Tuesday, February 20th

Matt found secret tunnels under Lake Keowee that you might not have known about: Nine has a question for the room about his Mom: Everything you've been told about Presiden'ts Day is a lie


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Hello look let me ask you. Set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show. Three point freedom planning acts. Rise guys morning show good morning. And good morning and this is some fun on the podcasts and there's their music here and singing in a long way in the song today you won't be here. It's our grasp in zones on this courtroom. Are you did you're OK we'll start three tune what a guy and we're back America thing OK yeah. Rise guys morning show good morning to you is a unified. Jimmy what you're telling me at Al back a moment goes that crazy for. Public consumption or is that something we need do meet about move further. Arm. Meanwhile her Merrill think we've talked about yet okay here Cameron and officially officially here. I haven't heard yet to say. So let's say yet does haven't heard officially yet into teacher don't Tellme rumors. Unless I can talk about it. You're I have blue slip so it might desk isn't her over Israel. Read my lips. A pastime and a not so well I will say this we have held a giveaway next week yeah. Several I won't several well. Mania from a lot when you did go to like Jessica don't write this up all your information taken to a lot of information actually already. A little charters come back yeah. Just so we got today. There's not nearly as ring zero. Yeah they're mobile will wall made about bad or good that's not ready yet but that gather. There's also an Arab world probably given away a lot of stuff next week a lot of things. I Garin freaking tees there's no one listening right now they would not want it I don't care who you are aged. Color religion sexual innuendoes I mean orientation pack. That's what ever I. Submission I think we just saw you get all week okay. Francona car has so what we're gonna do that in the the 9 o'clock hour and a well and it's far dominant all week long we're Rivera. Carolina rebellion to Carolina rebel it is it's all three days Ireland are well I didn't know that. That's not a big thing for next week that nose ring or something bigger match. The wave Nick Green getting the stuff a lot of star yeah. To be financially for you and Indian arson involved. God but then there would be more problems there would be listen to this do misses the big thing I'll send it out yeah I'm excited to tell you about this. I went to a birthday party column over the weekend and it was say eight. So say I want with a friend it was a mutual friend and we Garros two have a nice dinner. Went to. I'm Jim was saying where went but it was one of those places where you like. A lot of people let's just say you each kibo Boehner through dinner so is one of them type places that we we get barely eaten in these. And there we go and we went to Stockholm cannon and went moment you know did that whole thing and then it was back to. One embedded in the big guys houses. I his regular house say it is is it's like counts all right see our content out. I was Carolyn led the top tier kind of crowd the other night I'll that's fun. Can't leave front page should reevaluate July I mean it really does GE sat there like this so we go to that they gonna lead the delay callous and out. More remind me that from the lake house park is so Zorn got in the lake house right off the key we keep. Bush are American and you don't notice it Rask there was a couple good old boys there and have fast and that wasn't wrestling but. Period there was I was I was pleased as punch me there I had an addict an all time. Does your dinner doesn't consider your arm around America. How rollers is Merrill labs I don't miss a moment and talk to about storage. He should know what like I said there and like get out of this. The guy's got nice vehicle and he's got though you know pull one house and he's got the leg counsel kiwi key end. We still not happy you know what I mean like I gagged. Just did you just not happy Easter gas and com. Am guessing there's supporting this every penny is also picture of the guy I mean beach ball toy is money doesn't in Britain relinquish all your problems earlier you know sometimes it calls more demanding and certainly care. So you know I'm I'm I'm an aggregate time or whatever and then I go back on today the bat better. Of the dead the light counts and his like houses bigger and both are spread again this is like us now. That's what I think ET get too much he don't need to houses within thirty minutes save each other modern war. British first according to browser that there's no. No brainer. Com so when we say I go out on the bag deck and might. I you watered don't single water. So yeah when people use the term lake front property how they get a little. You know so misled school shootings that as well it's kind of near lake well. Eyes like if you don't you mean when I go to the beach because there's a big a big difference between beach front an ocean view. Russian hero he may come across street somewhere and I'm visibility at my being gone buildings Paula no big base several blocks away or use our ocean career