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Which music makes you wanna have sex? any at all?: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Android or iPhone to 7341. And we'll say to download links in the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with the rats gag. Case in 93 point dream than plan that. I'm feeling so when he heard. Coming down June. He didn't get a return Indian professionals was causal inference. Determining your time and certainly user Britney. Three. Moon and news. Cool. That's exactly. So yesterday. They came up by it and headlines. Page in the same red. Boy as you said. What was it about it was about listening to music. To have sex the the. Researchers found that it does help you get more animate if you like the music. Right TK is is so I I said he you know I know some of my friends that are just. Metal heads but even though it came time to to get down in the bedroom. You know happen on any testament there any core unit staff there are some people are written on them while they're weirdos and here to tell you if. It Xperia. We don't want it. Oust I stand by I can't think of any female artists that. I would say again as sexual music page ads may and a first thing came to mind was. I jealousy. Casey in Georgia and I like. I used the key sweat used to be my go to all Yemen and knowledge no matter area. My god played that Muslims were alone they denied dumb I'm Jeff. Well. I don't care I wanted to but the vote was the architect come from I don't mind Jeff okay. I didn't ask that I was asked about the music. Nine said that. He can hit down to Whitney Houston. There aren't enough I tell you now come and come out I said I felt like she's saying the blink of the so sort of a Dolly Parton meant it when she sang the very same song. The only what is so they certainly I get down to is an orange yeah definitely hands down as more. And you. I think so yeah she's yeah. I mean imagine Aristide. There are nothing happened and I have read that group been spent a hundred armour who tells wait now I am hoping it was all series and is on the marker tilted. Bros entertainment and their two rooms and two rooms or myself on an album floor. How long until I came. Yeah and I Straus. And it. How long do. When you Obama as cops. Okay love you like me page. Nobody. Anybody who can say she you backed by me no ride it lo JJ chair grabbed me mab a bad. Whom I. Man my name man I had kind of crap that I that I like that this is so dated that even now by ice. You like to have sex in 1992 till I listen I listen to. I sent us here Ellison and practical jokers. I listened to shark tank whatever is on the T all man I hate that the most Brad hey we could I could not have sex would you like he'd do their client. Act act cut you off years ago anyway I think TV in the background is the one thing that. I mean obviously just ignore it it's Arnie forget that it somber visit you don't it'll kill the mood for me. Well there. Any one commercial I imagine imagine I'm gonna well not strictly given this season in the bag that's twelve year old Alberta lunchtime yes you do Amman. I don't take I don't take like I think when you set music is that it's got to be but I can very ram it matter what but if you are essentially the wires here husbandry boards and Lebanese say. No don't do that yet when we get to blossom music there. I mean did. The mood does have a Boehner and I'm ready that smallpox yeah according to Spotify. Man are far more likely to create a sex themed playlist or playlist. Where it. Sexual activity in mine Merrill is making them play alaskans. Apparently men heaven and our heads that we need that the music to get the woman in America. She just don't care at all is that it paves MI a MI absolutely right well you know if you're gonna go to someone's house and they Marty got the music on and the lights and there in and it. Everything has kind of said he's here and getting raining lane now here's some pony imagine you're pretty you have to stop what you're doing in your making out here like how I'm. Got to get some music on before we go any further. And it's great moves and here. I don't know where every year abandon your thank him as Channing Tatum yes. And it's a spell. Sort order order and order she put us on the keys whenever it's. Push it salt pepper. Real scared armor that point me like that suits its its seeds of what about it she turns on you know I'm gonna seed melt up some money snails so yeah again I wanna see Mel yeah there's some have made good down apparently. Plus it's a bonds longer herein named and saying urgent to a rosy approved use (%expletive) A full fledged easy and UN general. Road is sandy complaints month and he has a comment on this all the way from Duncan Jethro good morning. Our guard and there's this. You agree with a really big. Music the music is kinda needed it is needed fine but are there any female artists that he did and all men and get down to. Mermaid they know oversaw all star Oakland San. I'm happy. Not happy but on the congratulations Poland using our readers erotic. Than elsewhere matter there just. Law moment those jets. It. We don't know there's no women everybody