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Elon Musk to space, exploration or promotion?: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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And I. You're right I. Hard rise guys morning show good morning and say yea it's not I'm tam already on our mind he calmed. Numerous nuptials so and I. I'm Beardsley about taking a close although really he's fighting inferred you and I dissing the pageant YEL love Trevor Hewitt he's great in it may do let him sing one or two songs and then lately or this isn't supposed to be your run of the male wedding. Yet now they only mass wedding we're doing. This and stuff but that may make picker or else cry. I want a lot of everybody would be tighten their belt a little more when I'm telling about taking my clothes often. Everybody does he I think a guy marriage hey there we go. By the way fat boy Damien I think I do to slow down a rabbit hole or earlier you tag me mad Ilan must think. All your man's disease who want mixed up Elon Musk the you know easy cinema rockets and all the stuff and have we tags not a knock in his it shows we see this tribunal but lasers going up and fresh out of that SpaceX rocket. And fat boys said. This is what it was like when a masked UN nine rules for us we don't Ilan mosque its cancer Graham do you like him. The art like the right moves there does he serves tests and nuclear bombs roaming the same joke about you listen here's a question I have is an I don't know everything about signs he violist in the show I think otherwise but I don't. I watch in the Elon Musk things can end I sell part of it over the weekend he I really don't know what he's trying to do I don't know what his end game is. But he's he's some of that Tesla core inside Iraq and I guess. And here's a question I'm not doing any kind of stupid conspiracy theory thing I'm just asking a freaking question. He he talks about an oppressed currencies and we put it out there we you know you see the video yet of the car. We are all part of the car Sher drummer rocket are. So there's video you can find of the car Tesla car and then there's a dummy in the car with his hands on the steering wheel so he's round. Through space and all this stuff. In the Elon Musk and the press comps and I don't have the Audi a you can find him but he was that that the press conference after and he says. You know I was kind of worried that act because I couldn't believe that we didn't have to put any kind of. Different paint on the car era it was just a regular Tesla car hey here I am I think and. I've heard all these different things about space shuttles and how these different. Like DuPont east to be involved would mess they made the coding of the space shuttle them but you telling me that they just sent up a run of the mill tussle with a regular paint in that thing didn't. Catch a fire or cracker exploding glass the wind should have a glass aid. Know what to believe. And keep saying the pictures too perfect and it is it looks like they shot it. In them with the background the space mountain at Disney World whispered sure exactly did the video of it looks like the guys Travers based. Is that it's I don't think there was real real or think every it was on the street and lose our I saw the picture I don't think there was real guy they were looks like he's driving in Spain I think I was really driving that was army I don't I didn't think that picture of the dummy in space like he's driver I didn't think that was a real photo. Another showed it on the news that showed a video of him putting that car out there. Driving guys you know it's it's attached to the space shuttle did it came out of the rocket in space somewhere I didn't see how they got an out to barely get up. I'll look at it yeah W time stamp is the time says is live right now. That's because when they put it adds revenue what you live video from earlier in the day says slide but it's not live now. And meet us now news that's live right they don't just live streams to. Osama yeah yeah he's just Kessel our general and on. Okay severity is live there that this is supposedly now are manner Carla skirt around but I can't tell if this is the reflections in space on the parallel. But the brain don't look right but it might just be reflections inspect the homes on the terms again in the Booth with these settlement ever get a hit a bogus. Good luck on your next my genre when he had an opponent. I laughed at I act you know what I don't know all that stuff but when I see that right the see this video on how you can find it on YouTube live right now this video of this. I could steal certain parts of space real hot and others are real cold. This cars is traveling around in the Allah and I get nothing so here's the question I am and I'm not painful especially in this. Is that just promotional. Like. Is that really promoted is that just like a promotional thing for Tesla the car. Our air are we looking at this again this is space exploration in other words we're just watching the commercial. I like you're really damn expensive commercial. And I'm impartially certainly heard this I really believe that by the moon landing do we ever get there and I don't know the truth. But all I know is is it there was a camera on the moon when noted when the dead they capsule landed I don't know where that came from also everybody's seen the pictures have that the rover. With no tired. Treads behind it who in this in the moon dust beaten. I think if we really went there that was just promotional thrust have