homer cleared right. Well so I'm like OK maybe we're on the backside of the house I you know I I don't remembered what the house faced or whatever so lomb. Old dude goes to the guy and says hey. At Wharton which was directions a water I think is how it was direction as the water and he says. They'll listen to any neo pay attention here championship all right he said well we're actually three blocks. From the lake. As like. RO. Decent but we got to my doc and I might. I'm in my house Ayers by 1145 at night you know. If I believe you the house I'm just don't match the mosque and Islamic of the Internet in the backyard and I'll list. Six blocks a walk into a great number three. And back at magnolia and paranoia runs six total that they don't. Somebody's house especially eight Q he is. How Steve aim now. We're going to have to climb up and down to get to a delay gives from here you know what I mean Yemeni when somebody had some Sodom and clear to me like man. I don't go to do your thing about climbing down a rope ladder to get there. At night it hit the dark area drew a look. So I as I said well you know him you know and how enormous asset may be some other time or something not a matter of you know don't leave the house where it is separate now people here now come. So he's three blocks away. So he says no it's not like that come over here so we don't truly is I guess that was like his office study kind of think it's a this spiral staircase. Big goes down to the next floor which is like his. Eat eating he caught a man K but a Psycho woman K Briggs is a real nice like just. Real nice media room legacy Elena. Yeah I think it's a media room it was a big TV and bureaucrats couches offenses and stick so we got down one more level from manner and I think a wall what is this. Now listen to what I'm saying here this is this is almost as absurd what I'm about Satan care. There's this opening day its own eight. Sit conveyor belt Olusegun train track that use there holds four people it's a platform with the wheels on it. You you spit you stand up in intranet sit down on the bicycle seat and then laid back a little bit or you almost ended chairman you're still standing open. And no freaking conveyor belt takes us underground. Underneath his neighbor's house through the end and it comes out and in this door pops up. Like. I wanna listen it was owe him mechanized but he may have just been the conveyor belt the kind as he got closer opened it there. Run it does not and we were three blocks away. Underneath his house it goes to the lake is what I'm saying and he ain't the only one. Did you pass murder of Maria and James Bond tied up over a little sharks we're now lakers are back it's eighty what does it. Hi tech this general. 400 million Merrill will it look I heard from him saying it was older technology through care but he said I just several of us have these big kids you can't have a lake front property does there's only so much like yeah siege in. But hey. I don't know came with the help considered access lake front access when you purchase the property yeah I did in buddies ate ate it did the little door flips open and it comes out to. And he said that the water was up higher right now than normally is so you got about I guess ankle deep in the mold. Platform it was underwater B staff writer I'll be right out of the water there is a game deciding not may lead there was no power to it at all. It was all mechanized owns some kind of conveyor belt and he sent a lot of people have enough so you think if it's Joseph bloke. Has a tunnel going underneath his house and what's underneath the rest of everything. Don't have fled the total round draft the broad. Yeah that is what if you want the total. And now just drive a boat ride out the melt butter move he McNamee stuck in that tunnel out how terrified for every morning well this is what I don't understand my. If the water level continues to get higher now granite it's three blocks which is all a little bit and he'll veto it it didn't select three blocks at all. Tom don't do on the way but there's some employees think he kind of liked turns and I guess it. No that's not please inane all the stuff that. It was on some kind of bail that pulled us right back up to the house and we went up the sterile to hire a staircase you guys throw barrels grab bananas and morneau and Dustin Johnson. Okay and expect this I was in my I was like how you know if it's that one guy has got Connolly goes underneath. I don't know would have been separate houses. And it's. What else is is going on underneath our feet like he just think about the military stuff holy Moly those subterranean and. Bases and everything just curious to bat caves have been or should I be somebody Internet gave presidential bat cave. National value yeah I don't look now I tell you drive us out of the mound. I am in you just remember all of an elevator your house like the grain elevators you can take it chimney rock since that is our junior aren't. I'm due to be buried his drive into the base of the mound you take the elevator and how some top you know somebody's got that some. Where you know there's some little boy ingenuity out there where there's like so it was always a big rock and then he drives up that rolls