went. And the property restoration people in the insurance company both. Kept pounding me every week for years about going on and doing the inventory on their web site. Shiite dominated at a paper inventory of everything else we've done all that but then they awarded me to go on in. Individually. Injure each item in our web form and a senate now and then eventually they did it. They didn't sell they did it themselves I just wasn't gonna do it now or are going to do it you guys do now and then finally they did it because they have any choice doesn't want to get paint. We're down sign amber at power of attorney for you to take our. Candy Hillary north Canada. You lose unless you dad I'm telling him I'm not signing anything down. You don't want to be obligated. Easing you have to make decisions for him. Fox's old girl caller ID because this person source with commercial social services through there. Okay I really don't give until it he has an idea that he does he have Brothers sisters it and it's got two sisters but they all fought like hill all the time out they want to barker now. It's my worst here's an abandoned sore Barger Borg told me she says that it can we get us our car. It's the jets carried. Out some go to this one plays into. See how he lines open with the goggles and all this I was shocked his remarks. I was shocked of prize and they even took their birds. New markets in and Angela real rural Montana. Some sound nice from the names in the warm up here Norah it's edited. Grow up there are mr. close to a us too close to work. Telling you derby out here note. That right here and tell you know that's not that we're not talking closer than outward my grandmother was there and I would tell anybody face to face in person a name on it and do not go there. Sucks she slipped in the bathroom losing their two and a half hours can give back nobody can look for talk to enough people YouTube and every single one of mean you really know if you don't put people here every facility in. I tell you about a half hospitals and state and asked telephone call at the house. And I can't keep from sliding past. And he still reinforce council slog never worked yeah. So log gunpoint today well planned everything herself goods examiner as South Carolina bureau of the aging. Of America. And I'm strong on Nelson Ted did you rep from the phone. An investigation on that and also find out exactly what he does have stores Medicaid Medicare and all that work. You know and Donald are refine our cause an open all it. Among next of kin but he's got a defensive. And as both what is right now is more is it close to an age you are is death. The status. All you have is dead. What did when bassinet don't you know here's an apple latch an area agency on aging it's in Greenville. But it serves Anderson jerky Greenville or Tony Pickens Spartanburg counties and it's the state of Tennessee trade you can do commercials warmer sound sounds like you know you can scatter when you get there. Trying to. And and all the pancakes again Emery. We'll take a break will come back in just command are you. That's right guys I love your radio station now. I'm so happy when they got the wake of the morning got here every ESS. Although Iraq is day. And many 3.3 the planet Barack.