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Truth and Consequences: How many times have you crapped your pants?: Headlines

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. I give me the only person who last somebody their name and then toll novelist and the answer. All right no more call me a braves fan too big corporations get through the team please frank use. I had to break up with ice cream and many facts and now I'm bench watching Netflix with Thomas and vegetables. LeBron James spends a million dollars a year improving his body I've probably spent half that distorting mine. Lewis feel bad cop pulled me over one time yes sir were you texting and driving less and no sir wasn't texting and driving. I was just checked my FaceBook. Nice mornings like jewels. Maybe 3.3 don't plan. Barack. EJ in the armor backer that'd be different collectibles what are resold what is the restitution just to say I am sorry. I'm I'm I'm an apparently good luck Mike Castle who is. And I and I remember. In my pocket and I did out there. Now I am content. I'm really well. I hadn't hadn't had a good and then we'll. Yeah I. We're gonna call that you call your brother and are you sure you an idea that's. I would have a clue. It and then they're going to be remembered at all. This OK real quick the other thing I am dynamite in an office. It is here's some kind of event error is everybody come into the house senate Charleston why do it. Quite what he said I have to do it obviously when he Gaddafi Chester you wanna move longer is it is is there is people come and and the visited there you take all its summer somebody wanted to stay at the Hauser. Lou then. I am. It's an. Well throughout the ground and got a good and that both Adam and I'm not a person of so yeah. I'm blue in the global Lulu limitless. All right. There's tags don't hate on him he's a hustler all right. I had him oh hit on us they hate the hustle her about the game engine and our territory coming up. There's value rather number when he answers talk to ammonia all have the number and number blocked and then once you get this all out of the bag whoa come on and join your okay. Right here we go is trees and consequence it. It's it's it's it's Stanley is arguing same length isn't failings they don't argue. Is kind of like that thing of the tree falls in the when he hears it. All right here we got Josh featuring. Oil worker. I. Would have done. They there was. And I'm. I moved quickly and soon. You're gonna be doing absolutely. Yeah out differently. Than it is appropriate to play you this job to do you do look to lose before. And in. And I had an adult content and an amendment that. Yeah well I'm never going to bet. Up. They definitely. Seem to. Be. Glad you and I did terrible and we remember. Have a good little narrow. The moon. Redman and I don't well. We don't know how old grandma and use. Blue blue blue program. And our. Own men let them. We don't. He didn't little. Greg Greg Oden and and I don't. And and let's remember them. Yeah. Still most. Or yeah. And let them. Cunanan and from them okay pollute. Well. And I'm glad I'm Evans and I remember that I can't do that I've admitted that I didn't remember it lets us. You're better and better. And I looked. I had been rumored to let me know and vanished. You sold me let let. As an ambulance that is we know video yeah it's mental yeah cost. So let me read well on our home man. And every commissioner broad that it. Deployed please let us. Good amateur so you're remembered. At the moment. Josh. Well then I'm. I used to all that stand there and the hope that led the underdog I don't blue. News. I can't believe what I reviewed here. I didn't. The blue and red men haven't had a chance to come down there. Well he gets worse good morning guys Terry. We're we're live on their reindeer right now this is the rise yeah. Where deer in Greenville, South Carolina. Many 3.3 the planets where radio show. Norm for dinner. I ought to be blasting FitzGerald is sergeant Gordon is larger. I'll think you're gonna ask would you Serena. Why do girls jokers on the rebels on the radio that he knows is our third and is you know carrying. Little little girl I. So and your Brothers Toyota's about the whole situation and he's had financial situations and and hardships and and whatnot. But he wanted to call and tell you this come. And now he has. An easier and easier or more in the USA. Josh like. I mean. I don't know where where Jerry is as far as Nolan like that live in the history here like the reasons why you've had problems with the job I'm not looking that give ended batter out you are anything but that's our part part of the story now. Yeah and they weren't as good you know I don't. Well I won't allow you the moral. I have not important and welcome they didn't nor do you know that says. I'm glad you have read and do. What good who's bad loans and the evil bad. And then Douglas did a really good. Do you use. Yeah. Man this way. I don't need this then this early in the morning. I'm sure I know you're you're. Act together do. Terry has your mom I'm gonna react to this. Helps our market are the normal and Luke Carlin I bet I do on the I'm not. You say alert. Our lawn. I'm really glad do you Josh. Call it where the courtroom. I mean if you think I'm. Taken this badly. Or my god man I can't believe that meant. Soccer. All grew most artwork. Where ever heard that was the closest thing we have to. I think she has being you know that fishy