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How many jobs have you really had Fat Boy? we want an exact count: Mail Sack time


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Android or iPhone just 7341. And we'll say to download links in the flesh. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with a rap as guys. His ninetieth street calling me the plan that. Why and flag flag flag. Just really glad glad glad glad glad he's he's he's you and thanks guys whereas now. My exact Diaz Lizzy thanks Max thank night Lackey he's done enough to hang tags Yang Yang to act as alleged to glad glad glad glad glad glad he's. I don't like that. Movie either it's not easily. Jeff let me relate to org today were really here we beg you kind of figure reviewed there. Work again one more term because you know we play it re going to play whenever there's just keeps you're Sandra I give soccer Wadi near 559 days. Areas in the gated. Is ascribed to a new look closer Donald Monday June 1 Tuesday small area. Fat boy you thank you lord one more time so they didn't when no 1000 dollars courtesy of the CT SV ET. Seat got one right here. Point employees and though he five cents. Movement. Deal signed his chair past eleven years has moved inflation and gotten up and a mustache rides that outfit. Not a thing. You're we have the male sex coming up here shortly if you wanna get on that TRG add nine to retrieve a planet rocks dot com TRG at 933 the planet rocks dot com. Mad man I have a signed copy of NATO mosquito and dvds signed by UN nine would you let him by for a 150 dollars. More that. There's a stay true. And it's an Emmy forbidden on our on item at the auction and winning it truly screwed you are my first national. Right job benefit at. I'm in India and now the other thing. It was something from Friday at some point remind me on Monday to talk politics that was good at that time got against this it was some a button. Mile awful Sheldon. Braden. Is another day in the news this update on Europa childhood. Our room. I know it was about the it was or when that we we were trying to figure OK you've had one job in your life Jimmy. Years Jeff do you know where. No I don't. Rick. You're good yeah. You really don't. Are you paid for coming here right. Ali if the choice. And let me know. Give me a weight bottles of journalists. This is hard work and this is your own little trick play really only lose comes stay here. Reggie has just that you guys are ready now bud let me dailies as Josh Miller did not see yes Jeff a question divinity nine's everyone's job ever just say who's. O'Neal put our. I'll pay. Whose son. There is permanent stares and his little hints who it doesn't really know. Nice entire lives his only job is and in this job there are the entire time yeah. And then that the and we figured out fab we have the most jobs. Oh yeah. Warren gets you a fan boys I had no a week to come up several times over the years but I still have no idea how many jobs have always had. Is set down like. On that you haven't done this is yours is he's been Jesse ever sit back and why you won't want me to do this example your. What are let Gaza they ever set back and try to be thinking sex number hopefully you know as. I know what this is this kind of like you don't want some of them jobs at the time they they ceded the purpose that you don't want to think about it. You know he'll read saint about the times when you're at work it XYZ on that place not. Cannot do you know having sex numbers back together. It is news. There's learned cal are you revenue as neighbors or damage out OK good so I don't get an accurate got a numbers in February. Lisa isn't counts well jobs is shadow and I'd I don't know a whole lot of in between I know this job right I know this one. And I know the first job was blacks fish tank was an okay so I know Ryan Childress. In between those where I get a little Fuzzy. Does that add thermos by noon millions Bob place. Or there on. I'm going back from media all the way to the beginning dagger just you do that why axles fifteen. Bigger restarted the beginning if you won't work forward from her groove rules were to get a chance that we are too much show forget because what we're saying and to. Plus we should start naming off fast food restaurants and easily and that what I Helton. I think that'll hurt so accurate camera now or throw you know like if he's trying to do math and we certain words like 1713. Senate floor yeah so I'm not that I lose 4240 base covered three renteria right. There's reside trying to tell money wherever dharma numbers you know any do. We always had this this while he never won any games every defensive play a way to answer was always forty based laboratory there are. There are probably eager changeover very measured MM in our remember that in more than ever heard he's feverishly writing page what was your first job. I lower while babysitting when