Friday, January 12th

Thanks to the Don't Feed Fat Boy Flyer, ol fatty had a different dinner than he had planned for: Headlines: Sports


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Arrives guy so I could. The good guys. Straight may. Certainly yeah I'm begging you. She's out west sees over west terrorists are always a strict are more weary years. I mean now you know are here follow him on as to Graham and it's the guys things that's all we also asked a lot that's guest has knocked and my Ryan make them. Murder I've noticed Graham brokers here is there what it looks to be a Border Collie and pain anymore since yeah he's always riding horses around Montana's season these the best. Greg we'd use is now you're successful musician. Or go play the guitar campfire locker. Ride horses through Montana is a perfect man who really is yeah and do they shored there. Oh yeah I've met a few Jeremy will be shorter. It always seems to be the Washington only counselor. He's handsome he's a handsome man hands real hit a really nice looking man odds are flat this okay this thing about what I've what I've met Ryan Bingham a few times I've. You know. Bursting and there are as mayor is their short. These broad 545 times a bachelor days shorter maybe 56 race shortly noticeably shorter than me and I am not halt his. At a man's voice that makes him Tyler yeah yeah he sings like Steve girls' Betty as we're Rolling Stones or that's how I found armor armored ten years here. Says here's first name's George and after after I was struck by him being very. Shorter than our expects him to be our struck America. Man. Learn a model as soon. Just right. So since the features. Are you get good night this scrubs so perfectly etched on your face like liked the cal boy in a magazine and he wanted to touch on bill not really but he does these guys like this Marlboro man kind of facial hair how do you get so perfect how he's rugged western gas and again I hear. See fat boy out there as a all about being you know we will music. Well I mean that's who the swan song and a so while we play and an almost zone stuff. I watched as Austin city in Spain and maintenance but again there is going as if you're nervous on primaries are Reiman live concert on this really good answer. Darom other than him welcome to Friday I'm going to talk about whether real quick before I forget dot walk through ever deserve birds. Well Matt may be in in bit but he may not make it to Berry. Don't some of the home army going to whether currently. At actually not occurred last. Today it's going to rain a lot. Also it all all day long all damn day rain rain rain down. High of 64. Low they say 35 now. But it did a high is right now so are expected to get cooler. Rapidly later on in the day. As I smile to sixty something tomorrow and I. Are scary give back in the forties more. You know it is at sunshine here arming them. This is very high today of vero ME is going to be in the sixties to the season is just gonna you. Who is winning even time rolls around saying you're gonna earn your way colder and I as early as about thirty degrees I'm. There and in my Saturday night back in the twenties Anke well now and I don't have that currently 64 degrees. Cloudy maybe some rain in Piedmont I was drizzle when island. It's been on cement which do yesterday. Am I went I was going to go eat Mexican third as my plan for the register go to Mexican restaurant. So we roll up there and they're close but I got a budget chairs for there is a work truck up there are working their re modern liberalism couldn't go there. Those laws so I don't it could ever and the road realism a hidden gym that I never knew was there it's also. So judges come up a point when your driving past the cargo hold it to save like what else was closed my own some burglar alternate Macs compared. It turns out there's one nerve right right right beside weight had high school it's also always got a replacement now. This is not going to add to the the rotation of and also Mexican restaurant angering Boca there's a bunch don't have a favoring keep going to keep you like it and our chaplain likes to go but I'll mentioning that donors' feelings as alternatives more ago Columbia improvements conferred by good often fixed good Jamaican food we ask Cuban food Mano kind of stuff around here. I might be the next step in this whole you know who revolution trying to go through. As I've tried different nationalities I mean is the best. Alex and Cuban food you know it's also Florida pork and beings and the stuff a lot of beef to matter you know be practices like that this is I mean. It feels so different from you know you can lawless stuff and sitting you know smiley Fries and a chicken nuggets and stuff what are. As good Salvadorian food around here and the Indian food and Thai food. All they're really 206 Italian. And onions and all this Claude Rick couldn't and again is good and his very at least two or three good ones and found. Well it's you know how good I don't think Japanese food senate. This stuff is great the food city and and a fund please you guys amateur attain India Motorola. Flyers