Tuesday, February 13th

Fat Boy has a new strange addiction, involving a headset and porn sites, multiple porn sites: Ol Meatman might be done with Snapchat after all


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Listen to the rise guys morning snowboard many time. I just don't know the weather that we're instant access to the latest rise guys like gangsta rap as guys. It is yet rise guys morning show. So overall are some sunshine mile lord I thought I am living in Seattle Washington. Don't do nothing but. Rain and clouds. Or is that sunshine. Merit some termed the golf union and it all hang it's only a little bit assertion or Thursday or Friday. All they anonymity of the weather this morning anomaly a couple hours behind that burns here. I'm back then around. Hey listen this we know that wedding tomorrow mirrors nuptials up. In the mid dammit Rocky River plantation in Anderson there are. And the question tree which there you men now. Use hair cut right square face there's an event arm. Nobody if you wanna see all the couples and are getting married and an impression option new commercial numerous nuptials. For those that provided photos some folks you know didn't respond back in time are being of this or that. Armed. Have been a lot of people bit. For those who did not they get a silhouette. As we talk about a moment ago there you these consume way very name are you married. Now. That's why you saw and I was looking through the photos and meg and came across the Hanks. I passion can crystal Hanks who are going to be head to having their wedding vows renewed on. And I swear Patrick Kane's slows like Corey Taylor from slip knot OpenId angers Rose Law was got a mask on not serve Mac well I guess it was like Corey Taylor from Matt Stone sour again I don't you just lie can actually send that picture. In the and you get. Boy you're related Leo Merck I've moved our bigs is record from with why he's got a big Al gray beard. I'm not begin him although he's running game culture gone and our elation but yeah. His fiancee Christine is where I'm at Clemson Tigers national I'll ask the got it on the length. There are few better you'll board now in those is good for. Let's listen to this so all crap earlier about you know valentines and while and all that comes. Jimmy Moore write down a name I don't wanna say it now. Just so you'll be in the on the congress upstairs and you reckon has all yeah boy you know and to. Com so why don't we know there. It AD and sure you in Miami say in this and if he doesn't look at it couple right don't tell me stuff all the radio the only talk about it. He and his wife had a may be back in October November want mom and he told me said the you know we were talking about you know what to do about Valentine's Dane and now we have a newborn and we can't just. Just no tie not own lie we used his power went all real hard you know kids too much fun out there. So he's talking about what he went above and this is an I'm I'm paraphrasing OK there. It was something like hey baby what do we what do you know about cars there whatever and then her changes. You don't need to give me anything let's make it special for the baby and now what I can't that I am I. All until you yeah. Doing anything special for a baby is less than six months oh well let's just say for Arab TV the carrier ring especially whenever there. There's ever Palin is only a collection of him or candy or flowers even though. Sting gets me about this hadn't given grace a birthday present to shoots threes she can remember. No I'm kidding about that choose to. Ever remember the first birthday dinner card and keep it like they can't pay us. She'd this woman if she is a blue as she is a lovely salt I wish you know what it was it say the name is they have a good good marriage here and here. I don't for a third time I wanna emulate that. They got a good thing I don't know it's just I'm blessed when a woman tells her husband. She'll have to do anything for meat may be. Let's make it special for our what October to November November to December December January whatever four months old lady there was paid. That nothing in real clear. But yeah trapped page I hate to use Ellis trap that they are roughly as old the last phone scam arming Kamal I remembered. That maybe we're just last phone scam time that he likes and then now legal dark city area. Shot down. Isn't it traps like Q have you felt obligated to do that as settlers saying she this is an important Valentine's Day for a new mom I think that's when you blew. You really need says that you know Har he's gonna give her like. Andy did. The chocolates and roses did Dan Burton had this awful lately you know take her down there were nine bid he'd gotten side of a swim in Poland and got a massage northern Iowa are flow. I'm telling you learn a new baby at their romance may not be there on time especially with feedings Angeles LaMont carting. Anthony yeah she's great day today you you need you need some. Time off away with just the two of you OK so what did she really mean by that. Does she really means that we're gonna you know give Lowell is is is is small boy we're gonna give local bus near farm in outlook taxi to take him out here. How much I had been no need to make Valentine's Day special for the kid now I'm holidays yes I guess I'm that but yeah Alan. It has days. Not that well that. I don't think this terrier and I should I have a baby sitter and you wanna underestimate Mike here the people always tell me all mad at you you. You've only self I know they. I don't among let America know yeah it