away in his interest in the house of Sonia. You know on main yeah there's fire a lot of that stuff when I remember the cellphone towers we saw that they would portrays. Here and then you start looking and while there's little wire statement of. What is really anymore the top and underneath there. That sales got there there underneath film what's there. So. Crazy do what's right for red clay when you're here. All of earthquakes like there was an earthquake in South Carolina over the weekend unless he saw not too far from here won't Richland county I think Bruce and union can always teenager and her somewhere in those three on the richter scale and find these rich people dig in their they're and they're like. Well if he's shown you that he must trusted. A good bit. God is not out there is not. We just don't go in circles where they talk about it and that is like a thing where if you're not late front you can give it beaten or some of these all his it was very. All and he was that that is the contraption was it was it anything I was in the last thirty years you have Nancy here in the two tilt back and no I was sitting got a very very you know okay. Maybe edit and save that. If you got to a bamboo but ran comedy based at his playoff kind of stuff yeah. Vatican are not scared and subversive Pettigrew met Jodie Foster and imagines a little boys and old men are sitting there. In a boat fish in and Carew and also did you do your alone in this code. There are almost certain couple drunks on jet skis just appear Saturday night. Nowhere flyer or problem can then be also. You went a real rock and may have a heart attack. And that may explain every kind of cool if Mary they disappear into a lake right. It makes it a big fan yeah okay gonna walking on water and there's several text saying let's see some pictures now. Eight. 100 a month club must photos and look where darts panelists take some pictures up you okay I had back at like you've been here before our men and he's lighthouse total force is nothing except. Meanwhile a member you're likely to face with laughter and owner ray say this is the wildest thing this herbalist tunnel ever read the crazies Joan V Baghdad now here. You know on the impressed overly impressive my hair not the same at all or golf fanatic over the last little known on this there was no Annika. You think you're going to be under there was no load reload that you didn't hear that no one is adding about isn't really fair I don't know. Cyrus thing I don't know how to construct their total ban on I know nobody was said it was that they used a damn this thing. One day after the original Fam my own time well don't try to pound your own though try to figure until last call before I did well NBC. Wherever energy or your own solar Paramount tunnel probably just because we had to move into an abandoned mine does well and this surface is no longer safe to inhabit because it's literally fall well. The app will be those ever people always talk around. Now man part we'll take a break don't forget is Jimmy is his celebrated their we do have tickets to Carolina rebellion halt three days would do those settling on this show. And much much more freak you whereas guys ran after this home at all. I rescue has morning you know nine. 300. Good morning show morning CN. What time it's 820 day that's what town it is millions. I'm here deal. Man on the air Rupert assert her quirks. Prefer more you know there was one you were right Union County it was three on the richter scale this weekend maybe it was another millionaire building another point front. Tunnel could big build the lake as well resuming only Omaha like no Lakefront home and Johnny long a lower down on primarily houses there. Or more sharks game reference that lake without people I don't know these ribbons the lake gardens to beat her story just because it's in union console well you do that. Anyway earlier ever around here. In the Carolinas and in eastern Tennessee since the end your all time. All these Dodgers is 2006. And orange and red wings are within the last year. There's faults while in their cow I play you don't realize how many tiny earthquakes happen around here all the time. You don't like. We references to nationalist people can't see it but will the big the big circles where does the bigger the bigger earthquake hit a larger circles larger earthquake and are they near larger cities are they small details matter there. Nine usually around the anywhere like they're the biggest one on the map was a three point seven and Roland North Carolina she will negro negro live -- best ride on the state line and that part that Sox lead among Bennett is now kind of it are. That are above the South Carolina State line yeah. Well that's wild there so it's so so maybe it's just the plates move in around down in there may be mindful of digging tunnels and sub two Iranian communities. In one of the worst earthquakes ever happen and a Great Lakes. Not count on I mean they're mentors and I'm not so great now are things I mean it can happen anywhere in an ambulance. It's statute of limitations on Christmas. We know won't you come over that well at the blues the statue limitations on Christmas when he made. I don't talk about it passed. It's Christmas Day. Horse