move your songs. Do it in our. I think the lord knows OK but what do you what is your go to them like I know you are making love. Yeah. Let them and their first. The angels started making us you sit. Maternal some music some back and I'm new to go to the current team in their own not really sure exactly what you expect them. I don't salon Metallica run allotment option that earlier melody. It's you can't beat. Well room ya and says it your nickname has been a posada. How good amazing ramrod. Maybe some George Jones next yeah. But I'll tell you about although the metal or make an ever made in my our group loosened object. And the other third when you lose it. And so I wouldn't put on them on the fiction then it will have been a good thing we need performing why you did yeah. Earlier admitted Oregon period but I'm sure we'll have been. Actually yeah. Tax allowance is about don't have such we Jethro had good morning. Carlo you Ireland you know our rigid taxman and 73 fluent Carolina it mil dot com up next line I am way off his did you takes an in about it go ahead. I didn't make a playlist but I did make love to Erin novel before he went. Harris at the ethnic conflicts. I admire her no C dot com slash. Romance and half of play should be pretty good I'm also mobile. Obviously you haven't had sex and see you had sex to Mariah Carey. Little know who knows. Sri actually fancy Barack cigarette on then yeah it's got to be daily and he found out all about. Doubt that you'd ever boys to men now when would guilty movement. Like fantasy regulate what honey butterfly let me some good ones that we are. Flops tabloid press asked if I send you one way you you played everyday chore aren't you. As part of column. On these overseas where might the skin tone bikini on a jet ski in the Bay Area. Yeah you're gonna be answered its own Janet Jackson. Even millionaires they're no idea I have nobody said Rihanna yeah I mean not that I would want to shocked. A bush takes an inside guy which means what is as good as they're not many any recorded since 1998 as is all the blanket music Tony five years ago. Germans they solid. I don't blame. There's not. Say you revert says is which is him when I can easily I'm not let's get caught. But a good point. Let's go to Tommy and travelers rest hey Tommy. How creative whale even. Then. Yeah I don't know about a stroke in my corner Carter. Us up up up a. And are we at a motel room boys and. And black and he Tom is well worth the way it was great value there is no directions and business all. I had breast cancer I ask. God are oh to ten. I've been reminded that a society classy Cassie one of the sexiest songs to get them to. And a senator example. May be rising and home underdog as a close second oh for sure elect which is titled it. Six music BI sex music. Armed conceivably imagine the the text messages and tell you it here we go. Isner. Hey go away it's time. And blue laugh. I was. For its in that is just the dog and nags yeah it's gonna celebrate. Being. And then you pull through and not. It's yeah. These will. You know hand all the ladies. Allies I. Say there's one already. And suit like you do here. Okay crowd got a hold of you where now don't you do it smell it it's nobody. It's just. Let's see. Yeah nobody seen what CI standby is as far as the women you named a couple yes but is far is man owned. This is weird and not a single person with hailstorm in all of her songs are about sex. Yeah I said Cecil won text is mangoes or Verizon or else Torres hit. Yeah well I done it seeks a dull pain got it you do it a lot of dale ray. I area where was I and again I know the name she came up yesterday in the show about I don't know any of her song on issues and the heavenly bodies. Earns dirtier Jimmy did you think that journalists are meteoric now grandparents. This is corner who's out there on the dot no way no way Madonna. Many of the Pope. The singer I'm born girl she had an album called hello. It was a sexy album and they just won album that nobody but me ever heard bill you know. I hope now. And now days. This thank you know move their right leg for the music is for the background so the people here listen I'm a youth that's maybe that's the problem I'm not into lingerie and I don't need I don't need it can do is don't not that I'm saying I'm some kind of superpowers sexual. Deal but like I don't need that. But the music is it putting you in a mood you're already in the mood when you start playing the music had sex center yeah. The music never put anybody in the mood lest you were about to have sex with beyoncé. Today rice day. By what that's homeowner voice comes in thanks and good enough. What is this what is in the news what is it does jackal. Rather rather rather it's a good took that's the secret emulated him have been known Alan. The three stone known as if traffic yeah yeah. Oh man just throws that he's if he's gonna call low I'd be used jewels commemorative it is junk yard Vera you're out there and you look at our. Our white nationalism and they are most Georgia are pumpkin patch yeah the boy all right there's our we we've had our quota for sex talk today will. Do some headlines next page