I mean she had another I did Lombardi got like. Well but imagine question wild. While we're talking here is there a dollar amount you figure you sold all that stuff through and obviously didn't salad only ones that if you are. Is wondering why we're here portion we're talk. Tomorrow here regularly and yeah. And yeah. I'd go to the moon man would rather lose a round and then. As soon as George tunes talking about as was not tell him please tell me the other day usually involves two. Or. Who were. Well I mean re surely the jury is worth nothing compared to what you pay for it what are are how do you carry some idea how much money. But you can't put a value on the sentimentality. And no nobody has to have an idea how much you got chrome does he sold by eyesight like some kind of estimate how much he got foreigners GAAP went John at least two grand and so more and you probably. You're bad and that went in the room don't do that yeah. And that's really that much money you know like in the in the big green thing is not yeah. I thought it was I don't I don't know Rhode Island good job about saying her job and and we'd all day Wednesday. And. I went what happens I. Obviously you two we needed to told further to figure out. You know put the money go into the side tremendous kind of I think about how how are you tell your mom. And obviously Terry you're reliant on Johnston to make but that's really sweet talk about the jewelry and said that. Yeah I mean I'm I'm that. I murdered your original email you. Sold jewelry sold silvery sold old dish easy sold. Some kind of charm brazen liberal loans in the. Re great grandma. So. Rude and who wouldn't get through that stuff like 2000 dollars. They'll do it like the too much actual bracelet like that that's a good mom. Is good that's simply through hard that you saw those things man. Where. And gotten you remember what what are we got to the plate plate. Below the average ends all yeah behind him. I. And I could have broken code that I could. We love you. Can't stop talking right now I'm wearing that logo I couldn't as president. IG's high right now. No I have not present I would have been. So I don't know you can name where he had to make this phone call. Well you didn't even today millions like you usually. It's somebody you're starter and they got to do some like this they wore a little bit for the news I'm like yeah. Another underground group loosely. Nobody likes. To do you know on the right yeah yeah it. I. Com you know what we're do Terry lets you go to savings further embarrassment. And also. I essays have been on Saturday there's not really anything else you can say other than nom in them. Our issue till talker in a moment to thank her. Exterior motivation behind the show today. We saw nothing Kara. Josh warm myelin a mirror first bird repeat offender DNC please don't call back in a couple of years having Nevada or somebody else was open. Yeah Jimmy yeah when you hear all this stuff I mean you think it's worth way more minutes not just it's not the value isn't really got to come bags it instead to an interest. Then again people say look mom you care about test session ahead of house Google leaves and oh yeah it. Did you do your trigger fruit of Islam is structured so I am rooting them. Birdie imported as you can't lose somebody else's entire house into your house actually. If you don't live right probably eight kids knew all other stuff to your house as you got to all schools for more browsing or remove your horror Tim. All right Tom. You know I dvd just in any lesson learned here is your lesson. Red and very little quick and no good men could lose I recruited. Animals. That's right that's the word extortion and murder and man are everywhere in little more. I hate she's not overrule where there were little. For our man this fame member Colin the end it's your dog Sox in the attitude is not your normal things. I'm sorry you're you're jobs are so yeah he. Heritage. Or. We. In the US GE's watch porn would you teenage buddies. Want you realize you'll houses to major ia dad Lionel. Parents and together we're all these days that's courtesy of Jimmy you can pick the Aaron. Who serves me well I'll. He already had a solid 7-Eleven this morning and spend fifteen minutes there in their leveling clean restrooms no one's to I was working the overnight he remembered you know now Obama sang an idea. I'd say hey if there was a cleanest restroom. Award. I think could be in a dead heat between a seven elevenths he cutie. Insulin big gulp. Slurping Muslims Gerstner and we can assume for a stop on the way here he gave it not so kind Baraka yeah. It. Really okay we need a home. Good and I'm a marathon debut in the same pants. And make sure similar sort through it if you if you friends go to the bathroom made you come back whenever pants for you just know what happened. I thought it. RR I didn't stop on the way here are Broward viewer and mark backups are in my backpack right now Brazilian shorts the other cowboys win is he is a professional khakis again today he's fancy boy today. As the other day. Remember you saw him nine he was wearing shorts and then later on throughout the show he'd be put on khakis and him and talk Doug Campbell I say hey. Not trying new bloke spot here amendment. Tumble soon anyway to craft your pants this morning because energy change in the some odd cast. Is an open aren't caddies are for both solid and on about it comes mullah mirror many times she says. I'm 