shoe limitations on somebody to acquire their Christmas gifts. Before. Saying. I can eat the stockings sweat and cookies example stopping sales. The Christmas stocking goods there's like some from pat let me know. My god you are more I don't know man I guess Toobin and I've still got a semester army garter belt laughed again I'm more an opinion a lot of all right now here. All eyes are. If it though. That's an Atlanta fire and I look like they're. I'm a mom and stuff manage your Christmas present a balanced now. The unfortunate thing is this summer wedding photos. From firmer among women in September. I'm now we have knows what they're nice framed up pictures for a wedding but I know we have some for us is wells are really need those bricks. I'm not tired of every day looking. At this box and chocolate truffles sitting here and I'm about tired every time I go in the net metal room we keep stuff men. Located at the box of cookies in the basket and and all the various basin jerky stuff Bennett all these really good snags it. If you're ever in airing and you had the munchies you would want a real real map. But you've been waiting in two months since two months now Fremont woman get this stuff. And it's just too it's a big temptation. I have to assume that. Know how long we wait after a movie comes out before you get openly discuss how long the way. After escorting him every you know please Gus how long did she have to come and get this stuff before I can eat this stuff. What what about it being a problem that I made to feel guilty about later. Well. Okay new only answer this as your best friend her disembodied Psycho analyzing this boat. OK I'll go with the latter first I guess what are you not take it terror echo it. I thought about that whatever I ask her she needs anything she wants doing things is a lot of good Dana thank non good. I'm Barry never talked to our stars wanted to come over want to come see dogs and stuff. She wants to come over to the house she charges from new car there so that's why I haven't taken to Turkish you tell us your computer that you don't come over if she asked me to take and take it. Savor valued at like whistle SMU been her home. And remember them into there. Live on sesame many a mama's house that would limit alone on the moment onto our room there was a thorough mental and never. The center of lethargy the amount. So right now we're stalemate. Who went to his house last. Kind of but not really because of all there she needs any thing groceries and things you show me your Christmas gift. Doesn't wanted either. An official Jose. I send us an amount commemorative Christmas present to that issue is about twelve minutes away now so dropping off tour Merrill. Cheeky your computer cursor on it works. I think you knew go and me and a so I know any my mom present right now yeah okay I mean what do you or do you wait no you important event. No word I don't this is. Like expiration dates. But it has like a best buy date on it. So really your doing sir I know exactly what you do and now I don't want I don't want. Those truffles to baseball before eight you gonna bring it here and hope that that fat boys have in Iraq today and next thing you know he's a major moments present. Nadal and our don't want family and all I don't frat boy mom a present that's all for me I think he wants me to pay your share with Sarah. She wants and she has some. Weight loss during map out how long lay out what do you have any enormous presenters the thank you but pay you some fuel zone. I can't play can be 1010 and time after yes he's given up sugar and salt let. You already screwed out of the first morgue well I have not intentionally. And I athletes ought to seriously again. Not I mean it may have been in some. You and hail and a couple of other men doing much better welcome that is far here in Canada of etiquette for. Christmas presents in your family perhaps she should give your mother are warning and saying if you don't come get it might be tempted to eat this. I mean she studio where there's fruit there. I told you I told her parents would send us your realizes inning laid itself right I think she knows that. But then you've given our fair warning saying yes yeah. And I'm I'm be the vast plain aren't dropping off like math and torrential Edgar Clearwire had about a ten minute discussion about this yesterday as we ordered to open that box troubles oh yeah oh yeah hi any two pitches to hit it taught my health and today and John Domenico. Delicious how one does some so bad at Christmas time. Just a couple of them to track but we got some for this person socket in this person's president Thomas oh I didn't get any. Yeah and now there's just been sitting there have been looking for one or two months now just want to try want so bad. Maybe maybe just freedom. OK and then you know and maybe have some kind of bad you know some manage their gift card ready for when she does commander in these sliding into an envelope brings your current what are your cards we get to a restaurant we don't like either. Oh yeah perfect and that's what they're there. That's a lot of work in this half what did generic gift cards on hand just in case yet I keep its when he in my while. Are not thank you to twenty in my car