no maybe. Yes but sometimes you know. You don't what does sorry do you know isn't very precise and Mahay. He got a birthday coming up cannot tell us think about during this press party here we are in February I don't really view that's the insidious. If you said to me. I hate how what do you. I know be honest with you tell you if you say hey that's Wednesday's come you wanna do if I want a decent home to you and it anger and a screw playing games especially with a relation he's playing games at work. Play games it LaMont carting. And play your games where you wanna go to Rocky River are rocky creek I don't have a damned whatever we were ever a point when all this is that. We knew. Are in a relationship. Don't sit there and do this whole thing definitely her in order releasing up whom each saying how you feel because. We can't spend our labs guess and we noticed in our laps making your life happy not guess and if we don't. What I'm doing Chris Rock K I'm ready yeah there is no I completely agree that he post as saying that they mean in and mean what they say. You know did this this shorter version more blunt two point version of that is act like grown folk don't. I think that's what it is his acting like grown fall releases they did not a high school in hand and realize this okay and if you want some more if you don't also move whatever you say you want you don't loan. Well that's when it's him as far as I know that's what you want or don't look so that's probably what you don't give or not give any major do you remember afterwards I haven't not. None of it you can't greens someone. Mine's if you don't communicate fully it's your fault I know that's what I'm saying yeah it's frustrating these and say hey maybe. Valentine's Day is coming or not and some women prefer guy who'll take charge fees to pay baby. They mimic and I know I think it says I inviting our daughter we are going out we're gonna go to roost on Valentine's Day in and out. Mommy daddy's gonna wash to me. A renewed look at like captain these. Hey that's fine I get to spend time with the Lila couple planks and number two Bryant. This the only two official sleep on. Good. Morning ladies hit it this is this is just you know and they've been married couple years and it's kind of bad news thing you do is place if he had issues. And you won't you say yes and I clots and are all if you don't give easy Intel army Canas in many can't read your mind. Oh yeah upset about it. Intel on what you want and agreed courage. You say were you or you'll learn what I want. Well William. You know I power I haven't even thought about that I just I think I just wanna see everybody be happy that you don't see you out. A prime example. They just told them to answer the question though went into same question has no answer. I don't have many anybody can really that don't sound mind you know army happiness Dan. Our military matters are important. I know very well I'm I'm the someone. Smoke and hot to sweet now my feet dad what a vastly discus nonsmoking event here that. Find the pits I am I gonna do a back seat to no I don't wanna I don't want to we're expect anything I think that it. That's today he's got a lot through the door. I think disappointment in him because what if I don't find my tuna on Valentine's Day doesn't mean it's a Washington hate it now I enjoy it. Love everybody. How. LA. So remind blink when it comes around veterans day they get deep in people's lives. In weighing. Women's tennis is using women's I'm not I'm saying don't get a man's head's gonna are CNET and I think I'll I'll. Meaning example. Have you seeing and maintain that duke called a burglar trying to get married tomorrow. Hey look there is a businessman. As big arm I'm tall Murray's easy informal ballot that they were aggregate Delors demeaning and brings our president is. More and more like we're. Gambler grabbed his masculinity and femininity Mac Esteban understood that. I think embarrassed. I think if you wanna get some I am now on times today you have to give something so you can't just. I don't Ariza but I'm. However I'm talking about if you want to Lori are you want some thing you'd expect a lot from her husband thing you need to give a lunch here has been dealt with. I'm a member of the zone in the arms and that is in their head bit. Is different because it isn't that they want something that not all warm up tournament. May get a get some and they get in their head about trying to screw that up Bryant so it is from a different slot and a lot of times it's still the same. Same weird middle of February day ages mess and everybody's minds. It's it's a little things it's like waking up this summer has changed in every Valentine's it I'd wake up to it it has some kind of fish farm. And make sure this is my address book that's ever. But Iran but don't trust. I knew this incredible answers some got a message on America's ahead usually go to work on the day and he may he's from. The men and I wake any minute special care and tell me that they love me in it didn't cost a lot of money. On the death warrant that. You are yearning right now I can't put my finger on page you did this ever like the last two days. Every conversation goes back to that. We will begin to hear back who lack you've won't some. I don't know you honey you keep asking me about it we'll take me off a mile from her foot there is just you know the my. I'm their communities to get out doing it yeah what I term you want to there I just don't I just don't mind Emma that's right. Okay duels and Russia. Share. A film called porn out there for me an email and ask. Ask you also love everybody now I want to love everybody doesn't mean I want to. Yeah McCain if they're so there's a difference you can have sex without love making this match you know and they actually I made about me what. What should he do. He should not just. Right and he should go we should all out this is import Valentine's Day is this gave him a child has several months ago and she may not found sexy is beautiful and he needs to end. And Nina for both of them having a child's very stressful he may feel the same warm. You know. Jimmy. Where was he didn't like we take a break I don't know the context how we're here I mean this is best thanks to mourn. 