Wednesday, September 13th

What will Fat Boy's other dare be for tomorrow?: Will Fat Boy take a chop from Jeff Lewis Neal to warm up before tomorrow?: Headlines


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Hello don't let me ask you vote to set the alarm and wake up the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning yeah. Three point lead up planning acts. It is good. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 708. Warner brother Wayne State is that there they exist Maine's two days till. Heyday here ideas that's right so now donate more money there came relief. I started I don't laughs and cheers. I was a Florida. Does any preachers will say on Sunday don't donate your offering us this week donated to the hurricane relief off off off off off a lot. I challenge all churches today that. We're right by the way Jimmy a lot of this what you were well I love you'll love it and you hate it. You're getting old I am in America and Merrill terrorist cereal bowl LeBron Ayers or how ball I am. Yeah and then then all of you getting married soon of course and that's coming at you do you bachelor parties on Monday morning. Owner heard weddings I've already asked isn't this two year 31 years ago today. When your favorite TV shows amber debuts. On this she BX. It's a short subways again and perhaps grabbed seem to make it all official. Swing your most favorite TV shows. There was and key. And eight man I don't know how many different. Movies there was made about it maybe not that many. Oh you're in any guesses. In November a minister and anchored let me break I said that was all the map. Boost your value and a beard. So take a walk up in this strange. House sent here on the hill there words animated at a client here's. Page has an idea. Are around age 1986. Still nothing. When I say TU. Cherry and I'll say ninth cousins and an iron in an merger merger as chair back. I'll there was a hand there bears did all we get to talk about the way outs and Leo has his or does and I guess. Why do you know now the gas they'll give to light their whales play long haul particular kind of house. While they may just let Kyle yeah. So it's so true. Now on the moon or somewhere I versions of ballistic missile. Whenever he also earned. You don't you don't look Burton whom live on here that you know our opponent here's triple. 31 years how old is Peewee Herman now car. Allowed. Was also a blow up or down I'll use them. Paul Rubens and a bunch of movies. It was. When he in The Blues Brothers. 2009. Now the original synergies in charge of our history and maybe that's ever ran. Our current ram whatever words. When I honestly real quick because the boy that whole movie theater he talked about a celebrity that. Rode out the scandal and it what that was him. Did he was is plainly the south and a movie theater grand and I mean it was. I same into Sunday she go out and do but it was one of those places where you watch in because of porno. Theatre yeah. What do you think you guys are gonna do in the air and surprise all of what and then they're going. Thirty years of trade him or her manager no kitten I can I'm aren't on actors got to restore militia. Yeah. The Laurence Fishburne. I'm Benicio del Toro was the bald mere yeah blues Brothers he was a waiter and then as Jimmy said she has shown he was the desk clerk sixty perhaps kill me is Lindsay the holidays. Me and homer and felt his reform. Paul Reuben fail there or he's injured. That boy he's twice main York you're only half because our problem for the movie theater again and now even more so. By the way if you have a cellphone day encouraging for not driving of course. Too hopeful about and text there to 734190. RE. Is 72341. I you'll get a text back with the a link to both. Parts one and part two. Of last week's farewell the whole thing yet all love home would put them all together own two different parts and then over the course of the week war. Separate amount per day air. But right now parts one and two. Free of charge. Tax dare to 72341. Of course. The normal text messaging rates. Apply and all that void where prohibited. And people are saying I CP has made a song where they sampled. And the rejoin song was and kill a deal by big war there now Darren law tomorrow is. Fat boy's day of reckoning. Family was out sick last week when we did their law he missed the whole thing and you know again we we we all broader I think I had that the least you know. Because one of mine did not pay off. Although I didn't choose the number you chose a you were not to know that that was the rate Thompson's old phone number when you text him Blakey yeah nobody knew at that time and a still no response to that that from that person made it coming nobody has that number yet in Eminem. I think I had visited Libya and the inherent did you pace had a pretty bad she take did that haze which you know. Has freed I mean that sucks. He took the taste what else. Closure of the thing and see where in nine starts to try EE a nine swapped. Under paint certain. There's