if I really monologue well you keep her gift card to it in a casual dining restaurant in your wallet at all times in case somebody's birthday and you've got. Nobody I don't. I can't say MD sums up what the parties may now ordering got to the line and elegant woman so well. Broke the law what she wasn't on and the biggest moron in the world history right. This is trying to Diamondbacks. Did she think some guys she advice you'll feel sorry as far as we can just add it there I'm not really got a while they. Some people or get hot when we're on the text and now I'm glad you not take into your 1 person says I am selfish and spoil things take my mother's Christmas presents to her or they can't believe Magnus immature. And she keeps issuer from our house I'm trying not to step on terrorism trying to. You know dude to moreover her too much ammo if you like your commercial and say you do you volume mama. Jack you know each sheet coloring idiots who don't can be a homeland jacket. Aurora jacket this chart put brewer. Tell us so let's say that it was a move he wanted to watch it was still magnolia is remastered. On Blu-ray now but really I. LA is so bad but at this as soon as most is Preston and but did you wrapped the chocolate. When their rap the Indian I you know outlook and Adam he said we trio and other ambassador under drastically under the basket there's little room there and are there in the room we keep we store stuff or housing the most. And we've still got the house decorated for Christmas for you but you can come get your gifts yet anyway. And love most are married here is is a young relations she's nothing crazy nothing history that there are many think it's all still. It's all perspective to your Marino and turns true and if your mom lives within scoring menacing amber and her house system memory you're kind of Dixon I'm. Maybe your Ron has lagged. You know big maybe just maybe it's maybe it's fun there I hate Jesus say son not to accept this idea that was she a close. 00 my goodness did. And does. I've got to warn all you all I need you or her. Started they are out there does say it's a next year's teacher lesson EU law blackness that it we love to fabricate Canadians and you know this case chocolate truffles are. Take a moment there Needham together and you visit with the she keeps raining yeah. To go over there except their retirement talk to her she keeps me geez don't see the dogs now she's gonna come over thousands and almost forget they don't to visit her she asked my. Our house CM. So every time I talked to her she says you don't do this then she doesn't do this aren't malicious. Kids some huge pleas for help us when we come her household was last time as a borrower is shooters shooting comes in grand dogs and it. As you can tell UMass why are you configure and there were thrilled when the wedding pictures and stuff I was taken to a barely made the wedding tomorrow. June problem around and bad flu Braylon mayor. Sucker that's able to I know all the way across media and everybody else asked the people she knew. While the outlook. Tigers traded me for my table would have. Next time primary let me come out with a senior arrangements can always send him in the smallest of talk. Let me it was executives ever marry well and not with people later I was aware of because I don't tell you I have a lot of friends don't like each other very much I'm not. I'm tired idea at this. And so we need to go do in his own drinks and I was there when they. A lot of our friends only dejudder our yeah you look for one and a man who. Examine how many animal in heat some analysts saw him send. Have to take shifts at parties in the college. Yeah. I didn't you know are endless are my speculation on my age that's true let somebody that she don't want to see you are ordered me chocolate. Just can't be dumb and then I'm gonna. Susan warning you. I'm gonna say you all gave me permission to eat truffles and guys have begun visually and bring in the travels tomorrow I'm gonna ask you ms. trivia for every when he writes you can have sail well you know your mom. Okay I'm trying to Italian contact. She's hiding something only imply and let's questions can't show on the radio America. Give me don't people what city she was more generals so hard my bank. There Russians are part of the question was in short order. Oh man what was her childhood nickname for us. Now aren't returns minimalism. Where did she the number two that would this is their mom and dad smaller and our. Datsyuk. Moussa and all the pictures every guy I can say or do it trivia pursuit by a mock up there and they'll remind you that a Mother's Day. Would you ask him you know questions about Marion I'll ask questions about news earlier wins Mother's Day. I scum of the many of our main blame this Sunday and man and a and a well that is tomorrow Cousteau what's happened I think once word gets has just become a virtual office these she knows she had chocolates or she does know. And yet pushing new ways to get there hasn't snacks and stuff very and that's you know isn't some chocolates in good condition right Camara also wrote she does. Our our singer before Mother's Day but again. First reserve she tells me she's come under house and adored her Oscar she don't use