Diesel // What's Your Hometown Famous For

Wednesday, February 28th

Every town has a claim to fame. What's yours?


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Docs landing. Tell us what you sleeper. Oh thank you spread around. It best this whole thing up. That's usage or drug usage. The sense you're at what I expect to be the most common answer tonight what is your hometown. Known for what is your town famous for items from. Hickory, North Carolina always good thing can't print every North Carolina home of the birth place of the NASCAR stars kick my feet wet. As well as a comedian Jon great. And a failing furniture industry what does the TO would start no. And TR a sport in south Jersey but the but. My almost entirely trauma dressed I was six yards prime most known. For double dog. So that's the only double dog mascot in the country could sit claim to fame playing the same sort of sit trailers dressed. We are T. Your old self known for a please don't think shorty from B 93 point seven Barry Bonds today. Says I'm from Gaffney South Carolina and you know it's all about that page Watertown where is that how she talks in my head she does speak any Gaffney you Semel like what you're famous and that was her home town famous for about a let me gosh forty from B 93 point seven Omaha where everything's socks so it comes down here to enjoy himself were roll his rock and roll stars have fun under the nor I count my girlfriend Lindsay Daphne this weekend. Offer birthday party in sushi stand in issues front and friends hasn't seen in awhile on social walks into these two and I had wesun Lackey each other in Haskell. Namely fan afterwards he would we were cousins. Staal. Story says she has Gaffney and what does general down famous forgone the phone lines out where you from an iron just down the road diesel ahead. Period for his way to the Novartis should be required oh dear lord. We and our plan all right. You what color shades do you have any event right now actually have black. A good. Text message is 73 or lesser town's famous for Jerry Peterson a proud lord of Morgan's in North Carolina says they're famous for their mental hospital Tim Scott from Rutherford North Carolina says dirty dancing was film there I heard ulcer they like to beat a Parsons I can't say who by. I'm sure the Pozen was asking for a visit trades through her back field.