been lolly gag and play around with a on TV and stuff but I. I don't know that that's real footage I think which you're saying cease and those rockets went up the third one kind of went off to see the second and came back down and. Landed perfectly. I think that's why they don't let's get an arc and that's where all the old shuttles don't crash and then the car never ran an and the space I don't. And here's the other question. Why can't you see the stars they've always said that about NASA mission to you don't see stars in space but we can see him down here. That makes sense. The inspiration for I don't know I'm sure there is one I just don't know what it is but it did wanting an entire room we're quick on the car thing. I don't know how well a car can handle obviously. They'd the entry or exit according to my knowledge of space which comes from mainly Apollo thirteen movie delta seems like entry and exit would be very hard on the body of the car. Garbage inside the rocket I guess that would make it easier looks like it was housed inside the rocket for that part maybe the question of missile idea right now. I don't get it but hey this is the rocket and then I guess maybe if you just laid it out what is already in space then it's okay. It's just really cold in space Leno went inside the rocket began to can propel through space by a carton and lashing together Carla there's newer broken all so yeah I'm all for melted or some problems so what does that video we're watching right there they let them run the car out of the rocket was a guy did dispense. Parred eight straight and when you get into space is supposed to be really cold like. As cold as I wrote well like hundred degrees below zero yeah but it. The hot part is that the entry and exit. What should get into space is really cold OK so then they should be react in a good there's no why Sony any of this stuff vs there's no work atmosphere to create ice. Keep it. You have to have grabbed basically in order to have iShares tap water on top and there's no water inspiration and license. I think she. See him and it's like this big junkyard its satellites and everything on air sea grass generic you know it's another thing what we ever see. I'm not Vienna a good deal leave here I see you text messages I don't doubt everything but I just wonder like. He is where. 600. People outside this thing right now and you just watch in the dad's in the big environments president Donnie holds her I don't at his eyes light blue that's just that's just a commercial for the car. I mean that's literally all they do isn't. He'll listen haven't he's gonna break all the martians are gonna get it re engineer in there to steal cars trucks could have a better Tesla a better car but you know the thing about this is it's changing in the hall. It's based exploration. Shane stuff. Biggest my father cry me a private industry can take over and go our NASA couldn't Nassau Smith. Oh yeah house raises interest he just made space interest in but yeah. And what this is the first time we as a country and excited about it like Obama. Said where where it ran on to really worry when assessing our mouth off. Now you know William Ben back to the man and course Emmys there's nothing they know what impact current most pulling only you know let them do well it's. X should biggest origin remember the plan that we haven't seen another line. A my movement. FEMA did both crabs on the heels almost as if you are you aren't as I was on the mood is smaller American ever for glamour guy if. It must cantina and says OK I know you saw that my video is think the last time even in minutes that he said man oh man yeah I want you know me my first person and go on foreign would you go to Spain I want skydive do you think I would doing this thing and. This surely he's got to go up I do it's everywhere just per thinking here's a skeptic I'd try it I think the ride I'm gonna find good space it's real kind of. Don't know that just because I may send me somewhere now landed Baird. And trust in them tell me that's why I'm really don't know they're really into the Bahamas before it. We gonna start you know the governments are using his resources and in his mind. These genes he's traveled. See I think he's and then when massive for sure I think you have to be I think you have it to be big this is yet to be and then with the government road apple tart it up in the air and space station private. Where you can go and stay there yeah I wanna Europe. Earlier in science and improve air Greenberg pat space we have been on that the rich and powerful members space. Let me know. Space is they have some new course they have ladies college that we signalled the rich people up in the space station or whatever and then we closed the border. And then only SP on scanning out here are and how I got a new loans and I have to deal lawless place. Or go to never come back plus fees Mosul wall now. There's truth. I was getting if you're innocent Oliphant Spain he's gonna take care about many needs and scientists her and what you need some mechanics have bears are now hearing that on the part of Democrats nothing about shuttles run just about Tesla Tinseltown's cars immune saying he has to have some other markers. It's just you write tabloid does make it that that we're talking about it against. But I I don't know what what is he wanted to see when you go to another planet does he water or what's his grand. Only I don't know I don't know this and all the other stuff the travel loops one modular. Is logistics. The travel loops