go rounds now you are places where you are the edges and say this year's uninspired. I can he finish and always have all you free examiner. Uncooked tune and you need all that you won't. Raw shrimp pair of former. I had a plan for fat boy yesterday if you wanted to cheat day. Imus is all you don't. This student recruiter oral or did roam out Natalie we're gonna get a about the band he would order a salad and I would just get a lot of plays and keeps on. So I thought to send me go through you does this new let's if you are still that now that's built it adds and drew he ruined their plans that don't interest. Out. There's some places around town have something you cutie even it also pizza places they don't also salads you kitty. I'm sure to find something almost anywhere yesterday wasn't that event here well last month's. The gate cult of the give bust how you're off. Went to we Tuesday and I'll have a nice state OK you know we don't. And what the what is cynically noted that it is looking for you there clips and yes or closer Kendall clients there the bigger around finger and balance assault you don't at this and gives stake. And and you've potatoes you know so far snob as stake and tenants. Mike as we get the macaroni it's a little servant macaroni won't be that bad why it macro man well and I couldn't. I tried to get in and of course you know the bills up and tools going all the rest true yes though the. The server bust you yeah I. Actually went through it and it's often the serve hurt Altria to the manager always use our name. And Jamie. There's an immediate danger and here I was girl girl Jamie OK euros and Arnold thank you Jamie in the manager came to talk to you as well obviously yeah he came out. They're into another all man does is bad. So bad so mailman and apologize remember your name thank you for doing your civic duty and helping fat boy along his journey to lose 100 pound your champion. Men came on in the Bronx yes. The Rockland was doing good. I macros got they can be it's an awesome do we have always say we're broccoli and stay. Yeah there's a those elements you've got to get the broccoli the room. How that's helping. When trying to telling you know. We try and it's also she have to eat they can't start via worn out you know putting on fast I civil started. If you don't give this broccoli with this brought clear enough and who cut us. There were all sit in the early games now are there do. No we were gonna do you try to keep me home to lose if you want the flyer by the way they do not feed this man flyer. You can text as V to the Carolina vapor mailbox Comtex line at 72341. It's at bay. This 72341. And their we will send you a flier you can print it out. You put it up in your place of business you can plaster all over the place like around here it's on the bathroom doors some reason it's everywhere it's in that can holders like you to take one yeah can't trust him. Walk around with a there isn't exactly a fifty album in the in the thing downstairs in the kitchen. I just don't want to told consume one of these. Drive around billboards want to be digital billboards don't worry over your spend money on an owner with credit company has reams of paper. Well I've made calls you go out like a local Jeff b.s those same in our own everything around here humid a boycott is on marquis everywhere. Reflect any employment and were set as a bunch of us at LL. Yeah multiple oil a lot of FL and everybody in most places and think that's something you. Most. As true I don't need to be going as much anyway and everything money so I'm glad this is earlier you know it's Kirsch restore as must and I've seen yet. Well that's the thing we've got a lot more people want is you would imagine working in grocery stores everytime I go to Wal-Mart is. But meg bison hot pockets and pizza rolls man if you get your car people gonna know they're gonna take pictures they're gonna send them. Us now and Merrill see him. I don't wanna brag man than I do think as always thought Michael Jordan on about them. They don't just attract crowds you hope that every minute and Matt. We'll see them on a S worst than I am so low couldn't do much forget about it here. Number things is that it and remembering to spread it around all the platforms. I think sure it spread about all platforms like the rest of this. It's like to all of that out forget about the other seven. Maybe he's thorough about gene into the act every social media platforms and that. Everybody sees it. I think he's got one but in the new discount throws and out there maybe rate. General currently yeah I think a big news man. Skins a little habit of do Brighton. In the flyers go away and the people to trust me at that point in an hour and a half way it'll trust me I don't at all. Maybe hopefully tomorrow council truce with. There's also are you starting creative recipes anyway. Start learning how to cook I mean I can probably cook. Well you why can THE Sheikh looks real good and clearly you can if I am moderator asked me that demand bird. Christmas. Is maroon and taken them but it could do was never interest in me and wanted to learn. She