7341. Carolina they've mil dot com tax on how cool moment I don't give ablaze by any thing and not round as they is overrated I hate my husband anyway. Oil wow I'm the only mom for a Amy Anderson. We'll tell you may be directory now back to Mac yeah. I rescue has morning you know I'm recalling during. Morning show morning to you. Is 833. Saves for Valentine's day's Fat Tuesday I'll let you. You know. So it is madman and will celebrate by going back to go crowd tonight. You know I would definitely got to. Funnel everybody summaries say it's Tuesday but trying to a you know kill themselves and alcohol was in the you know what else who will women be shown their movies in New Orleans not to do not the time. Is not a time for that kind of value do it before. Lent starts and that's when they count Fat Tuesday or you can have on hand because forty days you on Monday having. What are you given up her Lance page. Sherron. Everything. Jesus. Everything mile. Yeah. Yeah sugar or sugar and shock and and sugar dissolves. Assurance all mean. This mirrored their bird and now what you. Vermont into today take on one. It is due at least est one thing and most of my live camera man and hand because if I give us some adventures and find is. I have completely bland food for forty day. My god that's site that time we went to the beach when we used to go to the the Myrtle Beach for a as a kid damn ocean links they didn't have running water. Yet he like got to admit that. He would get down this water zany get water they have well. Well it was some kind of just thought no way either. Fighting and we would take bottled water consider my daddy say ally the way drinkable water tastes persons Myrtle Beach water. Or is better as the weeks haley's made all milk jugs of water down there wasn't this Sunday before we get it charged as we always go to church on vacation. We don't eat grits and Seth and has a ways grit suck and my momma said real what's she's Myrtle Beach water is I know I used his right here in his name lemonade. Remember I made lemonade gripped some as I thought I was just juggled water so I see I can say do one can lead to the. It does and in our meeting any processed and because that's what Solomon Asarco result. What do you want me again I'm. Oh like you don't Q what do wounds like no smoking. Those six stuff like that. Sad actually what am I gonna give I mean drink Adams and say don't work there be good did you try to give the both of you well. Your dazzling and heaven well if you try to give Brodeur you don't know I don't have anything to eat his everything's loaded with softer line now. But I am just gonna try mean pairing natural fan. That doesn't have changed some salt or sugar and a man who look. It's actually. That's all right talks about too much so you have to give up barbecue sauce which is going to be very hard for me. And my only worry numbers crap you eat everybody's sodium expert it too much for sex and this is yesterday we need to you know. Do you want me to give you that this feedback on Mondays anyway by the union whoever. There are all favorite male if you tell us stuff from position and knowledge. He doesn't care. It depends who worked comes from so like yesterday as in what are you gonna eat FT weigh in and that it was some kind of frozen Turkey dinner this sodium in that on and off. I don't know where it. I know Woodson they're good people wings with sodium is like the you know odd enough for you. You know then that's that argument Al like you know everybody's a meteorologist. Everybody's sodium expert. But they don't even though the the atomic symbol for the combination. A Sheila. What you've given up are you given up anything Amare religious olestra will have to give an opinion I don't think I have exiting a semblance do you have a new addictions is just insult Linux. But nobody's to get the goat's hair metal is big is hoping sorghum beach Saul Rivera. I don't Mora really just really angry about having to give up any sodium or salt sees more heat warnings salt straight. Like honestly I'm a huge solved I don't know what led. Here's the three things and I think rule your life. And starboard. 