4545. As an adult. He had a lot more so as an adult. Bash tracked. Yet in the 85. In the kid here in the hundreds or thousands and remember all those ones knew why I do at a party my party. We're Tea Party in New York Calgary in a hole five I'll keep you and a whole you know now Carrie Rebecca Allyson sings a song about it he can remember. If I run everybody. That's ever did one of my day kitty litter box and nines mom that you were working on corks and homeland they're working on Allen who's into an agreement. I could apply what about you for dinner made sure do it for five by. The you know what I don't have in front of me and he did come out with a waiter I got his name remembered dance sandy sandy there in Columbia so there's no beaches to remind you that should dandy. Dandy Andy okay and I know roll that so four or five times in your whole life CI. I said seven somebody mantra milk OK glad you said that as a little bit terrible leader who would the other day when he did the big switcheroo with the pants tonight we had this conversation fab win on the office and that's eligibility and he could go on yourself whatever and it's a moment out of this meeting or whatever. And I was like what. He's got all I don't own what would drugmaker Abbott doing NASA I don't know how many times you dummies like him like you said four or five times and I'm like. OK maybe maybe maybe that's the truth. Jerseys from room this was enlighten all of mind all of my incidents when it comes to number two in the self was always when I. Had my. Pornographic materials to local. Convenience stores around the upstate. That's what I would did you get on that long like when I had to go they. I union places where there is long pieces are road where there are no gas stations about stuff like that come via I mean. Truth of the matter is. I carry a pocket knife. Not see him cut open bag easier to do this or that cut off underwear if I need to strike. I Gerri of I cannot tell you how many pairs of underwear that I've cut off the side. And just left at epidemic trash can honestly my in their own that let cars hooked up Ecuadoran man. Now are you muffins ceiling tiles or anything like that some of the grocery story is. Grocery store arbor at all now. Ha I felt that at about soap opera Mickelson aren't Robson and tell I'll allow for people even when my dad when I went. To disrupt. Why not come as. Well. There's surveillance video of a woman doing that I anniversary stories I think I saw don't ask -- or something she's walking aren't addressed lesser dress up. Drops down keys walk bared it you know as she looked like the emerging as I know out. There was a few weeks yeah perfectly coiled up those nights where Stewart has emerged restore. It was early in the back surgery broad terms out. What. I always had that feeling when. Let's remember mad we'll get him and just say. I always would get when I would go to Wal-Mart. And that he was just the boredom of warming around it's something would come over army and it would be what I had for dinner or lunch. And I think part of the reason they put restrooms at the front a Wal-Mart and ask isn't me yeah. How would run through the house and always wears white boy white rural Iowa now reserves and those who won the decision book is right there on the left Cuba and I think most of morneau and it's wonderful you know that's one viking buzz right in the area in India in order to walk down from the middle front of the store finder. Let's walk through the craft surrogate place where they sell light yards of fabric or any of that stuff down bring ellenberger to. Yeah multiples they have multiple rounds handled the rooms as are mostly in the that are now well and old clothes for claiming wants. All right so before and it's not a nine you don't believe the subways number 45 times I don't. Well Florida well against in the bowl run as an adult where nature calls in you were not available to answer that call right there in the air and then nature just. Remember I used to kid gets my on the phone opry call operators Hayes emerging need him on the phone make him ringgit even if those off that's what they would be there. I don't think necessarily this starts at eighteen because I think by the time your route. Lex. Thirteen years or thirteenth. OK I don't know tee and I weren't I wouldn't do it in my whole life I can't slip back yards and I had control of it pretty good road to arms. Everybody Jolie has control they're pretty good but I don't there are 45 years old. Yeah jolly guy you know I had these problems Oregon offense. Yeah sure that's what certain via play you know I don't wanna make you sell like. And yet I'm spin and drew called Orleans casino films shorts. Were five times is like a lot has been like audits it's. Do you 33. 