can cook because she's quite I didn't mean. We just say could take a cooking class at tech careers center and high school there and if you're listed. I went through the you can do love you working would cut hair or cook also of course I want to the computer class star had to use cliff or there or sewer gets it. Is paying only making yourself a fine piece of meat cook it or gorilla. Mask when he began has just happened to my has spent. We are we're compete in the kitchen and time. And vessels and taken a diversified among pallets you know who would you be surprised self when he could so delicious as well. Are you after you cook a lot to Africa not hardly could at all man really. Yeah if we get the grill out a real some stuff but as far as it we got the really nice pots and pans now. My Alma Powell on either. Educated Irish man and always ceramics stuff is really nice. So I don't want to use him or not. I used one home one time. I bridges to bridges to bulls from broccoli is all I did not argue that not screw up. Can girl and I'll grant you could meet over flame until it is cooked to your liking the best part is easy Miller. Don't know how longs was solicitor wants it on the meat thermometer. In on you go to chicken all the way there are fueled by. Well it's good cook chicken all the way but it isn't easy minister elephants don't yet and economic and timing cherished Pataki can read that he figured out. If you have heard prayer out of the Weber charcoal kettle grill in your typical Weber. I'm good us roughly as hot as the temperature of the sun so nothing takes more than about three minutes on Michael. I guess a regular clinic. And of course get the most expensive one for the guy who's never girl and Israel on a I think again it isn't the most expensive and easier it is to use. Sadler works probably not event. But I. It again. I think it like somebody who's good at it continues any thing and do it. As good and a charcoal meant I agree that means somebody is good grilling can go to the Edgar grocery store you're one of those little. A bossy things that six inches off the ground and use that anger a lot of some just as good I think it's on the preparation to whatever Danica if you gonna marinate it to surround marrying a prepared. You're the main thing is what the quality of the meat to ask him and that's the main thing an eight who's making its equality the meet started where it's how pretty was that cal. Yeah our William prime rib and stuff like that. We'll have that wants there visitor from via lower and anti Jack tiger's accident could and lessen the fab Brian Ramona ground might take ha. Like boy you know charcoal smells and that's why electric was. Pursuant to watch some O'Neal's cook with a here. It's just it's important only deal intimidated by girls now aren't sure how soon will grow better new income. This might hit that putt to cook it you know you'll see a lot of people who four ranks among girls are all Fulham need some new. Had a million people will lament why if you did your take me up on that I'll get there I'll get grass fed beef then go organic pretzel bonds I. Value that's between your aggressive beef. Normal race is so much better I can tell you liberal would for a lot of people. You just small to make a hundred I need to explain exactly why it is good for why why is a better alternative or as a better choice. And some people. Might even think it it is good for god so large as but I can't say it is because I don't know speed would probably disagree with that statement and I personally think arcane little hostile follow have more hours just. We'll talk about ignoring our Roger console is ordered an iron. In the electric customers triggered that later Austin and who have that the 7 o'clock hour anyways your major Hungary is more won't stop talking about foods is seeking eat food. I got some over here and Shana pardon me and don't fade back ploy don't know their bad hole I don't make that call I don't pay back all do it. The FO offline if you're hungry right now because Babylon also talking about food. Then number 8642414328. That's 241. 432 way anytime you are mad about something that number is there if you leave a message toward four hours a day seven days a week. Even Christmas morning you could call that thing all mad about something hang on we're you gonna right now you got any time you want to 414328. The FO FT line. We will have that you know usually on these who have wanted to kind of fallen anger kind of fun ball busing Madison's pretty. This is pretty serious so forward. The theme saying. The FO west only FO really serious is formally SO foreigners here give me ahead in the says it is serious soupy was some you know issues with certain people. Would they do. I'd be a couple people on the show live and issuing a third might be you know. Certain brands may be she's a widow Terry is anybody mad at me this time new handled Bono and a break in the remedy. Now I don't think so how can be found that I can detect any kind it's not it's ambient. -- little surprise and our forgot about. This is a can't remember anything now. Summoned this is pretty rough