12 and Jay is usually a fruit from this fair. I think that's the other thing would be television. Yes it was good TV all meant. MI can only never would sportsmen and I want to say the third was by pornography to those three things we won't. Definitely now's a good. There might be number two. Got overtaken by you'd be done enough and I here lately as well yeah hairs that and you think that union thing yes he's spent a lot more time in the bathroom that is that is surely would. Well to what is number two. Are you get whistled or my mouth I saw I back that he beat Jimmy here this morning and said they had boys are Garnett left her for a tomahawk. So I got him because you know when to when nine got to work I was article on the second time so he and some ideals or worsen another station Walken in. Enacted here models already finished soft look adorable role in the Wal-Mart and relatives aren't that good for the men's room is locked upstairs now. I don't hold doors locked you can't get in San handled many engineering will be yours in the air America reports Susan how much cost as earlier Mac and then now. Though the bathrooms locked so low people downstairs doing there to the bathroom and I. It stayed on the air there's critics are rare yeah I thought I would what is what the that's what so what what what other hobbies do you have a sense. That's about live one intensified. Well let's duet. Tia hello. You think. Tried it it's all coaching doing the other day. The called buying the debt. No no Vieira the video as you've been washing their freaking out of Russia and offer gesture. No but doesn't want them through it okay. You know about the I forgot his name and there's a a Chinese guy. Who's the he would free climb some of the world's tallest structures and to excel fees Yung Chang who was and then. I think you mostly do in China. But it's he would just free climb the buildings so his last when he died in December. And does some iTunes video from across the building in winds do pull loves all the side of the building and you can tell he's he did too many. And you know you do pull ups for years ago now you you lose stamina fifty can pull yourself up because importance they composed self. Up to the side of the buildings are distraught. Much. It different or watches it you want to lose I'd tell you know was it was an accident then translate. He's Omar is trying to climb a beach early issues are climb up. Any museum drop out of frame that's already CDs drops off the ledge and falls. Almost three months in in his like 55 floors between the Cameron brown apparently novel about a that was watching this crap reads like a judge yeah. You don't want to. Do better runner rooftop sixty started and. I might tip the perceptions messed up look at the video was watching the other guys jump from building to building down is up point of view. Like against our yard par core. Obama. Spoke of all the buildings we trust you haven't upon that and here's the thing. So during the Olympics they say download the app and you can see Bjorn videos from point of the athletes yeah. So while their point of me yeah I don't lose cheap little BR did say it's a ball months ago. You know must someone who views it eagles' interest Chevy our historic. Video recorders. We are. Didn't. So this is right the now. So it was a it was is laying around side downloaded the apps slid the folding thing in the school menus seabed a panoramic view. You feel like you're there I don't know what it is about having something so close your face yeah we feel like you're actually there and a you're ski and snowboard ski jump concede yeah I mean death perceptions as limits. A so. Are you talking yourself why are you re acting like assists. Yeah I don't act like to make sure I was sitting down now when stamina yeah. It's not so now now they see people of apple store's fault tolerant place they got a few videos of the Purdue shorts. That is enough to give you experience them. So sit in there a washed all the videos don't think in a wonder if there's anything else you can watch. VR that Jesus. And find out there is another chance on the BER a voice recorder now. There is a whole treasure trove of its. There's so much for your thoughtful you wouldn't believe man I guy that's so where it's not removed from them. From the standpoint of you know arousal. To foment a the American. Insist. This is. I admit this. It's like here's the air and that's why does cause he's so as radical voice recorded feeling here are participating in that and yes but not like. You old physically feel any feelings but he liked you something about your mind tells you that you there. So I slip at all. I find the video just to deuce. I'm the dude voice in the air may get only cows is kind of brought back there how you look while minute pet pet at dad's sex and things you know. Tip top shape you and leave don't forever to answer but what I'm looking around when I got to have similar move Mormeck NC hands like I can move a move in the dude yeah. And this subject war CNN did you start. Just watch from there was it hard is it yours pollution or was it actually like grant is that newseum market and armored patrol on the guy. I'm not saying you're laid back on your couch. Are you are you fully clothed I am yes. Okay and anon are on the walls and very busy you are this is just like basically it's an attachment that lays it on the job as return to sit there and look at. In a you'll like in Asia looked around and run agency the porn room to. We have received panoramic view Abumrad. Really never done it looks amazing with a non usually don't move the cutting edge of these there is always a woman who told people would fuel is a sees some semi soft core stuff this you know say for work. It's too hot chicks human self breast exams and YouTube. You to phone into the. As soon as cool as little. I need to be shown you or render and I know that there has little. Experience here in America and my words when the system didn't do what I mean you. So there are these videos there was another one okay. To where I'm the guy friendship for plastic surgeon you love it. I'm the guy in the house is Paul obviously not supposed to be there when I'm around a corner OK so that chicken from the me. Lo and behold a husband walks in so they habits or you're the guy you can peek around the