I was like thirteen fourteen out. And then our firm Martin allies services which was a training camp banana and design business cards and menus for restaurant and didn't lay out for. I drugstores as did their ads and well yeah. Sorry ads are a lot is racial progress. Two minutes and information back on the question yeah I did ROP three school sends fifteen minute starting now. Just. My first job I'll work with pop up okay now how he'll do a brick masonry oh my god knows you're brutal. That was mailed like during the springtime and the summertime here. Jesus you that he was it almighty god event that was the wars in wasn't bad. But it's just he's a bad person but just by working for you grandpa needs this Delhi kind of marine kind of guy Al McKnight. They sorry. I want so bad it was just you know the brick masonry is very hard worker candy assets that now. Special when your other hot so you don't worry I'll build just houses. Porches and decks instantly that I'm blanking else. There just last job was the battle and try to put this under won the match and or do you look I don't know phone ask would you work full time before year. And give our all time anywhere yeah okay. Always be about yet know the answer to that when I think. Mean as being that there when you mentioned June he trained to India. That's how we still go. I mean Tyler help EG he's got half a piece of paper are ready field here off. Good job he's been that I am always. I don't take some time to sit down and do it but you gotta be her because two more said several jobs like via the one where he word the you're like are in management on your corner your business corridor were barefoot among college to construct a little bears lose that once we got to think about 900 there. You know the ones early last weekend so no forget about the music management and on about talent there out of that is only a matter of positioning for guiding. Ever had there's no business cards a vice president and is tough situation I sure don't sound man wow. Yeah that was a weird though dichotomy right there is some true Cuban's people a seven section secretary there. I. Moses and then there. The telling match yes. As the other hand stamp. Most in this era there's the vice president of sales there not as that's self publish out Alexander has standing. But for February jobless. Let's unemployment count. No. Armaments from real close and had eleven. They're dead I'd get a realize I would mind when as we allowed part of the eleven this chick filet where I worked at every single chick filet my airport Haywood launching filet. Large rode chick filet. East be one in the bottom of the Daniel building over bat here but I viewer did you know I don't count that is different jobs there he can't count my dad is different jobs HM what they want you were gone I just such a good crew leader chick filet they would send me to open up other stores. Now I know were there for like three or four weeks into this here by Al Mitchell knows isn't there this is what they told me they would get there is no mere rounds in my like. Where are your carbon mortgage or later moved to butter stores turbine. What are restore order in the margins seem quite as good as they should be all right full load on their accounts is where we're McDonald's working there out. A fist you've lost boy all found. OK as your paycheck in last. Thanks outcrop. All right so here we go where you get the full rundown. In all starlet blacks fish camp. Mean. We dare to a windy seem to restore Winn-Dixie and easily I estimate he's an artist put in time at the old Dixie where. I went from there so easily movie theater. On sixteen for the other span both of those let there for you and our share. When you do different jobs made popcorn. Khaled McCain and that's our workload turtle. And he would drink the blood or die it's straight have a cup you do anything to dared to. With their to a Wal-Mart. I suddenly decided to add to get the other shopping trolleys. And to clean the I ran it through and she don't you dare shoppers try and get an owner Al Sharpton chart ideal I'll say it today when I go to Wal-Mart much you know back in my day when I did this almost twenty years ago I had a rope. Doubt you got a little cart with a Flickr that you got all your cards and with I had all. It's a bug east son of a bitch I say it's the same guy who still doesn't when I did and he deserves department. A winter there was a police and we reveals a basket factory that worked in the summer and I was like yeah. Yeah the guy. He would ship out baskets is like decorative baskets policies. That yes solves all full. And Omar made me do that are you making baskets for other countries that threat there's a lot you know basket we are just there already made use packed and shipped to an orchestra for you put him and and we we are just ask us what you hiding cocaine which layer of the basket. And there have been