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The shock of hearing cussing for the first time is something that never goes away: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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The radio on. He's the addition new home and on the rise guys morning chill undue or phone. He made the and he three point we don't planted a big red color Michael Hurst can. Lucky to the rise guys morning show up maybe 3.3 double. The only person in North Carolina that while besides news people and weathermen. Mean hero all I just thought the only person in North Carolina that actually gets excited about hurricanes and all you know what Shane Helms the hurricane. It was it players' wedding yesterday Fuzzy you know he know wireless spectrum it I was at an error there. While every slayer got away how many marriages is that for. His fifth fifth there. The undertaker was there at the undertaker is there. Under with a rock there. Don't know probably not a union way to do is there when you've new documentary. Now how long were to take on Tigger pharmacy supporters went. I now did you imagine but hurry up. I'm home maker like do you know that lend under tiger got married his wife get to the to the altar before he did he's so slow walking to the during. It stayed and a pass to. I mean it's still cold sea and all that bad guy. Easiest move in slow now because he's movements. Was sort of bigger about life fell Cyrus posted you'll take your around us. Knows guns on YouTube channel. Really it's full look at videos. Arrest impose the album Jesus that is now works page I did on Saturday. Atlanta. Isn't it funny that Tom and I was doing it while we are off there there there have been commercials I was ran downstairs so quick and there are walking briskly. And I am open the door to the stairwell. When the new sounds off on don't know his name wanted to promote kids is coming up. Alexander. Oly column street me I act towards street team. And promo I mean I don't what I say candies right early twenty's but it McCain I opened the door. And he's standing there Ellen opened the door and outside oh. Yes. And he's our last pennies like you know I had met him before and he's like oh wow it's just weird to hear you 'cause it's. And Shaq Karl. Buyers. Yeah. This is well again I hear you like you know I mean obviously we push it is as far as we can more than certainly anybody else in town but he can't say the S word on the radio for some it's stupid reason. Crap crap crap can't say the S word prove prove it and can't say the S word it is the top. Can't that be the first one there aren't that you were passed the one I'll march on Washington for under and a apparently will. He's always is weird to hear you hear you cuss that's like OK and I think SF IMF for some form with. When we got that any requests. Have been used to give that a remotes it was a Walton to slip up or who. Same thing and yet we we're we're at some that a while back and in Weaver's. Members. Pillow where we are were any thing. A black out of this thing. And and it in her west is on this and great lesson is is like most things the show right now. You know listen to us talk a bit. Problem. I remembered though it when I was really young the first consider everywhere in the second concert I ever went to. My am brand that and to. Certainly an Angel and cousin Lisa we went to the Greenville memorial auditorium. In salt. Run DNC. Remember the the legendary ran rap group. And at the time. You know I was into a break dancing OK I believe there is not entire. On the east sire. And dwindling this is an on the podcast discussion Howard and a screaming words it. But it was right when break in the mood became analysts theft and we go to. The Greenville memorial auditorium. And at that time the only outlets for rap music in town with the station called the BH YZ. Amendment that app and got an analyst you know listen to it but you would hear obviously what the radio edits Hong. So here we I I think it is like in 1985. Or 86 I can't remember they were we have Grandmaster Flash and who Gainey. Not the images in the rec group had any with a debt. And Nate. So jam master. Where's run that where's Ron that. An and he gets the crowd to start chanting. Where DS's drama and Indy and run comes out last say and in the Pittsburgh and at the house. Hat on and they're very good because she. I have no big deal for a change in his laugh as this is at this and all those. And see your face I looked up and it Brando like there and hand and while we're going to hell right now because at that time in my life. 'cause seeing was. Would almost certainly get you sent to hell are in our bedroom or well now remains. To me like oh that was always that was almost as bad as anything and I remember looking at and Brenda and she actually did like the days you know. And bears Iraq putter in her hands over my years old but they did the whole time. It's like you know you have there bears looked issue don't know when you'll note that appointment is college she blames you do as a blitzer along. What they call me to this she brought me to it and it's like what you heard on the radio wasn't anything bad practice I am looking at her like holy crap what is. What is happening here these people don't talk like that on the radio. Shouldn't lie noteworthy in and come again and who know. And like really. In in in my house growing up. My parents' house. You did not cus I mean it was just that thing where. You