also video of that and this in my in my family watches it I apologize for the improper that I was doing with page in the wrong. That I also deteriorated and others will disagree. Nine he of course had to switch with page you had the Sox soccer which was a soccer Iraq ingests dirty gym socking you sucked on it until it went away. Thus the Sox soccer show and then. It got worse tree. I think our grows worse thanks it. The Sar was worse and hematoma faced her no that wasn't that bad wasn't it was the targeted the stock was this nasty covered is he's red orange beard live. Black sharply you're down revered for management greener and try it. I had to get cupcake in addition to that texting. Jeff did the duck which which was a sandwich from mines belly fold it in their four plus hours via and then of course he did the the blow mob where he would go downstairs and the lower and attack whoever sells persons cubicle she's incredibly fun. Alliance so there are there was a thought that while we get for the hold their wall back up and bring all these different bits togethers in the answers new. Iraq. Then nine I had someone reach out to him and that is professional wrestler extraordinaire James Drake. Yes one half of the evil of tag team champions of the world this gas. This guy is. If I stuck with sports diseases. That's what I would have turned into. Damn straight we are very similar in look. Send this in good shape period. And when they get into the grand. No no no. I was like get myself in the mirror this morning when you have a shower naked yeah errors I ran right to clean up the cheat a little bit like James Drake yeah yeah yeah. There will then. Yeah everybody is yellow James ray Denham you know unique. Or have some point so could have. James Drake has several different. And I can't wait to meet the guy I'm singing its praises them Obama fan then you go on their watch and only two he's great. He is not known for throwing one of the most vicious chops. In the business today here is brand. Why do make Daniel asked for you old old school wrestling fans I mean over hand right and hand over hand or or traditional. JU occurs it usually there it is when the ferocity while rooming manual porosity ferocity ferocity it's ferocious thank you know main Nestle waters Jeff who do you prefer a hand underhand. Throw traditional engine traditionalist. I just slapping his backhand her backhand backhand and I finished and you play tennis. You should I don't get to form down the now. So he said I'll I listen to show mom tranda show or do you guys talk about maybe force you scratch back scratched back. Fat boy has agreed. To accept aid shop. As one of his Ayers tomorrow or from James Drake lives in studio we'll have it all on FaceBook lie and then it's to grandma and I've already emailed. Our duty our firm BH and Erica. Waiting in her response letter warned there was a late last colony known vision gets here earlier and more yeah he's good armed. So. There's vis the other one that's out there and you know the the well what is the other there. So. We talk about it we say each of us. It was the three of us who were talking yesterday for me fat boy nods each gonna bring to bear. In the end we were gonna vote on as a show which one of the bears should fat boy have to perform years is that fair. Partisan nutrients we have put us and we don't put us fifteen more balloons in or even drawl from the hat I Wii does that if we do. The whole variables. Whole list of arable that we gonna bring in all those foods and all losers. What I don't I don't wanna beat you say that I got take one from horse and run is like I agree percent to a lump and that Obama help America you know. From south. Would that say it. Jimmy you I don't know about this the first he does 1 August 2 have we get there can't lower revealed will give a fair option in the walls. Sleeps well grand somebody else has reached out to me to make an offer. You know our region and reach out any around. No just out just how we want to do anything to me a telephone to arrange these things aren't you need a national sales for us they think his. I mean these things behind james' legs and asked Jamar he has. Well policy. Matters EST shirts. Eight and how long points and scary me too man. You anywhere you know there's a certain. Secret society internal organization organization. They had some stuff leftover from when they were initiate some fellows awhile back. Does this say these fellas nobilo law you know. Is national anal society. You know not only a charter member I'm not going to say what sort of orders and Jane it is but you can probably. Guess in what direction it bears. Reserve Barbara as it is or isn't bug so it's on the open and so they didn't their new recruits was there for him pickle big testicles. And they say they are gobbled very big guns left governor drawer off. And they'd be happy to donate an honest. All ball. She always. Lead in the huddle before lent on the air and I'm hearing this is well for the first time I was still full. The major question