corner and see him messing around in the kitchen he doesn't know you're there with the chickens in front you think he sees -- can't see you. But you see him. As a kind of stuff like this to try to rob a house fire in the onion and also make an. Wash I'm like yeah. It's very slow you weren't headphones to argue here okay. The current phones source who is I mean you enjoy it isn't fine is this is. Only minutes auditory thing to work tomorrow so we can do around to see what that's like and I'll wait till then I swear to god never wash you are or can you change that PM. PO obese and it's different and the European he's got you know I don't know if I'm I'm the guy. We'll see you send their limits that would ordinarily you know I don't wanna see European vision that tunnel mining. This is audited that's were stolen of course that's where it's going I'm surprised it's a missile. If you're controlling the anybody and then we need to be naked in mind move in with the thing you do you're finally Jason Hudson Taylor yeah. Wait a part of it. Compliance and let us moto notice that trust me want to whose son watching TV Sorkin. Who I'd tell us well. And casual is a good qualities then there. I was sitting there watch in the VR in the Olympics as we saw a commercial in spots is a Coleman biz. Sought to voters who do you know finish watching those weren't ordered Thursday or report them you know so she looked him elected them. Because of course she knows that there are the sort I don't know when you don't have to stay there watching and laughing giggling you know they leave it. Your Russian borders. Are he's in the room he's always on the computer road and how does this tell our a lot of string. He's on YouTube Lexmark the whole deal he videos ED and why he might these are guys who watches them. BHD how I am you know few people are sometimes. Mark supplier. Wow and you aiming here you live in she's just sitting there waiting let's think about this they're there are couch fat boy say they're very casual I'm sure this this slot into I was in my athletic shorts hey you know issued literature or big black box on his face though -- and you just said there. Yeah well gotta get down home. I Lerner a ever heard you like you know try to take you bridges often gives ignoring it announcer. I mean you watch set there no Seattle CRU. How people get into like that when that thing goes on my head I can't freeze like come free to move go because you have no depth perception. Tell her next time you put it on did him. If there will be I don't like America. You want your porn alone and not what anyone why don't bite. You are watching it for sure gratification no arcade and now it's entertainment it's all morning is hurtful or give a watch porn with your life. Our recently longtime Laguna. Well you know I can't even watch inferred you know like how other people using for now there. We don't want to threw more balls I want to like you don't Margot page right now for tips click through a couple of pages. I'll go to another sign click through page and that's about it yeah. There's certain category you normally get to more than others. You're the aficionado on the show. It is verified amateurs I should think there're couple you know penalty or Jerusalem. You mean there was a media initials. Now. I've deal grammar check how arms were tortured thing will like what can he not say anything amount. I don't want assaulting a girl. Which you rather have railed sacks are virtual sense I think fat boy my experience and see what this is not about ratification let's get a bit that he's got some now watching virtual reality court he isn't. I'm not trying that he's Gator tail and a bit but not like gratification adamant sexual nature. So these are quite follow what I'm about to show you. If you ever checked those like his video and you do less important and that's one category as a category as a category unto itself got their clients and as always up in the fat boy is important to actually hold up a I. Coming guy. Are all hooked far enough to tell you know wow pay your question while while while. Are you when you bring it in tomorrow and we can decide on the throughout I would have video of bus watch on TR point not talking about a very good is reacting to it as I've never done for our defense and army just use your phone with you don't have that. I was gonna say replaces Dana leading human pal around I want it to break and we'll come back rent this little L a Y. He ready. The rest. Are just so. This means 341 day you're listening to the rise guys morning show our 3.3. Hey addition there. We'll be giving these men and women have. All the way downstairs and scholarly air lock the lowest supply you know for a girls school few. No one is not in their you know sleep and likewise if you hit this in you work here I mean you have keys go unlocked coaster memorably Richard convenience is not urgent now. You know India Ollie in there about an hour from now roughly maybe hour and five minutes amounts and at 10 o'clock on law. Please let us in you know we will have three engineers. Folks who wants Turkey for a little vacation manpower on the vacations though really. What they can't pay vacations are essentially is it won't Pakistan has been XUL first when he had these are working here how about. Yup and here are some of the bathroom and log into your downstairs. Where the goalie downstairs too is a matter of current. Throwing flown over the nerve deal between. This stupid stat chat I'll love snack check it I it made me enjoy way social media. Now it sucks in there and not