over call for an answer on that I don't want to be your what day was video update back in the day and a more formal Norman. Piece in this that I'll love movies. This should be anti SL question of the day you better remember that voice fifth job. So there only to the auto loan. Started third shift to violent. As soon. Then. Went to the post office. Odor there after school zero works seasonal from three to eleven my second shift sorting mail. Some of the girl to a school with his work with the man who could do that job sought to mend it. Those are all these. All these cards come and you gotta pick through all the million got a sorghum and they'll start coming in. Those trucks pile up one after I know you're working there in high school yes season royals two marks our hit an adult job and I still questionable job to me. I decided that wells don't work and saw Thursday and I'm I got paid him. I want a break in the incumbent. But he's a terror sorting mail and Eric sort all the extra mile loves you to this day let's just went home. You keep all the fast so coupons. Now you can see thrown his amount dutrow would thrown economics who's going for its money into it Madrid lost. Any. And a lot of them are coupled with the collision there was when I moved to Alabama with their for a little bit yeah what did you do there or to Libya our Bessemer city. Hagee based on you work in a news east. After our got a Baghdad Mosul therapy may injury was you know obviously at the girls like Aaron is he really hated the artsy do we work with and that's kind of why won't work there. I came back home is run on eleven balls into one service. Try to forget about that shadow of 9/11 brought you back home and need to know what I'm gonna do some and defend this country. I did and is Majid either would take me about it. So worked Julio foreign company Intel born at a town the hardwood floors engines on that aren't there was some. Our wounds in people's houses inside right. That in less who mauled this bulletin paying back the man in the guy's farm. Is pretty much room is on the main news involves thousands of books for him fix god busy guy has children and alma. Paula back then the FB. We go out of town for a few days and I always chase and I just did not. Ultra long. As a follow the on Thomas Muster. Gelman. No worked its charter after that. Back wheels and Wes tells her mom brought you all lose you remember that office. Moved Anderson's a biffle will be intense bombardment zones when you became a the raiders fan. I got men its it I had a job for a few years I got mad at a guy too until Muslim till you play at all from the tomb with the Napoleon. The final minute customer was it was but he was so girly man. You listen why he is us charges of sonar via laws box wasn't working does that all the tyranny or. So every time is what quarter came in a month on how much foreign orders it was in a BJ yeah. Anytime you red tag is land often medium whether it yeah. Does this all hell so mad and look. Back then we had your phone call almost call for call how was it worry you already got to pick of jobs and you'll major. But I do when you're supposed to go home they tell you to keep it all provide seven right don't know Somalia out he married at this point. Not disappoint the world balloon Wilmington. San Wentz who we're close we're close to me in India for marijuana dependency and sport Murton is definitely wants her in a sort of gray boomer paying yeah. The Minnesota slayer in the business. Those who do have a blueprint that's when I got the but there also and so. I interviewed Ford over here off rocky slope. And video conference interview because companies a Connecticut man so I got that job that day and he didn't store for two weeks. Supplementing a two week break and we go back Pepsi. A clear finish morale the day. As well. And then he met us at the very claiming career when we were they have to rise guys. Flavor of blizzard as a rise guys blizzard and you came there and I said what's coming out the next day and you never left cents. I he would pay to job is always working the day muscle was born there wouldn't give it all off so I do see golf. Watch the birth may go back to work on my gap at all that's program buses that go against smacked a run defense all is a former altar in the studio. This man one guy you're big now the problem I lagged. This conversation if this probably goes away you might not get another world. Almost claws. Cut back yeah there's a retreat technicians in this area in the cut one around the house wanna Garko so it is two jobs you've forgotten about. There's like three now there's a third to prove that I can think governor we ever guarantee it. One and Taco Bell all you do that nice yeah yeah yeah well I remember that and then Dollar General. I forgot what their homes and environments. Don I don't play the course of 2000 we're always here and I saw a lot of good fit or