common market now to try to damning is on her at this point there really is. Tell us trauma blur grew shorter wait years Cyril mama I'm. Christian girl from I think I may have the best relationship with their mother Alicia or your calls under and remote part of your cart you're just. I had taken it out about it now limited. When Jimmy. AG jobs. Each each eight loses chuck we're madman blessed don't eat my mom a present an imposing. We will be back residents got banks. Download the free play now. In this into the rest guys and your mobile. This saviors of upstate morning radio I'm mad I'm not engage in central LA. Money. We just ran out of plus an hour ago that we have Carolina rebellion tickets for all three days at a become an up. You rock city can't ground. You're glad she Charlotte motor speedway yelling. Let's try really afford to see in the most Jim. I care or burger now. Graham. Are really like amusement Salma has been years and years Isner now some bigger and heavier bands on there or should you went along governor were really eager. Only four Z and helmet people love asking Alexandria. In love them and helmets going to be parking cars there that. Yeah I think that part the same place I'll see him again and maybe use a reminder and note. Nothing you don't have you tell me everything. Must I wanted to move out there he now who have never now all of all colors shapes and size is an armed. Yesterday was president stage you know that. Yeah loves Duchscherer was certain it was President's Day and down law. Well when you think about president today do you think about any specific one by the zinni's I page pleasure of the most beloved president. My guess attached mail like link NN Washington and out. Same would be slow below and I'll probably pick Clinton try to prepare you well just because of the sexual tendencies slide your runner jobs but it did late in Washington I mean you think maggert. President president is they certainly down falls usually right around Washington burger yeah. Well here. Toward him many of our presidents are beloved dead end a lot of those are the older ones because you know. We don't have the access to store documents now the way are we do now the way they didn't have been. Do you notice inseminated. The great legends and stories of lore that you've heard about certain presidency you lucked out I heard about that third grade I'm not about that since elementary school talent there. But did you and we don't really know at dynamic and some Andrea and then we would like that how you present. Mad man in the nine destroy president. All of our. I only go out first at your dirt on all the prisoners. Is just funny stuff or weird stuck all of it is. A lot of it is terrible so there's really embarrassed. For instance when I think of George Washington I think first. I also think wouldn't taste yeah are you bring big. And incorrect and Hamlin maintained now. He did her dentures Revere America would tell him Jamie destroyed President's Day. There's a lot of evidence to this obviously is so we cannot prove it beyond chairman of the doubt. He wasn't using woods remained T he did Wear dentures George Washington. First president follower of our nation. Is Adam even making the metal wood carving them hating them carved he would buying T. From slaves on his plantation. No they would sell limited too and they would be compensated so important even cry like a good healthy tooth right out of her mouth. They pull it. And he pieced together a mouth full of ball tee to make dentures. Now we kept them in us all he bought it come home and it was his slaves. Posey Eminem the you don't have to go sit in the hot months afternoon or something a third of them are hearing right here to carefully could have or wouldn't he he had slaves teeth here's get him up 33 cent a dollar for a for their teeth. But soon have a choice of a combined one and a tooth you know the you know do yeah if you're three LTJ he's gonna give him three healthy teeth a ball. John Quincy Adams you familiar with them he was numbers six he was and number six president of United States John Quincy himself. This is an embed this isn't that one of those things is how I have enslaved teeth or anything he was the first ever president never got skinny dipping in the Potomac River. Only war he was the first photograph President Clinton beat he would get up and go down to the Potomac River river in skinny dip in just. I guess weight around in it before like 5 AM before you buy kids can catch him in there it was like some spiritual things perimeter when he was running. From the press said the times is a lot of people and I am asking about certain war bonds and things that we're going rock. Well he wouldn't talk to the press so this female. Reporter that'd been the and he didn't dodge and all week long. She cut and it was and like you mama page I don't know why she goes in sets on his clothes while he's skinny dipped and in the atomic and gets the ban energy. There were injured. This she did that other boy intruder she did I read afraid your story right here I thought that then did she didn't lead does she did you interview but does she said on his clothes like hell not us. She got to interview any guys name is taking an in tune into invading