232. Sorry even if wade 35 so even the richest. Eighth. It's eighteen and that's only fifteen years worked so I think middle school and that is where we should -- let's try and then he's still stick with 45 times even though used to drive from here to Connecticut and work on hot tubs here in Missouri as well it happened may in normal road yet but so there are always just be a restaurant nearby and no you never like and the pullover. Yeah many usually carry a bucket. And a bucket. And a bucket with a hole. Now if you're in the van. And affordably for being really open will bore you wore to vent some amateur bird farm down to five gallon you know the hole went a little lost. Anything over us. What do you I know drug and it almost. Three million you've. Dispose at a later if you wanted to keep it what are. Now that this something to consider that would definitely limit the amount of times that you would soared Japan's bit. Our goods are fair tradeoff Ferraro that budget. I had done it before Omar god miss that exit they'll be no 120 long miles later there's no exit 911 what's your emergency. Room. I'm. And start but first and really old drum in about an event going down the road I somehow I kept my putter brick on the day. Hey I'm your friend and right now the search is getting gets 55 miles per hour or if it's a it's this whole mall. Is who has been overthrown as the work this Friday speech on both. XP or whatever it is. Come but you know look OK another qualifier is not all of these were like complete blowouts. Yeah I'm not talking and I just being you know. Lehman alone you know rubber. Skid mark on the road and not talk about that. I'm talking about full long were you had thrown away or just get rid of them. Yeah we Poland's interior. You believe this point 45 continuation number. 6123. Caribbean island. Harrington how hey. Send me earning seven and 101010. It is four or five. Jeff jerk. For you here yet you're wrestler ever wrestler as stories about doing Maris. I've had a couple close calls like actually in the ring all never ha ha ha oh. Only admits it when he does he can't hear you know I just never happened why I think so I don't care. It's like to do. I'll fill truthful mrs. abiding today was a really down to times noted Utah where he's at 36 and 37 or seven. Let's go to pebble amount will be shamed yourself and idolize him what are they just wow. I don't know the exact number reminds in the twenties fissure between yen and when we do with its you know what my problem is it's. Like OK let's say if I went I was driving and doing my delivery to just Wear a lot of them came from. Let's say I had get a Danica that was one MR runs and go to Spartanburg Arab and I'd say oh there's the exit waited it stinks. Bit act. I'm getting at Spartanburg around and wait another exit or two and now it's like oh god there's no gas station at an angle and new you know that crisis mode. And I started doing that thing where you hold even hurt you know I am levitating in the van kinda like I'm doing what no must stay. No real Paula just all of everything agenda here to figure of one man rock certainly read aren't just drove it mr. Obama popped. And Skadden away and then just like trying to not think well now look I'm not relent and sit there and I'm like okay just don't think about innocent you hear that. Yeah. There's stomach noise where is sorrow I let me out or we're gonna explode inside in Australia now has stolen their. Only you act like your your your stomach starts to make their voices like kids like this soundtrack than old opponent house. Overrule. Wrong rules like adult he tried so hard at all again so you're goofy cartoons as rural can't just fire arm film reels. Now yeah I mean look I steel to this day and that's been fifth. Eighteen years ago it bodes angles onto nine I still apologized to whomever had to. You know and the bathroom and then Mac is it was it was awful we just heard about it or they don't then you're really recently black and I think that care that went down there anyway here are demolished it I. I had to cut those saying this is why I still wearing tight why these two that was an Oscar mode yet so tiny bodies you can't demand gulf with the united. It just falls right off aka you know what's so wrong. Here's your key line. Get the day for our eyes and warnings. Right guys headlines with the page and you're Bigelow who. Continuing. Topics that we were discussing earlier in the show. Deadlines. And making and that dead the dead body is back. And stronger than ever. It is so popular that planet fitness is going to have a whole calendar devoted to your working your dad died and I didn't know we have to smokes not on this. In this room nine is the smokes model. That's model that's. Yeah IE and run it by dad died at planet fitness of course this calendar you can get an inch ornaments. Health initiative backed down. I look through but there's no pictures of fat boy and unfortunately I go to dole did bugs this year and yeah. If you do bad but I wouldn't see a lot of shirtless president Adam Sandler on Randy here. Pages then right Vince Vaughn. And it's very earns his regular looking people. Just regular people are not the people who are not not fat but not overly fit my doctor always said I had a Buddy Guy from. While others day will be hundreds June 17. I think we should worship dads all month long in fact more women like dead bugs and skinny guys. Skinny fit got these. According to say like are. Are they gay guys are into like that and the like down to about younger gay desert into like the dad looked to for advice may or may lead lawyer for a guy wearing dad jeans and dad Nikes and all you know when you're a mom does regular order for their regular room. Yeah there but I mean specifically did dad look I'll hold my air bags and head combat develop itself vanish. Yeah you're right you think you're right you're young man who's an amendment like you just. Gotta have Mark O'Meara nobody else will play. Right and then you look around or type of cutting you don't have to have them. You know Rock Hudson Lima on the time yeah. Thank you I mean insect eye we'll have it all the time you don't have