not. Is. It oh my god oh god yeah. There. The persona non Grata you work there and then they told you this isn't enough and this is a good fit. Yeah listen at the uphill factories argued fit on there was take yup burlap sack of pills and we'll down the hallway and him. As I'm not a good fit anybody can do a hallway that led to your car if you are. Probably make you didn't fit down the hallway eyes. I didn't elect and I didn't use it time you were the car lot for some time yeah he's Carlyle. I happen beginning to forget that got through and then the builders. Well you have until 2000 seven's were sort reports on here yeah I really don't know how many jobs coming before that we remember that you did. Eighteen tied eight and some area less than eighteen years payment. Let's go work experience one a year anymore dear how are you are here for like 910 years 2000 non full time days and. Also I'm here for nine years. You turn your job that helped each and we usually go back so foreign what is your favorite I mean what skills do you retain and and from the looks he don't enjoy. You know I know. If this ever hit the fan hearing he can working anyway yeah great first Gonzales finally disorder a lot of the air this conversation. Lasts all are this day jobs are these jobs Suggs is play so adored to beat this guy a bullet hit this guy that is handicapped person I know what are hire you based on what they just heard. These these days rover model back to a TARP were right this from a finally finished college and do something word. Senator this golden. Air conditioning and he wants you here today and now here how much college left two semesters. I ten criticism to your degree. The original Oreo only go past that you were done in nine years. More men Leo and the next five years you'll get into your degree because I was thinking your about two thirds of the way done need inserted a five years nearly done. Meanwhile started college annals you know Tom Brady and started getting out. Jesus Christ and that's got a pretty good moralizing. Now meant math test the motivated you know. He paces stuff well he has as evidence he's. He's slow in our marriage paced it out. Till he's dedicated he wants and there's a two for one offered her father son in college so that's what he's fighting on right chase and I still hill graduates and eventually noted Colin all right together to an immediate and how we market. Make you drive from the usual for. Four and we're gonna take a little break we're going to do the sack and and it stack of papers here with a bunch of complaints an argument had trouble positive things to that I'll save us. It's the mail sag TR GN 933 the planet rock star column. I rescue has morning you know 93 pointer from the. The end. Yeah San. We know Zach. That's straight talk about. Have always employment history. Let's go to lives and the lives to find one. Calvin from easy or low tabloids. Make Calvin. Brodeur yeah would you always have a way out. Golf man Stroud good basketball course also the whole Pelfrey. Needs and doesn't always know where your golf. No record in his former oracle made. Well one day they'll look at old well out there and tilt toward the dugout sat there and they're product. While around look at their word. Hope builder they're good saga right. Get back to work as well send floor let's send note look at all the calls that that's bulk of the grounder pet woke up Apple's slick. Our war promote quite a job. Hello this is job instead he gets fired for his fellow on the paint. Any good ideas he's I'll sleep on staff that it happened those little here. All bloated work that forward high. Collapsed there yeah I love it's not so long period period he's looking either horse employee ever know. It's no way time I'm on now all manner AG cal and Allen now isn't it all the all my mornings I was just aren't out there. They yummy foods are really you know. So you should also Obama's scaffolding and they've started knocking basketball's over of this got a month they're memorable and the bulls rolling because you know there will that'll bring in the aspire live. The electricians via and the cracked before we can do anything else on scaffolding to shake American sport should you read this late this. Well yeah. All floors and sort of did you work for a beer garden a Big Ten foot long albino Burmese python. Luke Timothy app from the you know I don't ask her there. Is area do basketball floors. It didn't pagelet the all right now and but I think of mark doesn't know some supplements. Stay right same guy on this. Does he granted it or does David basketball floors were November 3 straight on me at his house for most of us this who's allergic company whose lose. It's free of the ago as far as pens more than okay. A lot of publicity you know that's all you back in the mail sack. Mode here or pester him about Graham's tabloids. Four. Live on national team needed an app. And