Diesel // Wes Gilliam of Radio Room

Tuesday, April 17th

Radio is supposed to be live and local. What better way to exemplify that than have Wes Gilliam, co-owner of Greenville music venue Radio Room in the studio to talk about his venue, the bands they're booking, and to just get to know him. Take a listen and follow them across their social media outlets. RadioRoomGreenville.com

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Among some AQA. Numbers call list and I'll get three or 4 calls every morning. It's wells Fargo's and hurry up your bill LeBron no. Wait till I get paid again. You and radio. Make that this is certainly not a podcast every kid with a microphone. And let it things that they are interesting in new podcast. And is that sort of one off gig you know. Locals. Music scene out west Gilliam from radio room owner co owner you the singular owner co owner and earners. Radio and has been around Greenville for quite awhile what when was the original. So we Chris and they're ready around and march. 2011. But did eroded and Jeff Ashley took over from just a Gypsy like October. Tweets than is that renamed the heads. As some former others and like Paul tweeted and you know I think I only get to know you first I've been around you a little bit I know you're kind of nerdy guy. Thanks. Okay heard she was in for a long time I think it still is I was on that. Pop up out of his set. A crazy balls right out I won't. I love that show I love children there done that that was a never ending story were those like the eyeballs pops up values and starts there and Adam are moving who has app from and so on it was that. Princess bride when there in the swamp does want them in business and a Jack from the slot ball pops about sort. Looks a rally is here ever so. Who are you what are you into western thing you know I don't wanna just. We're a blanket and say here in the Star Wars but I think you are. None are Obama ordered Chinese Jack hey right on me too that's the thing on earn out of up by the wham superstar of this. Amazon series is coming out name they announced the one billion dollar budget yes and do you know some. Something to do with the so brilliant yes a lot of points. Per the original contracts apparently they have access in the first few tendencies. From Lord of the Rings. Which deals with the new minority in kings and not so much the history of the elves so we don't know they're gonna touch that if they're gonna focus on and and they did save a lot when he healthier budget just by focusing on the king's cup because a lot of stuff there to cover yeah in the as. On arms or enough now where are seeing everything Vermont childhood kind of been reworked to warmed ever and is as slaves are and I'm mr. not reserving judgment play. I called it's called a comes out awesome if not I'm busy I don't watch. Anything else on any other channel like I don't have nerd rage for some of that anymore is like. You know letting you know whether he had a certain point you thought. If so let's how long have you been involved in running music venue and live. Music had to get into that from the start. I mean I've been involved and live music since I was probably. Sixteen or seventeen is being a man's means. And bands during and then. As I was always a one and a booking this loser talk in the venue owners are giving a crap about the business side of any gains. In after I act I we're playing for awhile in his like IRA were all. How connects originated in some they would music. Now like rolling on I'm probably not gonna be professional musician that. I had a real I punk rock sermons records whatever anybody out of all the bands that you're in what was the worst name. It that a bands that we do not decide on a name whatsoever. Or her own as speaks records. Return we named her rowdy front replace older. And it just stunk now certainly being a radio I look at things from a among macros when god smacked and entered town wins you know Papa Roach those big bands Greeneville. Tell me doesn't seem to have a whole lot of music scene going on is that right is that wrong. There is too early music scene I won't say there's one big prevalent seem wears like there's a big metal scene there's a big punk scene. There are several factions are inspired like. We have a good metal scene here we don't have a great metal scene. We have a small boxy and like I say the jam band scene here is probably the biggest scene you'll find here like. There's a seeker FaceBook groups. I call the green wall hockey family is invite only and some quite badly. I mean so you have that fuel actually really together and support each other more than anybody near people like. A minus con festival every year there which is more bluegrass and Wang and Americana folk but that's really bigger around here. You guys seemed to book while a little bit of everything radio room you're you're not in the building the size of the food stamp any more and more bomb shelter the the law that was out in cherry dale now you are on on Rutherford road is that correct when he says toilet points and I it's the same road and intersection you're in a much bigger location you went from previously holding what. We resist he arrived legal what did you actually. About a 120 was about as crazy as. You go and countless times where you are now points at what is your new hold now we legally. Irsay on his own for 126 because sprinklers. Well some activity but don't do it all the time and I'm like hey let's try to push her locker whatever we've had