trying to say Alia I read this it is. Now Washington DC city of couple million people so many in show. She's out naked and wait and told it to match long enough in Massa does there. It. Yeah you're here you're. You know when the terror part Jimmie you're doing other important endured. And what if you don't know much about what about Marty did. Martin live here just local it's guess appear to know you is saying it was our fancy is president of all time. All right. There's a things written about a Maarten van Buren campaign stop he was President Reagan 371841. Yeah. People rode funny in the 1830s so this is what was written about him by someone who observed him campaigning for president. Quote he or an elegant snuff colored brought cloth coat with velvet collar to match. This current box was orange tinted silk with modest laced tips his best was of pearl Hugh this trousers were white dark. Is nicely fitting gloves were yellow kid what does that mean I scratch here at their word white pants with the like gloves a pearl colored vest. And it had an orange crew but McMorris laced tips and it's not color brought cloth coat and velvet collar. Sounds like he's just getting a little though John Q how she got. I don't know the rainbow Khalil I screen shots out life where I vacuumed and this certainly not going to some Hannah bio Leno look lavish Canada and there was no question before the gilded age where news is nearly eight of during his campaign for president dressed like a little lower photo Rory. Gil Perry all did let's talk about William Hendrick Henry Harrison that he was the first president ever die in office he was only an office for about a month. In only recently have we really come to terms with what really killed the man. At that time in 1841. Washington DC's lack of the sewage system was unbelievable in fact. There was a giant filled out of human hockey due to prove excrement a few blocks upstream. Of 16100. Pennsylvania Avenue of course that's where the White House says the bacteria. Got into the White House water supply says he died from doing in due to walk. There isn't an event that was 18411841. Shayne Graham is happening James K Paul for years. Same swamp so you. Certain. Field of human waged it was all right amber heard from the White House right. Right there inside the same grim world do as does Canada and Tommy. James Bo almost died from cholera because the group sealed his what a rock and also needs one under a minute but yeah this problem for a long term. It can change cable all die and 1849. Right Mary and all season rocked. But he almost died of cholera yes Zachary Taylor the next guy this is seated him not is lucky he became the second president to die as a result. Of the do do swap there sir not a safe saying there was a real due to swamp near the White House and it killed two presidents. So your problem back in the day 1840s. And fifties it for a decade. This went on and it killed two presidents always got a third in the middle. The surge. Pretty like regular poor people by advocates of human way yeah. And yeah how many people. Died as a result of the duties while they did get into bricks ready to admit it you'd figure out and read some got to bring users are right. Who would you say they don't just FDR's advance. Same place now I. It's. And so for a business and many want we can go on and on. We should go on and on the Arab demeaning to get him Eisenhower at least they're Johns are. I'd go to Tyler there. John Tower. Our president rating 411845. Unless I just let it sink in for a minute but today it's okay now John Tyler what is William Henry Harrison's vice president when in their ears and I John Tyler got to be president. John did not die or get sick from the good dude did the feces while duties while they respect him. But he had fifteen kids the last aboard an 1860 in seven years old listen to Florida. John Tyler who was president twenty years before the civil war has two grandchildren were still have right now aren't. He has grandkids there's still lives today must be bitterly calling them all to our homes don't go anywhere he was president and 1815. G skins Wired News has stopped in time. Sudan and you think about that he had newborn kids. When he was seventy years held Nero. And to themselves over drinking is still alive that's something. So there are read by the grandkids for president the I don't know president back in the day they were interesting and went far more sentimental them. Anyway rich there's much that we need to get an Eisenhower added you know laying the foundations for nine elevenths. Our Gerald Ford how he became the first president to make a blank ton of money after because I had been president or how George H. W. Bush had -- made secret meetings with Gorbachev talking crap about Ronnie Reagan era talk about the Moeller said. Arab Arab starlets were mentioned in the bush and told Gorbachev. The winning campaign for the presidency he was gonna talk mad crap about Russia but don't worry Mickey I mean it is just politics. Yeah a dog Democrats block kids endowments into. There was some great don't let's say you bring a greater come wouldn't give away some cash and take trying to. Yeah. It's for another 93 minute radler. 83 point three. The planet I'm home.