know we we were in church every sending more in every Sunday night every Wednesday night and on vacation. We would go to church. And I'm really the first time I heard my daddy cus it was dislike. And he slightly and think about it as a child is like finding out. Is ninety and pairs them I'd say some parity. It's like when you found out that you know they'll Santa Claus. And eat like. My whole foundation of life is falling apart before my very eyes my dad had just cost. I mean was it one of the big ones adrenaline off a hole was the first onset in it was in traffic in the N. It became our little seeker or to tell your Martha Pacific coast sorry mommy you know I have. Hey I tell him I'm way how. Cool would all do the narco sin and so I would about the pure roots he word. I'd now no not at all and even now that I heard I heard many recounts went on in my whole life I'm 42 years old I've heard my mother costs one time at our lives and in an effort it was gas I call Danny rolled over flew with a buggy came now. Hot. Don't look at her space is MySpace amber and that the Randy Lindsay got low and hard to say drew me. That's when the phrase just -- I doubt that you started in our house my bag I had never heard it never sent him on I've never sets heard her say password whatever it is it's so. That's what I would always ask her and I still to this day last or sometimes in naive and harp on it on the radio but like who decided that that was a bad war. Specifically the S word in that she always gives me on the G eighties she explains that an. Example liked. I you know some people say. God dog it all. Mama you know what I mean like they'll replace the donated you know again so people will customize words didn't fit their own morals and sensitivities about certain words may. You know I I'm fine well and I was only you know those it was a real religious thing you don't -- no I you know. But there is not now. Well. If you think what it is these people just kind of like is not like yours you. You make and it worked for you Richard had to say they're saying okay. And nowhere in this this book does it say specific words is says when things don't pay the lord's name in vain in the arts. In the but that doesn't just mean that one compound phrase either they could be any any way that you take his name and it was a seven point not because some words genes of Turks. Come only in the guy I don't know lateral and waging certainly should always Wear jeans. Knowing how to speak like that they'd say what are your manners which can injuring two well I would do paged the deal is your mom. Was she still I think she 'cause a lot have a foul mouth now it has. Neck down here as a marring who does it mean Adams and yesterday that Marines not spank good in the into us now Murray. I am cast with men but I'm neck he would never cast my mom manner around us now. 'cause is a remote as I have had to do with the bodies saying things when I was growing up. But not you and saying. And a guy Todd and you can never tell my and I only had asked in the rich the US has made him the. Aren't that that he never. Normally lawyer did it and say can marry a little tired thirty the united bad news is very dramatic series and he's my mom was no way that's racers race. That way I don't imagine that there was ever any language filter in your family did they didn't seem wasn't there was it pretty much about everything special Monday when veterans but history to. And you know. But. I don't want to say what he said to my dad explain to me in a situation. He's like we're going to help so and so removed. His brother's gay you might see some you know. Things have retained their lives Thelma he didn't say elect to have you know you can demise in the words you use while it was is everything you commands and a all the time. Off was Roth I needed so you were never shot when you heard by. I was shocked by them I was shocked when a for started you know give into the radio world that's crucial putting me. When I first started people off there yet intern at. It's you know you hear the voice in Norway you know if something can't say I consider earlier. Your shares interests it was a WFBC yeah and then before you came over here in the dark side and community. People off Ayers let them climb Omaha other stations to a mama mama is the station and you said that. I'm so and so on. And put the other part was the old if you see building intercom. Was decide what a fifth channel four so you would see yell wife if people coming outside smoking or whatever and they worked us into a Mike. I can't handle this oil and a girl like me I know this is too much. That's how I started custom through their national ice wasn't gonna brain training how he can you believe this blank. On the shadow. Casting lies and we said that it was mere fad or Warner's top. Yeah man used to do this lineup a little. As a you know compared will be used to be out what the language all fair yes. Yeah I. But Biden did at the moment though when you win you as a child when you're so might do it it's it's like. Well the then it's see you kind of look back and say why is it that way I write. I numb your bid that haven't nobody can explain to me why those words are allowed other than it is just a way. It's chase is just rules eight other bit there's no other X rays is just rules is a way to dampen. New York conversation I think I think it increases it I love. Good adjectives and words in saying if a bad word makes us a story our conversation