of the debate debate normally eating shrimp redesign of major life I don't I. Thank you that is mammal main disk is he was sick. And they don't know good taste yeah. You need forehand is getting eight cents and up and fat. Yeah this trial for letting me like that it's for it because people everyday across this nation Ari and had big mess rep as a date is still country oysters my daddy he was from Greer South Carolina you know just down the road humiliated for breakfast. Brains and eggs and pig brains are really limit membranes well I'll tell you die from heart disease. It's trying to half up and partially right so. Many. As a practical it's okay yeah all lunch and eat humble guy just goes heat koresh's little. Well or don't know who you now now homegrown top Smart dude I doubt. So are we start. No god bless all throw money at their anyway. You are trying to serve regular current gaming machine would put it all here in panic throughout my credit aren't born alive. Man. Or. Isn't here and was going to be my idea and I thought what would bother what would bother me. Really really if you were done to me in like some grudge either way medium dry heat their thing done when it. Came from peer sheer need be attacked here and I'm like Marty Donald stuff he didn't make you get a no bomb attack to an arm which he had. Now covered by butterflies airs at. And he's he claims Celtic cross but it's about your skills Merkel is it curled. On the east I had I had all that in mind called the either or salon. And you would either have to shave your head or your beard. Are not god that the either or so on what would you as I think we're pretty dead set on the pick testicles of what. What was your chances of that are prepared to have him. Because I felt what would bother me the most and that's the beard certainly. In the end up top. Pilot Steve that ball man I gotta exit poll like Democrat BA head is Steve that look alike having official earlier. And a million or covers had us. Altria and we don't feel good the covers of it. So as fluid than a neutral while throw mine out I know both bars or does now as I it's fireworks celebration and a big one went off first. I'm sure that big it was all that bad thing to have to did hot it is yeah. I'm eating food while Zumaya include sooner was news shares for it managers certainly had people we don't. Models doing totally pig but it's that not just aren't ready. Oh yeah. It's just a mob of and here's joke on missionary trips he gave you want to back Elsa dear dealing answered it for Christmas it listed twelve days of its documents or some kind of things aren't these innocent die every sing you know that's how you return of the ship they often are anyway there was going to be called gummy worms Regis basically take you live bait. Worms maybe some micro worse to just you know mold humans and jello we'll kind of warm G fishing without Mac and besides MacWorld. Resolutely I don't read more in a little bit as ones of our great value worms almost an apology by Carolina a Wal-Mart on the large drug does sell buy and machine barely other doing Greer to live via email worms Bruins know. Makes my ails doing this Osgood who's you know of. There's dread it Jeremy I would much rather eat the pickle pictures of Goldman bunch of worms and some jello I mean much when. From screwing the little ones and worms Emilio. Once balls lawns and I think ninety's he's the guy just has simply pickled pig testicles left. Hey he ate all jar set for today you're shooting people in rockaway there's an unsung group probably doesn't contestants. Think that warns her to anybody using coroner's. A big balls are we talking to him and he he won. I mean there hasn't large egg dot com kind. Is there anyway did the before tomorrow and these are we get a photo album yeah OK yeah acts. Now call Connie wanna Google image search to them afraid of those shows. Things are not what I'm looking for. I don't know hardware or do down to. As a minority you don't want well. As a good point it is true. Would when he but let us now here's a question will lose face the south the lord's day there or cowboys you're gonna eat the large more day. Would you. Eat like a let's like aplomb he can while. Stimulus. Certainly not an atheist and not a small laugh only you know you didn't tell you about how would you put the whole thing in your mouth abiding you. Talk about the game. Now let's see the eggs different account like I think I think he'd do one need you can't swallow it whole but you have to moon are against Hewitt. And it's otherwise doc. For the Ryder madam announced on on anything but. I know hey it's lower face shields almost gonna come out a ball up the welcoming your labor front running down our guys and hey good. All right so this well mayor city. Wrong and so one and one then and and done. One and done of the pig testicles are tickled by the way he co with your blood pressure. You know I'm sodium. There amusement or maybe in Knox thousand lieutenants. Out there are a bit code red days where they're