well I'm excited we'll have all that and a whole lot more Rampage what are you working on Iraq. That's our low we're gonna talk about a woman named Andre Johnson from the sounding ten can Medicaid and she skipped her mom's funeral we're gonna find out why next in your eyes guys and I and. Most beer reasons for rise guys headlines coming on next rise guys morning show welcome to Friday. Each and centralize your rise guys morning show 93 point three the planet from rob. All right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. And morning gentlemen. Well one of our. Selling tennis is actually pronounce some intense Ellington Connecticut never been there are sounds like a lovely place but in her story. Further through community didn't stop him. When you think and I didn't stop. Me. All right I'm divorced I couldn't afford to stop. Well and a woman named Andre Johnson. And something's in Connecticut died last week an hour thirty year old honor. At least Davenport skipped her funeral last Friday I was used to paying more if so terrible non B in their from mama group. Well I'm les was breaking into her mama's house at that time and stealing your saying flat at 90000 dollars worth the stuff and it is why is stopping Connecticut down and that why. Maybe she wanna get her hands on the stuff before or veiled swipe through it. That's what happens. And you are upset they families like taken things and they think they should have only. Santo and Andre is beyoncé got home after the zeroing found someone had broken into the house. Say call the cops. Quickly figured out. Police have broken an and they and they found her and her 27 year old boyfriend Aaron. Conyers. Staying in at Motown and they're both rested theft charges. That was your explanation and that lie and steal momma stuff. Somebody else and don't get per day bang and I work wirelessly you summary of you wonder probate lows at Tutsis siblings. What does she has Brothers and sisters it's my and momma tell me I can have backwards you got to step daddy happen. I remember my grandfather died and was. There was three siblings. Just a for you know. The battles all you know since he passed away is back in 97 and in all this stuff you know news tolerated. Down and they fall for I think Bristow manatee children now. Twenty years later. And it's funny how people think that I mean in my situation where people think that everything belonged to crest Wellington necessarily all along the crest. But I don't I got to the point. Then I think it's better to purge and start airlines follow over silent got everything because I thought that was a wise thing to do. More year and a family I think that I kept was was my memories that I cherished as him. And has belonging Simon's you're that went went to the person that she get it. This one there for minutes. That's it that's what works for you assess in pounds ago works for you then how oysters family happened people are getting greedy and making it Inco and for the money. I just I couldn't imagine. You know my grandmother was sick and she's and when you do on ascent I would spend all your money just keep you alive them. And that was my first priority and care about the money much are. Yeah it's there. I never read that issue in my family could everybody's ever died as has been. Are important. To show you could well. I mean I'd be keeping things isn't. As you won the stock fraud. As is you can't hang in all eight this note sometimes I imagine at some point you know you come to terms with a comp or missed a. Yeah anything of value. People fight ever and you know even if you really don't need a carrier getting easier and want it. Here is that belonged to grandma and you think he should have it. And you've got a kid you know it's probably different. Protestant funeral bureau of our own words. Summer stuff. In our community and accused of being passed away already viewers earlier stuff we see about here Robert the room stays the same yeah years here. Can understand that because it's such a shock to your system. That's. On the same I think it's whatever. Is right for you and your family and the timing may can't tell somebody black today and when it's proper warrants ripe for someone ounce. Well how does how little bragging have you heard about that no you. While don't do it because it makes people hate you more than just a regular bragging need new humble cracking as you've seen on FaceBook or Twitter it's. If you're not familiar with the humble bragging it's when someone brag. Almost always on social media and tries to disguise it as a negative thing and I. Thirteen people Tommy I'm content today. So I'll know I had lost. Sandwiched armor he adds girls did Allen county. Yeah I'd never ever said and twelve able to Miller lost late and made me angry. Every word no evidence to say Albert and. Yeah massive us those people. According to some new research people pay humble bragging in fact the researchers found that we react more negatively. To humble brags. And we do to Cuba just. If they just skip the charade and shamelessly brag like Imus begins skinny. People or Sam not. To say that. And that's what