picture sure mag called can't help but insists on being able to see all those news stories you gonna do next rise guys headlines right after this. Rise guys morning Sheila. I thought he 93 point three the planet Iraq. You guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Guys guys headlining slots and then and by paramedic and stayed arm marrying well if you're thinking inundating us. Round by you but that a hold off. I don't did cancel my Amazon pedals that can together. Hackers fine. That they can program sex robot that's according to wait cyber security scientists. Akers extra I can get open terminator on me and my friends of mine McDonald's. The how how life then why would Kennedy mil rope yeah. You celery root and you're not here it's extra time to kill you absolutely yeah. Initially seems kind of farfetched. I see more worried about having everything on there tablet that you can on your lives here. Security system and it counts. But then that this is the sex trial but yeah this that slide is like a wild doll. And maybe your program and that's the same sort of way and we have different functions free component. Programme through your tap planner whenever these. Made by the same people make real dolls. Campbell and again to you is for all those sexual deviancy. I don't know man accompanying adroit I'm 6000 books or. I think they want or. An old. Pointing finger. Yeah. It's a different companies make him her big can be hacked vote won't let me give a great value there than it is and man. I'm an anything can be hacked remember we did a story about keyless entry. For your cars you know can hack into your home I didn't hit the brakes why you're examined on the road Durham. Rules and it had mass market house and turn heat on on the work your domain yeah I'd turn me on how Obama's lead you jerk hacker and then. Anaheim I have sex with a robot you know I don't have to. How I got you don't want to do list doesn't. Until you break give rob all how can lose everything I have ever seen in science fiction series and robots are really strong. We don't make them weak for some reason we make is a regular bar arms often movies now. Or third lags in the long what do. One dollar that is I mean look obviously these are geared toward men and that what about it and as sex robe you can literally be blank today. Do you god. Are can just maybe somehow strangle you can hit both not a mother did advocate idea now. And it it is kind of scary to think your whole house is connected and what is your whole house goes awry and you know like your toaster out menace. On often burning house down just crazy. It could kill you a kid. Number that was thing we're John Holmes is cute little picture he killed a woman in Helmand is that real yes I don't think so. As kids like legends of war he was like because bill with one of those barrels to monsters from us and I. You know and if you're running everything after Chandler Modano you're crunched door open our poll. Everything to poll on native remote control every school asleep to include. Hello I mean there's everything they can eat your bathroom turn lights on and off the right near water. But this is something specifically that is entering URI serves yeah yeah that's way different than turning your free trader owner of this or that I mean mrs. Elementary school was touched a Jamie name and then you flip on the light switch I think it's okayed an internal lamb union just heated and you sell out this summer you can be self but it would be nice to have a peripheral. They got it might go and what might go out and you had to go to the hospital windier robots Nazi cry I'll allow mayors in order this is speed of your robot I would you know the robot shoulders in tennis is really tall person they'll load trans kind of you know make the robot walk in there. Imagine if you're hiding in your closet and falling 911 than the sheriff's department coupled deputies after rollout. Because this crazed nick can't hack a robot is trying to kill user than. Real live people police officers have to come up in your house. Sir do it. A neck in realistic human like sex robot yeah. Right. You should leave town after the first time you make that man what wanna come. He and it's the only front page. What is the magazine Gilbert are doing get arrested you'll be front page. It's naked dolls are running down straight up panic LP I have to really wanna come back agreement CEO that the Irish or American lore of the and welcome home he's either being closer to actual Robocop. Costco happened lower my hat broke out. Nancy maybe all warfare and all every country's military is all drones and reviled what is their robo cops that some sinister. I computer scientist came out with the a virus of racism. In the uploaded racism into the right about us. Here air act and uninteresting parades when Andy's. Let you download though racism by accident. You know. Any sound that it. And I don't mean you can tell it's completely tested you might wanna hold off might actually make him gang. You know the one bill Allman got a pass. Our Hackett daylight cut you off flatten out nine and the minute they imagine they do is upload the height of FaceBook