meaningless like you know news. The plan travel loop on the East Coast and would you make New York Philadelphia Washington DC underground underground hip on the magnetic a real train them. I'm for the car pods to. I'm a little Wal-Mart do those tunnels the one I'm glad I'm not Ilan mosque built Brent. The boot the real thing really gets me when I look at other countries or did it and he. Here's they do it across the nation borders I do it from France and the Netherlands on and in Germany all over Europe. And it's different countries agreeing to this but we can't even agree between north and South Carolina about a train the united yeah united stats verify it. The united the strangest thing is people. They travel from between France and Germany for just. I'd pennies on the dollar to know what we call to travel around this country Ali yeah. We need to do the same this isn't all the way moreover energy can't just hop on a train and be there a couple of hours cleaner Industrie. Question Andre years downstairs. And you are portrayed over there and you get their very fresh shop on the train here. He'll be there like about as fast as you can ride a bicycle. That's by design. Man I could this be some tornado has partnered build an itinerary bit riding the train takes a lot longer than my driving your car. You know. But we we want people in this country to my message thing industry is saying we're gonna go toward the murder and it nobody Walid and on cars anymore and all I call bull crap on that. This whole lot ORR force in this country want their married bark arsenal in car camera in July during that I'm even more mega mall in Mexico announce a bad industry really in this country anymore maybe they don't care. Just stop before in General Motors is also all kinds all the gas companies all the time. Resolves all of our special and are parts places I. The last people all the people who change over eleven NFL there are millions and millions and millions of hardworking Americans who want you to mark marks him. Let's try it. This ballot to learn. Now what you want about all I'm saying is batting a real cards face there ain't no damn way. Like why did you think it's a danger now and stuff or negative don't have the same body as little as early as saying body ethic from what I know from science and that's very little back car would just. Implode are not implode but it would suck itself up he sing what happens when they open the door he's seen the commercial guys if he's GR. I was contact seeing them as a master class and all I have to when he what the space slugged him right there a loose car would be on Saturn announced as world truth. What what is Saturn they put up there may morsel they will hold them well. Get your peers had in Addis. The rise guys morning. I thought he 93 point 30 my. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're big blue. Well I think that year wrecked him on file ally you're sitting on the tour and playing video games think again then on the tall oblivion asked for so long court and be aware. Who plays weren't happening music Jack perfectly where you can you dornin C through two rooms to the TV screen problem and that's also that's. As good as good architecture I think. Or single man and always begin period true true did two rooms and center on the taller much TV ads that sell actually and I Asus. And what that you had to leave the door open you don't that are very important if you if you don't put yourself and you leave the door and you live myself. Yes that's true we will you know. Other people there who attended by the smell another thing why do you ask page I. I'm telling you as a public service awareness announcement because they guy in China was sitting on the toilet last week China playing video games on a stand. And after. Half an hour sit his rectum fell out earlier and it was nervous and so those were all. My own. It's laying around on the found and fronting impression boot comic muscles got weak enough that you could home distract them in his buying anymore. Grab as some may return some I've spent the equity tickets as well as always touched thousands Eric Allen. Angle there. I. Here's rest of the hospital for emergency surgery in the studio and then doctors say he's recovering thing I can imagine no. What happens is they reattach it. Do you have to united don't imagine they have to pay it pack up and there reattach them I don't know how you know what happened to the rectum and space. All of your bigger flashier Amos it's multiple objects. It's Kim or her. Well let me turn and I know isn't fixed this problem I just don't know how they were dug state fishing and send her own. You know cards fall out and I want about all what is stay at the end of put it you might mean recommends. It basically it isn't about. Any thing that you have to. A slang put it back up it's about we have to put back in he had he had to use flex fuel for this huge if I heard I saw a commercial works for Iraq morals are that would not work you'll know. Water tight okay to replace that Zinn you will have its whole different set of options. And splits and have to use sports and now look at. But you know it be water tie becoming an in my ears and our net revenue making new ones or else my eyes really be Abram. Condolences to. The big draw for the tumor and everything in your bag where about. A it's okay you've let's silly zero Adam's Adam's when I have eyeballs like Jaffna. I didn't know their part it is skinny strike in nostrils yeah. Other are about a month right there it's like Italy for an earlier