irregular or an oil and every new thing dribbled. How guimaraes built my hot weeny little. In Tijuana mama Lou pickles cucumbers pickles not Alston. Have had pickles nothing pickle like you know you do like pinnacle giggles. The obstacles he want America out of one year who. Alison excuse me. Com do you think that that made it worse they look like bypassing knowledge James straightening out there and take that shot I know minutes tops are you physically ready it was last time you saw a jam. Amazon my driving Basilan and how much energy Diana Erica. I'll comment build it does to a few months. I semi it is Jim remember I don't know let me give you it's not just to give you primed up for two more. Wanna be an event chiller brings a lot of that got me wondering if that well on my hands the rings. And a half. Yeah your child's from the coo John only just taken Jeff chop to pry me. Got won't be got to this point I break and what have they met brazenly I think break come back and then and then now we'll see which did. Did Giuliani pick test you. Know the. Aging that doorway 93 point Perry the planet dry. Birdie every year and so it is. This kind. It's time to decide. Will you take a primer. Travel luck tomorrow and he did that there won't just now decided which to do Ayers she will do one. Will be you will. Eat in full not swallowed they eat in full one. Pickle on a pig testicle. Arco provided us by a local fraternal organization. Yahweh would they wish to remain millions who don't plan to combat. A powerful that it teaches secret handshake. To handshake fan mail that decide this. That's I Oreo basement lab open fans or agrees the singer Julio Lugo then next thing we're doing at home in. Com so James Drake again professional wrestler fans show is now offered to come and that's Mara and give you one of his. Legendary chops across the chest and we still haven't decided he's going to be a bare chest. Well would you it would be their parent and a yeah that would be a claim will you be accomplice are way you do with assured him. I think it's my digits is or is he does the guy hasn't come mayors. I get mad at me and Herron and fat over here. And this. Well known and unknown while on the go lives. Say get the does that act as Siddig great idea he'd take a primer from Janis Lewis and you know. Assistant producer and also professional wrestler. Is Jessica Mitch James Drake throws that don't know one of the worst. Chops he's ever gotten he does Maine and he does it's brutal you laugh when you Rendell role. Yes. I think I need to probably. Take you chop. So get primed a consumer lease or Mardy take or Merrill Seth Schofield earned their dear FaceBook dot com. Live and Anne's program alive all right Jeff it would probably be at nine I think we'll agree. If you go over to fab away our right to grieve the area. Our right to our blog you know and it doesn't win the event that big beautiful teacher room. Now he's the topless. Lies dying all you want to be in Egypt but I think that Judy atop a city Joplin does that make it better for him. Well. The teacher at all actually relieve some of the pay. Why all I know order in order to get the full effect of the job he's got to be topless. Gotta be topless for division I don't feel the full effect of with a teacher also. Got to. Who is also viewed us now is not. OK it is T shirt off. Are worried patients should take his shirt off Sharon Tate says they should show also tankers often solidarity outcry as boy vulnerable borrowers you'll. She's saving that for October. You would watch. The boy how loud you are in fir tree. It is millions more girls who only integrate. Does not a sweater girl you are wrestler. Man I'll call Jeff Flock weight which January throwing Cyrus I used on the right hand she on the inside the shrine. Aren't. Al. All you back and yeah it also I'll give decent Abbas taking a couple chops some and competition others just a fun. Don't hold your breath right Jeff they do not hold your breath soul into it is very. Nowadays I heard Jeff foot hole one. And my share for Tom I need your breath or someone else's urine to roll the shoulders forward like a lot of wrestlers you see him do when they take one or. They straight there's like he's doing right should be guaranteed did you SG as they say in wrestling you know we don't feed it a straight. Yes I don't have boy defeated see how our way to. Tell her attempts thing I love the dramatic music in the Bagram you're ready for. I've fat boy is priming. To take a chopped up from. Professional wrestler James Drake alive tomorrow morning but in in preparation for that he's taken one from Geoff who's also a professional wrestler. You ready yeah. All right Gerri your county iconic Downey is don't do it should be closed his eyes. Should he stuck his guiding and these work. Sadly Cheney shot you got me I don't do it. You are it's here sexy at radio news. There carrier for Jeb says only fair and microphones don't know she's a little ways. Jeff position which isn't just the sound of the job yeah music you do a dry