a little bit better than this but whatever. I think are gonna go back and won a circus. What I meant to say was we used to be more belts may be leaving Somalian notre hang in a sign around that some you know. Course freezers were going. And though we're good about not doing anymore but remember we first got the board. The stuff we drew them there miles. Sticking point. That well this doesn't this money for many. Then half past it. It's all right we've just got to be just hung in that was the only thing called. And tablets like now that's for us to be grimace for him McDonnell's like that on grimace there is no longer thinks that. It's a fate like bowling balls as. What life but I think it's hard to censor and went to music and especially if you could. I got up to three the united Aztec NN we're driver and with Jerry in a son and down. I was unloading things on the car and never is. Dance blank or dance mom and that this plaza oh my god is okay fast for a bat and then the next sound as bad. And then like the whole week it was a weekend I have just potty mouth stuff BK is chris' planned video games and it's F this F that everywhere again. Maybe there's more shocking here in your kids do down this. Landmark castle that other kids. My kid Walt buy out she want like when she was younger she repeated something that I said. And I said it's cold his stance and she was like two or three years old and she says it is called ISIS' and man her mama is that we've laughed and laughed and laughed and I don't give any embarrassed her so we're like don't think you can say do it again she couldn't yeah. It's been barrister and I'm Tony some cheese are scarce and she tosses him a full but I've not ever been jaws they feel boys can do review and what are Carter and a whole picture cliff yeah. When they get Disco they learn that to tell you not if you get caught cussing me after the kids money with the casting jar so now I've said some bad things in front of him and cost them something. You you have to sway your source for yourself well we did when he was younger became my husband was terrible. Hey there and things are now my my eyes. As far as like my against you for awhile and now test some serious. It I don't know. Poop now though if I drop something and then now I understand that it's and I am liking what your mom and I can't they afford I tried not say it is one of my favorites but I turned an eight. The boom but want them like what he's and. Wager you trying to disable for what reasons it's not very dignified to have people hear you say another anchor of a spot but. All you all I. Standards that I guess what I I really it sounds like I'm just insane at the same era man make an amount animal elbow like. I know you can tell me where the word comes from in the meaning behind and all the stuff but. He is indeed it's it's necessarily roll and a half you know have fear and the and he now. Still shocking of fighter Somalia on public sale I can opponent says and you're sitting somewhere with a bunch of people testimonials from cool to monitors foreign summaries. It. And I'm not look I must send a singer salad on public scream yeah ordering the stuff yeah I do wonder why were they shot and end all this comes from like do you remember the first time we heard a a just a regular song that a bad word and it. In your life. All of this is great and this is the part time kind of came within. Ali was a hero yet. Charlie Daniels demo and under Georgia there's one the first version he says I've been told you what she settled PH on the best Zimmerman I'm glad part would come on the radio I remember like. If it's finally does it tuning in when my ear like he's saved by Edward. And then later on as he became a man of faith he wouldn't do it that way and in my. It just say anywhere in the Bible that you can't say better battery any of those other things implicit dabbled as a played the band and it's that'll. Or the federally please let it die might have been basket case for me a 1006 gray when duty came out we bought him in though he talks about you know. Masturbation be and then says the a forum a much on that's the first music wise were her rain day yeah. The first time that I ever her my dad 'cause it wasn't because he'd deal was in the far apart when he was in the empty and I never heard popping New York us. Until her my father cuts for the first time it was right after he got in the coaching. Page came homes at all. Yeah and then just blurted out we're like all. This for no reason this for a reason but then I was shocked by that there were two times were I was shocked. On Wednesday night church and I don't only just child had a church. And this truck driver was going by him and his home in the horse Moses. Blah blah blah. And it was right in front of the church which was great to people hear him call yeah everything I was outside. If we turn around and dozens. I mean I am fine with all of them I just on Anderson I don't understand it I don't understand it but I do really feel like I've said this before too I feel in the next. I think in the next five years we will be able to say. To them I say which ones that two of those words will be. Que me eighty lied okay it all yeah usual while cord to. As wants government does anyone to be choosing bill won support from. I think. Rob. A sandwich word may reset it was the guesswork has daddy is my ass and don't Twitter which words she said it was asked his mediator when the bug you with Kmart. We'll get into some