news feed to your sex robot. And then it just. Eight villages banks like ex wife dear all we all thought you were remains. Hey Murphy in your doll you're you're just in the ms. Kagan has just got to search a red faced Bloomfield or law on the same thing. I remember it being a small case here I'm. Voters can sit here through radio robot run around one pumpkin spice or you're not you don't eat that's why that's why you. There's a blogs Basel. You know you Roma or our hands drugs like Hannibal Lecter when you're a drug to economic data some mom bought tons medals than anything. I'll. Wolf some folks are very charitable specially after hurricane Harvey and now are among them again a lot of money. And globe beat. News. Well will be. Any relation to little big team. It is not it is I frame to aid those affected by hurricane Irma. But he's not donating money. Are hooking people up with food or shelter he stats and announced to help them. Instead he's offering free guest verses to rappers affected by the hurricane. Yeah patents he made hearts and he's trying to pump them up with the best way that he now. Demos they are since I am not familiar wind damage CA a well known. Easy easy money. If the referee must in his reply stops after. He said that he previously offered to do the same thing with Houston on this and it's weeded quote Florida. And yelled back yes. Zero brawls and alignment this isn't it oratory and a million dollars in her arms fire tears as he went there India finished trying to get his name. And help people saint. Yeah he's no different than the networks. Newton. Young gentleman asked his match you won't Tillman but these networks are not donating money themselves. Whom they they raise awareness. He's had some mounds of little help I don't know I think he hit moreover. I think just by Jack gold mine. And if I'll tell us some controversy this is sometimes an Ohio critics have said Bennett and kids are Marion teen young because it's illegal. For young girls under the sixteen making get away and if they are pregnant and they have permission from their parents. So that Dayton daily news say did some investigation. And they found that more than 4400 girls aged seventeen or younger were married in Ohio between 202015. Billion. Including 59 who worked fifteen years of age or younger. Meg crazy or I have been in Dayton daily news. Very merry land if your situation in your child comes home. I'm pregnant and they wanna get married what would you ditto as a parent would you allow that to happen or would you say wait hearing eighteen. What would you do. I don't know what I would do I mean well I mean think about it or you're gonna end if you let him do it on them. What do you demand and let them go through whether or get married or you're gonna have the service again I'll sign off the papers out loud if they're under the age of sixteen. On notre torment cure of mayors. Yeah which and I just managed part now. Now no need for areas sixteen your argument. You know I was gone and 99.9. Percent chance is not going to committed is going to end. Set them cinema fairly. I mean book and it is a zillion people on texting and say they had kids fourteen and hired fifteen have been married thirty years I'm happy. I'm glad this happened you. If I can be sentimental for a moment. This is not gonna work out. I am speaking me from the future and I'm telling you that it would not work now. I wanted to but it won't know. Started fifteen hundreds in north you mere if you have a kid together. Not a young. Or was told parents. Yeah red and bad try like hell did not. Did not have kids in high school Kazan don't work out well for you or them a lot of times it makes a lot harder for Mars. That wider and police. Or to take economy no they're not banned. And that's a lot more effective and don't do it. Hey don't. Used in that saying is a lot better than not get nine. Alleged sexual pocket but some are writing using a powerful lagging economy at center is a lot better than the alternative the alternative is just what nothing. Well I I liked it I'm me okay this sixteen I was say at Sinai at. At sixteen and if you is eighteen and she was sixteen and it was 1930. I don't know what issues is why now I unseeded Amanda once I I would take into consideration. How mature they are and what their plans are if one of them had a job and they are trying to make the future for themselves towards Georgia is sixteen or is already garnering their. It's just U verse may personally I was I was trying to for the sort aren't college at 17 so I am I knew Udoh is doing. And I didn't. Wanna be home I was ready to leave at the age sixteen but we do yells at. Go to college is sentencing. Is a guy's genius I wanted to get out of my house my mom was really really strict so my. All I wanted to do when I start a high school is to hit out of that hats and grow up. We get out and and being pregnant and married at sixteen some way to different that's a lot of Obama did I shouldn't be your way out. You know if and then they're eighteen I now even eighteen that is nowhere else. I got married before I had a child and I didn't fully become an adult so that baby was born from I