they always do. Black armor. CN. Those. Are now on the members are able Winn-Dixie now. Is called. Mr. Bakalar for how will stay on the subject here though in the sack co and TRG and 933 to planet rock star com. Go right into it I think it never remember I'm just trading days sooner. Hey guys I think fat ass is. Is wait. And weighed in Europe to do once a month is a great idea now we can all just wait and see how much he gains ever month is it being bored with it every week. I think he'll be 380 pounds for the years however I don't know what the deal is this change if I would try to lose weight making him gain even more. Either way I'd be damn surprised he loses twenty pounds this year definitely not gonna be a hundred and that's David in Greenwood. Area. How are the us. Mulder pitches and Obama really is laying off medium when I got to be the new plan we'll sell works it's the new show ever get scale are now show him. In Norman akin to a you'll regular weighed two months ago jinx and he waited all the upscale home now are now one I should have Mansoor good starting wage for today. The more calorie count police in London Nvidia issue where we we we would have. Official line with four stage singing from any issue after running behind that the car in as we could have funny little promotional thing Eddie long's morning due to a the city today. In Monday's worsened from. They're not good for any shoots a Monday art plug. Ready for any faith thought process and say hey viral DeMar that before. Hey guys are still talking about how some women can't cook. Well my wife came coach firm blank I mean how lover she's awesome she's great mom she gives me mind blowing sex but I mean. Nine was saying. You can't say that food sucks but what you do she can't cook hamburger if she already knows it sucks. He Stewart surveillance if I say sons. But it sons and she knows Suggs in everybody knows it Suggs is kind of a running joke that sucks what then surely I'm not the only one who knows is pain maybe I'll have a not been blessed with the women who can cook. But not everyone has is so good. Prince Nelson Reilly. Friends felt very firm and remind you this conversation I thought that was all fear I was like who's these tropic. Powered camera on the show last week Browner about funeral remember exactly how it started girl's that was my thing about. We can't say it sucks you can say it is you're paying big. I mean it. You say you didn't like it it is this you don't like right. But you know I don't necessarily mean it's not just so ideal would be good sure to use and it sucks got the main thing it's nice to me yeah well now even rent. It's is not for me I don't it's not my thing maybe when I'm sure is good Peja has some minutes. There she's by the give you away happy and shot cross. Just say in that ever prepared chris' me properly because he liked everything kicked to the leather. Their own gas and well I tell me that he didn't like anything bloody it was terrible and I decided to marry an medium. At stake you know I mean I just learned kick at the way he wanted it done in. How do you order Hamburg Jimmie when you might not like get the crap hamburger place like a nice. A nice camera placed early you know aren't safe is your real well okay that's what I remember I had one over the weekend as medium well it. I wanted to send it back as as a half didn't do anything with a clear. May have sir you are most at. Its most Zelaya can dvds let's say united yes I can't say kill. Please get a system for fried eggs in a restaurant sued if I order exert LA insisted. Sir because I like my eggs over medium. But so we don't know what their main cash prize given to me over allied. Over medium but I like him like if you'd look up if you Google won over medium is that's how my legs did you know I am overdone and I don't like come over and done where it's leg up on hardball egg color yellow yeah Leo I don't like that. I don't want him to run either you give me like watery then bit. This guy oh thank mayor and there's no consists Xena how we fry eggs in this country. Let's not when it comes to that like you can't order. See like over medium to some people sunny side up. But sunny side of some keyboard just barely cooked it and I like to cut around the out there. Is barely coach rich saudis out of my understanding is barely cooked OK so. I want to move over well I I like we're acting cut out the out in puppet and in my mouth without bust and it. I had a is just I don't know if the cherry on top level relentlessly tomorrow srac. Elderly. I mean they had through his email though we've colonel Chris Nelson Reilly if there. It's not mean she doesn't work you know cooking hamburgers for like ten or fifteen years and she still can't do it as a rule. What role. Do you guys I mean if you've aluminum pregnancy like Matt used regarding you know if you practice you get good at a. But Jimmy is funny say that I was