headlines and we still have. The TSL question of the day for birthday bash successfully for market Iraq career. I rescue has morning you know nine is recalling you're. Right guys headlines with the page. And you're being pulled through. He last talked about something controversial fast track. Yeah yeah sorry ma am glad the inhaler or Dracula I can't Maine he had known. You know more things and we thought that they did by drinking blind because there's a study that revealed I've talked to earlier this year. Who can't live longer and stay healthier by drinking and planet of the young and not saying that you SX -- emergent or anything thing all buzzing and emergent and a Samoa Tanzania according to a new study added the university. College of London. You might be of the live a little longer and avoid diseases account of old age including cancer and heart disease by drinking young people's blood. Says they found them in the study they found. But people over 35 more injected with plasma from teenagers blood and it was a real improvement and their bio markers for diseases. And an animal tests are or are older animal. Brains got sharper when they were injected with yen curved lines that you're wondering can they get the splash page had I think you're just like hit hit hit it. There it is separate trials by Ambrose show which involves seventy participants. Ambrose and I thought that was fruit salad and home. As the name a fan of this saying it was a startup called an impressionist and San Franciscan team so. What they did is they had volunteers ages sixteen to 25. And they they gave their blood enough like they took kids they're not on the streets like right farming. It is people on a positive situation yes I am. Yes all right let's get anxious adults you know they were willing to donate it's not like they held on down and take files from and with particular blue. Now now there's something to that obviously. You know younger blind. Date. Gotta be something to that like. Really it is what makes us who we are I do it and if it. How do we get from younger young he's had a we have some young people walk means I have to tell Nene can't take. Me when they donated. So you decide you want to see what these young plasma I think it. Black market. Got a. Now is Stan and then university trials and studies so it's in any control. Claim claim clean environments and again put rent I mean I don't really know exactly. When you donate plasma they tell you you could have some super strong plasma that you know could be used for a lot of stuff we never tell you and you'll never meant. These mining Netflix deal I mean they could Yuma. Seventeen inch plasma and then Ambrose are currently offers cost 8000 dollars over two and a half liters and here's the deal. This is all a mystery man I don't understand is. That decline Dickens out of it. It's environmental factors that's why their blood is better for you because we have organs that we've abused. And the car muscles and you know everything else that's cholesterol fat. Chemicals. Alcohol are being Spanish really get for your heart. Old links I was always told. I imagine yeah listen to anything. Imagine for an animal a keyboard that epic. Okay Britain did this the point is though. So you're saying the old the ultra wins the rich and wealthy can go and buy a young people's blood to batter hit and this is like some kind of new age kind of thing. I wouldn't drink it and so take my chances and it's kind of like fertility when your getting an egg donor and that's from my younger probably. Colonel female if you don't have fertile eggs here eggs are for now beginning a donor and donor sperm with the difference between donor blood. I'll take just a pioneer finest game of the Los if out of someone that doesn't have made. Fatty liver or heart that's always say near being facetious but I can tell you about a very dusty blonde the guys who were in Las Vegas and an oxygen bar waiting and a Rutan page that I paid a lot of money to do is set at a bar and inhaled different flavored oxygen to your heart. Different kinds and at a prizes in the. Please we're losing Dina and I oxygen bark all that is still think you're not that you know they have all this things he got free yourself. Free yourself from the neck down I was kind of rare mergers and. Acts kind of make people don't get enough oxygen and with taking on breast or in the day yeah. So I think when you. I was kind of afraid to stick that thing in my no news. But because as clean Amazon okay right now we'll pay you really well at the beginning wanted to get do OxyContin but I totally do oxygen on. Let's start also a small yeah it would have been they don't know project now common in Vegas he hasn't. Ari well. This just trending. What's trending. Yeah on Twitter. About Superman. Henry cattle is done playing Superman in a fact no word got Japanese notes and sources say that. Talks broke down. To do a cameo I she's an overt as scheduling conflict and there may be maybe in other problems Superman because. I can't call. He may be getting too old and there's already possible talk about replacements including a black Panthers star Michael B Jordan. Can't be baggy CNET candidate not a fees or via a major villain and black panther. A journey is it in the ground work for that can't change it. I mean Kamal thank Havel's what 35 eggs still do if he's fat now now he was out. And then and is down Ben AFLAC. That's official also. Hanging and claim that man I know it was an amateur