didn't. And so I would still argue that's not happened yet. Or. So those people I'm moon with my bare buttocks you can player on the Terrence because the stigma of having I child out of wedlock. You have to get married because well what people think. So if you're married and adding Dion Haynes then maybe it'd be okay and you can fix the problems later this nozzle thing or. Now as let's say says avarice and think that he used same page that now when. Teenagers get pregnant that they actually think of marriage from wire these kids getting married at 141516. Years of age if. If that's not some sort. Of this situation. Main aim aren't even if it. Are you if you're 141516. You get pregnant the first thing you think of his marriage the first thing you think of as an abortion when it whatever the first thing you think of is. Why isn't the first thing you think I'm an argument where you been raised has been raising new human conditions here all of them dollars in Iraq ruin me the fifty home. Shouldn't do any thing mean based on other people think when everything first at that young Ainge is going to be primarily based on what somebody else spotter told you what you learn in your limited its. Larry it's I know enough to make these decisions are you doing if if your child came home at age sixteen. Pregnant. Would you say OK you can stay here and raise a child under Myron fan it's going to be fine. Yes Timmy could kick our Google FaceBook. When it when guys are so good vs Floyd get married in get out yeah. No of course you would take the baby and that would be our little thing to say you live your life you have this child because the baby's coming regardless and a so you keep. Keep your education stay in high school just worry about the other stuff just to Asia. Kid's name asking about sex domain they're not who were thinking about it and and enamored with it seat at a good taught them about it instead to wait for them illegal man may never come ask you about it. Not at this point. Tell before somebody at the park comes up to those are talking about it. Is now. His teenage pregnancy in and high school and and I'm going to be fat boy in the park talked her out of her version of and you know some of the girls named got married early on X seventeen mine was a junior and the gunners. And no but I'm sure they're divorced by now around because it's very stressful have a talk about young men have a life and get a job and now a days is hard to pay for anything. Era yeah. Dance and dance and this the thought is paralyzing. An analyst for us to halt earnings any of the nail on the head and Tex I'm 72341. Can't talk to me react like builds the responsibility doesn't factor into their brains is not supposed to this point kids. It's part of India here but then again think normally see their parents and I am not having that ability either. Yeah tell you raise them on pace to minister. I don't wanna hold. Okay guys. Anytime anywhere. Download the free adheres Max now agent tackle. 3.3 don't plan as. Thank you thank you. Rise guys morning show good morning is 951. Thank you to all of you that call and FaceBook and snapped danced a grand that we didn't even on all those things. It was good it was good thank fair and appreciates you. America. And may she get today's podcast at the rise guys dot com iTunes or just text the word pod cast to 72341. And also keep this in mind when you out in this. Trash figure you get out you go out on the bag d'antoni had much trees down what do you know pissed off. Clear though Athlon. That is ask all Friday we play our compilation of those on Fridays you can call that number. At any time that's 864241. 43288642414328. And though player favorites on Friday canceling console that you can't cast sandal with an item that the and it's just it's funny some times prepared we'll postal many different. In the meantime. Some winning to be head and kept. Lives he has no one. No but there are a year. Wish I dared. Good tabloid aside he cannot do because of legitimate risk of injury to his bond. Which there can he not dated Thursday when he makes up his portion of the bare wall from last week. Text better answer to the Carolina paper mail contacts lines at 7341. The numbers 72341. We will take the 93 correct answer to be at bay hill winner. Think you know monologue is bad is when I agreed to. That's coerced into a unity the shop across the chest from a professional wrestler James Drake Jay I. Both of them but James James after James Drake will be your one half of devolve world tag teams infants and it's going to be Saturday. Trail Marie Anthony Henry and your kick information or interviews. And then the deadlines have come on knock your tires now that we're at Wal-Mart get your dealer can have grown big hair plugs into urine yes centered well. In 93 minute non stop. Landed rock block kick off next page will rock you Merkel fatty. You know when he does that yeah it's really him but doesn't bring anything else Olson and he kills Brock. Family driving him rising everyone in August 6 face less than ever blessed they do it guys it's good that's. And 83 minute run flat just luck to. In the loaded. 3.3 dollars. Drugs they say.