up and downs here. And here here. And so full of them are serious distress is killing me and also my phone battery. It here are all our local. Teams with hidden in the throat on Kriewaldt jets and bears he's got a cult target in February. New York Karen down from three years there and one. I'll let. I mean how. I'm not. I. And boy oh boy shot in the sunshine city and all yeah. Oh man could. Speak to establish what what does it feel like her as like security news and paralysis is local once yeah you having trouble breathing. Well you were before about Morgan never see your hand print mischief and their children there urges don't firing him wow wow wow wow yeah. He did a smack Amy sound yeah yeah I had took my drugs. Hello you can about the. My best and that's the question will you give him the cabinet which like that's the left breast that's left. So will you give him the right one tomorrow. Aged Jeff what do you what do you think when you take your chops should you get does she take it on the other side since season lol laugh we'll sore now he needs it's still taken on the same side yeah. But it also depends on know what changes using the bathroom but he's normally right handed. JC Runyan said they saw an Arby's sandwich while fun fast growing brand that shot just all in my back. That was our onion roll it would be injured fat boy if you can't tell everybody on Amsterdam goodbye. Are any flipped everyone also of course as usual that's his sign off you know what a bigger got to lips and let your boy anymore picked because he's the one chop and used oh let him cheers and a all right so tomorrow that's just a little taster there was an order of of the bare wall for tomorrow you're reserves the ball Temares main court while that's the big test glasses from Puerto prayers and contrary ripped him. That's pretty good one maybe in your house you see this houses take economic guy who you are now. I of those means to. Well will continue to follow the before masters of the chest I bitchy by Tim AM Jeffs hamper him I should be raised up all future cast on will be here a couple seconds can he keep doing in a match I'd take one and as soon. He's just he's keep on. It's only my name or any restaurant ever have long fingernails and then when he chop them and elect Freddy Kruger and I. Frame route that done to me not present day hero or current law and pink fingernail here now Barbara Hershey hand Jeff. Yeah a little bit immense things term artist with that doesn't Perelman I think you heard Jeff and I when are you just seems destined there was this that they're within we're showing your apple right now besides the usual just heard I don't know what's going on live shot and trying to work what nine this and I don't know why I'm not that that's. Darrell all of the fat boy edition tomorrow make sure year here 8 o'clock hour folks are asking 8 o'clock hour tomorrow. I would. Headlines right after this happened I was nominal us I don't had gotten the book. Gotta do it's like they're right guys if these little guy. Right guys headlines with the age and you're Beagle who. Right guys in my life and that in my comment and stayed armory. Rama that so people can go in six that would answer Graham lied at the states in this story but there FaceBook dot com slash 933 planet says there's FaceBook dot com slash 933 you're playing good there's red there at the top near the top at least. Are you seeing video directives economic off nines like any Cuban music so we can you did that shop in the need to listen to him in the way he reacts to listen to this here it's. Dissolve his own little problems shared first she. Senator drop music. In that now we're getting the job you're. Do sentiment is just killing me and also my phone battery. I already knows all over again. And they all just good bears plus he's got all targeted traveler could get a present limiting your carry on now for three years period. Wow yeah. Like you guys hear it I knew I had hidden and do it justice because it was so loud amending the job. I DC in the video we do lose a stack of papers there on the side and think Jeff's momentum of his gust of wind from his head and hand not golf papers remain. They almost Major League Baseball pitcher Jeff thank you I heard your catcher there. Up point well let's talk about a story coming out of London are mom refuses to letter child be topped by fat teacher. Fat teacher yes. And this Wednesday. I nursery where her daughter is being tied and there is overweight caretaker that ten into this woman's child and she was taking her to the school and tried out. Issue's gonna keep for their. That she found a woman that when it's in our twenties. And she was obese. And this Wednesday and British journalist that wrote about the experience for their dire they went the fat teacher there a thought tee shot I fat teach us. And she just didn't think that this woman contention or because she was not and a healthy weight. Finishing in nice that are decision as discriminatory. Are you serious. Am and she is she adds that what