recording a brand new Matt males last night I was thinking oh here I am at 42 just learning to cut our. Meanwhile though there is not that passing on of cooking excellence to our kids. And I don't need an ex us I mean just like had to do the simple thing as a basic and me we position those like you can't let her leave this house on north. Bull. Teach him how to code two days of the offend them about that. Darlene Haynes eight gig you know what I rules you don't you don't why did you raise the serve right now. Q what will sit in apartment every other dude when it comes to a danger and to find partners in Martin's first. And Errol meal Omar god here goes a long way if you could hurt some neat. Yeah yeah are you know what you're doing because a lot of people say they think they can cut but they don't you know down. I mean just opening up a body what I area mail Erica king. You're damn right. Is true about they get out there and make you know the baby boomers there we go again but the baby boomers didn't pass it on any goes by the what you said earlier Jim. They wanna pass and all the disease the eighth tall earns our moms how to cut desolate. Nobody need grandma anymore right that's what they felt no corn bread and no gravy no frantic and nothing that's your momma should talk to academy I don't whereas our grandmas are enemies of the state. I think the baby boomers the generation that. For the first time right now I don't need to cook until mama mama mama mama not only you could probably go get some eat right how does go to a restaurant owners go to the drive through what we'll do shingles and there happens been our biggest shoes. I don't think I've. Then they once you've decided they just work nor could not all of them but the big segment a baby boomers are no I'm not going to cook. Click and that's when not busy then MS when women started really wholeheartedly back into the workforce. Early on. You know I mean around here I know like Rosie ridge that was the forties and around here it could have been in the sixties when when you start working again. Movies in my family moments and I always like in my family srac. This trip I think they. It should be passed down I think kid it's to blame your mother and he's he's not he's not teaching him and that's not in at all. This for the record if I can abandon rank at the mill would demand or at home where they've Fannie raising my fourteen kids. Give me the mill all day long clashed on Sunday staff and I'm emotion you should most feature drag queens would say insane absolutely get the milk our our go to mill and own make textiles apparel or raise fourteen kids. That's my answer this. I wouldn't take a break we come as still got outlets in the best. You lost get big stand and a lot of email we're gonna get to that much much more next TRG and 933 the planet rock stock dropped. There's times when your share of Barcelona for. And just the rest guys and mobile. This saviors of upstate morning radio on the match. Engage in central play the rise jags I'm 93 point three number. Still Lucent. Still we're still no matter that's tried. TRG at 933 to planet rocks dot com more to say it the more it's icy nor does too long but. The longer the more memorable. You know my guess is just that. Georgie and every dvd Dakar. Can barely raised barely Bayer for even think to listen did that is you don't ever get it then I Jeb Bush the military us. It is TRG at 933 point Iraq stockpile and taking Ellison. So money aids when you walk out of the mail this to this said that science finds trees probably newsroom here there. The spirit I'm I'm Elisa who right ear buds are handfuls in his energy Krugman right his ears from what I'm sorry for. Gust. Imagine no way you weren't. Crush on time here would remember Iran. OK so this was about that don't pay anything last week it drives guys I don't know how the hell the guy can even stomach selling his wife's pennies like that it's a damn invasion of privacy is it it is what it is. And it is eight overstate his wife and asked to even consider doing it no matter how much money was at stake here besides. If he had any man sandstone he'd by the end where where M and seven and salad. Now it's still creepy you do that Middle East is not violating his wife behind her back for a few measly bucks. That didn't meet fast kicked. And okay. That was very off. Then the guy who his wife age he had lost his job and they were having money problems he's in one by one she was not a senator underwear was. Her supply was just completely zero. Weird she finds out he's some months some web site word you can sell you know used underwear and he's sold like forty and fifty dollars worth of pennies and she didn't know it and she's like I got to appreciate the right he was. Trying to Ed says you know the the money here at the house but. Think it said something that's. We're sure why you thought of Garland Liza today. We see in