because of interaction anything to discuss I don't know enough and is any more than update. Arguably was mayor of. The only person or exit. I really am how do you why why don't you that's why like I did before I knew the people and you remember because I have snack chip beta so I got beat up today. I dared do before most people got the update and how white did and then other people got it lizards on how bad it. Lines what are you tell me to turn automatic updates off it's awful I. Like when I send somebody is that if you don't have snaps had barely an informant in there when you snap somebody. It knocks him down to the bottom of the dead they'll list they W command below the ones you have you haven't opened yet. There's a reason mine opened a mother's world and when they stingy when they go back to talk. I know like why can't page siege. This is did why would they do that. This is a mess lust. But by gay. You know I hate to have more. Yes every person after and then yesterday no matter guys I'm the only person likes it I simply the other what are they brought the news now upload data mart. Now why can't his iron. OK hey you know not a talker AMBER Alert America. Bad I would say somebody's life I I was bitching about it on the yesterday and some might say it all you have to do is un un install it. Add it back Taylor automatic updates off I did that still ahead up Denis of pain due to a I'm if you do that on the phone there do you are higher standard he hates hates it. What's what's would crest technology there aren't in it about time for people who can also thank you own something else. Exits on removal. I think what they're trying to do is make money off of this. Mean that's. It was just trying to get people back house side maybe they say all you think you like it so much guess what you don't go outside now and live life if you're supposed to. I really really honest to god into waged a hell out of spat chat I really did I mean I enjoyed Twitter mr. Graham to don't have FaceBook anymore but I enjoyed. Sat Chet. And now. Kidding of foreign stuff. Does more there's little pizzeria super imposes home people I can find that this season. Certain anatomy but I when I go to that the war I would look for my Fave now it's a bunch of people running follow. It makes machines record sake give they this thing here are bashing my mirror on America. Leah snapped me earlier reference that corner argue watchable story now. And then it'll go to Monday KF kitchen because he's their mirrors or is he his. And in more ads and then there's plumber bill so wage is changing timeline event basically. From main page you can look at all the snaps of people who see it means that all of the overtime are present right here. Yeah I will have a hard apparently do you open every step in it now now now zone all lose bill not. We know skill though there I got a little circles now she's gonna see if he's going to be a twenty minute snapped. Like some people like to do do and voice filtered. Yeah. Oca tonight you're all right I work you're shenanigans she don't like it. He likes you know why would you virtualized they don't yeah. And you just don't because it sounded to them to do to be different light it before I don't hate it you can clear marrow. Individually and some. When you do mass if you won't always Shanahan did this contest I'm not name can be a way to show me you call our top left corner click on new little face them and then due to. Yeah you click on the settings will gear icon nuclear arms sessions gap down there from bottom to clear all album yeah. There are active conversation what if I saved pictures within the conversations are they gone forever. No the comeback on Somalia. Initiates conversation went on debit look it says are clear mall one mile one. You see here. It's unclear why it warms I'm just gonna start biking again screw the Internet right enemy yeah I am going Omar if you can't snap your travel I won't Ravitch I'll tell you better on the radio show the next day there. Well to clear out fell point 933. That's you're known anymore I just got a million decision you have. And I believe that if it. Not Baghdad it's you know and people kept saying history well is just slightly and is the you know when FaceBook rid did their thing everybody lost their mind of any got used to it. Robbie so I come by here and now I've I've exists it is too much bull crap you know how what about a stable childhood look at this habit. This thinking I had from blocking everybody they probably I don't block people on here only on Twitter and answer him onto an stamps and as a follow. Very and I've heard from exactly one person Kasi who likes the update outside of myself everybody else hate sit well Lou there is they're Iraq do you think social realities that -- we need you back into England the other day he gave me are snapped. So you can. Mean in their car with the mother 'cause it's a very Trevor. Andy Cole are like you look around the world and everybody would be talking and now perhaps it's always for many years. Be great yeah let me firms found nude Doug glimpse in the spread peace signs and nine current event together how close are just now just. This is a slight the first split second immediately to kiss some might say. Let's go to more important is this can be an excellent. That admissible here fresh arm to try to slow. So there's nothing I just had to deal with a right just deal. Learn how to use today and foam and you should. John. He's now wake up in the morning drive guys at all they're great at more than that way beyond. 3.3 the planet when rob.