in his little. Question would give up if I started at a mine as a people blessed me afterwards you know. Why she can't marry you out. He LSU after digging. And the bush yeah let's go redneck brilliant you read in the paper bag Matt barely hit the Solomon Cracker Barrel yesterday when. What's the thing you wherever you face when you see. Surgical masks surgical masks and Kennedy's lead the new bridge. Yeah. Haven't heard many times. Is that an iron Mike. I can't tell does that mean she's sick or she is scared of everybody else around her students and Donna makes that was totaled a lot of good Cabrera for breakfast I had eat. While and you know what I mean if you got never faced this kind of cumbersome when you're taken enough to eat right well this is that the line pay him and I was like I. I wanted to say are you sick are you afraid to be said club which we get ahead by eight. If someone cost Sanyo. Or if you yeah. Coming contact written test your eyes and get it into your bloodstream. Am so maybe taken money in getting your head and cry donor does that count as somebody cop on hand account or says she she's protecting herself now named Simeon. Nowhere in the orient Furman an error seamen around here this little bit around here this season. I hope we will get a right now it is people just. Shave their mustaches stronger something big I mean it it may be it. Don't pretend you breathe it and our other people breathe and when you're breathing now but it don't really keep Matt much off are you okay. If it is the flu airborne. Perhaps set here in the room and honest people he made him in contact with then he blocking it about them and so many cops and catch is that you can't JoAnne and you breathe in and hear money. Basically if you're sick and you're wearing a mask you might as somebody else a favor but if they're sick and you're wearing a mask well. That just sucks did you mean you're doing a good OK I was sort of Frankenstein mask does and him doing minimal good. Okay racer racing announced the risk everywhere isn't in surgeries. Not a birthday and you bring the patient as much predict the patient from you breathe it into an open one. Of course are tomorrow we do you do realize there so analogy smoke in an operating room hoping now I don't I don't I used to. It used to pleasure Carter delivered mail was found last time and ash tray ashtray much as a distant passage in Iraq yeah. What happened if I'd got it now from aren't well let's talk about their romance. Sally yes it is is almost here. Today's nasty day on morning. What couples who get married on Valentine's Day. Are 37%. More likely to get divorce according to many years. Or is this story today's report members shall return them while I you know clients. If you're gonna time and I just a year ago Ford Fusion diamond mines but it may be that Alan times sweethearts are just a bit more impulsive yeah. Song. But whenever I mean yelling at them liked Kansas thing if you don't have a Valentine day today don't go looking for once more. Don't do you do knocked if you have one last week no they're not you can't find it gonna find. It's. You aren't grain. I agree as a don't look at disagree you don't think that that we'll find you agree I agree that. Don't look for Linux on T does a great yeah. I mean I route my entire life and it finally have her for a term very right pace jittery tea. How does and I narrowed crazy week you don't lose your first first you weren't expecting it and you are pleasantly pleased became you know. This is the person in your drains room. That's what happens is I'm an immigrant right I agree with the may disagree I disagree with you but I do agree with nine we're well you 'cause come -- out not finish a story on what to expect. Are you then. So. The study found that those who married on February 14 are 37 months and 37% more likely to split. And Asian airline and getting an Dumars. And usually it happens pretty quickly. For people they married on balance that their 45%. Less likely than other couples to make it to three years of marriage. I'm sorry that you can change your. Your life in your destiny earlier Disney big. Are the ones getting married on and numerous nuptials to get married on Valentine's Day how many names are actually do in the valves for the first time verses for no do you know the stats I mention that the majority the majority of first timers is what I lose told last week was this summary I think they were sailing. 3638. Marriages remain virgins get married. That that's exciting you have to find that Roy. Find out the way downstairs find out if there any versions is Nigeria only known them. He's not when I you know I don't I don't I don't know that I don't think you have to lose your virginity to get employment here are. His you know yeah. I'm going to go or say I doubt it madman you doubt I had down there will be any. Any of my virginal tax get married on Wednesday in a resumption okay. Now do you mean true versions are spiritual virgins yes I think that I love my real emergence I mean you know the but doesn't count. We know who went down in Mexico. Say yes you know went down and Mexican. Two great war now own some stuff for how many tried Tim male attacker cab girl. That's kind Brodeur for Rex care such he's somewhere up director Mexican inspectors found. A baby tiger a cab so dated packed into a plastic container. And then he realized it was Aaron tell sniffer dog from Don. Was clicking for contraband undetected and there was an animal based. On the tiger in knew that it was a spelled an animal and