two sellouts and the couple come early clothes smell like. I've got my fingers crossed and hold now for the day. That was not gonna happen anytime soon but that Dollar General that's next door you I just want them to go out of business so bad so parties are the other half of them and you want. My friends that you ran to my landlord and Monday and like. TR the news I biking or something they knew each other and of having dinner and our landlord actually mentioned to like a really want them to that one day. And I was like I'd be really cool I don't think we of the parking their lives of could be did that's we will be apprised 600 cap room it's a great. I mean it's almost like a tiny little flat iron. Yeah I mean where is Yahoo! really concern of organic earth you know we've been in this filling in June 30 or when your anniversary party of points that. Those kind of on eyewear is kind of cool as payback investors' list rebels announced. And then good effort so Oreo on on that kind of thing and I've here's an hour maybe reality. But right now is is like article where you go lights on in I got. Plus you're you're in sort of I think what will become a heart of downtown. Right now you're you're still on that kind of friends but bower is only for county which is awesome try and you've got that bad. Lot that's across from either catty corner across to me that just got torn down as eyesore of a building. Don't know what's gonna go there you know what's in the. I don't nominee into investigate. We're hoping condos are you happy our business outlook. Or majerle cited by the points that my illusion project is becoming this year we're putting sidewalks down and just trying to beautify and it causes the court order Asheville on all it's. Big things are coming at area and we have a five year lease which is awesome for the I've seen a little bit of everything so far in your venue. I came out and sought trapped I've seen some old school like British classic rock I've seen. Michael Graves formally of the misfits what are all kind of bands are you trying to book. He kind of looked at some that outside stuff fighters from them at all pond can indeed there isn't normally has accessible was still doing well on other markets. Mike were violent place until recently were you dizzy a puncture the emphasis right now all as we're starting to veer more into Americana on all of country. I'm not like glee when a hearing is saying but sister actually sold out more tickets than happy birds and they're in Charleston American aquarium did really well we have them back. Plea deal of less where does Giambi nominee let us Josh Pacific but trying to figure outs. What people are asking foreign clamoring for and and want and need and happily do that differentiate ourselves. Then that makes these. Once again it's something we sort of talked about just between you and I and between you and some of the other. Club owners in Greeneville you've got some of the smaller clubs like got rocks and then you've got some of the bigger clubs like this new venue called the permanent over here off Woodruff road. And you guys had a really. Good relationship with those guys right away they came in and booked out your space talk about the relationship be evident because you were telling me that sometimes if somebody reaches out to them and says hey we want to bring. This standing your club but they don't really fit there club beneath it you guys more they'll pass those bands along you and vice Versa. Probably. Five times a week Els and the like hey this is a work for me about it try got rocks there's in the line that. As artists are gonna firmer about it commander shows and like they improvise and I was like. That's their only affair with so once you have got rock solid every day and over the firm amends and is a small surfer that I mean but. I never meet a person is trying to relate. A lesion looked distant revoking this or whatever is this. Communiques and it's. Hey if I see that a firm ran announces. A 100% medals so. I wanna make sure that I'm doing something completely different that night or vice Versa and this and I realizing that they were on together. Being your venues sizes are are completely different on different sides of town you're not really competing with each and below last ideologue like. Where you do other firmament. What is in the Ekuban doing putting religion music that's I didn't get it right thing is when he and contractors that big like. We have a two person show or a firma has either person show. There is out to be announced at certain times the certain ways. And the Levy announced its maps and so I'll seasons. In her first serve announced for five months in advance. My scissors or about three months. So we Lancaster clear reach others of like. You guys seem to be doing really well with store off tonight. Stuff I've seen you doing well like Emo karaoke. And you and I it is huge tell you about all these different little random things you got going on. United is a thing I've seen and go around a lot of places as are surgeon's now putting their first one last year. About four months ago and has sold out it was crazy. Regarding from like 9 PM till 2 AM his balls of the wall we got a yen April 20 which is that it works out there miles is doing like Stoner stuff or Michael it's a completely different they're gonna have a hunger Roberts messed walking around your opinion is really funny because there's been playing like I have people slightly younger than me by late twenties there all of this out