and they may be looking to revamp those characters. I don't know if this rhyme and because again you gotta have a Justice League sequel coming up and you gonna go without both of those out. Who wouldn't who would play Superman I remembered. Even before it was Henry Campbell cable cattle Brendon Roth that is named he sons and he had no personality. And it may be bigger smile army hammer. Some elective. So big for a full metal jacket not tell him moan or injure others earlier army and Jacobs. So as far isn't an official statement frowns Warner Bros. they released a statement saying that they have a great relationship with travel. And no decisions have been made the other the other staff fastest Internet speculation he's starting rumors now I'm not heights. Klaus. About this and guy well let me preface this by. Say what they do what would you do though if they made Superman. Like fat guy. Like you were expecting some kind of really hot dude. And in in Hollywood's all about being kind of like sarcastic or maybe just a little ironic what we have a female. She's an enemy of female or is it. Captain marvel asking okay. In the in you know we've seen the black honeymooners. I hear there's so. What if Superman is just a normal run of the mill guy and I must say that when the 600 pound Atlanta guys they. And it marked man he's not I don't know Kevin James. Nazis that but somebody just looks like a guy who did. All the sudden be a superhero. One of the heat in the how does this tell them to fly through this guy not pretty. And he'll land he's an alien he can they does that matter is quite expect it online and anything he's an ex up. I boats in and flies across is more believable if you were flag guy. Think it always the part one only has put his weight on the Vietnam you have to cut out part about the follow those changing his ceiling and then we have to get out now. But did I wouldn't that be something. Yeah little fat kids around the world would be able to say you know what when they'll be Superman there was always that thought a they replaced our command will be one of us yeah what we're girl wants it's. No women windows in a big arm might be deck. Is he does that. AG and achieved page autonomous. Trailers. If she really is. IBM there's no. Not make good on. You again again again get arrested and North Carolina earlier this year tech caught drinking blood her. Mean her role as vampire group sent a popular Hancock could it was a real though Matt it's like how one time. When let's not say any names here but remember one time we were wary. Band was shooting a music video. And they were allegedly drinking moonshine. And it was watch hole. It's figures. Shall work. That is GAAP and it's not the same if it's animal blood instant and not human blood because then you're not a vampire. Yeah I'd like what year when you have I'm a rare steak fry or medium greater stake in line it is kind of cold over there I realize it's a combination of this fat in the water everything but it is blah. So it's not so crazy that we're talking about drinking blood. I sought biscuits and two soldiers one Obama has some kind of southern Tampa Ely who until therefore really happened earlier the nitty Powell's full blood that was excellent. Line. Oh boy. IRA by the way is this. Somebody asked me this and I don't know there's a main goal around as says if you're on the coast or in the we're. So hurricane Florence is coming yeah that you're supposed to shape your dog's stomach and write it's name ends in your phone number it. And Don yeah it's going to be a bit me and Arthur tagged. Nobody I mean people are commenting on this like it's a real thing in May very well be I mean. Occasionally and talent that's again ninety shave its comic in the and write your phone number room. I like him sharply and you could tell the doors and support for not a number I did shave your draw and are not selling it nonstop ride in on there. Yeah shaving and while ideas here and I don't know who's reading it expects to file number of the student died in your address what is as a bird. When you write it. That's got to be one of those things like carrier kitty sedentary. Isn't that along the lines of hey ladies through your windows of 430 get repressing this is that immigrant. Well. You have to do you. Well you know people trying to get rid of their anxiety by doing different things now maybe. Yoga or taken out hot shower along bath. There's a guy he was busted for pleasure earning himself in front of a laundry man. Why why why I'm sort of a larger accomplice is happening Clearwater Florida cops got a call around 2:30 AM. On a Tuesday NN as a two year old guy by the name of Carlos Salvadoran. Who is inside and being under Matt who's watching porn on his found and measuring and south. And he told cops he was doing it because he says according to Carlos. He says pleasure in himself and public helps with his anxiety. You know all he needs is a doctor Tehran and all that anxiety is it will become a long voiced my emotional support him incidentally one person with a dog scent I came go to Wal-Mart without body. And I you know everybody gets an emotional support. I'm never getting on a plane if that's the case if that is done now I don't know international support if Turkey was goes out basket now. Who carries so needless to say he was arrested and for exposure of sexual organs. And do that even if the nation a better doesn't make anybody else from manner you know. Do you remember when laundromat