really get in this outfit that I via me. And it took me out. It's looking goes into the in the room where it. Gets confusing there. So here's one that I know you've probably heard before. And says sick. To having to show my ID when I violator. I'm in and just yeah rights California. I'm 32 just right I look young instead of people. Saying man everybody says you went T and prearranged Alan my aunt. Sheila Accuray to. That's that goes different directions though worried it did before before men became so you know. Vain and then broke talks may racism what are now possess shape. It was. It that's something that if bush if command says it all maybe he is like. And Obama idea how all the time I mean I'm homeowners ivy app for years and years and years and it kind of sucks yeah I if a woman says and I guess it could be considered more humble bragged. But if it is a different all boys saying enemy needs just as he's just in can be Israel to pull his idea out of his over still bill Paul every single time. Even though he has a beard. As biggest fan boys Mel says police. You'll hear Tony I'm very very near 33 you look 78. The lord Charlie Daniels is grandpa I understand you only get carded eight. To say old York and applies to men and women in Jerusalem's Al wizard. I suppose as the leader needs. Wanna help much brighter senator don't say it's fining or don't put all of the song trying to worker running into the human. You know. Aren't you are here in every can't turn back time and age doesn't really matter and it seems like now. At it now that I'm dating people wanna say how old are you an example why does matter how old I am I'm not gonna Marion. There it doesn't freaking matter Timmy jewel through the. I had a breeze Thomas and try to fight career. Miramar may be all color and you know Owens was the point where does it just happens so much so. To be a pain in the as they can try to kibo. As. How old people largest in general really don't millionaire if you ask me out I am 33 years old brick. I'm I don't really care how old people are it for the longest and most of my friends were always older than me. Yes now that I've gotten older so my friends are younger than me. And Els and l.'s youngest in the group always glad I was DD in all of restricted license back in the day. Aside from those run with the royals drink image mellow. It's like you can't wait to get to be a certain age can't wait to get to be eighteen minutes to funny why in the manner just like OK am stuck at a different and cook. But it hurts your ha yeah your dirty like on the hand. I'm not in my twenty's and Anwar. There's not another one after that we want. To one count 25 or insurance. Let's not usual and as soon as we want our hero a record forty again still milestone birthdays are reported that the girl all milestones. While the reward. Forty is like us very man this seems like that's when hate in mid life crisis and me. It's kind of hard for you I mean I'm sure women to. He's guzzling air like OK this is no lanes. I better have the best of my life right now because it's gonna go downhill on next. 510 years. When I was told you forties is were you cross which we make money selling to a career rely stars come together as a log indicates. Not at all and that's they'll tell you waste your twenties for the most part being stupid Maurice and and twenty it's not forties party. We got to be mad if we remain if you. They carry yourself here after resisted it seems like a lot of people have the issue around around forty because they. They don't take care of themselves and then it inserts catch up with the around there and answered yes that's when it catches up to you all once in it she ordered a ton of bricks. Or does for you realize you have high blood pressure you may be ill overlay the doctor tells you this is what's wrong with you you're not young anymore you get that conversation. Diamond and that's what we start your midlife crisis easy thing on only got a few good years left to lift. Better get me event. I don't think star com announced solid maybe mid thirties. Now this is almost did it look like. This is almost killed kind of perceived natural progression. It is always exceptions like in your 35 and you go club in your weekend's third argued that boy you call your parliament. Well at least you really call now you're probably mid twenties torment the member is an old soul and so we're story and a sofa it. Did your dynamic works so it's not like it's op you seem like. You're the older ones sometimes than in your relationship but here's a defining day I am ma'am your favorite lags I mean how lucky for that. Only go anywhere in all watch TV go to bed at 10 or 11 o'clock group. I'll say these are very maturities just slow down the last couple years Tom I slowed down around thirty. Prayed when you counselor. And I know I need to slowdowns and that's my goal alignment is like now I'm not gonna pay any attention to people that are crazy. As possible through Google Latitude and get it did not gonna pick up drunk people anymore and drive them home after their colony comes over. As my golf and as Rivera held as a bunt