a herculean now you sound and he is Hercules. Yeah and that's it is sexy for some but others like in some curbs on a man these words photos of themselves into the rock is unattainable. Table. He is beautiful I mean that he's. A gorgeous specimen of human body some blues Adam Sandler with this journalist. Who. Next thing you hear us according to this racers two thirds of and women say they'd rather marry sorrow with the dead by and and some of my six pack adds. You know that is that is then thinking. I need to get a guy. That will appreciate me and could not maybe get better than me. They don't wanna start off when a guy who's all risk they'll sunlight Indian she knows like OK if I don't keep out with him and all that stuff then I'm not going to. Elevate. You have fitness wise exercise wise and certainly if I don't know Lleyton eight. If a woman and unlike a salmon eight on this scale. Lord uses five or six. Rice aren't saying exactly right earlier in the when you're seeded big groups of girls trot around downtown Greenville there's always wine that is in the group. Just to be the one that is always the Warsaw kimono pictures of things you key in on on our confidence it's lower or higher jet for wanted to distraction from my ugly face of theirs is bye guys okay all right we'll. 83% and these women say that they think that men with dad pods are more confident than the others went there is nice ads sixty. 7%. Say that they're attractive. And 62%. Take a little further and say that there sexy. Since shark lane. Women wanna man and just wants to be himself. You every once and be comfortable on his own skin is basically what percent and now. If they faced. It's an act you know what everybody's always got these big bold oh I'll do this holiday then then life happens and you walk off and I'm glad gets in the way I'll just do this yeah you know. Everybody wants to going to be smoke until they realize what beast mode is beast mode you gotta eat somebody. Yeah you did it lead to competition. I'm on county to have blood all every face at the end of the day you battled you grew these meadows. I don't think these learned in my in my opinion presentation at least noticed slightly different. It's every bit as ruthless but in my interpretation of these are you are concerned or the other based about your survival of the girls matters. Because I I don't if you have to go along the way to survive it happens that's not your goal is to restore the competition in your mind there is no competition down Peterson Bob and beast and you or maybe you're right that your mama loves you because your employee. And you keep her warm. And she likes to snuggle with the knowing you are Harry and fluffy. Mr. argued for warms your arms are like cares and when she goes to term and just like the big diabetic electric blanket tell. Every scenario is now I don't dornin tells don't let your shades smells better then then throw like kerosene heater and ran mentions Matt's that's may. That's why this. Plus what are I called I'll come stand in the corner you have. Hope that it. This if you add yellow to do a lot of Nablus mosque yeah. Could there ever been. I'm just waive our right. Well woodcock takes down a suspect with safe flying cannon big theme spit mystery story except and then Florida 25 Arab guy named. Justin Stanford women Jerker she store in Youngstown Florida. Thursday morning he had a hammer me started threatening both Clark there. Comes came into the store but Justin held them off by swinging. That hammer. And add things stay like downtown wanted to cops managed to stay gap behind Justin an attack on the best weapon he can reach. Driver now cans of Bush's Dexter brown sugar baby it's family had to pack and some are. Some weight to them and throw it. The cubs 32 cans of beans and just and then the second one hand Emmons MM just long enough for the the other Kostis Forman and taken dance and he's facing several charges including assault and resisting arrest him on because they. Now here again they guys side Giuliani or from that only look at it and they're the underdog from bush is great Barry is doing a good thing for a we're concerned are you serious and they duke on this review we now have a license to play do the doll allow. Your policy minded and remember him. Roll the beautiful being voted. Us. What are the but progress. Has voiced their life that authorities in our country roll that beautiful being voted. They're my guys. I aldermen aren't imam. Why do it again. Roll that beautiful being voted. But why terror. Our thoughts and our net dawn had the voice and Jimmy Dane. Harder than Jimmy Dean voice that no birdies or Jimmy Dean still alive many guys I thought we dive I saw commercial the other night with his only play who go to. In his him talking as it did he got to pop can go in and record an arsenal umbrella Oliver and Jimmy vetoing did eight years and those were. Yeah but there's new commercials have him healthy he's dead. You know love mob bigs sells its. Yeah it's hard. Ruled that B roll that beautiful being voted. Roll that beautiful bean footage well as bad luck hit list and it sounds like an introduction this abyss when he looks at duke and goes. All know. Is he said too much the talk and all log momma didn't he go tell provided secret. Mohammed they are to bonded. Yeah renounce Hastert did I asked him as you guys guys have night and morning show your mother hates. You'll see drops you at school. Test morning. 83 point 30.