sort of unhealthy habits which she teach my daughter. It would be eating her lunch and tea there each day. And and a woman wasn't healthy enough to. I'd respond to a toddler. Each contention and a toddler running around if she was little overweight. Or obese does this woman described there. Are you sure you are filled her serve for Europe to take marriage and you don't hand drank Beers yourself term. Become a master many there are alleluia here we have from one. I just South Park episode I guess trail. You know they can they sell part of their owners are cement how mom would dare he finishes largely via. And also a man and pressed Karzai garments explore. Such as currencies into a cell. Heard there. Was published September 7 and it hasn't received ongoing criticism on Twitter from people saying on this woman is ridiculous that you can't judge somebody by their way that there wouldn't be able to take care of children saying that she was. Out of breath and morbidly obese and can Tim Thomas M. Either way. He's the ever see you. I'd on the news when there's sand. New thing about to have had people says Oreo the other day in the no show fat people walk on the sidewall lit only shown from the neck down do you see their bellies and their butts and so. I feel like over the course of my life I've been featured in one of those exposes uses the very B roll I hope I have been a bit of pitchers that they use and again more bananas are more board Merv earned. Ever. Did this light did pictured that they use. As the example of the tees is not a teacher is a stock photo of a big woman standing at fair holding a. She is she's got a horrible that obviously amusement ride there with a big all we know big gulp and her hand but that's not her. Night. Well and one of the people an hour are criticizing this woman on Twitter says can't help to fill a tad sorry for our offspring. Against the mother's side judgment on what he teaching kids. I peer to Trenton to raise me can take care of me. That's a lot. Fat women give the best. And. Part advice advice nobody does it say like all what you know when I was younger go to day care centers and stuff like that and I mean they were they were never any skinny minis. No hell does that matter anyway. This lady don't want to look I heard this dvd knicks wanna be look at this thing she's wearing. What is she got don't acquire wrote. Ugly ass thing talking about. You may be don't read sound. Well said she said that this one mom when I have a lightning reflexes to take care for child okay so neither would they be old old teachers. Or I made good lord it's a kid not a nuclear bomb. Now. I you know I had a skinny. Baby sitter and I kind of have her way baby senator patty. Patty DO growing baby sitter was much better. Then ask anyone to pay more attention he's more attention to us. And anyone can scan on his busy doctor or more different. Night. Essentially hitting. Ellis I I had talent I say yeah but don't ever go to a restaurant where the chef is skinny chef should always be fat. So this should be working not eaten. Yeah but he's tasted everything with this anger recently work or even just recently very you know each year all states well I'm just telling you what they say there will vein as silly rabbit they should can be healthy tomorrow. But she's there'd you know one there was issues the health teacher that has come odd man I'll tell you this do us a great point. Matt every gym teacher female that I ever knew was that it. Jeff and Breyer much so yeah and very much really now would definitely add a set Elliott did and we had missed clapping we witness flu yes once street she liked women whose client your nickname now and I was clapping when the K club classy Osama. And that's just bill. When a teacher like girls to should be large Korean. She just should she do what should be in the locker room their attention. As you know finding stuff to talk about I'll really career has come on and childhood. I. I mania that this woman is being stupid. Eventually we're just eight you know I always say what if it was a skin color. Or or homosexual what if it was high color or hair color right when it comes of that. Or there is this segregation of blondes and drifts we're worried about it already and people plenty we isolated. I mean our whole types walk around Albemarle NC IRA and right is to yeah burying you unit. You're different if you are different in some way. OK you don't hear about is important. Don't see anybody agrees on in this country right now is that it is really didn't hear it how many hasn't been love it you've been are charming and it. I have a clown would have brought America together to honor. In other than trumped well let's talk about some controversy with ten cruise isn't. Me says. Is Twitter account where is that. Not pocket for hotly maintained by an employee and if you read about being Twitter incident. Ten cruises Twitter account life day porn tweets. So in handle little explaining to do yesterday after his account like they have. We take hard core porn