of their back. Which is funny because like on writers always think of billions younger and younger each generation and I was in high school and you are being born here. Those aren't you suddenly they're taking back some today didn't you look twelve when you don't you know night what are you doing his book and bands to command. Primarily this is a DJ. This one is Umar prom so Ernie come in the door of i.s right now their votes for team you are from keying queen. He answered by an extrovert so the door and for dollar note tallied up. And a regular who I keen queen actually dance to axis and slows on prom night must rely run. And whoever Blake the president there in Atlanta. Well stepping back on the sides Eamon I mean we do karaoke every Tuesday night's. Army down there what it was show afterwards like we are trapped acoustic. That it would those are around ten but it karaoke after the that actually killed. Period the singer from trap get up there and do karaoke in knots I was in mean hired there's castles agreement marks the ninth. Now he got up and entrapped area you know like an immense amount hail that's. Actually the worst rat terrier elderly are lovers and media as a when Daly had their own kind of learn about this spaces. Bill's fans had less Iran and obviously. This one is like they were paying. You know ran 24/7 arteries air knots or do you make those off nights and is on things really bronze Sunday brunch trivia every week. By its very easily go wild card Wednesdays where. Maybe is and so on Wednesday and maybe it's they drug spelling bee maybe it's being we don't need to be like. There's only so into the idea of drugs spelling bee you have no idea of them. Apartment about six months ago I was like man is awesome and as a ordering yours it honestly. I'm not a special hour. Well by a while ago I didn't do it called the drive through spelling now originally it was going to be that Mickey d.s spelling day. Ras gonna go adjust test McDonald's employees from all over the upstate and I was told no there are major sponsor dude and then you've got to spread it out. But they think they said go ahead and go do it is your credit Allen does. Probably button. I'm let. It took me about eight drivers for somebody to finally spell a word correctly I even went to a hardee's. Where they were pushing their barbecue bacon cheeseburger asked spell. Barbecues. I storm armistice day is just struck me. Now. BAA RP. IS QU ER disclose. I. Asserted an am I never. Barbara spent voice. It's got to be boy is with. Three eyes and easy and just seeing you guys in like Brokaw Andrea a tire. And you have your own bar squeeze costs and that there and the emergency rule. Actually me and my friend mark who he's as. Americana singer songwriter. He's doing so it was more country now that every now and then I'll get like an idea for a debate country song isn't it to him. This or that one day on an offer now on the yet here item all think one I had the last one was there's Lou but light my back pocket or something like. I am in the another one where I rednecks don't drink wine. One of my favorite things about that venue and it's sort of you sort of lucked into in the way the places bill there's a wall in between the venue. And the bar so you're not haven't shot over people how many clubs have you ever been in where you've got to yell at people. Because the stagehands are pointing right at the bar he came here anyone that they go into going to a big football game actually had a Wi-Fi. You know it's that you can go into a bar well while the band is playing but you can still have a conversation. We have a lot of regulars that the delay came his Harvard drink your nose or straight to the bar and still only an avid wondering maybe two and then leave and and you guys have you know as of 11520 different Beers on tap they had nine Beers on tap going gaga Saturday's election of the pretty much everything. You just great bartenders. A lot of fond. What is whether what do you guys in food lines we just kind of like a really good markers Armenians late. Really good burger really get wings us companies they're not going Guerrier in for former you I ordered it would you make it. Which aren't so what's coming up their radio room of the next probably month there's army in April 10 as recording this what's the big stuff coming up especially planet. The 68 is really rather hear them there actually is starting in this Tora stone sour like the two days doctorate implement new but the singers to be in Norman Jean and the chariots. Those are my heart or bans but this is kind of like as private as they hardcore version of black keys. As and rocket and on the sides we got there or June 9 which arise so loud and Dave Austrian thirteen. Aysu loved ones immediately loveless on June 21 prize sellouts. And think America programs change we need. Now the mayor's suit entered in some love on like areas examined. Radio room online radio room dot com's prettier agreeable. Greenville dot com across social media as you and is ready room. If he's had a career defined it's a. And your logo I as I've said is he before your logo as one of the Bratislava it's it's just it's simple it's exactly what it needs to be. I got to get like an old school teacher passed leaves quarter sleeves if you make those I want verse one west Gilliam co owner of the radio room. Proceed to stop it and then you know just keep doing what you're doing. Hours regular when they had time and so far the lights are on so they were happy about the that's.