animal spelled some women young. Question. If you're any bank high level drug traffickers. Or I. All tigers and ambassador. To god the phone lines is melted why why do. Like drug kingpins all over the globe want tigers so bad night Mike Tyson's tiger being black tigers it's. The tigers were the last remaining status symbols apparently numbers if you Wear has tiger you have status you have balls. Yeah money goes like. Maybe not egyptians that like he remembered my back in the beginning of may in America when that any Murphy's side the king in Africa or whatever that with friends and compressor is as she (%expletive) you deny you have made in America America is what are Goldberg to. Many men and most of who have been through worse again and you made me forget my manager here let's point the point is Mike Tyson had a tiger has said I. Are we want to harder drugs. Teague keen to keen dumb king dumb there are big you think lions maybe even tiger seemed to be against you because you can't tame a tiger theories. Give him along and here. You can't. I don't have the answer for all you ever wrong I did its water bowl history he it is because our core wondered about this rally yesterday evening. Would you have. Tiger and alligator or bear for your drug king to impact that would give. I'm scared now says the cat plays there you hit the amount of her bowl was what's more frightening. A mouse decides the cat or bury the size of the dog and the majority of people far mouse is big is a cat yeah scarier big hair big Isabel big time yeah yeah. Well I spent Smolinski and the tiny bare wood may issue of what you're the giant mouse he'd get their quicker Kama Libyan. Have they anything and it mouse Iraq has a different smells is now allows. Twelve parallels they charted pretty scary if I got asked for and thing you have like you know. I have had friends who are morning it's cat and twelve how most verses every umpire you know worst yeah. It would be. But what what I have above all those things I think I would have. I thought could lift falcon. Did you think you wore this marked the one sentence shall eat any more time they get down on the ground I think the fountain to beat that plus they've PGA travel and send messages back aboard mirror. And legally gal I wouldn't have a poisoned our venomous snake or. Or anything like that to prove that I wasn't real man bill. Jamaal Anderson nine that's what I would name a felt Chris Chandler and destroying and Witten wanna at that can potentially kill me. Others like now now now I would have maniac and think horse or something you're right and I on the. While you ride courtesy heinous act. That's my bears and Alyeska part is they aren't currency is probably right Curtis is this original falcon else. Odd man a hole the bear to his name's Rashad salaam OK listen to concede it teases missile size and trooper took an even auction there. And instant heart and a falcon and a better. How polar bear and tiger were drug garner. It is imposed often and it is set out as rich and I can have out of looks hot to project areas of your drug kingpin you can add baron time. Closures across the street have a mayor now I'm going to isn't legal to have a bunch of parents South Carolina as a pat. I don't know only if they are working at pizza I know that in the early mid eighties there was little to wrestle wanna national news saying those in Google Milton in the America. Yeah which are drugs sure hands immerse the frozen river rock garnered push off yes he did. Particularly on you doesn't. Help. There's only played for terminal any food rock garnered an. Anti all the restaurant will only insulin dwarf. And it. Our administrators best QB presbyterian ever heard okay so what did you really go there and I a glimpse into okay. Rod Goran is a you know people is all zoo little game we talked I do know the Miami. Hiss it's working good aren't I though he's Wallace for a lot. Somehow word there are crucial to our right then well we are tell him about tons. Obie awards earlier in the last yes you read and fresh realist to know why can't you animal largest terror and unfortunately if you don't have very sick I damn. Now you know if I have done all weren't done it's just aspirin which I hate it. So how much this there's there's something that the military has been using has been around for our 8000 years in China. Hey okay ultra yeah with or without doing how else. Now well known and I early on and close. There are you now it's doing battlefield acupuncture. OK so that it's not gonna take you out of the game here again. Zelaya Caltrans and they didn't know now. Now one reason or zero why are we surprised today travelers rest now they have done yoga. There and so here is all re not been made what what is battlefield acupuncture. Well it's. Dealing with pain and not sound and taking you out of here your position. As it when they stream of feel that you torture they actually giving acupuncture to soldiers in the field of battle. It really not that literal thing is it doing telemedicine can battleships here no we're talking about acupuncture. Anke I don't think follow me here matte on here assurance. Still won't pay for things like acupuncture typically in America but we're gonna start getting it to soldiers in yourselves. Said they get addicted to income Medicare can't give. There well I think when it's gonna provide immediate relief campaign nervous. Acute and chronic pain say you know you yourself it's kind of hard to be in the military are they and misdemeanors are no answers Sunday in the here I think