base and as your eyes as a 9933. Eagles let's. And I. You're really. Rise guy's sports with the apple. I don't mismanaged and stuff going home. Wide open. This little story. Where you all the beginning remember the Miami Dolphins coach who got busted them the it was a visual voicemail can remember every year period. And there was a video of him armor broker yeah he's got a code issue. Do you sort of myopia. Chick who's Vegas stripper men come in Miami living with a bill. While he's every had Eagles coach Kenny says that video. Was the best thing that we're gonna happen. In our senate force including Apple's laws rarely there. Or drizzle try to give back a little girl was exposed. Some guys are going to live Jimmy domain who. If an ally of ago was. If anybody in the job just seems to be a real good attitude about. Some money you do Betsy. There were helping you out. Expos in Israel but if it helps you in the ending the cold. I never been to a rehab I don't know if that's par with the teachers is to you know Omega man why you're here. Maybe he'll do to get as Lothian into the job. Are you hopeful and Rodney hood. Probably should not be in the NBA. It's been a disappointment. Is in our game up to play in the union. I don't think so anymore. He storms off the court he plays for you toss in a fan. Was that both the fan was filming him one of the slide the phone out of the fans saying. Wasn't as jazz fan I was as the wizards ambassador plant I have no idea who is once dude wrote it. He's decent enough team drafted heroes. No one sides of the guy you know parent is he's also spots and call via. But. Pham was trying to go to the cops about it. Again a full slab that here in outlook. I mean we're used to seeing and a member of the Nelson palace monarch says school opens and Crennel you know and that's resulting about. Enough security on the court. You go game now as soon as they're called time out there's like thirty security guards on the court moon watching. It's also odd that you device seats. I decided teams advance. It is strange to me very what are deck nosing his mad or of the lakers. Exactly and you go punch him any average Joseph listen. I'm iron about two or three feet away. I mean actor by the sea right here in the you know you could be chemical incident at their ears. I think one thing about it is that may have. You ever see how big then there's our close. Mayor. Assault about this big about two inches. And could come and it. Now it doesn't say how much is far and is gonna because he's been refined. Illicit interacting with a fair and has resulted in 25000. Dollars in fines for three players this season. DeMarcus Cousins Tyreke Irving and. Austin rivers a state goes both ways sooner cut. Just as our employers to mirror bode cousins is notorious. Advocate for tell people blank his blank. Blank golf. But he's a big dude suit and a walk of two you know. Somebody third or fourth roses on the condition. Yeah he's seen the leg bogey or LeBron during this going to be comfortably star's parents are now may end. Monstrous leg monstrous present. I think about how big their fat boy is are they and I how both me. Jeff is a few in there or think about you stretch Jeff out like another foot taller and Matt how. And I damn near as muscular to get LeBron or obese and Arnett and abetted any contract right now you have several home. I mean even Isiah Thomas on the shores doesn't leak is a still project. But I remember you know bush because is going through line people trying to modify isn't. Some strain Golden State Jersey try to give a five and he puts the mall is the boy Goldsmith and these players mankind go actually spend some on the maximum liked interaction. If on the lot to her error she Wallace's. Two volume as the poster board takes enormous book it hasn't. There around here in the name another reason I've ever mess we MBA players or is it. They implode cheers from across the room though it may find all saves an extra fire I know men I don't know. I think you're old enough I am all because I played street fighter that was the rule nobody can big balls same era. This should move. I don't care if you jump well yeah yup it was such a big grocery bill like usable looked and it was like dead end street fighter in bases loaded yet to throw fastball. Controlled curve. There'll be had to have rules scorpion the same way a mortal combat you know with the little book. Our over your that they read. A music career available army's little blue wings prayer we don't there. I'm. Not a damn thing. For the California Condo or I think it's. But it can dunk brought some of those says being sore bill forest and retire after. USC Saint Louis. Is unify your Brian hall and movies and on. He's sometimes really good though it runs from within the USC have a whole thing. Yeah I've created what do you do in detour Belfour nearly hammer. Well probably in the spiral has time remembering the steroids over the years. Totals as. While I don't think is by proxy is you do you think USC would try to you know promote some of these does. I don't really know about when new talent comes on for. Allen who's do