my bed Schwartzel unaware there'd be like my god let's go. And if you were girl you know lose a few ball different paintings. Try to replacing these women those that's. Oh yeah yeah of more violence than are your favorites and if there's a missing an enemy really pissed non-GAAP then would you buy and ten dollar Penney's and sell them for 4050 dollars. It's great margins and yeah basement right squared as. It's were stupid. A Bob Mann I try to keep all of little fat women always disliked guys Kevin make him a view we're always prefer a we're very physical personality his. You know you guys want that hole in the studio lost sixteen you've been asking for Boyle we know we have William and asking for bids to just couldn't grow. I think the whole not be in six now as a sign dull sheik's home. It scared her on the show now. It's a chair drama show now you can do so much Wear and tabloid and I assessing their for games which we've done. And that was genius I bet the whole won't hang up on people like Jeff does when you call an opposite. But either way I could hole in the wall be the new system producer on the show either way can't let. Can't wait to see what happens with the whole group. David in Pickens hall. We'll show your whole smug around and they're throwing a fit breath. Paula felt and here. And they're real but now there's a there's a million things that we can do with the whole you know would we did this do whites and fat boys gaping hole on Friday hopefully get the you know eventually the whole can call in on the show. Yeah Brendan I'm OK. I mean it. All of the wholesale line. Just imagine if six months the whole way fixed and mark comes in here and moves a trash can seize the whole. They realize it's still here he's going to hit the roof and be a whole bid to. I'll have an animal gets in there and touch still has what are your cell and a lot of people hide it in there area is all play logo on the workout shirt and I think I was new shirt did not comment now. Only it is a bill that we get it fixed when no when fat boy loses the way it let's go out there and put on him now. Miguel who implement. And. Tell them about how many do I have left you probably do Warren. He's the way you guys. Glad I guess there's all these and any one swooped Matthew dot com okay. The question about my in my cooking show. There were talking poorly on the I'm sorry transitional store transition. You said just transition. You know it it's not meant to be educational as far as coaching goes is supposed to be fun and everybody's trying to treat it like it's a real cooking show it's not planning that they accept his her personal entertainment probes is normally it's like gambling sites where. Day rise guys. I think not and love of drag racing in drag queens will drive him the clay more than just drag queen pop finals help. He might even start. By and show worn clothes and wigs from these people he may be a super collider I remember years ago you've G-8 years ago you guys. Posted a drag pageant it was a long time ago but don't be surprised a bone niner was to compete in those from now and hail. He was the best one on the show up. PJ. Our care for your aspirations for this kid out there are cared for I think it's. Go straight line for poor my. How are angered a drag all of queen drag I'm all right are you get these now I don't know how I already did fairly and terrorists. Let me low load a page you and I worthy the judges or whatever the analysts for that theater on competition and I'm. I want to say this that we it was actually worse he look pockets why don't like. Horror movie is made of was terror. Melinda are your gold place is for you were when her like gold LeMay hair hello go. I was bald headed look better needed may I used or the heels ground near Beaumont and without you know more phone. Ovals consumer must indication. If there was nine contest to win here it was definitely your contest to win you are failing and the drive yeah contest was. There was just the and yeah I'm all right you know. Absolutely anyone Tom Brady's idea to start throwing a football for sport but he's pretty damn good at it anyway. Sherman coached match there teacher. So that was the last one we can do for now they have now NLD's about how good jasmine and all the stuff. Thank you what takes a little break speaking against we got you one. As they did Geoff we know she wants to I. A brand new game. A brain additionally your chance to win tickets to see Alice Cooper you know Alice Cooper's coming out Stanton. A brand new game. Gesture verses used. Yeah immerses you examples. Do was go to. Tantamount break ins. But I'm just sorry that her. Anyway I if you wanna win these Alastair Virginia's 180774. Double 093 when he took what 8077. Ford now below 93. I'll play brand new game called name that decade right after this call. This do you phases of play you're listening to the Iraq. Ninety dream my dream of.