you do this and opium field. I went thank us especially her serve her garden are ranked well it's it's against Amy cain's answer risky without addiction. And you can do without any. Restrictions and yes. And sure you don't have to lock up that attendance for acupuncture is people are gonna do it to themselves kind of restrictions today Ellen you're over there Jim when you did acupuncture any restrictions. No I don't fart she usually turner and the other way a lot of room tables back and flames nearby are worried about dying on his stick to Google YouTube. Saying alternative medicines and everything might help people and hopefully. With pain management. L. Well we need some management the other thing we do and then you know Carolina. As likely to happen. And Dubai to Laker you know this world and all this talk you know if it's weekend on prohibition there wouldn't be the same problem here in America and they were paying to bring her measure we run automated as far as country because we're we're going down very blue anchor before that happened is business. You've seen the Ken Burns thing he really does a good job of point and now just. How drunk we all wore this country was blank faced for a hundred years. Every weekend to. Not all the time man everybody in America was didn't draw after the civil war that's what we did we return in the bush and drunks come when good for nothing. Still a bunch of women decided we couldn't drink no more. Ask me to fit plus how does knowing that column more and so on so there Tom Gugliotta matter. Well we have a new number one movie. At the box office this week. And you may have to understand that. Possibly may have nots. Fifty shades free. Brad and 38 point eight million dollars to enlarge it to lock on a six and now it's more stored. When they get married or maybe this. Think both maybe I'll while they got married and the last one the last sort of will be when they had the baby Grossman and sex us. So second place the new Peter Rabbit movie and and people are they have a lot to do they just they're complaining about the Peter happen movie looks cute wireless since late. Hater maybe cannot which wanted. Because as someone ate something that they're allergic to any sanity in the parents are upset about Peter around that. I'm did did you Nevada where they put out a Woody Woodpecker movie last year. Well I was I saw on Netflix every weekend I watched about three minutes and it looks all flat on my pecker head when I'm at this. This do you ever heard of brilliant there's no big name voice actors or anything NN now Jeremy let ellenberger and it starts out Manning you ceiling Woody Woodpecker is his whole industry needs he's got a chair and baseball well all woody would understand if you remember. Any get sub and then it. Shows these two hunters out of an earnest movie but they're real people so. He's like CGI woody would record interact with real people is awful but watch his arms and don't watch the -- media don't watch a question three minutes I. All this all four run movies past couple weeks stuff now. Yeah. What else is out and then 1517. To Paris. And crannies and Mandy about the past back. Twelve point six million dollars and then of course Jumanji is still active member number formerly. Went into the jungle. Pride and nine point eight million over the weekend up to 365. Point seven million dollars in its eighth week. This does heroes is gaining money off that they only welcome to the jungle as far as sad because obviously they wouldn't name that movie that had not been forgotten dresses and welcome to the jungle. It just makes you wonder. Don't think so. All we are savvy enough then. We're we're the same comes from reporters in a row as they are the first ones say I'm sorry tomorrow I don't know it was a say Tarzan. Did Tarzan say that I haven't talked to welcome page other. I don't know Tarzan. I thought cheers when he walks into the John Quinn don't amid if you have Burnham. It everything matters Guns 'N Roses so if he did exist before Guns 'N Roses did it it didn't mean much before them Jeff what happens when you get in the jungles. Good I don't know a literary blogs you believed it. Watch out for their tree mr. brownstone Ari and on page in the insurance as an on line. Yeah free planning ahead and just the rest guys and mobile. The seniors have upstaged morning radio nets now engage in central. So rats jags. I know 83 point three the planet. What approach remember us today. Bad boy but there this week point 95 crowns got lose things we've. Dusty main point. Point two rebounds and points you to do is harder we also next week's three pounds yeah. Campaign still saints and and it quite well still I'm still looking for some contestants compete when big game perhaps he's in. Tomorrow is Tuesday morning isn't winning right now that you ready. Our and I feel so why don't vote and then you watch something. I just don't see on seven on the WS BA channel seven at 730 disabled now under her care is going to happen. Perilous course watches tonight it's on channel seven WS PH 730 on scene on seven mean Jimmy will be on the. From my best M audio this morning how old was the old man who could remember how old he was his actual age to 7341. That's the Carolina baby mil dot Comtex lined 72341. We will take the manager Greg did to win. Oh page he's gonna rock you at work next bat boys. Six thank you so much listen and you blessed Monday take my dad's it's. Who knows what's good for them. This New York yeah magnificence of the rise guys morning. And every sick you know.