were called washer at its gas an object this world is all a science. Watch is that my dad is it wash yet what ship yes wash it nobody Sig coin laundry Lewis said laundromat respond yeah. And and and didn't take. A lot of money and to wash your class now it does now that's right. Well and there's another list that we can talk about hot. The top grossing actors of all time. So want to. I know and hate is less well I know this one's kinda interesting I think because gold grossing of all time that means. Return on investment yet and means how much they go roast. Yes this is this is the lists according to business insider. Moon and love that magazine. And spew your frequent subscribers to it and this. Is the fifty actors who have made the most money at the box office. Aren't so what is pleased we guess some ending you can just tell us yeah when number there that. Right so. Tom cruises on there oh and remember he's number nine. Or the rock. Already maybe Canada. Is Dwayne Johnson on the list. Tennessee. RO CK. I believe and not make the top tendency to Aruba I mean can the Khazei still. Kenny young and Alpa chino. Alba go and give me a not on the top ten can act was the rumors I have rules say. Jack Nicholson. No that's okay see ten all time Nicolas Cage go above all you hear me does every movement. Not make in the top ten Sylvester Stallone. Him. Well then I'm gonna go Henry Cabell. Apple Mac Apple's former Batman that's it. Is it page I am so here's the top ten. Robert Downey junior now okay iron close to five billion dollars four point 960 billion dollars and you know I mean like you remember it one point. Everybody wrote him off as slightly and heavy price wrote himself he's like hey I'm I'm screwed this isn't going anywhere and now look and Iron Man. And then and Harrison Ford. This is a strain was great Bora this this this is straight on. Samuel L. Jackson. Yeah I mean these images the high hit Scripps singing actor and on time and not the left come into America. What I think you'll see how Robert let's say billion dollars passed you know what I. I think demo but the volume on Thursday. For your Brenda and overall flow Obama and at all he'll tell you that he's in everything. It's like a record he knows that these have been in more movies and and and when tests to mine movie knowledge. And see him right. Is this a regular Winston inside. How much how much is he brought in altogether page. Five point 753. Billion dollars justice hicks now he's in a billion dollars is in the avengers to disarm I'm sure that he asked for most of. Well it's 123. Point four million dollars the highest grossing film was the recent years he's been some real leg that's that's a guy steal I don't think that people totally due respect not only that guy I mean just it. Pupils fiction now classic Jackie Brown good stuff. Only. And funny yeah I get Aggies the only character actor for asking and nobody says the F for a quietly Samuel and now have women. Of course Tom Hanks is also on the list. And and then Morgan Freeman Scarlett hand engine. There's this Mary very bankable. Julius walker about a mile down Tom Cruise and getting our feet and it's pretty pretty impressive. It's crazy and Iraq will catch up puncher became sees in him he's very banged up on an almost. I'd bank and I was. At the back while I decided Murphy's answer for a. Eddie Murphy from Shrek Alicia extra what's new is that none of them on there. And you got to remember too. Would like Samuel Jackson like he was he does so much a cartoon more money off of he was the voice on grand theft a lot of video games and the guy's been there they use on Stanford's on. You laws. While in town it's fun campaign to measure has has had this sort of play yeah I wasn't a bad movie and as you know I never saw it really matter when Bennett I take the last shark NATO's so my DVR and to save it for I guess from the powers and a lot of them right into. It won't the last we've got birthday bash tickets and is a week from tomorrow if you would like to win them listen next for the TSO question that may right after this. It's. There. And Matty called FaceBook is your grand emailed snap it. It's weeded out all those things we sure do appreciate it. Great fuss and a day great punishment after that the nose bleed to stop that man wonderful. Thank you think you think tomorrow is Friday yes the last line calling. HCG aren't too for a 14318. 8642414318. Will have the best of the best tomorrow and at the last line also more birthday bash tickets in fact. We have prepared you lawyer right now. And loan. Crap glorious Diaz so flustered don't look okay. We told you what's Jeff had put committed five. Native he picked it he went right down the middle as they give me number three. What was behind number three did Jeff put in the medi pot I'm what he snores once I hit. I interpret things go when banks take it. Text answer. To 73. He really missed warning that the words Tabasco sauce taxed at the 93 time. Text to bask insult is batting third title in the biggest birthday bash 73. Or wind. Give today's podcast and the rise guys dot com iTunes or Google player tags five candor. The 72341. At a ball today I feel bad loans are more optimal. Page Iraqi work that boy who is always. Its earnings. Very balloon crashed will be an F 5 AM right there re why would not at six thank you so much less and am blessed they take the guys it is good day. JQ Iraq yeah. And I really like just coming to attend right after the rise guys morning. 3.3.