video. They called it a quote staffing issue. Stands who sat out it was a mistake. There is not a deliberate action. Now and isn't. Yemeni prison mistake and a Stanford did discover who the guy who literally immersed in my area one time when he was in college are about. His dream in life was to start a movie like port geese pollyannish try it all comes full circle. Well I got here. And on Twitter his former college roommate Craig Mazen as saying how imagine Ted cruises to do this floor feet below you and the bottom bond Ben. And he says that. Act takers didn't like mediocre pardon. Great thing is what's important square in college or thirty years here how does his roommate was on Twitter saying that he was in college they shared a room and now down bunk beds. You know. Would it be better she just came out and said look people are human and half and whoever did and our city have been admitted she would if he didn't or maybe a staffer accidentally clicked on our own thing there's no. Accidental you know what it's what it is to like something and in most people again we always talk about when fat boy a figured out direct message on Twitter. Each suite into direct message once I'm married bears some mature towards inside program out there in America. The analogy in nearly everybody realizes that would Twitter when you light something and it shows up under your profile and says. There's a list of vice France's side is little fat boys locks and I'm scrolling through on Twitter and not pay if I have a big fan young lady by the name of Annabel peaks or noon yes and there she is negatives are on there and then. As I scroll down on thing and what else and Agassi and then there's breezy out now are really yeah yeah there is an English Bulldog. It's blade on this band and you liked it on like figuring. I dare believe that. Now Murdoch I'm not off and I leaving kidneys and in my eggs and his ball. Murder. On the pulls its. Somebody who's Greg. A little older and lame leg at Ted Cruz and there's only I did like that is going to be you or did probably see get out. Pornography on his own verified Twitter count down or some families don't give a blank. And I died as Hamlet two is like a politician and you wanna be that got a guy you know him then. Yeah you have to beat the people you would employ to do social media stuff he's been a mile or more tech savvy than to be watching porn on his verified Twitter account your brain is the only one lame enough to get caught. To enact the kind of similar to it and the mayor and penguin. And yet you really should yeah sure I see is I mean that's not just doesn't. I'm not now. Oppose the gun and a body come out and you bad most of that out now normal guy. Yeah effect. How I wondered if you were alias dvds usually I had to kill him with a in the world their true. Good news and follow the Easter girls making out wearing bunny he would this. Partly sunny southern yeah I mean hey kids and hey grab the money. A lot of says on here and I'm not I don't kinda run where now my eye according chases the actress and now and video camera lights. And she says I are getting less than her free. Pirated that. I don't get off and why does he would. It's where you guys are gonna go out and pause the same girl and innocence saying it's. Does her own shots and jokes they approach you on the list that boy a large mugs books you mentioned that there. I thought it was called bank in Los Angeles book. I did thing did happen on this reality kings the company that made that video offered ten and my aunt's description. Everywhere I look back at present no peaceful. All right still be happy birthday. They're doing what picture. And it really was a staffer that made this sort of mistake finally do fire and then when he hit it I mean really. Down any recent. Except mine I wish man would be honest and say yeah up I likes corn and I don't have to hide it from you at home or hide it from my wife are tied it for him. You honesty for min. Yeah the next story is a borderless. Before do you like this was over for about two minutes I'm adelphia did yeah and casual that can help I'm always I absolutely see clips of her. I've been a while there is a Don there was time. Hill lions owner. It is likely iron crack cocaine. And the strange thing about that. Time and then staffers. Scheyer Bull Terrier attacked the owner that BBC was filming. A series on tracks. Bailing out. And it and then toxicology report came in with the depth and the Don and Don was hired crack also had some morphine and concern. Heard a lot of their loan cracked. Civilians and spark move more into my him even now I'm the donor but the owner has. Since passed away and the darn I intend sound. Rashard. Murray energy at the age pit bull but its own crack. You know sort evil. Well that they've paid Tesco families needing tomorrow belong to a gigantic pig that was addicted to buy them here or anything else I would never. And you go look at this picture that you liked that a fair. 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