now. Don't they have so many fires now they don't know what do them when they're lost and they're all that's when they should have some kind developmental Roosevelt's term. They should. Where they're going wrong now is after the McGregor Mayweather fight and now I get these guys are wore those big pay days now. Like what kind of order had a boxing so with the tragedies are trying to bring in over. Or volume yelling at them barks and license. And why I was trying to don't want. You know. They just AC explain that last week he said he saw openings in boxing he saw all the way they've promoted the fight. As far as Mayweather McGregor fire went. He's so ages kind of went a long would that observing a lot of how that went. And he bought after that was done that he can promote boxing better than the boxing promoters. So he's been given a shock. Others say he's trying to mix the two together anymore in the area are now. You run it it's already they've UFC's. I mean he can't do boxing ever in the years saved is the USC's already since you've heard assuming so it's so watered down or Rouse put it is so watered down. It seems like been alive as much of AF purge like you normally have. I'm liking yearly per Dreier of his comments from Gaza. I mean you're still becoming north kinder is too many fires now it's impossible to keep up with the answer is literally impossible. Know Alabama wins all the time has won this championship probably gonna win the next few. Released in the play at all users but maybe not. Maybe now people have to keep beating Alabama. So my soul one of the coach's playbook said the hotel with the game now. So laws wanted to backpack that's going to be floating around. Shockingly this is the exact same hotel that's we have our last couple of incidents. In up remark list and was released since there. And is a massive notes bill did is made this huge doing there and look at America. I heard here in this those what do you. And yes mightn't feel playbook so. Might be floating around out there I don't there offer any. Where more for Lou makes a new shows of which or else. He's not tall man of my god is probably intimidating enough for unit given up there all five or six moon but moon. Yeah. But to. He also has cellphone laptop thirteen dollars in cash and cash. So long. Go palm softens or presumed to play books in them when the. Boon to a bowl game any third euros in cash. I mean thirteen hundred dollar minority thirteen Australian and cash to go to a bowl game. What cost thirteen hundred dollars a bowl game. You imagine I don't know if you doled out change and everything up for not. Most likely doesn't circulate around sill or stock is rumors that a processor roberts' stolen structures. Doctoral. Mike Cox. You know. You're right group results on sports purchase. The wing slogans to solve winsome before boarding a Murray wrapped it up okay. But when we went to buffalo game. And we are on the children yeah in the era that some women around there there and smoke or not you tell why they were there area in here the aroma calls. Around looking here while the sixers just play the game in London. And fans outside. The fan wanted Joseph will be Jersey. It's going to be big star panel is going to be huge one celta plays back to backs. Aren't they in the hot women are sporting events was to thank my parents are wrestler. Rio is he sees tiger really hot woman in the crowd at wrestling injured figure out more arrests are she's there with us. Home birds are really an element in the crowd and an XT is Marbury couldn't figure out into my wife and lawless. Ethnic. We are trying to somebody's six trying to get together. On wheels and its own while there among them play in this game and god help them decide. Says my sister's number. But the process jurors it was Joseph joined these jerseys so bad news continues mistress Omaha. What's it. Not. Really this is his phone number and a I don't know about you don't even if the laws. You imagined I didn't guess number. Who has it so I just wanted to watch these women when we went to see who got close. Because I mean look I mean at the end of the day football player and I was so far in about a man. What human you know odd chick and she's tension has gotten no matter what he doesn't want she don't do. In fact they give pretty far. I means it would be weird if you do you have a bunch of dudes ago dress up for WNBA game. And I just can't handle these appearances and I think it definitely. It's lower from in doesn't. Hey maybe I'm sure it's not clear how many how. Everywhere and isn't basically proposed marriage do you sight unseen over the years via email ally OK ready go fat boy there you go out she still gets no. Yeah all the time we imagine that I mean how many did tonight. If you're I know worldly woman like Alexa bliss artist or a hundred people are basically stalking that girl I have to and it should be a little nice and then say now we besides ours I think maybe the best drug has worked at. More Iraq one fewer commercials. And 83 minute run lunch smacks you between the years. And Reggie these rice Shiite the green blind treatment plant are.