Diesel // Why Is "Moist" So Gross?

Wednesday, March 21st

All I want to do is figure this out...why is the word "moist" so gross to so many people?

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It makes women's skin crawl every time you say it just kind of get. Mariette good friend radio's on the air down in Fort Myers, Florida. I think you know worded is that I'm talking about that word is points it though. I'm I've been trying to figure this out. I'm maybe as the male mind and I sort of can't wrap myself around us but the word moist if you ask me. Refers to. The first like that hey why oldest son and does that work gross. He's only did it take your wife because there's no other way to describe it but when you're talking about their yeah why can't they can't what do you. And boy does he think that you like mills school elementary vocabulary class. Upon them on a don't give up the gravy you know they're gonna come forward that really bothered me more if there's one of them though late July just. Heard that we're talking about it. Is you know I don't mind the boys get the word that I just like you articulate. Please put your deal with the word moist explain it to me help me understand. Does anyone now. That's not my goal here tonight I'm trying to figure out why eight women seem to be grossed out by the word boys and try to get to the bottom of this. What you think jump when you hear the word. It's dirty pretty ordinary and why does. I think have been I think one woman ten years ago decided that is a dirty word like everybody rushing out. Now decided it's all BC and all think it's. Not gonna violate the diet to correct people how. Let's go where it felt that he didn't have you say it sounds like it can't dirty towel. Understand help me figure out why this is a dirty word if you've got to the other words just making got to go. You recall of meat out. Right no one can really give me a straight answer as to why the word moist so grows worse in other words he can give you. DJB's. Get some tweets here from half. Underscores sensors she says the child support voice always made me uncomfortable in other words she hates the word slack. Why I don't know at ravens won never more so toward the freaks are out of. Police. Detective reviewing wild Willis 7341. Dedicated girl kind of hate the word weakness so much. She would get good. Like nails on chalkboard.